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Groom Sherwani Mala

Groom’s Mala

If you thought that the grandeur of wedding jewellery was reserved only for the bride, think again! The Indian groom’s look is no less extravagant and to match a royal sherwani one needs extra royal accessories. The sherwani by itself is a splendid attire but what makes it breath-taking are the accessories like turban, shawl and groom’s jewellery.

The groom can wear a few different types or ornaments. This includes the sarpech or kalgi on his turban, the stone-studded brooch sometimes with chain-like attachments, ornate buttons on his sherwani, rings and most importantly – the groom’s mala.

Men’s jewellery in India has a long and royal history. Even in pre-Vedic times, Indian men wore finger and toe rings – known as anguthi or arsi. The turban ornament – sarpech – is a royal accessory straight from the Mughal courts. Both Mughal and Rajput kings wore a variety of neckpieces involving gems and precious stones. These were haar, hasli, gulband, tamania or kantha. But the most royal and significant neckpiece that Indian kings wore was the mani mala – a necklace with several strings of precious stones and pearls attached together.

If you are a groom-to-be and looking forward to donning jewellery, think of a royal mala. But you need to choose the type of mala based on the outfit that you are wearing. Nothing looks better than a single string of pearls with minimally embellished sherwanis. Again, with pastel toned floral sherwanis multi-string pearl malas looks the best. To add some shine, you can go for a mala which has multiple strings of pearls or stones clipped together with an ornate brooch on one side or on both sides of the necklace. For a more extravagant look you can go for a satlada haar and for a more understated yet traditional style statement, you can go for a single broad gold chain or even linked gold chains.

Though there is no replacement for a groom’s mala in real gold and precious stones like diamonds and other gemstones, it might be a wrong investment! Ask yourself if you will ever wear such an expensive piece of jewellery after the wedding day! Well-designed and exquisite malas made from semi-precious materials are available too which look no less extravagant and classy. GetEthnic has a wide variety of such malas using semi-precious stones, pearls etc that will add that royal touch to the groom’s attire.