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The Origin of Anarkali Lehenga

Have you admired Deepika Padukone only for acting in BajiraoMastani? Definitely not. You have been surely amazed at the designs of the Anarkali suits and lehengas that she wore in this movie. She was looking gorgeous in that ethnic apparel. Not only is she, but present Bollywood divas, from Kareena Kapoor to KangnaRanawat, Anarkali lehenga stealing the limelight in every occasion. Whenever they make any public appearance in ethnic wear, they prefer to choose Anarkali lehengas.

From 2012, Anarkali lehengas have made its return in Bollywood movies. But, you can’t forget about the movies like Mughal-E-Azam, Pakhija or UmraaoJaan? The evergreen Bollywood divas, like Mina Kumari, Madhubala or Rekha have been dazzling in these gorgeous pieces in these movies. Have you ever thought how this beautiful dress came into fashion? Today, we will talk a bit about that.

Anarkali Lehenga

History of Anarkali Dress

‘Anarkali’ means the flower of pomegranate (‘Anar’=Pomegranate, ‘Kali’= Flower). Basically, Anarkali was the legendary slave girl from Lahore at the time of the empire of Akbar. The eternal love story of Salim (Akbar’s Son) and Anarkali is legendary and the film, Mughal-E-Azam, has made it timeless. Usually, the dancers, like Anarkali, used to present mujra (special kind of dance) in this dress and then it was known as mujra dress. After Anarkali, it became famous as Anarkali Dress.

Designs of Anarkali Lehengas

Usually, the gown portion of these lehengas are floor-touching, flowing and comes with lots of pleats. Today, Anarkali suits are also in trends. The upper portion of the suit is slim fitted around your bust and waist. The style enhances your curves and makes you look adorable. The length of the dress depends on person’s choice, but now the floor touching design is in fashion.


The upper portion is known as choli which is heavily embroidered. You can experiment with the designs of necklines and sleeves. Though sleeveless cholis look sexy, today, women also prefer a full sleeve of net and heavy embroidery work. A piece of Anarkali lehenga in your wardrobe can present you at any occasion with elegance and sophistication. The best thing about this dress is, it suits every body type, but the tall girls look more graceful in this suit. You can pick any materials, like satin, silk, cotton or net. The zari work or dazzling gotapatti work make the dress look wonderful.


Things You Should Remember While Wearing Anarkali Lehangas

  • You should always pair the dress with tights, leggings or churidaar. Palazzo or patialas won’t go with this dress.
  • While wearing a floor-length, you should check out that the length only covers your heels and does not get too flowing.
  • Choose beautiful neckline as that is the USP of this kind of dress.
  • For heavy busted women, Chinese collar is a big no.
  • Slim women or women with hourglass figure can try heavy flares.

So, today you get to know something important about Anarkali lehengas which was not known to you. Now, buy one for the coming occasion and look amazing.

5 Times Hollywood Actresses Stole the Show by Being Ethnic

It is quite amazing to imagine foreign celebrities in ethnic wears, like sarees or churidaar or salwar. The foreign actresses like Angelina Jolie or Pamela Anderson look ravishing whenever they have appeared in such ethnic wear! Usually, the Indian look is famous for grace, poise, sophistication and elegance. And when that is carried by the Hollywood beauties, it goes to a different level. You remember Jessica Alba in Rajasthani attire! She was looking extremely hot! And completely different too.

Julia Roberts in Saree

It is true that our sarees and salwars fit well on the Indian body type which has lots of curves; but, when Hollywood celebrities pay attention to the ethnicity and tradition of Indian clothes and carry those well, they look differently beautiful. Let’s find out which Hollywood divas have stolen the show by wearing ethnic wear.


  1. Angelina Jolie

While talking about the Hollywood actresses who have dazzled in ethnic wear, the first name should always be of the unforgettable ‘Maleficent’. Yes, when Angelina Jolie appeared in a pink saree for a photo shoot, she just killed people with her look. It was her grace that was highlighted by the attire. You see yourself!


  1. Anne Hathaway

May be not for public appearance or any photo shoot, but how can you forget Miss Hathaway’s look in Rachel Gets Married! She wore a golden bordered bluish-gray saree and that was enough to accentuate her look. She was looking elegant and obviously, hot!


  1. Halle Berry

Do you remember Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas? Then you definitely remember how she was looking red hot in that movie! Wearing red saree with appropriate draping, she was looking amazing. And that color was ravishing with her complexion. With that small nose stud and red designer saree with zari work, she has stolen the show.

  1. Julia Roberts

She is the pretty woman of Hollywood and she looks stunning in whatever she wears. Therefore, it is obvious that she will look amazing in a saree. In this silk saree with parrot green and blue combination, her elegance is touching the sky. Also, her no-accessories look has created a careless beauty.


  1. Selena Gomez

Yes, many of you will ask why I haven’t mentioned other gorgeous Hollywood stars like Elizabeth Hurley or Eva Mendez. Actually, Selena Gomez is the teen star. So, if you think saree is the thing for older ladies only, it is to say that young girls can look fabulous in such ethnic wear. Recently, during her Nepal tour from UNICEF, she wore a red saree and looking equally sexy and cute. See yourself!


So, these are the top five Hollywood actresses whom I think will look gorgeous in ethnic wear. There are celebrities like, Naomi Campbell, Madonna, Naomi Watts, Oprah Winfrey, and many more who have rocked the show with saree. Special mention to Lady Gaga who was looking astonishingly beautiful in Tarun Tahlani’s designer saree. So, Indian ethnic wear is such that it can make everyone look attractive.


Final Touch – Getting Ready for Reception and Leaving a Mark in Style

Wedding is the grandest event in every girl’s life. But, when it is an Indian wedding, there are so many preparations associated along with looking beautiful. Besides that, the tension the girl goes through on the big day creates immense pressure, truly. Still, you can’t just go to your reception in casual attire, right?

So, how about giving you the last minute tips which can make you look gorgeous within a few minutes and you don’t need to get panicked about your look. Hopefully, you have a clear idea how you are going to appear at your reception. Your dress is ready and you have the picture of your look in your brain. We are here today to add twists in your appearance so that you remain the talk of the town for a long time. Follow these simple tips and you can leave your own mark

Maroon Reception Gown

  1. Know the Dress Code

Whether it is your wedding reception or you are attending someone’s knowing the dress code is very important. Usually, Indian wedding means you get enough opportunities to wear ethnic. But, you can also try a bit fusion, like jacket blouse with your lehenga. Try not to be too much experimental and avoid barring too many body parts. You can try a cold shoulder blouse with your sari, but off-shoulder is a bit too much.


  1. Concentrate on Colors

This is one of the most important tips you need before getting ready for your reception or attending one. Dull and dusky colors are big no-no for a wedding. Avoid colors like brown, grey, especially black. Also, avoid white as that is worn at funerals in India. If you are attending someone’s reception, avoid wearing red too as that is the color preferred by the bride.


  1. Check out Your Shoes

If it is your reception, then you should wear footwear that completely complements your appearance. Also, don’t forget to concentrate on comfort. If you are not comfortable wearing your favorite footwear, your entire presence can be ruined. Also, wear footwear that is easy to take off as in an Indian Wedding, you may take off your shoes for many times.


  1. Be Comfortable

Weddings are long-drawn processes as there are lots of rituals and ceremonies included. Heavy wears often make you clumsy and that is not desired. Go for something that is quite comfortable and compliments your style. If you are not comfortable with a dress that is too revealing or heavy embroidery work, there is nothing wrong in avoiding those.

  1. Concentrate on Every Detailing

Not only your attire, but you should concentrate on your entire look. From makeup to your hairdo, everything should be perfect. If it is your reception, you must be appearing in heavy pieces of jewelery and all. Try to keep your makeup a bit less. Never highlight every part of your face. If your eyes are highlighted, keep your lips minimal.

So, these are some essential tips which you can remember while preparing yourself for the reception night. Enjoy every moment of the day and store in your favorite memories.

8 Ways Indian Celebs Rocked the Ethnic and Traditional Outfits

Whenever you see our Bollywood celebrities in traditional wear, you feel quite close to it as all the western wear they wear is difficult to copy. You can’t ignore the fact that you love our Bollywood celebrities more in ethnic and traditional outfits than western ones. And another advantage of ethnic wear is that you will never be out of fashion. No matter what is trending, saris never get old. And when celebs experiment with their look and present themselves in their sexiest form, they look just awesome. Here are 8 ways when Bolly celebs looked adorable in traditional wear.

Alia Bhatt in Saree

  1. Ranveer Singh

While talking about fashion, you can’t avoid this rowdy boy of Bollywood. It is true that he looks very sexy and hot in whatever he wears. But, in this complete white look, he is just stealing our hearts. Ladies, be careful!

  1. Deepika Padukone

If Bajirao is there, how can we forget about his Mastani? In Raam-Leela and BajiraoMastani, she has shown how glamorous she can be in ethnic wear. And each time she appears in saree or anarkali suits, hearts go ‘Oh My Gosh’.

  1. Sonam Kapoor

We don’t need to repeat the fact that she is the trend setter of Bollywood. Whether it is ethnic or western, she just kills people with her appearance. She is the one who has mixed and matched her ethnic wear and also given it a western twist. This is the look we are talking about!


  1. Akshay Kumar

Along with his career graph, his look is also getting better and better. Maybe he is not the best dressed man in Bollywood, but his fashion sense is stealing the show now-a-days. And when it comes to ethnic wear, this man is really winning hearts. Don’t you agree with the fact?

  1. Priyanka Chopra

What to say about our very own ‘Desi Girl’? She has already killed us with her look in Dostana. She is the trendsetter of wearing sari with designer blouses which have heavy embroidery work. Whether it is saree or lehengas, she is full of oomph factor.

  1. Alia Bhatt

She is the epitome of teen fashion. Rather, she is the face of teenage girls of the country. Often young girls try to avoid ethnic wears as those are heavy and dazzling a bit. But, the diva has shown how to carry ethnic wear and look vibrantly sexy at any occasion. Try once and see your beautiful transformation.

  1. Saif Ali Khan

He is the Nawab, after all. His love for traditional wear is well known as almost in every family occasion, he is seen in ethnic wear. His appearance in Jodhpuri pants, kurta and pagri has given him the king-like look. His awesome sense of fashion trends and styling has made him appear on this list.

  1. Shah Rukh Khan

The Baadshah of Bollywood often appear in black suit at every gala event, but when he chooses to wear ethnic, he can steal millions of hearts. Yes, he prefers to keep it simple, but that simple and casual look can light thousand crackers!

The list is never-ending. Bollywood celebs look splendid in ethnic wear. They should try it more often so that fans can follow their style and make it their own.

Evolution of Silk Sarees- from Queens and Princesses to 21st Century

Sarees are the oldest form of Indian traditional attire which have won several hearts throughout millions of years. It has gone through several improvisation and today, you get amazing sarees to wear. Silk sarees are one of the oldest form of sarees and loved by women of all ages. But, silk was not the sole product of India. Rather, the production of silk was originated in China during the Neolithic Age (4th Millennium BCE). It was confined within the territory of China until the Silk Road opened and traders started trading with silk.

It took no time to get immensely famous among women, especially among the high-class ladies, like queens and wives of traders. From ancient queens to modern day divas, silk sarees have mesmerized women with their oomph factor.

Evolution of Silk Sarees

If you have seen images of ancient queens and princesses, you must have seen them in heavy silk sarees which were quite difficult to carry. But, in parts of the then Bengal, a superfine silk saree was woven and that was famous worldwide in the name of ‘Muslin’. Today, the muslin you get is completely different from its earlier version. According to folklores, the quality of a muslin saree was considered through the ring test. If it could pass through the ring, the saree was regarded of the highest quality. Not only the princesses and queens, but such sarees were woven for the Gods too.

Usually, silk was pricey then. And also considered auspicious. Queens usually wore silk sarees during religious occasions. Commoners used to wear cotton. Take the example of MaharaaniGayatri Devi, the Queen of Jaipur. She was the epitome of grace and style and the silk saree is a material that can enhance her grace.

Journey of Banarasi Saree

You can’t imagine weddings without banarasi silk saree. The gorgeous colours along with beautiful zari work make the sari delightful. Earlier, each sari was woven with gold and silver zari and those were high priced. Only queens and princesses could afford that. But, in this 21st century, the work of banarasi saree has changed a lot. Though the designs are bit traditional, but the sarees are quite lighter than their earlier versions. Even, today girls are preferring lehangas of banarasi silk with heavy embroidery. Over the year, this saree has remained the epitome of traditional attire.

History of Kancheepuram Silk Saree

Kancheepuram is one of the towns of Tamil Nadu which is also known as the Silk City. Earlier, the weavers wove silk sarees for gods as there are numerous temples in this city. Soon, the silk sarees become the integral part of every occasion, especially weddings and all. Today, also, South India is famous for Kancheepuram silk and lots of other types of silk saree which are not only favorite of older women, but also loved by the teens.

So, here you get an idea about the evolution of silk sarees and how women of all ages loved to wear them.