All you need to know Indian Groomsmen Outfits

The groom and his squad of brothers, cousins and friends – in short, the groomsmen, – constitute the heart of the wedding at the groom’s side. Their bonding is strong, their love genuine and their bro code immaculate! Starting from throwing a dream bachelor party to dancing in the baraat to handling guests at the reception, the groomsmen ensure their brother feels confident all the time!

Indian Groomsmen OutfitsGet custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

But like managing the wedding is important the groomsmen also need to indulge in power dressing! Like your bro code is in place, your dress code should also be! From various styles of the sherwani to differently cut jackets to innovative bottom wear – wedding fashion for Indian men has witnessed a paradigm shift. So there is no reason why Indian groomsmen outfits should not be up to the mark.

Coordinated fashion among the groom and his clan not only looks cool, the photographs come out brilliant!Also, the groom’s squad is always second under the limelight after the groom himself. If you are looking forward to meeting the bridesmaids, remember that even they are keeping a watch out for you guys!

In short, don’t even think of ignoring your fashion games at your buddy’s wedding!We even suggest that Indian groomsmen outfits should customised! After all, when it comes to wedding fashion, why should the bride & her bridesmaids have all the fun?

Jodhpurisuitor a bandhgalato


In case you are clueless about Indian groomsmen outfits, worry not! Today, we will take you through some amazing inspirational groomsmen pictures on social media from where you can draw inspiration! But before that, let us get to the basics! Let us discuss some essential elements of Indian groomsmen fashion.


The Ultimate Indian Groomsmen Outfit Lookbook

1. The Blue Brigade

Indian Groomsmen Outfit

None of the groomsmen here wear the same clothes but because they have decided to add an element of the same blue in their outfits, they look a team!

2. Subtle in Pastels

sherwanis and | Get custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

This groom and his clan have decided to wear sherwanis and bandhgalas in pastel hues and off-whites. Even theirpagdis are color co-ordinated.

3. Patangbaazi on the Wedding Morning

Patang-baazi on the Wedding Morningranggraphystudio

Your gang will never be tired of boyhood pleasures! At least do that in style like this gang. They are flying kites in the ultimate haldi morning Indian groomsmen outfits.

4. The Bride’s in the Team


When both the bride and the groom are from the same circle of friends, there is nothing like it! Here the groom and his men have gotten outfits customized that match the bride’s attire as well. The warm red Nehru jackets, the floral prints on the kurtas look just awesome!

5. The Identical Lot

Identical Lotthecrimsonbride

This groom’s gang has taken the concept of co-ordinated Indian groomsmen outfits very seriously! And what’s the harm? Not only are the photos coming out great, the items of clothing can be re used separately with ease!

6. Little Goes a Long Way


There is no real fuss here! The blush pink bandhgala jackets and pagdi looks great with the paper white tapered trousers and shoes. The tiniest member in the groom’s gang looks too adorable!

7. Gold Love

Gold Lovethestyleforward | Get custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

Talking about little ones takes us to this gang which has toddlers as well! They have kept it simple yet look unified with pride! Simple white kurtapajama had been paired with plain gold jackets. This Indian groomsmen outfit idea is funky, fuss-free yet full of swag.

8. Code Peach

Code Peachjenjumhomme

While the dulha is wearing a beige sherwani with a red head gear, the groomsmen are flaunting customized peach toned sherwanis and matching turbans.

9. Jacket Genius

Note this very innovative style of Indian groomsmen outfits! The groom and his gang wear similar tussarcolorkurtas. With that they wear jackets of different colors.

10. Pinks & Flowers

wedmegoodgrooms | Get custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

You read that right but look how trendy and out-of-box these men look in soft pink tones and floral motifs. None of these Indian groomsmen outfits resemble each other. But the picture has come out really well as all the outfits are all in sync with the same floral theme and the fabrics have the same color palette.

11. Talk About Uniformity

light blue sherwanisanmolandgurdev

If you are bold enough and the love for your bro getting married knows no bounds, consider customising a uniform on his wedding day for all the groomsmen. The groomsmen in this gang are wearing light blue sherwanis with bright pink turbans. Checkout more about Punjabi Wedding and outfits in Punjabi Wedding.

12. Colorful Swag

Your bro is on the threshold of starting a conjugal life! Celebrate the colorfulness of bachelor hood with Indian groomsmen outfits replete with a myriad hues, just like this gang of the dulha’s friends.

13. Alternating Color Code

This gang of the groom’s friends have color co-ordinated their outfits. Some of the guys are wearing gold kurtas and some other are wearing dark navy ones. The girls wear navy kameezes with sheer gold dupattas. This does not look like a uniform yet a dress code has been established by virtue of the alternate color coordination.

14. It’s All About Simplicity

This dulha and his gang have done something really clever. Dress coding does not always have to be complex. This Indian groomsmen outfit has been created just by the using a dupatta that matches the color of the groom’s turban. That is all!

15. Theme Wedding Stories

If you have planned a theme wedding and asked your wedding planner to decorate the venue accordingly, make sure that your gang wears theme-coordinated outfits. This will ensure excellent photography! Look at this groom and his clan. The floral wedding theme is being accentuated by these Indian groomsmen outfits that have a dash of floral prints.The light pink turbans add to the appeal.

Pro-tips on the Ideal Indian Groomsmen Outfits

Indian Groomsmen OutfitsGet custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

Co-ordination is Key

This is a rule that goes only for the bride and her bridesmaids – wrong! Co-ordinated outfits among the groom and his men result is great pictures and even better memories! But if you and your gang feel too shy to wear the same clothes, choose an element like a jacket, a scarf, a brooch etc – of the same fashion and flaunt it like your brotherhood emblem!


Don’t have the time for customization? Plan and stick to the same color code! And please don’t drift back to your whites, greys and browns! Indian weddings are colourful events. Only earthy, warm pastel and vibrant hues should be used for Indian groomsmen outfits.

Similar Style or Cut

Depending on the occasion, choose an item that all of you will wear! For example, ask your gang to wear dhotis on the wedding morning! Not only will you be giving moral support to the groom (who might otherwise be the only one in a dhoti), your outfits would seem co-ordinated. Indian groomsmen outfits don’t always have to be complicated!

Avoid Casuals

Indian weddings are all about royal ethnic wear! We know that you guys are doing a lot of running around while organizing the wedding. But still, if you appear in jeans and t-shirt at a wedding function it just breaks the harmony. Indian groomsmen outfits can never be casual or westernized! Make sure you keep it ethnic!

Indian Groomsmen Outfitswedmegoodgrooms

The Right Accessories

Yes, this is very important when it comes to co-ordinating Indian groomsmen outfits. For instance, all of you are wearing kurtas, pyjamas and jootis and one of your gang members walks in in floaters. Wouldn’t that ruin it?

Grooming for Groomsmen

We know all of you are extremely busy! And we also know that some of you aren’t quintessentially ‘metrosexual’. But come on, it’s the wedding of your brother from another mother! This day will not come back! Get a proper haircut or get your beard groomed. If you want to take this a step further you can also get your hands and feet cleaned through manicures and pedicures before the wedding!

At least have mercy on your skin and apply sunscreen when you are running errands during the day time. Carry certain essentials like facewash and other personal care items, shaving equipment etc when you are attending the wedding.

Indian Groomsmen Outfits

Nothing Like Planning in Advance

You will thank us later on! A drool worthy picture of your gang with the groom is always a result of prior planning. Open a Whatsapp group, if necessary, and discuss your outfits there! A well timed Indian groomsmen outfit idea allows you to lay your hands on the right pieces of clothing. You might also have time to get your outfits customized!

Occasion Wise Guide to Indian Groomsmen Outfits

You guys are part of the dulha’s innermost circle. So from the bachelor party to the reception – you guys will be there always. Be it touchy pre-wedding moments or crazy fun at the haldi or ‘like no one’s watching’dance moves at the bachelor party – groomsmen, you will be there and do it all! This also means that you need clothes for every occasion. So, we are giving you some suggestions regarding Indian groomsmen outfits for all wedding related functions like the engagement ceremony, the sangeet, cocktail and bachelor parties, haldi, baraat, wedding, reception etc.

For Pre Wedding Dinners or Parties

These functions might include the engagement ceremony, a getting-to-know-the-families dinner arrangement, the bachelor party or a cocktail night etc. Though you can put on a nice suit or pair of shirt and trousers, we suggest that you go traditional from the start! You can go for a Jodhpurisuitor a bandhgalato look as royal as ever!

Jodhpurisuitor a bandhgalato

Pre or Post Wedding Pujas

For homely functions like these keep it cool and airy! Single toned cotton kurtas will do the job really well! If the function is a little more glam go for a bandi as well. This will be the appropriate Indian groomsmen outfit for a wedding related puja.


Your gang should flaunt colourful Nehru jackets over simple cotton light colored kurtas on this function. Floral jackets or solid jackets on floral print kurtas are a new style statement for men and look very good at a day-time function like the Mehendi.

Choose colors like green, red, yellow or pink for the jacket. Then you can go for kurtas that are in white, beige or tussarcolor, which most people already have in their wardrobes. Wear traditional footwear like Kolhapuri sandals or Jodhpurijootis.

Checkout more Mehndi Outfits.


This will probably be the first time your gang will make its appearance at the bride’s house. So gear up! Indian groomsmen outfits should be traditional in this case. If you want to keep it simple, go for kurtas and pajamas with statement jackets. If you want to look a bit more glamorous wear a chipkan or achkansherwani. Checkout more about Sangeet Ceremony in Indian Weddings.

chipkan or achkansherwani.


Haldi Ceremony is a day-time function full of traditions and fun. It is also an occasion for great photos. So we suggest that your gang wear kurtapajamas in warm vibrant hues like mustard, peach, light brown etc. You may wear embellished kurtas like cotton chikankari ones. Wearing the same style of kurtaswith also give your gang a distinct look even if you don’t go for the same color.

The Wedding

This is obviously the most important function and the groom’s clan needs to dress well for it. Guys, keep it traditional and get customised Indian groomsmen outfits in sync with the outfit of the groom. Ideally, flaunt traditional sherwanis.

Go for fabrics like silk, tussar, Benarasi brocade etc. Nothing beats classic old-school fashion when it comes to Indian groomsmen outfits on the auspicious occasion of the marriage. The groom’s gang should definitely go for sherwanis and carry the same dupatta. Make sure you wear jootis with it.



Go Indo-western! Intricately embroidered Jodhpuri suits in rich, deep colors like navy, oxblood, wine or even charcoal looks sophisticated as well as glamorous. Your gang may also go for ethnic bandhgala jackets over a shirt and trouser. Make sure the jacket has a regal demeanour.

Wear polished leather shoes and accessorize in a minimalistic way with a good wristwatch or a vintage brooch. If you want to keep it light for the reception, then monotone silk kurtas and pajamas won’t be bad. Your gang can color co-ordinate when it comes to this. If it’s a winter wedding and you plan to wear silk kurtas, carry Kashmiri embroidered shawls!

Conclusion on Indian Groomsmen Outfits

When it comes to outfits for men, the question is not only about clothes! Proper outfits for men are supposed to make a statement and reflect their personalities. As for Indian groomsmen outfits, this rule applies inevitably!

The groom and his brothers and friends always have eyes on them. It is important that they create the right impression. Hence, the clothing is important. So plan your outfits beforehand and make sure to create not only powerful impressions but also awesome memories. If you need help with customizing your Indian groomsmen outfits, get in touch with us! We take pride in customizing all kind of ethnic wedding outfits for Indian weddings.

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