Go Royal in a White Sherwani – 50 Ways to Ace the Look

There is something infinite in the color white. The color refuses to be categorized. It sheds off all associations with age. It can work equally well as the color of grandeur or the color of respectability or the color of masculinity. So, it would be wrong to say that if you want to dress royal at your wedding, or any other function, going for white is definitely the safest and perhaps the best color choice you can make. Though a neutral shade, the white sherwani looks royal enough if not more, at a big fat Indian wedding.

Before we delve into the 50 white sherwani looks, it should be noted that we are encompassing in this list all shades that fall under the ‘white category’ – like off white, ivory, cream etc. We will also talk about options in which a white sherwani is used but it is paired with colourful bottom wear or accessories. White is an excellent base color for all kinds of embellishments. So, we will also include options that have a white base with colorful embellishments or prints on it.

50 white Sherwani looks – Go Royal with White

1. Textured White Sherwani with Churidar

Textured White Sherwani with Churidarnomiansari | Get Groom Sherwani

Let’s start with simplicity! This white sherwani is low on embellishments. The textured or self-design fabric does the job! It is paired with churidar bottoms in a glossy fabric. The knee-length sherwani, the black boots and the traditional brown buttons create a very sophisticated appeal.

2. Angarakha Sherwani with Embossed Floral Motifs

Angarakha Sherwani with Embossed Floral Motifscandidknots | Get Groom Sherwani

This choice is quite out-of-the-box! First, the cut is like that of an angarakha with side and slanted button line. Second, the sherwani jacket is short. This one too is low on embellishments with just embellished buttons and an embossed floral design in muted metallic shade, all over the Sherwani.

3. Royal Sikh Groom Sherwani

Royal Sikh Groom Sherwanishaadiwish | Get Groom Sherwani

This groom looks royal in this traditional white wedding sherwani. The inner kurta is longer than the sherwani jacket and its gathers form a beautiful pattern below. A white stole does the job. The white sherwani jacket flaunts gold bee hive pattern all over with isolated motifs here and there. The pink turban goes well with the white attire.

4. Classic White & Gold Sherwani

Classic White & Gold Sherwaniweddingwireindia | Indian Wedding Dresses for Groom

Gold and off-white – is a match made in heaven! Gold ethnic motifs adorn the sherwani kurta. The stole has a heavily ornate border flaunting zardozi work. Neutral churidar bottoms are added. The gold-toned headgear with a jewelled brooch brings together the whole look.

5. Pure White Jacquard Sherwani

Pure White Jacquard Sherwani
If you want to go for a pure white sherwani look with no embellishments, this can be your choice! The fabric has jacquard-like self-design. The buttons are embellished. A pocket square detail is added with a golden brooch. The turban and the churidar bottoms are in the same white shade.

6. The Feather in the Turban

The Feather in the Turbanwedmegoodgrooms

This one is simple and non-complex. But what puts it apart is the embellished stole! The zari embroidered gold border of the stole showcases intricate craftsmanship. The gold turban with the pretty white feather looks unique!

7. Silver and White Sherwani

Silver and White Sherwaniestiecouture | Indian Wedding Dresses for Groom

This white sherwani boasts a unique embellishment pattern! Dense ethnic motifs are used in a matte silver shade all over the sherwani kurta and the stole border. The collar is also embellished. The emerald mala is cleverly used as an accessory in a contrast shade.

8. White Sherwani with Belt Detail

White Sherwani with Belt Detailmalhotrasapparels

Boasting floral and leaf motifs in matte gold zari and resham embroidery, this white sherwani comes with a belt detail. The stole with gold and red border stays in place with the belt and the turban is in a light pink shade.

9. White Sherwani with Purple Stole

White Sherwani with Purple Stole
Some colors bring out the brightness of white. Purple is one of them! The sherwani has a straight cut, embellished buttons, pocket square details and is paired with tapered trousers.

10. With a Floral Waistcoat

With a Floral Waistcoat - White SherwaniGet Groom Sherwani

A simple white sherwani kurta has become extraordinary with the addition of a white waistcoat boasting floral embroidery in multi-colors. The waistcoat has an embellished collar. A unique headgear and churidar bottoms go with the look!

11. Paired with a Pashmina

White Sherwani Paired with a Pashmina
This white sherwani with embellished buttons and pocket square boasts textured self-design in ethnic motifs. What really sets it apart and makes it all the more royal is the addition of a pashmina shawl instead of a stole.

12. Inspired by the Mughals

Inspired by the Mughals
This white sherwani boasts densely packed motifs inspired from Mughal architecture. The textured patterns look like jaal work on marble that adorns many Mughal edifices! The collar is plain and the sherwani jacket has been paired with tapered trousers.

13. With a Multi-Colored Stole

White Sherwani With a Multi-Colored Stole
Another way to add a twist to your white sherwani look is by pairing the attire with a multi-colored stole or dupatta. You can color co-ordiate the stole with the jewellery or turban you will be sporting. This groom has used green both on his jewellery and stole. His sherwani also comes with gold embellished statement buttons.

14. Use a Peach Toned Stole

Use a Peach Toned Stolewrapdindia

You can easily bring variations in a traditional white or cream sherwani by pairing it with stoles that are non-stereotypical. The gold and cream sherwani here has been paired with a peach stole with gold border and peach turban.

15. Rose Toned Off-White Sherwani

Rose Toned Off-White Sherwanimanishmalhotravows | Custom Made Sherwani

This two-layer sherwani comes in a matte light rose toned off-white color. Minakari-inspired floral motifs adorn the sherwani jacket and stole. Matte gold tones have been used. The kurta below is straight unlike the traditional anarkali kurtas that are worn below traditional sherwani jackets.

16. Cream Self Design Sherwani

Cream Self Design Sherwanimittalmistry_official | Indowestern for Men

This cream color sherwani boasts embellishments in self color. The collar is embellished and the stole comes with a handcrafted embellished border. It is paired with churidar bottoms and a turban with an ornate brooch.

17. The Green Floral Stole

The Green Floral Stole
To add some colour to the regular ivory and gold or white and gold sherwani look, use colourful stoles and turbans! This groom uses a mossy green stole with floral prints and a gold border. His turban too is green and ivory in color.

18. The High-Low Hemline


The High-Low Hemline in white sherewaniCheckout Galaband Suits 

White sherwanis don’t have to be traditional always! This outfit defies all rules – it has a side button line like angarakha-style sherwanis and a pocket square like achkans or Jodhpuri suits. The length of the sherwani is also quite short. The most striking feature of the outfit is the high and low and uneven hemline which gives the outfit a very contemporary look.

19. The Multi-Colored Turban

The Multi-Colored Turban
This ivory sherwani boasts self color thread work and jaal embroidery. The elegance of the outfit is paired with the colorfulness of the turban. There are few colors that add more characters to whites. Red and its shades do just that! The turban showcasing shades of red, green and gold perfectly complements this ivory sherwani.

20. Black and White is Not Always Boring

Black and White is Not Always Boring - Awesome Sherwani
Another clever way to pair a gold and white sherwani is using black bottom wear and stole. Like the sherwani kurta, the black stole too has gold zari embellishments. The bottom wear is a dhoti and looks pretty good with a sherwani.

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21. White Sherwani with Side Pleats

 White Sherwani with Side Pleats
This cream sherwani can easily be termed as ‘contemporary’. First, pairing it with a matte gold pair of tapered trousers gives a very modern appeal. Second, the sherwani has a slanted and uneven button line which progresses into a wide slit! One part of the outfit flaunts pre-draped pleats, has an uneven hemline and is longer than the other part.

22. Joys of Simplicity

Joys of Simplicity
Having a morning wedding and want something in white? Go for a traditional white and gold sherwani that is evenly embellished with intricate thread work forming traditional motifs. Pair it with a turban in a light pastel shade.

23. The Green Floral Details

The Green Floral Details
Zigzag patterns in gold thread are spread horizontally all over the off-white sherwani jacket. The part near the hemline is adorned in gold zari floral designs. Big green floral patterns adorn the inner kurta which is pink toned with a pleated fall. The stole is also pink toned with embellished border and gold zigzag pattern. Belt details are also added.

24. Red, Maroon and White Sherwani

Red, Maroon and White Sherwani
Such a well-conceptualized outfit for the groom! The paper-white sherwani jacket boasts jacquard self-pattern. The churidar bottoms are also white. The turban, mala and pocket square are red in color. The inner anarkali kurta and the stole are in a dark wine red to maroon shade. The stole boasts an embellished gold border and white and red printed detail.

25. The Embellished Stole in white sherwani

The Embellished Stolerashi.bhimani

The off-white and gold traditional sherwani boasts ethnic motifs all over in gold zari work. Embellished buttons are added. The striking factor of the look is the stole which boasts self-design, a white and gold intricately embroidered sequin and zari border and jhhalar thread details.

26. Using Pastel Shades with White

Using Pastel Shades with Whitesaurabhmukherjee_official | Indowestern

Gold motifs are placed all over the white sherwani. The most appealing aspect of the whole look are the pastel peach churidar bottoms and stole and the pastel mustard turban. Gold embellished border is added to the stole.

27. Gold Print Nehru Jacket

Gold Print Nehru Jacketurban_poshakh

Thinking about a neutral look? Pair your sherwani kurta and churidar with a gold print Nehru jacket. The style is contemporary with just a hint of the traditional!

28. Gold Floral Sherwani

Gold Floral Sherwani
Floral patterns are trending in the Indian groom ethnic wear scenario! Use gold floral patterns to adorn your ivory or off-white sherwanis. You can use gold resham threads, zari or even metallic zardozi!

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29. The Embroidered Button Line

The Embroidered Button Lineblancobespoke

Sometimes a little bit of twist makes an ordinary design extraordinary! The simple white angarakha-style sherwani kurta boasts just a gold embellished collar and an embroidered, slanting button line! The placement of simple zari embroidery in traditional motifs makes the whole outfit unique.

30. Off-White Sherwani with Jacket

Off-White Sherwani with Jacketdilbefikra

The sherwani kurta is devoid of embellishments – only gold zari embroidery is placed at the collar and near the hemline! Similar embroidery adorns the jacket all over! Pairing the outfit with a red turban enhances its overall appeal!

31. The Short White Sherwani Jacket

The Short White Sherwani Jacket
This white sherwani has a unique cut. The self-design textured jacket is quite short over the long anarkali kurta with pleats and all-over chequered patterns. The anarkali kurta also has an uneven hem. They are paired with white churidar bottoms.

32. White Sherwani Jacket with Polka Dots

White Sherwani Jacket with Polka Dotslabelaham

A front-open white sherwani jacket is used over a plain kurta and tapered trousers. The sherwani jackets flaunts evenly arranged woven polka dots in a matte gold color. This outfit is contemporary and modern!

33. Pastel Pink Undertones

Pastel Pink Undertones
A cream white sherwani with pastel pink undertones! The embellished sherwani jacket sits over an inner kurta with a straight cut! Gold band detail is added near inner kurta hem. Paired with churidar bottoms. The fabric of this kurta has strong pastel pink undertones in spite of being cream color.

34. Zigzag Print White Sherwani

Zigzag Print White Sherwaniphotonimage_by_daran | Groom Sherwani

This unique white sherwani comes paired with tapered trousers. It has small and big zigzag prints horizontally arranged all over. This is an essentially modern and contemporary style outfit which should be carried properly. Use of earthy pastel tones on white is a clever choice.

35. Pink and White Sherwani for Groom

Pink and White Sherwani for Groomshapein_styleofficial

A traditional white and gold sherwani jacket paired with a light pink inner anarkali kurta, pink stole and pink headgear makes it, in totality, a perfect wedding outfit for Indian grooms.

36. Pairing White with Beige

Pairing White with Beige
This groom pairs his white sherwani and white churidar bottoms with a beige embroidered stole. The embroidery is done using green and maroon threads. The same color combination is also seen on his headgear.

37. Angarakha Sherwani with Inner Kurta

Angarakha Sherwani with Inner Kurta
A sherwani with a unique cut, inspired by the erstwhile angarakha kurtas. This one has a side button line and a side slit that exposes the inner kurta. It is paired with white tapered trousers and accessorized with an ornate brooch.

38. White Sherwani, Simply

White Sherwani, Simply
Sometimes it’s the simplicity of the outfit that becomes its attraction factor. This plain white sherwani has zero embellishments. It only flaunts gold buttons and has a glossy texture.

39. The Golden Bootis in White Sherwani

The Golden Bootis in White Sherwani
If you want a white sherwani which would be simplistic yet boast a bit of embellishments, try opting for the classic combination of cream or off white and gold. Gold bootis or any small ethnic motif spread all over evenly creates a rich yet minimalistic look.

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40. Woven or Printed Designs on White

Woven or Printed Designs on White
Woven or printed motifs on a white fabric look quite unique. This sherwani comes in a beige-toned off white fabric and flaunts motifs from nature in a myriad colors. It has a gold embellished collar and embellished buttons.

41. The Stole with the Pink Border

The Stole with the Pink Border
Go minimalistic with a white sherwani in textured design and a white stole with a dark pink border. The border is opaque in one side and showcases intricate ethnic designs on the other. This makes the outfit different and aesthetic!

42. Red Benarasi Stole with White Sherwani

Red Benarasi Stole with White Sherwani
The timeless combination of red and white can be used for grooms too! This groom wears a white sherwani with woven designs and gold embellished collar and buttons. It has been paired with a dark red and gold Benarasi brocade stole.

43. Stole with a Gold Border

Stole with a Gold Border
A great way to use golden embellishments such as zari work, gold resham embroidery, sequin embroidery etc on your white sherwani is by placing them at specific areas of the outfit that are more prominent! In this case, the stole has a gold border and the buttons are also gold.

44. The Gold Pocket Square

The Gold Pocket Square
In this cream color sherwani too, gold has been used at specific points like the collars, the buttons and also the pocket square.

45. Beige-toned White Sherwani

Beige-toned White Sherwanitheknotindia | Get Groomsmen Outfits

These groomsmen wear co-ordinated beige-toned white sherwanis! The outfits boast textured design. The light pastel shaded turbans look great with the sherwanis.

46. White Sherwani with Sharara Bottoms

 White Sherwani with Sharara Bottoms
An off-white sherwani jacket is worn with a kurta underneath. But the uniqueness of this outfit is in the bottom wear. This white sherwani is paired with a flared sharara bottoms.

47. A-Line White Sherwani

A-Line White Sherwani
The sherwani is essentially an outfit with a straight cut. But this rule is bent in this case. This white sherwani has an A-line cut. It has embellished button line, collar and cuffs. Pocket square and brooch details are added.

48. Silver Zari Embroidery

Silver Zari Embroidery
That only gold embellishments look good on a sherwani is a myth! This white sherwani comes with exquisite and intricate silver zari floral embroidery. The border of the stole flaunts the same.

49. Sherwani with Dhoti Bottoms

Sherwani with Dhoti Bottoms
To add a bit of twist to the usual ‘white sherwani and gold motifs’ look, pair it with traditional dhoti bottoms instead of churidars.

50. Color co-ordinating with Your Bride

Color co-ordinating with Your Bride
Did anyone tell you that sporting a white sherwani is the easiest way to co-ordinate your wedding outfit with that of your bride? You simple add a stole that is in the color of the bridal outfit and your job is done! As white looks good with all colors, you can’t make a mistake! Like this groom has paired a lilac stole with his white sherwani as his bride wears a lilac lehenga.

Conclusion – White Sherwani

Surely, these 50 white sherwani looks have inspired you to go for one at your wedding too! The white sherwani is a timeless attire and even fathers and brothers of the bride or the groom can sport the look. As white allows a lot of variations, you can customize your look easily. Depend on us for that! Based on your physique type, preference, inspiration etc our ace designer and stylists will create the perfect white sherwani for you!

GetEthnic.com brings you custom made sherwani which is made as per your size and body type. We’ll send you samples of your Sherwani so that you can physically check the fabric, embroidery and color.


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