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30 Sherwani Trends for the Groom of 2024

The groom of 2024 is the ‘new age groom’. He is extremely conscious of what he wears and how he dresses for any event. He knows that his outfits, especially his wedding wear, needs to define a part of himself. He blends together tradition and modernity. He actively gets involved in his wedding shopping and finds the perfect attire for his wedding day. The groom  of 2024 personifies the concept of ‘metrosexual masculinity’. Today we present to you 30 trends that define the groom of 2024. The styles blend comfort with the right kind of fabric. Every style is unique and each craft tells a story.

Indian Groom Sherwani Trends 2024

1. Pristine White Sherwani for Groom 2024

Pristine White Sherwani for Groom 2024
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Whites and its shades will prove to be the most popular color for groom sherwanis in 2024. This groom is wearing the color at its palest! This is no creamy white or tussar. It is a pure paper white, minimalistic sherwani with an embellished stole.

2. Jacquard Jackets

Jacquard Jackets - Indian Groom Sherwani 2024
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Self design or woven motif looks are totally trending in 2024 weddings. This open sherwani jacket with all over barfi motifs in self design looks very smart and contemporary. The design creates a jacquard look. This along with the embellished buttons on the inner kurta give a vibe of subtle elegance.

3. Indo Western Sherwani Looks

Indo Western Sherwani Looks

Such colors, like lilac, lavender or blush pink, are going to be extremely popular in 2024 weddings, both for the groom and the bride. The same goes for Indo Western attires, even for the groom. The inner kurta with ornate border is a bit longer than the sherwani jacket. This open jacket in lilac silk fabric has all over sequin embroidery.

4. The Lure of Nature in Sherwani 2024

The Lure of Nature in Sherwani 2024

Mystical wedding themes like the Enchanted Fort or Magical Garden etc, are in trend in 2024. This sherwani for the groom captures the essence of such themes. The sheer brilliance of the botanical embroidery on it is unparalleled. On the grandeur of raw silk, subtle pastels shades like turquoise, sand and blush pink have been used to embroider floral motifs.

5. Gold & Ivory Self Design Sherwani

Sherwani trends 2024

It’s the year for self design on neutral bases! This sherwani for the groom is perfect for 2024 weddings. There are gold woven motifs all over the sherwani jacket. What looks even more impressive is the jacquard design stole. The stole, with an ornate gold border, simply steals the show!

6. Tussar Chikankari Sherwani

Tussar Chikankari Sherwani 2024

Another variation of the 2024 neutral tone sherwani trend – this one comes in tussar tone with all over self chikankari work. The heavy thread work does not necessitate any other form of embellishment. However, the stole is in a fine chiffon fabric with a gold border!

7. Silver Jacquard Work for 2024 Grooms

Silver Jacquard Work for 2024 Grooms

This is another stunning combination that you can use in your 2024 wedding! The ivory sherwani has an all over network jacquard pattern enhanced with the use of silver sequins. The sherwani, paired with churidar bottoms, also has a pastel pink sheen that goes really well with the silver embellishment.

8. Solid Ivory Sherwani

Solid Ivory Sherwani

It goes without saying that solid unembellished looks in neutral tones are the most masculine, extremely elegant and totally re-wearable types of wedding wear. In 2024, reusable wedding wear is proving to be a big thing. Such a sherwani can be used in numerous ways for later occasions and can also be mixed and matched with different accessories! A basic unembellished solid tone sherwani in a neutral shade basically never goes out of fashion!

9. Embellished Shawl with Embroidered Sherwani

Embellished Shawl with Embroidered Sherwani

For 2024 winter weddings, embellished shawls will rule groom looks! Pashminas, jamawars, silk shawls – you name it! This groom flaunts a stunning all-over-embroidered black shawl with prominent paisley motifs. It has been paired with an embellished sherwani, but will look equally stunning with a plain sherwani!

10. Embroidered Open Jacket

This look is simple yet extremely elegant and decadent. It’s a white sherwani look with an inner kurta and a beautifully embroidered open sherwani jacket. The jacket showcases motifs inspired by Mughal pietra dura art in gold. On the marble white surface of the fabric, the floral motifs within geometric shapes look simply mesmerising!

11. Black Velvet Sherwani for 2024 Grooms

Black Velvet Sherwani for 2024 Grooms

2024 is the year for solid tones and decadent fabrics. When the two are put together, they create a look which is simply luxurious, elegant and regal! Here is a black sherwani in velvet and the look is so rich, it doesn’t seem to need any other form of embellishment! It will be the most popular reception look for 2024 grooms.

12. Lilac Sherwani with Metallic Embroidery

Lilac Sherwani with Metallic Embroidery

Another pastel shade that will be very popular in 2024 is lilac. This silk sherwani here is in a light lilac tone and is paired with off-white silk trousers. The ensemble showcases a completely different type of embroidery. Metallic threads and beads have been used but this is not zardozi. The uniqueness also lies in the fact that though it’s the floral type, there is more stress on the vines rather than the buds. The elements together create a different look for 2024 grooms.

13. Blush Pink Achkan

Blush Pink Achkan

Pastels are forever! Pale blush pink looks amazing in a morning wedding! Paired with off-white trousers and stole, embroidered all over in floral patterns and with an asymmetrical hemline, this achkan looks absolutely stunning!

14. Plain Sherwani with floral Shawl

Plain Sherwani with floral Shawl

How elegant this off-white sherwani looks paired with a Kashmiri kaani shawl in off-white! A shawl as rich in heritage and craftsmanship can be a game changer in your 2024 wedding look! The subtle pastel shades of the traditional floral and paisley motifs on the shawl are simply stunning!

15. Sleeveless Sherwani Jacket

Sleeveless Sherwani Jacket

Contemporary styles in the sherwani are being explored by new grooms and weddings this year will see many such outfits! This ensemble consists of trousers, a kurta and a sherwani jacket which is sleeveless. The jacket, in this case is embellished and a bit shorter than the inner kurta, creating a layered look.

16. Printed Floral Tales for 2024 Grooms

Printed Floral Tales for 2024 Grooms - Sherwani

Though not ideal for the wedding moment, such a sherwani will look amazing on the 2024 groom during pre-wedding functions. It’s all about a clean ivory palette with huge printed floral motifs in indigo. It’s perfect for day-time looks and gives out a luxurious, classy vibe!

17. Flared Kurta Look with Short Sherwani

Flared Kurta Look with Short Sherwani

Time for Manish Malhotra magic! Only the maestro knows how to bend traditional styles to get such brilliant results. It’s a contemporary take on the anarkali sherwani. But there are two main variations – the anarkali kurta is not extremely flared and the straight cut sherwani jacket on top is slightly shorter! Not only is this a game-changer but the combination of the highly embellished gold sherwani jacket with the milky white serene fabric of the kurta creates a starkly beautiful contrast.

18. Velvet Vibrancy in 2024

Sherwani - Velvet Vibrancy in 2024

This black velvet sherwani is definitely on-the-face gorgeous but also stylishly so! The sherwani jacket has self design motifs all over with embellished buttons. The real show stopper is the stole with all over thread and zari embroidery. The stole showcases an amalgamation of unique motifs consisting of flowers, horses, deer, trees etc. The look is bold, unique and definitely fit got the 2024 groom.

19. Pink and Ivory 2024

Pink and Ivory Sherwani Trends 2024

This color combination is perfect for 2024 as both ivory and pastel pink will be doing the rounds in weddings this year, especially in the case of groomswear. The style is also unique – flared inner anarkali kurta paired with a shorter sherwani jacket. The gold sequin, zari and bead embroidery on the ivory sherwani jacket is stunning.

20. Conscious & Sustainable Choices

Conscious & Sustainable Choices

Environmental consciousness is a big driving force behind fashion in general, in the current age. Ethnic wedding fashion is also influenced by these ideals and both the bride and the groom are going for sustainable choices in fabrics. Attires that generate less waste and support local artisans are being preferred. Also, organic and eco-friendly fabrics are being favored over synthetic ones.

21. Classic Sherwani with Contemporary Twist

Classic Sherwani with Contemporary Twist

Sherwanis for the groom of 2024 will exude contemporary elegance mixed with traditional charm. We will see many groom sherwanis with all-over intricate embroidery as mentioned earlier, along with modern cuts and styles. Classic silhouettes are timeless and blended with that we will see a lot of high neck cuts, fitted trousers, contrast dupattas etc.

22. Layering – Sherwani for Indian Grooms 2024

Layered looks are trending, not only in case of Indo-western attires but also in the case of sherwanis. Think of long sherwani jackets with all-over aari work paired with kurtas in neutral tones along with a shawl or a long shirt over trousers paired with a sherwani or achkan jacket! Such looks will rule this wedding season.

23. Gold Brocade Sherwanis

Gold Brocade Sherwanis

Another fabric that is synonymous with richness or royalty is the gold brocade. Gold brocade sherwanis are the one type of sherwani that you can totally go for even if you don’t want to follow any other trend. With gold brocade long sherwanis and shorter achkans you can totally channelize your inner Maharaja. Gilded gold brocade work has that regal edge that no other fabric has.

24. Mirror Work Sherwani for 2024 Grooms

Mirror Work Sherwani for 2024 Grooms

Mirror work is trending for grooms in 2024 because they easily bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional. Think sleeker silk versions of the sherwani or the inner kurtas with traditional sheesha embroidery. Even shimmery gold sherwanis would look great with mirror work and a bit of sequin detailing.

25.  Multiple Shades of the Same Color

Multiple Shades of the Same Color

In the case of groom’s sherwani, contrast color pairing is not the trend. Instead, we see the juxtaposition of different shades of the same color. For example, this GetEthnic groom flaunts the various shades of the color moss green.

26. Neutrals color for 2024 Grooms

Neutrals color for 2024 Grooms

For men, neutral colors like white, off-white, cream, ivory, beige, nude etc will never go out of fashion. On neutral backgrounds floral motifs and bootas of all kinds look amazing! Moreover, a sherwani in neutral tone is a class apart by itself!

27. The Angarakha Silhouette

The Angarakha Silhouette

The angarakha style sherwani not only has historical significance but also is a great choice for extravagant weddings. The style transcends age and body type. To make this look even more royal and rich, go for detailed monochromatic or neutral sherwanis.

28. Jodhpuri Sherwanis

Jodhpuri Sherwanis

Jodhpuri sherwanis are inspired from the royal attire of Rajputana. They are unique Bandhgala style sherwani which feature a close neck pattern. Paired with Jodhpuri style trousers, the outfit showcases distinctive elegance. It is historically significant and therefore exudes a princely charm. The Jodhpuri style sherwani can feature intricate embroidery when being created for the groom. This timeless design is not only sophisticated but reminds one of royal heritage.

29. Pure Silk Sherwani

Pure Silk Sherwani

Silk is the most lush and luxurious fabric that never goes out of style. The sheen and smoothness of silk is unparalleled. This wedding season, pure silk sherwanis will trend. Adorned in intricate zari work with traditional motifs, pure silk sherwanis are perfect for the grandest of occasions. They are lightweight yet rich and royal.

30. Pure Raw Silk Sherwani

Pure Raw Silk Sherwani

Raw silk has that quintessential textured look which is unique to it. A raw silk sherwani or a sherwani paired with a raw silk kurta looks casual yet graceful. Raw silk or tussar is a symbol of tradition and luxury and this year grooms are choosing outfits that are both traditional yet easy to carry and style. Pure raw silk sherwanis have that royal allure!

Fashion for the new-age groom is all about a perfect blend of the traditional and the contemporary. He is that guy who throws a grand cocktail party and himself arrives in a traditional sherwani. So, sherwanis for such a man need to be functional, sustainable, comfortable yet look amazing! For expert advice of sherwanis for 2024 grooms, get in touch with us!

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