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Sangeet Indian Wedding Tradition

The most phenomenal ceremony which oomphs up the whole pre-wedding ceremony is the Sangeet. The word “Sangeet” means music. Sangeet Ceremony is a ceremony where folks from both the parties come forth and get indulged with each other in a fun way.

We all know that the wedding planning and pre-wedding stuff can be exhausting and tense sometimes and the Sangeet ceremony helps in releasing the endorphins instantly. The bride sits with the Mehndi designer and gets perfect artistic henna design done while other folks are dancing, boozing, and enjoying everything.


Sangeet Ceremony can be a small affair at the bride’s house or it can happen at a much larger scale at the hotel. It’s totally your choice!

For the Sangeet Ceremony, teams from both the families start preparing for the best dance performances weeks earlier. The elderly who want to vibe up with the youngsters also join in the fun with some booty shakes.

At the Sangeet Ceremony everyone seeks joy.

Indian cinema has always portrayed the Sangeet ceremony in the filmiest style giving all of us the Sangeet Goals. We are sure that you too have some rocking hit playlist for your Sangeet. Okay! You too want to add some English and Latin music to it? You can! Obviously. Let the yumminess of Justin and Contigo hit by Ozuna hit the ears. Jazz up with the Techno music and also tune in with the TikTok hit music.

Curate a playlist as the ceremony is all about music which means you can play anything from any genre. You can call in a local band as well.

Ask your typical Punjabi aunt to get that dholak. Perfect!

You can bring all kinds of techno hits from the past as well and let Madonna help your sister to do the best dance. If you have any singers in your pavilion expose all of ’em. Now is the time!

While on the one side there are lots of jamming happening. You’ll see a line of ladies who want to get those Henna designs on their hands. That’s the most awesome experience! The fragrance of the Mehndi will secure a strong place in your heart.

At a nook, there would be men having lots of booze.

Read further as we bring forth more inspiration your way.

1. The moment of delight

Look at this beautiful couple dancing it all out. The bride is in the sleeveless red dress while the groom is in full Desi mood.


Take inspiration from these guys! You don’t have to be Michael Jackson to flaunt your dance skills on Sangeet Day.

Let the little cutie get those dandiya’s into his hands and form his own world.

Just like that choreography your facial expressions go a long way. Make your in-laws your fan.

The zest of the ritual gets summed up in this picture.


Okay! Bride-to-be, are you ready to be Nora Fatehi? Yes! Get on the floor.

Let him drool over your exotic moves.

The feels! What better way to get to know each other. Dance!


If the Juniors in the house are in love with their newfound love for classical dance then allow them to perform. Yuhoo!

Look at this duo!

If you want you can create a competition too. You are a bride! You can do whatever you want.


Just be in the moment and dance like no one’s watching you. Okay! The in-laws are watching your uncle.


The little things

This is so cute! Little rockstars!

Caught in an act!

Those charming moments of dancing with him would be memorable. Let your photographer click all of those.

Take a cue from the ensemble as well.


You will get to know the hidden talent of your house when your sisters perform over there.


Leaving it here!

You may ask your stylist to come up with a Lehenga which will be hassle-free and in neutral colors.


Looks stunning! Here elderly saying, Kya Jodi hai, jete raho!


Oh wow! Your BFFs are onboard. They gotcha you!


Melt away all the stress and twirl around.


Such energy will envelop you into a totally another world.


Move! Move like Shakira, Deepika, or Tokyo (ref. Money Heist) lol. Just rock on!

birds of same feathers, flock together! Groom leading the way!

They all are grooving for ya!


Team Bride always wins. You know that!

Wonderful moves! Bride winning the groom’s heart again.


No age bar! Only good moves, good moves with lots of attitudes.


That aunty who asks to form a circle and dance in an awkwardly geometrical manner. But you know what you need to know. Just move!


Precise representation of the male species enjoying with their gang.


When you just don’t care what the lyrics are and love the beats. That’s just that!

Have fun!




The most appropriate way to enjoy your time while the Sangeet Ceremony is geared up.


Lungi Dance! Align with your inner Rajnikant or like SRK in Chennai Express and flaunt your dancing skills. Groove to the beats!


Look at this beautiful couple! You and your groom can also join in the grooving aura.

If you want to use any props you may try using that too.


PC –


Cheer up for your folks who are getting out of their comfort zone and tapping their feet.

Look at this ensemble and take a cue from this. How great it would be if your friends could get a customized performance attire.


  • Lively performance


Here are your Boyz! Take a cue from them and ask your BFFs to oomph up their dance with these hats. Let them choose whichever upbeat track they want to.


If you want you can arrange the professional dancers to come on board and create a vibe. You may ask your event planner to do so.


Let the cultural wave gush into the Sangeet Ambiance.


When your groom flaunts his inner Ranveer Singh the game changes. Don’t forget to laugh!

He looks cute this way!

This is how your gang will lift you up. An exclusive + extravagant experience.


This is how the bridesmaids perform. Jute do paise lo!

This is your time. Make it count! Brides take a cue from this style and feel comfortable on the Sangeet Day.


Sangeet Ceremony is all about melting the barrier and an initiative process to get to know all with a hint of fun.


Somewhere at the corner, you might get a glimpse of the band. The neon lights uplift the whole mood.

Adding some classy feel! Giggle as your traditional uncle watches such moves with precision.



Take a cue from this and you may keep a kiosk where elders can booze up while those who want to get the coconut drinks, they can reach there.

We like this one too! You can arrange a class earlier for your Sangeet ceremony so both of you can perform a great Salsa or Jazz dance.


Put your hands up and say! Disco deewane! Make your filmy dream come true.

Right before you guys get on the floor.


Don’t hesitate to sing “Kya khoob dikhtee ho…”

Grooving perfectly!

When the Sangeet ceremony has some ace singers on stage. Wonderful!

As the Sangeet ceremony is happening at one side like, the Mehndi color is setting up and getting dense. Just the way you like it!


Absolutely, it is totally up to you what length you want the Mehndi to be like. Designed until your elbow or more than that.



Find that Michael Jackson and create the pop-retro vibe. Some things never get old!


The spacious room with well-curated decor pieces looks super amazing.


You got a space to join in the fun. Twist & twirl! Yellow and Pink style Lehenga looks super cute.


Mauja hee Mauja!

The groom can take a cue from this and carry a golden attire with well-customized juttees.


Now your guy is in the mood and you need to listen to your Arijit Singh’s voice. He is good!

Fall in Love with him more!

Savage performance! Those shades make the whole performance sensational.


If you happen to perform on the day at the Sangeet Ceremony, flaunt the Lehenga and dance like a queen. The layers of the Lehenga look great.


If your friend forgets any dance step, she’ll look at you this way. Chill out and keep the dance flow spontaneous. In the end, that’s where the joy is.


This is how they danced. A great bond!

Set your ensemble to neutral colors for your Sangeet ceremony and get right at the center and twerk or just groove in a  Desi style.

Kick-off your laziness and insert the adrenaline rush by dancing into the neon lights. The best environment for the best people.

Get into the mood!


With a wave of gusto! Sing, dance and enjoy the Ceremony with your folks.

Good luck with your Sangeet Ceremony! Play good music and seek joy.







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