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Indo Western for Men: 25 Looks to Die for!

Without realising it, we come across Indo western menswear almost every day in our daily lives! When it comes to menswear around the Indian subcontinent, the rules are not so neatly laid as is in the case of women’s wear. Menswear as we see it today, even men’s ethnic wear in some cases, is a harmonious amalgamation of Indian and British fashion.

Men’s fashion in India has borrowed a lot from British dressing styles and tailoring techniques. So most of the formal wear that we see today, be it ethnic or otherwise, is in fact, fusion wear as far as history is concerned.

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Long ago, the unbuttoned kurta like the angarakha with tie up mechanism used to be worn my Indian men. Under this men wore dhotis – another unstitched, unbuttoned piece of clothing. But with the introduction of British fashion, concepts like that of collars, cuffs, cuts, buttons, jackets trousers etc was introduced.

These concepts were first adopted by the Indian royalty. It gave them an air of authority and confidence as at that time the British were considered the major ruling class. Such clothes also made outdoor activities like hunting etc very comfortable and convenient for the Indian princes and kings too.

This Indo western blend gave rise to outfits like Jodhpuri suits, the bandhgala kurta, waistcoat style jackets, the sherwani, the achkan jacket etc. We have discussed at length about these individual types of menswear and their origins in previous blogs. Today, we will introduce you few unique Indo western menswear ideas which can take your fashion game a step forward.

25 unique Indo Western menswear

  1. A Bespoke Indo Western Bandhgala

A Bespoke Indo Western BandhgalaGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

Raghavendra Rathore is the king when it comes to Indo western for Men! In case of regal and royal fashion too, he is the undisputed authority. The pinstripe bandhgala suit in the picture is a typical example of royal Indo western outfit. The single toned, well cut and tailored outfit breathes elegance and masculinity.

  1. Simply Royal Indo Western

Simply Royal Indo WesternGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

Nothing can be more royal, nothing can be more masculine and nothing can be classier than a well-tailored, well-fitted galabandh suit in solid colors paired with posh leather shoes! This is the basic rule of the game when it comes to Indo western for men. This picture proves that a white Jodhpuri suit with a black trouser can make you look like royalty, effortlessly!

  1. The Black Silhouette

The Black Silhouette - Indian Ethnic Wear for Men

Angad Bedi flaunts a unique black kurta. The kurta has a different neckline – much alike the band or wing tip collar. The rest of the kurta flaunts a free fall with an asymmetrical hem. Bedi wears a small gold brooch as an accessory.

This look goes really well for a groom in functions like Sangeet or Roka Ceremony.

  1. The Classic Black Achkan

The Classic Black Achkan

Shahid Kapoor has been the chocolate boy of Bollywood for a long time. But slowly, with the release of movies like ‘Kabir Singh’, his image is changing. The look that he flaunts in this picture stands somewhere between the two! The black achkan with the unique button details looks great with the white churidar, the polished leather shoes and the cute yet confident look on this face.

  1. Floral Indo Western Waistcoat

Floral Indo Western Waistcoat

We have explored different kinds of floral sherwanis in the past. However, in this case, Kartik Aryan is flaunting an ethnic waistcoat – a quintessential Indo western for men look – with floral motifs. The black and white look is enhanced by the multicolor flowers embroidered on the waistcoat! The brown leather boots also go well with the attire.

  1. Indo Western in White

Indo Western in White

This particular outfit might appear to you entirely ethnic, even more so because of the flared and pleated skirt-like fall of the sherwani kurta! Yet in reality, it is a perfect example of an Indo western attire for men. Look at the collar of the jacket. In every way, this jacket has been cut and tailored using techniques that were foreign long ago! In fact, some fashion historians may also opine that the flared sherwani style is reminiscent of the skirts worn my Scottish men.

  1. The Indian Coat

The Indian Coat - Indo Western outfit

Ayushmann Khurrana pairs a white shirt-black trouser set with a black achkan coat– the perfect fusion style Indo western for men. The attire consists of a spotless white shirt not tucked into the black trouser, classic black leather shoes and an ethnic long jacket on top. The only element of color is the rosette pattern pocket square – another western element.

  1. Off Blazer and Dhotis

Off Blazer and Dhotis

Though challenging to carry, this outfit takes the concept of Indo western for men to an all new level! In this case, a double-buttoned blue Jodhpuri coat has been worn over a longer white kurta.

This style is quite common if it had been paired with trousers! But in this case, a blue silk dhoti comes in and totally changes the look. Though different and experimental, this outfit does not look weird! Due to the clever color combination, the dhoti does look out of place!

  1. Fusion Rules in Indo Western

Fusion Rules in Indo Western

King Khan sports a unique Indo western attire for men! He pairs a perfectly tailored, collared, cloak style kurta with white pleated dhoti bottoms. The kurta flaunts Indian art work all over! But the structured collar, the straight cloak style cut and the black leather shoes make the look extremely Indo western.

  1. Long Black Indo Western Suit

Long Black Indo Western Suit

A Jodhpuri suit is the ideal example of Indo western for men. However, in this case, the style has been stretched a little bit! In this picture, we see a Jodhpur style coat, with a perfect collar, button line and pocket square. The only difference is the length. A Jodhpuri suit is a tad bit shorter than the one in this picture. But this style of coat too encourages a regal demeanor, as can be seen in this picture.

  1. Asymmetrical Achkan

Asymmetrical Achkan - Indo Western Outfit

This unique attire needs a close analysis! The cream achkan jacket resembles a double-breasted duffle coat. The red pocket square, the mandarin collar, the beige leathers shoes are all western elements. The coat has an embossed pattern and an asymmetrical hem. The kurta below it also flaunts a similar hem making the outfit unique in its own way.

  1. Sporting Indo Western for Men

Sporting Indo Western for Men

Raghavendra Rathore dresses celebrity Indian sportsmen in Indo western menswear! While Yuvraj Singh wears a velvet bandhgala with white trousers and Harbhajan Singh sports a well-tailored sherwani, Zaheer Khan takes the ‘Indo western’ game further by pairing a dupatta with his bandhgala and trousers!

  1. Jacket Matters

 Indo Western Outfit with jacket

In case of both the outfits in this picture, the design mechanism is similar – adding a western jacket to an ethnic attire to give it an Indo western look. One of the looks consist of a white collared shirt and a Patiala style dhoti – a perfect fusion pairing. It has been further fused with a mint green full-sleeve jacket with a slit down the middle. The second outfit consists of a grey short kurta-pajama set, made Indo western with the addition of a mint green waistcoat style jacket. The jacket flaunts thread work depicting birds in flight.

  1. A Benarasi Jacket with a Sufi Kurta

A Benarasi Jacket with a Sufi Kurta- Indo Western Outfit

This unique fusion attire is one of its kind! The blue and gold jacket has a western well-tailored look with collars and a straight cut. The fabric, though is Indian, resembling Benarasi brocade work. Below that, the model wears a unique kurta. The bottom part of the white kurta is flared and pleated – similar to the skirts of Sufi whirling dervishes. The amalgamation of three very different styles, make the outfit a unique Indo western choice for men.

  1. A Floral Yellow Indo Western Coat

A Floral Yellow Indo Western CoatGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

A Jodhpuri Coat has been paired with a kurta-pajama look to create an Indo western outfit for men! The unique color combination increases the appeal of the outfit. The kurta has a unique pleated hem and along with the pajama it comes in a glossy beige-brown fabric.

The jacket, on the other hand, is in a marigold yellow with floral patterns all over and a brown-beige pocket square. Note that the button line of the coat is slanted much like an achkan jacket. It also has an asymmetrical hem.

  1. Printed Waistcoats

Printed Waistcoats

These kurta-pajama-jacket sets by Raghavendra Rathore are unique in their own way! They boast a clean blend of Indian and western elements. The colors – light pastel shades like beige, pastel blue and a pale pink – are not-so-Indian hues. The styling of these outfits are very much Indian though the addition of pocket squares in these jackets make them a products of fusion fashion – the Nehru jacket! Lastly, the prints that adorn the jacket, render them unique!

This is a very good option for groomsmen outfit attending Indian wedding.

  1. Warm Peach Ensemble Indo Western

Warm Peach Ensemble Indo Western

This Indo western outfit for men is unique in all senses of the term! First, the color – a warm peach hue – is not usually associated with men’s clothing. Second, the collared kurta and the boots go very well together. Third, its most unique aspect is the sewed-in dupatta that falls in a structured drape from one shoulder. This outfit might not be very European in its style but is very much an instance of pure fusion clothing.

  1. Go Branded

Blue Indo Western Outfit

There was a time when big brands in the Indian fabric industry worked only with western clothing like shirts, trousers and suits. But now, the game is changing. Fusion clothing, Indo western menswear etc are entering the scenario. These brands are promoting styles like side-buttoned Jodhpuri suits, jacket sherwanis etc.

  1. Heritage Meets Globalization

Heritage Meets Globalization - Indo Western Outfit

Another Indo western creation by ace designer Raghavendra Rathore – this bandhgala suit has been created while keeping ‘globalization of Indian fashion’ in mind. The bandhgala suit is worn over a kurta with a unique hem. These have been teamed with a pair of trousers. This attire brings Rajput heritage and contemporary fashion together. Such an outfit is perfect for any evening occasion!

  1. The Blazer Sherwani

The Blazer Sherwani | Indo WesternGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

This navy blue and matte gold Indo western attire for men may be termed as a blazer style sherwani. The cut, the matte gold work etc make it very much ethnic. But the length of the suit and the collared look make it appear almost like a blazer. On top of that, the asymmetrical hem, the tapered trousers and the black shoes render the look ‘Indo western’ in the true sense of the term.

  1. A Glossy Indo Western Waistcoat

A Glossy Indo Western Waistcoat 

Another glamorous yet very wearable Indo western for men from the house of Raghavendra Rathore! Ritesh Deshmukh puts the ramp on fire in this Indo western avatar. He is wearing a black and white kurta-pajama which he has teamed up with a unique jacket-style waistcoat. The glossy brocade fabric in silver and charcoal speaks of class. The waistcoat is collared, buttoned and well-tailored and the pocket square enhances its appeal.

  1. The Achkan Jacket Kurta

The Achkan Jacket Kurta

The achkan kurta in the picture is a classic example of Indo western style of clothing for men. This achkan kurta is in a deep dark monotone paired with a pair of white tapered trousers. It has a slanted hem and a mandarin collar. It also flaunts the typical slanted button line.

  1. Glam in Black and White Indo Western

Glam in Black and White Indo Western

This ace cricketer knows his fashion games well too! He flawlessly sports an Indo western attire for men. He wears tapered trousers which form lose churidar-like folds at the bottom. He pairs this with a short white kurta and a jet black waistcoat. The waistcoat is accessorized with a pocket square and the outfit looks great with the leather shoes!

  1. Ethnic Prince-coats

Ethnic Prince-coats

Prince coats are a product of Indo British fusion in the scenario of menswear in India. They are also called sherwanicoats. These coats resemble the cut and style of a sherwani but don’t run all way down to the calf. Instead of traditional sherwani bottoms like churidars, sherwani coats are paired with trousers. These prince coats have taken the Indo western game further – they have been created out of typical Indian brocade fabrics and instead of pocket squares, they have been accessorized with real roses.

  1. Contemporary Classic Indo Western

Contemporary Classic Indo WesternGet Custom Made Indo Western Outfit

Look at this beautiful mix of Indian and western fashion! The model wears a white shirt-like bandhgala with black collars. It has been paired with classic black trousers. Also, the outfit comes with an ethnic jacket which boasts Indian detailing and craftsmanship. The Indo western blend in this attire is so smooth that a jacket does not at all look out of place with a bandhgala suit!

Conclusion – Indo Western for Men

You may be planning to make a fashion statement at your wedding reception! Or you may have the want to impress someone at a friend’s wedding by your fashion sense! In these and similar cases, don’t look beyond Indo western outfit for men!

Indo western menswear, always well-tailored and well-fitted, will make you look extremely presentable. Moreover, there isn’t a need for too many accessories which, in cases of certain pure ethnic attires for men, turn out to be uncomfortable. With Indo western for men, you can wear trousers and shoes that you are comfortable in. So grab the best suited Indo western menswear for you.

As we are talking about fusion clothing, the best option is to get them customized and tailored for you! How? Worry not! Get Ethnic does just this for you, who may be far away from home! Our army of stylists and tailors get all your dream outfits customized for you. What more? All this is done online! So don’t worry and get in touch with us! Let’s Get Started.

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34 Galabandh Suits for Your Rendezvous with Royalty

Galabandh or Jodhpuri Suit is so royal and Classy at the same time that you can’t go unnoticed in a wedding or any other occasion or festival. It’s popularity has been on the rise and for a good reason as it would put you in it’s own royal league!

Be it a wedding, special occasion or festival, a Galabandh suit is for everyone and a MUST for any men’s closet.

Black Color with stripe Galabandh or Jodhpuri suithis_highness_store | Get Custom Made Galabandh

The bandhgala or galabandh or Jodhpuri suit is a one-of-a-kind formal Indian wear for men that fuses ethnic style of clothing with western cuts. A galabandh suit consists of a pair of trousers under a fully buttoned, usually high collared, coat. It is the perfect example of a product from the rajgharanas of the Rajputs when their tailors learnt how to use British concepts of tailoring.


34 Trending Galabandh or  Suits – A Favorite with Celebs

As formal outfits, the galabandh suit comes in single tones and mostly in basic formal colors like blacks and whites. There are two ways of flaunting these classic bandhgala suits – you can either go traditional or add a hint of color to your outfit or an accessory that stands out. In this section we will explore all such options.

1. Pastel Blue and White Embroidered Galabandh

Here is a pastel blue and white embroidered Galabandh Indowestern jacket paired with white trousers. The white thread work is reminiscent of traditional chikankari work. It forms floral motifs distributed equally all over. In the right corner and on the top part of the left sleeve, vine and leaf patterns have also been thread worked.

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2. Pastel Embroidered short Galabandh with Pastel Yellow Short Kurta

here is a pastel galabandh jacket with exotic multi-color hand embroidery in floral motifs. The use of pastel shade thread work with sequin work creates a subtle contrast. The button line is unique creating a slit in the centre exposing the pastel yellow short kurta with ribbed hemline detail. It is paired with ivory toned tapered trousers.

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3. Navy Jodhpuri Embroidered Jacket with Trousers

here is a navy blue Jodhpuri jacket paired with trousers in the same shade. The floral embroidery is in self-tone. The floral motifs are distributed all over and are also present in dense designs on two rectangular patches on the front side of the jacket. Ornate statement buttons are added.

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4. Red Bandhgala aka Galabandh Short Jacket

Here is a Red Bandhgala aka Galabandh Short Jacket with Asymmetrical Black Design & Pants. The contrast of red and black looks good. Jacket lapels are asymmetrical with statement silver buttons and ornate brooch detail. Black and beige thread work on jacket looks sophisticated.

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5. Black Embroidered Indo Western Jacket-Kurta with Tapered Trousers

here is a black kurta with cowl-detail, pleated hemline paired with an ornate full-sleeve jacket and tapered trousers. The jacket showcases intricate thread work in self-tone which is highlighted by sequin and katdana work.

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6. Ivory bandhgala embroidered jacket with matching pants

Ivory bandhgala jacket embroidered in striking Chevron patterns accentuated with delicate florals. It comes with matching trousers. The embroidery is done using Resham and Zari with utmost finesse.

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7. Quilted Bandgala with Mughal floral patterns

Quilted bandhgala jacket with Mughal floral and architectural patterns delicately embroidered with Resham and Zari. The Jacket is paired with a pastel pink kurta that has a sleek embroidered border as an additional adornment and a pair of neutral ivory Pants.

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8. Black Quilted Embroidery Galabandh

Seen here is a Black Quilted Embroidered Galabandh with matching Pants. Embroidery is in self-tone. Monotone look of outfit gives out the royal and sophisticated vibe.

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9. Ice Blue Embroidered Bandhgala with Ivory Pants

here is an Ice Blue Embroidered Bandhgala with Ivory Pants. Silver and dark blue thread work has been used to create a combination of ethnic and floral motifs.

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10. Pink Asymmetrical Embroidered Galabandh

here is a Pink Asymmetrical Embroidered Achkan with matching Kurta and Ivory Pants. The high-low and asymmetrical hemline of the Galabandh jacket is unique in itself. Self-tone thread work in guldasta motifs is distributed all over and is present in clusters near the collars, the hemline and on the sleeve.

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Dapper Dudes wearing Classy Galabandh Jackets and Suits

Though galabandh suits come in basic formal shades traditionally, nowadays Indian men want to experiment with colors. Some even go for shades like peach, a bright blue or green while other stick to masculine tones like grey, beige or khaki.

11. Touch of Gold

plain black Jodhpuri or galabandh suitdesiredesignstudio_

This plain black Jodhpuri or galabandh suit look has been amplified with golden elements. The big vintage gold brooch stands out the most. Next comes the gold pocket lining and the gold watch. The black shades are like a cherry on the cake. Note that this galabandh suit is devoid of external button details.

12. Kurta-style Galabandhs

Kurta-style Galabandhssuitupbysaliljaisingh

The father-son duo are flaunting long kurta-style bandhgala suits. They have also used the accessories well. While the youngster looks great with a gold brooch, his father flaunts a jet black and beige Kashmiri shawl creating a timeless look.

13. Textured Black Galabandh

Textured Black Galabandhantil_hemant

Plain jet black trousers have been topped with a black and charcoal textured bandhgala coat. In this way you can carry a look close to a classic yet not too much stereotypical.

14. Some Things are Timeless

Galabandh with small squarejasjeetplaha

The galabandh suit does not come with an age tag! Look how handsome and regal this elderly gentleman looks in this chequered black bandhgala suit which he has paired with a black trouser and a white shirt underneath. This looks proves that the bandhgala is an outfit suited for the maharajas!

15. Striped Black Galabandh Suit

Striped Black Galabandh

This type of vertical stripes are quite common with western suits. So the fusion of a western style with the Indian bandhgala suit looks very unique. However, before deciding to invest in such a suit that has homogenous patterns on both the coat and the trousers, think twice! It might be challenging look to carry.

16. Accessorized Uniquely

Classic Black Galabandhraees_taja

Here’s an example of another classic galabandh black suit that is well tailored and accessorized in unique ways. The matte gold buttons add a touch of bling that is enhanced by the gold pocket square. Black shiny leather shoes add to the richness of the look. What sets the look apart is the huge black sports watch.

17. Royal in White Galabandh Suit

Royal in Whiterathore.adityarajsingh

A classic white galabandh coat with big gold buttons has been paired with black trousers and brown leather shoes. A blue pocket square has been used. The use of different formal colors looks well-synchronized.

18. Double Buttons

Double Buttons Galabhandh suitrathore.dhananjay999

This solid white galabandh suit has been paired with a pink pocket square adding a touch of color. Though white bandhgalas are usually worn in extremely formal occasions, this one is not meant for that! Not only does the pink pocket square add an informal touch, the use of big gold double buttons sets it apart.

19. Pink Buttons

Pink Buttons galabhand suithis_highness_store

If you are not too fond of gold buttons on a white suit, try something like this! The guy in the white galabandh flaunts bright pink buttons yet it doesn’t create an imposed appearance. He uses a blue pocket square.

20. A Single Shade of Grey

Military style Galabandhtheformaledit | Get Custom Made Galabandh

Is anything more attractive than a single shade of grey? This bandhgala suit has gold buttons, numerous pockets and belt loops, reminiscent of the shikaar outfits of the Rajputs. It has been uniquely accessorized with a black belt and black shades.

21. Glamorous in Green


This galabandh suit in a ‘not-so-regular’ shade of green goes really well with the gold buttons.

22. Out of the Blue

Light Blue Galabandh with metal chain on pocket

Blues never go out of fashion! This bright blue is somewhere in between formal and informal. The blue galabandh coat has been accessorized with a gold brooch and paired with white trousers.

23. Khaki Love

Khaki Love Jodhpuri style Achkan Get Custom Made Galabandh

Sometimes the simplest of things turn out to be the most attractive! This galabandh suit comes with a plain but well-tailored khaki coat with understated buttons. Paired with black trousers the look it creates is timeless and classic without being stereotypical.

24. Swag in Beige


Don’t men in beige look great? This guy flaunts a plain beige galabandh suit and looks stunning in it! The most unique aspect of the attire is the contrasting red pocket square that enhances the golden beige color of the suit.

25. Wedding Galabandh in Peach

Wedding Galabandh in Peachjsjbespoke

This groom has coordinated his outfit with the dupatta of his bride and the pair looks lovely! The peach bandhgala coat has been worn over a pista green linen kurta and pajama. The galabandh coat is in a silk jacquard fabric and has been paired with a green and white stone vintage necklace.

26. The Gold Flower

galabandh suit,official_karkeriya

Not only is the bright blue an unconventional choice for a galabandh suit, the gold flowers embroidered on it contrasts the formal appeal of the outfit, creating a unique style statement.

The Experimental Ones – Unique Galabandh Suit

With the increasing popularity for experimental fashion the galabandh suit is also undergoing transformation. This traditional style has branched out into two styles – the classic ones and the experimental ones. Though the first style is still more popular, looking through few experimental styles of bandhgala suit is worth the while.

27. Pleated Drape


This bandhgala coat is a unique one with one half regular and the other half having a hanging pleated drape. Gold buttons, chains, a gold pocket square and a big brooch have been used to accessorize it. This is indeed a style, quite difficult to carry. So only if you are sure about wearing something that is both prominently glamorous and out-of-the-box, you may go for something like this.

28. Leopard Print Patch

Leopard Print Patchbaawale_chore

The textured dark brown and beige Jodhpuri coat alone would not be considered experimental if it would not have been paired with white trousers with leopard print patch details. The subtle duo-tone pagdi looks great with the outfit.

29. Printed Panache

Printed Panache Galabandhraymond_the_complete_man

Brands like Raymond are doing great fusion work with the galabandh suit. Classic beige and white trousers have been paired with bandhgala coats in dense prints of vibrant hues. Though this outfit defies all rules of masculine fashion, it looks extremely powerful and trendy.

30. Digital Prints

Digital Printsniveditasaboocouture

Talking about prints brings us to this digitally printed galabandh suit. This concept is completely new! Digital prints are often geometrical and sometimes whacky. So in this case, two opposite fashion concepts are being fused. One is that of the trendy digital prints and the other is that of the traditional galabandh. Moreover, the prints are spread all over the outfit, which to some may appear like a uniform. So before you choose such an outfit for yourself consider these points.

31. With Dhoti Pants

Though this textured black galabandh coat is quite traditional, the reason this outfit is being featured in this list is itspairing with dhoti pants. This is a real example of mix-and-match fusion fashion.

32. Purple – the Color of Royalty

Purple - the Color of Royaltytsr_999

This beautiful galabandh suit comes with a purple coat and white trousers. The rich silk fabric of the coat is replete with motifs that are a result of traditional handiwork. The outfit paired with a safa or headgear in pink, red and yellow gives it a royal demeanor.

33. Achkan Style Floral Galabandh

Achkan Style Floral Galabandhparas.thesuitcompany | Get Custom Made Galabandh

This outfit breathes fusion fashion. The pastel mint green kurta has a pleated asymmetrical hem. It is worn over white trousers and topped with an anchkan style white galabandh coat with the button-line starting at one side, instead of the middle, and running in a curve. The other side has been adorned with embroidered pastel flowers.

34. Printed Floral Galabandh

Galabandh or Jodhpuri suit with floral pattern all overmashalti | Get Custom Made Galabandh

The bandhgala suit is believed to have originated in the Jodhpur estate of Rajasthan sometime during the mid-19th century. Late designer Wendell Rodericks once observed that the galabandh suit or similar westernized Indian ethnic formal wear for men have evolutionary legacies that date back 6000 years. Though we can’t go that far, we can sketch out a short history of bandhgala suit for you.

35. Plain Galabandh

Deep blue color galabandh suit with big Round buttons raqeshbapat

The galabandh suit or black sherwani is believed to be a fusion of two types of clothing. First of all, it resembles suits which the Brits or Scottish people usually wore with European style men’s skirts. Fashion historians opine that the cuts and tailoring techniques that go behind the making of suits were taught by the British to the indigenous royal tailors.

36. Short styled Galabandh

Blue and Black galabandh suit sahil.dhingra | Get Custom Made Galabandh

On the other hand, these tailors were used to creating classical royal outfits like the angarakha kurta or the achkan jacket as court-wear for the kings and princes. Once these two styles fused with each other, it gave rise to fusion semi-formal or formal wear like the galabandh suit.

Bollywood Celebrities wearing Galabandh

Indian celebrities or lead Bollywood actors are great connoisseurs of the royal style of clothing – be it the galabandh suit or the achkan or the sherwani. Starting from Anil Kapoor’s vintage sense of style to Ranvir Singh’s whacky take on it, the celebs love the bandhgala or Jodhpuri suit.

37. Clad in Raghavendra Rathore’s Bespoke Galabandhs

Raghavendra Rathore’s Bespoke | Get Custom Made Galabandh

Rathore is an authority on Indian regal fashion for men. He has given a colourful bandhgala suit to Singh and a jet black one with a jacket and subtle embroidery to Kapoor. He himself wears a classic black galabandh suit with a dark brown silk pocket square.

38. On Royalty

chhotenawab himself wears a bandhgala suit

When the chhotenawab himself wears a bandhgala suit, can it ever go wrong? Saif Ali Khan is often seen in these suits. In this picture, he is seen giving good competition to his better half who wears a western dress.

39. A Casual Take on Galabandh Suit

black galabandhcutandstitchh

Actor SaqibSaleem wears a black galabandh coat over white kurta and trousers, creating a classic semi-casual look.

40. Achkan-Style Galabandh

Achkan-Style Galabandhcutandstitchh

Shahid Kapoor is an embodiment of panache. In this case, he flaunts an achkan style black bandhgala coat with buttons on the side. He wears white trousers with it.

41. Royal Simplicity

black and white bandhgala suit

The son-in-law of the royal Pataudi family knows how to dress the regal way! A simple classic black and white bandhgala suit has been accessorized in a subtle way with a red silk pocket square that matches the sareecolor of his better half. This is called dressing in co-ordination.


Final Words on this Royal Ethnic Men’s wear Outfit – Galabandh

galabandh suit with a contrast pocket squaredesiredesignstudio_

  • A bandhgala suit originated within royal walls so it goes without saying that it is quintessentially formal wear. Nowadays, it had become quite popular as outfit for the groom or groomsmen during weddings and related functions like the engagement or reception parties.
  • Owing to its royal and formal nature, traditional bandhgala suits come in single tones. They are either in deep dark tones like black or navy or they are in lighter formal hues like white, cream or off-white. A very colorful galabandh suit is rare.
  • Adding a waistcoat to a galabandh is a new trend, quite popular with those who use it as wedding-wear. The waistcoats may have traditional ethnic embroidery or jacquard or jamewar

Cream galabandh suit with black trousersthakur_sahab5

  • Galabandh suits come in either rich suiting materials or silk.
  • Slightly embellished galabandh suits may have embellished collars or some details near the button area.
  • The most popular accessory with the Jodhpuri suit is a vintage brooch or a designer watch or a classic pocket square. Branded shades look extremely sophisticated with this kind of outfit. Always make sure to pair them with formal footwear like polished leather shoes.
  • Variations on this traditional formal wear are making their way into the fashion scenario. These include coats with buttons at the side instead of the middle or pairing a kurtapajama with a galabandh coat.

Galabandh suits paired with kurtas or otherwise are top favourites among modern Indian grooms. This is because of the royal demeanor associated with the outfit. Moreover, compared to a sherwani or dhoti-kurta, the bandhgala gives a more put-together and contemporary look. These suits are also very high on the comfort and functionality factor.

So, don’t wait! Get hold of a galabandh suit now. Let’s get Started.

See how you take Men’s measurements for Indian Ethnic Men’s Outfit:

30 Lehenga for kids & teenage fashionistas – A to Z of Kids Lehenga

Parents these days want to dress their little girls like a diva and Why not! Be it an Indian Wedding or other ethnic function, Kids Lehenga is in demand like never before. Your little princess deserves the best when it comes to style, fashion and comfort.

Kids Girls Lehenga dupattaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 


In case you are not used the concept of real ethnic wear for kids, it’s time we introduce you to the same!

We have compiled for you a list of 30 kids’ lehengas or little girls’ lehengas that will surely give you many creative ideas for dressing up your child in ethnic wear!


Kids Lehenga Style and Designs

Want to know more? You have come to the right place! Today, we will discuss about the various kinds of kids’ lehengas that little girls can wear at weddings or any ethnic function. We will give you a comprehensive list of different styles of kids’ lehengas. We will also tell you from where you can buy them. But first let us focus on the points we have to keep in mind before making any ethnic wear purchases for kids.

1. Elegance in Pink & Green

Kids Girls LehengaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

This kids’ lehenga comes in a vibrant Pink and Green color. The lehenga skirt comes in a three-layer design and the fabric is net. The lehenga comes with a net dupatta. The blouse has golden zari booti work.

2. The Trendsetter

Kids Girls Lehenga

This little girls’ lehenga is pretty unique! Floral pattern all over the lehenga skirt and blouse makes it look totally unique. It’s  paired with a plain net dupatta with border matching the color of the lehenga is too cute and classy at the same time!

3. The Elegant Wedding Dance Kids Lehenga

Kids Girls Lehenga

Does this lehenga not remind you of veteran actresses like the late Sridevi or Madhuri Dixit in wedding dance sequences of Bollywood movies? The “Rani pink” color pure silk – a top favourite color when it comes to ethnic wedding fashion has been paired with a white top. This lehenga for kids also comes with a dupatta that has been cleverly fastened.

4. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

A perfect Punjabi wedding lehenga choli. Such a bright pink net and gold brocade kids’ lehenga will be perfect for your little toddler. The crop top inspired gold motif blouse looks extremely cute on little girls. This is a custom made lehenga by

5. Simplicity at it’s best

Kids Girls LehengaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

The beauty of this girls’ lehenga is in the color. This goergette lehenga comes with no extra embellishments on the skirt. The simplicity makes it perfect for little girls.

6. The Showstopper

The Showstoppershivani_and_shivangi

Give the girl the right lehenga and she can put the ramp on fire with her swag! This little diva is doing just that by flaunting a sky blue and pink kids’ lehenga. The bright pink blouse has little gold details. The sky blue skirt has pink floral prints on it. The sheer pink dupatta comes with a gold border. The most beautiful element in this outfit is the gold net thick border of the lehenga skirt.

7. The little Queen with Her King

This little girl and boy have dressed well for the ethnic function they are about to attend! This gorgeous kids’ lehenga comes in a glossy fabric with little gold sequin details on the skirt. The blouse is in navy blue silk with gold floral details.

8. Off shoulder blouse with Lehenga for Girls

Kids Girls Lehenga with crop topGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

Kids can carry fusion and unique fashion with ease. This layered off shoulder blouse with lehenga is looking great with a machine embroidery lehenga!

9. Little Wonder in a Lehenga

Little Wonder in a Lehengajiakriticouture

We have kept the cutest for the last! Just look at this toddler wearing a baby pink and gold lehenga that even comes with a sheer dupatta. If this is not adorable, then what is!

10. Pretty in Pink

little girl is wearing a South Indian style ghagra or lehengago_fabrics_karimnagar

This little girl is wearing a South Indian style ghagra or lehenga in a bright combination of deep pink and cobalt blue. The skirt has zari detailing with an elaborate pink toned zari border at the bottom. Kids’ lehengas, in many cases, do not come with dupattas as you can’t really expect little girls to carry it around.

As an accessory this little cutie-pie has added a golden belt on her waist just above the pleated details of the blouse. The blouse also has puff sleeves, characteristic of South Indian skirt-style lehenga-cholis.

11. In Lighter Hues

girls’ lehenga is highly inspired from the South Indian pattu skirt and choli stylesahaja_madhuri

This girls’ lehenga is highly inspired from the South Indian pattu skirt and choli style! But the uniqueness of this kids’ ethnic outfit is the light colors – a light peachy pink and banana-leaf green! The golden zari details look great especially with the golden belt and the necklace.

12. The Dancing Queen

little beauty is whirling her lehenga skirt while dancingthe.cage.story

Look how gracefully this little beauty is whirling her lehenga skirt while dancing! This little girls’ lehenga comes with a pink blouse with zari motifs and a greenish-golden semi sheer lehenga skirt. She is also not dropping her sheer golden dupatta while making the moves. Her floral jewellery and complex hairstyle complement the outfit beautifully!

14. Princess in Pink

Little Princess in Pinklabelnityabajaj

You thought kids can’t carry a lehenga like grown-ups can? Think again because this girl can give competition to all her aunts at a wedding party. She wears a flared pink lehenga skirt and a sleeveless blouse in light pink. This kid’s lehenga is adorned in sequin and stone embellishments. She is also carrying a pink dupatta with grace.

15. A Gold & Blue Skirt

A Gold & Blue Skirt

Another South Indian style kids’ lehenga – this beauty has elaborate gold brocade details on a bright blue skirt. The light pink frilled blouse complements the skirt like a dream!

16. Little Sunshine

Little Sunshine

Just look at this tiny little ray of sunshine! She looks so adorable in this gold and sunshine yellow lehenga that comes with a sleeveless white crop top. The dupatta is also yellow in colour & she carries it with ease!

17. Grace comes in Pink

Grace comes in Pinkmissrasika

It seems most kids’ lehengas are pink! And for good reason too! This girl is killing it in a pink and gold children’s lehenga that does not come with a dupatta. This is a good thing in this case as the gold thread and brocade work on this girl’s lehenga is a thing to flaunt. The blouse has a gold leaf embroidered on it which looks really classy. The lehenga skirt has gold brocade designs all over!

18. Sister Act

Sisters are flaunting similar customized blue & yellow lehengas

19. Princess in Blue

Princess in Blue

This gorgeous blue color makes this zari booti and net kids’ lehenga something to crave for! This unique color, which is in between cobalt and turquoise, will make all little girls look like princesses.

20. The Tiny ‘Fashionista’

The Tiny ‘Fashionista’

How adorable does this kid look in a childrens’ lehenga in navy blue turquoise! The flared skirt has gold polka details similar to Chanderi weaves. The single-sleeve blouse is adorned with an adorable flower detail at the shoulder of the sleeved side. This is just cuteness overload! The maangtika, the bangles etc makes her look like a dancing diva.

21. Yellow All the Way

Yellow All the Wayflyawayboutique

Yellow is a color that brightens the mood and on kids it looks even better. This little girl flaunts a flared and layered solid lehenga skirt with a similarly toned sleeveless blouse that has sequin details and thread work on it!


Daughter – Mother Matching Lehenga

22. Mummy’s Princess

mom-daughter duo is nailing it in their traditional and royal lehengasGet Custom Made Mother – Daughter Lehengas 

This mom-daughter duo is nailing it in their traditional and royal lehengas. Both the lehengas are heavily embellished. The kid’s lehenga is in a light pink color with multicolour zari, sequin and stone embroidery. The little one is also carrying a multicolour dupatta!

23. Like Mother Like Daughter

Like Mother Like Daughterlagnadeepstudio

This mother-daughter duo looks adorable in similar red and gold lehengas. There is nothing that matches this kids’ lehenga in gorgeousness! The golden embellishments, the sheer dupatta etc make it an outfit fit for royalty! You can also get such a beautiful set designed for you and your daughter from a reliable ethnic wear boutique.

24. A Mix of Mom & Dad

little girl is wearing an ethnic

This little girl is wearing an ethnic outfit that matches both the apparels of her mom and dad! Her crop top style choli is in a pale pink color while the lehenga skirt is cream with blush and pale pink floral details. As a family, you could get such matching outfits tailored and customized as per your liking!

25. Mama’s Girl

This tiny little princess has dressed up the ethnic wayholichicbymegha | Get Custom Made Mom Daughter Lehenga 

This tiny little princess has dressed up the ethnic way following her mother. She is wearing a cute white blouse with little motifs all over and a bright red lehenga skirt with white thread work. The tiny bundle of joy is also carrying a white dupatta.


Lehengas for Teenagers

Teenagers have a very bright and vibrating style when it comes to fashion. Teenager Lehenga style that would go with girls looking to explore Indian wear and to connect with their ethnic roots.

26. The Future Fashionista Teenager Lehenga

Kids Girls Teenager LehengaGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

This gorgeous lehenga goes very well for an Indian wedding or any other ethnic function for your teenage daughter as its high in style and elegance.

27. The Royal Pink teenager Lehenga

Kids Girls Teenager Lehenga

This teenager lehenga is royal beyond words considering it’s color combination and style. Your daughter would like this it hits all the right notes to make your teenager happy!

28. The Royal skirt with Patches

Kids Girls Lehenga Green

This is a gorgeous two color girls lehenga which is perfect for any big fat Indian wedding. The lehenga skirt is pure silk paired with  mustard color blouse is bound to stand out.

29. Split Kurta with lehenga

Kids Girls Teenager Lehenga

This is a unique design for your teenager as its a combination of long split kurta with a plain lehenga skirt.

30. Pink and Golden Teenager Lehenga

Kids Girls Lehenga YellowGet Custom Made Kids Lehenga 

Your teenager would love this lehenga color combination since it’s royal and classy at the same time.

Things to Consider Before You Buy Kids’ Lehenga

Your little girl does not understand fashion! She will wear whatever you make her wear. But if she is uncomfortable in her lehenga, soon she might turn into a child who is extremely irritable and difficult to handle. So apart from considering the style and look of your kid’s lehenga, you need to cleverly consider certain other things.

1. Fabric

A happy kid is one who is comfortable in his or her clothes. And one of the most important things that constitute the comfort factor of a child’s clothing is the fabric. It goes without saying that kids feel comfortable in fabrics like pure cotton and rayon as compared to polyester or even silk.

2. The Season

A very important factor which should determine the style of kids’ lehengas is the season of the wedding. There are no real rules for kids! So if it is a summer wedding, choose an airy, sleeveless lehenga for your child and if it’s a winter wedding, go for layer and embellishments which would also keep your child warm.

3. Right Embellishments

Adults don’t mind wearing a dress which has a piece of lace poking at the skin somewhere. But this is a strict ‘no no’ when it comes to kids’ ethnic wear. A poky embellishment can turn a kid really cranky!

4. The Size & Fit

It is always a good option to get kids’ lehengas fitted and customized. This is simply because ill-fitting clothes are the biggest inconvenience for kids. Tight clothing hurts & lose clothes make it really difficult for children to play around. So even if you are buying readymade clothing for your kids make sure that the seller gives you the option of customization & fitting trial.

5. Easy to Put On & Take Off

Most of you won’t consider this point! But won’t an elasticated lehenga skirt be a matter of convenience when your child wants to use the toilet, compared to a skirt with a drawstring? Growing children often like to dress or undress on their own. So, elasticated skirts and pull over blouses make better kids’ lehengas compared to those with button, chain or hook closures.

6. Color

Deeper, darker tones may be mummy’s favourite but when it comes to your little girl make sure you choose bright and happy hues like vibrant yellows, funky pinks, smart reds, eye-catching blues or soothing greens etc when it comes to kids’ lehengas.


Final Words – Kids Lehenga

Whenever a wedding of a close friend or relative is being planned, the fashion needs of the bride is always the priority! Then comes the groom! It is a good thing that nowadays grooms are not neglecting their looks and are giving enough thought behind their outfits & accessories. Then come the relatives – the bride’s mother, the groom’s sister, the bridesmaid, the sister-in-law and so on and so forth! But do you realise that some important members of the wedding party often get ignored when it comes to dressing for the wedding? Who? The kids!

You read that right! In most cases, no one cares about what the children in the family are going to wear on the wedding day. The little bundles of joy have no idea that they too need to look good on their masi’s or chachu’s wedding! They are all absorbed in the fun of missing schools and meeting relatives! And we too blissfully forget about them until the eleventh hour when we conveniently pack them up in something that is easily available – ethnic wear or not!

Kids don’t follow fashion trends or they don’t have personal styles. Kids’ fashion is all about customization. They will look good in anything that they wear but along with looking good they need to be comfortable as well. Customization ensures both! So while searching for kids’ lehengas make sure you visit our website. Not only do we have a good range of girls’ lehengas we can also get a pretty lehenga customized for your little princess!

In fact, ethnic wear for kids is exploding with bright and vibrant colors, styles and designs! And wide variety of ethnic wear like kids’ lehengas and sherwanis are available at the right place! In fact, you can also get kids’ lehengas or other types of ethnic wear customised and tailored for your children.

The Lacha Legacy: 34 Bridal Looks from Traditional to Contemporary

“Lacha” is one of the most unique yet classy traditional wear which is very popular in Punjabi and Muslims weddings/special occasions. In India, the saree and the lehenga, have been ruling the scenario of bridal fashion since time immemorial. Just like the bridal saree does not come in a single style or drape, the lehenga too has its own variations. These include the ghagra-choli, the sharara or gharara with a kurta, the lacha etc.

Dark Green LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

A lacha is much like the lehenga but most often it comes with a longer choli that reaches much below the waist. Not only does this form a well-defined silhouette but also serves as the best outfit for conservative brides. A lacha is very popular Punjabi bridal wear and it’s also popular in Muslim bridal fashion.

A traditional lacha comes with a flared lehenga skirt or ghagra with a rich and adorned bottom hemline. Traditionally, the blouse of a lacha resembles a kurtabut nowadays shorter cholis also accompany the ghagra. A long ornate dupatta is also a must in traditional lachas!

35 Drool-Worthy Bridal Lachas

1. Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal LachaBlue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

This dark blue lacha is perfect for any pre-wedding occasion like mehendi or sangeet. The closely ruffled pleats of the skirt look great coupled with a lacy border. The kurti which is ornate with gold zari and thread work is well complemented by the simplicity of the skirt. The color, the lightness and the simple charm of the outfit makes it very apt for any pre-bridal occasion.


2. Obsessed with Navy

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Some colors look more appealing on richer fabrics. Navy is one such color! If you are looking for a simple yet classy and royal outfit for your reception, go for a navy lacha in velvet. The border hem of the skirt is broad and detailed with sequin and zardozi work in gold. Similar work is repeated on the sleeves in floral motifs and the border of the neckline of the kurti. The dupatta border echoes similar embellishments. The rest of outfit flaunts the richness of the color and the fabric.

3. Traditional Pastel Mint Green Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

The cut and style of lacha, as an ethnic outfit, is essentially traditional. It is not the type of outfit that can work the fusion way! So, the easiest way to carry a lacha is by going all traditional! This pastel color lacha has been embellished in gold zari and zardozi work. It can work really well as a Muslim wedding dress. Moreover, the dupatta has also been draped in an erstwhile fashion, giving the outfit a strong vintage appeal.

4. Lacha with Peplum Kurti

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Did we just say you can’t create a fusion look with the lacha? Well, this unique design has proved us wrong! This bridal lacha comes in a non-bridal color – beige. Coupled with that is the very understated yet textured design pattern. The embellishments are there in self color which gives a very light feel! But what sets the lacha apart is the peplum type of kurti which is fitted at the bust area and forms anarkali-like pleats.

5. Traditional Lacha with Calf Length Kurta

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

If you are trying out the lacha for the first time, we suggest you go for a slightly longer top-wear than a kurti that ends above the knees. A short kurti may make curvy brides look broader at the hip area. The best bet is to go for a calf length embellished kurta over a plain flared skirt. Like this outfit, add a net dupatta with slight embellishments in a contrast shade to increase the attractiveness of your outfit.

6. Use Your Regular Kurta for a Lacha Dress

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

If you own an ornate kurta you can easily pair it with a lehenga skirt in a complementary or neutral shade to turn it into a breathtakingly beautiful lacha dress, like the one in this picture! A black kurta with gold embellishments is paired with a golden flared skirt in georgette and net! The border in the skirt has black and gold patchwork details and gold zari work. It is paired with a net dupatta.

7. Grey and Gold Bridal Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Such an exquisite and uncommon color combination is depicted in this outfit! Zari and resham threads in golden color have been used to form intricate floral patterns on the net kurta and skirt. The zari embroidery gets denser at the borders and hemlines. The dupatta boasts a golden border in leaf motifs. This lacha is perfect for a bridal or a reception look.

8. Green and Mustard Yellow Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

This simplistic yet brightly colored lacha is apt for any morning function. The bright mustard yellow and gold brocade skirt adds a burst of freshness to the look. The dark leaf green kurta is plain except for Kashmiri style floral embroidery in gold zari and resham at the neckline and hemline. The mustard dupatta with bootis is the perfect accessory! The outfit gives out a vibe of freshness and warmth and is perfect for the haldi morning look.

9. The Lacha in Black and Gold

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

This lacha is definitely not in a bridal color but would look extremely glamorous in any non-wedding or non-bridal occasion. It can also work well on the bridesmaid on the reception night. The kurta and skirt are in taffeta silk and the kurta boasts gold hand embroidery. The soft net dupatta has an embroidered border and bootis all over in golden zari.

10. Dusty Pink Georgette Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Traditional and regal – this lacha set with an extremely flared skirt, showcasing gold embroidery, upholds the simplistic appeal of a gorgeous outfit. The kurta is plain too with just some embellishments in the neckline and hemline. The pair in georgette has been perfectly complemented with a dupatta in a contrast hue.

11. Maroon Velvet Lacha


This is a typical bridal lacha in a rich fabric and color. Maroon looks very rich on velvet. The grandeur of this bridal outfit is enhanced by the aari and zardozi embroidery in silver. Silver work on a maroon fabric is also a very unique combination. The thread work is mainly floral, especially on the bottom part of the skirt which has vertical flowers embroidered on it.

12. Dark Pink Lacha

Dark Pink Lacha

A beautiful bridal lacha on a dark pink georgette fabric, this one boasts two unique features. First of all, the combination of the dark pink fabric and the matte gold embroidery is rare! Moreover, this lacha blouse has a jacket-like slit down the middle and the two-tier embroidered detail on the skirt gives the outfit a layered look.

13. Lacha for Morning Wedding

Lacha for Morning WeddingGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

This lacha in a cream, peach and golden combination is ideal for any wedding function in the morning. The thick matte gold embroidered border of the lehenga skirt is the beauty of this outfit. The dupatta is sheer and has intricate zari work.

14. Pink Bridal Lacha

Pink Bridal Lacha

A traditional pink and gold lacha like this can make any bride look as beautiful as a blooming flower. The outfit has gold embossed floral patterns as well as embroidered floral motifs. This makes it ideal even for the wedding night. The intricacy of the zari embroidery on the dupatta border is highly impressive!

15. Dark Blue Lacha

Dark Blue Lacha

This pretty outfit boasts embroidered work in two hues – beige and gold – on a dark blue fabric. Along with that a thick red piping runs along the borders of the lehenga skirt and the dupatta. The sleeveless choli in contrast to the flared skirt gives a sculpted look.

Also checkout lehenga Style Saree.

16. Light Peach Lacha

Light Peach LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

For brides, who are fond of traditional lachas and also don’t want to wear dark and bright colors, this one is perfect! This bride wears an outfit in the lightest shade of peach. The kurta, the skirt and the dupatta are replete with dense silver embroidery giving the ensemble a celestial brilliance. The maroon border of the lehenga skirt takes the outfit to another level by adding a dash of color.

17. Bridal Blue Lacha

Bridal Blue Lachapage3studiobyunaismustafa

This lacha is ideal for the wedding day of the Punjabi bride who wants to skip traditional bridal colors like red or pink. Gold zari and stone embroidery adorn the blue chiffon fabric. The real glam-factor gets enhanced with the bright red and gold dupatta that forms a sharp yet beautiful contrast with the blue.

18. Jacket Style Lehenga

Jacket Style

This lacha lehenga is vibrant enough for great pre-wedding photoshoots. The lehenga skirt is in maroon and black with an embossed reddish-yellow thick bottom border. The most unique aspect of this lacha is the top. The bodice is jet black with a yellow collar and lining which runs down and links the blouse to a jacket-like lower half with slit down the middle. The sleeves are in black net. The lower part of the jacket is layered, has frill details and is as flared as the skirt.

19. Dark Green Lacha

Dark Green Lacha

Another traditionally beautiful lacha for the Punjabi bride! The dark emerald green of the fabric is being enhanced by the silver stone and sequin embroidery. This coupled with the light beige and silver dupatta gives the outfit a unique look.

20. The Beauty of Light & Dark

When two shades of the same color are combined on at outfit it creates magic! This light, almost turquoise blue kurta combined with the dark navy lehenga makes a beautiful bridal lacha. Matte gold zari intricately adorns the skirt border with bootis on the rest of the skirt. Gold embroidery is seen on the kurta too.

21. Ivory & Beige

Ivory & Beigesahibaaroracouture

This lacha in the unique combination of ivory and beige has an old world feel to it. This is mainly owing to the inclusion of traditional art in the making of the outfit. The kurta boasts shadow thread work from Lucknow and the lehenga skirt is made up of Benarasi fabrics.

22. The Fun of Tradition Lacha

The Fun of Tradition Lacha

These traditional lacha lehengas are perfect for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. They are comfortable, easy to carry and look gorgeous. Both the lachas in this picture have silver details. The latkan details on the back of the kurtas look great! The dupattas have frilly silver borders.

23. The Bride in White

The Bride in White Lacha

Many brides like to dress in an unconventional way on their weddings! White seems to be a top favourite among unconventional color choices for brides these days. If you are such a bride, try this kind of a cream or ivory white lacha lehenga with gold motifs.

24. Beige and Grey Lacha

Beige and Grey Lacha

This one is a contemporary lacha lehenga with a color combination that will appeal to brides who want to skip the traditional bridal colors. This outfit consists of a thread embroidered dark beige kurtawith a greyish beige organza lehenga skirt. The dupatta has been draped in a unique new way! This can be a perfect reception outfit as well.

25. Lacha for Haldi Ceremony

Lacha for Haldi Ceremonybendthetrend2021

This simple yellow lacha is perfect for any morning pre-wedding function, especially the Haldi ceremony. The lacha is made in a light breezy fabric with minimal embellishments. The kurta has a rounded hem and a pretty frilly border.

26. Floral Bridal Lacha

Floral Bridal Lacha

This beautiful floral lacha is ideal for any wedding-related day function. The lack of a dupatta makes it a contemporary choice. Also, what makes it unique is the floral prints on the lehenga skirt. Traditionally, lacha lehengas are mostly seen in heavy zari, stone, sequin or thread embroidery. This lacha skirt is devoid of all that. The kurta has an asymmetrical hem and has multi-color embroidered rosettes.

27. Three Bright Colors

Three Bright Colorsmaharaani.queen

The beauty of this lehenga is in the color combination. Three bright and dark colors – mustard yellow, dark green and dark pink have been juxtaposed in this outfit to bring out the sheer beauty of contrast. The pink dupatta, dark green slit kurta and yellow skirt create three color layers. The outfit also boasts floral embroidery.

28. Off-Shoulder Lacha

Off-Shoulder LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

This pink bridal lacha flaunts an off-shoulder cut that looks trendy and classy. The highly flared skirt resembles the fall of western ball gowns. Beads and sequin work adorn the outfit. The lower halves of the blouse and the skirt and the sleeves of the blouse are dense with embroidery giving the outfit a very rich look.

29. Jacket Kurta Lacha

Jacket Kurta Lachastorewalk

Again, a very unconventional choice for a bridal lacha – this one has a light blue flared organza skirt with a thick gold and embroidered border and paired with it is a jacket-style velvetkurta with gold zari embroidery. For the bride who can carry it, it’s a great choice as a reception, sangeet or engagement outfit.

30. White Multi-color Lacha

White Multi-color Lachaemraldv

The beauty of different colors on white fabric is a timeless fashion statement. This bride wears such a lacha which also has gold zari work. If you want to stay away from reds, pinks and oranges on your wedding, you may go for this kind of a lacha.

31. A Modern Beige Lacha

A Modern Beige Lacharadha_jennyvijaykar

This beige outfit is contemporary in every sense of the term! The color along with the silver zari work and the floral print make the look modern yet glamorous enough for any wedding function. The silver zari work on the yoke of the kurta and bootis all over are handcrafted to perfection.

32. Mehndi Wala Lacha

Mehndi Wala Lachatheshoppingcart19

Song and dance accompany the Mehndi function! For this day you need an outfit which would be gorgeous yet not heavy or uncomfortable. This yellow and magenta rayon outfit is perfect for the occasion. The networked zari pattern on the skirt gives it the touch of bling yet it is a light outfit altogether!

33. Glamorous in Pink

Glamorous in Pink

Karishma Kapoor wears this bespoke kurta-lacha outfit for the 2018 Diwali party. The gold and pink ensemble, designed by Anita Dongre, is perfect as bridal attire too.

34. Ending on a Subtle Note – Floral Lacha

Ending on a Subtle Note - Floral LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

This graceful white lacha, may not look essentially ‘bridal’ at first! But take a closer look. The white personifies divinity.The white embroidery on the kurta is dense and rich. The pinkish beige organza dupatta with silver details adds a dash of glamour to the outfit. The fall and flare of the white lehenga skirt adds grace. Such an outfit is ideal for a morning wedding at the Gurudwara or the Mosque.

Things to Know Before You Buy your Lacha

  • Fashion experts say that the lacha style originated in Punjab and that makes bridal lachas extremely colourful, reflecting the vibrant culture of the state of Punjab. A modest choli also ensures that the outfit is pretty comfortable. Also, traditional craftsmanship of Punjab, like rich embroidery, zari work, phulkari etc adorn traditional lachas. Thus, ideal for bridal wear, a lacha is an outfit that brings together vibrancy, comfort, fervour, richness and tradition.
  • Most often fabrics like silk, satin, brocade, net, chiffon, georgette, crepe etc are used to create bridal lachas.
  • Traditional lachas come in bright vibrant colors like pink, yellow, red, orange, turquoise, green etc but nowadays lachas in more contemporary pastel hues can easily be found.
  • Popular adornments include zari embroidery, thread work, beads work, phulkari work, beadwork, mirror work etc. Modern lachas also come with shimmer work and sequin work, stone or gem embroidery.
  • It is true that the traditional lachas have a strong bling-factor, nowadays more sophisticated varieties are easily available. The Indian fashion industry caters to a diversified customer base and lachas are being created, rather customized, according to personal tastes and preferences.
  • The lacha is a perfect bridal outfit, not only for the bride herself but also her sisters, friends and bridesmaids.
  • Being an outfit originating from north India, the lacha is usually accessorized with bangles, jhumkas, jootis, parandas Thus it is the perfect outfit to go along with heavy bridal gold or diamond jewellery.
  • Lachas seem to caste a global influence these days! Nowadays, it is often seen on the ramp sported by top models and actresses. Christian wedding dresses are also being designed with inspiration from the lacha In fact, a fusion fashion product – the lacha dress – is already very popular as party wear. It is a two-part outfit – with the flared skirt and a long layered top – worn together which looks like a dress.


How to Buy the Wedding Lehenga of Your Dreams

Marriage is one of the most important and auspicious occasions for a bride. Every prospective bride comes with to-do lists, but a common element in all the lists is buying the dream bridal lehenga. It is often a major part of a wedding budget.

Bridal shopping can be overwhelming. This is why it is recommended to start early on, research well, and find an outfit that makes you the most beautiful on your wedding day – all the while staying within your wedding budget.

The bridal lehenga is the epicentre of everything, and all else revolves around it – at least for the bride. Thus, there are many elements to look out for when you buy a bridal lehenga.

While every bride wants to become a Sabyasachi bride or wants to flaunt a Manish Malhotra Lehenga, here are some practical tips which you would not want to miss before buying your bridal lehenga.

Research before going shopping: Ensure you do enough online research before you start visiting stores for trials and shopping. The research will help you have a clear idea of the tentative lehenga you want to wear according to your skin tone, body type, and season. Please keep an open mind when you research; it may lead you to pick something unconventional.

Set an estimated budget: Bridal lehenga prices may vary, so you must fix a budget before heading to the boutiques. To get an estimated account, you may check out a few online stores’ profiles and compare the prices. Your budget also depends on the type of lehenga you wish to wear and can afford.

Know what’s trending but don’t follow blindly: Although brides must be updated about the latest bridal lehenga trends, it is unnecessary to follow the trend blindly just because it is in the fashion moment. Comfort and pulling off the chosen attire with elegance and grace is crucial.

Be mindful of the weather: It is crucial to keep in mind the climatic conditions and the weather forecast during the wedding dates. When you buy the bridal outfit, you may pick something heavy and embellished if it is a winter wedding or pastels and a lighter fabric if it is summer.

Don’t ignore the dupatta: The dupatta of the lehenga has a more significant impact on your wedding photos than you think. Attention to detail like the colour, embroidery, and lining is essential. You can also opt for an additional matching or a contrast coloured dupatta. It is recommended not to finalize the lehenga before checking the dupatta.

Keep the jewellery in mind:  Your lehenga must compliment your jewellery. If you have already pre-decided your jewellery, you will have a less tedious time picking up your lehenga. Opt for traditional gold jewellery if you choose a lehenga with golden embroidery and diamond or platinum if you have silver embroidery on your lehenga

Style of the bridal lehenga: Spend time browsing websites and Pinterest to shortlist lehenga styles that appeal to you. You may attend wedding exhibitions and boutiques to widen your perspective about the different types available in the market. All of this will help you figure the colour, fabric, and silhouette, which works for you.

Blouse troubles: Do not neglect the blouse. The blouse and the neckline should fit well, look elegant and make you feel comfortable. The appropriate neckline has the power to make or break your entire look. Do not follow the trend but always choose comfort while choosing the blouse and the fitting.

Ensure exclusivity: It is essential to make sure that you choose a colour scheme and style that perfectly complements your skin tone and personal style. Select a fabric with flatters your body type and alter the lehenga accordingly to look your best.

Alterations: The fittings matter and a lehenga need to be ordered in time to make sure it’s ready on time with extra time in hand for some additional tweaks and trims. Avoid going for trial when you are bloated. Last-minute alteration is not advisable and is not a good idea at all.

Indeed, a wedding lehenga primarily defines a bridal look, and therefore, has to resonate with one’s style. Today, customizing bridal wear has become a trend. And so, adding the couple’s names together, a hashtag with initials of couple names, or even the wedding date etched on the lehenga makes the bridal attire striking and memorable.


Final Word – Lacha – A unique beauty wear

Now, don’t waste time! If you are planning your wedding wardrobe, make sure you have at least one bridal lacha in your trousseau. Lachas are timeless! The cuts and looks make it suitable for people of all age groups and figure types. Wondering where you will find this rare north Indian outfit? Worry not! In the current times, online purchases are best! Add to that the benefit of customization and personalization! Surprised? You have come to the right place.

At GetEthnic, we have an army of designers, stylists and craftsmen, who will get in touch with you to understand your personal needs regarding the lacha of your dreams. No matter what style or fabric you want, we will get it for you, hand delivered to your doorstep!



35 Sherwani that Prove Floral is Masculine

Few years ago grooms or other men in a traditional function could only be seen in solid color kurtas or at most off-white sherwanis. But today, Indian men proudly flaunt something as experimental as the floral sherwani. And if you are thinking that floral and masculine are two contradictory concepts, the floral sherwanis you are about to see will definitely change your mind!

When it comes to fashion and personal style, there are always two broad kinds of people – those who stick to classics and those who like to experiment. Men’s fashion has been dominated by ‘the classic’ code throughout centuries. Colors like white, black, grey, navy and the like are considered to be more masculine than others.

Moreover, single toned monochromatic looks are all time favourites with men. Men usually don’t like to wear shades and prints stereotypes as feminine. Men wear big floral prints only while they are holidaying on the sea beach and how many men have you seen in a bright pink attire?

Though these rules still apply, especially in case of formal wear, in some smaller arenas of fashion they are being bent a bit, allowing the incorporation of newer elements! Take for example the case of Indian ethnic wear for men! Though this is a very small sector of men’s fashion, it has served as fertile soil for the seeds of many new ideas in the past few years.

From experimental cuts like the Jodhpur bottom wear to use of jackets like achkans and Nehru waistcoats; from the inclusion of traditional art forms like zardozi, gota patti etc to using floral motifs on attires – men’s ethnic fashion has come a long way.


1. As Royal As Ever – Royal Floral Sherwani

As Royal As Ever - Royal Floral SherwaniGet Custom Made Sherwani

This Sikh groom looks royal in this off white floral sherwani. The rich fabric of the sherwani has been adorned with floral Mughal kalamkari work. This art is still practiced in parts of Kashmir and in this case, grants a regal demeanour to the ensemble

2. The Romance of Peach Blossoms

floral sherwani with a kurtaslawawalczakphotography

This groom wears a floral sherwani with a kurta that has an achkan-like cut. But what really distinguishes his style are the bright peach colored blossoms on the light mint green fabric. Coupled with the cream color Jodhpur pants and dupatta, the outfit has a romantic dreamlike appearance.

3. Twinning in Floral Sherwani

Mustard yellow has light blue floral motifs embroidered sherwaniharleenkaur | Get Matching Couple Outfits

The bride and the groom are bold enough to flaunt outfits in similar floral fabrics on one of their wedding functions. The bright mustard yellow has light blue floral motifs embroidered all over. The sherwani has a quirky floral aura to it!

4. Printed Floral Motifs

Printed Floral Motifs sherwanivin_klickz

This guy flaunts a unique floral sherwani in paper white with huge multi-colored floral motifs all over. This design is simple yet out-of-the-box.

5. Floral Embroidery

sherwani is black with Kashmiri floral embroiderydarzibyheritage

Both the bride and the groom wear outfits with typical floral embroidery. The groom’s sherwani is black with Kashmiri floral embroidery at the shoulders and bottom part. This design reminds one of the elaborately embroidered floral Kashmiri shawls. Also note the placement of the floral motifs – instead of spreading it all across the outfit it has been concentrated on certain areas only which brings out its intricacy.

6. Luminous in Sorbet

Manish Malhotra masterpiece - | Get Custom Made Sherwani

A Manish Malhotra masterpiece – this sherwani in a sorbet shade is replete with dori embroidery in floral motifs. The look is a mix of royal and middle-eastern fashion. Check out Manish Malhotra Lehenga

Checkout Manish Malhotra Lehenga.

7. Scarlet Blooms

cream color sherwani kurta

This unique attire for the groom will definitely attract attention! The red turban and dupatta over the cream color sherwani kurta would not have looked this good if not for the embroidered scarlet florets on it. The dupatta border too has similar thread work.

8.Blossoms on Green Silk

Rich silk dark green bright sherwaniinstafashionloversgram

Another unique floral sherwani – this one has blossoms printed on a rich silk dark green fabric. The dark yet bright sherwani has a long slit in the middle at the bottom part and for this reason its pairing with the off-white dhoti is brilliant!

9. Summer Efflorescence

light blue floral sherwani

This light blue floral sherwani is a perfect attire for a groomsman or guest at a summer wedding. The dark blue and white blossoms on it give a very fresh and cool vibe to the outfit.

10.Floral Panache

off-white Sherwanibennisonfabrics

These Sabyasachi floral wedding outfits are just mind blowing. The off-white floral sherwanis, paired with golden churidars, have big floral prints combined with evenly placed golden motifs all over. The look is unique but extremely attractive.

11.Dreamy Floral Jackets

sherwani jacket

You may also add a floral touch to your sherwani jacket without going for floral embellishments on the kurta itself. Like this Manish Malhotra sherwani, try an attire that comes with a single color kurta-pajama and a silky floral embroidered sherwani jacket. This jacket has aesthetic color combination as well – a mix of slate grey and brown with white.

12. A Classy Affair

off-white traditional sherwanisadatkhan9

If you thought floral and classy don’t come in the same line, take a look at this sherwani! This off-white traditional sherwani has dense and intricate floral embroidery in golden beige all over. This makes it a work of art!

13. The Groom in Red & Gold

Groom in Red & Gold sherwani

No, we did not write ‘groom’ instead of ‘bride’. Ethnic fashion is not restricted to stereotypes anymore! A groom in such a red sherwani with floral embroidery and a golden dupatta will look handsome enough to make several heads turn. The floral border of the dupatta looks really unique!

14. The Story of the Vines

Black Flower patched sherwaniofficial_karkeriy | Get Custom Made Sherwani

The rare color combination of this floral sherwani gives it an exotic aura! The black sherwani kurta has the story of vines embroidered on it in golden beige. The embroidery is detailed and exquisite in the form of flowers, vines and peacocks. Along with the beige dupatta and golden churidar, the look is traditional and decadent.

15. Mughal Embroidery

Mughal Embroidery on sherwanishyamalbhumika

This Shyamal and Bhumika floral sherwani in bottle green is an iconic attire that sums up all we have been trying to say so far. The cut and fit of the outfit is extremely masculine. The fabric speaks of richness.

The color has depth. And the cherry on the cake is the multi-colored Mughal floral embroidery that has been cleverly placed at certain areas of the outfit to make it stand out.

Checkout Shyamal & Bhumika Bridal Lehengas.

16. Grandiose in Off White

Manish Malhotra floral sherwani

This Manish Malhotra floral sherwani has two unique features. First, the floral thread work on the off-white kurta does not run all the way down to the bottom hem. Second, the dupatta that already has a floral embroidered border has been given a bright red lining or piping. Coupled with the emerald green necklace, the overall look is regal.

17. The Power of Floral Embroidery Sherwani

Manish Malhotra floral sherwanimanishmalhotra

Multi-color floral embroidery is a quintessential Indian art form. The best background to showcase such art is either black or white. If you are in love with traditional art work invest in well-fitted floral sherwanis like these. Black or white – both are timeless as the floral embroidery is!

18. Embroidered Yoke

black oriental sherwani

This black oriental sherwani is reminiscent of the old world. The white floral embroidery on the yoke of the kurta and the salwar-style bottom wear give this attire a period look. This could be a very good option for groomsmen outfit for Indian wedding.

19. Blooms from Rajputana

Anita Dongre floral

This maroon Anita Dongre floral sherwani is one of its kind. Embossed floral motifs forms one layer of the design structure. For the second layer, Dongre has used floral work near the bottom hem and on the ends of the sleeves.

Checkout Anita Dongre Lehenga for Indian Brides.

20. Flowers on the Black Earth – Patched Floral Sherwani

Flowers on the Black sherwanisherwanistore

Black forms the best background for floral embroidery. The colors like pink, peach, orange, coral and red look great in floral patterns on a black background. This attractiveness of this look is based on the same concept along with the fact that the embroidery has been placed at spots like the shoulder and bottom corners of the sherwani. This also saves it from looking overtly embellished.

21. Big Golden Blooms – Floral Sherwani


This deep navy velvet floral sherwani has been adorned with embossed golden blooms all over. This is one style you can go for if you are confident enough to carry it.

22. The Groom in Coral

perfect sherwani

This is a perfect floral sherwani for the groom for reasons more than one! First of all, the sherwani, the dupatta and even the turban has floral details on it. Second, it is not only the motifs that determine whether an outfit can be called floral or not. The style and colors used contribute to the floral element in the attire. This coral and tussar color combination is as much floral as the motifs on the sherwani.

23. Regal Repertoire – Floral Sherwani

Vicky Kaushal - wears a floral sherwani in black

Heart-throb of the nation – Vicky Kaushal – wears a floral sherwani in black. The sherwani has all-over multi-color floral thread work. The outfit has a royal feel and the detailed embroidery ensures its classy appeal.

24. Floral Sleeveless Jacket

Anita Dongre sherwanianitadongre

This Anita Dongre sherwani is unique as instead of embellishments all over the outfit, the designer has used an intricately embellished sleeveless jacket. On the red jacket, scenes from forests and floral motifs have been hand embroidered.

25. Blooming Textures

floral sherwanisindian.groom

These floral sherwanis are essentially created keeping grooms in mind. Both have embossed textured floral patterns densely packed all over the surface of the fabric. This style is very different from popular floral embroidery.

26. One Tone Embroidery

layered floral sherwani by Anita Dongre

We often forget about the concept of using self color embroidery to give an outfit a rich and textured look. This layered floral sherwani by Anita Dongre uses self color embroidery to create patterns inspired from the architecture of the royal palace gardens of Jaipur.

27. Printed Floral Fantasy


28. The Floral Shawl

black sherwaniwittyvows

This groom is setting trends on his reception day! The classy black sherwani has been turned into an aesthetic floral one just through the addition of a floral embroidered shawl.

29. The Dandy Sherwani

floral sherwanistage3social

If a floral sherwani gets tagged as ‘dandy’, then wear it with pride! Look at his model, who is flaunting the golden and beige flowers printed on his sherwani. The outfit is smart, out-of-the-box and artistic.

30. Floral Embellishments on Rich Textures

floral sherwanisjatinmalikcouture

The appeal of these floral sherwanis lies on mainly two things – the light colors in contrast with the rich textures of the fabric and the unique style of embellishments. Floral elements combined with non-floral textured details and motifs form the basis of the design structure.

31. The Groom Who Loves Heritage – Go Floral

tussar color sherwani is embellished by floral embroiderysamyakkclothing

This groom is wearing an amazing wedding outfit that breathes tradition and heritage. The tussar color sherwani is embellished by floral embroidery in light pastel shades. The embroidery is reminiscent of the Mughal era. He accessorizes with a multi-layer pearl necklace, just like royalty.

32. Maroons and Gold Sherwani

Maroons and Gold sherwani

All three sherwanis in the picture are wedding sherwanis. While one is densely packed with gold floral brocade, another has slightly bigger sparsely distributed floral motifs. The third one can be a called a solid maroon sherwani with floral details only on the sleeves and collar. Though their design structure is different all three are quintessentially floral sherwanis.

33. Floral Dupattas

Floral Dupatta with Black Sherwanishahilibasjaipur

A floral sherwani is not necessarily one with prominent floral details on the kurta. Adding a floral element to the outfit can make it very much floral even if the kurta is a plain one. These men are dressed in well-tailored fitted sherwanis and they have used floral dupattas to enhance the look. Both are carrying the floral dupattas in unique and interesting ways.

34. Subtle Pink Rosettes

Subtle Pink Rosettes Floral Sherwani

It you have a quiet yet interesting personality, go for this kind of a floral sherwani. The milky white fabric is replete with intricate thread work. Small pink rosettes constitute the appeal factor of this sherwani and makes it a floral one.

35. Royal Floral Brocades

Royal Floral Brocades Sherwani

Floral sherwanis, especially as occasional wear, are very much in vogue today. As you might have guessed from the list of sherwanis we shared, the range of floral sherwanis is wide and expanding. You may want to flaunt a masculine unkempt look or a metrosexual, ‘dandy-ish’ look – the floral sherwani is for you! For a wide variety of floral sherwanis, visit our online store.

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Why Wedding decoration is so important Indian Weddings?

Indian wedding is a grand event and everything executes grandeur, glitters and opulence and “Indian Wedding Decoration” plans a major role in making a dream wedding. Wedding ceremonies are always filled with laughter and joy. They can be seen as a harmonious event and the coming together of not just two people, but also two different families.

A typical wedding ceremony is decorated with ornaments of different colors which makes it spectacular. The wedding ceremony is centred around the decoration and merriment. While adorning the venue and making it shine bright, detailing is kept in mind with nothing out of place.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

There are different Indian wedding decorations to choose from, but most Indian wedding ceremonies are famous for theme-based decorations. Here the bride’s wedding outfit is designed based on the colour of the decorations she has selected. This gives the ceremony an extra touch of beauty. Most Indian wedding decorations and other aspects of the wedding are based on the bride, her family, and sometimes friends.

Whether you are a minimalist and you want a simple wedding or an elaborate affair is all up to you. There are decoration designs that are appealing, and how far you want to go depends on your budget.


The stage decoration – Epicenter of photography 

The stage is the focal point of the wedding whether it is the ceremony or the reception. Hence, the stage backdrop needs to be decorated with extra attention to details. There are various ways to decorate your wedding stage backdrop.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

You could go with a particular colour scheme, have a particular theme, or a small set-up to set the tone of the event. Having a good stage backdrop is very important, especially for wedding photographers. It creates an ideal background for your beautiful wedding pictures.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Stage backdrops come in different designs depending on what you want you are looking for and you have all the rights to make it unique or go overboard with your choices as it’s your own big fat Indian wedding after all 😉


Outdoor or Open Area stage decor

Its very common in summers to go for day weddings since you can use the natural sunlight and also can save the cost by having your stage setup out in the open lawn. It looks stunning when done right! 🙂

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Look at this beautiful stage decor in Indian wedding. It would perfectly go for a roka ceremony and when you are doing a destination wedding this can be used for sangeet as well.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Fabric Backdrop

Fabric drapes are used to create classy and elegant stage backdrops. There are different options of fabrics that can be used ranging from chiffon to silk, or satin. If you already have a colour scheme for the wedding, then the backdrops can be made to match the scheme.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

These drapes come in different colours and design patterns, and you could make use of one or two colours and designs for your wedding. It is important to complement the stage with items from the venue so it doesn’t look bland. You can take it up a notch by adding decorative lanterns or lights to give it a soft glow. You can also add mirror or sequin works for that extra effect.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage


Floral Backdrops decor

Fresh flowers are one of the most used items for Indian wedding decorations. They are frequently used for stage backdrops and in other parts of the wedding decor.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

You could have flower bouquets that are well spaced or an entire flower wall depending on your taste and budget. Local flowers like marigold, roses, jasmine, gerbera, and carnation can be used, and if there are no budget constraints, seasonal flowers can be imported. This style of backdrop brings a special kind of class to your wedding.

The bride’s family brings fresh flowers, usually marigold, roses or orchids, which are used by the pandit to please the Gods during the puja. The flowers are also sprinkled on the couples as they sit around the fire while taking their seven marital vows.


Paper or simple Backdrop

This is a great choice if you are on a budget for the wedding decorations. Artificial fabric flowers, paper-made flowers and cut-outs are used to make stunning designs for your backdrop. From a combination of multiple colours or a particular colour scheme, you can express lots of creativity with this type of backdrop.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage


Themed Indian Wedding Decor

Theme based decorations are a modern concept for Indian weddings. This is currently one of the most popular ways of decorating Indian weddings. This is a maharaja theme decor where you have gorgeous carpet with flowers bouquet on the path leading to the stage.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

This type of wedding decoration creates a striking contrast from the conventional way of decorating weddings. Wedding themes can be anything from an elaborate recreated palace, destination location, or even a movie set.

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

You can go as big or as small as you want with your wedding theme. Hiring a professional wedding decorator will help you make the right theme choice, and ensure all the concepts in the wedding come together.

Traditional Wedding Decorations

Traditional Indian wedding decorations are a popular choice for people who stay outside India. This wedding style gives a sense of home even when you are miles away from home.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

The wedding is conducted in the typical way it is fine in India by performing all the rituals necessary. This preserves the rich culture and reminds the couples of their heritage. This type of wedding decorations is also done by soon-to-be couples in India who want to have their wedding the traditional way.

Stage decor at the beach

When you want to make a statement and really wanna make your wedding extra special then you can have stage setup next to the beach as it’s not open looks gorgeous but it could quickly become talk of the town!

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

Wedding Jhula or Swing

The wedding jhula is decorated with beautiful flowers, including marigolds, roses, orchids, etc., that the couples would like and most likely picked out themselves.

The wedding jhula or the swing is where the couples sit during the sangeet ceremony, a significant place in the wedding, and why the decoration must be perfect. The jhula is decorated beautifully and the couples can also do a pre-wedding shoot here.


Flower Arch Wedding Decoration

This is where the bride and groom exchange vows. Hence, it is considered to be the most important aspect of Indian wedding decorations. The Arch is decorated with natural flowers, including rose, tulip, orchid, marigold, etc. The choice of colour for the wedding arch is decided by both the groom and the bride. This decoration can be in line with the theme of the wedding or have its special theme. The wedding arch or the mandap can be decorated simply or can be more elaborate.

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

The mandap is decorated based on the location of your wedding venue. Outdoor mandap decorations are used for outdoor venues and the traditional or conservative mandap decoration for indoor venues.

The wedding arch has pots around it. The pots are placed on four sides of the arch. Take your Indian wedding decoration a step further if you have an open setup by having beautiful chairs with fresh flowers decor.


Wedding Decor Indian Style

Indian wedding decor - Mandap/Stage

The two chairs for the bride and groom are decorated with natural flowers, which give it an appealing look. It is often made from sankheda wood. The wedding chair is a beautiful piece of furniture and it is designed exquisitely.

The dream Arch Indian Wedding Decoration

Indian wedding decoration - Mandap/Stage

When you are looking to a have an Indian wedding but want to do it with style then this is one Indian wedding decoration theme that would do the job really well 🙂

Perfect Designation Outdoor Wedding Decoration

Outside wedding decor

When you want a simple and close family member Indian Wedding, then go for something beautiful flower mandate setup. It’s not only gorgeous but would look amazing in the pictures!

Indian Wedding Decoration in the woods

Indian wedding decor - in the woods

This is one unique yet totally amazing Indian wedding mapdap setup in the woods. As you see how beautifully the wedding map dap is setup which is not only looking stunning but would easily become talk of the town!

This Indian Wedding decoration is really amazing and completely out of the box! Love it!

Indian Wedding Mandap decoration – The Ranch Style

Indian wedding decor - Out in the ranch

This one is totally hot and happening at the same time. You can choose something like this when you have a huge open area. This setup is not too expensive but looks totally stunning in the pictures. The combination of fabric and flowers is magical!


Other Decoration in an Indian wedding

There are certain elements that make an Indian wedding what it is. These elements are vital when choosing Indian wedding decorations and cannot be excluded. Here are some of the essential parts of an Indian wedding:

Statue of Lord Ganesha 

The statue of Lord Ganesha is present in all Indian wedding ceremonies and is an important part of Indian wedding decorations. Lord Ganesha is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the newly wedded couple’s lives.

It is decorated beautifully with colourful flowers and beautiful lighted lamps around it.


Wedding Jaimala

It has been practised since the inception of Indian weddings and is one of the significant features of the wedding.

Wedding Jaimala

The wedding jaimala is a string of flowers usually made from roses, which gives it a beautiful look. The jaimala or garlands are usually exchanged by the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.


Bridal Doli Decoration

Bride Doli

Although the tradition is starting to phase out, it is still being done at several weddings. The bride is ushered into the arch inside a Doli. The Doli is decorated with beautiful natural flowers and bright colours. It is adorned with colourful palanquin lines.


Puja Tray

The wedding tray has a lot of items, which are called puja items — kumkum powder and flowers. The tray is decorated beautifully to make it presentable. The kumkum powder is believed to be the holiest item for the wedding puja. The powder is also used on other occasions like religious ceremonies. It is believed that the powder can be energized and given to someone, which is why it is important in Indian weddings.

Pooja thali

These are of great importance in the marriage as the marriage cannot proceed without either of them. The parents of the bride and the groom exchange their wishes by applying Kumkum powder on each other’s foreheads. Turmeric and Kumkum are also compulsory for the puja tray, which is used to perform the marriage chants and vows. They are kept in precious boxes, which may or may not be designed. Pooja Thali can also be used in other wedding functions as well like Haldi Ceremony or Roka Ceremony.


Head Table

The head table is meant for the bride and groom and is decorated with beautiful flowers and candles. The newly married couples sit on the head table to have their lunch and dinner during the ceremony. The table is also a very significant part of the ceremony because it symbolizes unity between the couples.

Head Table


Photo-booth decorations

Photo-booth decorations

The concept of having a photo-booth in Indian weddings is becoming increasingly popular. The photo-booth is a small decorated part that is used to take pictures by the couples with their relatives, friends, and other guests in the ceremony.

The photo-booth can be decorated by anyone with creative art skills. It is often decorated with both artificial and natural flowers, which give it an elegant look. The theme of the photo-booth can be built around the ideas suggested by the bride and the groom. It is simply an attractive background that adds colours to pictures. You can take beautiful selfies in the photo-booth to capture memories.


Hawan Kund

Hawan Kund

The Hawan Kund is the most significant aspect of any puja in the Hindu culture. It is a square-like container that has woods in it that allow it to burn for some time. It is situated at a place where it burns until the end of the ceremony.

Indian wedding ceremonies are incomplete without certain rituals. These rituals are necessary for the wedding to take place, and they sometimes influence the choice of Indian wedding decorations.


Final Word – Indian Wedding Decoration

An Indian wedding is truly a beautiful sight to behold. The decorations are mostly the highlight. The colours give the ceremony an exquisite beauty that will leave you truly amazed. Other things add colours to the ceremony, including the different sarees worn, bridal jewellery, accessories, and so on.

There are several things to look out for as far as an Indian wedding ceremony is concerned. Consulting with a professional decorator will make the process smoother, as you get to leave all the worrying to someone else.

You probably want your wedding to be the talk of the town. There are certain things you must not forget while preparing for an Indian party and to help you are family members who have planned past events. You could also hire a wedding planner to give you some professional insights for the best Indian wedding decorations.

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