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Bridal Lehenga

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Types of Bridal Lehengas a Bride Can Choose From

Can there be anything more beautiful than a bride in a lehenga? Indian bridal lehenga is the most graceful and traditional way for a bride to express herself and make a statement on her wedding day. When it comes to the Indian wedding bridal lehenga, one is spoilt for choices. But it must compliment the glamor, grandeur and extravaganza of a big fat Indian wedding and it should also be unique and customized especially for you!
A-line Bridal Lehenga: An A-line cut resembles the shape of the capital letter ‘A’. When your lehenga skirt has a tighter shape at the top and fall that is more flared, it is an A-line lehenga.
Flared Bridal Lehenga: A flared bridal lehenga has a skirt with a round shape and has a pleated drape at the waist. This creates vertical layers adding a lot of volume.
Fishtail Bridal Lehenga: A fishtail lehenga is also known as a mermaid or trumpet lehenga. The shape of the skirt resembles the tail of a fish. It is well-fitted from the waist to the knees and is flared from the calves.
Straight Lehenga: Quiet unconventional, a straight lehenga is simply a lehenga with a skirt that has a straight silhouette, without any flare or pleats. Sometimes it comes with a side slit that enables easy movement.
Lehenga with Jacket: These lehengas come with a third layer, which is a jacket! Usually these long front open jackets are sheer and the embellishments on the blouse and skirt are easily visible through the jacket.
Panelled Lehengas: When horizontal layers of fabric are stitched together, the flare increases! Often these lehengas are paired with blouses in contrast colors. The juxtaposition of so many colors creates an ethnic boho look.
Layered Lehenga: These lehengas come with skirts which have three or four layers of the same fabric positioned horizontally, one on top of the other. The lehenga skirt, in this case, resembles the fall of western tiered gowns.
The Saree Lehenga: Inspired by the South Indian half saree look, this lehenga looks like a cross between a saree and a lehenga. The major feature in this saree lehenga look is the unique draping style of the dupatta.
The Sharara Lehenga: The skirt of this type of lehenga is replaced with a sharara or gharara – a highly flared and pleated trouser-type of bottom wear. Sharara lehengas sometimes come with kurti-style top wear instead of a traditional choli.

The Role of Weather or Season in Choosing Your Bridal Outfit

In summers, fabrics like heavy silks and velvets are much more uncomfortable than light chiffons or chambray! While for winter weddings any fabric can be chosen that keeps you warm, the choice of fabric for summer wedding lehengas is a bit tricky to decide.

Bridal Lehenga for Day Event Vs Night Event

Though there is not much that changes with bridal lehengas for a day wedding as opposed to a night wedding, as a bride you may have color and fabric choices that differ. While heavy fabrics like brocade, velvet etc and deep dark colors like maroon, royal blue etc look good at night, light fabrics and pastel shades look great during the day.

Have a Design in Mind or an Inspiration from a Designer Piece?

If you have a designer lehenga in mind or any lehenga which has inspired you to imagine a bridal look for yourself, talk to us. Show us the picture and our ace designer will help you with tweaking the design in the right way to suit your figure and complexion. Customize your dream wedding lehenga into an exclusive piece just for you!

Plus Size Wedding Lehenga

Curvy and plus-size brides can stop worrying about their bridal looks! For every body shape and type, the cut and draping style of a lehenga differs. An ace designer can chalk out the perfect bridal lehenga for you – one that hides your flaws and complements your curves!

Matching Outfits for Bride and Groom

Matching outfits for bride and groom refers to color coordinated outfits or matching prints and fabric. For this you would need specialized help of a designer who would customize the outfits. Coordinated couple outfits also get photographed better.

The Fabric, Embroidery & Bidget of your Indian Bridal Lehenga

From luscious chiffons to luxurious silks; from rich velvets to gorgeous georgettes; from brilliant brocades to fascinating tulle – fabrics for wedding wear is all about glamour, glitter and bling! These fabrics are strong enough to hold elaborate embellishments. Raw silks, tussar and blended silks are also being used in lehengas.

Choosing the embroidery

Starting from zardozi and aari embroidery of Uttar Pradesh, to Kashmiri floral embroidery, to Gujarati mirror embroidery to zari work to stone and sequin embroidery – the list is endless and there is always something that will suit your choice.

Deciding on Budget

Your lehenga budget depends entirely on your choice of fabric, design, style, embroidery, amount of machine/hand work and many other factors. Once you discuss your requirements, our elite GetEthnic designer will tell you the exact amount and date of delivery of your outfit.