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India is a country boasting various regional textiles and crafts! It goes without saying that this results in an abundant variety of sarees coming from every state and region of India. The Banarasi saree, the Kanchipuram, Jamdani, Bomkai, Patola, Paithani sarees etc – are a few popular names in the colossal range of a myriad types of sarees the country has to offer.

Sarees have been loved and treasured by Indian women since forever. But these days, we see that women prefer to wear them only occasionally in religious functions, weddings, parties etc. Maybe, the dip in the popularity of the sareeas a regular wear is understandable as they are a bit inconvenient to carry. But sarees still rule the Indian ethnic wedding wear scene.

In many Indian states, like Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Kerala etc, saree is still the traditional wedding attire for the bride. For example, a Tamil Hindu bride will never wear anything but a gorgeous Kanchipuram silk saree on her wedding! Such gorgeous sarees are made from pure silk and zari thread, and get passed down from generation to generation as heirloom. In fact, the greatest advantage of owning a saree is that it goes not come with a size. It is sheer 9 yards of unstitched gorgeousness, which is preserved well can be used by generations!

Most occasion-wear traditional Indian sarees involve the use of silk and zari. This makes them quite heavy. Add to that the weight of embellishment such as thread work, beads, sequin, zardozi etc and it becomes really difficult to carry! This is why, at GetEthnic we have come up with custom made sarees which will revolutionize the saree wearing game. We have opted for lightweight fabrics like georgette, crepe, chiffon, satin etc. We have also used heavy brocades and dense embellishments to make the look glamorous but placed them at specific places which does not make the total outfit inconvenient to carry – like the choli, the pallu etc. To make saree wearing even easier we have also come up with pre-draped sarees! These sarees have eliminated the process of draping or tying a saree thus making a saree a far more convenient attire.

A saree comes without an age bracket! From the bride to the mother of the groom or bride to the bridesmaids, friends, guests etc – everyone can flaunt a saree. In fact, if you are a bride-to-be, we suggest you get your hands on a few custom made sarees from GetEthnic for your trousseau. These are really great option for post wedding functions, introductory get-togethers for the bride etc. GetEthnic’s custom made sarees are fully tradition yet easy to carry.