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60 Shades of Pink lehenga for the Indian Bride

If red is the most traditional color for Indian bridal lehengas, pink must be the most feminine and fun color for the same! Pink comes in numerous shades each of which goes really well with the Indian and ethnic backdrop. The Pink bridal lehenga epitomizes grace, refinement and beauty while it embodies the spirit of youth, fun and quirkiness!

rida.tharanaa | Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

If you are keen on skipping Red Lehenga for your bridal wear, pink is the best option that you can go for! Today we present to you 50 pink bridal lehenga that will definitely make you drool over the power of pink!

If you are not looking for a pink wedding lehenga and instead want something light for pre-wedding functions, this is exactly what you need! The lehenga is sleek, light and minimalistic. The skirt has a straight cut, the choli is sleeveless and the net dupatta has an ornate silver border.


60 Pink lehenga a Bride can wear in her wedding

1. Dual Tone and Double Dupatta Style

Dual Tone and Double Dupatta Stylethepineappleproduction

Zari and zardozi embroidery adorn this pink lehenga, making it a dream attire for any bride. What stands out though, is the double dupatta style. While the one draped around the head of the bride is in a shade that matches that of the skirt and choli, the dupatta draped across the body is in a lighter hue of pink, creating a unique contrast.

2. Combination of Pink and Orange

Combination of Pink and Orange pink lehengamassayaweddings_festivities | See More Bridal Lehenga

Though both the shades are bright, pink and orange complement each other really well! The lehenga skirt of this bride upholds that contrast and her choli flaunts dense embroidery in self color.

3. Pink is Forever

Such a pink lehenga is timeless! The A-line skirt boasts embellishments using traditional motifs. The simple choli with golden bootis looks great. The net dupatta with an embellished border has been draped beautifully.

4. Magenta Pink Bridal Lehenga

Magenta Pink Bridal Lehengawittyvows | Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This bridal bink lehenga is fit for the princess. The lehenga skirt boasts huge floral motifs in pastel hues near the hemline. The upper part is covered in bootis. The lehenga also boasts a double-dupatta style.

5. The Pink Chooda

The Pink Choodabridal_lehenga_designn

This lehenga is an exquisite one! The silver sequin works blooms against the fabric in numerous shades of pink like rosewood, rouge and dark pinkish red. The bride takes it a step forward by wearing a pair of pink chooda. This is a perfect Punjabi Bridal Lehenga.

6. Bandhani Print Pink Lehenga

Bandhani Print Pink Lehengathepickystyler

A perfect choice for pre-wedding functions like mehndi and sangeet – this lehenga is light, boasts light silver zari and sequin work, comes with a sleeveless choli, latkan details and flaunts ethnic bandhani prints.

7. The Boho Chic Pink Lehenga


Want something quirky and fun? This pink bridal lehenga embodies all that this colorful and vibrant. This is great for a morning function like haldi or for a pre-wedding photo shoot against a beige desert and fort backdrop, just like the one in this picture!

8. Vintage Gold and Pink Lehenga

The Boho Chic Pink Lehengajess_creation

This flared lehenga in bright pink gives out a vintage vibe. The broad gold sequin border is the highlight of the look. A simple choli and a dupatta with gold sequin bootis all over complement the lehenga skirt.

9. Gown-style Pink Lehenga

Gown-style Pink Lehengayaaraniz_collection.jb

The lehenga skirt is flared just like a European ball gown with embroidered floral motives and rosettes all over it. Numerous shades of pink have been used over the light pink georgette fabric that gives a textures yet subtle look.

10. Silver and Pink Bridal Lehenga

Silver and Pink Bridal Lehengadesigner_kurtis_n_jwellery

This lehenga is ideal for a morning wedding. The taffeta fabric is adorned with sequin embroidery in silver. The beautiful floral motifs on the dupatta are reminiscent of rustic mirror work of Gujarat. The lehenga is also ideal for mehndi function.

11. Peachy Pink Lehenga with Lace Details

Peachy Pink Lehenga with Lace Detailsethnicroop

There are two factors that make this lehenga unique and beautiful. First, the color of the fabric is different from everyday pinks and peach tones. It has a warm orange undertone yet is definitely a shade of pink. Second, the thick lace border of the lehenga skirt makes it one-of-a-kind.

12. Light Warm Pink Lehenga Dress

Light Warm Pink Lehenga Dressethnicroopindia

Call it a lehenga or a lehenga dress – this outfit is fit for the queens! The amazing and exquisite silver sequin and cut dana work stand out against the most subtle shade of warm pink. This is one lehenga that the wearer will always treasure.

13. Dark Pink Velvet Lehenga

Dark Pink Velvet Lehengaethnicroop

Self-color embroidery takes the lead here which creates a textured floral look on the lehenga skirt. The choli has belt details. The lehenga, in a unique shade of dark wine pink also boasts the double dupatta style.

14. Embroidered Stories on Her Pink Lehenga

mbroidered Stories on Her Pink Lehenga_angela_k

If you are looking for a pink lehenga that is light, devoid of zari or sequins yet is exquisite, go for something of this kind. This pink lehenga boasts detailed floral and vegetal embroidery on the skirt and choli showcasing vine, bird and flower motifs. Latkan details are added to the skirt.

15. The Timeless Pink Benarasi Lehenga

The Timeless Pink Benarasi Lehengashaadisagafashion

Some styles never go out of vogue! Like this classic Benarasi brocade lehenga skirt in pink and gold. Wear it on your wedding and preserve it as an heirloom. If you want a contemporary look, wear it with a crop-top like choli, as this bride does!

16. Digital Print Pink Lehenga

Digital Print Pink Lehengakreeva_lifestyles

Looking for a pink lehenga which is also light enough to enjoy a pre-wedding function! Go for something like this one. The lehenga boasts digital prints instead of traditional embellishment making it light and airy.

17. Lavender Pink Lehenga

Lavender Pink Lehengadesiclassybrides

This is a beautiful lehenga in a unique lavender pink shade. The highlight is the silver mirror work and brings out the cool-toned vibrancy of the lavender pink fabric. The full-sleeve choli complements the style like a dream.

18. Multi Colors on Neon Pink

Multi Colors on Neon Pink Lehengachase_the_glam | See More Bridal Lehenga

Want something different in pink? Go for a quirky shade of pink. This pink lehenga is somewhere between neon pink and blush pink. On top of that, the embroidered details in bright colors like blue, golden and white complement the shade like a dream.

19. Crepe Pink Lehenga for Engagement Party

Crepe Pink Lehenga for Engagement

This lehenga comes in a crepe pink hue and is ultimate for the engagement party or any other pre-wedding evening function where the bride might want to dress a little light. It boasts mirror work and the sheer dupatta increases the glamour quotient.

20. Ombre-effect Pink Lehenga

Ombre-effect Pink Lehenga

The highlight of this look is the ombre or color transitioning effect on the skirt. The A-line lehenga skirt is off-white near the waist and transitions into light pink, dark pink and then a dark reddish-pink near the hem.

21. Can You Ever Go Wrong With Pink?

The main attraction of this outfit is the lehenga skirt that boasts a full-bodied sequin and mirror look! The size of the silver sequins is also bigger than normal but they go really well with the warm orange-pink fabric.

22. Soft Peachy Pink Reception Lehenga

Soft Peachy Pink Reception Lehengachameeandpalak

Looking for a sophisticated peachy pink engagement night, reception night or cocktail party outfit? This light peachy pink lehenga flaunts exquisite embroidered floral motifs on the skirt in pastel shades with a tulle dupatta and zardozi embellished choli.

23. Two-Toned Simple Pink Bridal Lehenga

Two-Toned Simple Pink Bridal Lehengajustglamourstudio

This light pink bridal lehenga does not boast exquisite embroidery or a lot of embellishment. But that is what makes it different and beautiful! The simplicity is enhanced by the dark pink contrast dupatta draped cross-body!

24. Pink Lehenga with Cape

Pink Lehenga with Capewishnwed | See More Bridal Lehenga

If you want a contemporary, out-of-the-box style with your pink lehenga, go for something like this! The flared lehenga skirt is light and breezy flaunting motifs in pastel shades. With the choli comes a cape that sets the outfit apart.

25. Pink Fit and Flare Lehenga Skirt with Off-Shoulder Blouse

Pink Fit and Flare Lehenga Skirt with Off-Shoulder Blousemongasuk

This pink lehenga’s uniqueness is in its cut. The fit and flare skirt has a vertical embellishment structure. The choli is off shoulder, flaunting sequin work.

26. Coral Pink Bridal Lehenga

Coral Pink Bridal Lehengabhavishamakeupartist

This bride looks beautiful in a coral pink lehenga! What more? Her mother and other women in the family have dressed up in pink too, to complement the bridal look! This is what the power of pink is all about!

27. Lilac Pink Lehenga

Lilac Pink Lehengatheweddingbrigade | Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Who said pastel shades don’t look glamorous? This soft and elegant color personifies grace! On top of that the subtle yet elaborate silver embellishment work make gives the outfit a celestial glow!

28. Gown-Style Blush Pink Lehenga

Gown-Style Blush Pink Lehengadress.bazzar

Simplicity is the key here! Minimal embellishment, use of net fabric, dupatta draping style and the ball gown-like cut make this lehenga beautiful! Latkan details are also added.

29. Multi Colored Motifs on Pink Lehenga Skirt

Multi Colored Motifs on Pink Lehenga Skirtshaadisaga

The beauty of this lehenga is the pleated and flared skirt boasting vertically structured motif placement. Vintage motifs like polkis, architectural design elements etc have been placed in multi-colors on the bright pink lehenga skirt giving out a vintage yet boho vibe.

30. Soft Rose Pink Bridal Lehenga

Soft Rose Pink Bridal Lehengathe_face_couture | See More Bridal Lehenga

Such a beauty is not often made! This goes for the bride as well as the lehenga! The soft rose pink fabric is adorned in floral motifs in zardozi embroidery. Tiny rosettes in a darker shade of pink adorn the lehenga also.

31. Beige Motifs on Pastel Pink Bridal Lehenga

Beige Motifs on Pastel Pink Bridal Lehengawishnwed

The best part about choosing pink as your bridal color is that you can opt for the lightest shades and subtlest of embellishment, yet look glamorous! This bride’s pastel peachy-pink lehenga is embellished with motifs in a matte gold to beige shade. It looks as beautiful as a dream!

32. The Combination of Light and Dark

The Combination of Light and Dark

The beauty of this pink bridal lehenga is the contrast combination of two shades of pink – one dark and the other light!

33. The Three Shades of Pink

The Three Shades of Pinknikazaasiancouture

This is another masterpiece! The designer has cleverly paired a rose gold choli with a bright pink dupatta and a light pink flared lehenga skirt. Both the dupatta and the skirt have multi colored and golden embellishment! Each of the elements in the outfit complement the others like a dream!

34. Pink Lehenga with Peplum Top

Pink Lehenga with Peplum Tophappyframes_

Want a fusion pink lehenga for your wedding? Take inspiration from this bride! This one-of-a-kind lehenga has a unique design structure with a lacy and wavy hemline. That is complemented by the peplum top the bride wears instead of a regular choli.

35. The Lightest Shade of Pink

The Lightest Shade of Pinkculturewedding

This beautiful bride wears a beautiful lehenga in the lightest shade of baby pink. Sequin and stone embroidery in a neutral tone adds a bit of glitter to the whole look.

36. Pastel Pink Bridal Lehenga

Pastel Pink Bridal Lehengayaaraniz_collection.jb | See More Bridal Lehenga

The real beauty of this pure pastel pink bridal lehenga is the flared and embellished lehenga skirt boasting thorough and dense sequin and stone embroidery in a silvery hue. The sheer net dupatta with embellished border and the tube top choli throw all the attention to the skirt.

37. Hot Pink Floral Lehenga

Hot Pink Floral Lehengasheetal_023

If you have chosen a wedding venue and theme which has lots of floral and plant elements, you can choose this kind of a pink lehenga. In a backdrop of green, the hot pink color looks amazing! Plus, the vegetal and floral details will complement the surroundings.

38. Coral and Moss

Coral and Moss bridal lehengamakeupbyrevaa

Natural shades of coral pink and moss green have been brought together in this pink bridal lehenga. Golden embellishment complement both the earthy tones wonderfully!

39. Sleek Blush Pink Lehenga

Sleek Blush Pink Lehengadesiclassybrides

Disha Parmar looks exquisite in this sleek and sexy blush pink lehenga! The lehenga has a sleeveless choli and a straight lehenga skirt. It boasts all-over self color dense embroidery!

40. Mauve Pink Embroidered Lehenga

Mauve Pink Embroidered Lehengachameeandpalak

Perfect for mehndi or sangeet, this sleek mauve pink lehenga boasts exquisite embroidery on silk. The sleeveless blouse looks contemporary and the organza dupatta complements the whole look.

41. Blushing in Pink Bridal Lehenga

Blushing in Pink Bridal Lehengabrideopedia

The bride looks as beautiful as an angel in this mesmerizing blush pink lehenga. The silver embroidery all over the lehenga skirt is breath taking. The silver zari work on the dupatta also looks very good.

42. Carnation Pink Bridal Lehenga

Carnation Pink Bridal Lehengatheweddingbrigade | Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Who knew shades of pastel pink would look so good on a bride? This carnation pink lehenga is exotic! Both the net dupattas are in the same shade but are so fine that they are creating a different texture and hue altogether. The elaborate silver zardozi work, stone and sequin embroidery is taking the look to an all new level.

43. Mauve Pink Floral Embroidered Lehenga

Mauve Pink Floral Embroidered Lehengashaadiwish

The bride flaunts a unique wedding lehenga! The skirt flaunts a lace-bordered hemline and floral embroidery in shades of pink and green. The choli echoes similar embroidery!

44. All About Laces and Net

All About Laces and

Another light pink bridal lehenga that defies all stereotypes! Fit for a morning wedding this lehenga showcases detailed floral embroidery in white, pink and light blue all over. The flared skirt hemline has laces.

45. Fairy Tale Pink Lehenga

Fairy Tale Pink Lehenga

Though this pink lehenga with a pastel pink base and multi color embellishment may be difficult to carry, it is simply exquisite, one-of-a-kind and definitely out of a dream.

46. Matte Gold on Bright Pink

Matte Gold on Bright Pink

This bright pink lehenga sports lacy and wavy hemline apart from being sleek and minimalistic! The sequin blouse, the net dupatta and the skirt go well with the matte gold floral embellishment.

47. Pink Lehenga Draped Like a Saree

Pink Lehenga Draped Like a Saree

This pastel pink lehenga has a straight cut and has been beautifully draped like a saree. It is the perfect attire for any pre or post wedding evening function.

48. Embellished Pastel Pink Lehenga

Embellished Pastel Pink | See More Bridal Lehenga

This flared and pleated lehenga is in a soft pastel pink color but the heavy gold embellishment all over the outfit make it gorgeous and glamorous enough for the big fat Indian wedding.

49. Off-Shoulder Blouse with Baby Pink Lehenga Skirt

Off-Shoulder Blouse with Baby Pink Lehenga Skirtkrishmasood

Reminiscent of Christian wedding gowns, this light baby pink lehenga comes with a skirt beautifully embroidered in white thread and stones and silver sequins. It has been paired with a baby pink taffeta blouse which is off-shoulder and has bow details.

Checkout more of Bridal Lehenga Blouses.

50. Rustic Pink Lehenga

Rustic Pink Lehenga

This stunning rustic beauty boasts numerous elements in the form of colors, textures and embellishment. The lehenga skirt has horizontal bands showcasing different motifs in different shades of pink. It has huge latkan details and a belt below the choli which fastens the dupatta in place.

51. Blush Pink Is the New Color of Love


In the lightest shade of blush pink, this bride dazzles, totally lost in love! The lehenga is studded with crystals and stones. Sequin embroidery plays a role too. The skirt is dense with stone and sequin embroidery with bits of dark pink used, for a subtle contrast.

52. Embroidery on Baby Pink Net


Over a glossy baby pink satin skirt, a layer of intricately embroidered net is the major highlight of this pink lehenga. Floral motifs run in vertical lines on the skirt. Pink thread embroidery, metallic embroidery in silver and sequin patchwork have been used, studded with pearls and crystals. Similar embroidery adorns the dupatta border and the sleeveless choli.

53. Flamingo Pink Day Lehenga


A contemporary take– this bride flaunts a flamingo pink lehenga during a post wedding day function. The lehengahas two layers. The inner layer is white with floral embroidery topped with a sheer veil-like layer of pink net. The motifs, the ornate upper and lower borders of the skirt, the choli are all hand embroidered with love.

54. Magenta Pink Lehenga with Geometric Motifs

indian_wedding | See More Bridal Lehenga

The bride wears a magenta pink lehenga showcasing geometric motifs. The elongated hexagons have floral motifs encased in them, resembling pietra dura mosaic work. The choli and dupatta are minimalistic, focusing all the attention on the designs on the lehenga skirt.

55. Dark Pink Bridal Lehenga


The one is a typical pink bridal lehenga, maintaining all the needs of the big fat Indian wedding. Silver zari neatly works its way around into floral designs all over the ensemble. If you want a completely traditional look, go for such a lehenga.

56. Pastel Rose Lehenga

Except for a few hues, most shades of pink are cool toned! Hence they naturally uphold embellishments in shades like silver, ivory, glass etc. This ensemble is one of the classiest looks on this list. The light pastel rose pink lehengais adorned in beads embroidery and zardozi work studded with stones and pearls. The skirt has unique pleated detail on the hemline.

57. Mirror Work on Blush Pink


This beautiful blush pink bridal lehenga comes with a unique element – mirror work! We are mostly used to seeing mirror work with warmer tones and darker shades. But in this case, the blush pink pastel hue and the glittering mirror and sequin work blend like a dream. The lehenga also comes with belt detail.

58. Duo-toned Pink Lehenga for Reception

thecheesecakeproject | See More Bridal Lehenga

Apart from the dense, thorough and intricate silver thread, sequin and crystal embroidery, this pink lehenga comes with a unique element- the skirt forms a vertical panel design alternating between two shades of pink. This is a perfect pink lehenga for the reception.

59. The Cherry Blossom Lehenga


The lehenga boldly uses matte pinks and grey with zari work and stone embroidery! The lehenga, on one hand is subtle – resembling the hues of cherry blossoms – and on the other is blingy – with the use of chunky stone embroidery! The choli has floral patterns embroidered in zari and threads.

60. Light Crepe Pink Lehenga for Pre Wedding Functions

Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Conclusion – Pink Bridal Lehenga

If these pink lehengas have not been able to inspire you or if you are still searching for your dream wedding pink lehenga, we can help you out! Talk to our ace designer and tell us what exactly you want.

Give us your preference in terms of embellishment, color scheme, fabric etc and we will customize the outfit of your dreams. You can also share with us a picture of an outfit that inspires you. You can also browse through our products – you never know, the pink bridal lehenga of your choice might just be waiting over there for you!

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