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An Indian Groom’s Turban Tales – All You Need to Know

Indian Groom Turban
A man in a turban – a headgear essentially made up of cloth – is a common sight in India! But did it ever strike you that the turban is an integral part of the Indian culture and heritage? It is much more than just fashion! The turban of an Indian man is all about tradition, culture, legacy and history! Thus, it is a very important part of the groom’s attire in Indian marriages.

The groom’s turban is commonly called the pagdi or the safa! Depending on the community, culture and regional heritage of the groom’s family, the shape, size and style of his turban differs. It has become a quintessential with Indian Groom Outfits.  For example, Sikh grooms wear the dastaar, Rajasthani grooms use leheriya or bandhani fabrics for their pagadis.

The Bihari paag, the Maharashtrian pheta, the Mysore turban having a legacy connected to the Wodeyar kings or the Ladakhi tibi – the list of the variety of grooms’ turbans in India is endless! It would not be an exaggeration to say that turbans also show how diverse and complex Indian ethnic fashion is, even in case of men!


25 Groom Turbans that Scream Royalty and Class

The turban is an important piece of accessory for the groom’s ensemble! If a turban does not complement the outfit, it can ruin the look! On the other hand, if chosen wisely and tied with perfection, it can make even a simple sherwani look really royal! So here are 25 turbans that are ideal for grooms of the big fat Indian weddings!

1. Gold It Is! – Golden Groom’s Turban

Gold It Is! - Golden Groom's TurbanMaharaniweddings

A gold turban is a mark of prosperity! In fact, it is the second most common color when it comes to grooms’ turbans. This is also because, it goes really well with all kinds of sherwanis. For example, this groom wears an ivory tone, minimally embellished sherwani and teams it with the gold turban with an ornate brooch and white feather attachment.

2. Pastels With Gold Undertones

Pastels With Gold Undertones
This groom wears a pastel peach traditional pheta turban! The fabric has gold undertones too! A simple kalgi glams up the traditional turban. The pheta is complete with multiple wraps and the shemala – the loose piece of fabric hanging like a tail. Pastel tone turbans also go really well with neutral tone sherwanis.

3. To Match Turban with The Stole

To Match Turban with The Stole
If you are wondering what kind of turban to wear on your wedding day, take inspiration from the stole or shawl of your sherwani. This groom holds a maroon velvet turban with gold zari and lace borders and a kundan kalgi. The tail of the turban has tiny bootas, just like those on his velvet sherwani stole.

4. The Quintessential Velvet Safa

The Quintessential Velvet Safa - Groom Turban
Almost completely unembellished, this dark maroon velvet safa is all about the richness of the fabric. It has a stunning sun-shaped stone studded brooch in the centre and another on one side.

5. The Peshwa Style Pheta Turban

The Peshwa Style Pheta Groom Turban
This Maharashtrian couple looks stunning in total traditional attire! The groom wears the traditional Maratha groom attire that consists of a kurta and a long open jacket. He pairs that with a pink Nauvari stole and the same fabric is used for his pheta. The Nauvari zari border and the vibrant pink shade look stunning!

6. The Leheriya Groom Turban

The Leheriya Groom Turban
This groom in Punjabi wedding wears a vibrantly colored, tie and dye leheriya turban! Though such a colorful headgear is sometimes difficult to carry, it looks great with neutral sherwanis and kurtas. Moreover, such a turban looks utterly traditional and ‘oh so ethnic’!

7. Velvets and Feathers Turban

Velvets and Feathers Turban
This groom has perfectly complemented his gold and ivory sherwani with a rich velvet maroon and gold turban! It matches his stole and has a white feather attachment giving it a regal appeal.

8. The Simplistic Red Groom Turban

The Simplistic Red Groom Turban
The white and red groom attire is in vogue since last year! A simplistic ivory or white sherwani with silver embellishments looks stunning when paired with a bright red safa. The turban has no embellishment except for an ornate brooch in white and red stones. Such looks are classic!

9. The Pink Brocade Safa

The Pink Brocade Groom Safa
The groom teams a peach and gold brocade safa with his blush pink floral embroidered sherwani and Kashmiri shawl. The kalgi and the feather attachment on the turban befits the brocade fabric.

10. Gold Brocades – Groom Turban

Gold Brocades - Groom Turban
The safest choice when it comes to wedding turbans is one in a gold woven design! This safa is simplistic yet totally glam. You can team up such a gold brocade safa with a sherwani of any type and shade. Also, accessories of all colors look good on a golden base.

11. Go Contrast – Groom Turban

Go Contrast - Groom Turban
This eternal color combination which is integral to Indian wedding fashion is featured in this simple yet gorgeous turban! The turban is in a gold tone fabric. It features an ornate kalgi with red and white stones studded in it! The central ruby toned stone is large and glams up the look! A vintage touch is received with the addition of the white feather.

12. Peach Turban with Ornate Border

Peach Turban with Ornate Border
Though this peach turban matches the color of the groom’s sherwani, it is not particularly conventional! The way in which it is tied gives it a horizontally spread out shape rather than a vertically towering one! The use of ornate lace glams up the look.

13. Red and Gold Never Goes Wrong

Red and Gold Never Goes Wrong - Groom Turban
The combination of these two colors simply goes well with sherwanis of every kind! This turban is clearly inspired from the Marathi pheta. The stone studded sarpech has feather attachments as well as three gold malas that span one side of the turban!

14. The Dramatic Pheta Turban

The Dramatic Pheta Turban
Simple groom looks can be transformed by the addition of a dramatic turban. This groom sports one such pheta style turban featuring a larger-than-life pleated top. All phetas have this but in a much smaller size.


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15. The Banarasi Groom Turban

The Banarasi Groom Turban
If you want to go for a similar combination of red and gold yet want to keep it simple, go for a safa of this type. Made out of a luscious Banarasi brocade fabric in vermillion red and gold, it has an old world charm, a heritage vibe! The style is of classic simplicity. You can buy it here.

16. The Safa in Dusky Peach

The Safa in Dusky Peach
If you want a pastel tone safa without a metallic undertone, go for such a turban in a dusky peach shade. The subtle color is perfectly complemented by the paisley kalgi featuring the elegant rose quartz stones and golden beads. The addition of the whimsical white feathers gives a vintage feel. You can buy it here.

Turban Trivia #1
Did you know that the earliest reference of the turban can be found in the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Sumeria and Babylonia? There is a strong indication that the turban may have originated in the Middle East. A particular type of turban called the phakeolis was worn by the Byzantine soldiers in as early as 400-600.

17. Of Pearls and Resham

The border of embroidered pearls and resham thread work steals the show! The safa is made of a beige and gold block printed fabric which contrasts well with the bright pink border. The ornate kalgi with stone and gold bead work looks stunning. You can get it here.

18. The Phulkari Motif Turban

The Phulkari Motif Turban
The fabric used for this turban is in a beige tone with multi-color phulkari motifs and a gold border. The unconventional look goes well with the kundan kalgi with gold moti mala attachments. The addition of the white feathers give a Mughal era look.

Turban Trivia #2
In the Sikh culture, the turban is much more than an accessory! Generally the turban symbolizes valour, sacrifice, power, respectability, position etc but even colors signify specific sentiments. For example, the blue or the yellow turban are considered auspicious and worn on occasions like Vaisakhi. A pure white turban means that the person has chosen the exemplary life of a saint! An off-white tone means someone is learning the religion. The black turban is a reminder of the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre that took place in 1919. A turban in the color basanti, a shade of yellow, is associated with revolutionary movement. Orange signifies courage! A green turban is worn mostly by farmers.

19. Mint and Rose – Groomsmen Turban

Mint and Rose - Groomsmen Turban
If you are wearing a sherwani in floral pastels or in neutral tones like ivory or cream, such a mint green safa would look really classy. The paisley kalgi features rose quartz stones and is attached to golden bead malas. The addition of the white feather brings out the beauty and uniqueness of the mint green shade. Buy it here.

20. For Neutral Looks

For Neutral Looks Turban
The groom in neutrals – this is a raging trend of the year! Oftentimes, white or off-white turbans look pretty stereotypical or even boring with neutral tone sherwanis. Instead go for unconventional neutral tones like khaki! The fabric here has a golden-beige undertone. It is studded with a kundan kalgi with gold bead strings. Get it here.

Turban Trivia #3
Tying a turban is a difficult job! Sometimes, the turban cloth can be up to 82 feet long! If you want to test your turban tying skills do visit the famous Camel fair in Pushkar, Rajasthan. Apart from other activities, it is also known for its turban tying competition!

21. Dusky Chartreuse Safa

Safas of unconventional pastel shades not only complement all kinds of sherwanis but also never fail to make a statement! This dusky chartreuse color is so unique, it is sure to inspire! With a peach or pink floral sherwani it will look gorgeous. The droplet kalgi, stone and gold bead work, the feather – make it look even more stunning! Buy it here.

22. The Cream Tone Pheta Style Safa

The Cream Tone Pheta Style Safa
This is a cult classic – a cream tone pheta style turban with absolutely zero embellishment and just a dainty ornament! The paisley kalgi features amber colored stones that contrast and complement the neutral cream color of the fabric. This would go well with any outfit. Get it here.

Turban Trivia #4
The Maharashtrian pheta is said to have originated in Kolhapur – Maharashtra’s historical capital – at the time of the Chhatrapati Shivaji himself. The pheta bears a strong resemblance to the Peshwa crown of that era.

23. Peals and Pinks Turban

Peals and Pinks Turban
Nude pink is one of the most sophisticated colors ever! It goes with every shade and especially with colors that comprise the ethnic wedding wear palette – gold, red, maroon etc. This safa is in such a beautiful shade. The color is complemented by the elegant pearl strings attached to the kundan kalgi. Get it here.

24. Contrast of Greens

If you are looking for an unconventionally toned or slightly bright toned safa, you can go for this one! In a bright lime green shade, it is truly different from traditional turbans! Such a color goes really well with shades like yellow, pink, peach or white! Such a turban will look good in any day time function! Moreover, the emerald stones studded in the paisley kalgi beautifully contrast the lime green color. Get it here.

25. Salmon Pink Ombre Safa

Salmon Pink Ombre Safa
Pastel pinks like salmon are totally in vogue! This unique shade of pink is being complemented by the amber toned stones studded on the paisley kalgi and the blush blink pearls that form strings with golden beads. Buy it here.

Turban Trivia#5
The Mysore turban or Mysuru Petas were first worn by the Wodeyar kings. The kings wore petas made from rich silk fabric and embellished with precious stones, real pearls and zari made from real gold.


What a Turban Stands for?

Turbans, traditionally symbolize a man’s standing and position in the society! It’s a mark of respectability, prosperity and a powerful personality. Some say that in ancient times, the turban of an individual was an identification of his caste, creed, religion and sect. In those times, turbans, sometimes, also indicated the individual’s village or town. In some regions experiencing extreme climatic conditions, like Rajasthan, the turban was also used as a protection from the scorching sun and unbearable heat.

Groom Turban and Shoes

Accessories and Embellishments on the Groom’s Turban

A turban for the wedding ceremony, or other wedding related occasions, is not the same as a turban for everyday use! A wedding turban is more royal in its look! It comes in rich silk or brocade weaves with zari borders running all around. It may be embellished! It may also come with separate accessories. The sarpech is a very common turban ornament. It is like an ornate brooch in a specific shape and is said to have Mughal origins. The sarpech may be accompanied by feathers. It is usually worn on the front of the turban, right at the centre.

The kalgi or kalangi is another turban ornament. It has a specific shape and is studded with precious and semi-precious stones most of the time. These may be placed at one side of the turban and also in the centre. Sometimes, these brooch-like ornaments are accompanied by moti malas or gold chains that extend from the centre or side of the turban to the other sides. The pheta style turbans have a pleated, half-umbrella shaped piece of stiff fabric attached at the top, which stands at almost right angles on the turban!

Why Opt for a Pre-stitched Turban?

Tying a turban is not cake walk! Depending on the draping style and type of the turban the length of the cloth varies. Nowadays, not everyone is not well acquainted with the correct way of draping a turban. A clumsy drape surely will destroy the whole look of the groom. Plus, opting for the hassle of tying a turban during the rush just before the wedding, is not a clever thing to do. It is always wiser to opt for pre-stitched and pre-tied turbans that can be easily worn and taken off, just like a hat.

At GetEthnic, we have pre-draped groom’s turbans of every possible style, shade, design or embellishment. Some of those you have already seen in this blog. Moreover, if you want a customized turban to match your sherwani or if you have a particular preference or design in mind, just let us know! We can easily get it made and customized for you!

30 Pink Sherwanis for the Contemporary Indian Groom

Mostly, Indian grooms wear comes in neutral tones like white, ivory, off-white, cream, beige etc with a bit of gold and maroon here and there! But such things are changing now! Pink Sherwani and Pastel tones have dominated the ethnic groom wear scenario for quite a few years now! And when it comes to pastels, shades of pink, peach, lilac etc are immensely popular these days! Indian men are going for unconventional hues and styles! In this regard, the pink sherwani tops the list.

Not only is it unconventional, it also goes really well with modern, contemporary themes. It is perfect for that summer wedding. More importantly, pink, considered a mark of femininity, is now being used for the groom’s wardrobe – this surely indicates that fashion is becoming more inclusive and we are successfully breaking stereotypes.

30 Pink Sherwani – Pinks and Peaches that dominated

1. Peach-Pink Short Sherwani

Peach-Pink Short Sherwanimaharaniweddings | Get Custom Made Sherwani

Want to keep your look as a groom minimalistic? Go for such a sherwani! It is just a little longer than a bandhgala jacket and thus is relatively easy to carry! The peach pink color is extremely soothing and paired with matte gold tapering trousers, the outfit looks really aesthetic. The bit of embellishment on the collar, sleeves and buttons is just perfect.

2. Blush Gold and Neutral Pink Shades

Blush Gold and Neutral Pink Shades Sherwani and Lehenga
We all love period looks! This pink sherwani uses a very light and matte finish blush pink fabric to create a Mughal-inspired sherwani jacket with a wide and low neckline. The jacket is adorned with gold embellishment. The inner kurta is in a neutral tone, has gold embroidered ornate collar and borders. Checkout more of matching Sherwani and Lehenga.

3. Muted Tones are Trending

The pink sherwani look is ever more popular now as muted colors are pretty much in vogue! The shades of pink like blush, salmon, light rosewood etc are taking the place of neutrals in ethnic menswear. For example, this groom nails the muted tone wedding look by combining his blush pink sherwani with a turban in neutral tone, stole and churidar bottoms!

4. Coral Charisma – Light pink sherwani

Coral Charisma - Light pink sherwanisamyakkclothing

This light coral pink and ivory sherwani is the epitome of grandeur. The sherwani jacket is showcasing traditional embroidery in gold threads. On the other hand, the flared kurta and stole are in the palest, most muted shade of coral pink. The stole has an ornate border and the outfit has been paired with churidar bottoms.

5. Lilac Pink Textured Pink Sherwani

Lilac Pink Textured Pink Sherwani

The Indian groom’s sherwani is almost always heavily embellished! But some grooms may not be comfortable with a lot of zari or bead detailing! For those, this lilac pink sherwani can be a great option. The jacquard textured look of the fabric and the intricate resham embroidery fulfils the lack of embellishment. The color is so unique and perfect for a subtle look!

6. Lightest Baby Pink Sherwani

Lightest Baby Pink Sherwani

What do you call a sherwani which is in such a light shade of pink that the color looks almost like a neutral shade with a pink undertone? You call it a great choice for Indian groom wear! For grooms who want to stay away from the on-the-face shades of pink yet want to sport something summery and tropical, can definitely go for a sherwani in such a unique shade.

7. Juxtaposing Multiple Shades of Pink

Juxtaposing Multiple Shades of Pinkweddingbazaarofficial

If you are planning co-ordinate outfits for the bride and groom, pink can be your choice of color! This is because pink is the name given to a group of colors that complement each other really well. In this case, the designer has used this element to create beautiful outfits. While the outfit of the bride is in a light baby pink tone, the groom’s outfit uses primarily two shades of pink – a bright one and a muted one! The three colors together look very aesthetic.

8. Grooms Don’t Blush? – Pink Sherwani and Turban

sunilmehraart | Get Custom Made Sherwani

Synonymous with the pink sherwani is the floral sherwani. This groom wears a floral blush pink sherwani with heavy hand embroidery in floral motifs. The work is dense and intricate, creating a textured look. The sherwani has been teamed with a turban and a pink Peshawari shawl.

9. The Short Sherwani Look in Pastel

While most shades of pink are not quintessentially masculine, the pastel pink tone seems to be a popular choice with Indian grooms. The color is so light that is also compliments neutral tones really well. A short sherwani in pastel pink with an off-white trouser is the most masculine Indo-western groom look!

10. Summer Shaadis Mean Pink Sherwani

Summer Shaadis Mean Pink Sherwaniwedmegoodgrooms

Shades like pastel pink, blush pink, rose gold, salmon, peach, crepe pink etc are great when it comes to summer weddings! They look really refreshing on grooms – different yet attractive! This groom looks really aesthetic in a pink anarkali sherwani. The sherwani has a slanted button line, belt detail and middle slit exposing the flared kurta underneath!

11. Florals are Forever

A pink floral sherwani is a classic choice – a style that will not be affected by the passing trends and a look that does not come into any age bracket. This groom wears this floral sherwani that uses two shades of pink majorly – blush and pastel! It is a layered look with the jacket being a little shorter than the inner kurta. The intricate floral embroidery on the sherwani steals the show!

12. The Pink Jacket


This groom flaunts an open sherwani jacket in a pure pink shade! The jacket border showcases intricate white resham thread work in floral motifs. He wears a traditional pale pink silk kurta with churidar bottoms under the pink sherwani jacket.

13. The Groom in Flamingo Pink Sherwani

The Groom in Flamingo Pink Sherwaniweddingwireindia

The groom proudly flaunts his flamingo pink sherwani! The rich tussar weave of the inner kurta goes well with the brightness of the color on the jacket which again has been toned down by the intricate zardozi detailing in silver. The stole showcases thread work too!

14. Simplistic Sherwani in Rouge

Simplistic Sherwani in Rouge

Rouge is that rarely spotted shade of pink that has a reddish-purple undertone and the brilliance of this color is justly showcased in this simplistic, unembellished and minimalistic sherwani. The glamour quotient comes from the rich texture of the tussar fabric and the statement buttons.

15. The Belt Detail

sherwani_factory | Get Custom Made Sherwani

A very unique design language is showcased in this pink sherwani. The sherwani flaunts closely packed, networked thread work in self-tone and white threads. The most unconventional aspect of the sherwani is a belt detail on one side through which the solid tone stole has been passed in a pleated way. The style is difficult to carry but definitely impressive.

16. The Contemporary Pink Sherwani

The Contemporary Pink Sherwani - Front open

This is a pink sherwani that combines elements from the contemporary with the traditional! The front open sherwani jacket has all-over woven horizontal zigzag patterns. It is in a muted pastel blush pink. The inner ivory kurta showcases traditional floral thread work in shades like gold, beige, brown etc. It is paired with slim trousers in ivory shade.

17. The Pink Banarasi Dupatta

For the dandy and metrosexual grooms out there, this can be the wedding sherwani of your dreams! A quintessential Sabyasachi Mukherjee sherwani, this comes in a bright pink shade! But what steals the show is the pink and silver Banarasi brocade dupatta that has been used as a stole here! The combination of the pink turban, the stole and the necklaces with the pink sherwani is aesthetically pleasing.

18. Mixing with Wine

Rose pink is a color which can be rarely seen in the Indian wedding scenes! Yet it gives a very vintage vibe and appeal! This groom pairs his thread worked rose pink sherwani with a very unique color – a dark wine shade! Both colors complement each other beautifully!

19. The Zardozi Short Pink Sherwani

The Zardozi Short Pink Sherwani

This is a short sherwani in a cool toned pink shade. The zardozi work on the sherwani jacket and the stole is dense and explicit. This gives the outfit a stylish look and what makes it even more unique is the combination with the inner kurta and churidar bottoms.

20. If It’s Pastel, It’s Gotta Be Floral

It would not be wrong to say that pastel pink floral sherwanis gave birth to the trend of the pink sherwani! This is cult favourite classic look. If you are having a summer wedding or if you have planned a destination wedding at a beach or a desert town, no other groom outfit can look as stunning as the floral pastel pink sherwani – one just like what this groom wears.

21. Combining with a Velvet Stole

sulakshnajasra | Get Custom Made Sherwani

A velvet stole never fails to add that grandeur that is so important in an Indian wedding. It can be that element which can glam up your lightly embellished pink sherwani look. In this case, the groom flaunts a dark maroon velvet stole, with an intricately thread worked border, with a light baby pink sherwani with sparsely distributed floral thread work.

22. The Hot Pink Sherwani

The Hot Pink Sherwani
A list of pink sherwanis is incomplete without at least one hot pink sherwani in it! The grooms who flaunt such looks are the trend-setters themselves. This sherwani is totally unembellished, the real deal being the color! He has paired it with a pale pink zardozi border stole, churidar bottoms and turban in the same shade. Oversized ornate gold buttons complete the look!

23. Too Much Two Tone

A short sherwani jacket in rose pink has been combined with a fuchsia pink longer kurta underneath and white churidar bottoms. The combination of the two shades of pink create a pleasing look. The jacket has a textured design with statement buttons and an ornate collar.

24. Pink Floral Thread Work

Pink Floral Thread Work - Sherwani and Lehengamanishmalhotravows

This Manish Malhotra pink sherwani redefines floral wedding wear! On an ivory sherwani, threads of a myriad shades of pink have been used to embroider exquisite floral motifs. The inner kurta, in blush pink, has an asymmetric drape. It has been paired with slender ivory trousers. Checkout more of matching couple outfits.

25. Pink Tone Embellishment

Pink Sherwani Tone Embellishment

The idea of using pink tone embellishments on a neutral tone fabric is simply brilliant! The sherwani showcases pink cord floral highlights with textured designs. The stole is in a light shade of blush pink and flaunts intricate embellishments.

26. The Groom in Pale Pink


Veteran designer Tarun Tahiliani features this kurta-style sherwani in light pale pink silk, flaunting aari and zardozi embroidery along with delicately embossed detailing. It has been paired with a pink churidar and a pink aari and zardozi embroidered stole. The stole also features thread work and gold sequin embroidery.

27. The Pink Romance – Sherwani & Lehenga

The Pink Romance - Sherwani & Lehengamaharaniweddins

Though neutral tones like ivory, off-white, cream etc go really well with light shades of pink, beige is a very unique yet aesthetic option! Like this groom, you can go for a beige tone stole and bottom wear with your pink and gold sherwani. This stole has jhallar details as well!

28. Dark Velvet Shawl with Heavy Sherwani

Dark Velvet Shawl with Heavy Sherwani
This groom wears a manarkali – an off-white flared kurta and churidar bottoms paired with a comparatively short peach pink sherwani jacket with belt details. The sherwani showcases floral zardozi thread work. The best part of the outfit is the dark velvet shawl that adds special grandeur to the outfit. The shawl has a luxurious texture with zardozi ornate borders.

29. Pink Brocade Sherwani

Definitely a statement look – this dark pink and gold sherwani redefines the Indian groom’s outfit! A pink and gold brocade fabric has been used for the sherwani which has been paired with gold churidar bottoms. The asymmetrical hemline looks very unique!

30. The Pink and Maroon Combo

The Pink Sherwani and Maroon lehenga Combomaharaniweddings

Add a dash of “desi-ness” to your contemporary summer wedding look in a light pink sherwani – just include a maroon stole. This groom wears a pink sherwani with all-over matte gold floral thread work! The colors go really well with the dark maroon shade of the stole! It adds that much needed vibrancy to the outfit.

Be it pink, or any other color of your choice, GetEthnic can help you accomplish the look of dreams on your wedding day! The pink sherwani for your wedding needs to suit you perfectly, be it the cut, shade or embellishment! At GetEthnic, we help you curate and customize your ultimate wedding attire.