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50 Indian Groom Dresses – The Ultimate Guide to the Indian Groom Outfit

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses and especially Indian wedding outfits for groom, then there are so much that we can choose from as there are plethora of options ranging from Sherwani to Achkan to Jodhpuri Suits and a lot more. Choosing an Indian Groom Outfit for the wedding and other occasions has never been easy but we are here to help you make the right decision.

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We really appreciate this new emerging spirit of fashion among Indian men and today we will take a step forward by telling you more about Indian groom outfits. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose wisely!

In this blog we’ll be covering below categories of Indian Groom Outfits:

Indian Groom Outfit – Anarkali Sherwani

1. Double Stole Anarkali Sherwani

Double Stole Anarkali Sherwani

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This is once of the most popular Sherwani. Most of our clients get this custom made as per their size, color and fabric requirements. This exquisite groom wear is a combination of aesthetic designing and masculine fervour. The color combination is unique as well as the styling. A beige sherwani jacket with gold work is topped over a light sea green anarkali kurta and bottom wear! A pleated stole is draped with an embellished belt on one side. Along with accessories like a royal headgear and moti mala, the groom also flaunts a second stole in a dark teal shade with rich gold border.

2. Velvet Splendour

Velvet Splendour - Velvet Sherwani

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This is the most masculine look on this entire list! This Sikh groom flaunts a sherwani in the deepest shade of blue. The sherwani jacket flaunts embossed, textured details with an embellished collar and buttons. Paired with tapered trousers and embellished shoes, this Indian groom outfit breathes class! The most attractive aspect of the look is the embroidered stole with motifs of animals and elements from the forest.

3. Floral Embroidered Anarkali Sherwani

Floral Embroidered Anarkali Sherwani - Indian Groom Dress

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Here is an Ice Blue Floral Embroidered Sherwani Set with Aqua Stole and Ivory Anarkali Kurta & Chooridar. This sherwani is made in Dupion silk but this can be custom made in any color, fabric and embroidery off your choice. Metallic zardozi work is seen all over. It’s jacket has a slanted closure line with no buttons. Gold ornate zari embroidery is seen on the collar.

4. Ivory Floral Embroidered Anarkali Sherwani

Floral Embroidered Anarkali Sherwani - Indian Groom outfit

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This is a stunning Anarkali Sherwani which is perfect for an Indian groom for his wedding. It’s an Ivory Floral Embroidered Sherwani Set with Light Henna Green Stole and matching Ivory Anarkali Kurta & Chooridar. Ornate belt adorns one lapel. Similar work is seen on the ornate collars.

5. Hand Embroidered Floral Anarkali Sherwani

Hand Embroidered Floral Anarkali Sherwani

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is an Ivory and Peach Floral Embroidered Anarkali Sherwani with matching Stole, Anarkali Kurta & Chooridar. Fabric use to make this sherwani is Dupion Silk but in case you want to get it made in other fabrics like Pure Silk, Pure Raw silk etc then it can be done as well. Peach thread embroidered floral motifs steal the show. The embroidery on the borders changes theme and the ivory stole has a vibrant peach thread-worked border.

6. Gold & Red Anarkali Sherwani

Gold and Red Anarkali Sherwani - Indian Groom Outfit

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is a three piece sherwani for the grandest of all occasions! Grooms love it as it has all the factors which makes it a perfect fit for Indian weddings. The intricate gold embroidery on the yoke portion of the kurta is visible through unique neckline of the sherwani jacket. The innermost layer consists of a traditional kalidar kurta with flared hemline, gold bootas and zari border. The outfit comes with gold churidar bottoms.

7. Mughal Patterned Anarkali Sherwani

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is a stunning Anarkali sherwani which goes very well for indoor weddings. Also lighter colors are very much in trends these days and it goes very well with light coloured lehenga off the bride. The unique motifs give the outfit a period look.

8. Peaches and Golds

Peaches and Golds Sherwani - Indian Groom Outfits

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Fit for royalty, this exquisite sherwani is the dream Indian groom outfit for most men. The peach toned jacket is embellished with gold thread work and zardozi work. The collar, shoulders etc are embellished. The inner flared kurta is in a matte gold tone with bright gold horizontal zigzag patterns. The tussar stole has an ornate border. It is paired with warm gold toned churidar bottoms and black shoes with gold motif.

9. Embellished Off-White Sherwani

Embellished Off-White Sherwani

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This Indian groom outfit is even more glam because of the embellished off-white sherwani jacket over the light blue kurta. The design structure on the jacket is reminiscent of those on Mughal style of clothing. The light blue stole, embellished safa add to the grandeur of the look.

10. The Flared Jacket aka Anarkali Sherwani

The Flared Jacket Sherwani

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Most traditional sherwani looks consist of an inner flared jacket aka Anarkali Sherwani paired with an embellished jacket on top. This look twists the rules a little bit. A dark navy straight unembellished kurta is paired with an ornate and embellished flared jacket on top! The jacket flaunts thread work in multiple shades on a dark surface. The motifs are inspired from vintage fashion.

11. Deep Tones and Ivory

Deep Tones and Ivory - Anarkali Sherwani - Indian Groom Dress

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A very creative and unconventional color combination, this groom flaunts an embroidered sherwani jacket with jacquard details. He wears it over a dark green traditional flared kurta with an embellished hemline. The dark green velvet stole steals the show when it comes to the grandeur factor. The mala, the bi-tone turban make the look even more special.

Straight Sherwani for Indian Groom

Straight sherwani is very popular options when it comes to Indian Groom outfit. The difference between starlight sherwani and Anarkali sherwani is the kurta used. Any sherwani which has a flared Anarkali style kurta is called Anarkali Sherwani where as if a plain kurta is used in a sherwani, its called a straight sherwani.

Here are our top pics for Straight Sherwani:

12. Hand Embroidered Straight Sherwani

GetEthnic clients 

This is a sherwani of one of our clients who wanted a custom made sherwani which is hand embroidered and on pure silk fabric. This Sherwani is custom made as per the size, fabric and color requirements. This sherwani is paired with trousers.

13. The Floral Stole – Straight Sherwani

The Floral Stole and pink Sherwani

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We end with the most vibrant and unique look in the list! This groom wears a light dusty pink toned sherwani jacket with woven motifs of horses. He pairs it with white dhoti trousers and a grey safa. The best part of this Indian groom outfit is the stole which boasts floral embroidery. The paisleys and maple leafs in contrasting vibrant shades create magic.

Sherwani is preferred for wedding and not so much for other smaller occasion in Indian wedding. Since there are a lot of variations that you can do in your sherwani. You can choose from various embroideries, fabrics and color combinations. Also you can opt for silk stole which is slightly embroidered as that would compliment your Sherwani. In Indian groom outfit for wedding sherwani is defiantly on the top and be it a hindu or Punjabi Wedding, sherwani is the goto outfit for Indian grooms.

14. Asymmetric sherwani with cowl kurta

Asymmetric sherwani with cowl kurtaGetEthnic clients 

Here is a custom made sherwani of one of GetEthnic clients. This is an amazing designer sherwani which is asymmetric in style with cowl kurta. This is hand embroidered with zari. Also paired with a custom made groom’s Mala.

15. The Red Floral Straight Sherwani

The Red Floral Sherwani

Share Your Sherwani Requirements

The red and gold or red and beige look isn’t only reserved for the Indian bride! This groom proves that by flaunting a stunning red sherwani with floral details in gold thread work. Instead of a traditional stole he sports a narrow uttariya with detailed embroidery. Instead of traditional churidar bottoms he wears tapered salwar trousers. Checkout more of Red Sherwani.

16. Straight Sherwani with front open

Subtle Yet Regal - Royal Sherwani

Silver sequin, stone and crystal embroidery has been done on a subtle rose gold toned fabric. The embroidered zigzag pattern on the sherwani jacket, the hemlines of the stole etc flaunt the intricacies of the craftsmanship. The floral embroidery on the sleeves and the embroidered peacocks near the hemline of the sherwani jacket are exotic. The uniqueness of the look is the addition of an embellished belt.

17. Hand Embroidered Ivory Straight Sherwani

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is a traditional ivory toned straight sherwani with all over hand embroidery using gold zari, metallic beads, threads, sequins and stones. The sherwani has a vertical stripe design language that culminates into shapes showcasing floral, architectural and figure motifs. The stole is optional and it can be worn without it as well. Sherwani fabric is Dupion Silk but it can be made in any fabric, color and embroidery of your choice.

18. Ivory Raw Silk Sherwani

See Sherwani Details & Price

Seen here is an ivory Dupion silk long sherwani jacket paired with ivory trousers and light pastel pink kurta. The silk has a crumpled texture and showcases floral hand embroidery using gold zari, pink toned threads, sequins, stones etc. The kurta which can be seen through the sherwani cut/opening also has an ornate border.

19. Pistachio Embroidered Sherwani Set

Pistachio Embroidered Sherwani Set

See Sherwani Details & Price

Seen here is a Pistachio green Embroidered Sherwani Set with Ivory Kurta & Chooridar. The Sherwani has a textured, almost jacquard, look. Sherwani fabric is Dupion Silk but it can be made in any fabric, color and embroidery of your choice.


Short Sherwani as Indian Groom Outfit

20. Ivory Achkan Sherwani

Achkan Style Sherwani

Like a traditional achkan jacket, this outfit too flaunts a slanted closure with uneven lapels and hemline. The buttons are placed on one side instead of the middle. The rich textured fabric of the jacket flaunts subtle floral details. Contrasting the ivory fabric, the red and gold stole and turban look attractive!

21. Jewelry Love

Indian Groom Outfit

Share Your Sherwani Requirements

You might be asked to wear family heirloom jewellery on your wedding! What kind of an attire should you choose in that case? Take a look at this Indian groom outfit. A simple white kurta-pajama has been paired with a dark red dupatta. The kurta has some textured detailing on it and that’s all! This gives enough focus to the groom’s malas without making him look over-the-top! Checkout more of White Sherwani.

22. Multicolor Kurta with Benarasi Dupatta

Indian groom wedding dress

This funky Indian groom outfit is totally out-of-the-box! A cream churidar has been paired with a cream kurta which has multi-color thread work on it. Another dash of color comes from the gold and green Benarasi brocade dupatta.

23. Hand Embroidered Short Sherwani

Hand Embroidered Short Sherwani

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is a navy Short Sherwani jacket showcasing exquisite hand embroidery in Dupion Silk Fabric. Thread work in neutral metallic tones like silver has been used to create intricate designs on the jacket. While the lower part concentrates on floral motifs inside geometric shapes, the embroidery on the yoke area is much sparser. Tapering trousers in the same shade have been paired.

24. Pastel Embroidered short Sherwani

Pastel Embroidered short Sherwani - Indian Groom Dress

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is a pastel blue galabandh jacket or a short sherwani – a perfect Indian Groom Outfit with exotic multi-color hand embroidery in floral motifs. The use of pastel shade thread work with sequin work creates a subtle contrast. The button line is unique creating a slit in the centre exposing the pastel yellow short kurta with ribbed hemline detail.

25. Baroque patterned embroidered Sherwani

Baroque patterned embroidered Sherwani

See Sherwani Details & Price

Here is Pale Lemon Baroque patterned embroidered Short sherwani or bandhgala jacket with Ivory Pants. The vintage English muted brocade is accentuated with meticulously done hand work on sleeves and near armhole with Resham, Zari & Zardozi. This Short sherwani is a great choice for Indian groom outfit.

26. Off-white Short Sherwani Jacket

Off-white Short Sherwani Jacket - Indian Groom Outfit

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is a short woven design off-white sherwani jacket with gold undertone. Thread, sequin, beads and stone hand work adorns the sleeves, collars and belt line. It is paired with white tapered trousers. This sherwani is made in Dupion Silk.


Achkan – Royal Indian groom outfit

Achkan has come a long way and now it has established its place for Indian Groom Outfit. Though you can have it plan but you can always play with various fabrics and embroideries. Usually it is preferred by groom in Muslim Wedding but it has become very popular amongst men for all wedding functions.

The main difference between a Achkan and Sherwani is the length and shape of the jacket. In case of Achkan the length is above or till the knees but for sherwani jacket length is well below the knees. Also sherwani has more flare whereas Achkan is usually body fit.


27. Black and White Classy Achkan

Get Custom Made IndoWestern

This achkan is epic as it goes perfectly in a side wedding function for a Groom! Checkout more of Black Sherwani. Sometimes Achkan is also called as Jodhpuri suits.

A Jodhpuri suit is an ethnic outfit for men that originated in the last century in the princely state of Jodhpur. It combines a kurta, a bandhgala jacket and jodhpur or churidar bottoms. Though originally not a wedding outfit, brocade and jamawar versions of the same can be worn by Indian grooms on their wedding day.

28. Blush pink Achkan with Ivory pants

Blush pink Achkan with Ivory pants

See Sherwani Details & Price

This is an Achkan in blush pink. Achkan has phulkari embroidery in muted tones for a timeless appeal. The jacket is paired with a matching monochromatic kurta with an embroidered border in honeycomb patterns and a neutral pair of Ivory pants. These days a lot of Indian grooms as going with lighter shades of achkan.

29. Quilted Achkan aka Bandh Gaya suit

Indian groom outfitCredit: milighosh

Bandh gala (means closed neck) suits are very much in fashion these days and no surprises at all since it looks totally amazing on indian groom. In indian groom outfits you have so many options but galabandh is every green and traditional.

Pairing white with the darkest of shades creates an extremely masculine and powerful vibe! This groom has paired a well-tailored straight sherwani jacket in a very dark maroon to wine color with simple straight white trousers, a white turban and just a mala.

30. Classy Achkan with embroidered shawl

Classy Black Achkan with embroidered shawl

View this Achkan

This is a classy achkan made in Dupion Silk fabric. This is a plain Achkan paired with a hand embroidery shawl. This is actually a stunning sherwani for someone who wants to look classy, royal and regal at the same time. This can be worn with and without shawl for two different looks.

31. Blending Angrakha with Achkan

Blending Angrakha with Achkan

View This Ackhan

In this outfit, the achkan has blended its style with that of its predecessor – the angrakha! The lapel design is unique with dual closure line detail.

32. Achkan Kurta


This type of Galabandh or Achkan has a high neckline, a straight cut and buttons on one side instead of the middle.

33. Not In the Grey Zone – Different Style Achkan

Not In the Grey Zone - Different Style Achkan

View this Achkan

The most unique of design language can be seen in this grey and black toned floral embroidered achkan paired with black pants. The dark colors get complemented by the sparsely studded silver sequins.


Ethnic Suits for men – Groom Outfit for Reception

We promised as we would cover each and every aspect of Indian groom outfit and we’ll leave no stones untouched as her we have Ethnic reception suits which are hand embroidered for the groom to rock the reception. Men who prefer much formal look on their reception can go for this option.

34. Black Stripe-Play Embroidered Jacket

Black Stripe-Play Embroidered Jacket - reception Suits

Checkout this Suit

This is a Black Stripe-Play Embroidered suit and Shirt with matching Pants. The embellishment pattern, striped look, its sheen and glitter makes the outfit one-of-a-kind and glamorous. This Indian groom outfit would go very well in a formal reception.

35. Dark Blue Woven Floral Jacket

Dark Blue Woven Floral Jacket - Reception Suits

Checkout this Suit

This is a dark blue woven floral dinner jacket paired with black trousers and white shirt. The lapels showcase sequin work running along the borders. Below the short lapels, unique woven and raised stripe details have been added. Bow details added.

36. White and Black Woven Design Suit Set

White and Black Woven Design Suit Set - Indian Groom Outfit

Checkout this Suit

Here is a white and black woven design suit set. The jacket has a mix of matte and glossy texture. This suit would go perfectly for a groom in his reception ceremony. The woven geometric motifs are slightly raised and have a glossy finish. Single-button fastening mechanism is unique. The cuff buttons are ornate. It is paired with a black shirt and trousers.

37. Dark Green Army Print Dinner Jacket

Dark Green Army Print Dinner Jacket

Checkout this Suit

Here is a dark green dinner jacket with unique glittery army print detail on lapels and cuffs. It is paired with black trousers and white shirt. Fabric as used here is Terry Reyon but we can use velvet or wool fabric if the groom wants with that.


Indian Groom Outfits for side Function – Kurta Pajama

Kurta Pajama goes perfectly in a sangeet ceremony or Haldi Ceremony or a side function. For a function smaller in size kurta pajam with jacket is the perfect Indian Groom Outfit option.

38. The Dhoti Kurta Style Sherwani

Dhoti and Sherwani

A dhoti is a piece of 4.5 metre long unstitched fabric draped on the lower half of the body. Post draping, it appears like a stitched salwar-like bottom wear from outside. Dhotis come in solid colors with embellished borders.

They are paired with traditional long kurtas. Silk or tussar dhotis are worn by Indian grooms from various communities. Based on the region you hail your wedding dhoti may be called a veshti or a panchey or a chaadra etc.

39. Jacket Jazz with Kurta

Jacket Jazz with kurta

Share Your Wedding Wear Requirements

Groom outfits such as this are perfect for the reception night. The sherwani kurta and churidar bottom are in a light peach raw silk fabric and have been topped with an embellished jacket. The jacket is in cream shade with minakari-like embellishments in multi colors.

40. Summer Wedding Masterpiece

Summer Wedding Masterpiece

This airy and light kurta is for an Indian groom of a summer wedding. The glamour quotient is upped by the jaali and mirror work on the kurta. It has been paired with a salwar bottom.

41. Play it Simple


Grooms who like to play it simple or those who are bound by tradition to wear all-white outfits, can go for such a look. The groom pairs a white angrakha kurta with a white dhoti and polished leather jutis. There is chikankari detailing on his kurta. This tradition style kurta goes perfect in a Bengali wedding.

42. Dusty Rose Pink Embroidered Ethnic Kurta-Pajama

Dusty Rose Pink Embroidered Ethnic Kurta-Pajama

See Outfit Details

Seen here is a dusty rose pink embroidered jacket and kurta set paired with pajama bottoms in off-white. Exquisite, chikankari-style embroidery in white thread covers the whole jacket as well as the front hemline of the kurta.

43. Steel Toned Kurta-Trousers

Steel Toned Kurta-Trousers

See Outfit Details

Here is a steel toned short kurta-trousers set with ornate hemline and sleeve borders, paired with a navy ethnic jacket.

44. Pale Blush Embroidered Ethnic Jacket

Pale Blush Embroidered Ethnic Jacket

See Outfit Details

Here is a pale blush tone embroidered kurta-jacket set paired with tapered trousers in the same color. The jacket showcases sparse but intricate thread work. The kurta flaunts horizontal stripe woven design near hemlines.


Accessories with Indian Groom Outfits

45. That Red Dupatta

Indian Groom Outfit - red stole with sherwani

This groom would remind you of the retro Bollywood number – “laal dupatta mal mal ka”. Surely, the groom has themed his outfit on this line. His embroidered tussar kurta looks traditionally beautiful with the bright red dupatta and the red churidar.

46. Embellished Shawl

Indian groom wearing sherwani with black stole

This groom wears a simple off-white sherwani. The special element in his outfit is his black shawl that gold zari embroidered motifs on it! The sequin and colourful stones embroidered on the shawl gives it a very exotic look.

47. The Printed Pagdi

Indian groom wearing printed pagadi

Get custom made Groom Wear Outfit

This groom wears a gorgeous cream color sherwani. There are no color variations except for the floral prints on his turban. The peachy pink prints add a dash of vibrancy to the outfit!


48. The Shawl

Shawl with sherwani - Indian Wedding Dress Accessories

Checkout Shawls

If you are going for a sherwani, you will have to carry shawl along with it. Usually grooms wear the dupatta around the neck but with shawl, sherwani becomes very royal and extremely classy.


49. The Jutis

The Jutis

Shoes should complement the ethnic outfit of the groom. Jodhpuri or Kolhapuri jutis are the most common choice. Leather moccasins complement Jodhpuri suits. Nagrais or mojaris look great with heavily embellished kurtas.


50. The Mala

Indian Groom Mala

Checkout Groom’s Mala

Some grooms wear pearl malas over their kurtas or sherwanis. It complements the grandness of the outfit.


Factors to Consider While Choosing the Indian Groom Outfit

  • The Cut & the Fit are Crucial

When it comes to menswear, the fit becomes more important than the style. So get hold of a good tailor who understands cuts. Go for numerous trials before accepting the finished products. Even if you are opting for a readymade outfit, get it fitted as per your body type!

  • The Bottom Wear Makes All the Difference

Most of the time, we make the mistake of focusing only on the kurta or top-wear of the outfit. But the look of an Indian groom outfit depends a lot on the bottom wear.

Whether you team up your kurta with a pajama or a dhoti, a churidar or a pair of jodhpur pants, ethnic trousers or a mundu, harem pants or salwars, determines the ultimate look. Whether you appear taller, leaner or wider, depends on the type of bottom wear you choose and the height of your kurta.

  • Colors that Complement

Unlike the Indian bride who in a lot of cases has to wear red on her wedding day, there is no such strict rule in case of the Indian groom outfit. It goes without saying that you need to choose a color that complements your complexion.

Also, if you have planned a theme wedding, try to match the color of your outfit with the theme. Some grooms and brides plan outfits together! In this case, they should choose colors that complement each other’s outfits.

  • Embellishments Galore

Indian groom outfits come with a variety of embellishments. From zari and sequin embroidery to zardozi work, kasab, jaali, chikankari, Benarasi brocade, Kashmiri aari, Jamawar weave etc – the list is endless.

Moreover, most Indian grooms don’t wear jewellery so there is no fear of the jewellery design clashing with the work on the bodice of your kurta. So we suggest that in order to match up the grandeur of your bride’s lehenga or saree, go for an outfit with elaborate and detailed embellishments.

  • The Fabric Matters

Indian groom outfits should come in rich and luxurious fabrics like pure silk, tussar, silk brocades, rich velvets, resham jamdanis or elegant raw silks. It is important for the groom to choose an outfit in such a fabric in order to match up to the glamor quotient of his bride’s outfit.


The Bottom Line: Indian Groom Outfit

If you hail from North India, you just can’t avoid wearing a sherwani at your wedding! And your sherwani has to complement the gorgeous lehenga of your bride. South Indian tradition calls for grooms to wear a white mundu and a shirt-style kurta.

And if you are a groom from the Eastern part of India, a day for dhoti-kurta shopping is all that is expected out of you when it comes to preparations for your wedding outfit. Sounds remote, isn’t it?

Indian Groom Outfits - Kurta PajamaGet custom made Groom Wear Outfit

Well, gone are the days when the Indian groom outfit was just a matter of convenience. Though still, a wedding trousseau for the groom is unheard of, men these days are taking care to choose their wedding day outfit. In fact, some men also prefer to make a list of all outfits they would be needing for all pre and post wedding functions.

Hope this guide on Indian Groom Outfits would help you choose the right outfit for your wedding! We would suggest you should always consider the weather and season before choosing your groom wear. Also keep in mind that if you must have at least one outfit which is color coordinated with  your brides outfit.

There are so many options as mentioned in this blog but you must choose something that you are comfortable in as you will be performing a lot of ceremonies and comfort is paramount.

We at has expertise in many Indian Wedding wear and we have happy clients all over the globe.

Checkout this video if you want to take your measurements for your Indian groom wear:

The bride and the groom take the oath of equal participation in every aspect of their conjugal life! This preserves the balance of the marital union. Then why do we ignore the outfit needs of a groom and focus only on bridal fashion? With this thinking we have today compiled an extensive guide to the ultimate Indian groom outfit. Hope it will be helpful!


Let’s Get Started

45 Red Wedding Lehengas that Will Compel You to Get Married Soon

As a little girl or a teenager whenever you pictured yourself on your wedding day, did you not see yourself in a red bridal lehenga? The color red is hugely significant in Indian culture as the symbol of marriage. Red is the color that signifies anything auspicious. It is also considered to indicate sensuality, purity and fertility.

That is why religious function require us to wear a red tika on our foreheads. For the same reason, most brides in India love to wear red sarees of red bridal wedding lehengas on their D-days.

Get Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

A red bridal wedding lehenga is the quintessential North Indian wedding attire! Rich fabrics such as red silks, georgettes, velvets, Benarasi weaves etc are used to create such lehengas. The embellishments on them, in most cases in golden, also are diverse! Yet, a red bridal lehenga often ends up looking stereotypical. Red Bridal lehenga is hot favorite of India’s best bridal wear designers and elite custom made Bridal Wear makers for ages now and it’s still going strong.

If this is what is bothering you but you still can’t mentally accept wearing another color, check out the list of 41 red wedding lehengas that we have compiled. Each of the lehengas in this list is definitely red but exquisitely different and unique! We are sure that these beauties will make you drool and they will force you to plan your wedding as soon as possible!


45 Red Bridal Lehenga for every Indian Bride

1. Palm Tree Motifs

Palm Tree Motifs - Red Bridal lehengasakshamneharicka | Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

The sindoori red lehenga in raw silk is exquisite for two major reasons! First, the palm tree motifs are pretty uncommon and the gold and bronze beads embroidery and patchwork on the outfit are exotic!

2. Red in Love

Red in Love - red bridal Lehenga

The horizontal panel design structure on the skirt leading down to an ornate border with traditional motifs – this is the main highlight of this lehenga. The choli too has boota style motifs all over.

3. Peacocks in the Blue

Peacocks in the Blue - red bridal lehengawishnwed | Get Wedding Wear

A beautiful and heavy red bridal lehenga showcasing zari embroidery, sequin work, golden kaleere work and red tassel details. Peacock feather motifs in gold embroidery and the peacocks in blue on the red and gold skirt, sets this outfit apart from other heavy gold and red bridal lehengas.

4. The Floral Red Lehenga

The Floral Red lehenga

This red bridal lehenga from Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a truly unconventional one! The floral details on it, in different shades of red and reddish pink are gorgeous to look at! Moreover, the sheer dupatta with a golden tinge adds dimension to the look.

5. Simplicity at its Best

Simplicity at its Best - red Bridal Lehenga

This dark red bridal wedding lehenga is in a dark red shade! What makes it stunning is the use of a rich silky fabric and minimal embellishments. The skirt has a patch of floral details in gold at the bottom and tiny motifs adorn the rest of the skirt and the dupatta.

6. Colors on Red

Colors on Red

This lehenga is definitely bridal and ethnic in every way but still not stereotypical! The blouse has similar ethnic motifs all over. The skirt border in multi-colors matches that of the dupatta. The lehenga skirt has been compartmentalized by vertical lines and each compartment has a large ornate motif, often called the ‘kalka’.

7. Two Red Dupattas

This royal red lehenga has two dupattas to flaunt. The cross body dupatta is in the same red hue as the lehenga with gold zari woven and embroidered details. The other one is in a sheer fabric with ornate border and boota motifs all over. The shade is lighter – a cross between orange and peach.

8. Unique Borders – Red Bridal Lehenga

This red bridal lehenga skirt comes with a unique bottom design on the skirt. The usual red and gold is replaced and dark blue is used. The wide band of dark and blue and gold on the skirt also has a different motif-structure compared to the rest of the lehenga. It creates a nice contrast.

9. Mirror Work on Red

Mirror Work on Red Bridal lehengaaneeshagarwaalofficial | Get Wedding Wear – Bride & Groom

This organza warm red to burnt orange lehenga is both contemporary and traditional. While the cut is very modern, the outfit showcases traditional mirror work and foil applique work in floral motifs.

10. All For Solids – Red Bridal Lehenga

All For Solids red bridal LehengaSabyasachi

A shade of red such as this contains such depth that embellishments seem unnecessary! The plain-ness of this red bridal lehenga, the richness of the fabric, the immaculate gold work in the borders – all remind why Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the king of Indian wedding fashion. Checkout more of Sabyasachi Lehengas.

11. Ruby Red Rendition

This lehenga in ruby red net fabric is quite contemporary in a unique way. The cut of the skirt is sleek, A-line resembling a gown. The embellishments are also not completely traditional, using a lot of shadow and lace work, adding dimensions and layers to the look.

12. The Maharani Red Bridal Lehenga

Maharani bridal Lehenga

This heavily embellished red bridal wedding lehenga is replete with ornate zari embroidery, zardozi work and sequin embroidery is ideal for those brides who want to look like a queen on their wedding day. This red lehengareverberates a royal vibe!

13. Nothing Like Red & Gold

Nothing Like Red and Gold Bridal Lehenga

A traditional vermillion red hue and a zari gold color is a match made in heaven! This stunning Sabyasachi lehenga in this very combination is apt for the bride who loves everything traditional. The detailed embellishments, small motifs on the skirt look heavenly.

14. The Baby Blue Dupatta

Not only is this lehenga intricately embroidered to perfection, what brings alive the vibrancy of the bright, warm red and gold colors is the contrasting baby blue dupatta.

15. Large Motifs on Red Bridal Lehenga

Large Motifs in Bridal Lehenga

This dark red bridal lehenga stands out as it defies the rule that only small motifs look good on bridal clothing. The lehenga skirt is embellished with large embroidered gold motifs and it looks beautiful!

16. The Berry Red & Brown Lehenga

The Berry bridal lehenga

This unique berry red bridal wedding lehenga is unique in its own way! The combination of this dark red shade and dark brown looks very good with the matte gold embellishments. Details like the latkans at the waist and the net sleeves make it look even more ‘out-of-the-box’.

17. Flowers All The Way

This lehenga is in a perfectly traditional bridal red color flaunting large floral motifs all over the skirt as well as the blouse. A simple thin border adorns the skirt and the dupatta. Who knew a red bridal lehenga with homogenous motifs all over would look this good!

18. Sparkling in Red

The beauty of this red bridal lehenga is the ornate and detailed sequin and zari embroidery at the bottom part of the lehenga skirt!

19. Packed with Love

Packed with Love - red bridal Lehenga

This red bridal wedding lehenga skirt is packed with gold embellishments all over! The beauty of the piece is in the fact that in spite of being densely embellished, the design structure does not look cluttered!

20. The Matte Red Lehenga

The Matte Red Bridal Lehenga

Red is a truly glamorous color! Look at this gorgeous red wedding lehenga that is devoid of anything jazzy! The warm matte red fabric complements the bride’s skin tone! The matte gold and green detailed embroidery looks extremely elegant. Addition of some sequin and stone work on the skirt give the outfit enough sparkle.

21. Light Yet Rich

Light Yet Rich Lehenga

This bride sports a dark red lehenga! The lehenga skirt has an ornate border and the rest of it has light floral embroidery. Yet this lehenga looks gorgeous because of the rich dark red glossy fabric. Those of you who plan to wear heavy gold jewellery at your wedding may sport such a lightly embellished lehenga.

22. The Thick Gold Border

The Thick Gold Border

Another unique red bridal wedding lehenga! This lehenga has a plain warm red body and to complement that, a thick gold and detailed border! Such a lehenga looks extremely classy!

23. Contrasting Motifs

These huge curved motifs that adorn the lower part of this lehenga skirt are common in the textile culture of India and in some regions of the country it is referred to as the ‘kalka’. The pattern can be traced back to the Mughal times. Ace bridal designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has combined huge ‘long-ish’ motifs with little ones to create a contrast. The blouse of this red bridal lehenga is also heavily embellished.

24. From the Mahals of Rajputana

From the Mahals of Rajputana bridal Lehenga

This berry, almost wine, red bridal wedding lehenga is highly reminiscent of the fashion of the bygone eras. The high neck choli has a unique design structure with beige embroidery. The motifs on the skirt too are unique. The bride is sporting a beige dupatta and antique jewellery that gives an old world charm to the ensemble.

25. Bridal Lehenga for the Curvy Bride

red lehenga for plus size bride

Curvy brides are usually apprehensive about sporting elaborately embellished lehengas or those with large motifs. This is a perfect example of a red bridal lehenga for the plus size or curvy bride.

It has soft floral motifs all over, a not-so-deep neckline, elbow-length sleeves and the elaborately embellished lehenga skirt border makes the outfit look gorgeous.

26. For The Bride Who Loves The Bling

For The Bride Who Loves The Bling

It’s your wedding day after all! So if you love the jazz and the bling don’t shy away, like this bride who sports a bright lehenga with bright and shiny gold details all over!

27. Red lehenga & Silver embroidery

 lehenga & Silver embroidery Get Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

Only gold goes with bridal red? Well, you are about to be proven wrong! The god of bridal wear in India – Sabyasachi Mukherjee – breaks stereotypes here by combining a blood red bridal lehenga with matte silver motifs. The floral motifs all over the lehenga skirt is quite common in Sabyasachi designs but the rich border just sets this lehenga apart!

28. Red Rose Blooming

Red Rose Blooming Bridal Lehengalabelmdesigners | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

The shade of red, exactly like the velvety petals of a fresh red rose, makes this lehenga uniquely beautiful. Tube beads in different shades of red have been used to embellish the choli. The neckline is frilly. Near the neckline, the lower portion of the bodice and the full sleeves, geometric patterns can be observed. The outfit also boasts sugar beads, rhinestones and cut beads embroidery. The skirt showcases a bit of applique work too.

29. Who said Simple is Boring?

Small, evenly placed motifs on her blouse and lehenga skirt border – that is all this bride needs to look glamorous on her wedding day! This red bridal wedding lehenga is simple yet gorgeous.

The lehenga skirt is plain except for golden lines running vertically from the waistline towards a thick golden band at the bottom part of the skirt. The dupatta border is intricate and it has big golden motifs. Checkout more Golden Lehengas.

30. The Lacy Red Lehenga

The Lacy Lehenga

The bride sports an unconventional red wedding lehenga! The lehenga is in a warm red shade with self color dense embellishments on the skirt. The work resembles traditional lace embroidery which gives the outfit a textured look. The dupatta too has a lacy border.

31. Network of Craftsmanship

Network of Craftsmanship

The intricate craftsmanship on the skirt of this pinkish red bridal lehenga is breath-taking! The designs remind one of traditional minakari and jaali art! In fact the embroidery is done with other colors like light green and pink amidst a network of dense gold embroidery, just like minakari jewellery designs.

32. Layered Embellishments

This happy bride looks gorgeous in this traditional red bridal wedding lehenga! The beauty of this lehenga is the layered design structure of the skirt. Along with that the latkans add a touch of grace! The net dupatta brings together the whole attire!

33. Contrasting Embellishments

Contrasting Embellishments Bridal Lehenga

The uniqueness of this traditional red bridal wedding lehenga is its skirt. The top part of the skirt has minimal embroidery while the bottom half has large motifs embellished on it. This contrast in the design structure brings out the beauty of the outfit.

34. Inspired from the Past

Inspired from the Past - lehenga

This red bridal wedding lehenga comes with an ornate skirt reminiscent of medieval Mughal architecture. The lehenga skirt flaunts floral motifs that have been compartmentalized! It also has a double border.

35. Flowers in Gold

Flowers in Gold

This red wedding lehenga flaunts floral golden details all over. Instead of a traditional border, the lehenga skirt has a patch of gold embroidered motifs at the bottom part.

36. The Beauty of Textures

This dark red bridal wedding lehenga refuses to follow stereotypes! The lehenga has self color floral embroidery all over! This gives the lehenga a textured look. The top-class craftsmanship makes sure that the embellishments blend well against the backdrop!

37. The Delhi Bride Look

The Delhi Bride Look

Famous beauty blogger Shreya Jain carries this beautiful tomato red bridal wedding lehenga for one of her ‘Brides of India’ videos! She sports this look as ‘The Delhi Bride’.

38. It’s All About The Gold

Get Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

This Punjabi bride sports a red wedding lehenga, the skirt of which is a stunning masterpiece of golden zari craftsmanship. The embroidered details on the skirt are so intricate that it looks like a painting!

39. The Beauty of Benaras in a Lehenga

The Beauty of Benaras in a Lehenga

The red Benarasi saree is perhaps one of the most common types of wedding wear in India! Here, legendary designer Manish Malhotra brings the ‘sacred weaves’ of Benaras in a lehenga form to create a gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful gold and red bridal wedding lehenga.

Checkout more Manish Malhotra lehengas.

40. Zari and Beads Embroidery

studioeast6 | Get Wedding Wear – Bride & Groom

As the red bridal lehenga is an extremely common wedding attire, it is important that variations be brought into this much loved combination. In this case, a bridal lehenga is designed without any traditional motifs of flowers etc. Zari and beads have been used to create semi-geometric patterns.

41. For the Golden Moments of Life

For the Golden Moments of Life - bridal lehenga

The bride is living the most golden moments of her life in this gorgeous red bridal wedding lehenga. This unique lehenga comes is a double dupatta style. The blouse and one of the dupattas have floral designs while the other one has round gold sequin motifs sparsely spread all over.

But the real beauty of this lehenga is the skirt that has a chequered gold and red design all over it! This takes this red wedding lehenga to an all new level!

42. Traditionally Royal Red Bridal Lehenga

Traditionally Royal

This Manish Malhotra lehenga is fit for a princess! A traditional red fabric adorned with ethnic designs in gold sequins and zari embroidery – this lehenga is the one for you if tradition is what you have in mind for your wedding day!

43. Green & Red Bridal Lehenga

A gorgeous warm red, almost orange, lehenga has been given a dark green border, in this case! With its matte gold embroidery, the outfit has a very ethnic and earthy look, perfect for brides who want it really traditional!

44. Elegance in Beige & Red Lehenga

Elegance in Beige lehenga

A red bridal wedding lehenga does not have to be completely red from top to bottom. This lehenga comes with a beige skirt that has red floral motifs. The combination has a contemporary appeal and looks elegant too.

45. Peacocks on Her Lehenga

Peacocks on Her Bridal Lehenga
Get Custom Made Wedding Lehenga

The beauty of this masterpiece of a lehenga lies in the simple yet unique design structure. The lehenga skirt boasts an elaborate border with peacock motifs running all around.

The outfit also showcases a combination of a bright warm silky red with a matte gold! The high neck blouse is unique too. If you are planning to wear heavy necklaces on your wedding day, you can opt for this kind of a red bridal wedding lehenga.


Conclusion – Red Bridal Lehenga

Red Bridal lehenga is the choice of every bride getting married in India or overseas. With the Red Bridal lehenga you need to make sure you are getting the correct shade of red as per your likeliness since red comes in various shades and colors like tomato red, blood red, maroon etc.

Indian bride usually prefer Red Bridal lehenga for her wedding and more lighter shades like Golden lehenga or pink lehenga for reception or other wedding functions like sangeet and mehendi.

Now, you must be dying to get your hands on an exotic red bridal wedding lehenga such as these! Where will you looking for one? Don’t worry! Visit as we promise you that the red bridal lehengas in our collection are even better that these! So what are you waiting for? Check us out and let’s get started.

Checkout our process:


All About Lehenga Style Sarees – the Perfect Fusion Ethnic Wear

The perfect fusion of two ethnic attires is the lehenga style saree! No, this is not a saree nor is it a lehenga! Loosely, it can be described as a pre-draped, saree-style lehenga skirt matched with a lehenga choli and a dupatta that needs to be pleated like a saree pallu.

If you can’t decide between a saree and lehenga on an upcoming wedding function or are too lazy to learn to drape or carry a saree, a lehenga style saree is your kind of thing! The key element in the lehenga saree is the dupatta which needs to be cleverly draped, pleated and pinned around the body to resemble a saree.

lehenga Saree - getethnic.comGet Custom Made Lehenga Saree

The lehenga style saree is a semi-stiched garment. The skirt comes with pleats already stitched into it. But these pleats may not always have to look like the ones on a proper saree.

The skirt may be crafted into a mermaid style or a have an A-line cut or a flared silhouette. In some lehenga style sarees, the dupatta is stitched onto the skirt on one side. The other side is left free so that you can drape it easily over your shoulder. Finally, the blouse is stitched as a choli and not a saree blouse.

Lehenga style sareeayva_design_studio


1. Yellow All the Way

Lehenga style saree for haldi ceremony captivating.curves

This bright yellow and cream lehenga style saree is the perfect outfit for a guest in a haldi ceremony. The appeal of this outfit lies in the draping style. The cream skirt and the yellow blouse and pallu look like a dream together. The outfit has no embellishments and it has been paired with a deep green necklace. This makes the whole look very elegant.


2. For the Bride’s Best Friend

Lehenga Style Saree for Bride’s Best Friendavinandabiswas

This is a lehenga saree which is perfect for the wedding guest who is also close to the bride and the groom. The skirt is a bright red one and the blouse is dark green. The two deep colors have been perfectly brought together by the off-white dupatta which has both the colors in its border. The border also has golden zari embroidery and similar motifs all over.

The blouse is boat neck and comes with an elaborate motif in gold. This eliminates the need of a necklace. Instead the wearer is flaunting a unique piece of jewellery – a kamarbandh.

3. Evergreen in Black and White

Black and White lehenga style sareeanap_by_nehankit

This is quite a westernized version of the lehenga style saree that is perfect for an evening party or cocktail night. This off-white lehenga saree comes with a black border. The lower border has frill details. The pallu also has unique latkan details. The black blouse or full-sleeve crop top goes very well with the look! The wearer has cleverly paired a western style black belt. If this isn’t fusion fashion, then what is!

4. The Golden Flair

Raima Sen - lehenga style saree

Raima Sen looks regal in this brownish majenta lehenga saree. This outfit is the most conventional type of lehenga style sarees – a pre-draped skirt with the pallu attached to it. The choli has gold sequin work all over.

The real beauty of this outfit is the sequin and stone golden embroidery on the skirt. However, this particular cut is a bit tricky as it is tight near the hip area and a bit flared below that. Keep this in mind before deciding to buy a lehenga saree with this kind of a cut!


5. As Gorgeous as the Sunset

Lehenga style satree for sangeet function

This gorgeous sunset orange and red lehenga saree is a perfect for the bride in the sangeet function! The skirt is plain and the dupatta and blouse come in printed and brocade details respectively.

The lack of embellishments make it a light outfit yet the bright color and the thick golden border of the skirt make it fit for any grand occasion. This outfit can also be worn by the sister of the bride or the groom on the wedding night.


6. The Bride in Purple

 Bride in Purple

This is how beautiful a south Indian bride looks in her half saree or lehenga style saree. The combination of purple, cream and gold give this outfit an ethereal look.

The skirt and the full sleeve blouse come in a bright purple silk with minimal golden motifs. The pallu drape is in cream with a thick gold border. This outfit was made for a divine South Indian wedding and nothing but South Indian temple jewellery, like the bride is wearing, would look good with it.


7. The Gown Style Skirt

Gown Style Skirt20_potatoes

This bright yellow lehenga style saree has a unique cut. The skirt has tiers, much like western gowns and dresses. What enhances the beauty of this outfit is the bright magenta blouse that has been used for contrast pairing. It is again a good outfit to flaunt at a haldi ceremony, if you are the bride’s close friend or sister.


8. The Regal Drape

Regal Drape

This lehenga saree comes in a not-so-conventional, non-ethnic color combination. The blouse is in a metallic copper shade with sequin embroidery. The dupatta is a golden bronze color with embroidered details and a thin red border.

The golden bronze brocade skirt is pleated and has a dark red and gold strip at the bottom that enhances the look of the outfit. This is your outfit if you don’t want wear a traditional lehenga or a traditional saree on your wedding reception.


9. The Beauty of Black and Red

Beauty of Black and Red lehenga style saree

This is a designer lehenga style saree which is sure to make heads turn, if you wear it to a party. The dark reddish maroon silk skirt with woven golden triangular details gives a modern and contemporary feel to the outfit.

The skirt also is not conventionally pleated. It is tight at the waist and hip area and has an A-line cut below, much like a western cocktail dress. The rest of the outfit comes is black see-through chiffon, having a sensuous appeal. You need to be very careful about the kind of blouse to wear with this outfit. Esha Gupta wears a sleek and well-fitted black sleeveless blouse. She wears no accessories as traditional jewellery will not go with this look.


10. The Bride in Red

Bride in Red lehenga style sareegirly_fashion_11

If you are sure about breaking all the rules and flaunting an unconventional outfit on your wedding day, then let it be like this one! This dark red lehenga style saree is a piece of art!

There is no touch of gold threadwork or zari in it! This outfit is all about textures. The choli style blouse has red sequins embroidered into it. The gown-style skirt has floral details woven and stitched on it. The light chiffon pallu or dupatta also has floral embroidery.


11. Red and White is Always in Vogue


What would a Bengali girl do if she wants to wear a lehenga saree? Jokes apart, this outfit takes the traditional combination of red and white and fuses it with the lehenga style saree look. The skirt is a layered one.

A thin chiffon layer falls over the actual skirt which is white with a thick red border and small golden motifs. The blouse too has both red and white woven details. The dupatta is in a bright red with golden motifs.


12. Wine & Blush Pink Bridal Lehenga Style Saree

Wine & Blush Pink Bridal Lehenga Style Sareeviraj.trends

This is an exquisite bridal lehenga saree. The wine color lehenga skirt is adorned with embroidery depicting an exotic forest scene. It has a floral border.

A similar floral border, slightly narrower, runs all along the blush pink chiffon pallu. The dupatta or pallu has been draped in such a way that it covers the head of the bride.


13.Peach & Purple

Peach & Purplepellikala

Presenting the most unique color combination on this list – this south Indian style lehenga saree is the perfect outfit for the bride in any pre-wedding function. The skirt and blouse come in a bluish purple pattu fabric with golden zari embroidery.

The dupatta comes in a beautiful peach color with a thin purple and zari border. It has been draped like a typical saree pallu.


14. The Multicolor Magic

Multicolor Magicchaithragowda_hairandmakeup

Again a very unique set of colors – this lehenga saree combines bright hues like peacock blue, fluorescent light green, turquoise and magenta. The skirt comes in a dark but bright peacock blue color and has a thick gold border.

This silk lehenge style saree has been paired with a chiffon and net blouse with sequin detailing at the back. The outfit has been rightly accessorized with a traditional gold kamarbandh and necklace.


15. The Bandhani Pallu

Bandhani Pallutiwarychhaya

We have kept the most creatively assembled lehenga style saree for the last! The wearer has paired a layered skirt in pink and blue with a plain black blouse. For the pallu she has used a pure bandhani multi-color dupatta with golden border.

The different components of this outfit may have no similarities among them but they look very good together! The mix-and-match technique gives this outfit even a Bohemian appeal.


What is a Lehenga Saree?

If you are still not clear about the concept of the lehenga style saree, just go through the following points–

  • A lehenga style saree is not a saree or a lehenga. It is a third kind of ethnic outfit that blends the elements of a lehenga and a saree.
  • The lehenga saree is different from a lehenga being draped in a way to look like a saree!
  • Like a saree, it is worn over a petticoat and comes with a blouse.
  • The blouse, in most cases, resembles the choli of a traditional lehenga with the fastening mechanism at the back. But there is not fixed rule about this! You can also use a traditional saree blouse or a not-so-traditional crop top if it goes with the look. The blouse is most often heavily embellished.
  • The skirt of a lehenga style saree is pre-stitched and comes with a zipper for a perfect fit.
  • Compared to a saree, a lehenga style saree ensures hassle-free draping. All one needs to do it pleat the attached or unattached dupatta to look like a saree pallu. This obviously requires much less skill compared to a saree.
  • The South Indian half saree is a special type of lehenga saree. It is also called a pattu half-saree and is a popular bridal outfit down south. The skirt with this outfit is usually a flared one and brides wear it with traditional gold jewellery and jasmine in their hair.

Lehenga style sareeayva_design_studio

Tips for wearing Lehenga Style Saree:

So now that you have decided to take the plunge and get hold of a beautiful lehenga style saree, read our tips carefully to rock this unique fusion fashion look.

  • Though flats would make you feel more comfortable, a lehenga style saree is not the ‘down to earth’ kind of outfit! To maintain a smart posture in the embellished and flared gorgeous pre-draped skirt you definitely need a pair of heels.
  • Usually the dupatta or pallu of the outfit is the main accessory of the look. Sequins, stones, zardozi, embroidery etc are the kind of detailing you would find on the dupatta. So go easy on the jewellery. Take expert advice to decide the kind of accessories you would carry with this outfit.
  • When you are buying a lehenga style saree, check the length of the Ensure that it is long enough to be pleated in a number of ways. In this way you can use the same outfit in different functions by draping it in numerous ways. Plus, more length means more pleats! To free yourself of such hassles you can trust reliable ethnic clothing brands or retailers like Get Ethnic. We have a good collection of various styles of lehenga sarees.


Lehenga style sareeayva_design_studio


What are the different Ways to Drape Lehenga Saree/Lehenga Style Saree?

1. The Gujarati Way

While draping their sarees in the traditional way, Gujarati women pleat their pallus in front, over the blouse. You can imitate this style by taking one side of the dupatta of your lehenga, spreading it over the choli from the shoulder like an inverted fan. You can the pin the pleats at the shoulder. Checkout all about Gujrati Wedding.


2. It’s all in the Border

This style works well if you have a lehenga saree that comes with a heavily bordered dupatta. The border should have detailed zari work or elaborate embellishments.

You need to pleat this dupatta in such a way that the border shows up in the end. This needs to stay in place with the use of a pin and draped over the left shoulder (traditionally a saree pallu sits on the left shoulder).

The back, if not attached to the skirt, needs to be tucked inside it. If you are going to attend a Punjabi wedding, do try this look out! To know more about Punjabi wedding fashion, read about Punjabi wedding dresses.


3. Wear the Pallu Loose

This is the carefree kind of look where you simply take one end of your dupatta and tuck it at your waist. You can wear the loose end of the dupatta on your shoulder in whichever way you like. You may not even pin it!


4. Single Shoulder Narrow Drape

Pleat your dupatta or casually let it fall in a narrow bundled way from a single shoulder. This style is very popular when it comes to the Haldi Function or Roka Ceremony.


5 Lehenga Style Sarees to Inspire You

A lehenga style is not a strictly bridal outfit! It can be the perfect outfit for you as a wedding guest, as a bridesmaid or even for pre and post wedding functions as the bride! Let us take a look at some lehenga style sarees that have been styled to perfection.


lehenga Saree -

Conclusion – Lehenga Saree

Though a lehenga style saree can be creatively assembled with pieces of clothing lying around in your cupboard, not all are capable of making the correct choices.

Moreover, a self-assembled lehenga saree may be good as casual-wear but not enough for a formal dinner party or a wedding function. For lehenga style sarees that are aesthetically crafted and have a contemporary appeal, visit the website of GetEthnic and check us for custom made wedding lehenga, saree and much more.

Stunning Muslim Wedding Dresses for Bride & Groom

Nikah – the main ritual in a Muslim wedding is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic cultural ceremonies that exist! Not only are the different rituals of an Islamic wedding divine and graceful, the aesthetic wedding venues and Islamic wedding fashion exuberate grandeur. Muslim wedding dresses combine subtlety with glamour, gorgeousness with grace, tradition with style!

Muslim Wedding Dresses - Bride & Groom


Muslim wedding dresses for the bride are usually long and have an element that covers the head of the bride. This part of the Islamic wedding dress may be a color-coded scarf resembling a hijab or it may even be a dupatta to cover the head.

Most Muslim wedding dresses are embellished and flaunt stone-work, thread work, sequin embroidery etc and come in either light muted colors or deep bright colors. Such dresses rarely come in pastel hues, even though there is no set rule that they can’t.

Variations through Traditions –New Age Muslim Wedding Dresses

Muslim bridal wear has undergone a long process of evolution since the last century. We can now specify few broad types of ethnic attires that are most popular among Muslim brides of the times.

1. Kurti with Mughal Lehenga

Kurti with Mughal Lehenga - wearing by Kareena Kapoor KhanGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

The look created by pairing an embellished kurti with a lehenga skirt and a dupatta is much like the sharara-kameez look if not more gorgeous. If you are a Muslim bride and you want to wear a lehenga but can’t wear a typical blouse, you can definitely wear a kurti.

2. Long choli with lehenga

Muslim Wedding Dress - LehengaGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

Lehenga, long Choli and dupatta sets are still immensely popular as Muslim wedding dresses. Not only are they convenient and comfortable to wear, they also come without the hassle of getting hold of a separate scarf or headgear.

Bridal long choli or top sets come with gorgeously embellished dupattas. Zari embroidery, zardozi work etc are common in Muslim bridal dupattas.

3. Kameez with Ghararas

Muslim Wedding Dress - Kurta with skirtnameerabyfarooq | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Ghararas are a typical type of the sharara that probably originated in Awadh in the late 19th century. They are immensely popular today across India and Pakistan as Muslim bridal dress.

4. Light Embroidered Kameez with Sharara

Muslim Wedding Dress - Sharara

Shararas refer to a kind of bottom-wear paired with a kurta and a dupatta. They are basically flowy, flared pants. There is a lot of debate on where the fashion originated but most opine that shararas originated in North India during the Mughal Era, somewhere between the 18th and the 19th century.


5. Bridal Dress with Dupatta

Muslim Wedding Dress - Dress with Dupatta

A very popular and trendy Muslim wedding dress for the bride is a long, gown-like, flowing bridal dress with an embellished dupatta. These dresses are ankle length and may even come with churidar bottoms. The dupatta is the show-stopper of this look. Most of these dupattas come in net fabric with a heavily embellished border and motifs all through.

6. Grey and Rose Gold Zardozi Muslim Wedding Dress

Grey and Rose Gold Zardozi Muslim Wedding Dress

Muslim brides personify glamour and subtlety. This wedding dress reflects exactly that! The lehenga with a long choli is exquisitely embroidered in the zardozi style. Both the colours used are light hues – grey and rose gold – go really well with the metallic zardozi embellishments.

7. Red Double Dupatta Style Kurti Lehenga

Red Double Dupatta Style Kurti Lehenga

A tunic paired with a lehenga skirt may seem like a conservative choice but on the flipside it enables you to create a more structured silhouette which becomes a great background for detailed embellishments. This bride wears a kurti above her lehenga skirt. Both components of the bridal outfit flaunt detailed floral zari embroidery. The outfit also has the double dupatta style – one boasts an unconventional hemline embellished with gold threads and the other is plain draped cross body.

8. Heavily Embellished Sharara

Muslim Bride wearing Heavily Embellished Sharara

This Muslim bridal look is indeed unique! The sharara comes with a slightly long tunic in a cut which a cross between anarkali and peplum. The entire outfit is in earthy pastel tones boasting floral minakari-like embellishments in zari, sequin and thread work. The net dupatta has a cut work border.


9. White Bridal Dress

White Bridal Dress

To sport a serene and subtle look, a Muslim bride may opt for something in white. This fit and flare, anarkali-style wedding dress comes with intricate zardozi work in the palest shade of gold. The rose gold net embellished dupatta acts as the classiest accessory to this outfit.

10. Bridal Saree

Muslim Wedding Dress - white SareeGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

Bengali Muslim brides wear sarees for their wedding. Their attire is much like the Hindu wedding bridal except for the fact that they wear the hijab.

You can also opt for designer wedding sarees of Sabayasachi or Manisha Malhotra.

11. Bridal Lehenga

nameerabyfarooq | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

With time, the lehenga has entered the Muslim wedding scene. Many Muslim brides in India are seen in a gorgeous lehengas with double dupatta style. One dupatta is usually draped round the body and the second one is used to cover the head.

Much of the credit of introducing the lehengas as Muslim bridal dresses goes to Bollywood. In fact, Bollywood has gone a long way in multiplying the glamour quotient of Islamic wedding fashion.

12. Bluish Grey and Peach Sharara

Bluish Grey and Peach Sharara

Enough of simple wedding outfits! This one will blow your mind! The bride here wares a sharara-kurta set in a colour which it somewhere between powder blue and steel grey. The outfit is heavily embellished with gold and silver zari work, sequin embellishment and stone work. An equally embellished peach toned net dupatta forms a unique and attractive contrast.

13. Beige Gold Vintage Gharara

Beige Gold Vintage Gharara - Muslim Wedding Dresses

A traditional gharara paired with a short tunic never fails to create that vintage Muslim wedding look! This coupled with the unique colour combination of rosy beige and gold creates a vibe of the yesteryears. The floral metallic zari embellishments are detailed near the lower hemlines of both the kurti and the gharara bottoms. The dupatta has an embellished border and golden polka dots all over.

14. Heavily Embellished Sharara

Muslim Bride wearing Heavily Embellished Shararashaadiwish | Get Indian Wedding Dresses

This Muslim bridal look is indeed unique! The sharara comes with a slightly long tunic in a cut which a cross between anarkali and peplum. The entire outfit is in earthy pastel tones boasting floral minakari-like embellishments in zari, sequin and thread work. The net dupatta has a cut work border.

15. White Bridal Dress

White Bridal Dress

To sport a serene and subtle look, a Muslim bride may opt for something in white. This fit and flare, anarkali-style wedding dress comes with intricate zardozi work in the palest shade of gold. The rose gold net embellished dupatta acts as the classiest accessory to this outfit.


Drool-worthy Muslim Wedding Dresses for the Brides

In this segment we show you 10 different Muslim bridal dresses that are traditional yet trendy. These dresses are proof of the fact that in reality there are no stereotypical bridal colors or styles. Each dress is unique in its own way.

16. A Dress Fit for the Royals

Deepika Padukone looks stunning in this Muslim wedding

Deepika Padukone looks stunning in this Muslim wedding dress. The dress has numerous shades of red combined beautifully together with gold. The bottom is a flared brocade Mughal skirt in golden and warm red.

The kameez, in reddish-orange, is almost covered with the double-dupattas. One of the dupattas that cover her head is sheer. The one on her shoulders is in dark red velvet. Different types of gold embroidery adorn different segments of the outfit.

17. Teal Bridal Dress with Dupatta

Teal Bridal Dress with Dupattaas_collcetions

This bridal dress is in a shade of green – teal – which makes it traditional and at the same time sets it apart. Who knew that golden sequin work would look so gorgeous on teal? The dress has a kalidar cut that compliments most figure types.

The dupatta is simple in order to keep the focus centered on the exquisite golden work on the dress.


18. Layered Ivory Silk Lehenga

Layered Ivory Silk Lehenga

This larger than life wedding outfit consist of numerous layers. A peplum jacket and corset is paired with a lehenga skirt. There is a net dupatta as well as a wine velvet shawl as accessories. This handcrafted piece flaunts multicolour minakari-style thread work on an ivory silk base interspersed with zardozi embroidery. The pallu and the dupatta boast hand embroidery and jaal work.

19. Lilac Grey Muslim Wedding Dress


Muslim brides never fail to come up with unusual colour choices. While for weddings in other communities, the bride is expected always in bright and dark hues, in the Muslim community there is so such compulsion placed on the bride’s fashion choices. This bride flaunts a lovely grey tunic-lehenga set with exquisite floral metallic embroidery. The grey color is tinged with lilac – a shade that comes across well in the net dupatta!


20. Peach and Gold Wedding Gown

Lilac Grey Muslim Wedding Dress

This Muslim bride looks exquisite in her peach-toned, anarkali-cut wedding gown paired with sharara bottoms and a dupatta. This unique wedding look is enhanced with gold floral stone and sequin embellishments. The dupatta flaunts big chunks of stones at the border!

21. Stone Blue Bridal Dress

Peach and Gold Muslim Wedding Gown

This beautiful bridal gown comes in the most unconventional yet graceful color. The anarkali-cut gown has a brilliant flare and the net dupatta draped around the head of the bride adds a dash of elegance. The dress and dupatta are embellished with gold and silver zardozi work, multicolour beads, stones and pearls! This dress is heavy and imparts a regal vibe!


22. The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara

Stone Blue Muslim Bridal Dress

Looking for something a little on the ‘fusion’ side of the spectrum? This bridal sharara is the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary styles! The tunic is in a straight cut and boasts traditional zari embroidery. The sharara bottoms come in a brocade fabric with big motifs. The designer has cut down on the flare and they look like palazzo bottoms. If you plan to sport a fusion, boho or contemporary look on your wedding, you can opt for such a Muslim wedding dress.

23. Gold Embellished Tunic with Cold Shoulders

Muslim Bridal Dress - The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara

This appealing bridal attire consists of a wine red flared lehenga skirt with gold embroidered motifs and matte gold embellished tunic in the peplum style. The exquisite tunic is embellished all over, creating a textured look and the unique part is the slit down the middle that exposes the richness of this fabric of the lehenga skirt. The tunic also flaunts cold shoulders.


24. Gold Kurta Lehenga Set

The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara - Muslim Wedding Dress

This outfit comprises of a heavily embellished bridal calf length kurta and lehenga. The lehenga skirt comes in a heavy gold fabric which is the highlight of the look. The dark red kurta is heavily embellished in gold zari. The dupatta which also has a gold zari embellished border is also in two tones – red and orange.


25. The Magic of Light Pastels

The Red & Gold Contemporary Bridal Sharara

The beauty of Muslim brides dressed in the lightest hues transcends the materialistic world! This bride dressed in a lehenga in the lightest shade of blush pink looks serene, graceful and celestial. The outfit has the right amount of floral embellishments in subtle pastel shades.


26. Light Pink Kurta Lehenga

The Magic of Light PastelsReeshma | Get Wedding Wear for Bride

This Muslim wedding dress follows conventions by being in the combination of light pink and gold. Some combinations never fail to impress and the beauty of this Muslim wedding dress is enhanced by the mix of embroidered and printed embellishments.


27. The Red Bridal Anarkali Gown

Beautiful Muslim Bride wearing The Magic of Light Pastels

This outfit is simple yet the richness of the colour makes it unique in its own way. The anarkali-style knee length dress is in a solid shade of blood red with only a green and gold embellishment border. The gold-bordered   makes it look traditional!

28. Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity - Muslim Wedding dresses for bride

Some brides may want to flaunt a simple yet glamorous outfit on their wedding day. If you are one of those brides, make sure to choose a colour that is both classy and elegant and there are few colours more graceful than lilac. This Muslim wedding dress is made out of a rich silk fabric and boasts beads, stones, sitara and metallic thread work. This Muslim wedding dress resembles lacha which is again a beautiful outfit.

29. Pink and Gold Sharara

Pink and Gold Sharara

This one is another example of a simple yet graceful Muslim wedding dress. The beauty of this outfit lies in the richness of the pinkish purple fabric. Also sharara bottoms with a short kameez is a unique choice. The outfit is simple with just a gold zari border and minimal floral embroidery near the keyhole neckline. Paired with the net dupatta the outfit looks extremely graceful.


30. Simple Red Sharara Kameez

Simple Red Gharara Kameez

Unlike the customs of marriages in other Indian communities, Muslim weddings don’t necessitate the bride to wear red. If you still want to sport something in red you can opt for a simple red gharara instead of a heavy lehenga. This outfit has multiple golden orange borders with minimal embellishments, distributed on the neckline and the borders of the dupatta. Tiny polkis are distributed sparsely all over the tunic.


31. Red and Gold Bridal Dress

Red and Gold Bridal Dress - Muslim Wedding Dresses

A bridal dress does not have to be simple or understated! This bride flaunts one in dark red velvet with all-over gold zari and sequin work. This bridal dress is the perfect cross between a red embellished lehenga and an ethnic gown.


31. Embroidered Lavender Bridal Dress with Dupatta

Embroidered Lavender Bridal Dress with Dupattasheena_makeup_artist

This exquisite Muslim wedding dress is in a soft, pastel shade – lavender. The dress uses no silver or golden elements like sequins, zari etc. Instead, the detailed purple and violet embroidery takes the dress to another level. The embroidery on the border of the dupatta is a mark of sheer craftsmanship. The bride has cleverly paired this dress with gold and stone jewellery.

32. Gold and Sequins

Golden Mughal skirt and kurti wedding dresswedmesoon | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

Gold is a bridal color but matte gold isn’t! This bride sports a matte golden Mughal skirt and kurti wedding dress. The color is so muted that it is close to beige. The kurti has all-over sequin embroidery and the dupatta’s borders boast the same style.

Lehenga is also a very popular Punjabi wedding dress as its such a beautiful attire and mostly top bridal attire choice for the Bride for her big happy day!


33. Shades of Pink

Muslim wedding dress.dulhanbymischief

This bride flaunts a unique Muslim wedding dress. She wears a dark pink lehenga skirt with stone and sequin work. On that she wears a kurti which resembles an elongated peplum top with uneven hem.

The kurti is in a combination of dark and baby pink. The dupatta too has a similar color combination. Silver sequin embroidery is present throughout the dupatta. This dress is the perfect mix of tradition and new-age fashion.


34. Blush Pink Lehenga

Blush Pink LehengaGet Started with your Bridal Wear

Talking about unique shades brings us to this Muslim wedding dress in the form of this blush pink lehenga. This bridal dress has a subtle and graceful appeal. The full-sleeve lehenga blouse is adorned all over in silver sequin work.

The lehenga bottom and the dupatta are simple with details only at the borders. The bride pairs this dress with diamond jewellery.

You can also opt for designer wedding Lehenga like Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Shyamal & Bhumika or even Anita Dongre for your wedding day but keep in mind that the designer lehengas are very expensive. As they say if you have to buy, you have to buy 🙂

35. Red and Matte Gold

Red and Matte Goldsaadziafilms

Though a red bridal dress is very common, this one is unique as it pushes itself away from a stereotypical combination of red and gold. Instead, this dress is in a warm red color with matte gold embroidery from top to bottom.

This heavily embroidered dress is a work of art and the bride has cleverly paired it with a plain dupatta and minimal jewellery.


36. Lehenga in Unique Shade

Lehenga in Unique Shadesabiha.lodi | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

This unique color doesn’t have a name. It is somewhere between alabaster and a jasmine white. The embellished blouse has been paired with a plain skirt and dupatta. The lehenga skirt and dupatta have minimal silver sequin work at the borders and small motifs all over.

37. Heavily Embellished Sharara & Kameez

Heavily Embellished Sharara & Kameezpakistan_outletbylubnasaboor

Just take a look at the Muslim wedding dress of this bride! Calling this outfit overwhelming would be an understatement! The dark red kameez and sharara are replete with zardozi embroidery and sequin work in gold.

The contrast dupatta in beige also has gold and red embroidery of a similar kind. It goes without saying that a lot of hard work and skill has gone behind the creation of such a dress.

38. Dark Green Mughal Skirt

Dark Green Mughal Skirtas_collcetions

This is the most traditional color when it comes to Muslim wedding dresses. This dress has traditional gold zari embroidery. The motifs on the skirt are reminiscent of Mughal designs.

The kurta which has a slanting yet pleated hemline is also heavily embellished. Any bride would look extremely gorgeous in such a dress!


Some Iconic Muslim Wedding Dresses of Bollywood

39. Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hain Mushkil

Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hain Mushkil

Who doesn’t remember Anushka Sharma’s Muslim wedding dress in the song “channa mereya”? She wore a shimmery golden and beige sharara-kameez and double dupatta set with elements of green and red. It is reported that this Sabyasachi outfit weighed a whopping 17 kg. Thanks to all the sequin and stone work! The jewellery, which was mostly emeralds and diamonds, weighed another 3 kg.


40. Alia Bhatt in Raazi

Alia Bhatt in Raazivogue | Get Started with your Bridal Wear

Alia wore a deep red sharara-kameez set and a red and sea green dupatta in the wedding scene of the movie Raazi. This outfit was specially designed to bring back the charm of the yesteryears, which is the early 1970s – the time period depicted in the movie. The make-up was minimal – smoky eyes and bold lips. For accessories she wore a raani haar, nath, maang tika and pasa. The pearl, ruby and gold combination in the jewellery gives a vintage feel to the look.


41. Preity Zinta in Veer Zaara

Preity Zinta in Veer | Get Started with your Bridal Wear


Preity sported two Muslim wedding dresses in the movie. For the engagement scene, she wore a purple and cream salwar-kameez. But this bridal look, where she wears a hot red, almost orange, gharara set really steals the show. Such a color brightens the complexion and also looks great in photographs.


42. Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar

Nargis Fakhri in Rockstar

Nargis Fakhri looks absolutely stunning in her warm red and gold Kashmiri wedding dress in the movie Rockstar. It should be mentioned here that Nargis was depicted as coming from a Kashmiri Pandit family in the movie but this outfit has all the elements of a Muslim wedding dress – the kurti-lehenga-dupatta style, matching head gear and a pasa.


43. Sonam Kapoor in Dolly Ki Doli

Sonam Kapoor in Dolly Ki Doli

Sonam sports numerous bridal looks in this movie, where she is playing the role of a girl who marries different men and robs them on the wedding night. In this case, she is dressed up as a Muslim bride. She wears a subtle moss green salwar kameez with matte bronze sequin work. The look is graceful yet glamorous. The jewellery is also minimal – chandelier earrings and pasa.

44. Parineeti Chopra in Daawat-e-Ishq

Parineeti Chopra in Daawat-e-Ishq

This look has to be mentioned for the sheer uniqueness of the color. Parineeti gorgeously sports a white Muslim wedding dress here. It has elements of blue and has been paired with diamond jewellery. The subtlety of the look takes it to another level.


Traditional Elements in Muslim Bridal Dresses

45. Accessories with Muslim Wedding dresses

  • The Holy Quran specifies the wedding dress for a Muslim bride. Putting it broadly, a Muslim bride needs to wear a dress that exposes only her face and hands.

Muslim Bridal Dresses

  • Traditionally, the salwar kameez is the top choice among Muslim brides. The dupatta is used to cover the head of the bride. In many cultures, the traditional attire for the Muslim bride is a saree. She uses the pallu to cover her head or a separate scarf. In other cultures, the Muslim wedding dress comprises of a kameez paired with a sharara bottom and a matching dupatta.

Muslim wedding dress

  • As per traditions, green is the most auspicious color for the Muslim bride which makes bridal outfits in this color extremely popular.

Muslim wedding dress

  • Apart from traditional necklaces, bangles and rings, Muslim brides wear a nose ring on the right side of her face. This is an important part of the Muslim wedding dress. After she is married, she needs to replace this ring with a pin. The nose pin is a must for Muslim married women.

Muslim wedding dress

  • Another compulsory accessory in the Muslim wedding attire is a jhoomar. Also known as pasa, this is a fan-shaped piece of jewellery that is attached to the hair of the bride. It hangs from one side of her face on the forehead. Usually she wears it on the left side of her face.


Muslim Wedding Dresses for the Groom

The traditional dress for the Muslim groom is kurta with pajama or churidar. Embroidery is a must on the kurta of the Muslim groom. But most grooms these days prefer to wear the sherwani. Grooms are also wearing kurta-pajama with embellished jackets or kurta-jodhpur for their wedding.

Muslim grooms also wear pieces of jewellery like necklaces, bracelets and rings. Grooms wear nagrais or kolhapuris or any other type of embellished sandals. Some grooms wear headgears as well.

46. Multi Layered Kurta

Get Started with your Groom Wear

White, off-white, cream and ivory are the most preferred colors when it comes to Muslim wedding dresses for grooms. This groom wears an off-white kurta and an embellished off-white jacket on top with pajamas. The outfit has silver sequin embroidery all over.

47. The Royal Sherwani


This lavender brocade sherwani with the ivory bottoms is fit for the royals. The sherwani comes without a dupatta. But the groom has paired a pearl and stone necklace with it. The look is sober yet glamorous!

This embellished cream sherwani comes with a contrast dupatta. The sherwani comes in silk and has silver sequin work, concentrated near the collar. The rest of the kurta has woven motifs. This Muslim wedding dress comes with a velvet maroon dupatta with silver sequin work. This aspect sets it apart.

48. Galaband coat with flared Salwar

Galaband means closed neck and if you pair a gala band coat or jacket with a pair of flared salwar then its an amazing combination. Try to make have contract colors between your coat and salwar as that would give a much more vibrant look.

Usually a galaband is not paired with any dupatta or stole since but you can always opt for a plain/less embroidered store to match with the color of your salwar.

49. Brocade Achkan

indiangroom | Get Started with your Groom Wear

This smart groom keeps it simple by sporting a dark blue and white brocade achkan complimented with pearl buttons and a vintage brooch.

This groom keeps it minimal with a white kurta-pajama. What adds the unique quotient to this Muslim wedding dress is the dark green silk jacket.

50. Plain Jacket with Chudidaar

If you are looking for something simple yet elegant than go for a plan coat or jacket and pair it with a chudidaar which is again plain. Also you can make a lightly embroidered stole as that you even further enhance the overall look oof the outfit.


Final Word – Muslim Wedding Dresses

Today, Muslim wedding dresses are not confined to the Islamic community alone. Many Hindu brides also wear skirt and kurti style lehengas, shararas etc on their wedding reception. Muslim wedding dresses are seen as a welcome change from the usual lehengas and sarees in other pre and post wedding functions too.

GetEthnic has specialized in making custom made ethnic wear for brides which includes bridal salwar-kameez, shararas and ghararas, Mughal skirts, long ethnic gowns, ornate dupattas etc. We also have a huge range of custom made sherwanis and different types of ethnic wear for the groom. So if you are planning to shop for Muslim wedding dresses, don’t forget to check us out!

Checkout how we make and deliver the garment to your doorstep:


Reference sites:  WIKI | WIKI

25 Anita Dongre Lehengas for Every Occasion

The mighty, powerful and stately Indian elephant – that’s ace designer Anita Dongre’s brand symbol! And why not? All her designs live, breath and speak Indian ethnicity! Dongre is known for her affinity towards mixing bridal styles with indigenous art and craft! Most Anita Dongre lehengas reverberate this style of fusion! Her bridal lehengas are in bright aesthetic earthy shades with vibrant designs and textures!

Dongre also believes in wearable designs. Most of her lehengas are not embellished over-the-top. She uses a theme for each of her outfits. When designing a bridal collection, Dongre uses ethnic cultures like that of Jaipur, Benaras etc as inspiration. Such Anita Dongre lehengas are mostly in rich reds, vivid purples, wines and berries, bright pinks etc. Her spring-summer collectionsare totally the opposite of this. In this case she uses airy textures, cottons, prints, thread work etc on light pastel shades like creams, sea greens, powder blues, oranges, yellows etc.

Ethnic arts like gota-patti, cutdana,dori, zardozi, Benarasi brocade etc find place in Anita Dongre’s work. Let us look at 25 Anita Dongre lehengas that define exquisite ethnic Indian couture.


1. In the Forests of Ranthambore

Anita Dongre Lehenga is reminiscent of Rajasthan’s Ranthamboreanitadongre | Get Custom Made Lehenga

The Rijika lehenga in baby blue and pink bridal is reminiscent of Rajasthan’s Ranthambore!

How? Look the exotic embroidery of birds and forest on the lehenga skirt. The gotapatti embroidery speaks for itself! Paired with jadau jewellery, this lehenga will look great on the bride of a summer wedding! The embellishments of pearls, sequins and resham thread work on the blue silk looks divine!

2. Midnight Dazzles Blue

 Dazzles Blue Lehenga -Anita Dongre

The bride in this dark midnight blue lehenga looks like glamour personified. This rich blue color is the perfect surface for the exquisite zari embroidery. Sequins and gold zari look great together. The sleeveless, scoop neck choli boasts gold embroidery. The elaborate lower border of the lehenga skirt is a work of art. The rest of the skirt has evenly placed motifs.


3. The Spring Blooms on her Lehenga

Spring Blooms Lehenga -Anita Dongre

This Aliza lehengacomes in a bright ‘orange-ish’ peach hue. The lehenga skirt comes in a rich silk fabric with floral embroidery inspired by the season of Spring. The dupatta and the choli are also replete with embroidery. The flow of this Anita Dongre lehenga is flared.

4. A Summer’s Day

Anita Dongre Lehenga

This Aimili Anita Dongre Lehenga is surely going to make a bride look as fresh as a summer morning! This bright mustard yellow organza lehenga comes with exotic floral embroidery in bright and pale pink. This lehenga is part of Dongre’s summer 2020 collection!


5. For Her Who Flies High

Anita Dongre Lehenga

This masterpiece of a lehenga, is inspired by the herons who fly across the Rajasthani wetlands. She calls it the ParindaLehenga! The luxurious, rich blue silk is the best base for the Pichwai hand paintings of the herons.

The painting is so flawless and alive that it can be compared to poetry! The work is enhanced with gotapatti embroidery, pearls and sequins. This kind of a lehenga should definitely be paired with expensive vintage jewellery. The rich blue color calls for a necklace is sapphire or ruby.

This is a perfect fit in any Indo American wedding since this lehenga represents the cultural heritage and vibrant colors of the Indian culture.


6. The Bride in Pastels

Anita Dongre Lehenga for bride

This bride is rocking her summer wedding outfit. This Anita Dongre lehenga comprises of a heavily embroidered and embellished warm red, almost orange, lehenga skirt and a pastel baby blue simple blouse.

The blouse has elbow-length sleeves and a V-neck with a thick embellished border. The lack of further embellishments on the blouse enhance the jewellery of the bride. The dupattais sheer with a contrasting red border.


7. The Tale of the Wine Red Silk

Wine Red Lehenga - Anita Dongre

This wine red lehenga in expensive silk is rich with thread work and embellishments. The lehenga skirt tells a story of exquisite Indian craftsmanship in the form of gotapatti, zardozi, cut danaanddori, embroidery.

Sequins and pearls enhance the work! The choli has a scoop neck and is also richly embroidered. The dupatta is in net and has embroidered motifs all over. This strictly bridal lehenga has been paired with vintage pearl jewellery. Jadau or jarowar jewellery will also go well with it.


8. A Summer Wedding in Pastels

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

Would you believe that this Anita Dongre lehenga is made out of a fabric that is 50% cotton? Perfect for a summer wedding, this light pastel mustard-peach colorlehenga is adorned primarily in gota-patti and zardozi work.

The silver zari embellishments on the peach surface look fresh. The brides wear simple jewellery – drop earrings and a non-imposing choker. Her make-up is also subtle and muted!


9. Powerful in Pink

Pink Lehenga - Anita Dongre

This pink bridal lehenga is one-of-a-kind. Usually lehenga skirts are more heavily embellished compared to the choli. In this case, Dongre has reversed this convention.

The skirt is in a shiny silk fabric and has small embroidered motifs homogenously placed all over. The choli is the real beauty of this attire. The elbow-length choli is densely packed with silver zari embroidery and blue threadwork. Sequins, stones and pearls have been used for embellishments. The net dupatta has a thin border and pompom details.


10. Bloom Like the Wild Roses

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

The perfect bridal attire for a spring-summer morning wedding for the bride who wants to skip the stereotypical reds!This lehenga is inspired from wild roses that bloom in wilderness.

The lehenga skirt is replete with floral embroidery on the pastel yellow surface. The red lining at the bottom of the skirt adds that much welcome dash of vibrancy to the attire.


11. Berry Glamorous

Lehenga for bride - Anita Dongre

This bride has made a clever choice by deciding to wear this Anita Dongre lehenga. The shade is definitely bridal yet not red. It is in a typical berry sorbet colorand it has been paired with a green dupatta.

Not only are the silver embellishments unconventional, the use of the matcha green in the dupatta on the lehenga skirt forms a beautiful contrast. The jewellery of the bride compliments the attire.


12. A Story in Fuchsia

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

Dongre is known for her affinity towards vibrant colors and innovative color combinations. This particular bridal lehenga is in a rich fuchsia pink shade that is made brighter by the inclusion of a powder blue dupatta and greyish silver detailing.

The lehenga boasts the double-dupatta style and comes with a heavily embroidered scoop-neck blouse. Apart from gota-patti, the lehenga also has dori, cut dana and zardozi work.


13. All She Wants is Red

Red Lehenga - Anita Dongre

There is something sensuous about this lehenga! Dongre calls it the KalkiLehenga and it is in a true red color. Wait! Even the embellishments and embroidery on this lehenga are in red! This lehenga is all about textures.

The net dupatta has a frilly red border and small motifs in red embroidered on it. The thin-sleeved blouse also has red embroidery. The real beauty is the skirt which has elaborate floral embroidery in various shades of red on the rich red fabric..


14. The Bride in Vivid Violet

Lehenga - Anita DongreGet Custom Made Lehenga

The beauty of this bridal lehenga is in the bright rich and vivid violet silk fabric it is made out of and the exquisite embroidery it boasts! The scoop-neck blouse and the upper part of the lehenga skirt boast a similar kind of zari embroidery – small silver motifs spread evenly!

The lower part of the lehenga skirt has big floral motifs where sequins and pearls have also been used! Jadau and diamond jewellery will look divine with this bridal lehenga.


15. Red But Not Conventional

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

This Anita Dongre lehenga is in a typical bridal red color but what makes it different are the blue floral motifs on the exquisitely embroidered lehenga skirt. Zari work, sequin embroidery and zardozi in silver forms beautiful and dense floral patterns on the lehenga skirt and choli. The red dupatta is simple!


16. The Whimsical Bride in Marigold

Marigold Lehenga - Anita Dongre

This Lehenga is called the Mehar Lehenga. This lehenga boasts a bright warm marigold yellow color that is a match made in heaven for Indian skin tones.

This 100% silk lehenga has an exotic charm of its own which probably comes from the whimsical blend of floral motifs on it. Embroidered with resham and zari along with zardozi work,this lehenga will make any bridal ensemble look exquisite.

This gorgeous haldi color lehenga is a perfect fit for any glam and hip occasion. Checkout Haldi Ceremony Dresses.


17. Fresh As The Vines

 Lehenga - Anita Dongre

A very unconventional choice for a wedding function – this lehenga is in a rich cream fabric with floral embroidery in blue and gold. The scoop neck blouse is perfect for pairing heavy necklaces as the one in the picture. It is a great option for a morning wedding, if one can carry it well!


18. Embroidered to Ecstasy

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

This elaborately embroidered emerald green lehenga is a work of art! The lehenga skirt is dense with zari, resham, cut dana, pearl, dori and sequin embroidery in silver.

The zardozi work glitters on the rich emerald green silk surface. The blouse is unique for it is a long one, resembling the top-like banjaracholis of the tribes of western India. The long keyhole neck blouse has embroidered floral details at the yoke. It has three-quarter sleeves.


19. The Summer of Benaras

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

This summer lehenga by Anita Dongre uses Benarasi weaving techniques! This cream white lehenga is airy and the gold metallic thread work is sure to make heads turn. The fabric is silk organza. The look aimed by this Alethi Lehenga is that of soft glamour. Checkout Banarasi Lehenga

20. Wildflowers and Wine

Lehenga - Anita Dongre

The beauty of this Anita Dongre lehenga is the dark wine color. The lehenga skirt,in a rich velvet fabric, is otherwise plain but has printed rustic multi-color wildflowersat the bottom part.

The sleeveless blouse has golden embroidered details. The botanical detailing on the rich color and texture makes it a fusion lehenga which is also opulent enough to get a place in the bridal trousseau.


21. Of Sunshine and Seas

Get Custom Made Lehenga

Inspired by the Benarasi weaves of Uttar Pradesh, this Amari Lehenga used gold weaving and embroidery techniques on a greenish-yellow silk organza fabric.

This pastel hue will brighten every Indian skin tone and it is perfect for a pre-wedding morning function like the Haldi ceremony. The dupatta is beautiful with little polka dot-like motifs all over its sheer surface.


22. The Ivies of Spring

This lime green lehenga is essentially for the Spring-Summer season and simply breathes freshness. The ivies embroidered in blue and gold on the lehenga skirt are exotic and the embroidered net pattern on the upper part of the skirt goes really well with the rest of the embellishments.



23. The Golden Forest Flower

Not a bridal color? Dongre calls it the FirakiLehenga! This cream colorlehenga in a mix of cotton and metallic fabric has forest flowers and other wild floral motifs intricately embroidered in gold. Gold tissue work also plays a role in the adornment of this lehenga.

The choli and the dupatta are also thickly embroidered. Jarowar jewellery in gold and diamond will complement this look! This look is for the bride who does not believe in wearing traditional bridal colors on her wedding.


24. The Shadow of Beauty

Get Custom Made Lehenga

Though the ‘bridal’ tag can’t be applied on this particular lehenga, it is a beauty in its own right! This lehenga is called the ChhayaLehenga and rightly so! Not only is the color – black – rare in the lehenga universe, the intermingling of different textures also play a game of shadows on the attire.

The silk organza lehenga skirt boasts cut dana and dori floral embroidery and cleverly placed silver sequins glitter like stars on a moonless night. The blouse in silk and the sheer dupatta also have resham, sequin and pearl embroidery.


25. A Daydream in Prints

Get Custom Made Lehenga

This out-of-the-box lehenga in beige and pastel hues is perfect for any dreamy day-time pre-wedding function. Boho brides can also wear it for a morning wedding! It is light, fresh and flowery. The vivid floral prints in multi pastel shades gives a very contemporary look to the attire.

To know more about Anita Dongre’s lehengas and design styles, check out her website. If you are looking for similar lehengas, for bridal wear or otherwise, you may also check out GetEthnic.

We at are experts team of bridal designer and would makes your dream lehenga outfit completely customized as per your requirement and body type.

We would make an amazing sketch for you and will ship embroidery and swatch samples for your approval and once everything is finalized we’ll make your dream outfit come to life. Click here to get started with your custom made Ethnic Lehenga.

Below is the video that explains as how to take measurements for lehenga:

Checkout: Sabyasachi Lehenga | Manish Malhotra Lehenga | Shyamal & Bhumika Lehenga 


The ‘A to Z’ of a Gujarati Wedding

Gujarat is the land of colors! The warmth of the Gujarati people, the delectable vegetarian cuisine, the exquisite bandhani art or patola weave and the rich culture of the state – all can be exclusively experienced at a Gujarati wedding. A wedding in the Gujarati community is not only plump with pomp and grandeur, it is also replete with numerous interesting and meaningful tradition.

A Gujarati wedding is a three-four day long affair where every day is significant with traditions and customs. The fashion for each ceremony is also well-defined. Today we will tell you more about Gujarati wedding traditions. We will also outline the fashion practices for each occasion. This blog takes you on a roller-coaster journey of the Gujarati wedding which is glamorous, rich, replete with traditions yet immensely enjoyable.

Culture at a Gujarati Wedding

To get a 360 degree view of a Gujarati wedding it is important to understand the culture of the people. Like every other state and culture in India, Gujarat too has sub-cultures. The wedding customs may differ from community to community within the Gujarati society.

Gujrati Wedding
Image : gujarat_wedding | Get Indian Wedding Wear

Traditional Gujarati families still prefer to form marital unions within their sub-castes and cultures. Though caste is still given importance in the community, a great thing about the Gujarati culture is that both sides, that is, the side of the groom and that of the bride, are given equal respect and importance in all the marital customs.

Now let’s take a look at the various wedding customs in a Gujarati wedding.


Pre Wedding Customs & Rituals in Gujarati Wedding

1. Chandlo Matli – Acceptance

Chandlo MatliImage : weddingphotoz | Get Indian Wedding Wear

This custom is conducted to formally announce the marriage. In other words, Chandlo Matli is a sign of acceptance of the union. For this ceremony, the father of the bride visits the groom’s house with a matli or steel utensil containing sweets and gifts for the groom and his family. The bride’s father is accompanied by four important male members of the bride’s family.

Before handing over the shagunmatli full of gifts and symbolic cash money – to the groom, the bride’s father draws a red circle or chandlo with vermillion on the forehead of his ‘would be’ son-in-law. The date of the Gujarati wedding is also fixed at this ceremony.


2. Gol Dhana or Sagai – The Official Engagement

Gol Dhana or Sagai

This ceremony takes place at the groom’s house. The bride and her family arrive at the groom’s house for the ceremony where the bride and the groom exchange rings. Gol Dhana means coriander seeds and jaggery.

According to custom, these things are distributed among guests at the ceremony. Five married women, from each side, bless the couple. The function takes place around a couple of days before the wedding. It ends with a grand feast where friends, relatives and other guests participate.


3. Mehendi – Painting her Hands with Henna


Mehendi ceremony takes place a day or two prior to the wedding, at the bride’s house. Wearing mehendi is an integral part of the Gujarati wedding. Beautiful and intricate designs are drawn with henna leaf paste on the palms and sometimes, even feet of the bride. It is believed that the deeper the color of the designs, the more love the bride will receive from her groom.

Other members of the family also wear mehendi. In most households, it is an all-women occasion. Women sing songs and dance among themselves during the ceremony.


4. Sangeet Sandhya or Sanji – An Evening of Dance, Music and Fun

Sangeet Sandhya or SanjiGet Indian Wedding Wear

The sangeet ceremony usually takes place on the eve of the wedding day. In some households, it might also be observed right after the mehendi ceremony. This time, the groom and his family come to the house of the bride where this ceremony is arranged. Friends and relatives also come to take part in the fun and frolic.

This event also goes a long way in easing out the relationship between the two families. Modern song and dance, folk songs, as well as traditional Garba and Dandiya dances find place on this evening.


5. Mameru or Mosaalu – Gifts of Love

Mameru or Mosaalu - Gujarati Wedding

This ritual, unique to a Gujarati wedding, takes place at the house of the bride, usually a day or two before the wedding. The mama or maternal uncle of the bride visits her with gifts of various kinds like sweets, saree, bangle, jewellery etc.


6. Mandap Mahurat & Prayer to Lord Ganesha

Mandap Mahurat & Prayer to Lord Ganesha

This ceremony is observed in both households. The mandap mahurat is basically a puja offered to Lord Ganesha at the beginning of all the rituals relating directly to the wedding.

A priest offers the puja, praying for the removal of any possible obstacle in the wedding ceremonies. Parents of both the bride and the groom also pray to Mother Earth before the construction of the wedding mandap. After the prayer, they dig a piece of land to mark the start of the construction of the mandap.


7. Grah Shanti – Warding Off Obstacles

Grah Shanti - Gujarati wedding

This is also a puja performed by a priest, at both households. Usually, horoscopes of the bride and the groom are matched before the planning of a Gujarati wedding. This may indicate some adverse planetary positions. To ward off any such obstacle in the conjugal life of the bride and the groom, this puja is offered.


8. Pithi – The Beauty Ritual

Pithi – The Beauty RitualImage : weddingsonline.india

This ceremony is similar to haldi ceremony in the weddings of other cultures in India. Instead of just turmeric paste, a paste of pure sandalwood, turmeric, rosewater and perfume is made for this ritual.

This ritual takes place at both houses separately. Usually, the kaki or paternal aunt of the bride or the groom prepares this paste. The bride or the groom sits on a low stool, while their relatives and friends apply this paste on their hands, feet and face. Then they are taken for a bath. This ritual takes place on the wedding morning.


9. Baraat or Varghoda – The Groom Arrives

Baraat or Varghoda - Gujarati wedding

The baraat refers to the groom and a party of people consisting of his friends and family who accompany him to the bride’s house. The sister of the groom waves a pouch of coins over the head of the groom to keep off any bad luck or the “evil eye”. Then the procession sets off with the groom on horseback and the accompanying party dances and bursts crackers while arriving at the house of the bride.


10. Ponkvu & Jaan– Welcoming the Groom

Ponkvu & Jaan

As the groom arrives at the venue, the bride’s family welcomes him and the rest of the baraat with a lot of grandeur. Then the bride’s mother performs aarti of the groom and applies a tika on his forehead. It’s now time for a unique ritual of a Gujarati wedding.

As the groom touches the feet of the bride’s mother, she tries to catch hold of his nose to pull him inside the venue and he tries to avoid this. It goes without saying that this is done for a fun purpose! This custom signifies the gratitude and respect that the groom should give his mother-in-law as the latter is giving away her precious child, her daughter to this man.

Wedding Rituals


11. Jaimala – Exchanging Garlands

Jaimala - Gujarati wedding

The bride and the groom meet for the first time on the wedding day with this ritual which commences the start of the main wedding rituals. They exchange garlands thereafter. In the first round of exchange, the groom stands on a higher pedestal, usually using a stool. For the second round, he steps down to mark equality in the marriage.


12. Madhuparka – Washing His Feet

MadhuparkaImage : mizaevents

After the jaimala, the groom is led by his mother-in-law to the mandap, where his feet are washed with water and milk. Then he is asked to take a sacred drink made up of milk, honey, ghee, sugar and yoghurt called the panchamrit.


13. Antarpaat – Placing the Opaque Cloth


The bride now arrives at the mandap led by her maternal uncle and an opaque cloth is placed between the bride and the groom like a curtain as the mantras of the Gujarati wedding is chanted.


14. Kanyadaan – Giving the Daughter


This ritual symbolizes the father of the bride placing his trust on his son-in-law. From now on, his son-in-law is responsible for the happiness of his daughter.


15. Hasta Milap – Tying the Sacred Knot

Hasta Milap

 The priest now ties one end of the groom’s shawl to one end of the bride’s saree while chanting the sacred verses.


16. Pheras – Four Goals of Life

Pheras - Gujarati wedding

Unlike other Indian cultures, in a Gujarati wedding, the couple takes four pheras, instead of seven, around the sacred fire. The four pheras have immense significance in the marriage. Each of them symbolizes one goal of human life –Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.


17. Saptapadi – Seven Steps of Togetherness

Saptapadi - Seven Steps of TogethernessImage:

This ritual involves the couple taking seven steps together, as the priest cites mantras. Then they recite the seven sacred vows.


18. Sindoor Daan – The Sacred Vermillion

Sindoor DaanImage:

The groom shall, in this ritual, smear the sacred vermillion on sindoor on the forehead of the bride. Then we will tie the mangalsutra – another important sign of marriage – around the neck of his bride


19. Kansar – Last Step of the Wedding Rituals.

Kansar – Last Step of the Wedding RitualsImage: alpeshrabadia

As the core wedding rituals end, the bride and the groom feed each other sweets.


Post Wedding Rituals & Customs

20. Saubhagyavati Bhava & Ashirvaad – Time for Blessings

Saubhagyavati Bhava & Ashirvaad - Gujarati weddingImage: linandjirsa | Get Indian Wedding Wear

As the main marriage rituals commence, it is time for the newly-wed couple to seek blessings from the elders. But first, seven married women bless the couple. While blessing the bride they say “Akhanda Saubhagyavati Bhava”, meaning ‘may you remain gloriously married forever’. Then the couple seeks blessings from the other elder members of both families.


21. Chero Pakaryo – A Mother & Son Matter

Chero Pakaryo

Now comes the time for the fun rituals of a Gujarati wedding. In this ritual, the groom catches and pulls the saree pallu of his mother-in-law asking for more gifts. Then her pallu is filled with gifts and cash by the elders present. This gift is sent to the groom later.


22. Joota Churai – Time for the Groom to Pay Up

Joota ChuraiImage: pitara_stories

This fun ritual has been immensely popularized by Bollywood and most of us know a little bit about it. The bride’s sisters demand money against the groom’s wedding footwear. For this they need to steal the shoes and hide it somewhere till they get their cash. The stealing of shoes is usually done by the gang of sisters during madhuparka.


23. Vidaai – Time for Goodbyes

Vidaai - Gujarati weddingImage : framedfigments

It is finally time for the beautiful Gujarati bride to leave her paternal home and embark on the journey of a new life with her husband. It is an emotional moment at the Gujarati wedding as the bride, her parents, her siblings and other close friends and family members are unable to stop their tears. The bride takes some rice in her hands and puts it on the pallu of her mother, thanking her for all her parents have done for her.


24. Ghar Nu Lakshmi – The One Who Brings Fortune

Ghar Nu Lakshmi

The Gujarati bride is welcomed by her in-laws as the Goddess Lakshmi who shall bring in fortune and good luck into the house. A kalash full of rice is placed on the threshold of the main door and while entering the house, the bride is supposed to spill the rice by gently knocking down the kalash with her right foot. Then her mother-in-law conducts an aarti of the new bride and applies a tika on her forehead.


25. Aeki Beki – The Game of Dominance

Aeki BekiImage : wedding_affair

This is a fun game that the couple is asked to play. A round tray is filled with a mixture of milk and vermillion. Some coins and a ring are put in the tray. The opaque milky pink color of the liquid makes it impossible to spot the ring. The couple is asked to look for the ring by immersing their fingers into the liquid. The game is played in four rounds. Whoever finds it first for the most number of turns is considered to be the ruling force in the household.


26. The Reception Party

The Reception Party - Gujarati weddingGet Indian Wedding Wear

This party is thrown by the groom’s family to introduce the new member to their friends and relatives.

In many Indian cultures, marriage customs are inclined to pay more attention towards the groom’s side. But in the case of the Gujarati wedding this is not the case.


Gujarati wedding thali

Most Gujaratis are hard-core vegetarians. Gujarati cuisine consists of numerous vegetarian delicacies that are quite different from the usual vegetarian cuisine of India. Many Gujarati curries and lentil dishes require sugar, which gives them a uniquely delicious taste.

Gujaratis are foodies and the dinner served at the wedding is something that both guests and families look forward too. Apart from the dinner, farsaan or various kinds of appetizing fried snacks are served throughout the wedding.

Gujarat is a land of tribes, folk dances, folk music and tribal culture. These things have penetrated all strata of the Gujarati society. In certain wedding functions too, the influence of this folk culture is evident. Traditional dances like Garba and Dandiya also form part of some functions at a Gujarati wedding.

Gujarati Wedding Fashion & the Traditional Weave

Gujarat is proud to boast some of the most popular Indian weaves and art forms. From tie and dye bandhani art to the gorgeous patola weaves, from the tribal mirror and embroidery art to the mashru weave and ajrakh dyeing – the list is endless. Most of these traditional art and weaves forms finds place in the Gujarati wedding fashion.

Gujarati wedding - bride

The Gujarati bride wears two sarees on the day of her wedding. These are – the panetar saree and the gharchola saree.


The Panetar Saree or Lehenga

The Panetar Saree or LehengaImage : riddhi_merchant | Get Indian Wedding Wear

On the day of the Gujarati wedding the bride wears a traditional red and white saree called Panetar. Panetar sarees have a bright texture and are typically made up of gajji silk. They may either be plane or embellished with zari threadwork. With changing taste in fashion, some Panetar sarees come with stone work as well nowadays. According to customs, the maternal uncle or mama of the bride gifts the wedding Panetar saree. This saree is worn by the bride during the initial rituals of the wedding.

With the popularity of the lehenga-choli among Indian women, as the ideal bridal attire, a new variation has emerged – the Panetar style wedding lehenga. This latest trend is being adored by the Gujarati brides nowadays as this red and white or red and cream or golden lehenga is a perfect harmony between tradition and fashion. Panetar style lehengas are much in demand among Gujarati brides both in India and abroad.

Gujarati wedding lehengaImage : be_kasida_haat | Get Indian Wedding Wear

Bridal Jewellery with the Panetar Saree

Brides at a Gujarati wedding wear heavy traditional jewellery like gold, kundan and jadau pieces as they go well with the metallic gold embroidery of the Panetar sarees. Jadau jhumkas also called kan ni butti is immensely popular too. Brides look gorgeous if they go for traditional jewellery pieces like the nathani or nose ring, armlets, anklets, bangles, maang-tika and kamar-bandh.

The Gharchola Saree

Gujarati wedding - saareImage : bhoomi_ethnic | Get Indian Wedding Wear

The Gharchola silk is gifted by the groom’s family to the bride as a sign of welcoming her into the family. Usually, her soon-to-be mother-in-law hands this saree over to the bride. This is a bandhani saree which typically comes in either a rich red or maroon color along with zari work. The Gharchola is draped in the typical Gujarati style with the pallu fanned out in front. The bride wears the Gharchola for the later customs of a Gujarati wedding, especially the vidaai.

It would not be wrong to call Gharchola sarees pieces of art! Each saree is a result of meticulous craftsmanship. They are made up of cotton silk fabric and have check-like woven patterns all over. The bandhani pattern also follows this grid structure which means that these sarees are first woven and then dyed. Some of the sarees are further embellished with zari, stones etc to increase the richness.

These embellishments or ornamentations also sometimes include various wedding scenes embroidered on the saree. Embroidered floral or animal and bird patterns also find place in some Gharchola sarees.

Accessories and Jewellery with the Gharchola Saree

Embellished bindis are necessary accessories with the Gharchola saree. Some of the traditional jewellery pieces with this saree are the gala nu har, kan ni butti, nathni, bajubandh, bangadiand patla, chandlo and chadda. You can also choose kanjivaram or banarasi saari 

Patan Patola Sarees

A discussion on the traditional weaves and wedding fashion of Gujarat is incomplete without the mention of the Patan Patola sarees. These sarees are legendary. Patolas are intertwined with Gujarati history, heritage and culture and are quite expensive too. Patal Patolas are considered auspicious and make great gifts to mothers-in-law.

A Patan Patola from the old days is very rare and a family owning one considers it heirloom. Like expensive jewellery, such a saree gets passed on to the next generation during a Gujarati wedding.

Rajkot Patolas are comparatively less expensive and women of the family – both young and old – often choose to wear these sarees during the wedding festivities. Patola lehenga cholis are also popular nowadays.

Image : | Get Indian Wedding Wear

Groom’s Fashion

Gujarati wedding - grooms attire

On the day of the wedding, the Gujarati groom wears dhoti-kurta. These days most grooms prefer the sherwani or the Indo-western kurta-pajama as well. Most grooms accessorize with colorful bandhani dupattas. The turban, matched with the rest of the outfit, is an important part of the groom’s attire at a Gujarati wedding. The turban is often adorned with pearls, precious stones and bright embroidery.

Gujarati wedding - Groom's attire

Now that you know all about the Gujarati wedding, the various, customs, rituals and culture associated with it, don’t shy away from attending one. But remember that as a guest at a Gujarati wedding, you can’t skip on your ethnic wear. You can wear a Rajkot patola saree, a bandhani saree or a simple lehenga-choli.

As the fashion at a Gujarati wedding is immensely colorful and completely ethnic, wearing Indo-western clothes may make you look completely out-of-place. Women, who don’t prefer saree, may go for a bandhani salwar kameez or an ethnic crop top with a ghagra-style skirt. Men who don’t want to wear anything heavy can go for a plain silk kurta and pajama. If you are looking for the ideal outfit of a guest at a Gujarati wedding, or if you are looking for traditional Gujarati outfits for your own wedding or any other occasion, you will get all this and more at GetEthnic.

Reference site: Wiki | Wiki


What to expect in an Indian Wedding Baraat!

Baraat! When you hear this word “Baraat” then immediately you think about dancing in group in front of a carriage or often a horse/mare carrying the beloved groom!

The most exciting part of the marriage is when the bride is gazing through the corner of the window and the groom comes in sitting on the horse while the relatives are dancing it all out. Not to mention best friends too.

The Baraat culture is mostly seen in the north Indian weddings but the other people are also considering it’s hype and indulging in the same ritual as the photographer can capture more shots of the groom. Lot’s of event planning goes into making the Baraat a success. The band, dancers, and other stuff need to be looked after.


What is a baraat?

Baraat is an Indian wedding tradition where the groom accompanied by his family and friends dance all the way to the bride’s doorstep or wedding venue, dresses up in tradition Indian Wedding wear. In other words baraat is an indian wedding ceremony where the groom announces the world that he has come to take the bride with him.

In short, Baraat is the Indian Hindu Wedding procession. In this Baraat, the groom carries a sword and a little boy sometimes accompanies him too known as sarwala. As the Baraat reaches the wedding venue the elders of both the families meet and proceed with the Aarti ritual to welcome the Groom and his family in.

friends in a Barat

Look at this! Take a cue and create a dress code for all the folks who would be joining. It looks flattering! Groomsmen usually wear the same attire which could be a kurta pajama or a sherwani. When all the groomsmen dance in the same attire it takes the baraat energy on a different level.

Baraat in different wedding cultures

Though baraat is ceremony which is being celebrated differently in different cultures. Where in North Indian Hindu and Punjabi weddings, it’s celebrated with a lot of high pitched music with crackers where as in southern part of the country it’s much more subtle. Let’s see baraat in different Indian cultures:

  • Punjabi: In the Punjabi Baraat both male and female members of the family participate. Punjabi’s are considered to be the most energetic people. The Baraat arrives at a Punjabi Wedding and that’s called as the milni
  • Rajput: Influenced by the native folks of Rajasthan the mustache-twirling men make the Baraat look more royal. Yes! There are only men in this Baraat. The groom looks just like that perfect Sabyasachi Groom where he flaunts that well-customized achkan with a turban.
  • Gujarati: The rituals in Gujrati wedding are kind of similar to the earlier Baraats. The Gujju’s love to get in some snacks before the main rituals begin.
  • Muslim: In traditional muslim wedding baraat is usually subtle, usually accompanied by close family and friends with a dhool setting the tone and announcing that groom has arrived.
  • Bengali: In traditional and culturally rich Bengali wedding baraat is known as Bor Jatri. Usually bride’s father sends beautifully decorated car to groom’s pickup and once groom’s reaches the wedding venue, he’s treated like a king!

What are the various options groom’s carriage options in a Baraat?

Warrior on a Horse – Traditional Baraat

It’s the popular choice amongst the grooms out there. It’s a mare but we usually call it a horse but none the less the fun is unlimited sitting on it. Since you are the center of attention (obviously 🙂 ), the whole baraat dances in front of you on the Dhool or exclusive music party songs which is played on full volume to announce the arrival of the groom.


Enjoyment has no boundaries. The groom looks handsome in this bluish tone Sherwani!

This is how it will look when you get near the destination. Don’t think that once the baraat reaches the destination it will enter without dancing and making the bride’s family wait! And sometimes even the bride’s family also joins the party and the two families dance together for a while.




If you are coming on the Ghodi your folks can embellish the horse with a velvety cloth which magnifies the sharpness of the horse. The red layered cloth had got that yellow embroidery on it. Looks exclusive!



Traditional Chariot Baraat

The warrior vibe enters in! Enter like a regal ruler to win your queen in a horse drawn carriage.

See that groom with the sword. Here, the Ghodi (horse) back has got that golden cloth. The real Goldie feel! See if you can get your grandmother be your rider then you are all set for a cool baraat for sure like this one!

Try getting on the Chariot umbrella too. You may choose from different colors. Here, the pink looks soft and stunning.

Baraat - horse cart

It looks so royal! Any little member from your family can be with you as you sit on the studded Chariot.

Just don’t sit on the Chariot! Groove and feel that energy around. Act out some Desi moves and your photographer will be more than happy to click your vibe.


When it comes to the decor of the Chariot! You can ask your florists to come up with a bunch of roses or orchids which can be tucked around the wheels and the seat. Go with what suits your mood. This is a blend of Mexican and Indian wedding. We Indian even make Mexicans fall in love with our Baraats.


Here’s more to the flower! Looks stunning as the floral backdrop looks insta-worthy. The flowers match with the groom’s attire.

If you plan to brainstorm some ideas on how your Ghodi will look more royal. You may take this idea into consideration. The red stripes with colorful polkas.

There is no limit on how many people can sit with the groom on the Chariot. Everything is surreal!

Get the basics right and everything will fall into place. Just be in the moment and you’ll seek the joy at its best.


Baraat on an Elephant

Groom sitting on an elephant is so cool and super grand at the same time. Looks totally amazing and you feel like a king watching the action sitting on the top. Baraat on an elephant makes you look like a king and its true a royal experience. You can ask your best man to accompany you on your ride as well.

Baraat on Elephant

The mahout (one who rides the elephant) must be in a Indian baraat traditional outfit as he is also a part of the baraat. Getting on and off on an elephant for the groom could be a little tricky but mahout would take care of this. He would put a ladder or ask the elephant to sit, we would recommend to go for the ladder option to avoid any mishap as elephant bends a great deal while standing up and sitting down.

Baraat on Elephant

These elephants are trained and elephant rider make sure to keep the appropriate distance from the baraat. Elephant is decorated from head to toe and all around to enhance its beauty even further. You would usually see these types of baraat in a Rajis Thani wedding which happens in the places of great “Thar desert”.


Car lover baraat

The amazing decorated car will move forward along with the Baraatis at the lowest speed of 5 kmph. The classy car stays on the top of the game even if it’s in the slow mode. Even if there are few Baraatis the Groom can ooze up his own swag and intensity. Arrive in best of Lamborghinis or Ferraris or a vintage car. Too luxe!

Groom in a Car - baraat

Vintage cars has its own grace and grandeur! Baraat is all about traditions & cultures and expressing your self – What else could be better than a true maharaja style entry in a Vintage!

We said earlier that you can get to the venue with your own swag. While planning a destination wedding this would be the most appropriate and classy way to enter into a paradise. Typical Punjabi way!

Take a cue from this one. How your flurry little lovers can stay out of such a grand big day. Allow your cats and dogs to enjoy the baraat moment.


The Pure Dhol Baraat

When having a destination wedding, arranging a horse or an elephant could be a real challenge! But going for a Baraat which has only the beats of a Dhol could be an amazing option too.


if one of your friend knows how to play the Dhol then you have won the jackpot on your destination wedding. Since you can asking him to play it whenever you or your friends feel like dancing! Pure Dhol is not only fun but also economical since it greatly reduces the cost of baraat and making a fun is entirely in the hands of friends and family!


Welcoming the Baraat at the Venue

Dhol in baraat

The dhols will be waiting for you. You may also decide any dress code for the pair at the door.

Well, you know Baraat is something which just starts and there is no such formula to make it this way or that way. It’s totally up to you how you enjoy and embrace it.

Welcoming a groom is different in different cultures as this one is very close to the Gujrat out there! Mother of the bride pulls nose of the groom and performing Aarti (a small Pooja ceremony for the groom’s welcome).

On the entrance, the elderly would be having this Thali in their hands. A Diya, sweet, red kumkum, and red-rice. You will be welcomed with this ritual.

Baraat welcome

Around you, there would be lots of energetic people dancing and they also need to stay hydrated. So, one can do that by holding some bottles of cool beverages like coke or lemonade. See how well embellished they are. Looks super!

You may get into more details and paint the tray with red and shade it right as well. Put on some yellow dots creating a Rajasthani feel. Yassss!

Indian Baraat

This is how the elderly meet at the entrance and welcome with a Red Tikka. red tikka is considered very auspicious in hindu culture and it’s a sign of purity and good vibes.

Indian Baraat

This way the Groom gets inside the venue where his beautiful bride is waiting for him. Later, the sath pheras will be followed by the dinner the folks are waiting for.


Final Words:

The new age groom also arrives in the car. There have been many instances where the groom cames with a special private jet. So, you could come walking, via Car or the traditional way i.e sitting on the horse (usually mare or ghodi). You can simply choose! The music of the Baraat is the new level magic that happens and acts as the catalyst for the whole ceremony which lies ahead.

The shehnai and the upbeat music makes you and your folks groove and brings the Rajnikant out of your so-called sincere Mamaji. You may see your uncles and aunties dance their hearts out. At least! The brass Bands are preferred by the Rajputs while the Punjabi’s are used to Dhol.

Now, the Desi phenomena of the Baraat is gone global and hence you can tweak the processing as per your need and in which nation you are staying in. Baraat which has the beats on starts the wedding ceremony with a Bang.

Indian baraat in Indian and Indian living outside Indian (known as NRIs) could be different since most of the weddings in India are performed in the evening on the contrary to the NRI weddings which usually happen during the day. So, baraat in these weddings could be different. Also it depends on the culture to culture as how the groom wants his baraat to be. But no matter what baraat is such a fun experience that no-one would want to miss it as it has essence of Indian wedding and age old tradition.

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