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25 Golden Bridal Lehenga that you can choose from – Go Golden

Kick start your wedding to-do-list by taking some Golden Bridal Lehenga inspiration. Yes! It’s time to go Golden, we are talking about Golden Bridal Lehenga for your wedding!

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As you see yourself on the junction of reaching and making the upcoming milestone of your life golden. You may find that you are a bit confused? But, somewhere within your heart, you want something golden to magnify your love and respect on an auspicious day. How you will sink into that? We know that being a bride-to-be now is not easy in this century.

You must have already planned a pre-wedding photoshoot and you might have various ideas to make your wedding celebrations remarkable. Because, of course, you will marry once! Your wedding day can be intimate or you may call all unseen relatives just to eat food.

But, wait! You are here, right now, on this blog and we won’t give you any chance to leave this page without giving you some dose of inspiration to wear that golden bridal lehenga.


25 Golden Bridal Lehenga – Brides Go Golden

1. Rose Gold + Rose Gold!

Rose Gold + Rose Gold - Bridal Lehenga
Not only this color looks best on your mobile phones but everything. Pick that pale gold tulle lehenga which has those scriptures of handcrafted peacocks over it. Looks completely stellar! Rimple and Harpreet in their latest collections have summed up the Mughal miniature paintings, Kasab and have used semi-precious stones in the making. The lehenga gets accompanied by the sheer tulle dupatta with the pale golden hue showering over your shoulders. | rimpleandharpreet | Get Indian Bridal Wear


2. Glittery Glittery Gold

Glittery Glittery Gold - Golden Bridal Lehenga
This lehenga is unique because it plays with textures. The base material is a rich silk. The color pendulums between tussar beige and matte gold. On this decadent texture, the designer has included floral embroidery in zari. The skirt hem too is elaborate and forms through embroidery a jacquard texture. | aanganbyparul


3. Mirror Work Magic – Golden Bridal Lehenga

Mirror Work Magic - Golden Bridal Lehenga
A lehenga, so indulgent in mirror work, needs a base color which is neutral yet gorgeous. The designer of this golden bridal lehenga has created a masterpiece by blending exotic mirror work and the grandeur of gold. Sequin work fills the gaps and some color elements are also added in the border area of the dupatta! The outfit is grand, ethnic and has a touch of boho!


4. Gold Galore

Golden Bridal Lehenga
The outright traditional ensemble fits the definition of the out-of-this-world, larger-than-life bridal lehenga in a big fat Indian wedding. There is so much of gold on the lehenga itself that the bride wears a huge pearl and emerald necklace to create some kind of contrast instead of traditional gold or kundan jewellery.


5. Shimmer & Silk

Shimmer & Silk - Golden Bridal Lehenga
This lehenga is unique because it plays with textures. The base material is a rich silk. The color pendulums between tussar beige and matte gold. On this decadent texture, the designer has included floral embroidery in zari. The skirt hem too is elaborate and forms through embroidery a jacquard texture. | aanganbyparul


6. Contemporary Golden Lehenga

Contemporary Golden Lehenga
Bring together matte golden tones and silver hues and you have the perfect color combination for a contemporary lehenga. This lehenga involves sequin work, crystal embroidery and thread work. The presence of silver and matte gold in a contemporary silhouette makes it a great option for the reception night. This outfit is also perfect for the Indian brides with cool skin undertones who shy away from wearing pure golden lehengas.


7. Rose Gold Glamour

Rose Gold Bridal Lehenga
Rose gold is another cool toned shade of gold. It compliments cool skin tones and the undertone of pink adds a natural flush to the skin of the bride. This particular golden lehenga uses rose gold zari threads for embellishments on a base of pink. The powder pink net dupatta too goes really well with this shade of gold. | theweddingchamber


8. Peach Gold Lehenga

Peach Gold Lehenga
A very unique shade – peach gold – has been used in this lehenga. Here, the golden fabric has a peachy undertone. The design itself is unique with a layer of embellished net on the skirt. The dupatta has also been draped uniquely and the choli sleeves have jhallar details!


9. Fairyland Golden Bridal Lehenga

Fairyland Golden Bridal Lehenga
Ankita Lokhande’s golden wedding lehenga was simply ‘out of this world’. Look at this thing of sheer gorgeousness! From zari to sequin, from thread work to zardozi – this bridal lehenga showcases all those arts that make Indian wedding wear regal!


10. Shenanigans in the golden stroke

Golden Lehenga Bridal
Ask your friends to choose a similar tone and get beautiful lehenga for yourself. Set some #lehengagoals with your buddies. | Bridal Asia


11. The Power of Gold

Golden Bridal Lehenga
This quintessential Sabyasachi golden lehenga defines the power of gold. It takes the meaning of “embellishment” to an all new level. While on one hand the flared lehenga skirt has a rich jacquard look, on the other, the choli flaunts intricate metallic embroidery. The chiffon dupatta has an ornate border and printed floral motifs. | culturedwedding


12. Of Belts and Textures

Of Belts and Textures in Golden Bridal Lehenga
In the case of colors like gold, it is very easy as well as satisfying to create textured looks on fabrics using embellishments such as stones, sequins, beads, pearls, crystals etc. Combining well with zari embroidery it creates a textured look. The design elements in this lehenga follow this pattern plus it has an extra ornate belt detail. | swapnaareddyofficial


13. Embellished Belts on Gorgeous Golden Lehenga

Embellished Belts on Gorgeous Golden Lehengas
Such a dreamy, beautiful golden lehenga! The fabric is in a pink tone but the embellishments are so intricate and dense, the lehenga comes across as a golden masterpiece. Floral motifs have been embroidered all over the outfit. Sequin embroidery, golden thread work, gold metallic wire embroidery and stone work has been used. The embellished belt is the highlight of the look.


14. Peacock Spirit

Peacock Spirit in Golden Bridal Lehenga
When the boho spirit and quirky styles have entered the ethnic wedding fashion scenario, why should they not work in case of golden lehengas? This bride, bold and spirited as a peacock, flaunts a golden and off white toned lehenga with vibrant colorful peacock motifs on the skirt! The juxtaposition of tradition and fun is just what we are looking for!


15. Classic Rule

Classic Golden Bridal Lehenga
Classic looks like the traditional gold zari embroidered lehenga will never go out of vogue. This ghagra- style lehenga proves just that! The pleated and flared look, the traditional motifs, the sequin and zari work etc would suit every Indian bride.


16. Without the Glitter?

Gorgeous Golden Lehenga
This golden bridal lehenga defies all conventions! There is nothing glittery, shining and sparkly about it! In fact there is no zari, no gold sequin and no metallic beads! It’s just threads and color, yet so much gold! The base fabric is in a royal rose gold tone and matte texture. Intricate regal motifs have been embroidered in light beige! Beautiful would be an understatement!


17. Mirror Mirror on the Lehenga

Mirror Work in Golden Bridal Lehenga
Mirror work has almost always been associated with colorful ethnic fabrics like ajrakh, bandhani etc! Such extensive use of mirror work on bridal ensembles can only be supported by a color like gold. This bride’s golden lehenga skirt showcases mirror work in zigzag horizontal patterns. The choli and the dupatta border also have mirror work motifs.


18. Stripes at the Border and those flowers

Golden Lehenga Bridal - Stripes at the Border and those flowers
Get in touch with the grandeur of color golden and opt-out for something which has a stripy zebra border coming and conquering another level of lehenga with intricate flowers embroidered over it. The shine of Golden light shines bright! Get the blouse to be a full-hand sleeve or discuss the same with your designer. Keep the other half of lehenga quiet and play with few parts. It looks good! 
Wear what feels good!! Sit up straight and decide with the designer which stripes to get on. Colorful or black and white. You have total freedom to choose from it!! | Rohit Bal| Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


19. The sharara effect for Golden Bridal Lehenga

The sharara effect for Golden Bridal Lehenga
Kareena Kapoor Khan brought this into fashion and will never go out of style. Jam up the sharara and kurta with chevrons and latticework. If you fall into the category of being a mathematician play with the geometrical figures over the sharara. Pair the same with sheer tulle dupatta! Fantastic! |  rimpleandharpreet | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


20. Gold Galore

Golden Glare Bridal Lehenga
The outright traditional ensemble fits the definition of the out-of-this-world, larger-than-life bridal lehenga in a big fat Indian wedding. There is so much of gold on the lehenga itself that the bride wears a huge pearl and emerald necklace to create some kind of contrast instead of traditional gold or kundan jewellery.


21. Different color tones!

Golden Lehenga Bridal
Opt for a shimmery tone Golden Bridal lehenga while you manage to get that choli of some other divine color. Maybe go with silver, grey or green! Use some expensive crystal work over your choli and make it colorful. Some handwork once done will make the whole attire look exotic just like the spices of India. In the words of Justin Bieber, you will look Yummy. You see those triangular shapes there!! That looks fine!! | manishmalhotra

Checkout more of Manish Malhotra Lehagas with prices!

22. Embroidery game up!!

Golden Lehenga Bridal
You can take the embroidery game to another level by getting brief and let the zardozi get mixed with some other embroidery. The liquid gold shimmer achieved with those gold sequins and crystals looks promising esp on a plus size bride. Elaborate the structure as much as possible! See whether you feel convenient and whether that goes with your personality. Remember, it’s all about you!! | rimpleandharpreet | Get Indian Bridal Wear


23. Gold and that red shawl!

Golden Lehenga Bridal
We simply love it! It makes us go into the Padmaavat nostalgia. Keep your choli in tune with your lehenga and don’t go overboard with adding lots of colors. Get that burgundy velvet shawl which takes the whole attire to another level. It settles up the chaos!! It feels real gold!!! | rimpleandharpreet | Get custom made Bridal wear


24. B-town has some Golden Bridal Lehenga goals!

Golden Bridal Lehenga
But Moreover, every Indian Bride wants something which is pure Desi when it comes to their Wedding Eve. The B-town celebs bring those Wedding looks which they choose for their D-day and we all tend to stare at their Insta-post. Again and Again!! |  Vogue


25. The long sleeves and the gold dust

Golden Lehenga Bridal
Make sure your jewelry ensemble strikes with your trousseau at the same time. As you will be opting out for Golden Bridal Lehenga. Let the other ensemble manage to keep the balance fresh yet royal. Believe in the heritage!! Golden color assures the hope and the level of faith. If you are going with the full sleeves you get the option to let go of Bangles to some extent. This preparation will keep ongoing. But, the attire you will wear will leave that wow effect which everybody will talk about. Like, for a whole month ahead!! So, choose wisely and with your all heart in it! | AzaFashion


Get in touch with your inner queen and ask her “Hey! Someone who has never worn so many clothes and has always kept it very simple like a tomboy, what you want to wear on your wedding day?” Your inner voice might tell you “Go with that lemony shimmery color or Total red…But, wait!! Golden, yes..You will look ravishing in that lehenga”That’s it!! You know when you know.

Get your shenanigans on board and discuss your idea. Get the ball rolling! Ask your fashionista friend to throw some advice. Friends just know!!


Conclusion – Golden Bridal Lehenga

Before getting all the look on make sure you have decided and ticked-off everything from your list and have all the fittings to point. It’s time to make Instagram-air move towards you.

All the wedding attires can be segmented, like what you would like to wear on your Mehndi, Sangeet and D-day followed by receptions. According, to your requirements you can set the tone for your whole wedding. And the most important thing!! Don’t forget your groom.

What would he be wearing? You both would be together and all eyes will be on you. We know he won’t get confused that much on which color to choose and all. You choose and pair up the attires accordingly. You can drop any requirements in the box below and we’ll take it from there.

There are various points we have already mentioned but here is one more. Because we want you to enjoy your wedding without getting worried of any weather changes. As you know we all are facing climate change.

So, what? Okay!! Keep your lehenga very comfortable and nice!! And keep your attitude high!! Don’t let some droplets of water or a splash of mud hide your glowy face. Your golden bridal lehenga will look more golden if you feel golden inside!!

The designers have already offered various options and now you get to choose.

Your husband will feel like you are the trophy he has won. Smile as you gaze into his eyes confirming that he deserves it!

We hope these Bridal Lehenga inspired you and helped you in figuring out what your dream dress will look like on the big day.

To help you with the ultimate Bridal outfit. Drop us a message!! GetEthnic offers customized services of highest quality!

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