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All About Lehenga Style Sarees – the Perfect Fusion Ethnic Wear

The perfect fusion of two ethnic attires is the lehenga style saree! No, this is not a saree nor is it a lehenga! Loosely, it can be described as a pre-draped, saree-style lehenga skirt matched with a lehenga choli and a dupatta that needs to be pleated like a saree pallu.

If you can’t decide between a saree and lehenga on an upcoming wedding function or are too lazy to learn to drape or carry a saree, a lehenga style saree is your kind of thing! The key element in the lehenga saree is the dupatta which needs to be cleverly draped, pleated and pinned around the body to resemble a saree.

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The lehenga style saree is a semi-stiched garment. The skirt comes with pleats already stitched into it. But these pleats may not always have to look like the ones on a proper saree.

The skirt may be crafted into a mermaid style or a have an A-line cut or a flared silhouette. In some lehenga style sarees, the dupatta is stitched onto the skirt on one side. The other side is left free so that you can drape it easily over your shoulder. Finally, the blouse is stitched as a choli and not a saree blouse.

Lehenga style sareeayva_design_studio


1. Yellow All the Way

Lehenga style saree for haldi ceremony captivating.curves

This bright yellow and cream lehenga style saree is the perfect outfit for a guest in a haldi ceremony. The appeal of this outfit lies in the draping style. The cream skirt and the yellow blouse and pallu look like a dream together. The outfit has no embellishments and it has been paired with a deep green necklace. This makes the whole look very elegant.


2. For the Bride’s Best Friend

Lehenga Style Saree for Bride’s Best Friendavinandabiswas

This is a lehenga saree which is perfect for the wedding guest who is also close to the bride and the groom. The skirt is a bright red one and the blouse is dark green. The two deep colors have been perfectly brought together by the off-white dupatta which has both the colors in its border. The border also has golden zari embroidery and similar motifs all over.

The blouse is boat neck and comes with an elaborate motif in gold. This eliminates the need of a necklace. Instead the wearer is flaunting a unique piece of jewellery – a kamarbandh.

3. Evergreen in Black and White

Black and White lehenga style sareeanap_by_nehankit

This is quite a westernized version of the lehenga style saree that is perfect for an evening party or cocktail night. This off-white lehenga saree comes with a black border. The lower border has frill details. The pallu also has unique latkan details. The black blouse or full-sleeve crop top goes very well with the look! The wearer has cleverly paired a western style black belt. If this isn’t fusion fashion, then what is!

4. The Golden Flair

Raima Sen - lehenga style saree

Raima Sen looks regal in this brownish majenta lehenga saree. This outfit is the most conventional type of lehenga style sarees – a pre-draped skirt with the pallu attached to it. The choli has gold sequin work all over.

The real beauty of this outfit is the sequin and stone golden embroidery on the skirt. However, this particular cut is a bit tricky as it is tight near the hip area and a bit flared below that. Keep this in mind before deciding to buy a lehenga saree with this kind of a cut!


5. As Gorgeous as the Sunset

Lehenga style satree for sangeet function

This gorgeous sunset orange and red lehenga saree is a perfect for the bride in the sangeet function! The skirt is plain and the dupatta and blouse come in printed and brocade details respectively.

The lack of embellishments make it a light outfit yet the bright color and the thick golden border of the skirt make it fit for any grand occasion. This outfit can also be worn by the sister of the bride or the groom on the wedding night.


6. The Bride in Purple

 Bride in Purple

This is how beautiful a south Indian bride looks in her half saree or lehenga style saree. The combination of purple, cream and gold give this outfit an ethereal look.

The skirt and the full sleeve blouse come in a bright purple silk with minimal golden motifs. The pallu drape is in cream with a thick gold border. This outfit was made for a divine South Indian wedding and nothing but South Indian temple jewellery, like the bride is wearing, would look good with it.


7. The Gown Style Skirt

Gown Style Skirt20_potatoes

This bright yellow lehenga style saree has a unique cut. The skirt has tiers, much like western gowns and dresses. What enhances the beauty of this outfit is the bright magenta blouse that has been used for contrast pairing. It is again a good outfit to flaunt at a haldi ceremony, if you are the bride’s close friend or sister.


8. The Regal Drape

Regal Drape

This lehenga saree comes in a not-so-conventional, non-ethnic color combination. The blouse is in a metallic copper shade with sequin embroidery. The dupatta is a golden bronze color with embroidered details and a thin red border.

The golden bronze brocade skirt is pleated and has a dark red and gold strip at the bottom that enhances the look of the outfit. This is your outfit if you don’t want wear a traditional lehenga or a traditional saree on your wedding reception.


9. The Beauty of Black and Red

Beauty of Black and Red lehenga style saree

This is a designer lehenga style saree which is sure to make heads turn, if you wear it to a party. The dark reddish maroon silk skirt with woven golden triangular details gives a modern and contemporary feel to the outfit.

The skirt also is not conventionally pleated. It is tight at the waist and hip area and has an A-line cut below, much like a western cocktail dress. The rest of the outfit comes is black see-through chiffon, having a sensuous appeal. You need to be very careful about the kind of blouse to wear with this outfit. Esha Gupta wears a sleek and well-fitted black sleeveless blouse. She wears no accessories as traditional jewellery will not go with this look.


10. The Bride in Red

Bride in Red lehenga style sareegirly_fashion_11

If you are sure about breaking all the rules and flaunting an unconventional outfit on your wedding day, then let it be like this one! This dark red lehenga style saree is a piece of art!

There is no touch of gold threadwork or zari in it! This outfit is all about textures. The choli style blouse has red sequins embroidered into it. The gown-style skirt has floral details woven and stitched on it. The light chiffon pallu or dupatta also has floral embroidery.


11. Red and White is Always in Vogue


What would a Bengali girl do if she wants to wear a lehenga saree? Jokes apart, this outfit takes the traditional combination of red and white and fuses it with the lehenga style saree look. The skirt is a layered one.

A thin chiffon layer falls over the actual skirt which is white with a thick red border and small golden motifs. The blouse too has both red and white woven details. The dupatta is in a bright red with golden motifs.


12. Wine & Blush Pink Bridal Lehenga Style Saree

Wine & Blush Pink Bridal Lehenga Style Sareeviraj.trends

This is an exquisite bridal lehenga saree. The wine color lehenga skirt is adorned with embroidery depicting an exotic forest scene. It has a floral border.

A similar floral border, slightly narrower, runs all along the blush pink chiffon pallu. The dupatta or pallu has been draped in such a way that it covers the head of the bride.


13.Peach & Purple

Peach & Purplepellikala

Presenting the most unique color combination on this list – this south Indian style lehenga saree is the perfect outfit for the bride in any pre-wedding function. The skirt and blouse come in a bluish purple pattu fabric with golden zari embroidery.

The dupatta comes in a beautiful peach color with a thin purple and zari border. It has been draped like a typical saree pallu.


14. The Multicolor Magic

Multicolor Magicchaithragowda_hairandmakeup

Again a very unique set of colors – this lehenga saree combines bright hues like peacock blue, fluorescent light green, turquoise and magenta. The skirt comes in a dark but bright peacock blue color and has a thick gold border.

This silk lehenge style saree has been paired with a chiffon and net blouse with sequin detailing at the back. The outfit has been rightly accessorized with a traditional gold kamarbandh and necklace.


15. The Bandhani Pallu

Bandhani Pallutiwarychhaya

We have kept the most creatively assembled lehenga style saree for the last! The wearer has paired a layered skirt in pink and blue with a plain black blouse. For the pallu she has used a pure bandhani multi-color dupatta with golden border.

The different components of this outfit may have no similarities among them but they look very good together! The mix-and-match technique gives this outfit even a Bohemian appeal.


What is a Lehenga Saree?

If you are still not clear about the concept of the lehenga style saree, just go through the following points–

  • A lehenga style saree is not a saree or a lehenga. It is a third kind of ethnic outfit that blends the elements of a lehenga and a saree.
  • The lehenga saree is different from a lehenga being draped in a way to look like a saree!
  • Like a saree, it is worn over a petticoat and comes with a blouse.
  • The blouse, in most cases, resembles the choli of a traditional lehenga with the fastening mechanism at the back. But there is not fixed rule about this! You can also use a traditional saree blouse or a not-so-traditional crop top if it goes with the look. The blouse is most often heavily embellished.
  • The skirt of a lehenga style saree is pre-stitched and comes with a zipper for a perfect fit.
  • Compared to a saree, a lehenga style saree ensures hassle-free draping. All one needs to do it pleat the attached or unattached dupatta to look like a saree pallu. This obviously requires much less skill compared to a saree.
  • The South Indian half saree is a special type of lehenga saree. It is also called a pattu half-saree and is a popular bridal outfit down south. The skirt with this outfit is usually a flared one and brides wear it with traditional gold jewellery and jasmine in their hair.

Lehenga style sareeayva_design_studio

Tips for wearing Lehenga Style Saree:

So now that you have decided to take the plunge and get hold of a beautiful lehenga style saree, read our tips carefully to rock this unique fusion fashion look.

  • Though flats would make you feel more comfortable, a lehenga style saree is not the ‘down to earth’ kind of outfit! To maintain a smart posture in the embellished and flared gorgeous pre-draped skirt you definitely need a pair of heels.
  • Usually the dupatta or pallu of the outfit is the main accessory of the look. Sequins, stones, zardozi, embroidery etc are the kind of detailing you would find on the dupatta. So go easy on the jewellery. Take expert advice to decide the kind of accessories you would carry with this outfit.
  • When you are buying a lehenga style saree, check the length of the Ensure that it is long enough to be pleated in a number of ways. In this way you can use the same outfit in different functions by draping it in numerous ways. Plus, more length means more pleats! To free yourself of such hassles you can trust reliable ethnic clothing brands or retailers like Get Ethnic. We have a good collection of various styles of lehenga sarees.


Lehenga style sareeayva_design_studio


What are the different Ways to Drape Lehenga Saree/Lehenga Style Saree?

1. The Gujarati Way

While draping their sarees in the traditional way, Gujarati women pleat their pallus in front, over the blouse. You can imitate this style by taking one side of the dupatta of your lehenga, spreading it over the choli from the shoulder like an inverted fan. You can the pin the pleats at the shoulder. Checkout all about Gujrati Wedding.


2. It’s all in the Border

This style works well if you have a lehenga saree that comes with a heavily bordered dupatta. The border should have detailed zari work or elaborate embellishments.

You need to pleat this dupatta in such a way that the border shows up in the end. This needs to stay in place with the use of a pin and draped over the left shoulder (traditionally a saree pallu sits on the left shoulder).

The back, if not attached to the skirt, needs to be tucked inside it. If you are going to attend a Punjabi wedding, do try this look out! To know more about Punjabi wedding fashion, read about Punjabi wedding dresses.


3. Wear the Pallu Loose

This is the carefree kind of look where you simply take one end of your dupatta and tuck it at your waist. You can wear the loose end of the dupatta on your shoulder in whichever way you like. You may not even pin it!


4. Single Shoulder Narrow Drape

Pleat your dupatta or casually let it fall in a narrow bundled way from a single shoulder. This style is very popular when it comes to the Haldi Function or Roka Ceremony.


5 Lehenga Style Sarees to Inspire You

A lehenga style is not a strictly bridal outfit! It can be the perfect outfit for you as a wedding guest, as a bridesmaid or even for pre and post wedding functions as the bride! Let us take a look at some lehenga style sarees that have been styled to perfection.


lehenga Saree -

Conclusion – Lehenga Saree

Though a lehenga style saree can be creatively assembled with pieces of clothing lying around in your cupboard, not all are capable of making the correct choices.

Moreover, a self-assembled lehenga saree may be good as casual-wear but not enough for a formal dinner party or a wedding function. For lehenga style sarees that are aesthetically crafted and have a contemporary appeal, visit the website of GetEthnic and check us for custom made wedding lehenga, saree and much more.

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