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Lehenga Skirt – Various Styles of lehenga Skirts – A Complete Guide

 Lehenga Skirt – All you need to know

Lehenga Skirt! its a topic which is so misinterperated as most of us are not even aware as which Lehenga skirt should we opt. So, this time around we have come up with a different kind of write-up for you “lehenga Skirt” which is not specifically meant for the bride, instead of every other girl or woman attending an Indian wedding except of course the bride herself. We have come up with a guide for different types of lehenga that you can go for in a party or wedding.

Because why should brides have all the fun 😉   (Though grooms or the other guys after reading this might be like why should girls have all the fun 😉

Types of Lehenga – Different styles of Lehenga Skirt

1. Multi-layers Lehenga Skirt

These lehenga skirts have a unique cut. They come in multiple horizontal layers arranged at different heights. These layers have uneven hems and the embellishment arrangement and textures also differ, creating an out-of-the-box look.

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2. Benarasi Lehenga Skirt

These lehenga skirts may come in all shapes but are usually flared or A-line. They have a pleated look but the highlight is the rich silk Benarasi brocade fabric that is used! They have a broad gold lower border and are devoid of all other embellishments. The style has been popularized by ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Check out more Sabyasachi lehenga.

Benarasi Lehenga Skirt

Checkout more of Benarasi lehengas.

3. Printed Lehenga Skirt

These lehenga skirts flaunt printed floral or textured looks and are devoid of heavy embellishments. They come in summary shades and are extremely light weight.

Tips: Invest in one of these if you are a guest at a beach-side destination Indian wedding. Pair with sleeveless crop tops.

Printed Lehenga Skirt

4. Sharara cut lehenga style

You must be aware that shararas are most popular among Muslims but if you want to wear something out of the box but still look the true traditional version of yours, then you can surely opt for this style.

They don’t completely fit into the lehenga brigade category because they are stitched from the middle of the hem like a trouser or a palazzo but because the flare is quite too much, they can partially be termed as lehengas.

It is usually worn with long kurtas, though you can opt for a bit short kurta also but not too short 😉

Tip: These work with almost all body types except for women with too petite bodies or slim legs.

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5. Paneled or kalidar lehenga style

As the name suggests, this lehenga style has horizontal panels stitched along the flare of the lehenga the way Kalis, that is, petals are there in a flower.

Because of too many panels in the lehenga, the volume of the flare of the lehenga increases tremendously and thus enhances the elegance of the overall look.

Tip: This lehenga style is best suited for hourglass, pear and petite body shapes but not for apple, straight (or rectangular) and skinny body types.

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6. Half Saree lehenga style

Inspired from the South Indian way of draping dupatta over the shoulder and around the waist also called as pavadai or langa davani or langa voni.

This style of semi saree and semi lehenga aka half saree is gaining huge attention in fashion weeks and is both elegant and contemporary. It is like wearing both saree and lehenga in one outfit together.

Tip: This lehenga works great for hourglass, pear, apple and tall body structures but not petite as it will make the person appear more petite since it is a bit fuller.

It can also be seen as a low flare A-line lehenga. Bride’s mother or the aunties coming at weddings can also be seen donning this new fashion attire.

The best part is that if you don’t want to buy one, you can turn your normal lehenga into one with just the dupatta being draped like a saree and voila! You are ready to rock the look.

Half Saree lehenga style

PRO TIP: You can also drape an actual saree with your lehenga for a regal look like the above. What say? Comment down below!

7. Lehenga with a jacket

This fresh, breezy and effortlessly easy to carry look is gaining attention as there isn’t much of a hassle to carry a dupatta or pin it up. Neither it looks clumsy or OTT. Instead, looks more ravishing and if carried and worn well, can bring the best out of you.

The lehengas are kept pretty flary with a zardozi embroidery jacket or delicate weaving on velvet. Moreover, since only the hem of the lehenga is visible through the jacket, these often have broad laces or heavy work on them.

With the type of jacket that you chose, you can have a variety of looks from rich and elegant ones to subtle and decent ones as well.

This is a perfect option for a reception.

Tip: It doesn’t work for a pear or petite shaped woman but is a great option for hourglass, apple, inverted triangle and tall body structure.

Lehengas with a | Design your lehenga 

8. Modified A-line Lehenga Skirt

While the A-line lehenga skirt complements most figure types, the modified A-line skirt is meant for those who boast a well-toned hourglass body. This is because, this type of lehenga skirt is clinched at the waist and hugs the hips. From the part below the hips, the skirt gets flared.

Tips: If you have a small waist and toned hips, go for this look! This type of skirt can also be used to sport the lehenga-suit look!

Modified A-line Lehenga Skirt

9. Trumpet Skirt

The trumpet cut is quite trendy with top wear and is being used for fusion ethnic wear too! These lehenga skirts are much like the mermaid cut skirts. They are fitted till the thighs and then flare out in vertical pleats.

Tips: Think sangeet looks or bachelorette looks with this type of lehenga skirts as they classify as pure fusion fashion. Pair with crop tops to make the look even trendier.

Trumpet lehenga Skirt

10. The Umbrella Skirt

You can also call it the fit-and-flare style! These lehenga skirts are fitted at the waist and flare out like an umbrella from the thighs and form a pleated circular look at the base. Anita Dongre has popularized this style on light pastel colors. Checkout more Anita Dongre Lehenga.

The Umbrella Lehenga Skirt

11. The Overskirt

Inspired by the overskirt gowns of western fashion, the overskirt is a piece of Indo-western garment. It consists of a long piece of fabric stitched over a straight lehenga skirt, only halfway round, usually at the back.

Tips: Think engagements, friend’s wedding and bridesmaid’s dress with this type of lehenga skirt. Wear it with a peplum top.

The Overskirt

12. Short or Cropped Lehenga Skirt

These skirts are ankle-length or end just above the ankle as opposed to the long, flowing length of the traditional lehenga skirts. These skirts are usually panelled and pleated.

Tips: These ones are not appropriate as wedding wear but if you are a guest to an Indian wedding, you can opt for the style for a function held in the morning.

Short or Cropped Lehenga Skirt

13. A-line lehenga skirt

Now again, if you are an Indian or have an Indian acquaintance, then you must have heard the word A-line. The A-line style was like really popular during our mothers’ times, that is, back in the 70s and 80s but is again in vogue as it can be both traditional and modern depending upon the type of fabric and cuts.

Tip: This type of lehenga is best suited for pear-shaped, hourglass and tall structured bodies as with the A-line hemline, it cinches at the waist and flares as it goes towards the bottom.

But if you have an apple shape or a rectangular (I.e. straight shape), then it is not at all good for you.

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14. Flared lehenga (aka lehenga skirt with a lot of gher or ghera)

The classical and oldest yet most astonishing of the all. A broadly flared skirt with a circle at the hemline is perfect if you love volume and pleats, then this style is for you.

As the lehenga skirt twirls well and forms a complete circle, usually flowy fabrics are preferred. It is best suited for small intimate functions like engagement, mehndi, sangeet and even haldi or if you have any other function similar to these.

Tip: This lehenga style is not suited for people having smaller waists instead best suited for apple, pear, hourglass and rectangle-shaped bodies.

You can always go with a heavily embellished choli for a lighter skirt or vice versa. Big borders at the hem kind of define the flowy structure.

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15. Mermaid or fishtail or trumpet style lehenga

Giving the traditional lehengas a contemporary look and feel are the mermaid or fishtail style lehengas. They flare from below the knees and are tightly hugging at your waist and butts so a bodysuit is recommended.

Moreover, as it will accentuate your curves more, you better go for it to look more modern and chic.

Tip: This style is best suited for hourglass and rectangle body shape, also if you have an athletic body shape (more like rectangular but with much-defined shoulders, tight calves, well-built and toned arms and shoulders) but not for the rest of the body types as then your butts will be the talking point which of course you won’t be wanting.

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16. Straight cut lehenga style

As the name implies, this lehenga style is perfect for those who don’t prefer fluff or pleats, that is, ghera in their lehengas. The skirt has a straight cut which falls along the curves and goes well with almost all body types.

Tip: It is best suited for hourglass, apple and rectangular shapes but not pear and too thin of a body structure. | Get your Lehenga Custom Made

17. Circular Lehenga Skirt

The circular skirt is one of the most flared types with the bottom hemline forming a neat circle. The fall resembles that of erstwhile ball gowns.

Tips: If you have height, go for this look on your reception night.

Circular Lehenga Skirt

18. Lehenga with long heavy jacket

Go trendy with lehenga paired with long jacket. Make sure the long jacket is heavily embroidered if the lehenga is plain but the visa versa (heavy lehenga and plain long jacket) won’t go well.

Tips: Long jacket length should be same as lehenga length.

Lehenga with long heavy jacket

19. Ruffle or layered lehenga skirt

Now some of you might be like that it’s just a style and not like a particular lehenga type as all of the above but believe us, in the past few years it too has become a style statement and is a type of lehenga in itself with ruffles or layers all over the skirt.

It not only looks and feel contemporary but is also quite flared and light to carry if the frills don’t have too much of embroidery or embellishments.

The layers can be of similar color as the base skirt or in contrast as well.

Tip: This style of lehenga is the best fit for an inverted triangle and rectangular-shaped bodies as it provides fluffiness and volume from the waist till the hemline.

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20. Broad and Flared Skirt

This is the typical western gown-style lehenga skirt that are hugely popular these days. The skirt has an extremely flared and voluminous cut. These usually come in fluffy fabrics that amplify the volume.

Tips: Choose neutral, nude or light pastel shades for these types of lehenga skirts. A tiny sequin choli complements the volume of the skirt.

Broad and Flared Skirt

21. Net or mesh lehenga

Again as stated for the layered lehenga, mesh lehenga skirts are gaining popularity since they are light, look rich and any print or pattern works best for them. Whether it be embroidery, floral or just normal prints.

Tip: Women on the bulky side should avoid wearing mesh as it will make them look more fluffy and will not seem appealing as much as on a slim body or women having a smaller waistline.

Net or mesh | Get Bridal Lehenga & reception Gown Made


Tips for choose your lehenga skirt

Some tips that we want you to keep in mind while choosing your lehenga are:

  1. Be confident about the fact that whether you want a pre-stitched lehenga or want one stitched because then you can look out for styles and fabrics.
  2. Choose lehenga or get stitched one which flatters your body type as not every style will match your body type. Everyone’s body is different and so to accentuate it, it’s better that you go with the best suiting style.
  3. Choose fabric as per the season of the function. Also the color and weight of the lehenga.
  4. Keep accessories and makeup in sync with your lehenga. Don’t go for heavy makeup if the attire is heavy as it will look more. Keep it subtle and dewy.
  5. But if the lehenga is on the lighter side, then a heavy makeup would work great.


Your Body shape and Types of Lehenga you Choose

The body types that a person can have so that when you get to stitching of the lehenga or are sitting in the outlet to choose from the variety you are being shown, you know exactly what kind of lehenga would accentuate your curves, enhance your body and suit you the most and then choose the Lehenga Type.

  1. Ruler or rectangular shaped body – That is your bust, waist and hips are equally small in proportions and so it seems like a rectangle
  2. Pear or triangle shaped body – Large hips and tiny bust accentuating your curves well
  3. Apple or inverted triangle shaped body – Larger bust than hips, undefined waist, round shoulders, smaller hips and smaller legs and arms.
  4. Hourglass-shaped body – Naturally round buttocks and your bust lines are well defined with slightly rounded shoulders
  5. Oval shaped body – Larger bust than the rest of the body with narrow hips and comparatively fuller midsection.

So above are some of the most common body shapes normally found though there are other body types too as well. Hope that you get some inspiration from the following types of lehenga skirts for next time!


Conclusion – Lehenga Skirt

If you are an Indian or even if you aren’t but have attended an Indian wedding, then you must be aware of the very first fact that Indian weddings are about you putting forward your traditional side upfront.

Even if it means it’s truly traditional or fusion. And when talking about traditional, there are not only the customs or traditions that we follow in an Indian wedding, instead of the attire too.


And for women or the ladies as we must say, the most popular is the lehengas and sarees. So in this post, we’ll be sharing with all you ladies, all the possible types of lehenga skirts that you can choose from based on your body type, style and preference.

These new yet traditional lehenga styles are based upon fabrics and cuts instead of patterns, embellishments or even embroidery. You can play around with combination of Lehenga skirt, blouse and dupatta to give you a fresh look every time.

So if you’re planning to go for a wedding and want a customized outfit for yourself for giving some fashion goals and inspiration to others, then you have landed at the right place.

We, the team of GetEthnic, are proficient in customized wedding wear for both men and women. Just tell us what and how you want and woohoo, you’ll get it exactly the way.

Lastly, do tell us in the comments section below that what was your favorite style of lehenga skirt for the next upcoming wedding!

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Please do let us know which Lehenga skirt is your personal favorite and do let us know in case of any question. As always we would be happy to help to get the perfect look for you at your special function!

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