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35 Matching Couple Outfits That Are Setting IG Goals

Matching couple outfits are more like two pieces of a jigsaw – they need to fit together and look
good together! For this reason, you need to keep the aesthetics in place and ensure that the outfits
are not only matching or coordinating, but also fun and elegant! Let’s look at these 35 couples who
have nailed it when it comes to matching couple outfits.

If you thought that matching outfits were only for twins, you are clearly not updated! Couples love
to twin these days, when it comes to weddings, parties or any other function! It gives you a
separate identity, makes you a team and no matter where you go, it strengthens your love apart from
ensuring great pictures for Instagram! Now, this does not mean mindlessly creating uniforms for you
and your partner.

35 Matching Couple Outfits – Color coordinated
couple outfits

1. Bespoke in Beige – Matching couple

in Beige - Matching couple Outfitshubhvivahh | Get Custom Made Matching

Before taking a look at the matching outfits of this couple, one would not believe
that beige can be used so brilliantly on ethnic wedding outfits. While the sherwani of the groom is
in a pure shade of beige, the lehenga skirt of the bride uses the color as embellishment on a subtle
pastel pink base. The cut work on the hemline of the skirt is stunning. All in all, this matching
couple outfit is setting benchmarks in ethnic wedding fashion.

Black Banarasi Brocade – Matching couple Outfit

Banarasi Brocade - Matching couple Outfitgopicr7 | Get Custom Made Matching

Black and brocade never go out of vogue! So if you and your man are at a loss about
which theme to choose, simply go for black brocade, like this couple does! Black, as a color, is
neutral when it comes to gender! But it is not that “wedding appropriate”! You can wear it on your
reception party though or first anniversary night! In this case, the black brocade fabric is used
for the sherwani jacket of the groom and the lehenga skirt of his bride.

3. Ivory for Elegance

weddingbazaarofficial | Get Custom Made Matching Outfits

Choosing an elegant neutral
tone for the wedding day equals to half the job done! A neutral tone like ivory looks good both on
the bride and the groom. It supports all types of embellishments, makeup looks, jewellery etc. By
adding the muted gold turban and dark brown velvet stole to the sherwani, the designer has taken
this matching couple outfit to the next level.

Checkout White Bridal Lehenga & White Groom Sherwani

4. Peaches
and Cream

and Cream - Indian Matching outfitsmeghnareddyofficial | Checkout Kurta
Pajama with Jacket

Sounds like a dessert? Well, the fashion code of this couple is no less
tempting! This couple coordinates their outfit by using two colors that go really well together –
peach and cream! The groom’s cowl bottom kurta is peach while his ethnic waistcoat is in cream shade
with gold embellishment. The bride’s lehenga is in cream and gold while her net dupatta is in the
same tone of peach.

5. Layers of Lilac


We have saved the best ones for the last! Like the previous
picture, this matching couple outfit is also setting goals! The lilac share is so soothing to the
eye, so in sync with the natural beauty of the background, so beautiful in itself that it simply
can’t go wrong!

6. Magical Off White

Off White - Matching Indian Couple wedding outfits

We are showing you more neutral tones as they are best when it comes to coordinated or matching
couple outfits. Off white looks great with gold zardozi work, zari embroidery, crystal and stone
embroidery and even dainty bead-work! The bride’s lehenga looks magical using this design language
while the groom’s sherwani is devoid of any embellishment! Together they look magical in the golden

7. Teal The Show


The couple has cleverly co-ordinated their outfits by using the
color teal and pairing it with silver, muted pink and ivory. While the base fabric of the bride’s
lehenga is in teal shade, that of the groom’s is ivory. The embellishment colors are just the

8. Floral Blues

A multi-color floral lehenga on a midnight blue fabric showcasing mirror work is paired with a
midnight blue achkan with a multi-color floral jacket – and you have one of the most vibrant and
stunning matching couple outfits on this list!

9. Haldi Colors

Outfits - Indian Matching outfits

A brilliant way to create stunning couple matching outfits is using the same fabric or the same
colors and motifs for the bride’s skirt and the groom’s jacket. The bride flaunts a pleated flared
yellow lehenga with multi-color floral motifs and the same fabric has been used to create the ethnic
waistcoat of the groom. Checkout Haldi Outfits.

10. Pink for

Now, let’s not be too strict about matching outfits! Couple outfits do not have to be identical in
order to be “matching”. Like this couple wears various shades of pink yet they have completely
coordinated their outfits. This is a great way to flaunt matching wedding wear without them looking
like uniforms.

11. Team Henna

Henna - Indian matching outfitswedabout | Get Custom Made Matching

The same concept gets repeated in the case of this couple too! The designer uses a
beautiful and rare color combination – henna green, maroon and gold! It’s so not stereotypical yet
so appropriate and symbolic in Indian weddings!

12. Lavender

Matching couple outfits are a must for pre-wedding photo shoots. This couple has chosen a
mesmerizing color- a cool-toned lavender that looks stunning in the golden sun rays! The vibrant
lavender theme has been amply used in the bride’s skirt and a lighter shade of the same color has
been used for the groom’s outfit!

13. Rose Gold & Blush

Like the jodi of you and your partner, some combinations of colors are also matches made in heaven!
The groom wears a rose gold sherwani with a blush pink kurta. That is just enough for his outfit to
match his bride’s rose gold and blush pink grand lehenga extravaganza!

14. Matching Colors & Motifs – Matching couple Outfit

Colors & Motifs - Matching couple Outfitweddingbazaarfashion |
Get Custom Made Matching

The color of the outfits are not the same though they are both shades of blue. Yet,
the motif-structure on the blue velvet skirt of the bride matches so well with that on the sherwani
jacket of the groom that the two outfits photograph like a dream.

15. Dreams in Beige

in Beige - Matching outfitswedjoin

Mesmerising locations
demand dreamy wedding wear! This bride and groom have chosen the right matching couple outfit by
going for a sober yet unconventional color – beige! Being a neutral tone, it upholds embellishment –
crystal work, sequin embroidery, stone and bead work – like magic!

16. Summer-y Floral Prints
Get Custom Made
Matching Outfits

If you and your better half are attending a function on a bright day, go
for a beautiful floral print fabric and use it to create a simple matching couple outfit! This
couple have chosen a bright crimson and yellow hibiscus print!

Wedding Guest Outfit in Bottle Green

Guest Outfit in Bottle Green_anil_luthra | Get Custom Made Matching


The couple wears an ideal matching outfit as wedding guests. The plain bottle green satin saree with
gold ornate border is perfectly paired with the bottle green blazer, worn over a black shirt and

18. Golden Hues


The yellow kurta of the groom or the mustard-orange lehenga
skirt of the bride – both haldi outfits have an undertone of gold! This makes the outfits completely
coordinated with each other.

Checkout Yellow Bridal Lehenga

19. Going Green

Green - Indian Matching Outfits

Strictly speaking, this couple’s outfit may not be termed as ‘matching’! But in this case, we are
not supporting outfits that look like uniforms. We are instead looking for clever ways to juxtapose
two separately stunning attires together to create a blended sense of coordination. This couple
wears various shades of green. The bride wears a fluorescent green lehenga with exquisite zardozi work in a pale gold tone. She teams up with
a sea green dupatta. The groom sports a moss green silk kurta and pairs it with a floral embroidered
waistcoat. The embroidery uses a lot of pale gold thread work!

Black is Timeless

Black is
Timeless - matching Outfits

When in doubt, go for black! Be it a wedding reception, a dinner invitation, a cocktail party or any
event and you want to look stunning as a couple, without sparing much thought, go for black, just
like this couple has done!

Checkout Black

21. Dupatta Duet


Not only is this matching couple outfit exquisite – with the
peach and cream color combination and all-over zardozi work – but the designer has also cleverly
used very similar looking dupattas for both the lehenga and sherwani.

22. Royal in Blue – Color Coordinated Matching Outfits

Royal in
Blue - Color Coordinated Matching Outfitstwobewedd

The bride
flaunts a beautiful purple and gold Banarasi brocade lehenga skirt. But her one side off-shoulder
choli is in a rich royal blue color that matches the mirror work sherwani of the groom, creating the
perfectly matching couple outfit. Checkout Blue Sherwani and Blue Bridal

23. Pastels to Love

Using pastel tones is so rare in Indian wedding couture that when the bride and the groom decide to
go for shades like ivory, lilac or lavender, it automatically separates them from the glitter and
glam and keeps them in an aura of dream-like tranquillity.

24. Ash
Green Matching Couple Outfits

Green Matching Couple Outfitsstudiohproduction

The choice of
color, the shades used and the matching embellishment – nothing about this matching couple outfit is
anything short of brilliant! The work on the bride’s lehenga is intricate, detailed and speaks of
top notch craftsmanship. The groom’s sherwani comes with less embellishment but has a rich silk
texture that speaks for itself.

25. White is All

thedesailifestyle | Get Custom Made Matching Outfits

Serene, sophisticated and elegant – the
couple sports matching outfits which use the brilliance of the color – white. Threads of shades like
pastel green, pastel pink etc have been used to create traditional motifs on the bride’s lehenga.
The groom’s sherwani has a hint of pink with matte gold thread work.

26. The Appeal of Orange

If your bride wants to wear a traditional bridal color on the D-Day, which you are not that
comfortable wearing, simply pair your neutral tone sherwani with a turban and a stole in that shade!
And you have the perfect matching couple outfit. This groom has done just that by wearing an orange
turban and stole.

27. Butter Yellow Wedding Guest Outfits

Yellow Wedding Guest Outfitsthekritikakhanna | Get Custom Made Matching

This butter yellow matching couple outfit is perfect for you if you and your partner
want to sport a sober, subtle, sophisticated and minimal look as guests in a wedding.

28. Matching Elements

The bride and the groom both wear a combination of baby pink and gold. But what really comes out in
the case of this matching couple outfit is the use of the color – red. While the groom sports a red
turban and a red and gold stole, the bride’s necklace has bright red polkis and her bangles are in
the same shade. Though small, these matching elements make the outfits look great together.

29. Shades and Textures

indiangroom | Checkout Kurta Pajama

Sometimes, different shades of the same color
juxtaposed on similar textures look really good together. The priority is to look good together in
one frame. In the case of the outfits of this couple, that end is achieved.

30. Fifty Shades of Pink


This couple sport the most beautifully pink matching outfit for their ring ceremony. While the
lehenga of the bride is pretty much traditional, the groom sports a solid pink sherwani like a pro!

31. Paint it Yellow – Matching couple Outfit

Paint it
Yellow - Matching couple Outfitsanjana_m23

Indian wedding
mornings are all about colors like yellow, mustard, saffron and orange. In this case, the marigold
decoration in the background, the groom’s kurta, the bride’s lehenga etc all fall in the same color

32. Color Coding for Haldi


Color coding and creating matching couple outfits for the
haldi ceremony is perhaps the easiest job. But that does not mean you can afford to look boring.
This bride wears a beautiful tiered lehenga bearing a printed floral pattern on ochre yellow.

33. Pastel Plethora

Plethora - Matching outfitssekrittheater

It’s an engagement
shoot and this couple has nailed it! The pastel blue fabric and the floral embroidery on it using
colors like pastel pinks, peach etc make the outfits subtle, serene and soothing to look at!

34. For the Love of Lavender – Matching couple Outfit

For the
Love of Lavender - Matching couple Outfitshubhavivahh | Get Custom Made Matching

This couple ticks all the boxes when it comes to dream matching couple outfits. This
shade of lavender is stunning! The cut of the bride’s choli, it’s flowing sleeves, the intricate
lace work on the net blouse, the groom’s waistcoat which is in the same color as the kurta etc – are
nothing less than stunning.

35. Pastel Pink Goals

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Pink for the groom? Why not! Especially when the shade is so understated, so pastel and so sober!
When couples go for matching outfits, such out-of-the-box colors do make a statement!


Want such stunning matching couple outfits for you and your partner? How well
styled or designed a pair of coordinated couple outfits is depends entirely on how closely it has
been customized, to suit you and your partner. At GetEthnic, with our ace designer and multiple
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