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22 Matching Lehenga & Sherwani Ideas for This Season’s Brides & Grooms

A wedding represents a bond that lasts forever. Your marriage will bond you together as one being! You will take every step in life together, face every obstacle in unity and rejoice every success in unison.

Henceforth, the both of you will represent oneness! So why not start from the wedding day itself? Co-ordinated wedding outfits or matching lehenga and sherwani on the wedding day, not only encourages the feeling of conjugal union, it also establish a theme in the wedding. Not only do photographs come out well, your love and association comes across as indivisible!

Let us today look at 22 couples who have dealt really well with the idea of matching lehenga and sherwani!

Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

1. Pastel Particulars

Matching Custom Made Lehenga and Groom Shwerwaniweddingbazaarofficial | Get matching Lehenga & Sherwani

A combination of pastel shades from the same color family used on the ensembles of the bride and the groom, create the illusion that they are wearing matching outfits. For example, this couple has used shades like pastel pink, lilac, lavender etc on their wedding outfits, resulting in a co-ordinated look.

2. Floral in Dark Green and Gold

Matching Custom Made Lehenga and Groom sherwani - Green Color Coordinatedwishnwed

The couple is twinning using this exquisite element – the green and gold floral embellished fabric that has been used to create the skirt of the bride and the sherwani jacket of the groom. Who knew that dark green was such a great wedding color!

3. Red and Gold – The Perfect Pair

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani

You can’t think outside red when it comes to bridal fashion? At the same time, you want your groom to co-ordinate his outfit with yours! Please don’t ask him to wear a red sherwani! Instead, do something like this! If you are flaunting a red lehenga ask your groom to wear a gold sherwani with few red elements. The bride here wears a dark red lehenga with gold zari and sequin work.

Her groom flaunts a sherwani with intricate gold aari and zardozi work. Red and gold are permanent companions so your outfits will look co-ordinated as it is. Still, if you want to take it one step further add a red dupatta and headgear like this groom has done.

4. Fun and Matching

Matching Custom Made Lehenga and Groom sherwani - Patel colorwedgoeasy

This couple flaunts outfits in neutral tones while the multi-color embellishment on the jacket of the groom is repeated on the lehenga skirt and sleeveless blouse of the bride. Such looks go well with the jovial, fun and frolicky atmosphere of the wedding.

5. Ivory Goals

Matching Custom Made Lehenga and Groom sherwani - Color cordinatedthebridesofindia

Both bride and groom flaunt ivory toned embellished matching wedding outfits that look extremely elegant and stunning. White and silver sequin work, crystal and stone embroidery and mirror work have been prominently used to adorn both the outfits. The white flower garlands perfectly complement the ensembles and they look great for the day-time wedding.

6. Floral and Royal – Matching Lehenga Sherwani

Floral and Royal - Matching Lehenga Sherwaniwedmegood

Sometimes the most straightforward and conventional ensembles look exceptionally beautiful. On a background of marble white the matching lehenga and sherwani of this bride and groom, showcases red and pink floral motifs. Zari work and complementing green thread work has also been used. In short, this couple looks royal.

7. Marooned on the Island of Love

Matching Lehenga Sherwani

This couple also flaunts ivory toned wedding outfits that match. But instead of silver embellishment, both outfits showcase a lot of thread work and gold zari embroidery in matte tones. The outfits are devoid of the bling factor and play around with matte textures, pastels and dull gold tones.

9. Quirky and Co-ordinated

Matching Lehenga Sherwani

You can only get such creatively co-ordinated outfits if you have someone to customize it for you. This bride flaunts this beautiful boho theme crop top and lehenga skirt set. Her lehenga skirt showcases quirky motifs all over. The groom wears an achkan jacket with one side showcasing the same motifs. He pairs it with dhoti bottoms.

10. Pink and Neutral

Matching Lehenga Sherwaniweddingbazaarofficial

Subtle looks that use neutral tone fabrics, pastel floral thread work and small patches of bright pink, end up looking extremely soothing and beautiful as well as elegant. Both the bride and the groom, in this case, are flaunting such looks.

11. Mirror Work Vibes


The bride and the groom look stunning in their lavender tone co-ordinated and perfectly matching mehendi outfits. Not only is the design language extremely soothing for a summer wedding, the use of mirror work on both the outfits give it a boho and fun vibe.


12. The Groom in a Pink Pagdi

Matching Lehenga and SherwaniGet Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani
This bride and groom have cleverly co-ordinated their outfits! The bride is dressed in an exquisite pink lehenga with gold zari work all over! If you thought a groom in pink would look quite funny, then you were right! This is why this groom is flaunting a sherwani in a color – light blue – which complements and pairs well with the pink of the bridal outfit. To make the outfit match even better, he has accessorized with a pink pagdi and a pink dupatta. Smart, isn’t it?

13. The Patterns of Conjugal Bliss

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani in white color
This bride and groom have kept it simple with cream color matching lehenga and sherwani for their wedding. But this isn’t why we call this outfit well-co-ordinated. The bride wears a beautiful lehenga with golden zari work and embroidery all over. Her lehenga skirt has a rich thick border and golden motifs on top of that. The same golden motifs have been used on the sherwani kurta of the groom. Not a bad idea!

14. Because Love Never Grows Old

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani for mature Indian Couple
This vintage matching lehenga and sherwani set is a masterpiece in itself! Look at the dense and fine craftsmanship on the outfits. The matte gold of the outfits is complemented by the embroidery, jaali work, aari work and stone work. Such outfits are prized possessions and owing to the unique and versatile color, can be worn by all age groups. This elderly couple looks like a dream in this outfit! May their love live forever!

15. For the Reception Blues

Matching Lehenga and SherwaniGet Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani
The reception eve is all about style and panache! Stay away from strictly bridal shades if you really want to make a statement. This couple wears a bespoke matching lehenga and sherwani set in a dark, rich and royal indigo blue! The lehenga blouse is minimalistic while the skirt flaunts intricate silver work. Similar motifs have been used on the shewani jacket-kurta of the groom. He wears a layered sherwani with complementing beige kurta and pajama below the indigo jacket-kurta. The dupatta of the bride is sheer and light.

16. The King and Her Queen – Matching Lehenga Sherwani

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani - Maharaja StyleGet Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

When it comes to non-bridal colors, dark or bottle green is a good choice as it uplifts the intricacies of gold zari or sequin embroidery. Look at the lehenga skirt of this bride which is dense with detailed zari work. The gold and pink work comes out well on the dark green surface. The groom wears a sherwani also dense with similar zari work. The dupattas of both the bride and the groom are solid with minimal motifs marking a break in the density of the embroidery. This matching lehenga and sherwani wedding set is fit for the royals!

17. The Subtle Fun of Love

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani
This couple, dressed in a well-co-ordinated matching lehenga and sherwani set seems to have a lot of fun. Subtle hues like peach go a long way in glamourizing morning weddings like these! Moreover, peach is a feminine color that also sophisticates masculine looks. The bride wears a peach lehenga with white and bright peach floral work! The groom looks great in a plain peach sherwani with a beige headgear. Checkout more Golden Lehengas.

18. Trendy in Turquoise

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani
What can be the ideal non-bridal yet bright color for wedding fashion? Why not turquoise? Turquoise blue has a unique subtle femininity about it! Moreover it goes really well with gold or diamonds. And any shade of blue looks great for men! This Punjabi bride and groom wear a turquoise and gold matching lehenga and sherwani set. While the bride’s lehenga has gold and stone sequin work with a pink and stone sequin border, the groom wears a cream sherwani accessorized with a turquoise pagdi and dupatta. His sherwani dupatta has a gold border.

19. Fifty Shades of Pink

Lehenga and Sherwani
If you thought, you can’t wear a pink lehenga on your wedding because it is too feminine a color to match your groom’s outfit, think again! If you lower down the brightness and density of any color, it can work just as well as any other non-bridal color! This couple seems to have a pink themed wedding! While their outfits flaunt shades like blush pink, baby pink, powder pink, rosewood pink, magenta etc, their garlands are also made up of pink blossoms. The blush pink lehenga of the bride, adorned in silver and magenta work looks celestial. The groom wears a baby pink sherwani and a rosewood-to-magenta dupatta.

20. The Unconventional Duo

Lehenga and Sherwani
If you are thinking that by the “unconventional duo” we mean the Caucasian groom and his South Asian bride, you are not entirely wrong! While the couple is definitely unconventional, the color combination of their matching sherwani and lehenga too is far above stereotypes.
The bride wears a lehenga in a rich maroon color with which gold would have been the commonest partner. Yet, in this case, the designer has used a matte gold, almost tussar color for the adornments. This color has been majorly used on the outfit of the groom who carries a maroon dupatta. The maroon may represent the vibrancy of India while the beige-based matte gold may represent sombre western wedding fashion.

21. Same But Different

Lehenga and Sherwani
Look closely at these wedding outfits and you will wonder why they look so similar to each other yet do not have color or design elements in common. The designer has cleverly used elements that make the outfits look well-co-ordinated or matching. First of all, both outfits use colors from the same palette. The bride wears an outfit in light lavender and ivory and the groom wears a sherwani in cream, ivory and light mint green. All these colors are light pastel hues. Second, the bride has bright flowers in light peach and baby pink as adornments on her outfit. Silver sequins have also been used. The groom too has silver thread work on his outfit. The designs on both outfits creates the illusion of embossed patterns. For both the outfits, subtlety is the theme!

22. The Groom in Pink and Red

Breaking all conventions, this groom has gone all the way to take up a fashion challenge for his bride! The bride wears a beautiful red, pink and gold lehenga and the groom complements her immensely in his pink, red, gold and beige sherwani set. While many grooms are seen in red or maroon pagdis and dupattas on their wedding day, a pink sherwani is a rare sight. This groom does justice to the look. He has cleverly paired his pink sherwani with a beige salwar. Beige complements pink and tones down the look.

23. Coral Combinations

Lehenga and SherwaniGet Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

This couple flaunts such a unique and beautiful shade on their wedding day. The outfits are a combination of numerous shades of coral and pink. The bride wears a light coral lehenga with matte silver work all over that complements her diamond jewellery perfectly. The groom’s outfit is in a shade that is a mix of coral and beige. His head gear and dupatta, in a mellow coral, adds a dash of brightness. The highlight of his look is the jacket he wears over his bottom-flared sherwani kurta. The exquisite work on the back of his jacket makes his outfit as glamorous as his bride’s. This outfit combination is one of the best examples of a matching lehenga and sherwani set for the wedding day.

24. Dreams in Beige and Gold

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani Get Custom Made Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

This beautiful bride proposes to her handsome groom at their beige and gold themed wedding! Does this photo not look gorgeous with the warmly lit background of a sandstone fort or palace? The golden beige color of the sandstone reflects on the matching lehenga and sherwani set of the bride and the groom. Her beige lehenga is densely packed with gold sequin embroidery and he wears a blush beige sherwani kurta with a pleated asymmetrical hem. The highlight of the look is the jacket in sandstone color flaunting traditional Indian artwork.

25. Together in the Pistachio Orchard – Matching Lehenga Sherwani

Together in the Pistachio Orchard - Matching Lehenga Sherwani

In a completely offbeat color for an Indian wedding this couple looks exquisite! They wear matching lehenga and sherwani in a combination of pistachio, silver and ivory. The extensive stone and sequin work on the bride’s lehengacomplements her diamond jewellery! The couple has gone to the extent of color co-ordinating their accessories as well. The bright peach of the groom’s pagdi is reflected in the bride’s traditional kaleere.

26. All About the Blushes

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani for brie and Groom

This couple takes subtle wedding fashion to the next level! All the soothing shades like lavender, light mauve, powder pink, blush pink etc are present on their outfits. What sets this matching lehenga and sherwani apart is the intricate silver and gold sequin embroidery on the outfits. The grey shawl the groom carries, instead of a dupatta, adds a touch of masculinity and elegance to his look.

27. Red for Love – Color Matching Lehenga Sherwani

Red for Love - Color Matching Lehenga Sherwani

Drenched in the color of love, this couple has nailed their matching sangeet looks! While the groom is dressed in a self color embroidered blazer and trouser, the bride flaunts a three layer, high slit skirt and a plunging neckline blouse with velvet trimmings!

28. Floral Navy Co-ordinated Looks


Aesthetics depend a lot on the personal choices of the wearer. Some couples may not be comfortable in going for outright matching looks. In those cases, subtle matching elements can create magic. This bride wears a floral navy blue velvet lehenga skirt replete with thread and zari worked floral motifs. The groom wears a pastel tone sherwani and uses only a velvet floral border for his stole. This border matches the style of his bride’s skirt.

29. To Walk Along the Pathway of Love

Lehenga and Sherwani

This outfit combination is as elegant as it can get! This co-ordinated lehenga and sherwani uses the elegance of colors like ivory, lavender and cream with the vibrancy of dark green to create a unique look. The design is themed after traditional Mughal and Kashmiri works. Instead of a dupatta, the groom uses a shawl with an intricate border in Kashmiri embroidery. His sherwani too has jamawar work. The lehenga of the bride uses Mughal motifs to create a royal look.

30. Going Well Together

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani

Did you ever imagine that orange and mint would go so well together? Wait, we are not talking about the flavours here! We mean the colors that adorn the matching outfits of this bride and groom. The mint green sherwani with gold work has been adorned by a cream dupatta and a bright orange pagdi. His bride wears a mint green lehenga with double dupatta style. One of the dupattas are in a bright tangerine shade and the other is in a more transparent shade of orange. The lehenga has intricate golden zari work with small orange motifs too. It flaunts a unique mint green to dark green ombre effect towards the bottom part. This matching lehenga and sherwani set is as vibrant as it can get!

Matching Lehenga & Sherwani Sets for Pre & Post Wedding Functions

31. Colorful not Clueless

Colorful not Clueless - Matching Kurta Pajama and lehenga

Though colorful outfits look really fun, quirky and boho, it needs expertise to style them. This couple has perhaps sought expert help to design these stunning matching outfits. On bases of warm toned aubergine shade, multi-color floral motifs have been used. The motifs are medium in size but do not look over-bearing due to the clever color combination.

Why just the wedding day? If you are really keen on co-ordinating your outfits you can use the idea for pre and post wedding functions as well! We give you one suggestion each for the three major pre and post wedding functions in which both the bride and the groom are usually present!

32. Pristine in White

Pristine in White - Matching Kurta Pajama and Lehenga

The sight is mesmerizing! This bride and groom are stunningly defying all outfit-stereotypes by flaunting wedding attires in pristine white. This unique yet beautiful choice of wedding wear sets them apart. The white outfits are complemented by silver tone thread work, zardozi embroidery and sheesha work.


33. Go Yellow for Haldi

Lehenga and Sherwani in Haldi Color

If you are going to have a destination wedding, you will definitely have your haldi ceremony together! You may also have a pre-wedding haldi themed photo shoot! Definitely choose a bright yellow outfit for these occasions. This mustard matching lehenga and sherwani set is just perfect. The vibrancy of the outfit increases manifold owing to the bright pink and green embroidery on the mustard background. The lehenga skirt of the bride and the sherwani jacket of the groom flaunt matching embroidery.

34. Light & Floral for Sangeet

Matching Lehenga and Sherwani in floral

Fun pre wedding functions like the sangeet are perfect occasion to wear sherwanis and lehengas that flaunt the same print or work! Take for example this couple who have asked their designer to create outfits for both of them using the same printed floral fabric. While the groom uses this vibrant red, pink and yellow floral fabric on his sherwani kurta, the bride uses it for her lehenga skirt with which she has paired a crop top. Checkout more floral Sherwani.

35. Combinations in Pastels

Combinations in Pastels

Pastel tones like powder blue, lavender or pale pink look very good with each other when combined with silver tone embellishments. In this case, the bride wears a beautiful pastel tone lehenga using three prominent pastel tones in light fabrics like net and tulle. Her skirt in powder blue has a jacquard texture. This same design is repeated in the jacket of the groom.


Conclusion – Matching Lehenga & Sherwani

While there are numerous pictures in circulation on social media that would give you great ideas on matching lehengawith the sherwani for wedding, at the end of the day, it is important that you decide if you really want a stark match or a subtle one! This depends entirely on the personal choices of you and your partner!

Choosing a matching lehenga and sherwani set may not be an easy job because you need to keep in mind a lot of things like the complexion, undertone, figure type etc of both the bride and the groom. Readymade outfits do not allow incorporation of so many factors. Thus, customization is key to a well-co-ordinated outfit. To get exclusive matching lehenga and sherwani sets customized trust only GetEthnic.

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The Dhoti and Why It’s So Important in India

 The piece of clothing called the dhoti is a type of sarong that outwardly looks like a trouser. It is also known as vesti, chaadra, panche, dhotar, mardani, panchey or dhuti. It is usually worn during festivities, religious ceremonies, or marriage ceremonies. The dhoti is a garment that is common to the indigenous subcontinental men of India and it is worn around the lower part of the body.


It is styled and made from a piece of cloth that is rectangular and is usually unstitched. The cloth is usually around 15 feet long. The whole length is wrapped around the legs and the waist of the men and is either knotted in the front or at the back. They usually come in plain or vibrant colours in different textures. Silk dhotis have embroidery around the edges and are worn during formal occasions.


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The dhoti is worn both formally and loosely by men, and both styles are wrapped differently, depending on the occasion. As a more casual everyday wear, the dhoti is wrapped around the legs firmly, with the back portion of the dhoti being pulled to the front and tucked firmly at the waist, then tucking the two loose ends at the back creating a form of firm fitted trousers. In the case of a formal dhoti style, it is passed through the legs and is tucked at the back, covering the legs loosely, with it flowing into long pleats at the front.


A Brief History of the Dhoti 

To understand the origins of the dhoti, we have to go back in time. The word dhoti is derived from ‘dhauti,’ which is a Sanskrit word, and in literal terms means to cleanse or wash. It was seen as a clean garment that was worn on an everyday basis. The style of the dhoti was passed down from the ancient Antriya.

The specific origins of this ancient traditional outfit aren’t known but have been dated as far back as the 5th century BC. Evidence has been found to prove that men of the Indus Valley Civilization (IVC), a Bronze Age civilization, wore the dhoti around their waist most times. This garment was most common in the northern and southern parts of the Harappan civilization.

The dhoti is made from the finest cotton, as the cotton industry thrived in ancient India. These fabrics, once spun and woven, were usually dyed to give some vibrance to the material. Cotton was used because it was the most convenient material available. It has been described by an ancient historian Herodotus as exceedingly beautiful.

The dhoti later gained popularity across India, mostly because of the comfort provided, and is easy to wear for daily activities. Another more logical reason for this style of clothing was the hot and dry climate of the Indian subcontinent. This piece of clothing is ideal to wear during the hot summer months as it provides ventilation.

The dhoti is worn both formally and loosely by men

The sheer exquisite nature of this attire is rooted deep in the culture, as it formed part of the costume of ancient rulers and kings of India. Based on ancient architectural designs, the outfit is seen wrapped around the structure portraying Ashoka, the Chakravartin King, in Amravati. Beautiful colours and hues, coupled with extravagant gold-threaded embroidery were used when designing dhoti for kings, poets, and individuals of opulence.


The dhoti has always been a symbol of class among the high and mighty of ancient India, and a more elaborate design was used to show social status in the society. The dhoti also goes by many other names, depending on which part of India one may find themselves.


Different Ways To Style The Dhoti

 As simple as this clothing seems, the people of India have found very elaborate ways to style it, with a little colour and sophistication. The various styles of the dhoti largely depend on the occasion for which it is being worn.


The plain Dhoti

The Colorful Dhoti

The red dhoti, also known as sowlay, is mostly used by priests at temples. This unstitched clothing is believed by some priests to be less susceptible to pollution, making it more ideal for spiritual rights. This adds a sober, yet colourful highlight to the religious ceremony.


White or Turmeric Yellow Style for Weddings

White or Turmeric Yellow Style for Weddings

This garment worn by the men is a very crucial part of traditional Indian wedding ceremonies. In Bengali weddings, the groom usually wears a white dhoti, while in other places a turmeric-yellow or white fabric is used for both weddings and upanayanam. The dhoti has gold embroidery taped round the edges of the fabric to give it some more colour. It is not a must that both groom and bride wear the same pattern of fabric or the same colour for their wedding. Although, the same colour or a similar pattern makes it more beautiful and unifying, uplifting the entire atmosphere of the wedding.


Plain Wrap Dhoti

Plain Wrap Dhoti

The dhoti can be wrapped in various ways, but one of the most common is the plain wrap. This style of draping is most common in south India and is seen mostly in parts of Tamil Nadu,  Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. When the men are involved in tedious work, the garment is folded in half up to the knees. The dhoti made from cotton is mostly used to work in the fields. This style of dhoti is usually worn by politicians, because it is an attire that is believed to commande respect and dignity.


The Pancha Katcham

The Pancha Katcham

This style is the second most popular way for Indian men to wear dhoti. It means Pancha, with five knots or five-folds, because the garment is knotted five times to firmly secure it around the waist or has five folds layered on each other. For this style, an eight-yard long garment is used and is wrapped around the waist tying the top of it in front to form a belt, and then tucking in the loose ends on the left and right at the back. This is a very popular style for south Indian men who work in the fields.


Some of the most common places the dhoti is worn are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. Although the dhoti is very common in some parts, it should not be mistaken for the lungi, a similar style of cloth but much smaller, mostly worn at home because it is more comfortable and casual than the dhoti.


The Dhoti For Indian Weddings

The Dhoti For Indian Weddings

This age-old outfit is part of a complete whole and is usually worn for festivals or a marriage ceremony. This piece of clothing holds a very important place during marriage rites. However, this is most peculiar to south Indian weddings. The bride and the groom are both adorned with breathtaking outfits, complete with accessories.

Weddings in India can span over several days, and for each day of the ceremony, both the bride and groom are dressed in different outfits. Each attire is distinctly different from the last, with each outfit symbolizing the meaning and importance of the marriage and the time that comes after.


The velvet Dhoti for groom

the Mundu is worn by the groom

The groom is dressed as elaborately as his bride. Most communities of the east, west, and southern parts of India stick with the traditional attire for the groom — the dhoti. In other communities of the South, the Mundu is worn by the groom as well. The entire outfit to be worn by the groom is designed in such a way that oozes majestic male elegance.

‘Extra attention and care are given to the finishing of the attire, with the edges and collars being embroidered with gold-thread, and finally studded with embellishments.


Dhoti for Elders in a wedding

During marriage ceremonies, the dhoti is worn with a kurta, and Angavastram is used to cover the upper part of the man. The groom also makes use of accessories such as pearl necklaces and various gold ornaments worn with the dhoti to complement the look. The groom exudes elegance and has a graceful air around him. The dhoti can be made from both cotton or raw royal silk for that extra touch of class and elegance.

This attire is so significant in the life of men that a dhoti ceremony is held when a boy wears dhoti for the first time in his life. This is to show his transition from childhood to adulthood and to confirm his status as a man. The dhoti has changed over the years, thanks to innovation and technology. However, it remains at the centre of the Indian culture, and Indian men wear it with so much pride.

Dhoti for Girls

It has now been modernized from its usual unstitched nature to look more like trousers. The charm is not lost on most men, and Rajputs are so proud of wearing them. The dhoti is worn in a very fashionable manner by the Bengali men, and for a more sober look, the pleats are arranged in the front.

The most common material used for dhoti design is cotton, or Tussar, or silk. Depending on the region, the dhoti is worn differently and for different occasions. Maharashtra priests in the temple wear a crimson-coloured dhoti. The dhoti in recent times isn’t limited to men alone, women are also seen sporting the dhoti.

They also come in the ready-made form with designs and artworks on them and also come in sizes for children. Vibrant colours and patterns add to the prestige of the dhoti, especially among the younger generation. The evolution of this elegant piece of clothing has made it difficult to lose sight and touch of the rich tradition and heritage of India.


Western Influence in Dhoti

Over the past few years, there has been cultural diffusion. The western culture and style of dressing has influenced the Indian culture much like the rest of the world. Now, the youths tend to dress more like the westerners, and are largerly dependent on the on their way of dressing. The dhoti is no longer worn to officies or parties, but has now been reduced to a simple home atire. On other occasions, it is worn as a traditional wear for certain kinds of gatherings. The dhoti makes an appearance either during wedding ceremonies, religious gatherings, or native festivities.

On the brighter side, the dhoti has been transformed into a more modern style. Despit the modernisation, it is still not sown to the knees because it is seen as disrespectful and informal. The dhoti is availabel due to the influence of wester cultures, and has made its way across borders. It is now also widly worn by women, and children as well. The dhoti is still recognied and held in high regards in certain parts of India, and are worn by the men in these parts for special occasions and regularly.

Even if you are not Indian, you can own a piece of this exquisite clothing. You can ither wear it to ceremonies or festivities, or just on a normal day out. You are sure to stand out of the crowd with this is beautiful traditioan wear.


Final words – Dhoti

The conventional dhoti is simple, while still elegant and stylish at the same time. It is seen as the emblem of the prestigious Indian culture. When worn, it brings an air of nobility while adding a traditional tinge to the look. This piece of clothing has stood the test of time and is still a favourite among Indian men — especially in the southern part of the country — for social gatherings, religious ceremonies, and festivities. It goes very well with a kurta, a plain achkan or a galabandh suit.

The importance of the dhoti is seen because it is the foremost choice of attire for men during marriage ceremonies, especially for the groom. Tourists are encouraged to shop these beautiful clothing, either online or in local shops when they are in India. There is so much that can be learned about the Indian culture just from their clothing, and it is easy to be swept away by the amazing history of what was and now is modern India. Viewing their culture through the lens of time, clothing, and style is a beautiful journey.

Reference Sites: Wiki | Wiki

80 Wedding Lehenga Blouse Designs for the Picky Brides

A lot of planning and fussing goes behind choosing the lehenga a bride is going to wear on her wedding day!Yet, while selecting it what do we see? Most of you just look at the designs on the lehenga skirt. Some of you might even check out the work on the dupatta. What gets left behind is a very important component – the bridal lehenga blouse. The wedding lehenga blouse design is what sculpts the whole look and brings it together. An ill-fitting or dull blouse will destroy the whole bridal look. This is why we bring to you 57 bridal and wedding lehenga blouse designs, covering every color, every style, every cut and every look! All you brides-to-be, make sure you check this ‘master-list’ out!
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Stunning Wedding Lehenga Blouse Designs

1. Floral Thread Work on Cream Blouse

Floral Thread Work on Cream Blouse

A stunning design language is showcased here. On a fabric base of cream with a yellowish undertone we see floral thread work in multi-colors along with a lot of gold thread work.

2. Silver and Red Combinations

The lehenga itself showcases a unique color combination of true red and pastel blue. One color is warm and the other cool. But surprisingly, the silver zari and sequin work looks stunning on the red lehenga blouse though silver usually goes well with cooler colors.

3. Floral Sequin Work on Velvet lehenga Blouse

Floral Sequin Work on Velvet lehenga Blouse

With neutral tones like cream or ivory, rich textures and dark colors go really well. Here, the lehenga skirt is in ivory. So the dark maroon velvet choli looks beautiful with it. The detailed floral sequin work on the blouse looks even more impressive!

4. Sleeveless Red Choli Blouse

Sleeveless Red Choli Blouse

To look gorgeous, a lehenga blouse does not have to have elaborate and embellished sleeves! Here is a sleeveless one in red velvet fabric with detailed zardozi and zari embroidery in gold.

5. Zari Work Red Blouse

Zari Work Red Blouse

The red lehenga blouse with all-over gold zari and sequin work in traditional motifs is a style that will never go out of fashion! It’s a classic style and looks good on every Indian bride.

6. Turquoise and Gold Flowers on Red

Turquoise and Gold Flowers on Red

Tiny floral motifs have been embroidered in turquoise blue and gold all over this red lehenga blouse. The motifs are detailed and small in size.

7. Pink Maroon and Gold Zari Work Blouse

Pink Maroon and Gold Zari Work Blouse

The combination of maroon and gold is an Indian wedding fashion classic. To add a bit of a contrast effect, light pink detailing has been added. To match the pink dupatta of the lehenga, the blouse also showcases pink thread worked floral motifs.

8. Sleeveless Net and Lace Blouse

Such blouses are perfect for that reception lehenga. The color is a pastel tone somewhere between blue and grey. The cut is unique with high neck and net details. The bodice shows intricate testosterone enanthate buy online lace work. The blouse is sleeveless.

9. Silver Full Sleeve Lehenga Blouse

Silver Full Sleeve Lehenga Blouse

The typical reception lehenga blouse, this one comes in silver tone fabric with intricate handwork using stones, crystals, sequins and pearls. The embellishment is self-tone and the full sleeves have feather work details.

10. White and Silver Lehenga Blouse

If you are planning a Christian wedding gown inspired lehenga, it’s the perfect blouse for you! It’s simple with minimalistic embroidery using silver threads, crystals and pearls. The sleeves are just a few strands of fabric hanging just below the shoulders, reminiscent of the cold shoulder sleeves.

11. Sheesha Work Blouse in Neutrals

Sheesha Work Blouse in Neutrals

Neutrals don’t mean stones and pearls. You can also go for such a unique look – tiny mirrors embroidered all over the high neck and full sleeve lehenga blouse in a light grey tone.

12. Off-shoulder Gown Style Lehenga Blouse

Off-shoulder Gown Style Lehenga Blouse

This lehenga is designed after a Christian wedding gown and has the serene white color, self tone embellishment and intricate crystal embroidery! The same design language is seen in the blouse which has net embroidered sleeves and off-shoulder cut.

13. Zardozi Red Lehenga Blouse

This lehenga comes in a typical warm red tone on which the intricate zardozi work stands out! The zardozi work on the choli is even more dense with floral strips near the edges and tiny jaali-style work all over.

14. Sequin Floral Red Choli

Floral bootas in gold sequins is a classic style that will always trend! On a red fabric it looks even more aesthetic. This choli showcases exactly this style and will look good with all kinds of lehenga skirts.

15. Antique Gold Embroidery Lehenga Blouse

Antique Gold Embroidery Lehenga Blouse

Some brides might not be happy to sport a very blingy and dazzling shade of gold. Those brides can go for certain off-beat shades of the color like matte or faded gold or antique gold like showcased in this lehenga blouse. Antique gold is a shade of gold with dark undertones.

16. Self-Tone Heavily Embroidered Lehenga Blouse

Self-Tone Heavily Embroidered Lehenga Blouse

Such blouses look great with the reception lehenga. It’s in a beautiful blush pink color. It is full sleeve and has all over dense embroidery in self-tone giving it a textured look.

17. Pastel Blue and Bright Pink Lehenga Blouse

Pastel Blue and Bright Pink Lehenga Blouse

Such a lehenga is perfect for the sangeet or mehendi ceremony. The design is sleek and the color is light. The base color is a light pastel blue with bits of a poppy pink to add that vibrancy. Floral motifs can be seen with a bit of light gold. The blouse has short sleeves which makes it look sleeker.

18. Peach and Pink Floral Embroidered lehenga Blouse

Peach and Pink Floral Embroidered lehenga Blouse

One of the most aesthetically pleasing blouses on this list – this one comes in raw silk cream tone fabric with closely-packed floral motifs in pink, peach and green thread work. It looks beautiful! The sleeves have some pearl embroidery.

19. Yellow Floral Blouse

Floral thread work looks great with most things. This bright mustard yellow lehenga comes with a sleeveless blouse in the same shade. The blouse also showcases thread work moss green, pink and gold.

20. Pink Sequin and Stone Work Blouse

Pink Sequin and Stone Work Blouse

Petite frames look beautiful in sleeveless blouses that are thickly embroidered and embellished! This one is a perfect example. We see a lot of sequin and zari thread embroidery along with the use of stones. It gives a heavy look but helps to shift the focus to the rest of the outfit.

21. Off Shoulder Cut Work Blouse

We see traditional floral thread and zari embroidery on a base of cream silk, for this lehenga blouse. But what really steals the show is the cut-work neckline and off-shoulder cut of the blouse.

22. All Over Thread work Navy Lehenga Blouse

All Over Thread work Navy Lehenga Blouse

This blouse is a combination of gorgeousness and subtlety. Instead of gold zari, golden brown thread work has been used to create detailed and intricate motifs all over the full sleeve blouse. The color combination of golden brown and navy blue is mesmerising!

23. Zari and Thread Work on Neutrals


This lehenga blouse has an ivory base with a blush pink undertone. We see zari work in elaborate details along with thread work in myriad colors placed aesthetically! It is reminiscent of minakari on marble or pietra dura work.

24. Off-shoulder Fish Scale Lehenga Blouse

Off-shoulder Fish Scale Lehenga Blouse

This bride wears an unique off-shoulder blouse with her lehenga skirt. The blouse showcases all over thread embroidery in the shape of fish scales. The dominant color is white with a bit of gold.

25. Wine Red Velvet Blouses

Velvet blouses look traditional and decadent and leave room for minimalistic embellishment! But always go for rich deep colors like maroon, navy, dark green or this deep wine red color.

26. Zari Embroidered Red and Gold Blouse

Zari Embroidered Red and Gold Blouse

Another ravishing red and gold lehenga blouse! This one is high neck with three-quarter sleeves. But the most impressive aspect is the detailed and immaculate zari embroidery all over the blouse.

27. Quintessential Gold Blouse

A golden embellished lehenga blouse can never go out of fashion! It is that one blouse which can be paired with any lehenga skirt. This is a blouse every Indian girl needs in her wardrobe.

28. Dark Chocolate and Gold Blouse

To give a bit of a twist to your red and gold lehenga look, go for a blouse that’s in a different but not contrasting color. Dark chocolate is a great option as it provides an appropriate base for heavy gold thread and mirror work.

29. Sleeveless Heavily Embroidered Lehenga Blouse

Sleeveless Heavily Embroidered Lehenga Blouse

If you really like the dramatic look you can go for such a blouse. It is sleeveless and has cut work straps and neckline. The blouse is all over embroidered using stones, pearls, beads and golden zari.

30. Purple and Gold Lehenga Blouse

A bright warm shade of purple looks great on the ethnic wedding wear palette! This blouse showcases a mix of such a color and beautiful gold thread and zari embroidery. The bodice has leaf and flower motifs.

31. Long Lehenga Blouse

Long Lehenga Blouse

For brides looking for a change in style or a more modest option of choli, this long top-style lehenga blouse is the way to go!  It actually looks great with the lehenga skirt. In this case, the skirt is in a rich red and gold combination and the blouse is in a cream toned brocade with gold embellishment on the periphery.

32. Green and Pink Floral Blouse

This lehenga blouse is aesthetic with a tinge of boho in it. On the base of bright pink we have floral and leaf motifs in silver. The borders are green with thin strips of mirror work.

33. The Gold and Pink Blouse

The quintessential gold blouse can be made more interesting with just an under-border and sleeve border in a contrasting shade. In this case it’s pink.

34. Velvet Midnight Blue Lehenga Blouse

Velvet Midnight Blue Lehenga Blouse

Such a blouse and a matching lehenga can be the most glamorous reception outfit one has ever seen. On midnight blue velvet fabric zardozi work has been used. The blouse is sleeveless and the cut is also unique!


The Bridal Reds & Maroons

35. The Quintessential Red & Gold Wedding Lehenga Blouse

Red & Gold Wedding Lehenga BlouseGet Custom Made Blouse

No matter how much women love to experiment with personal fashion, when it comes to the wedding day, most of us fall back on the traditional red & gold bridal attire. Most Indian women have definitely pictured themselves in the traditionally red wedding attire at some point of time in life! So this lehenga blouse design involves sleeves that run till a little above the elbows and a round neck. The bright red fabric is adorned with gold zari embroidery.

36. That Bride in the Dark Maroon Velvet Blouse

Dark Maroon Velvet Blousepriity_woman | Get Custom Made Blouse

Traditional yet not so! Dark Maroon is very much a bridal color yet looks more innovative and up-to-date compared to a typical red! This bride is having a lot of fun in her dark maroon velvet lehenga. She seems to be in love with her wedding blouse design. It is a dark maroon blouse in velvet and has golden work at the borders!

37. Bridal Lehenga Blouse with Unique Back Cut

Bridal Lehenga Blouse with Unique Back Cutrahi_fashion_

The beauty of this bridal blouse design is the unique back! This reddish-pink blouse with gold sequin embroidery has a round cut at the back. The bottom of the cut has hooks for proper fastening and the top has a tie-up detail. Pompom latkans hang till the waist from the tie-up which gives a wholly ethnic yet sensuous vibe to the outfit.

38. The Waist-Length Red Wedding Blouse

Waist-Length Red Wedding

Some of you might have the traditional obligation of wearing a bridal blouse that covers the midriff and the arms! You can go for such a choli-style wedding lehenga blouse design! This red blouse has a conservative neckline which is adorned in exquisite gold embroidery. The full sleeves also have similar embroidery throughout.

39. The Rosette Bridal Blouse

Rosette Bridal Blouseblousehub

This one is a unique take on the red bridal lehenga blouse design. Those brides aiming for a modern look on their wedding days and also wanting to sport red can go for something like this! The blouse resembles the upper portion of a typical western gown. The dark red fabric is adorned in sequin detailing and there is a huge rosette pattern on one of the shoulders.

40. Sleek & Sleeveless

bridal wedding lehenga blousessitara_by_gkx

This beautiful warm red wedding lehenga is sensuous to say the least! If you want to show off your well-toned figure on your wedding day, go for such a sleeveless blouse. The sheer dupatta compliments the cut of the outfit. The blouse has gold sequin embroidery all throughout. Such bridal wedding lehenga blouses have simple cuts yet are well-fitted enough to make you look gorgeous!

41. Stone-work on Bright Red


Let’s not even talk about the beauty of this lehenga as a whole! Look at this bridal blouse design – its sleeveless, well-fitted and the white stone embroidery on the bright red silk is exquisite.

42. Simple & Smart

These two brides pose like boss-ladies in their dark red bridal lehengas! The blouses they are sporting have simple cuts like basic ‘V’ and ‘U’ necklines, short sleeves. The bridal blouse designs are also conventional – gold motifs on rich fabric. Sometimes, the simplest of things turn out to be the most stylish! These blouses are examples of just that.

43. A Taste of Mughal Fashion

lehenga blouse designthe_designers_collectin

This gorgeous red lehenga is a work of art! The closely-packed gold embroidery on the skirt takes it to another level. Yet, what stands apart is the lehenga blouse design! It is nothing like your regular blouse. The full sleeve blouse has elaborate gold embroidery on the sleeves and the design in front is heavily reminiscent of Mughal era fashion! This blouse imparts an old world charm to the whole attire!

44. Red Embroidery on Red Fabric

Red Embroidery on Red

This bride sports a wedding lehenga blouse in a bright red hue. The dark red sequin embroidery on it looks heavenly!

45. Heavy Antique Gold Embroidery on Dark Red

Heavy Antique Gold Embroidery on Dark Red

This bride has chosen her wedding lehenga blouse with care! The rich red wine color looks amazing and the detailed zari embroidery on it is in a matte antique gold shade.

46. The Peplum Blouse

wedding bridal lehenga blouse

Bridal fashion is all about traditional cuts! Says who? This beautiful bride is posing a top-style wedding bridal lehenga blouse that has a peplum cut! The lehenga blouse design is also unique – The rich dark red fabric is adorned in dark maroon embossed embellishments.

47. Kurta-Style Top-wear with Lehenga

Kurta-Style Top-wear with Lehengathe_designers_collectin

This blouse is for Muslim brides who want to wear a lehenga instead of a usual sharara or gharara for their weddings! The gold lehenga bottom is paired with a kurta-blouse which flaunts matte gold embellishments and zardozi work on a rich maroon base. Such bridal blouse designs are indeed unique.

48. Simple Long Choli

The top-style choli of the bride creates an illusion as if she is wearing a one-piece outfit. This is because the bridalblouse design is homogenous with the gold sequin embroidery on the upper part of the lehenga skirt!

49. For the Bride Whose Bold

lehenga blouse designweddingsutra

This off-shoulder lehenga blouse design is only for the bold bride! The dark gold badla work on the dark maroon silk and velvet fabric is beautiful, to say the least.

50. Dark Maroon Sensation

Sophie sports this lehenga in a shade that is somewhere in between dark maroon and wine! The lovely color is complimented by the silk texture of the blouse. Though this bridal blouse design is simple, the gold embroidery on the shoulders and the sleeves magnify its elegance factor.

51. A Red Blouse for the Plus Size Bride

Red Blouse for the Plus Size Bride

All you curvy and plus size brides, there’s no shying away from sporting a beautifully crafted red choli on your wedding day! Look at this wedding blouse design – it is well-fitted, covering the flaws and the gold embroidery on it is breath-taking!

Get plus Size Lehenga


The Power of Pink

Pink doubtlessly come next to Reds and Maroons when it comes to bridal-wear!

52. Peachy-pink Cropped Sleeved Blouse

Peachy-pink Cropped Sleeved Blouse

A unique shade of pink – this wedding bridal lehenga blouse also has uniquely cut sleeves. The sleeves are a cropped version of the cap sleeves and look great on a highly embellished bridal attire. The blouse has rich sequin embellishments.

53. The Baby Pink Blouse

Baby Pink

The beauty of this bridal blouse design lies in the zigzag pattern gold embroidery on it. Two shades of pink have been played with, in this case! The gold embroidery and the stonework adds to the beauty of this blouse.

54. Gold on Pink


The highlight of this dark pink lehenga is its blouse! The outfit is in rich silk fabric! This wedding lehenga blouse is heavily embellished in gold embroidery. This with the skirt with only round gold motifs and gold border, works beautifully!

55. Rose Gold Embroidery on Light Pink

She looks so pretty and radiant in this light pink lehenga! The rose gold embroidery adds character to this light pink wedding blouse design!

56. The Bridal Blouse with the Cape


This gorgeous dark pink lehenga comes with a blouse which has two layers. A dark pink tube-top-style blouse with gold motifs sits as the bottom layer. On top is a sheer gold cape with sequin and stone work on it and at its borders. This bridal blouse design is for those brides who are not afraid to experiment!

57. Silver on the Lightest Pink

manishmalhotra05 | Get Custom Made Blouse

This bridal lehenga blouse sports silver embroidery and mirror work on the lightest shade of pink. The result is exquisite. Checkout Manish Malhotra Lehenga.

58. Bright Pink with Light Beige

Bright Pink with Light Beigesabyasachi

This shade of pink brightens every skin tone! The light beige embossed floral patterns on this wedding lehenga blouse enhance the beauty of the look. Checkout Sabyasachi lehengas.

59. Simple in Powder Pink

Sabsyasachi bridal lehenga

The bride sports a Sabsyasachi bridal lehenga with a blouse that is simple yet aesthetic. The wedding blouse design has homogenous placement of sequins and stones on a well cut frame. The powder pink color is also uncommon.

60. Stunning in Stone Work

bridal lehenga blousefashion_style_weddings

The shade of pink is beautiful, so is the sequin and chunky pieces of stone embroidered on this bridal lehenga blouse.

The Golds Blouse

Though gold is present on almost all wedding and bridal outfits, most of the time it is not the color in focus! These wedding lehenga blouses have taken gold out of the periphery of motifs and borders and used it to its full capacity.

61. Gold Extravaganza

bridal blouse designthe_designers_collectin

A heavily ornate lehenga with a maroon skirt and gold blouse and dupatta is always a winning combination. The blouse is thick with sequin work, zari embroidery, zardozi work etc. The sheer and light dupatta work great with highlighting the beauty of this bridal blouse design!

62. For the Bride who can Carry it

This wedding lehenga blouse is for the experimental bride! Yes, it’s true that anything looks good on Sonam Kapoor but this Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla bridal lehenga is a masterpiece! Wear something like this and we can assure you that your wedding outfit will be remembered over decades! The bridal blouse design, in this case, incorporates big beads embroidered on the gold fabric. If you can carry it, go ahead!

63. Gold on Rose Gold

bridal blouse designworld_of_brides_ | Get Custom Made Blouse

This is another bridal lehenga in a truly unique shade. The choli style bridal lehenga blouse is complimented by the small gold motifs embroidered on it. The shade is uncommon – it is a tissue pink verging more towards rose gold. This is why the gold undertone of the outfit radiantly reflects on the face of the bride.

64. Bold in Gold

lehenga blouse designbridesofsabyasachi

This bold bralette-style lehenga blouse design is only for a bride who is not going to shy away! The sequin embroidery on the blouse is detailed and it is paired with a dark maroon lehenga skirt!


Other Non-Bridal Blouse Colors

Many brides, these days, want to re-define the term ‘bridal colors’. They just don’t want to sport boring bridal colors on their wedding day! They are keen on choosing shades that are unique and contemporary. These blouse are for them!

65. Lilac & Silver Blouse

wedding blouse designshaadiwish

This attire is in a color just between lilac and lavender. The blouse is beautifully ornate with silver embellishments against the soft lilac background. Such a wedding blouse design is truly a thing of beauty!

66. Faded Teal Bridal Blouse

Faded Teal Bridal Blousevarmalla

The bride wears a bridal attire in the combination of a faded version of the color teal and a light pink. This combination, though uncommon, would work great for morning weddings. The wedding blouse design is also different with silvery white sequin detailing all over the blouse.

67. Purple Top Style Blouse

Purple Top Style

Purple is not a very common bridal shade yet this purple and dark pink lehenga with the purple top style blouse looks amazing! The full-sleeve blouse has little gold motifs all over, thin borders at the neckline, the shoulder and the edge of the sleeves.

68. The Multi-Color Floral Blouse

Multi-Color Floral Blouseshaadisaga

This multi-color floral lehenga comes with the perfect blouse! This bridal blouse design has two important elements – the detailed and intricate floral embroidery and the deep ‘V’ neckline. This blouse and lehenga is perfectly contemporary and will look great at a morning wedding.

69. Beige and Silver

wedding blouse designweddingfables

Who thought a biscuit-beige color could make a wedding outfit! This gorgeous lehenga comes with a traditionally cut blouse in the same color. This wedding blouse design has white stone and silver sequin embroidery all over, which makes the look regal!

70. Beige and Gold

Another beige bridal lehenga blouse with exquisite gold sequin embroidery.

71. Green for Contrast

bridal blouse

If you are keen on wearing a red or maroon lehenga yet want a play of colors on the outfit, you can go for something like this! Dark green compliments red or maroon really well and also looks good with gold embroidery. This bridal blouse design incorporates red and gold floral embroidery.

72. Sleeveless Orange Blouse

Sleeveless Orange Blouseshadimandap

This neon orange and gold lehenga comes with a sleeveless orange blouse. The round gold motifs on the skirt is repeated on the blouse. The sheer white dupatta is meant to bring out the flawless cut of the blouse. This wedding blouse design is for that bride who wants to sport something simple yet eye-catching on her wedding day!

73. Multicolor Blouse with Peacock Motif

This is a vintage lehenga reminding one of the exotic embroidery art of the days left behind! The lehenga blouse design has embroidered gold peacocks on it! It is fit for a royal wedding!

74. Sparkling in Silver

wedding blouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

This lehenga is an artistic masterpiece! The blouse has been handcrafted with silver crystals and sequin embroidery. The uniqueness of this wedding blouse design lies in the placement of the crystal floral detail near the sleeves.

75. Multi-color embroidery

Multi-color embroiderysabyasachi

This bride sports a Sabyasachi lehenga with a beautiful exquisite blouse that reminds one of the earthy arts of India! The multi-color embroidery on this bridal lehenga blouse is truly one-of-its-kind.


Oh So Whites Bridal Blouse!

Bridal fashion is ever-changing! White has entered the boundary of bridal fashion quite easily. In this section we will explore bridal lehenga blouses in shades like white, off-white, cream, ivory etc

76. The Cream Blouse

wedding blouse designshadivibes

Cream or off-white blouses compliment gold embroidery and red or maroon backgrounds really well. This particular lehenga has a rich red skirt, replete with gold embroidery. The full-sleeve, long blouse has gold motifs on a cream background. This wedding blouse design is also beautiful because of its cut and sheer net sleeves.

77. Father’s Princess in White

wedding blouse designbridesofsabyasachi

An off-white wedding lehenga blouse with gold leaves and gold sequin floral embroidery is all that is required to make this bride look celestially beautiful.

78. Colored Embroidery on White

wedding blouse designbridesofsabyasachi

The bride has planned her outfit really well. She sports a white lehenga with diamond and emerald jewellery. The bridal blouse design incorporates green, red, light pink and gold embroidery, complimenting her jewellery.

79. Ivory and Gold

This wedding lehenga blouse flaunts gold zari thread work on an ivory base. The red dupatta compliments the blouse really well!

80. Unique Neckline

A gorgeous and perfectly fitted lehenga

This Sabyasachi lehenga is unique because of its blouse! Though the full-sleeve, gold embroidered bridal blouse design has a narrow deep neckline, it is not exposing.

Out of this roller-coaster of wedding lehenga blouse designs? While your mind processes all these different cuts, styles and colors, check out the bridal lehenga section of our website! There, you will find the most exquisite bridal blouse designs for yourself!