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A lungi is a traditional cloth that is worn in India and some other countries, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. It is a traditional attire that is wrapped around the waist and worn like a skirt. The lungi is most popular in areas that have high temperatures. Due to heat and humidity, the lungi is the perfect clothing men can wear to sleep, or as casual clothes, instead of tight clothes that turn out to be unpleasant and uncomfortable.

The lungi is worn mostly by men but women and children can wear it as well. The lungi or a sarong is a drape that gives the person wearing it ease of movement and comfort. A lungi is woven from cotton and has various designs and patterns to select from.

Sharukh khan in traditional cloth of India - Lungi

Lungi can be tied in different ways, depending on how the person wearing it wants it. As simple as lungi is, it can be used for several ceremonies including weddings, cultural activities, etc. Although lungi is often viewed as a simple piece of clothing, it is a traditional attire in some places in India, including Kerala. The most common way and perhaps, the simplest way to knot the lungi is to drape the lungi on the waist and simply tie the two ends. Although the simplest way is not considered the safest because it is not always fastened very tight. The knotted style that is considered to be the safest is the pretzel knot.


Lungi is available in different designs and patterns for you to choose from. In South India, the traditional attire is lungi and it is known as mundu. In South India, lungi isn’t just an ordinary traditional attire, it is used by the groom in a traditional wedding ceremony. It is a beautiful attire called kasavu and it often has gold embroidery to add spice to its beauty.

Traditional cloth of India - Lungi

Lungi also comes in plain white which is the Mundus. The Mundus is used in Kerala for special occasions. A touch of golden embroidery to the Mundus is known as Kasavu.

The lungi which stems from South India is worn by different classes of people and for different reasons. The length of the lungi can be adjusted, by tucking it into the waist to make it look like shorts, and labourers use it to work daily. Men and women use it as a sleeping cloth, and it is worn for different events and ceremonies as well. As simple as the lungi is, it can be transformed into the perfect attire that will be suitable for any occasion. Perhaps, this is why the lungi is considered to be a special attire loved by the people of southern India.

Traditional cloth of India - Lungi

Below is a photo of a regular lungi worn by almost everyone in south India.

Regular lungi worn by almost everyone in south India

Temple priests also wear the lungi as part of their daily attire as seen in the photo below

Temple priests also wear the lungi


How to Tie The Lungi 

Below is a step-by-step guide to wearing a lungi:

Step 1. You have to hold the rectangular part of the fabric and put your lower body into the tabular lungi in order to begin making the lungi skirt.

Step 2. Stretch and flatten the rectangular piece of cloth to stay just below the navel. This is to help you identify the right way of tying the lungi.

Step 3. To make the first fold of the lungi skirt, you have to swing the hand to one side. Grip the lungi firmly and follow the next step.

Step 4. Once you’ve griped one side firmly, swing your hand to the other side to make a lungi-like design. Now that your two hands have formed two folds below the naval, hold it firmly.

Step 5. The next step is to make the lungi fashion by folding the edges of the lungi downwards your stomach.

Step 6. Do another fold to make it look nice and firm. You can do multiple folds depending on the length of the lungi or your height.

Step 7. Finally, you can secure the lungi by rolling the edges downwards in a similar direction taken against the back.

How to Tie The Lungi 

There are several ways available to knot the lungi as you desire. The simplest way available is to drape around your waist and fasten the two ends into a knot. Just as there are several other places, apart from the southern part of India that wear a lungi, there are numerous styles to tie a lungi. Most of the styles are either based on the occasion as well as the culture of the state involved.

Tying the lungi might look simple but it’s an act that requires precision. If you don’t get it at the first attempt you can always try tying it again. You can also watch video tutorials on how to tie the lungi if a visual example will help you get it better.

How to Tie The Lungi 

Best wedding styles to wear your lungi

If you want to see how the lungi can be used to portray exquisite beauty, then you need to attend a wedding in southern India where Lungi is a traditional attire.

There are several styles of lungi you can wear for a traditional Indian wedding either as a guest or as a groom.

Most states in southern India go with white lungi adorned with gold. This makes it look really beautiful.

In this article, we’ll explore the trendiest lungi styles you can wear to stand out in any wedding ceremony.

Lungi With Zari Embroidered Shirt

Gold is believed to be metal of the gods, hence, it plays an important role in the wedding ceremony, as far as the groom’s attire is concerned.

In Kerala, the traditional dress for the groom is usually a mundu or lungi, often having a gold casava border. The groom can also carry a folded melmundu cloth on his shoulder. Recently, the tradition of grooms going bare-chested is phasing out as they now wear different shirts. The idea of wearing a Zari embroidered shirt on a lungi is to add a touch of exquisiteness to the simplicity of the lungi.

Lungi With Zari Embroidered Shirt

Prince Coat on Lungi

A lot of people opt for a prince coat because it is a modern style of dressing. The prince coat makes the person wearing it look and feel like royalty. It is a structured and well-tailored coat made to fit anyone. Most people wear it with a lungi to give them a neat and polished look. You can also add a rose pin or a pocket square to give it an even more sophisticated look. If you want to go a little overboard, you can add a matching colour melmundu to balance the traditional appearance.

Prince Coat on


Kurta and Lungi

The kurta, a loose collarless shirt that is worn with the lungi. Some people like to swap the melmundu or bare-chested style for a kurta for a unique look. The kurta sits well on a lungi for any event but it’s a go-to for wedding ceremonies. You can wear a simple cotton kurta or silk kurta. As for colours, a white or cream colour on a lungi will do just fine. It can be designed in different ways, varying in length and structure. The best thing about this style is that both the lungi and kurta are simple attires that give you a fine blend of a classic and traditional look. If you are creative, you can add a few personal touches to this look.

Kurta and Lungivirkmanpreet41


Formal Shirt on a Lungi

Formal Shirt on a Lungisunny_sp_491

If you don’t fancy a kurta, prince coat, or a Zari embroidered shirt, you can opt for a formal shirt to go with the mundu. Formal shirts on mundu are becoming increasingly popular because the youths enjoy wearing them.

To synchronize your dressing with your bride, you can wear a shirt that matches the colour of her trousseau. You can wear a simple cotton long sleeve shirt on a white lungi with golden embroidery. If you want to spice it up, you can fold the shirt to your forearms to give your dressing a vibrant traditional look.

Formal Shirt on a Lunginithin_needale

The mundu worn by the groom is just like the female Kasavu type of saree with golden embroidery which is known as Kara. The mundu must be neatly pleated and wrapped around the waist properly, to look neat. It is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Any of the above styles you decide on will surely make you stand out. Lungi might be a simple material but it does a lot when you wear it with the right combination. You can also style it up by adding a few accessories to make things look more fashionable.

The Groomsmen

 The groomsmen are not obliged to wear a mundu but most of them enjoy wearing it. Most times what the groomsmen wear is decided among themselves and the groom. Groomsmen can also wear a lungi, even though there might be situations where they are not familiar with the tradition of wearing a lungi. They can wear plain mundu made of cotton and wear a red or white shirt.

The groomsmen’s dress should match the groom’s attire. just like the chief bridesmaids dress should match the bridesmaid’s attire. The groomsmen can also add sunglasses or any other fashion accessories to their dressing for a stylish look. You must pay special attention to the way you wrap the mundu to avoid tripping over while dancing and enjoying the wedding. You can follow similar steps on how to tie the mundu like that of the lungi mentioned above.

The Groomsmen_.soul._.singer



The Groomsmenvg_3313

As a wedding guest 

Wedding guests are also not left alone in the lungi craze. Designers have started to come up with different styles for people to select from. As a matter of fact, it is becoming difficult to keep up with the latest trends, but men are more than willing to experiment around the different ways of wearing a lungi in fashion. Now there is the already-draped lungi, if you are not willing to go through the stress of draping one or if you don’t know how to. A more modern way of wearing the lungi and stand out amongst the other guests is to wear a half jacket, a short kurta or a denim jacket. This says a lot about your versatile sense of fashion and how you are more in tune with modern trends.






Wearing The Mundu in Kerala style 

In Kerala, the style of wearing the mundu is different from that of other places. Here, the lungi is tucked around the waist in the right direction. The bottom portion of the lungi is then pulled and taken to the back to tie on the waist. This style is comfortable, and it gives you free movement without the fear of tripping yourself over. It is also worn by women in Kerala, and are very colourful with different designs.

Wearing The Mundu in Kerala style __mr__mujju

Wearing The Lungi in Tamil style 

In Tamil Nadu, only men wear the lungi, as opposed to some other places where women also wear it, like Kerala. The technique to tie the lungi in Tamil Nadu is different from that of Kerala. Lungi is also known as Kailis in Tamil Nadu. The lungi is worn towards the right side of the waist, while the Kailis is worn towards the left side of the waist. During formal occasions including weddings, most Muslims in Tamil Nadu opt for a mundu. It is mainly worn on informal or casual occasions, especially as nightwear because it is soft and comfortable to sleep in. Checkered patterned lungis are a more common choice amongst the people of Tamil Nadu.

Wearing The Lungi in Tamil style vishnuvardhan__1

Clothing is a big part of cultural heritage, and we express ourselves through them. Undoubtedly, the lungi is a beautiful traditional attire for men to wear on special occasions and is sometimes worn by women and children as well. Now that you know how to style yourself with the perfect attire to grace that occasion, you should opt for a mundu if you want to look simple, yet stunning.

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The Achkan Sherwani – Everything You Need to Know

“Achkan” – its sounds so cool but wearing it is even cooler!

In the last decade, men’s ethnic fashion in India has evolved substantially. The unique feature in this paradigm shift is the fact that instead of adapting western styles of clothing, the trend with designers seems to be bent towards the more traditional forms of formal wear.

Around a decade ago, wedding wear or traditional clothing for men was either an embellished kurta or a traditional sherwani. At that point of time, concepts of the Jodhpuri suit or the Angarakha kurta or jackets etc was yet to be introduced! But slowly, these items have come into the periphery of ethnic wear for Indian men.

Traditional Sherwani - AchkanGet Custom Made Achkan & Sherwani

Take for example the achkan kurta, which looks much like the sherwani yet is entirely different! In fact, if observed closely it has a strong resemblance to menswear in Mughal courts. In fact, the achkan has its roots in Central Asia and today it has been adapted as one of the most popular forms of ethnic wear for Indian men.

An achkan, basically, is a knee-length jacket, buttoned down the centre or side. It has long sleeves and a breast pocket in the left side. The buttons run all the way down to the bottom hem from the neck line. Achkans are usually made up of light fabrics which makes them an immensely popular, smart and sleek option of weddings in summer.


Achkan in dark shades

Achkan in dark shades goes very well in winter season. Here are few Achkan sherwani that you can consider:

1. Black Embroidered Achkan with Cowl-hem Kurta

Black Embroidered Indo Western Long Jacket with Cowl-hem Kurta

View this Ackhan | View Achkan Collection

Here is a black Achkan style sherwani. It has kurta with cowl-detail hemline and tapered trousers paired with ethnic embroidered full-sleeve, long jacket. The Achkan is exquisitely hand and machine embroidered in black thread. The use of sequins highlights the embroidery and adds a dash of glamour. It’s made in Terry Reyon fabric. It’s a piece of Art.

2. Hand Embroidery At its Best

Hand Embroidery At its Best - Achkan for men

View this Ackhan

This navy achkan jacket showcases exquisite hand embroidery. Thread work in neutral metallic tones like silver form intricate designs like floral motifs inside geometric shapes. The look thus created is extremely sophisticated.

3. Classy Achkan with embroidered shawl

Classy Black Achkan with embroidered shawl

View this Achkan

This is a classy achkan made in Dupion Silk fabric. This is a plain Achkan paired with a hand embroidery shawl. This is actually a stunning sherwani for someone who wants to look classy, royal and regal at the same time. This can be worn with and without shawl for two different looks.

4. Draped Achkan with Exquisite Embroidery

Draped Achkan with Exquisite Embroidery

View this Achkan | View Achkan Collection

The attractive combination of grape and black has been used in this draped achkan jacket, paired with matching black pants. The embroidery is coupled with sequin work.

5. Classic Plain black Achkan Sherwani

Classic Plain black Achkan Sherwani set with Shiny Black Buttons

View this Achkan

This is a classic plain Achkan in black color with creme pair of choodidar. This goes well very if you want to go sober and look classy. A real masterpiece with grace and elegance of an Achkan.

6. Blending Angrakha with Achkan

Blending Angrakha with Achkan

View This Ackhan

In this outfit, the achkan has blended its style with that of its predecessor – the angrakha! The lapel design is unique with dual closure line detail.

7. Wine Toned Fluted Achkan

Wine Toned Fluted Achkan

View this Achkan

Another unique design – dark wine toned fluted achkan – paired with black trousers. Narrow belt detail, statement buttons and brooch add a royal demeanour.

8. Flora Fauna Embroidery

Flora Fauna Embroidery Achkan

View this Achkan | View Achkan Collection

This achkan showcases unique embellished motifs. On a surface of black, motifs inspired from flora and fauna – like flowers, leaves, elephants etc – have been embroidered in silver threads. The achkan is paired with matching black pants.

9. Not In the Grey Zone – Different Style Achkan

Not In the Grey Zone - Different Style Achkan

View this Achkan

The most unique of design language can be seen in this grey and black toned floral embroidered achkan paired with black pants. The dark colors get complemented by the sparsely studded silver sequins.

10. Black Achkan with Gold Embroidery

Black & Gold Achkan with intricate Multiple Hued Floral Embroidery

View this Achkan

Rich velvet Achkan in dark shade for the perfect reception evening look. Unique multi-color floral patch embroidered in resham threads runs across both lapels from one shoulder to the other sleeve. Gold ornate buttons are added. This can be custom made in fabric of your choice.

11. Black Achkan with intricate Embroidery

Black & Gold Achkan with intricate Hued Floral Embroidery

View this Achkan | View Achkan Collection

Here is an achkan in Terry Reyon fabric. This classy achkan boasts ornate collars, slanted button line with gold statement buttons. The narrower lapel showcases intricate embroidery. Similar embroidery is kept at a patch near the waist portion of the wider lapel.


Achkan in lighter shades

Achkan comes in many color and styles. Many men with different taste do experiment with achkan in lighter colors and they really look dapper and cool to say the least. Here are few of the Achkans in lighter colors:

12. Quilted Bandgala style Achkan

Quilted Bandgala style Achkan with Mughal patternsView this Achkan

Quilted bandhgala style Achkan jacket with Mughal floral and architectural patterns delicately embroidered with Resham and Zari. The Jacket is paired with a pastel pink kurta that has a sleek embroidered border as an additional adornment and a pair of neutral ivory Pants.

13. Front Open style Achkan in Blush Pink

Front Open style Achkan in Blush PinkView this Achkan | View Achkan Collection

This is a very different style of Achkan as it’s front open which is giving it a very classy yet modern look. The Achkan is paired with a matching monochromatic kurta with an embroidered border in honeycomb patterns and a neutral pair of Ivory pants.

14. Mint Green Floral Embroidered Achkan

Mint Green Floral Embroidered Achkan Sherwani

This is a perfect Achkan if you’re looking for asymmetrical embroidery. It’s a Pastel Aqua Floral Embroidered Sherwani Set with Ivory Kurta & Chooridar. Self-tone floral embroidery used all over with silver metallic Zardozi work on the chest area, collars and sleeves.

15. Off White Achkan

Off White Achkan style with Intricate Gold EmbroideryView this Achkan

This look of sherwani will never go out of fashion. It’s a typical example of traditional sherwani as it is little spread from the bottom and hugging from the chest. The design in inspired from Mughal architecture – complex floral motifs within geometric patterns. It is paired with off white tussar churidar bottoms.

16. Benarasi Achkan

Benarasi Achkan

View this Achkan

This rich aqua gold Benarasi achkan paired with gold toned pants is one-of-a-kind. The rich brocade work makes it royal. Statement buttons add grandeur.

17. Light Beige Embroidered Achkan

Light Beige Embroidered Achkan with Ivory Kurta

View This Achkan

This is Light Beige Embroidered Achkan with Ivory Kurta & Chooridar. Fabric as used is Dupion Silk. Gold and Ivory thread embroidery is used on the Sherwani jacket bottom hemlines and sleeves. Zardozi work collars, statements buttons and ornate patch on the rear side added. This can be custom made in fabric of your choice.

18. Pale Peach Embroidered Achkan

Pale Peach Embroidered Achkan & Chooridar

View This Achkan

Achkan goes very well with choodidar pajama and this is a classy example of the same. This achkan is made in Dupion Silk fabric. It’s self-tone and white thread work creates dense, chinkankari-like look on the Sherwani. Motifs of flowers as well as variegated leaves is used extensively.

19. Quilted Cream Embroidered Achkan

Quilted Cream Embroidered Achkan

View This Achkan

Seen here is a Quilted Cream Embroidered Sherwani Set with Ivory Kurta & Chooridar. Large vertical ethnic motifs in dark gold and self-tone run from the waist-level to hemline. Borders on the sherwani lapels, sleeves and the collar are ornately embroidered using mangaai or paisley motifs.

20. Ivory Embroidered Classic Achkan

Ivory Embroidered Achkan with matching Kurta

View this Achkan | View Achkan Collection

This is a master piece when it comes to Achkan in lighter color as it has embroidery all over and it looks nothing less than specular. It’s an Ivory Embroidered Sherwani Set with matching Kurta & Chooridar. The embroidery is dense and similar motifs are symmetrically placed all over.

Few Trending Achkans on Social Media

The achkan kurta is immensely popular among Indian men today and owing to the outfit’s lightness and simplicity, it can be worn on non-wedding occasions as well. These guys on Social Media have nailed it when it comes to styling their achkan kurtas.

21. Brooches instead of Buttons

Achkan - Punjabi Style - Groomamanpreettttt

The achkan style is primarily simple and straightforward. Enhancing that with a lot of embellishments kills the masculinity of the outfit. But this guy has played it clever. Instead of traditional buttons he has used big ones that resemble brooches. This input adds just a hint of glitz.

22. The Groom in Blue

Groom in Blue achkanprettythingsaround

If you want to wear an achkan on your wedding, you may go for something like this. This bright blue textured achkan looks glamorous yet bears a sense of sophistication.

23. The Royal Beige Brocade

Asymmetric Achkanjdsharma20

This side-buttoned, angarakha style achkan with an uneven hem is as royal and as traditional as one can get. The beige brocade fabric just adds to the glamour quotient of the outfit. The cleverly used red pocket square adds the required touch of color. It’s an example of a well-used accessory.

24. Keeping it Casual

Achkan - Black and Whitelakshyarajshukla

The achkan is a jacket after all! This guy has done just that by pairing a dark colored solid achkan with a white kurta. This layered look frames the physique really well and results in a casual but glamorous style.

25. Going Vintage

achkan kurta with flared Skirtindiangroom

If you can carry it, you might want to drift back to a style of the bygone days. This achkan kurta in light green and beige has been worn over a kurta with a flared hem. If you really want to wear a statement outfit for your wedding, you may go for this kind of a look.


26. Achkan in Pastels

Achkan in Pastels - Floral abhisingh_7

Another great outfit for a groomsman is an achkan in a light pastel shade, like this one. It has lightly embroidered floral patterns all over and has been paired well with white trousers and leather footwear, creating an Indo-western look.

27. Fused with Tradition

Maroon achkan

The guy in this blue and maroon achkan look must have a really good designer! Taking traditional cuts and styles like an achkan jacket, a flared kurta and a churidar, this unique look has been created. The solid light blue achkan has a nice dash on self-color embroidery which does not look ‘over the top’. This has been contrast paired with a dark maroon kurta and a black churidar.

28. As Royal As It Can Get

Black achkan with Shawal theleomayank

The achkan was first introduced as an outfit for the royalty and the nobility. So you just can’t go wrong with it if you sport an achkan styled with a royal flavour! This rich dark achkan has been paired with a vintage pearl necklace and a Kashmiri shawl. The look is extremely classy and stately. This can easily be your reception evening look.

29. Punjabi Style Achkan look

Achkan - Punjabi Stylelavish_singhh

A group of fashion historians opine that after the British introduced the concept of well-tailored outfits into the fashion arena of the Indian princely states, some bent towards the achkan and some chose to stick to the sherwani. The northern states like Punjab that has been invaded by the Mughals before and had a history of war with them, went for the achkan. This is a amazingly designed Achkan with great details.

30. Punjabi boys ruling the Achkan look

Designer Achkan KurtaGet Custom Made Achkan & Sherwani

The states which had been friendly with Mughals refrained from including British tailoring concepts in their fashion game and stuck to the sherwani. This may be the historical reason why the achkan and the sherwani co-existed and got popularised together, though in parallel universes. Punjabi boys rocking the Achkan look in Punjabi Wedding.

31. Classy plain Achkan with Embroidered Shawl

Designer Achkan Kurtathe_engineer_photographer

This is an example of classy black Achkan paired with machine embroidered shawl.


Celebs and their Love for the Achkan

Bollywood royalty, Chote Nawaab Saif Ali Khan is known for his love for the achkan. He had sported it during his wedding.

32. Chote Nawaab Saif Ali Khan in Achkan

Chote Nawaab Saif Ali Khan's love for Achkan Get Custom Made Achkan & Sherwani

Saif, is often seen in this outfit in other occasions too!

Saif Ali Khan's love for Achkan

33. Anil Kapoor in Achkan

Anil kapoor with Achkan

Anil Kapoor is ageing gracefully if not glamorously! He sports this smart achkan on the ramp. The gold brooch and the black shoes complement the outfit!

34. Arjun kapoor in Achkan

Anil Kapoor’s nephew is not far behind when it comes to the swag!

35. Varun Dhawan in Achkan

Varun Dhawan looks really handsome in this shiny powder blue achkan

Varun Dhawan is one celeb with a good physique and looks really handsome in this shiny powder blue achkan that he wore to the wedding reception of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja.

36. Ranveer Singh in Achkan

Ranveer Singh was touring Switzerland in this

Just before his wedding with Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh was touring Switzerland in this achkan!


The Achkan Kurta Today: Styles & Innovations

The achkan kurta may have its forefathers in the ancient Mauryan, Parthian or Central Asian Empires, but today, it has been widely embraced by men both in India and Pakistan. A few years ago, it was first adopted by the royalties of the Sikh, the Maratha and the Rajput communities.

37. Rajputana Style

Rajputana Style Achkan endlesstraveller0106

The achkan was popular wedding wear for them mainly owing to the attire’s strong masculine vibe. The achkan kurta today breathes smartness. It is a well-tailored, well-fitted and an extremely classy and glamorous outfit. Today it is worn by Indian grooms during wedding ceremonies or other formal festive occasions.

38. Derived from the Angarakha

Achkan Kurta - Jhodpuri Stylerajput_sardars | Get Custom Made Achkan & Sherwani

The most popular theory on the origin of the achkan kurta states that it is a derivative of the angarakha kurta. Before the British came to India, the angarakha kurta was the most popular menswear. The closure mechanism of this kind of kurta was always at one side instead of the middle.

There were strings that had to be fastened here which would bring the torso of the outfit in shape. Different versions of the angarakha kurta was popular in various regions across the subcontinent.

39. Parthian Legacy

Red Achkan Sherwani

Images and sculptures of an attire resembling the achkan kurta has been found on rocks in Iran. Ancient paintings of the Parthian Empire also show the same. In India, the earliest iconographic evidence of an achkan-like outfit has been traced to the Kushan Empire which was founded by a Central Asian nomadic tribe called Yeuzhi. The culture of the Yeuzhi Kushans was highly influenced by the Greco Parthian Kindgom. Thus, it may be said that the achkan kurta has been derived from something similar that existed in ancient Parthian culture.

40. Central Asian Roots

Pastel Green Achkan Sherwanidandygroom

Some believe that the achkan kurta has originated in Central Asia. Something resembling an achkan used to be the court apparel among Persian & Turkish nobility. Later on, noblemen and the men of the ruling class during the rule of the Delhi Sultanate and the Mughal Empire wore achkans. In the 18th Century, the achkan was adopted by the Indian aristocracy across cultures. At that time the attire was believed to be a fusion of the Indo-Persian chapkan and chogha with the British frock.


What else makes a good achkan kurta?

  • Achkan kurtas are always made up of lighter fabrics which makes them ideal for summer weddings or layered looks.
  • Owing to its brilliant style and cut, achkan kurtas are preferred in deep solid colors. This gives a very masculine and classy vibe. Too many embellishments don’t go with the style.
  • As achkan kurtas come in deep solid and rich fabrics, it turns out to be the best attire for showcasing family heirlooms like a vintage pearl or stone necklace, finger-ring or brooch. Remember, not long ago, the achkan kurta was strictly an attire for men of royalty and nobility. To give the look a more contemporary twist, you may go for nothing but a designer watch.
  • Some achkan kurtas come slightly embellished but that does not meddle with the attire’s classy appeal. Indian embroidery like like gota and badla, Swarovski crystal work, royal zari thread work, semi-precious stone work etc go well with achkans.
  • Achkans originally had a side-opening with string mechanism. This style was called the baghal bandi. But achkans with frontal opening are not uncommon today.
  • It was traditionally worn with a sash. The patka or dora or kamarband was wrapped around the waist to give shape and form to the entire outfit.
  • The achkan kurta is worn with either a dhotior churidar. Worn with tapered trousers or cigarette pants too, they look good.
  • An achkan can be worn like a kurta, buttoned all the way. It can also be carried as a jacket over a kurta by keeping the buttons open.
  • The achkan kurta has counterparts all over the Indian subcontinent. It is known as daurain Nepal and Northeast India, angi in South India and chola or cholu in the Indian Himalayas.
  • Designers are innovating on the achkan style with every passing day. Though traditionally it is an attire for men, women are also flaunting achkan jackets over kurtas and dresses.

The Achkan Vs The Sherwani

The biggest confusion Indian men face today is whether they should wear an achkan or a sherwani at a traditional function. This confusion is enhanced by the fact that both the attires look similar from a distance. But observed closely, an achkan and a sherwani are pretty different from eacg other no matter which point of view you use. Let us find out about the major points of difference between the achkan and the sherwani.

The Achkan Vs The Sherwani

  • The achkan is a knee-length jacket usually made of a light fabric. The sherwani is a long coat, similar to a British frock or Polish zupan.
  • It is also known as baghal bandi as traditionally it always had a side opening, to be fastened with strings. The sherwani always came with a straight frontal opening.
  • Usually tall and well-built men with a good physique look good in a sherwani, owing to its straight cut. In other words they can carry the outfit well. But there is no such rule when it comes to the achkan.
  • Achakans come in lighter fabrics and in solid plain colors with minimal embellishments. On the other hand, sherwanis, which originated as decorative outer-coats for occasions during medieval times, come in rich fabrics like brocades, usually with embellishments such as thread work, sequin work etc.
  • Usually knee length and sherwanis are longer.
  • Sherwanis come is a straight cut while traditional achkans are usually flared from the waist.


Final Word – Achkan

We are sure that you are dying to get your hands on an achkan kurta now! If you still haven’t invested in this style, we suggest you slowly collect a few achkans for your wardrobe as this is one style you can sport at any traditional or semi-traditional occasion. You can wear it all throughout the year as it is not too heavy.

It should be mentioned here that at this time, Indians were unaware of the concept of structurally tailored clothing. It was the British who introduced tailoring techniques and concepts of fit and cut, shoulder pads etc in India. This became immensely popular among the men of the royalty, nobility and upper class. With the invention of the camera, it became necessary to appear more put-together in portraits.

Moreover, the combination of heirloom jewellery and clothes tailored in a western way proved to be attractive. The royal tailors thus started incorporating western tailoring ways to create Indian clothing. This resulted in a lot of fusion fashion and the angarakha evolved in a myriad ways, one of which was the achkan kurta.

Minimal embellishments make it even more versatile. In fact, in comes in different kind of cuts and can be paired as jackets too! We have a rich collection of achkans in different kinds of styles and you should definitely check out!

All you need to know Indian Groomsmen Outfits

The groom and his squad of brothers, cousins and friends – in short, the groomsmen, – constitute the heart of the wedding at the groom’s side. Their bonding is strong, their love genuine and their bro code immaculate! Starting from throwing a dream bachelor party to dancing in the baraat to handling guests at the reception, the groomsmen ensure their brother feels confident all the time!

GetEthnic Clients   |   Get custom made Groomsmen Outfits

But like managing the wedding is important the groomsmen also need to indulge in power dressing! Like your bro code is in place, your dress code should also be! From various styles of the sherwani to differently cut jackets to innovative bottom wear – wedding fashion for Indian men has witnessed a paradigm shift. So there is no reason why Indian groomsmen outfits should not be up to the mark.

In case you are clueless about Indian groomsmen outfits, worry not! Today, we will take you through some amazing inspirational groomsmen pictures on social media from where you can draw inspiration! But before that, let us get to the basics! Let us discuss some essential elements of Indian groomsmen fashion.


The Ultimate Indian Groomsmen Outfit Look-book

1. Groomsmen preferred Printed

Groomsmen preferred Printed - Indian Groomsmen Outfits

Here are groomsmen wearing printed kurta and straight cut pajama. The kurta Pajama is going very well with the groom outfit is quilted sherwani. Printed kurta pajama is a great choice when it comes to groomsmen outfits.

2. Match it up Boys – Indian Groomsmen

Match it up Boys - Indian GroomsmenGetEthnic Clients

Your gang will never be tired of boyhood pleasures! Wearing custom made Indian groomsmen outfit – Kurta Pajama with jacket.

3. Dapper Blue silk Kurta Pajama – Groomsmen Dress

Dapper Blue silk Kurta Pajama - Groomsmen Dress

This is a very well designed and made Blue Silk Kurta Pajama with side opening. This design is asymmetrical and as a result giving it a very hip and unique look.

4. Nailed Dhoti Kurta Look

Groomsmen Wearing Dhoti kurta - Nailed Dhoti Kurta Look

This Indian Groomsmen outfit design is truly a masterpiece since its a traditional dhoti kurta paired with a silk stole. This kind of Groomsmen outfit is commonly seen in South Indian Weddings.

5. Go Orange boys – Indian Groomsmen Dress

Go Orange boys - Indian Groomsmen Dress

This is a simple yet stunning combination of groomsmen outfit as Orange makes you stand out. It is paired with custom mad Jutties as well giving it a complete look.

6. The Bride Clan – Printed Kurta

The Bride Clan - Printed Kurtaindian.groom

When both the bride and the groom are from the same circle of friends, there is nothing like it! Here the groom and his men have gotten outfits customized that match the bride’s attire as well. The warm red Nehru jackets, the floral prints on the kurtas look just awesome!

7. The Identical Lot

Indian Groomsmen outfit with printed jacket and matching turbanthecrimsonbride

This groom’s gang has taken the concept of co-ordinated Indian groomsmen outfits very seriously! And what’s the harm? Not only are the photos coming out great, the items of clothing can be re used separately with ease!

8. Plain Kurta Pajama with Printed Turban

Plain Kurta Pajama with Printed Turban

This is Ann example as how perfectly a printed turban goes with plain kurta pajama. Pro Tip: if you are opting for plaint kurta pajam with jacket then you can go with printed turban but if you are wearing printed or embroidered kurta jacket then go with plain turban.

9. Code Peach – Indian groomsmen dresses

Indian Groomsmen Outfit - Sherwani jenjumhomme

While the dulha is wearing a beige sherwani with a red head gear, the groomsmen are flaunting customized peach toned sherwanis and matching turbans.

10. Groomsmen wearing Galabandh Outfit

Groomsmen wearing Galabandh Outfit

This is a great option when you want to step away from traditional kurta pajama. This galaband or Jodhpuri suit is a great choice for Groomsmen Dress.

Groomsmen Outfit coordinated with Bridesmaids

These days many Indian weddings we see not only coordinated groomsmen outfits but also bridesmaid and Groomsmen color & design coordinated outfits. Here are our top pics for the same.

11. Themed Up – Matching Groomsmen and BridesmaidsThemed Up - Matching Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

GetEthnic Clients

These are custom Made Indian wedding dresses of Groomsmen and Bridesmaids of one off our client from New Zealand. The idea behind this color coordinated outfits was to give a subtle theme to the wedding. You can notice the bride and groom outfits are also light in color to giving it a graceful picturesque look.

12. Go Green – Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Go Green - Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Here in this wedding we see Green as the preferred color for bridesmaid and groomsmen dresses. Groomsmen took Green stole to match it with the green sarees of Bridesmaids.

13. White is Bright

White is Bright - Matching Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Outfits

This is one of the best made Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Dresses in white. There is similar embroidery done on Biot bridesmaid lehenga and groomsmen jacket and pajama. Outfits are simply looking stunning!

14. Pink and Peach

Pink and Peach - Groomsmen Outfits

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Dresses are coordinated in peach and pink. Groomsmen outfits are enhanced with stoles, completing the look and plain sarees of bridesmaids are nothing less than stunning.

15. Coordinated fabric for Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

Coordinated fabric for Bridesmaid and Groomsmen

If you have planned a theme wedding and asked your wedding planner to decorate the venue accordingly, make sure that your gang wears theme-coordinated outfits. This will ensure excellent photography! Look at this groom and brides clan. The green wedding theme is being accentuated by these Indian groomsmen and Bridesmaid outfits.


Groomsmen Outfits to choose this wedding season

Coordinated fashion among the groom and his clan not only looks cool, the photographs come out brilliant!Also, the groom’s squad is always second under the limelight after the groom himself. If you are looking forward to meeting the bridesmaids, remember that even they are keeping a watch out for you guys!

In short, don’t even think of ignoring your fashion games at your buddy’s wedding! We even suggest that Indian groomsmen outfits should customised! After all, when it comes to wedding fashion, why should the bride & her bridesmaids have all the fun? See below are few great options for Groomsmen Dresses:

16. Dusty Rose Pink Embroidered Ethnic Kurta-Pajama

Dusty Rose Pink Embroidered Ethnic Kurta-Pajama - Groomsmen Outfit

See Outfit Details

Seen here is a dusty rose pink embroidered jacket and kurta set paired with pajama bottoms in off-white. Exquisite, chikankari-style embroidery in white thread covers the whole jacket as well as the front hemline of the kurta. What amazing Groomsmen Outfit.

17. Pale Blush Ethnic Jacket Kurta-Pajama

Pale Blush Ethnic Jacket Kurta-PajamaSee Outfit Details

Seen here is a pale blush tone embroidered kurta-jacket set paired with tapered trousers in the same color. The jacket showcases exquisite multi-color floral thread work reminiscent of Kashmiri Sozni embroidery. The kurta flaunts horizontal stripe woven design at the bottom part.

18. Henna Green Embroidered Ethnic Jacket with Kurta-Pajama

Henna Green Embroidered Ethnic Jacket with Kurta-Pajama - Mehndi ceremony kurta pajamaSee Outfit Details

This is the kind off kurta pajama that goes really well in a mehndi ceremony for both groom and groomsmen. The jacket is machine and hand embroidered and paired with asymmetric kurta and straight pajama or pants.

19. Charcoal Kurta with Embroidered Bandhgala Jacket

Charcoal Kurta with Embroidered Bandhgala Jacket - groomsmen Kurta pajama with jacket See Outfit Details

Here is a Charcoal Kurta with Embroidered Bandhgala style Jacket & pants. The white thread work is done by machine on the long waistcoat is reminiscent of classic Chikankari embroidery.

20. Asymmetrical Draped Black cowl Kurta

Asymmetrical Draped Black cowl Kurta - Groomsmen kurta

See Outfit Details

This is fun, contemporary and differently styled asymmetrical Kurta meticulously draped across shoulders with matching Trousers. This is one of the hip choice for Groomsmen Outfit.

21. Pistachio Green Embroidered Ethnic Jacket

Pistachio Green Embroidered Ethnic Jacket - groomsmen dresses See Outfit Details

If you are looking for anything sober for Indian groomsmen Outfit then look no further. The multi-color floral thread work on the jacket is reminiscent of traditional Kashmiri Sozni embroidery.

22. Floral Embroidered Off-White Ethnic Jacket

Floral Embroidered Off-White Ethnic Jacket See Outfit Details

If white is your theme for Indian Groomsmen outfit then this kurta pajama with jacket could be the go to choice for you. This is an embroidered floral jacket in off-white paired with light pistachio green kurta and pajama. It can also be paired with pants.

23. Long Embroidered Ethnic Jacket Kurta-Pajama

Long Embroidered Ethnic Jacket Kurta-Pajama - groomsmen outfit See Outfit Details

Wow! What s master piece for Indian Groomsmen Outfit, this is a long kurta paired with half open cut jacket. The jacket has touches of green thread work too. The closure line is slanted and the kurta hemlines showcase ornate embroidered borders in gold zari and orange threads.

24. Mustard Yellow Embroidered Jacket Kurta-Pajama

Mustard Yellow Embroidered Jacket Kurta-Pajama - Haldi Ceremony Kurta Pajama See Outfit Details

This is a perfect haldi ceremony kurta pajama considering its vibrant color. The ethnic jacket showcases exquisite thread work in self-tone and white with touches of gold. The statement buttons are also in a glossy white finish forming a contrast.

25. Pale Blush Embroidered Ethnic Jacket

Pale Blush Embroidered Ethnic Jacket

See Outfit Details

Here is a pale blush tone embroidered kurta-jacket set paired with tapered trousers in the same color. The jacket showcases sparse but intricate thread work. The kurta flaunts horizontal stripe woven design near hemlines.


Pro-tips on the Ideal Indian Groomsmen Outfits

Indian Groomsmen OutfitsGet custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

Co-ordination is Key

This is a rule that goes only for the bride and her bridesmaids – wrong! Co-ordinated outfits among the groom and his men result is great pictures and even better memories! But if you and your gang feel too shy to wear the same clothes, choose an element like a jacket, a scarf, a brooch etc – of the same fashion and flaunt it like your brotherhood emblem!


Don’t have the time for customization? Plan and stick to the same color code! And please don’t drift back to your whites, greys and browns! Indian weddings are colourful events. Only earthy, warm pastel and vibrant hues should be used for Indian groomsmen outfits.

Similar Style or Cut

Depending on the occasion, choose an item that all of you will wear! For example, ask your gang to wear dhotis on the wedding morning! Not only will you be giving moral support to the groom (who might otherwise be the only one in a dhoti), your outfits would seem co-ordinated. Indian groomsmen outfits don’t always have to be complicated!

Avoid Casuals

Indian weddings are all about royal ethnic wear! We know that you guys are doing a lot of running around while organizing the wedding. But still, if you appear in jeans and t-shirt at a wedding function it just breaks the harmony. Indian groomsmen outfits can never be casual or westernized! Make sure you keep it ethnic!

Indian Groomsmen Outfitswedmegoodgrooms

The Right Accessories

Yes, this is very important when it comes to co-ordinating Indian groomsmen outfits. For instance, all of you are wearing kurtas, pyjamas and jootis and one of your gang members walks in in floaters. Wouldn’t that ruin it?

Grooming for Groomsmen

We know all of you are extremely busy! And we also know that some of you aren’t quintessentially ‘metrosexual’. But come on, it’s the wedding of your brother from another mother! This day will not come back! Get a proper haircut or get your beard groomed. If you want to take this a step further you can also get your hands and feet cleaned through manicures and pedicures before the wedding!

At least have mercy on your skin and apply sunscreen when you are running errands during the day time. Carry certain essentials like facewash and other personal care items, shaving equipment etc when you are attending the wedding.

Get custom made Groom’s & Groomsmen Outfits

Nothing Like Planning in Advance

You will thank us later on! A drool worthy picture of your gang with the groom is always a result of prior planning. Open a Whatsapp group, if necessary, and discuss your outfits there! A well timed Indian groomsmen outfit idea allows you to lay your hands on the right pieces of clothing. You might also have time to get your outfits customized!

Occasion Wise Guide to Indian Groomsmen Outfits

You guys are part of the dulha’s innermost circle. So from the bachelor party to the reception – you guys will be there always. Be it touchy pre-wedding moments or crazy fun at the haldi or ‘like no one’s watching’dance moves at the bachelor party – groomsmen, you will be there and do it all! This also means that you need clothes for every occasion. So, we are giving you some suggestions regarding Indian groomsmen outfits for all wedding related functions like the engagement ceremony, the sangeet, cocktail and bachelor parties, haldi, baraat, wedding, reception etc.

For Pre Wedding Dinners or Parties

These functions might include the engagement ceremony, a getting-to-know-the-families dinner arrangement, the bachelor party or a cocktail night etc. Though you can put on a nice suit or pair of shirt and trousers, we suggest that you go traditional from the start! You can go for a Jodhpurisuitor a bandhgalato look as royal as ever!

Pre or Post Wedding Pujas

For homely functions like these keep it cool and airy! Single toned cotton kurtas will do the job really well! If the function is a little more glam go for a bandi as well. This will be the appropriate Indian groomsmen outfit for a wedding related puja.


Your gang should flaunt colourful Nehru jackets over simple cotton light colored kurtas on this function. Floral jackets or solid jackets on floral print kurtas are a new style statement for men and look very good at a day-time function like the Mehendi.

Choose colors like green, red, yellow or pink for the jacket. Then you can go for kurtas that are in white, beige or tussarcolor, which most people already have in their wardrobes. Wear traditional footwear like Kolhapuri sandals or Jodhpurijootis.

Checkout more Mehndi Outfits.


This will probably be the first time your gang will make its appearance at the bride’s house. So gear up! Indian groomsmen outfits should be traditional in this case. If you want to keep it simple, go for kurtas and pajamas with statement jackets. If you want to look a bit more glamorous wear a chipkan or achkansherwani. Checkout more about Sangeet Ceremony in Indian Weddings.


Haldi Ceremony is a day-time function full of traditions and fun. It is also an occasion for great photos. So we suggest that your gang wear kurtapajamas in warm vibrant hues like mustard, peach, light brown etc. You may wear embellished kurtas like cotton chikankari ones. Wearing the same style of kurtaswith also give your gang a distinct look even if you don’t go for the same color.

The Wedding

This is obviously the most important function and the groom’s clan needs to dress well for it. Guys, keep it traditional and get customised Indian groomsmen outfits in sync with the outfit of the groom. Ideally, flaunt traditional sherwanis.

Go for fabrics like silk, tussar, Benarasi brocade etc. Nothing beats classic old-school fashion when it comes to Indian groomsmen outfits on the auspicious occasion of the marriage. The groom’s gang should definitely go for sherwanis and carry the same dupatta. Make sure you wear jootis with it.


Go Indo-western! Intricately embroidered Jodhpuri suits in rich, deep colors like navy, oxblood, wine or even charcoal looks sophisticated as well as glamorous. Your gang may also go for ethnic bandhgala jackets over a shirt and trouser. Make sure the jacket has a regal demeanour.

Wear polished leather shoes and accessorize in a minimalistic way with a good wristwatch or a vintage brooch. If you want to keep it light for the reception, then monotone silk kurtas and pajamas won’t be bad. Your gang can color co-ordinate when it comes to this. If it’s a winter wedding and you plan to wear silk kurtas, carry Kashmiri embroidered shawls!

Conclusion on Indian Groomsmen Outfits

When it comes to outfits for men, the question is not only about clothes! Proper outfits for men are supposed to make a statement and reflect their personalities. As for Indian groomsmen outfits, this rule applies inevitably!

The groom and his brothers and friends always have eyes on them. It is important that they create the right impression. Hence, the clothing is important. So plan your outfits beforehand and make sure to create not only powerful impressions but also awesome memories. If you need help with customizing your Indian groomsmen outfits, get in touch with us! We take pride in customizing all kind of ethnic wedding outfits for Indian weddings.

Draping styles of Saree

A perfect draping style embraces your body and wraps around to adore your elegance. It is art! All Indian states have a specific culture that brings in a variety of draping styles. As the patterns on the saree change the draping style changes as well.

Wouldn’t you like to try out different drapes? You would totally! So, as you scroll further you will satiate your curiosity to know more drapes. Have fun!

Pant ways drapeGet Custom Made Saree

First of all, know that saree could be 5 to 9 meters long and 3 feet in width.

Over the saree, you will admire lots of handworks, bandhani, Madhubani print, block-printing, Kashmiri Aari work, Gota Patti, kamdani, and so on.

The texture of the fabric and its clinginess also affects the draping. For example, the Crepe silk sarees will have a bit of rough texture but gives an excellent drape.

Various Saree Draping Styles

1. The drape with perfect pleats.

Draping styles of Saree

Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks super gorgeous in this Sabyasachi saree with red polkas. If you have a good height the drape looks stunning and also you can wear heels too. As you can see the Saree is well pleated.

Draping styles of Saree

Looks stunning!

Draping styles of Saree

The pleats are clean! And the jacket-like blouse looks ravishing.

Draping styles of Saree

The white saree with florals inspires us to make the pleats game top-notch. Make sure you use some safety pins too as well.


Draping styles of Sareesabyasachi | Get Custom Made Saree

In Lehenga, we can drape the dupatta in many ways. In saree! You can tweak your pleats and pallu.

Draping styles of Saree

Pleats remain intrinsic and the off-shoulder blouse looks superb. The saree has a lot of tonal thread work.


This masterpiece by Shyamal and Bhumika

This masterpiece by Shyamal and Bhumika looks magnificent. The bel kinaar Zardozi border makes it look more royal. Thou’ the green velvety pattern looks cool make sure that the pleats are done well.


You can let the Pallu fall or tuck it in a tidy way as you create the Pallu pleats.

This saree has a lustrous fabric and typical south Indian style which is a hot favorite in a South Indian Wedding. To get precise pleats cotton saree needs to be your first choice.

2. Moody & Floaty drape

Moody & Floaty drapehouseofglowstudio

The lightweight fabric creates a floaty drape.


Like the wind!

This style is amazing on the Sangeet night.

This sequinned saree will totally uplift your mood.

Take a cue from this green colored saree.

It is ruffled!

This one is Instagram worthy and perfect for your reception day. This kind of Saree wearing is a typical in a north Indian or Punjabi Wedding.

3. Gujarati Style Saree

Gujarati SareeGet Custom Made Saree

Bandhani work! The Gujarati Saree is mostly worn by the bride’s mother in a Gujrati Wedding.

Gujarati Saree

This represents the state of Gujarat and its culture.

4. Maharashtrian Drape

Maharashtrian Drape

The typical way a Marathi bride would dress up. The drape is called Nauvari or Kashta. The draping style is different and the length of the Saree is even more. One of the drapes is tucked behind by getting the pleats from below.

Maharashtrian Drape

Shahi Bramhani and Shahi Mastani are two types of Nauvari Saree.

Try to remember the Deepika- Priyanka duo in the song “Pinga” or Kriti Sanon from the movie Panipat. You will see the Maharashtrian drape.

5. Bengali Drapes

Bengal is the cradle to lots of amazing saree fabrics.

Bengali Drapes

We know you like Roshgulla! This drape is very comfortable and looks sassy. Broad pleats for Bengali Saree and later pull the Pallu over through your left shoulder. Even two pleats are enough! Tuck it in your waist. This saree draping style is very popular in a Bengali Wedding.

Once you are done with the drape make sure you join a key-chain to align your Bong energy.

Bengali Drapesdr.jyoti_sharmaa | Get Custom Made Saree


Bengali Drapes

Choose a beautiful saree! And get this drape done.

6. Pant ways drape

Pant ways

Not much effort is necessary here.

Pant ways drapehimani1015

Loved by the millennial generation. This style would be pretty good for your bridesmaids.

Pant ways drapeperniaspopupshop

It kind of looks like the Dhoti style.

Instead of a petticoat at the waist a pant style trouser is worn.

Pant ways drape

No doubt! This looks royal.

7. Vintage style Saree drape

Vintage style drape


Vintage style drape

Back to the 80s style. The chiffon saree wraps well.

If you want to give this drape a shot, let your bridesmaids think about it too.

Vintage style drapesubhadipsamanta

You may consider wrapping a vintage style saree for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Have that phone around! Best shot!!

8. Around the neck style

Around the neck style


Around the neck style

Tie the drape around your neck. If you have a long neck this style will look too good on you.

Grab some funky accessories to make this drape more dope.

You can keep the neck Jewelry at a minimum as the beautiful drape with gorgeous borders will be there.

This is a hassle-free look!

9. Belt-wala Saree drape

Belt-wala drape

All the pleats remain intact in a neat way. An embellished belt is kind of inspired by the waist chain.

Belt-wala drape

Get inspired by this look.

Belt-wala drapesarees.blouses


Piggy Chops rocks this look. She is amazing!

You can also customize a special embellished belt for your ensemble.

10. South-Indian Saree drape

South-Indian Saree drapehalf.sarees

Half saree is a typical South-Indian drape. It is similar to the Lehenga style. But, if you want to try this type of Saree drape which includes Lehenga – you can! Yes! A Half-saree.

South-Indian Saree drapehalf.sarees

Classy! Here also you can add the belt to secure the pleats. Get the hassle-free look.

That is very easy-breezy!

11. Pinkosu


Is the weather too humid & hot? Try out this Saree! This drape is called Pinkosu. In the usual saree, we tuck the pleats right in front while in Pinkosu we tuck it behind. The lower side of Saree shows when you are draping this Saree so choose your Saree accordingly. It’s the Saree from Tamil Nadu.

If you like dancing freestyle which you can’t do in normal saree, you can wrap Pinkosu and there you go- Ready to stretch legs for every choreographed dance move. Basically, this Saree is good for a Sangeet ceremony.

Sarees which could be worn from both sides look good.

Here is a YouTube video to help you further.

12. Parsi drape

Parsi draperougenrani

Parsi drapedr.meeranagaria | Get Custom Made Saree

You may pick up Georgette Saree or any other. In this drape, the Pallu comes from the back right side and then tucked right at the waist.

Parsi women blended the traditional Saree with European style. It looks pretty amazing! Parsi drape can be worn in hot weather to make you feel comfy.

You can keep the look clean and go minimal with the jewelry and can also opt for a blouse with long sleeves.

Also, the Parsi Gara pattern on the Saree makes it more appealing.


For sure it is a hassle freestyle.

13. Assamese drape

Assamese drape

Silk is entwined together with the Assamese culture. If you want you can get your hands on the typical Assamese Saree fabric.

Talking about Makhela Chadar, it is made up of Muga or the golden silk fiber.

The North-eastern culture is stunning. The Saree drape of Assam is known as Mekhela Chadar.

You need to get two fabric pieces to start with this draping style. One of the fabric pieces gets tied at the waist. While another piece gets tucked on the waist and drops over the left shoulder.



How to drape/wear a Saree?

So here we are with the most important step where we will learn exactly how the draping is done for the basic saree.

It is not at all difficult if you go step by step. Don’t rush!

Other varieties of draping will be discussed more further. Keep on reading!

First, let’s see what all we will require.

  • Saree: Without any doubt the very main item. Now your Saree could be Jamdani or Paithani.
  • Blouse: A well-fitted blouse is an absolute necessity. You can go bold with your blouse or the blouse with long sleeves also looks good.
  • Petticoat: To tuck the drape in. Get that inner petticoat. Tie it tight! Choose a petticoat which blends well with your Saree color. You may get lots of variety online.
  • Heels: While draping it is recommended that you wear your footwear. Just for the sake to have the perfect length while draping.
  • Safety-pins: To keep the pleats in one place. Safety pins! You can add other customized accessories too.


In the video, Mandira Bedi spills her secrets on how she drapes her saree. We all know how elegantly she drapes the saree. Check it out!


Now let’s dive in with the how-to:

Step 1: Wear the Blouse & Petticoat. Tie the petticoat up tight till the waist. Make sure that the blouse is fitting you well. The color of the peticoat needs to get matched with your Saree.

Step 2: Put on that footwear! Obviously, you will choose the heels. It’s always good to wear those.

Step 3: Get the Saree! All the hand embroidery and embellishments need to face outside. Start by putting on the knot on the left side and start tucking in the drape. Make sure your ankles aren’t visible!

Step 4: Once you have tucked in. Start making pleats. Use your Index finger and pinky finger and put on 8 to 9 pleats. Once done tuck it all in the petticoat. Use Safety pins when needed.

Step 5: Pallu time! Now with the remaining Saree, you can again create pleats and put it over your left shoulder. Use Safety pins to secure the Pallu as well.

Once you are done with the above mentioned magical five steps you can start with your make-up and hair as well.

Also, if you are a visual learner we have clipped down a YouTube video.

Get the basic right! Practice it over and over again and try on something more exciting and quirky by evolving your styling. Basically, the fashionista drape! Also, to add on some gusto to the new draping style you can get your hands on little edgy + catchy motifs like safety-pins and all. Also, later you can layer up your jewelry to ooze your sassiness. Be adventurous + look elegant as you put on your traditional Saree. 


Final Words – Saree Draping Style

Now you know all the basics which include how to wear a Saree and draping it. Above we have covered more than five draping styles which you can try on. You just need to get the basic things right and you are ready to jump in your traditional fashionista mode.

Ask your bridesmaids to go with a hatke saree. Decide on! Also, talk with your stylists about your Saree draping goals so that the team knows what you want your wedding attire to be like. As we always say, it is your day so seize all the moments.

Which draping style vibes up with you? Do you carry Bengali saree well or is it a Maharashtrian Saree?

Doesn’t matter which draping style you are choosing, you are gonna look beautiful anyways.



Sangeet Indian Wedding Tradition

The most phenomenal ceremony which oomphs up the whole pre-wedding ceremony is the Sangeet. The word “Sangeet” means music. Sangeet Ceremony is a ceremony where folks from both the parties come forth and get indulged with each other in a fun way.

We all know that the wedding planning and pre-wedding stuff can be exhausting and tense sometimes and the Sangeet ceremony helps in releasing the endorphins instantly. The bride sits with the Mehndi designer and gets perfect artistic henna design done while other folks are dancing, boozing, and enjoying everything.


Sangeet Ceremony can be a small affair at the bride’s house or it can happen at a much larger scale at the hotel. It’s totally your choice!

For the Sangeet Ceremony, teams from both the families start preparing for the best dance performances weeks earlier. The elderly who want to vibe up with the youngsters also join in the fun with some booty shakes.

At the Sangeet Ceremony everyone seeks joy.

Indian cinema has always portrayed the Sangeet ceremony in the filmiest style giving all of us the Sangeet Goals. We are sure that you too have some rocking hit playlist for your Sangeet. Okay! You too want to add some English and Latin music to it? You can! Obviously. Let the yumminess of Justin and Contigo hit by Ozuna hit the ears. Jazz up with the Techno music and also tune in with the TikTok hit music.

Curate a playlist as the ceremony is all about music which means you can play anything from any genre. You can call in a local band as well.

Ask your typical Punjabi aunt to get that dholak. Perfect!

You can bring all kinds of techno hits from the past as well and let Madonna help your sister to do the best dance. If you have any singers in your pavilion expose all of ’em. Now is the time!

While on the one side there are lots of jamming happening. You’ll see a line of ladies who want to get those Henna designs on their hands. That’s the most awesome experience! The fragrance of the Mehndi will secure a strong place in your heart.

At a nook, there would be men having lots of booze.

Read further as we bring forth more inspiration your way.

1. The moment of delight

Look at this beautiful couple dancing it all out. The bride is in the sleeveless red dress while the groom is in full Desi mood.


Take inspiration from these guys! You don’t have to be Michael Jackson to flaunt your dance skills on Sangeet Day.

Let the little cutie get those dandiya’s into his hands and form his own world.

Just like that choreography your facial expressions go a long way. Make your in-laws your fan.

The zest of the ritual gets summed up in this picture.


Okay! Bride-to-be, are you ready to be Nora Fatehi? Yes! Get on the floor.

Let him drool over your exotic moves.

The feels! What better way to get to know each other. Dance!


If the Juniors in the house are in love with their newfound love for classical dance then allow them to perform. Yuhoo!

Look at this duo!

If you want you can create a competition too. You are a bride! You can do whatever you want.


Just be in the moment and dance like no one’s watching you. Okay! The in-laws are watching your uncle.


The little things

This is so cute! Little rockstars!

Caught in an act!

Those charming moments of dancing with him would be memorable. Let your photographer click all of those.

Take a cue from the ensemble as well.


You will get to know the hidden talent of your house when your sisters perform over there.


Leaving it here!

You may ask your stylist to come up with a Lehenga which will be hassle-free and in neutral colors.


Looks stunning! Here elderly saying, Kya Jodi hai, jete raho!


Oh wow! Your BFFs are onboard. They gotcha you!


Melt away all the stress and twirl around.


Such energy will envelop you into a totally another world.


Move! Move like Shakira, Deepika, or Tokyo (ref. Money Heist) lol. Just rock on!

birds of same feathers, flock together! Groom leading the way!

They all are grooving for ya!


Team Bride always wins. You know that!

Wonderful moves! Bride winning the groom’s heart again.


No age bar! Only good moves, good moves with lots of attitudes.


That aunty who asks to form a circle and dance in an awkwardly geometrical manner. But you know what you need to know. Just move!


Precise representation of the male species enjoying with their gang.


When you just don’t care what the lyrics are and love the beats. That’s just that!

Have fun!




The most appropriate way to enjoy your time while the Sangeet Ceremony is geared up.


Lungi Dance! Align with your inner Rajnikant or like SRK in Chennai Express and flaunt your dancing skills. Groove to the beats!


Look at this beautiful couple! You and your groom can also join in the grooving aura.

If you want to use any props you may try using that too.


PC –


Cheer up for your folks who are getting out of their comfort zone and tapping their feet.

Look at this ensemble and take a cue from this. How great it would be if your friends could get a customized performance attire.


  • Lively performance


Here are your Boyz! Take a cue from them and ask your BFFs to oomph up their dance with these hats. Let them choose whichever upbeat track they want to.


If you want you can arrange the professional dancers to come on board and create a vibe. You may ask your event planner to do so.


Let the cultural wave gush into the Sangeet Ambiance.


When your groom flaunts his inner Ranveer Singh the game changes. Don’t forget to laugh!

He looks cute this way!

This is how your gang will lift you up. An exclusive + extravagant experience.


This is how the bridesmaids perform. Jute do paise lo!

This is your time. Make it count! Brides take a cue from this style and feel comfortable on the Sangeet Day.


Sangeet Ceremony is all about melting the barrier and an initiative process to get to know all with a hint of fun.


Somewhere at the corner, you might get a glimpse of the band. The neon lights uplift the whole mood.

Adding some classy feel! Giggle as your traditional uncle watches such moves with precision.



Take a cue from this and you may keep a kiosk where elders can booze up while those who want to get the coconut drinks, they can reach there.

We like this one too! You can arrange a class earlier for your Sangeet ceremony so both of you can perform a great Salsa or Jazz dance.


Put your hands up and say! Disco deewane! Make your filmy dream come true.

Right before you guys get on the floor.


Don’t hesitate to sing “Kya khoob dikhtee ho…”

Grooving perfectly!

When the Sangeet ceremony has some ace singers on stage. Wonderful!

As the Sangeet ceremony is happening at one side like, the Mehndi color is setting up and getting dense. Just the way you like it!


Absolutely, it is totally up to you what length you want the Mehndi to be like. Designed until your elbow or more than that.



Find that Michael Jackson and create the pop-retro vibe. Some things never get old!


The spacious room with well-curated decor pieces looks super amazing.


You got a space to join in the fun. Twist & twirl! Yellow and Pink style Lehenga looks super cute.


Mauja hee Mauja!

The groom can take a cue from this and carry a golden attire with well-customized juttees.


Now your guy is in the mood and you need to listen to your Arijit Singh’s voice. He is good!

Fall in Love with him more!

Savage performance! Those shades make the whole performance sensational.


If you happen to perform on the day at the Sangeet Ceremony, flaunt the Lehenga and dance like a queen. The layers of the Lehenga look great.


If your friend forgets any dance step, she’ll look at you this way. Chill out and keep the dance flow spontaneous. In the end, that’s where the joy is.


This is how they danced. A great bond!

Set your ensemble to neutral colors for your Sangeet ceremony and get right at the center and twerk or just groove in a  Desi style.

Kick-off your laziness and insert the adrenaline rush by dancing into the neon lights. The best environment for the best people.

Get into the mood!


With a wave of gusto! Sing, dance and enjoy the Ceremony with your folks.

Good luck with your Sangeet Ceremony! Play good music and seek joy.







51 Backless Blouse Designs to Take Your Breath Away

Grab their attention! How? Flaunt your backless blouse! While asking your stylist to create a customized ensemble for you, try to level up your fashionista by creating a well fitted backless blouse design with some details on it.

Making your mind to wear a backless blouse can be a very bold decision. So first, make sure that you are comfortable and then give it a go. As you’ll get a pre-wedding golden glow facial done, try to polish up your back as well to gain that glowing sparkling back. Later, you can touch up with the bronzer or add a little tint of highlighter which will illuminate the back.

As you are an adventurous bride we have clipped some amazing backless blouse design ideas. Take it as an inspiration!

Scroll further!

The blue

1. The blue desire backless blouse

The blue desire backless blousecuteactressworld | Custom Made Blouse

The blue hue blends up well with the fair skin tone and the Latkans look super sexy. You may like creating a triangular structure with a tie-knot just below or try something new. Take a cue from this!

2. Backless blouse with laktan

The Big Bow on Backless Blouseblousetrends | Custom Made Blouse

You may try using two colors as well with your backless blouse. As you can see here we have used big tassels which gives your blouse and overall look a very traditional look.


3. Simple yet trendy

Backless blouse design - Simple yet trendy 

This blouse clips both sides with a nice embroidered stripe. Take a cue from this! This backless blouse design is trendy and yet sober.

You don’t need to show too much skin while opting for backless blouse.

4. Backless blouse with thin tassels

Backless blouse with thin tassels 

The color sets the vibe. The soft tones of this blouse win our hearts. Get inspired!

Thing tassels looks amazing and it would go nicely with a Banarasi Saree!

5. Top closed Backless Backless blouse design - Top closed Backless 

When earring a cotton saari and want to wear a backless blouse design then this is defiantly one of our favorite design.

6. Elephants walk on your back

Backless blouse design - Elephants walk on your back

Elephants walking on your back! This backless blouse design is traditional with hand embroidered elephant which has zari and threadworm to enhance the overall look.


Stripes in a Backless Blouse

7. Desirable StripesBackless blouse design - Desirable Stripes

It could be as simple as a bralette or a blouse with well-fitted straps and a net design which tucks around the neck.

8. Single Stripe plain backless blouse

Single Stripe plain backless blousesareeseduction | Custom Made Blouse

The blue one looks stunning. The sleeves clasp around the shoulder intricately. This is very simple yet evergreen backless blouse design for your blouse.

9. Embroidered V backless design

Backless blouse design - Embroidered V backless design

This blouse would look very nice on a young girl doing on friend’s haldi ceremony or even in a baraat. It has embroidery in a V sharp design. You can pair this up with a golden saree, checkout more golden saree blouses.

10. Mirror Work on the back

Mirror Work on the back - Backless blouse design

Fine morrow work done on the corners of this pretty backless blouse. This design really goes well within young girls who are looking to do some experiment with their saari blouse.

3. Knots Backless Blouse

11. Knot it up

Knot it up - Knots Backless blouse designankita.ramesh.bohra | Custom Made Blouse

The two Latkans Cascade down as there are two knots tied there. To bring in more dicey feel, you can allow the string to be longer in length. Tie that knot perfectly!

12. Latkan Bunch on Bottom Knot

Latkan Bunch on Bottom Knot in a backless blousemarathi_actress

The Latkan vibes well with the saree color. The geometrical structure has been used in creating the Latkan. Touch up your back with an illuminating highlighter. These tips work! Yes!!

13. Half Backless with fill sleeves

Backless blouse design - Half Backless with fill sleeves

Tie the knots! Adore the style of the full sleeves. This is such an elegant design as it gives you comfort of a full sleeves with a pleasure of backless.


14. Single Knot with Tassels

Backless blouse design - Single Knot with Tassels

Yes! If you would like to oomph up the game with a tattoo. Take a cue from this!

15. Multi Knot with tassel Bunch

Backless blouse design - Multi Knot with tassel Bunch

Trying something black? Go with that white color blouse with the two knots.

16. Stunning thin Tassels backless blouse

Stunning thin Tassels backless blouse

When you are looking for 2 thin knots with small tassels then you can’t go wrong with this backless blouse design.

17. Oval Backless with full sleeves
Oval Backless with full sleeves

This Oval backless blouse design with full sleeves is a beautiful piece with hand embroidered, thread and zari work.

18. Backless blouse with 3/4th Sleeves

Backless blouse with 3/4th Sleeves

Kanjivaram Silk Saree would look even more graceful with this 3/4th sleeves backless blouse design.


 Velvety Backless Blouse

19. Red velvet Magic

Backless blouse design - Red velvet Magicindiagramwedding

The red velvety fabric looks captivating. As the round shape of the blouse is clasped together with buttons instead of the knot, that brings in a more clean and finishing look. If you would like to tie a bun, take a cue from this style and adorn a floral Garland.

20. Peacock On your back

Peacock On your back - Backless blouse

Peacock design on your back with its tail going to one side of your backless blouse is a unique design in itself! Work done on this blouse is very intricate as hand work is needed to execute this design perfectly.

21. Sun on your back

Sun on your back - Backless blouse design

The detailing on the borders catches our eye.

22. The deep V Backless blouse

Backless blouse design - The deep V Backless blouse

Just a bow-tied style looks flattering yet stunning at the same Time. This blouse has its own charm as it gives a very trendy look and when paired with a beautiful saree having small work all over, then you are bound to make some head turn!

23. The Big Bow Backless Blouse

The Big Bow Backless Blouse

Pairing a big bow on your backless blouse gives you an extra trendy edge!


Tiple Knot Backless Blouse Designs

24. The Haldi Color triple knotBackless blouse design - The Haldi Color triple knot

Flattering! Give your blouse a triple bonus as you enhance the ensemble with three knots. The shimmery feel of the blouse and the adventurous vibe melts our heart.

25. The Desirable triple Knot

Backless blouse design - The Desirable triple Knot

Look at this stunning backless blouse as it’s bound to turn a lot of heads around. It is paired with a beautiful plain saree with thick embroidered border.

26. 3/4 flared sleeves backless

3/4 flared sleeves backless

This is a blouse that would go very well in a Bengali wedding.  Not too much of skin and yet looks simply amazing!


Basic zig-zag Backless blouse designs

27. The Shoe lace back

The Shoe lace backblousetrends | Custom Made Blouse

Adore this style in which the blouse has a pattern and if you want you can create an embellished border too.

Now, you can start the zig-zag pattern from top to bottom or else take it the other way. If you start zig-zagging from bottom to top, the knot will come above.


28. U Shape Backless Blouse with laces

U Shape Backless Blouse with laces

So, here you can see the zig-zag pattern happening and the knot is tied below. The ends of the knot have got some pleated pattern too.

You may get more creative and try some new variety of creating the pattern by using the stripes.Make sure you tie it later!

29. Half laced up

Half laced up backless blouse

This a different backless blouse design where the laces are tied on the lower Half and upper half is kept open. It’s a bit tight but right!

30. Stunning single lace with round tasselsStunning single lace with round tassels  - Backless blouse design

Knot tied up with the mandala style ends.


The cross-over Backless blouses

31. Stunning Half Patch

Stunning Half Patch

Best suited for an Indian wedding reception! The embroidery on just one side looks flattering and is balanced by a simple plain tone of blue.

32. The diagonal split

The diagonal split

Check this one out! It’s off-shoulder from one side and has an epic cut at the back. No doubt, it looks like it will kidnap your heart. This would go perfectly on a lean figure girl attending big fat Indian Wedding.

33. The beauty V shar backless blouse

The beauty V shar backless blouse- Backless blouse design

The deep V style stripes look stunning. Both stripes are sewed in the floral print fit.

34. The bell tassels in your backless

The bell tassels in your backless

Hand-embroidery is done very intrinsically. The knot with the jhumkaa style looks flattering. You may wear this style for your Haldi ceremony.

35. The bridal Lehenga backless

The bridal Lehenga backless- Backless blouse design

This beautiful backless blouse design would go perfect on your pink, peach or red bridal lehenga. Also, you can pair this with a not so heavy dupatta in order to enhance the overall look of the outfit.

Staring not allowed

36. Cross style Backless Blouse

Cross style Backless Blouse

Watch out, guys! You’ve been warned with these cross stripes.

37. Thick and thin knots

Thick and thin knots - Backless blouse design

What a unique masterpiece! It is combined with a thick and thin bow paired with a plain saree. The combination of plain blouse and saree would do magic with the right backless blouse. Also the color combination is enhancing the overall look!

Jewel on the backless blouse

38. Jewels on your back

Jewels on your back

Such an intriguing add-on! Let the basic add-on of a jewelry-like piece do all the talking.


Less is more in a backless blouse

39. Eyes on your back

Eyes on your back - Backless Blouse

If you want to flaunt more design and less skin then go with this stunning backless blouse design. It has such beautiful embroidery that goes perfectly with the saree. If you are attending an Indian wedding as a guest then this is what you should be wearing.

40. Beautiful embroidered drop design

Beautiful embroidered drop design

This beautiful embroidered drop design on your backless blouse has intricate work giving it a stunning look!


41. Small V shape backless Blouse

Small V shape backless Blouse

The Pearl color gives the royal feel to this blouse. Pairing up with some white-stone earrings magnifies the beauty.


Simple Backless Blouse Designs

42. The 3 Bows design

The 3 Bows backless blouse

So colorful! Best for your Sangeet ceremony.

43. The simple Backless Blouse

The simple Backless Blouse

You dont have to go overboard with embroideries, patterns and thick fabrics for your blouse even the simple blouse can do the trick!

44. The Simple backless blouse

The Simple backless blouse

When you have a saree with thick embroidered border then a simple and plain backless blouse could enhance the overall look.

45. Simple Hanging Tassels in a backless blouse

Simple Hanging Tassels in a backless blouse

It’s not a complete backless blouse but the net/mesh has kept up with the sexy quotient and looks kind of appealing. So, you may want to try this one.

Looks good for the reception day!

46. Open V backless blouse Design

Open V backless blouse Design

This open V backless design is a goto for casual kitty parties as it has elegance and class with a hint of naughtiness in it.

47. Flaunt it backless blouse

Flaunt it backless blouse

The saree design completely compliments the backless blouse design. Why to hide it when you can flaunt it!

48. backless blouse with a belt

backless blouse with a belt

The length of the sleeves is cut down to half and the knot happens to be below. Make sure you add the final touch-ups with the glistening highlighter.

49. Net at the back blouse

Net at the back blouse  - Backless blouse design

This is not exactly a backless blouse since it has covered with a net! So technically not backless blouse but still backless which is matched with a black saree. Checkout more black saree blouses.

50. The perfect backless blouse

The perfect backless blouse design

The reason we are calling this a perfect backless blouse design is for the fact that it will never go out of fashion. As it is simple but yet evergreen which can be worn of any Indian wedding function especially Roka ceremony or even in Indo American weddings.

Checkout more of Red Saree Blouse designs.

51. The Big Bow on Backless BlouseThe Big Bow on Backless Blouse

When you want to wear a backless blouse and yet want to hide a little then this big bow backless blouse could be your one such option!


Final Words – Backless Blouse

Above you will see 51 lust-worthy backless blouse designs. The beaded tassels will create a movement of joy as you also add up some more Latkans. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

You must have at least few backless blouses in your wardrobe! It should be a simple design, with lots of tassels or a bow or simple a string, choice is yours but you need to have one as it competes your Indian ethnic wardrobe.

We at are expects in making Indian wedding and ethnic wear. So if you are looking to get custom made Indian ethnic wear and want to up your fashion game then you can get started right now!

Below video shoes as how to take perfect blouse measurement sitting at home!

We hope that this article will help you in figuring out your dream backless blouse. Do let us know in the comments if you have any question.