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Indian Wedding Dresses
Bride, Groom, & Family

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From Vision To Reality


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Indian Wedding Dresses - Bride, Groom & Family is all about customisation of Indian Wedding Outfits for Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen & Family which are made as per your design, style, fabric and embroidery requirements. 

We have merged state of the art 3D technology with Indian fashion where we first understand your requirements and make detailed 3D sketches and videos of your outfit to finalise your overall Look, Drape & Design even before it comes to life.

We understand how important this one wedding outfit is for you so we leave no stone unturned to make it perfect for you as we have done for our thousands of brides and grooms across 50+ countries. 

If you’re tight on budget then you can opt for Video Shopping to see readymade dresses or go for Pre-embroidered fabrics outfit where you can save on the cost of embroideries.

We do color coordinated bridesmaids, groomsmen and family outfits along with bride and groom accessories to complete your overall look.

So drop us a message and let’s get started! is a game changer when it comes to Custom Made Indian Ethnic Outfits esp Wedding Wear. We make “made to measure” bespoke dresses with finest fabrics and best in class craftsmen with strong focus on constant client interactions through pictures & videos throughout the process.

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