The Ultimate Guide to the Indian Groom Outfit

When it comes to Indian wedding dresses and especially Indian wedding outfits for groom, then there are so much that we can choose from as there are plethora of options ranging from Sherwani to Achkan to Jodhpuri Suits and a lot more. Choosing an Indian Groom Outfit for the wedding and other occasions has never been easy but we are here to help you make the right decision.

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If you hail from North India, you just can’t avoid wearing a sherwani at your wedding! And your sherwani has to complement the gorgeous lehenga of your bride. South Indian tradition calls for grooms to wear a white mundu and a shirt-style kurta.

And if you are a groom from the Eastern part of India, a day for dhoti-kurta shopping is all that is expected out of you when it comes to preparations for your wedding outfit. Sounds remote, isn’t it?

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Well, gone are the days when the Indian groom outfit was just a matter of convenience. Though still, a wedding trousseau for the groom is unheard of, men these days are taking care to choose their wedding day outfit. In fact, some men also prefer to make a list of all outfits they would be needing for all pre and post wedding functions.

We really appreciate this new emerging spirit of fashion among Indian men and today we will take a step forward by telling you more about Indian groom outfits. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose wisely!


Indian Groom Outfits

1. Double Stole Anarkali Sherwani

Double Stole Anarkali Sherwani

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This exquisite groom wear is a combination of aesthetic designing and masculine fervour. The color combination is unique as well as the styling. A beige sherwani jacket with gold work is topped over a light sea green anarkali kurtaand bottom wear! A pleated stole is draped with an embellished belt on one side. Along with accessories like a royal headgear and moti mala, the groom also flaunts a second stole in a dark teal shade with rich gold border.

2. Velvet Splendour

Velvet Splendour - Velvet Sherwani

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This is the most masculine look on this entire list! This Sikh groom flaunts a sherwani in the deepest shade of blue. The sherwani jacket flaunts embossed, textured details with an embellished collar and buttons. Paired with tapered trousers and embellished shoes, this Indian groom outfit breathes class! The most attractive aspect of the look is the embroidered stole with motifs of animals and elements from the forest.

3. Peaches and Golds

Peaches and Golds Sherwani - Indian Groom Outfits

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Fit for royalty, this exquisite sherwani is the dream Indian groom outfit for most men. The peach toned jacket is embellished with gold thread work and zardozi work. The collar, shoulders etc are embellished. The inner flared kurta is in a matte gold tone with bright gold horizontal zigzag patterns. The tussar stole has an ornate border. It is paired with warm gold toned churidar bottoms and black shoes with gold motif.

4. The Floral Stole

The Floral Stole and pink Sherwani

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We end with the most vibrant and unique look in the list! This groom wears a light dusty pink toned sherwani jacket with woven motifs of horses. He pairs it with white dhoti trousers and a grey safa. The best part of this Indian groom outfit is the stole which boasts floral embroidery. The paisleys and maple leafs in contrasting vibrant shades create magic.

5. The Flared Jacket Sherwani

The Flared Jacket Sherwani

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Most traditional sherwani looks consist of an inner flared kurta paired with an embellished jacket on top. This look twists the rules a little bit. A dark navy straight unembellished kurta is paired with an ornate and embellished flared jacket on top! The jacket flaunts thread work in multiple shades on a dark surface. The motifs are inspired from vintage fashion.

6. Subtle Yet Regal

Subtle Yet Regal - Royal Sherwani

Silver sequin, stone and crystal embroidery has been done on a subtle rose gold toned fabric. The embroidered zigzag pattern on the sherwani jacket, the hemlines of the stole etc flaunt the intricacies of the craftsmanship. The floral embroidery on the sleeves and the embroidered peacocks near the hemline of the sherwani jacket are exotic. The uniqueness of the look is the addition of an embellished belt.

7. Embellished Off-White Sherwani

Embellished Off-White Sherwani

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This Indian groom outfit is even more glam because of the embellished off-white sherwani jacket over the light blue kurta. The design structure on the jacket is reminiscent of those on Mughal style of clothing. The light blue stole, embellished safa add to the grandeur of the look.

8. The Layered Look

The Layered Look groom wear

This groom boasts a unique look! His outfit has numerous layers. He wears a white kurta over straight white trousers. On top of the kurta he sports a textured waistcoat with embellished buttons. On top of that he wears another long embellished jacket that is not buttoned and showcases the unique layered look. He uses a stole in a light sea green pastel shade with an embellished border.

9. Bandh Gaya suit

Indian groom outfitCredit: milighosh

Bandh gala (means closed neck) suits are very much in fashion these days and no surprises at all since it looks totally amazing on indian groom. In indian groom outfits you have so many options but galabandh is every green and traditional.

Pairing white with the darkest of shades creates an extremely masculine and powerful vibe! This groom has paired a well-tailored straight sherwani jacket in a very dark maroon to wine color with simple straight white trousers, a white turban and just a mala.

10. The Dhoti Kurta Style Sherwani

Dhoti and Sherwani

A dhoti is a piece of 4.5 metre long unstitched fabric draped on the lower half of the body. Post draping, it appears like a stitched salwar-like bottom wear from outside. Dhotis come in solid colors with embellished borders.

They are paired with traditional long kurtas. Silk or tussar dhotis are worn by Indian grooms from various communities. Based on the region you hail your wedding dhoti may be called a veshti or a panchey or a chaadra etc.

11. The Two-layer Sherwani

The Two-layer Sherwani

yugandharpradhan | Share your Groom’s Wear requirements

This Maharashtrian groom wears a gorgeous sherwani that has a jacket-like top layer over the peachy-mustard kurta. The turban, dupatta and churidar are also in this unique yellow color.

12. Ivory Achkan Sherwani

Achkan Style Sherwani

Like a traditional achkan jacket, this outfit too flaunts a slanted closure with uneven lapels and hemline. The buttons are placed on one side instead of the middle. The rich textured fabric of the jacket flaunts subtle floral details. Contrasting the ivory fabric, the red and gold stole and turban look attractive!

13. The Red Floral Sherwani

The Red Floral Sherwani

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The red and gold or red and beige look isn’t only reserved for the Indian bride! This groom proves that by flaunting a stunning red sherwani with floral details in gold thread work. Instead of a traditional stole he sports a narrow uttariya with detailed embroidery. Instead of traditional churidar bottoms he wears tapered salwar trousers. Checkout more of Red Sherwani.

14. Deep Tones and Ivory

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A very creative and unconventional color combination, this groom flaunts an embroidered sherwani jacket with jacquard details. He wears it over a dark green traditional flared kurta with an embellished hemline. The dark green velvet stole steals the show when it comes to the grandeur factor. The mala, the bi-tone turban make the look even more special.

15. The evergreen Sherwani

Indian Groom Outfits

The sherwani is a very popular Indian groom outfit of the present times but has its origins not in India but Central Asia. It is basically a heavily embellished kurta with high collars. It is paired with a churidar bottom and also comes with a dupatta. There is a grand and regal essence in this outfit.

16. Jewelry Love

 Indian Groom Outfit

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You might be asked to wear family heirloom jewellery on your wedding! What kind of an attire should you choose in that case? Take a look at this Indian groom outfit. A simple white kurta-pajama has been paired with a dark red dupatta. The kurta has some textured detailing on it and that’s all! This gives enough focus to the groom’s malas without making him look over-the-top! Checkout more of White Sherwani.

17. Off White and Light Blue

varholsevent | Share Your Sherwani Requirements

This Sikh groom looks attractive in his off-white sherwani. However the highlight of the look is the light blue turban and the dupatta in the same color. The gorgeous malas he wears adds a regal touch. Moreover, the detailed sequin embroidery on the dupatta, the kurta sleeves and the collar area does full justice to the attire.

18. The Headgear

Accessories with Indian Groom Outfits - The HeadgearGet custom made Groom Wear Outfit

Traditions rule when it comes to this accessory. Most north Indian grooms wear the traditional turban while grooms in Bengal wear topor.

19. Maroon and Beige Sherwani

This light beige sherwani kurta boasts ethnic jaali work and has been paired with a rich dark maroon velvet stole with gold border. The headgear is also in the same color.

Sherwani is preferred for wedding and not so much for other smaller occasion in Indian wedding. Since there are a lot of variations that you can do in your sherwani. You can choose from various embroideries, fabrics and color combinations. Also you can opt for silk stole which is slightly embroidered as that would compliment your Sherwani.

In Indian groom outfit for wedding sherwani is defiantly on the top and be it a hindu or Punjabi Wedding, sherwani is the goto outfit for Indian grooms.

Indian Groom Outfits for Wedding Functions

20. Jacket Jazz with Kurta

Jacket Jazz with kurta

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Groom outfits such as this are perfect for the reception night. The sherwani kurta and churidar bottom are in a light peach raw silk fabric and have been topped with an embellished jacket. The jacket is in cream shade with minakari-like embellishments in multi colors.

21. Black and White Classy Indowestern

Get Custom Made IndoWestern

This achkan is epic as it goes perfectly in a side wedding function for a Groom! Checkout more of Black Sherwani.

22. Embellished Angarakha

This groom’s outfit is simple yet glamorous but not imposing! He wears a traditional angarkha kurta in a light pink pastel shade with straight white tapered pants. The highlight of the look is the detailed and exquisite thread and zariwork in a matte gold shade, on the kurta. The buttons are also in the same matte gold color.


23. Summer Wedding Masterpiece

Summer Wedding Masterpiece

This airy and light kurta is for an Indian groom of a summer wedding. The glamour quotient is upped by the jaali and mirror work on the kurta. It has been paired with a salwar bottom.


24. Anarkali Kurta

Anarkali Kurta

Grooms who want to try a Boho look or experiment with their wedding outfit can go for this. This style involves a kurta with a well-fitted upper part and a flared bottom part. Kurta pajama is usually wear on occasions like sangeet, cocktail events or other traditional Indian wedding events. In South Indian weddings kurta pajama or dhoti with kurta would be the first preference for the groom.

25. Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri Suit for men - Indian groom outfit

A Jodhpuri suit is an ethnic outfit for men that originated in the last century in the princely state of Jodhpur. It combines a kurta, a bandhgala jacket and jodhpur or churidar bottoms. Though originally not a wedding outfit, brocade and jamawar versions of the same can be worn by Indian grooms on their wedding day.

What we can derive from the already mentioned, four main types of wedding outfits is the fact that all of them involve a kurta of some sort. We all know what a traditional kurta looks like. Hence let us shed some light on the new and emerging cuts in kurta fashion.

26. Play it Simple


Grooms who like to play it simple or those who are bound by tradition to wear all-white outfits, can go for such a look. The groom pairs a white angrakha kurta with a white dhoti and polished leather jutis. There is chikankari detailing on his kurta. This tradition style kurta goes perfect in a Bengali wedding.

27. Multicolor Kurta with Benarasi Dupatta

Indian groom wedding dress

This funky Indian groom outfit is totally out-of-the-box! A cream churidar has been paired with a cream kurta which has multi-color thread work on it. Another dash of color comes from the gold and green Benarasi brocade dupatta.

28. Achkan Kurta


This type of Galabandh or Achkan has a high neckline, a straight cut and buttons on one side instead of the middle.

Achkan has come a long way and now it has established its place for Indian Groom Outfit. Though you can have it plan but you can always play with various fabrics and embroideries. Usually it is preferred by groom in Muslim Wedding but it has become very popular amongst men for all wedding functions.

The main difference between a Achkan and Sherwani is the length and shape of the jacket. In case of Achkan the length is above or till the knees but for sherwani jacket length is well below the knees. Also sherwani has more flare whereas Achkan is usually body fit.

29. Midnight Blues

Midnight Bluesbhaveshshindephotography

This Indian groom outfit is breath-taking, to say the least! The midnight blue silk kurta is made out of Benarasi brocade weave which is so gorgeous and intricate that no other embellishment or accessory is required! The muted gold churidars do justice to the kurta!

30. Angrakha Kurta for Morning Functions

Angrakha Kurta

Instead of a normal neckline and button line, this kind of kurta has a cross-body cut on the upper part. In many cases instead of button fastening there are tie-up string fastening mechanism on one side of the body.

Indian groom outfit or rather Indian groom’s wedding trousseau would be incomplete without a kurta and anghrakha kurta takes it on a new level. Sober yet classy and pair it with Kolhapuri chappal (flip flops) to enhance its look.


Indian Grooms Who Have Nailed Their Wedding Outfits

Now you are aware of the factors that would help you choose your outfit as a groom! But what you still need is a holistic idea of how to coordinate the various components and carry a good Indian groom outfit. We have picked 20 grooms who have done it just right!

31. Emerald Green Stole

Emerald Green Stole Sherwani

A well-tailored sherwani jacket in white or ivory can be teamed up with anything. This groom wears one with delicate textured detailing, an embellished collar and gold statement buttons. He has paired it with a deep emerald green silk stole with an intricately embroidered gold border and gold motifs.

32. Navy and Red Fusion Achkan

Navy and Red Fusion Achkan

This groom’s outfit is a perfect example of great color as well as style combination. An achkan jacket, which is an Indo-western piece of clothing has been paired with a dark red silk dhoti. The achkan is in the darkest navy shade and boasts floral embroidery in dark red and brown. The red silk dhoti has a gold work border – the same in the stole as well! The headgear is also in the same red and gold combination.

33. White with Pastel Shade

White with Pastel Shade

Fond of pastel shades? Choose an outfit like the one this groom wears! An embellished off-white angarakha sherwani has been accessorized with a pastel pink stole and headgear in a same shade.


34. For the Perfect Pair


You can coordinate your outfit with your bride without looking like a pair of twins! For instance, this groom is not even wearing an outfit which is color coordinated with his bride’s lehenga. Instead, his accessory – the waistcoat – is in the same fabric as his bride’s blouse and Banarasi lehenga border.


Accessories with Indian Groom Outfits

35. That Red Dupatta

Indian Groom Outfit - red stole with sherwani

This groom would remind you of the retro Bollywood number – “laal dupatta mal mal ka”. Surely, the groom has themed his outfit on this line. His embroidered tussar kurta looks traditionally beautiful with the bright red dupatta and the red churidar.

36. Embellished Shawl

Indian groom wearing sherwani with black stole

This groom wears a simple off-white sherwani. The special element in his outfit is his black shawl that gold zari embroidered motifs on it! The sequin and colourful stones embroidered on the shawl gives it a very exotic look.

37. The Printed Pagdi

Indian groom wearing printed pagadi

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This groom wears a gorgeous cream color sherwani. There are no color variations except for the floral prints on his turban. The peachy pink prints add a dash of vibrancy to the outfit!


38. The Stole

The Dupatta

If you are going for a sherwani, you will have to carry a dupatta along with it. Usually grooms wear the dupatta around the neck. Some grooms, instead of dupatta, carry a heavily embroidered shawl with their pajama-kurta or dhoti-kurta. This looks extremely classy.


39. The Jutis

The Jutis

Shoes should complement the ethnic outfit of the groom. Jodhpuri or Kolhapuri jutis are the most common choice. Leather moccasins complement Jodhpuri suits. Nagrais or mojaris look great with heavily embellished kurtas.

40. The Brooch

The Brooch

Most Indian grooms don’t wear jewellery. However, small and elegant items like a vintage brooch may make a lot of difference.


41. The Mala

The Mala

Some grooms wear pearl malas over their kurtas or sherwanis. It complements the grandness of the outfit.


Factors to Consider While Choosing the Indian Groom Outfit

  • The Cut & the Fit are Crucial

When it comes to menswear, the fit becomes more important than the style. So get hold of a good tailor who understands cuts. Go for numerous trials before accepting the finished products. Even if you are opting for a readymade outfit, get it fitted as per your body type!

  • The Bottom Wear Makes All the Difference

Most of the time, we make the mistake of focusing only on the kurta or top-wear of the outfit. But the look of an Indian groom outfit depends a lot on the bottom wear.

Whether you team up your kurta with a pajama or a dhoti, a churidar or a pair of jodhpur pants, ethnic trousers or a mundu, harem pants or salwars, determines the ultimate look. Whether you appear taller, leaner or wider, depends on the type of bottom wear you choose and the height of your kurta.

  • Colors that Complement

Unlike the Indian bride who in a lot of cases has to wear red on her wedding day, there is no such strict rule in case of the Indian groom outfit. It goes without saying that you need to choose a color that complements your complexion.

Also, if you have planned a theme wedding, try to match the color of your outfit with the theme. Some grooms and brides plan outfits together! In this case, they should choose colors that complement each other’s outfits.

  • Embellishments Galore

Indian groom outfits come with a variety of embellishments. From zari and sequin embroidery to zardozi work, kasab, jaali, chikankari, Benarasi brocade, Kashmiri aari, Jamawar weave etc – the list is endless.

Moreover, most Indian grooms don’t wear jewellery so there is no fear of the jewellery design clashing with the work on the bodice of your kurta. So we suggest that in order to match up the grandeur of your bride’s lehenga or saree, go for an outfit with elaborate and detailed embellishments.

  • The Fabric Matters

Indian groom outfits should come in rich and luxurious fabrics like pure silk, tussar, silk brocades, rich velvets, resham jamdanis or elegant raw silks. It is important for the groom to choose an outfit in such a fabric in order to match up to the glamor quotient of his bride’s outfit.


The Bottom Line: Indian Groom Outfit

Hope this guide on Indian Groom Outfits would help you choose the right outfit for your wedding! We would suggest you should always consider the weather and season before choosing your groom wear. Also keep in mind that if you must have at least one outfit which is color coordinated with  your brides outfit.

There are so many options as mentioned in this blog but you must choose something that you are comfortable in as you will be performing a lot of ceremonies and comfort is paramount.

We at has expertise in many Indian Wedding wear and we have happy clients all over the globe.

Checkout this video if you want to take your measurements for your Indian groom wear:


The bride and the groom take the oath of equal participation in every aspect of their conjugal life! This preserves the balance of the marital union. Then why do we ignore the outfit needs of a groom and focus only on bridal fashion? With this thinking we have today compiled an extensive guide to the ultimate Indian groom outfit. Hope it will be helpful!


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