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14 Muslim Wedding Culture and Traditions

One of the major components of any religion’s culture is marriage. The Muslims takes the sacred wedding ceremony very seriously, as it is believed to be one of the core responsibilities of a Muslim. It is the celebration of a new bond between two souls and their families, which would later lead to the preservation of their religion and culture as their family grows. 

A Muslim wedding is called a Nikah Ceremony and it typically lasts for three days. This is because of the many symbolic rituals involved in the union of the families.

Muslim Wedding couplecredit: mnmfoto | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Muslim Wedding has a lot of amazing and fun traditions and rituals. These rituals are spread out and grouped into three: pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals, and post-wedding rituals. Although it sounds quite formal, the Muslim wedding Ceremony is actually one of the most exciting and colorful weddings in the world. No expense is spared in making the ceremony a memorable one for the bride & groom, their families and guests.

Also you would see the most beautiful wedding dresses with intricate and beautiful hand embroidery, motifs and designs patterns. Food in a Muslim wedding is so delicious with rich flavors and aroma that you would think of it even after days of wedding. 

Millions of Muslims reside in different parts of the world. As a result, their wedding customs have been tweaked and made regionally specific. However, irrespective of the differences, there are important traditions that all Muslim weddings share in common.

Below are some of the cultures and traditions that are a fundamental part of the Muslim wedding. 

1. Salat al-Istikhara – Prayers to Allah

Arranged marriages are common and encouraged in the Muslim community. The parents are tasked with finding respectable and responsible partners for their children. Once the right match has been found, meetings are set between the families of the future groom and bride. After the marriage discussions have been finalized, the religious heads of the community are informed so that they can pray to Allah to seek his consent and blessings for the future couple.

Muslim wedding - Prayer

The couple also takes part in the prayer, asking Allah for guidance and a happy home. This special prayer is known as the Salatul Ishtikara, and it is recognized as the official notification of marriage to the community. It is the first and most important pre-wedding ritual. 


2. Imam Zamin – Groom’s mother to bless the bride

The Imam Zamin happens right after Salatul Ishtikara. The purpose of this second pre-wedding ritual is to mark the acceptance of the bride into her new family. It involves a visit from the groom’s mother, to the bride’s home.

credit: wikimedia

She comes bearing gifts, sweets, and a symbolic gold or silver coin that is wrapped inside a silk scarf which she gently ties around her soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s wrist. This brings the ritual to an end, leaving the bride and her family feeling reassured that she is indeed welcome to join her future family.


3. Mangni – The ring ceremony

This is also known as the engagement ceremony. Here, the two families publicly declare the union of the bride and groom. Relatives and close friends of both families are invited to witness the ring exchange ritual on a set date, which will signify the official engagement between the bride and the groom.

mangni in Muslim Wedding credit: linandjirsa | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Both families are also expected to shower each other with gifts such as clothes, sweets, fruits, and even money. Traditionally, the family of the groom presents their gifts first, then the bride’s. 

Traditionally the rings were selected by the parents and given to the would be husband and wife but these days both bride and groom are choosy about the rings so they prefer to shop it together. A ring is for lifetime so it’s better be the best!


4. Manjha – Haldi Ceremony

For this ritual, the groom’s family sends over a turmeric (Haldi) paste, infused with some sandalwood and rose-water, to the bride. This is usually done a day or two before the main Nikah ceremony. The bride is dressed in haldi ceremony yellow clothing and all the women in her family gather to take turns at applying the paste on the bride’s face, hands and feet, and then each other.

It is a fun and relaxing event which also happens in the groom’s house. The purpose of this is to invite a peaceful and happy new beginning. 

manja - Muslim wedding

Turmeric is a very important and symbolic spice. It cleanses and relaxes the body, giving it a divine glow. This makes it perfect for pre-wedding skincare. Its color is also auspicious in the Indian culture and it is said to purify, heal and boost fertility. Thus, Manjha is considered a purification ritual.

After the ritual, the bride and groom are made to spend the remaining time leading to their wedding day indoors. They are not to leave their respective homes, for any reason whatsoever, until the wedding day. Errands and messages would be handled by the family members.


5. Heena aka Mehndi time!

Like Manjha, Mehndi is another women-centric pre-wedding ritual. Here, the most artistic woman in the bride’s family is tasked with adorning the bride’s hands and feet with henna paste.

However, some families prefer to hire professional mehndi artists instead as their designs tend to be more unique and beautiful. As a game, the groom’s initials are hidden within the henna designs and he has to find them on their first night together. 

Bride usually has a special mehndi ceremony dress which is not too heavy and yet comfortable as Heena takes some time to dry up and bride can’t even eat with her hands during this time.

Mehndi ceremony - Muslim Weddingcredit: | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

The other women also get their hands and feet painted, after which a lot of dancing and singing takes place. It is a great way for them to bond and prepare the bride for her wedding. Of course, during this period, the bride and groom are still confined to their respective houses until the big day.

Heena or mehndi is like temporary tattoo which usually lasts for a month and slowly fades away. Also there is belief the bride who gets a dark colored Heena would be lucky and will get a lot of love from the groom’s family.


6. Sanchaq – Groom’s family visit

This is the final pre-wedding ritual of a traditional Muslim wedding. Leaving the groom behind to continue getting ready for the wedding, his family members pay a visit to the bride and her family.

Sanchaq - Groom's family visit

They take along gifts of fruits, sweets, perfumes, and most importantly, the bridal outfit and matching accessories which are to be worn on the day of the Nikah ceremony. These gifts are known as Sanchaq and they signify the love and support of the bride’s new family. 


7. Baraat arrival  – Here comes the King

The most interesting and fun part of the Nikah Ceremony is the groom’s arrival. The groom is driven in a beautifully decorated car that is sent by the bride’s family and is escorted by his family, close friends, and a member of the bride’s family.

This procession is known as the Baraat. It is loud and colorful, announcing that the wedding will happen in a couple of hours. It is a splendid sight and the cheering goes on until the groom and his party arrives at the bride’s house or wedding venue. 

Muslim baraatcredit: | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

On the groom’s arrival, he and his entourage are given a grand and warm welcome by the bride’s family members. The groom is specially greeted by his brother-in-law or the bride’s closest brother figure, after which they proceed to share a drink of Sherbet (a sweet and chilled drink that is thought to bode a sweet marriage).

The groom and his relatives are then sprayed with rose-water and a beautiful path is created for them to enter the wedding venue. More gifts and drinks are shared and the guests are entertained with music and dancing. 


8. Nikah – The Main Ceremony

The major wedding ceremony ritual is the Nikah ceremony. It is during the Nikah that the marriage would be solemnized. Depending on the couple and their families, the ceremony can either be a grand affair or an intimate one with just the immediate family members present to bear witness.

Nikah Ceremony - Muslim Weddingcredit: samsonpro | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

During the ceremony, the women sit and surround the bride while the men surround the groom. The Iman or Maulvi then reads some verses from the Quran and recites a prayer of blessing for the couple. After this, the Maulvi asks the bride if she consents to the marriage. If she agrees, she replies by saying “Quubool Hai”, which translates to “I do”,  three times. The same is repeated for the groom. 

The last step involved in this ceremony is the signing of the marriage contract which legally binds the bride and groom together. 


9. Fatiha – First verse of holy Quran

A Fatiha is a prayer and the first chapter of the Quran. It is supposed to bring blessings to the new couple. The recital of the Fatiha is an intimate ceremony that follows the Nikah. It is important to do this because it is a way of seeking Allah’s guidance and protection.

Fatiha - First verse of holy Quran


It is customary for the Fatiha to be read in the presence of the couple and their immediate family members. After this, the officiant begins to speak about marriage, what is expected, and their responsibilities to Allah as well as themselves. At the end of the ceremony, the families gather to eat lots of knafeh and baklava with coffee.


10. Mehar – A contract for life!

The Mehar, also known as Mahr, is a type of dowry that is offered by the groom to the bride’s family during Nikah. It is often monetary, however, the families can also present precious jewelry or even properties instead. It symbolizes the groom’s love and commitment to the bride.

The Mehar is formally specified in the marriage contract which is signed during the Nikah ceremony. The purpose of this dowry is to guarantee the bride’s financial security. This is especially helpful in the case where the bride has no property of her own.


Mehar - Muslim weddingcredit: mahaphotography | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

The Mehar is paid in two parts: the first part is due before the Nikah ceremony and the other is agreed upon and will be paid after the marriage is consummated. Most couples agree to use the wedding ring as the first Mehar. 


11. Arsi Mushraf – See through Mirror

This ritual is done immediately after the wedding. The newly wedded couple get to lay their eyes on each other for the first time after the Nikah has been completed and the marriage solemnized by the officiant.

The Arsi Mushraf involves the bride and groom sitting next to each other with their heads still covered with a veil or a scarf, and a mirror and the Holy Quran placed between them. The couple is allowed to look in the mirror to see each other. Well, the reflection of their spouse. 

Arsi Mushrafmahastudiosinc

After this, the men are separated from the women. The first round of dinner is then served to the couple and the guests. Once everyone has finished their meal, the bride and groom – still seated next to each other with their heads covered – are told to read some prayers. 


12. Rukhsat – The Goodbyes 

After the traditional Muslim wedding has been brought to an end by the Arsi Mushraf, the first post-wedding ritual begins. This is known as Rukhsat. Here, the bride is given the opportunity to bid her family goodbye.

Ruksat in Muslim wedding

It is an emotional moment that would have lots of eyes leaking. After the wishes and farewells, the father of the bride hands her over to the groom and asks him to take good care of his daughter. The bride then leaves the wedding venue with her groom and heads to his house. On her arrival at her new home, she is welcomed by her mother-in-law who then places the Holy Quran on her head to symbolize her duties as a wife.


13. Walimah – The Grand Celebration

The Walimah, also known as Dawat-e-dalimah, is the second post-wedding ritual of a Muslim wedding. It is a lavish wedding banquet that is usually hosted by the groom’s family. Immediate and distant relatives, friends, and even neighbors are invited to the feast. It is a grand wedding reception that is organized for the newlyweds to wish them a happy married life.

If you’re new to the scene, you might think you’re at a festival. There is an endless supply of food and lots of music and dancing. Sweet drinks are also shared. Although it is a celebration, the Muslim culture frowns upon the consumption of alcohol.

Walimah credits: | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

This reception allows the couple to unwind a bit and also be introduced to extended family members and friends. The couple is treated like royalty and they are showered with more gifts and blessings. Walimah is the final public declaration of the marriage, in the presence of loved ones, to the whole community.


14. Chauthi – Visiting bride’s house

The last post-wedding ritual is called Chauthi. This happens four days after the wedding. The bride and groom set out to visit the bride’s family. On their arrival, they are greeted by the bride’s family with lots of gifts and love. After the greetings and pleasantries, the family moves to the dining room for a hearty meal. 

credit: maha’s photography | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

The meal marks the end of the long but exciting wedding ceremony and rituals between the two families. The bride and groom are once again showered with gifts and prayers before they leave.


Final Word – Muslim Wedding

Islam is practiced is different forms depending upon the country, so you can expect regional influences in a Muslim wedding. However, if you are a first-timer to a Muslim wedding, restrain your urge to jump on the floor or get too intimate publicly. There are certain restrictions and you must respect them.

That said, a typical Muslim wedding offers you plenty of beautiful experiences to relish — some so unique that you won’t forget for a lifetime. 

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21 Indian Hindu Wedding Culture & Traditions

Indian Hindu wedding is not just a ceremony — it’s an extravagant festival as much as it is a beautiful union of two souls. The wedding is about the coming together of two families and is a celebration of an everlasting bond.

Hindu weddings are so colorful that they have caught the attention of people all over the world. Mostly characterized by their grandiose characteristics, Hindu weddings have multi-page invitations, a large number of guests and a lavish feast.

Indian Hindu Wedding


Every ceremony in a Hindu wedding symbolises something unique and every ritual has a meaning behind it. Even in the saatpheras, every round suggests a vow that is to be taken by the bride and groom. The rituals are so elaborate that Hindu weddings tend to go on until 3 in the morning.

Be it the dancing at the sangeet or the baraat, the breathtakingly gorgeous mandap, elaborate attires, the excitement around juta chhupaai, the intimate mangal pheras, or the emotive vidaai—Hindu weddings are a power-packed, emotion-ridden spectacle.

Apart from the rituals that take place on the wedding day, there are so many others that are part of the Hindu wedding and take place over a span of several days before the actual wedding. Here is a list of some of the cultures and traditions that are a part of the Hindu wedding:

1. The muhurata is fixed – First thing first

In Hindu weddings, the date and the time of the wedding have a crucial role to play. For any event to take place, Hindus pre-determine a time and date, which is generally decided by an astrologer. An auspicious time, which is known as a muhurata, is fixed for the Hindi wedding, using the couple’s date of birth.

Hindu Wedding Dates - Mahurat

The muhurata is calculated by an astrologer, according to the planetary positions. The gotra, or the ancestral lineage, is announced as a Hindu wedding is not supposed to take place within the same clan or lineage.

Once the maturate is fixed then starts all the hustle bustle of the weeding. Wedding venues are fixed, guest list is made, wedding cloths & jewelry shopping begins, wedding cards designs are checkout and catering vendors are looked after. After muhurata, all the family members are on their toes as a lot of work goes in an Big fat Indian Wedding!

2. Roka ceremony is held to show acceptance to the couple

This is the first official event in a Hindu wedding, and more like the first step towards the marriage. Both the families come together to bless the couple in the Roka ceremony and show their approval and consent for the union. Gifts and sweets are exchanged and the families spend time together to get to know each other better.

credit: | Get Roka Ceremony Dresses

Roka Ceremony is usually a small event which takes place at either boys or girls house with close family and friends around. Here both the party exchanges gifts as a sign that the both bride and groom’s families are happy with the marriage and welcome new member to the family. Roka ceremony could also takes place with the presence of either bride or groom alone as this ceremony is more for the families.

3. Pre-wedding photo shoot

Well they say Indian wedding is full blown extravaganza for a reason as the bride and groom are no less than hero-heroine of a Bollywood movie, and pre-wedding photoshoot is an evidence of that. This trend has becoming so popular these days that the photographer and the venues are often book way in advance.

pre-wedding photoshoot in Hindu Wedding

Pre-wedding photo shoot could happen is a vintage palace or it could be a destination photoshoot. All the pictures and videos are a memory of the lifetime and photographer leave no stone untouched to make it special for the couple.


Couples really want to make it special, so pre-wedding video like this could get you a lot of attention on the social media! It’s really a good way of having all your memories in a small video.


4. Bachelor and Bachelorette party – drink it up!

Wedding is coming closer and all the shopping is done but friends won’t let you relax!

Bachelor party is usually given to the groom by his friend and it could be an evening party in the home town or could be some extravagant destination party! Mostly Bachelor party is attended by groomsmen who warm his friend about all the big responsibilities coming his way!

Why should boys have all the fun! Bachelorette party is no less than a bachelor party as bridesmaids go out of the way to make pot extra special for the bride.

Hindu Wedding - Bachelorette Party

Sometimes bachelor and bachelorette parties could happen together but usually they are independent of each other as the things can get real crazy and its meant to be like that only!


5. Sangeet is all about making merry

A pre-party known as the sangeet is held before the actual wedding. It is one of the most loved and fun parts of a Hindu wedding. From dance to singing folk songs, the bride’s family prepares performances and gives a grand welcome to the groom’s family. Close family members and friends come together to enjoy a joyous round of singing and dancing.

Sangeet Ceremony in indian Wedding

It’s a fun way to kickstart the wedding ceremonies and revel in the wedding vibes. This is followed by the mehndi ceremony that kicks off the wedding.

Sangeet ceremony in Hindu wedding is all about dances, usually family and friends prepare and practice dances for this event only. This event is filled with a lot of love & laughter, and of course drinks. Traditionally, this was also known as ‘ladies sangeet’ as only the ladies of the house would participate.

They would sing songs with dholak but not anymore as everyone wants to be a part of this special occasion in a hindu wedding. No matter if the wedding is happening in India, US, Canada, UK or anywhere else, this ceremony is very special for everyone.


6. Mehndi is applied to the bride’s hands and feet

Mehndi is a ceremony in a Hindu wedding, which is only attended by the women in the family. Typically, this takes place a day or two before the wedding. In this ceremony, the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with intricate and beautiful henna.

Dancing and singing folk songs is part of this ceremony as well. Sometimes, the initials of her future husband’s name are also part of this design. It is widely believed that the darker the color of this henna, the more love her husband will shower on her.

Bride and bridesmaid in Mehndi ceremony wear specially made cloths for this occasion, checkout the Mehndi wedding wear.


7. Tilak is put on the groom’s forehead

Next in a Hindu wedding is the tilak ceremony, which is the first step to solidifying the bond between the families and is considered extremely auspicious.

It takes place at the groom’s residence, which is also attended by the male members of the bride’s family who put vermilion on the groom’s forehead. This signifies that the groom will be a loving husband, who would look after the bride and shoulder all her responsibilities. Like many other Hindu wedding ceremonies, singing and dancing is also a part of this function.

The groom’s father sends sugar, rice, coconut, clothes, henna and jewelry to the bride’s family. The groom’s relatives carry these things to the bride’s house. This ceremony also strengthens the relationship between the two families.


8. Haldi is smeared all over

A haldi ceremony takes place in a Hindu wedding, where family members put a mixture of turmeric, oil and water all over the bride and groom’s skin and clothes. Relatives and family members also shower their blessings on them as they put haldi. This is believed to make their skin glow for the wedding, which is held later that day.

Haldi ceremony - Hindu Wedding - Go Yellow

There is also a scientific meaning of this ceremony as haldi is antiseptic and considered to have strong healing power in Hindu religion. So, applying it to the face of bride and groom not only makes the skin brighter but also gives them immunity and helps in keeping the unwanted skin allergies away.

Yellow is the color for this ceremony and bride wears yellow colored suit or saree in her haldi ceremony as its considered very auspicious.


9. Vara Yatra and the celebration at the groom’s arrival

In a Hindu wedding, the groom, his family and relatives reach the wedding venue with band and baaja, which is called the vara yatra. This is actually the much-talked-about baraat, which is enjoyed by the groom’s family.

credit: asaadimages | Get Custom Wedding Dresses

Dancing all through the way to the venue, they even light firecrackers, and their level of energy and celebration is spectacular. Once they arrive at the ceremony site, the bride’s family welcomes them with akshat (rice toss), tilak, aarti (a lit lamp on a plate), and sometimes, garlands.

Every groom has his choice of ride, some comes on an elephant, some prefer horse (rather mare), it could be a car but one thing is for sure that you would see a lot of dancing all around.


10. Milni – Meet your counterparts

Milni or popularly known as milniyaan happens once the baraat arrives at the door of the wedding venue. This is a tradition in Hindu Wedding where the Bride’s side relatives would meet and greet the Groom’s side relatives with gifts (usually the male members from both the sides).

Milini Ceremony - Hindu Wedding

In this ceremony, bride’s uncle would receive groom’s uncle, bride’s brother would receive groom’s brother and so on.


11. Groom’s welcome & Art of the deal

Once everyone’s milni is done, the hero of the ceremony “the groom” arrives at the venue but he can’t enter without giving the toll. As now it’s time for the bride’s side to get some cash out of groom’s pocket and this is where the art of the deal, the real negotiation comes into play.

Indian groom ribbon kata - Hindu Weddingcredit: theweddingstory | Get Indian Wedding Wear

Bridesmaids can demand of anything as high as gold jewelly or big money for the groom’s entry and its the job of groomsmen to bring it down.


12. Bride’s Grand Entry – Here comes the Queen

After the groom arrives the wedding venue, everyone is waiting for the brides grand entry! Usually the brides is accompanied by

Indian bride entry in her weddingcredit: weddingz | Get Indian Wedding Wear


13. Floral garlands are exchanged during the Varmala ceremony

Jaimala or Varmala is a ritual in the Hindu wedding and the first ceremony that takes place at the wedding venue, in front of a large number of guests. This takes place after the groom is joined on the stage by the bride, who walks in with her sisters.

varmala - Indian Wedding - Bond for lifecredits: | Get Indian Wedding Wear

The bride and groom put flower garlands around each other’s necks, which, in a contemporary marriage is followed by an elaborate photo session and exchange of gifts.

The ceremony is considered to signify the union of two souls, two families, values and customers. Before the other rituals of the wedding begin, the Hindu priest invokes the nine planets, each of which blesses the couple for leading a happy life together. This ceremony is called Graha Shanti.

14. Jutta Chupai where the sisters-in-law hide the groom’s shoes

Jutta Chupai or Jutti Chupai simply refers to hiding the shoes of the groom by the mischievous sister in laws right before the groom steps on to the mandap. It’s is an art as both the sides have tricks up their sleeve considering it’s not a matter of money but ultimate pride.

So bride’s side would look for the right opportunity to make the move and groom’s side would make sure that this “move” doesn’t happen 😀

Oh man! Hindu weddings are so much fun!

When this is going on, his future sisters-in-law look for the right chance to steal his shoes, so they can later demand money in exchange for the shoes. If they are successful in their mission of stealing the shoes, the groom has no option but to pay them money. The demand of money happens once the wedding rituals are completed and before the Vidaai.


15. Kanyadaan and the saatphere

This is the most important stage in a Hindu wedding, and also a very emotional moment for the bride because this is when her father actually gives her away in a ceremony called the Kanyadaan.

In this ceremony, the bride is first led to the mandap by her brothers or uncles, then her father places his daughter’s hand into the groom’s hand and knots the end of their clothes together as a gesture of giving her away. It is considered to be an extremely pious and solemn ritual.

Kanyadaan in Indian Weddingcredit: shaadidukaan| Get Indian Wedding Wear

They also wash the bride and groom’s feet with milk and water, which signifies that they have been purified for a new life together. Then the bride’s right hand is placed on the right hand of the groom and their hands are tied together with a cotton thread multiple times as the priest recites holy verses. This indicates that their bond is unbreakable now.

After this, they get ready for the Saatphere, where the bride and the groom take rounds around the sacred fire. Every round denotes something that they have to do for one another— basically represents the seven vows that have to be taken. The couple then seeks the blessings of God with a Ganesh puja, and pray to be together for the next seven births.


16. It’s Mangalsutra and Sindoor time!

A Magalsutra is a necklace with black and gold beads that the groom places around the bride’s neck. This is an important step towards the completion of a Hindu wedding ceremony.

Lakshmi— who is the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity— is believed to reside in the Magalsutra; she protects the union and ensures a happy married life.

credit: weddingplz | Get Indian Wedding Wear

Just like the Mangalsutra, the sindoor is considered a signifier of a woman’s married status. Applying sindoor or a reddish-orangish powder to the bride’ hair is a way to signify that she is now married. This is, in a way, the last step in a Hindu wedding, where all the ceremonies that have to be performed to officiate the marriage have been performed.

To conclude the ceremony, the Hindu priest directs the newlywed’s eyes to the pole star, so that their marriage remains steadfast, even as other things around them continue to change.


17. The Vidaai where the bride bids farewell to her family

After the Hindu wedding rituals are done, the vidaai takes place and marks the completion of the ceremony. Vidaai suggests that the bride will now leave her family to move to her in-law’s house. This is an extremely emotional moment for the bride, where she has to officially say goodbye to her family, who she leaves behind to move to his husband’s house.

Vidaai of bride in Hindu Wedding

credit: ramitbatra| Get Indian Wedding Wear

Vidaai suggests that the bride will now leave her family to move to her in-law’s house. This is an integral part of a Hindu wedding, where the teary-eyed bride takes handfuls of rice five times to throw over her head, which is a gesture to thank her parents for all they did for her, and reflects prosperity and good luck.

Her cousins and brothers give a slight push to the car from behind. This signifies that they are helping her begin her new married life. Once the engine of the car starts, money is thrown all over, which is believed to be a way of keeping vile energies at bay.


18. Welcoming bride to the house

Before the Grihapravesh ceremony, a Dwar Wokai ceremony is held in a Hindu wedding when the newly-wed couples arrive at the groom’s house. All the relatives extend a hearty welcome to the couple.

However, the groom’s sister doesn’t allow them to enter. She only allows them on one condition that her brother will have to give her some gifts or cash.

Indian bride entering house

After this, the Grihapravesh ceremony takes place to make the bride’s first entry into the house auspicious, and the couple is welcomed with an aarti and a shower of flower petals. First, she is asked to push a kalash—a utensil filled with rice—with her toes, in order to make an entry into the house. This ceremony signifies that the groom’s family has accepted her as an important part of her family.


19. Bride’s Moohdikhai & Fun Games

Moohdikhai is an important Hindu post-wedding ceremony, which takes place to introduce the new bride to the groom’s family members. The ladies of the house unveil the bride’s face and shower her with gifts. They also offer her gifts as a gesture to welcome her into the family and make her feel comfortable.

Moohdikhai dhakai - Hindu wedding culture and traditionscredits: asaadimages | Get Indian Wedding Wear

Indian wedding aka hindu wedding has so many fun ceremonies and activities like no other and here comes another one “find the ring in buttery water”. In this ceremony groom’s sister or mother would drop a ring in a mixture of butter milk and both bride and groom would be asked to look for the ring.

Find the ring game in Indian wedding

It’s a common belief that who ever find the ring will have a higher say in their married life. This is usually repeated 3 times before declaring the winner. Men of the house would often joke that no matter who wins this game, wife would always rule!


20. Indian Wedding Reception

Now all the wedding rituals are over and the bride and groom are offically announced as husband and wife but the Indian wedding is not over yet. Wedding reception marks the end of a long Indian wedding which could easily last for an entire week to ten days.

This event is celebrated differently by Indian living abroad. Indians living USA, Canada, UK etc usually have a big hall reserved for this event with fixed sitting arrangements having closer tables reserved for immediate family members.

Indian Wedding Receptioncredit: bellalumi | Get Indian Wedding Wear


Once all the guests are settled down the grand entry starts from bride’s family followed by groom’s family and finally the newly wedded couple. The entry sets the mood of the whole event as every one chooses their choice of music and dances all the way to the event.

After Bride’s sister/brother gives the speech and discloses some really hidden secrets about his/her sister and same courtesy is reciprocated by groom’s brother and sister. Afterwards both the parents bless the newly wedded couple and welcome the new new member in their family. This section won’t be complete without the bride and groom speech! It’s a potpourri of emotions, blessing, fun secrets coming out and thanksgiving to the family and friends.


21. Honeymoon – You need a vacation afterall!

After months of planning, attending all amazing and beautiful ceremonies, the wedding is finally over! Now the couple needs to spend some quality time with each other at a destination of their choice.


Final Word – Indian Hindu Wedding Culture & Traditions

A Hindu wedding is a culmination of emotions that binds two families together and not just the bride and groom. Hinduism believes in reincarnation and that married couple are bonded in threads of togetherness for their next lives as well. Since there’s such an emotional connect, Hindu weddings are generally grand in nature to support the feelings that make their base.

Indian Hindu weddings are so beautiful and vibrant that everyone should attending them at least once in their lifetime. It would surly chance the perception of bright and vibrant wedding outfits, with people full of family values and food to die for!

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25 Red Saree Blouse to Inspire the Ethnic Fashionista in You

Isn’t it common to have a few different types of red saree blouses in your wardrobe? Though this is true, we suggest you to take a closer look at those blouses! We bet that you will be surprised at how similar they actually are! This happens because it is a common mind-set to equate a red saree blouse with very traditional kind of fashion. With the fashion game changing every day, red saree blouses have moved far away from the realms of wedding wear. Today, a red saree blouse is also beyond just white and golden or white and red sarees.

A red saree blouse can be used in many ways to create unique looks. You just need to play around with the cut and surface detailing of the blouse. To give you a more expanded idea, we have compiled a list of 25 red saree blouses that will inspire you to create fashion statements of your own. We have divided the list into four parts – wedding looks, traditional looks, contemporary looks and experimental looks.


Enhancing your Wedding Looks with Red Saree Blouse

1. The Quintessential Wedding Blouse

Quintessential Wedding Blousebridalblouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

The color red is synonymous with Indian weddings. Most brides prefer to wear a shade of red on their wedding days. This particular blouse can go with any red and gold wedding saree. It has elaborate zari detailing all over the sleeves. The neckline and back lining also have a strip of zari motifs. What makes it even more beautiful is the latkan and string tie-up design at the back.


2. Unique Bridal Blouse

Unique Bridal Blousebridalblouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

Like we mentioned earlier, a red saree blouse is a common thing in an Indian woman’s wardrobe. So use of innovative elements ensure that the one you are wearing on your wedding day stands apart. Look at this unique bridal saree blouse.

The matte or beige-ish golden zari designs on the sleeves are very different from common floral motifs. The work is also flawless and clean. The unique opening at the back has a border all around. This blouse can easily be used for contrast pairing with non-bridal sareesas well. Checkout more backless blouse designs.


3. Simple Party Blouse

Simple Party red Blouse priya_p_pawar | Get Custom Made Blouse

If you are the bridesmaid or the bride’s or groom’s sister you can go for such a blouse. The clean cut and neckline on the deep red color makes it appropriate for those who are new with wearing sarees. The blouse has back buttons with a circular opening at the back. It has minimal sequin and embroidered details, mainly on the sleeves and the neckline.


4. Embellished Bridal Blouse

Embellished Bridal Blouseshilpakollankandy | Get Custom Made Blouse

As shown in the picture, such a red saree blouse will be very appropriate with traditional bridal sarees like the Banarasi brocade saree or a Kanjivaram silk saree. The blouse has short sleeves and designs around the neckline that reminds one of kundan style jewellery. Zardosi and stone embellishments have been used in this blouse.


5. Bengali Style Wedding Blouse

Bengali Style Wedding

This is a heavily ornate blouse which has been cut to look like a traditional Bengali red saree blouse. In the olden times, Bengali women sported long-sleeved saree blouses with frill details on the neckline and the edges of the sleeves. Following a similar pattern, this blouse has white frills where the sleeves end. What makes it different from a traditional Bengali red saree blouse is the heavy golden zari work all over the blouse.

6. Stone Work Bridal Blouse

Stone Work Bridal Blousboutique_.collections

This is another red blouse which is very appropriate for bridal use. It has small sleeves and stone and sequin embellishments. The back of the blouse has pearl details and tie-up design with latkan at the back.


7. Full Sleeve Brocade Blouse

Full Sleeve Brocade Blouseg3vinod

If you are planning to sport a red saree blouse as a wedding guest, try something like this. Such a red saree blouse is truly dynamic and should be used for contrast pairing. The fabric of the blouse is brocade with big golden motifs. The end of the sleeves have thick zari strips. The blouse also has a unique cut at the back. The wearer has paired this blouse with a white tussar saree. Such a blouse would go very well with Kasavu sarees of Kerala.


Traditional Looks wearing Red Blouse

8. Traditional Bengali Saree Blouse

Traditional Bengali Saree Blouseimunmun_d | Get Custom Made Blouse

A white saree with a red border – this is what Bengali women usually wear on auspicious days. With such a saree comes a red blouse that is simple yet has a particular characteristic that sets it apart – puffed sleeves. This kind of a red saree blouse has been recently popularized by Jacqueline Fernandez in a Badshah music video – ‘Genda Phool’.

9. Chanderi Red Blouse

Chanderi Red Blousemiss__aishwarya

Chanderi is a traditional weave of Madhya Pradesh. The fabric is characteristically thin, airy and has golden motifs evenly placed all across. A red Chanderi blouse is a must-have and can be paired with numerous traditional sarees. The even placement of the motifs and thin net-like texture makes it great for contrast styles as well. Here the wearer has paired such a red saree blouse with a golden yellow saree.

10. Zari Embroidery

Zari Embroideryweddings_inc

Red is a color that forms the best background for gold. Zari embroidery is an Indian art that can rarely be seen these days. So to give your regular red saree blouse look a strong ethnic twist you can get one with zari embroidery, just like the one in the picture. The embroidery is minimal and this is the reason why the design stands out.

11. The Gujarati Choli

The Gujarati

When it comes to styles close to the Indian soil, colors like red, orange, brown, mustard etc work like magic. Bandhni and mirror work hails from Gujarat and the saree blouse in the picture is in fact a choli that can be worn both with a lehenga skirt or a saree. Such cholis have tie-up closure at the back which ensures a clean look in the front. Those of you who prefer to wear plain, solid sarees with just a border can opt for such a blouse.

12. The Red Ikkat Blouse

he Red Ikkat Blousevrindadesignercouture

The ikkat weave of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh looks great on colors like red, black and yellow. A blouse made up of red ikkat fabric, like the one in the picture, looks extremely artistic and sophisticated. It is an intrinsically ethnic piece!


13. The Banarasi Blouse

he Benarasi Blouse


This warm toned red Banarasi blouse is an apt choice for traditional looks as well as fusion-pairing. In this case, it has been paired with a tussar saree with an ikkat border. The saree has also been draped in a unique way. Even if you are not into fusion clothing, such a red saree blouse will complement all your white, off-white, cream and beige sarees.



Contemporary Looks in Red Saree Blouse

14. Banarasi Blouse

he Benarasi Blouse

stylenlookblouses | Get Custom Made Blouse

A unique red saree blouse – this one has a slit below the left shoulder from where one can insert the pallu of a cocktail saree. Such a blouse will complement only a fusion saree or a cocktail saree. The short sleeves & net design on the top part of the blouse would not go with a traditional saree.


15. Red Boat Neck Blouse

Red Boat Neck Blouseritaselvam18

If you prefer to dress more simply yet don’t want to go for something totally stereotypical try pairing a simple red saree with a plain red boatneck blouse with elbow length sleeves. The style is simple yet clean and trendy. The simple yet smart look of a red boatneck saree blouse is timeless!


16. The Diamond-Slit Back

The Diamond-Slit Backdnp_handwork

Red is an extremely bright color which catches the attention easily. So a simple deep red blouse in itself is a fashion statement. If a little bit of innovation can be added in the cut and look of the blouse it is sure to make heads turn. For example, this blouse is has three quarter sleeves, a diamond shaped opening at the back and tie-up detail.
The buttons of the blouse are also at the back, giving it a clean look in the front. This beautiful blouse can go with any saree and amp up the whole look.

17. The Red Net Blouse

The Red Net

Another trendy and aesthetic variation in a simple red saree blouse is the use of net. Net can be used around the neckline of the blouse. The sleeves can also be made up of net. In this case, a short sleeve saree blouse has been given a net back. The line of buttons runs all along the length of the blouse, at the back, and creates a unique design.

18. A Single Motif

simple red blouse with round neck and elbow-length sleevesg3vinod

This is another simple red blouse with round neck and elbow-length sleeves. What makes space for this blouse in this list is the single unique golden motif at the back.

19. Sleeveless Boatneck Blouse

Sleeveless Boatneck Blouseg3vinod

This is an everyday wear red saree blouse that is versatile in the true sense of the term. This sleeveless, boatneck blouse can be paired with any saree. The look carried in this picture is simple yet gorgeous!


20. Block Print Red Blouse

Block Print Red Blousethebohobaalika

Want to wear a red saree blouse on a hot day? Yes, blouses with zari or brocade work will make you sweat a lot. Instead, we suggest that you go for a cotton blouse preferably with block print designs. This looks really great with cotton sarees like dhakai jamdani, Odisha cottons etc. It may also go well with tussar sarees.


Experimental Styles Blouses

21. The Halter Neck Batik Blouse

The Halter Neck Batik Blousethebohobaalika

We have considered this as an experimental piece because it combines a traditional style with a contemporary cut – it is a batik blouse shaped like a halter-neck crop top. The fabric is batik– an art hailing form Shantiniketan of West Bengal. The batikart involves the creation of designs by using melted wax on fabric and then immersing the fabric in color.

The parts that are covered in wax remain uncoloured. Later when the fabric is again immersed in warm water to wash off the wax, the designs come alive. Here, the batik blouse has been paired with a dhakai saree.


22. The Tie-Up Closure


Most saree blouses come with hook-and-eye closures in the front. This ensures a good fit but is incapable of giving a clean look in the front. To bring in variation in the closure and to ensure that both the front and the back of the blouse look equally elegant, you can go for this kind of a red saree blouse.

The printed red cotton fabric goes well with the style. The sleeves come in a different print and the tie-up strings in a black print give the blouse a boho look.


23. The Top-Style Red Blouse

The Top-Style Red Blousewedding_designer_blouse_ideas

Another great way of fusion saree draping is by wearing it in the Gujarati style but not pinning the pallu all across the bust. In order to carry off this style you would need a top-style blouse like the one in the picture. In has zip closure in front, runs till the waist and gives a very clean look. Though the saree is green, the wearer looks gorgeous by pairing it with ared saree blouse.

24. The Gamchha Inspired Blouse

The Gamchha Inspired Blousevijayalaxmichhabra

A gamchha is a piece of cotton fabric used in West Bengal and Odisha as a towel. A gamchhamay be available in various types but the most popular and widely available are those that have red checks on a white surface. The gamchha was popularized in the fashion industry by Bangladeshi fashion designer Bibi Russell. Here a blouse made up of the same type of fabric or one resembling a gamchha has been paired with a Habaspuri Saree of Odisha.


25. The Red Crop Top

The Red Crop Topthebohobaalika | Get Custom Made Blouse

Our list ends with a fusion outfit that may inspire similar ideas in you. Here, a red crop top with white floral details has been paired with a fusion saree in black and white. The saree has also been draped uniquely. This is a look quintessentially ‘street-style’, in the lines of boho fashion.


Final Word on Red Saree blouse

The versatility of a red saree blouse has been portrayed in the elaborate list you just went through. As red is a bright color, it is capable of enhancing any look for any occasion – be it a wedding, a puja, a get-together or an outing! So, we suggest that you invest in one blouse from every category we have specified. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

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25 Golden Saree Blouse to further enhance your Look

A golden saree blouse is the most versatile piece of ethnic-wear you can have in your wardrobe. The gold blouse matches almost with all your ethnic sarees. Such a blouse comes of great help when you have bought a saree and not had the time to get the blouse tailored. Sometimes you also tend to grow out of your old blouses in which case you end up discarding the saree it matches with, too.

Instead you can buy a golden saree blouse as gold is a color that goes with almost all traditional fabrics and designs. We highly recommend that you invest in one or two good golden blouses. To give you creative ideas, suggestions and inspiration we have compiled a list of 25 gold saree blouses.


1. The Golden Tassel Blouse

Golden Tassel Blouseshoppbuzz_ | Custom Made Saree Blouse

When golden is the predominant color in your look, try to bring in variation with the style and texture of the fabrics you use. Almost all textures look good on a golden surface and various textures together break any kind of monotony in the attire.

This blouse, for example, has a cold shoulder cut and the upper portion is made up of see-through golden net. The bust and the sleeves are textured in thick golden tassel, making it a unique choice.


2. That Golden Blouse with Red Saree

Golden Blouse with Red Sareedoctor_tarannumbano | Custom Made Saree Blouse

The golden saree blouse look is not restricted to golden sarees alone. The lady in the picture pairs a red saree with golden border with a golden full-sleeve blouse. The points of highlight in this look are the elaborate golden border of the otherwise simple red saree and the heavy sequin and embroidery work on the golden blouse.


3. The Antique Gold Tussar Blouse

Antique Gold Tussar Blousepriya_p_pawar | Custom Made Saree Blouse

If you love your handloom silk sarees, it would be a wise decision to keep an antique or beige-gold color blouse in your wardrobe. The tussar or raw silk texture goes really well with handloom silks. As these fabrics have a natural sheen to them they provide an aristocratic look.

This particular one has a high neck and sequin, bead and stone work near the neck and on the sleeves. Instead of stereotypical buttons, this blouse has a stylish slit behind. What enhances the elegance factor is the strip of regular gold color silk on the sleeves.


4. Sequin to Steal the Show

golden saree blouserunningfabrics

If you are not in the mood to experiment a lot and still want to steal the show, look no further than a double-sequin golden saree blouse. Look at the density of the sequins woven into the fabric that creates a texture of its own. A blouse made up of such a fabric goes well with any color.

Due to the unique texture such a blouse looks good also with an all-golden chiffon, organza or georgette saree. A double sequin work golden blouse looks extremely elegant and contemporary too.


5. Golden Zardosi Work on Net

Golden Zardosi Work on Net Blouseethinic_style_ideas

The blouse in question here is essentially a bridal wear blouse and can be easily paired with a red Banarasi saree or a bright Kanjivaram silk. The Zardosi work on this blouse is on the heavier side. The designer has predominantly used white stones for the dense work.

The base fabric is mustard gold net. There are two kinds of Zardosi patterns on this blouse. The top half has stone work and half below has more floral and vegetal motifs. This blouse would look really nice with a backless or a strip back. Checkout more backless blouse designs.


6. The Halter Neck Golden Saree Blouse

Halter Neck Golden Saree Blousesarlachowdhary

This halter-neck three layer embroidered blouse is the best companion to all your party-wear, fusion or cocktail sarees. This is, in fact, one of the trendiest blouses we have on this list. The blouse has embroidered and sequin work in wavy patterns all over.

The color too – pale golden – adds to the uniqueness and versatility of this blouse. The blouse also has a tear-drop shape slit at the back.


7. Those Retro Inspired Puffy Sleeves

Retro Inspired Puffy Sleevesaathmah

Golden blouses are often required in spiritual or religious functions as well. For example, a simple golden blouse goes a long way for a wedding morning with a Kasavu saree or for a puja with a red and white saree.

This particular blouse is simple yet the puff sleeves add that retro, somewhat vintage, look to the blouse. The blouse also comes with tie-up details at the back side.


8. The Accessorized Blouse

Accessorized Blouseethinic_style_ideas

This blouse should be part of a quintessential bridal attire. You may opt for such a blouse if you are planning on wearing a golden saree for your wedding. If you take a closer look, the base fabric of the blouse isn’t golden at all. But the heavy work, details and accessories on the blouse make it a perfect companion of your golden wedding saree.

Inspired by South Indian temple jewellery, the sleeves of the blouse are heavily ornate with Zardosi work, sequins, beads, stones, rice pearls etc. The neck line hasgolden bead detail in a thick strip which resembles a necklace. The cold shouldered blouse has golden chains and jhumkas to adorn the shoulders of the bride.


9. The Ivory& Gold Blouse

Ivory& Gold | Custom Made Saree Blouse

This is another simple everyday wear golden saree blouse. The blouse has a combination of gold and ivory. The fabric is in a glossy shade of ivory with embossed ethnic motifs and patterns in ivory and gold all over. But what steals the show is the bead border detail on the outer line of the sleeves and the neck line. It has been aptly paired with a mustard yellow diaphanous drape.


10. All Gold Saree Blouse Look

Gold Saree

Just like contrast pairing is an in-thing, monochrome looks are also in vogue. If you are planning to experiment with or sport a monochrome look in ethnic wear, we suggest you go for a universally flattering color – gold. The solid gold saree and solid gold blouse look amazing together.

The wearer has cleverly added a bit of color in the look by wearing that rice pearl and multi-color stone antique choker.



11. The Gold Top-Style Blouse

Gold Top-Style Blousethebohobaalika

It is a trendy thing nowadays to pair sarees with crop tops and other kinds of tops that create unconventional blouse designs. Keeping a golden top-style blouse in your wardrobe is indeed a great idea as you can pair them with traditional gold detail sarees.

Here, the wearer is sporting a gold and tussar zigzag blouse with a white and gold saree. The blouse also has fringe details on the neckline.


12. The Glossy Golden Blouse

Glossy Golden Blousethebohobaalika

Sometimes, pairing a golden blousewith a traditional Benarasi saree can turn out to be a tricky affair. This is because such a saree has a lot of golden work on it and a golden blouse with a different kind of texture or design may look uncomplimentary.

In such cases, the safest bet is to go for a golden saree blouse in a glossy texture. You can opt for a blouse made up of cotton silk, silk or polyester etc.


13. Beige Golden Saree Blouse

Golden Saree Blousethestylewali

For some of you, golden may be a very bright color to carry. You may not be looking for a blouse for bridal wear yet you may want something to wear at a party or festival which does not look too dull for the occasion. To serve such a need, we suggest you go for a beige and gold blouse. Beige is very near to the color gold and gives a similar impression without the bling.


14. The Golden Crop Top

Golden Crop Topnvystudio

This is a unique piece of clothing that can be called a blouse and a crop top at the same time. Thin skin-color or beige fabric makes up the base material and only the portion of the bust and the sleeves are adorned in elaborate zari, sequin, stone work.

We suggest you wear such a blouse with a simple plain chiffon or georgette saree. Heavy sarees like Kanchipuram or Benarasi will tend to cover up the intricate work on the blouse.


15. Mirror Work Blouse

Mirror Work | Custom Made Saree Blouse

Those fond of ethnic wear like Bandhni orAjrakh may pair their handloom sarees with these all-over mirror-work golden blouses. Pairing junk jewellery with such a look would be the apt thing to do.


16. That Embossed Leaf

Embossed Leafnvystudio

Who said that a saree blouse without a deep cut at the back is boring? Blouses with fully covered backs give ample opportunity for creativity and designs at the back. Those who are wanting something in between plaingolden saree blouse and too much work can also opt for something like this.The blouse in the picture has an embossed leaf pattern which gives it a subtle yet unique look.


17. Designer Golden Blouse

Designer Golden Blouseinsta_fashion_stop

This blouse may be a bit difficult to carry but it is another great example of contemporary ethnic fashion. It is a versatile blouse that would look great with designer sarees having a touch of gold in them.



18. The Rice Pearl Blouse

Rice Pearl Blouseekaikapriya

Pearls and gold go well together. This is not only true in case of jewellery but also clothing. This is a blouse with a simple, everyday cut yet looks out-of-the-box due to the unique use of rice pearls and golden beads.

Such a golden saree blouse will look great with traditional sarees and jewellery. The blouse also has tie-up and latkan details at the back.



19. Golden Blouse for the Bride

Golden Blouse for the Bridestudio149

Brides who are planning to wear a Kanjivaram saree on their wedding day may opt for something like this for completing the look. The blouse in the picture is made up of a glossy material like silk and the neckline, sleeves have dense work. The blouse comes with a matching bridal veil in net with borders havingsimilar work as on the blouse.


20. The Mustard Gold Blouse

Mustard Gold Blouse

Such a blouse is for those who want to sport a traditional look yet do not want to go for a cliché goldensaree blouse.This blouse is in a mustard gold color and tussar texture. The blouse has antique gold elements like a neckline border and floral designs on the sleeves.

What sets it apart is the use of the color red. Red has been sparsely used in the floral designs on the sleeves and the blouse has a red latkan detail at the back. The red latkan comes with antique coin details too.


21. Gold Brocade Boat-neck Blouse

Gold Brocade Boat-neck


A good way to bring in some colors in your regular golden saree blouse is using gold brocade work on it. Just like minakari work in gold jewellery, multi-colored brocade designs look very beautiful on golden surfaces. In this picture, the blouse has a unique boat neck, brocade work at the back and green piping detail.



22. The Sequin & Bead V-neck Blouse

Sequin & Bead V-neck Blousedesigner__idea

Some matches are made in heaven – just like sequins, beads and golden fabric. This particular blouse has a V-neck and comes with tie-up mechanism or buttons at the back. The clean look in front makes it appropriate for wearing with sarees made up of sheer fabric.


23. Silver &Golden Saree Blouse

Silver &Golden Saree Blouserangachakrastudio

Though many might not be aware, the combination of gold and silver is very eye catching. This particular blouse is in a combination of gold and slate-grey silver. The intricate floral details and jaali work makes the blouse look even more beautiful. This is a unique piece and needs to be paired appropriately.


24. Yellow & Gold Blouse

Yellow & Gold | Custom Made Saree Blouse

An all-gold blouse might look too boring with a traditional saree like a Kanjivaram or a Paithani or a Benarasi. To add more color to the look you may opt for a blouse which has gold and a shade contrasting to the saree shade. For example, here the bride is wearing a red Kanchipuram saree and she has paired it with a contrasting yellowand gold blouse.


25. The Black & Golden Saree Blouse

Black & Golden Saree Blousejd___couture

What to wear with a classic all-gold silk saree? How about a black and gold blouse. This is the classiest a saree-blouse look can get! You can also create this look with a blouse in another deep shade like wine, bottle green or maroon! In this case, the wearer is sporting an all gold shiny saree with a thin border and a black glossy velvet blouse with gold details on the sleeves.


Conclusion: Golden Saree Blouse

Be it a Golden lehenga or a Golden Saree a Golden Blouse goes with everything so perfectly well! So now that you have been through all our recommendations, you can opt for a look you find most suitable for your wardrobe and your personal style. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

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21 Breathtaking Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga for Indian Bride

Finding your eternal favorite Lehenga starts a riot in the mind sometimes. Kick away all the confusion now as we will be clipping the most gorgeous Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga inspiration down below. While choosing your dream Lehenga the options are endless. Know what aligns with your inner fashionista and choose.

 1. Beige bites

Shyamal and Bhumika | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This Lehenga is gorgeous! The creamy vibes with intricately detailed embroidery look stunning. The flowery designs look fresh and this Lehenga would look awesome in summers. Team it up with mang tikka and put some bronzer lotion on as well. Take a cue and try on that blouse too. If you are comfortable carrying that. Go ahead, dear!


 2. Green dreamsLehenga with heavy embroidery

This Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga with heavy embroidery and the drape has been done with two dupattas. The golden thread looks super amazing. Keep the makeup minimum and use a choker to complete the whole look.

 3. Red love

Red Lehenga by Shyamal and Bhumika

The ensemble is in Red. There is the embroidery work over which you can obsess over again and again. Take a cue from the bride and drape the dupatta in a stylish manner. Red never goes out of fashion.


 4. The color of the sky

Dark Blue Lehenga by Shymal & Bhumika

Take a cue from this bride and style with a Kamar bandh or a belt and look super stylish on your D-Day. The dark blue blending in some indigo vibes is a different choice which you can opt for. The pink zardozi work and mirror work looks flattering.

 5. Simplistic red tones

Embroidery lehenga by Shymal & Bhumika

The simple bridal ensemble. The embroidery is done in a similar rhythm all over the Lehenga and blouse. Choose the draping style which suits you and tie up your hair in a bun to bring that dash of sophistication.


6. The sleek awesomeness

Blouse with some fancy cuts and a Lehenga

Take a cue from this ensemble which oozes the beach vibes completely. Opt for a shimmery blouse with some fancy cuts maybe and a Lehenga embellished with lots of details which include lots of thread work. Get your hair in a french bun and add the floral clip or Desi Gajra.


7. Incredible opulence

Incredible opulence

Full sleeves with layered Lehenga is a great blend to go for. The pallete stays in the same mood for the bride as well as the groom. The jewelry choice you can opt for is either colorful or golden. A Punjabi Wedding ceremony is so grand and amazing and having a gorgeous lehenga and Sherwani would add to its awesomeness!

8. Looking resplendent

he wedding couture by Shyamal and Bhumika

The wedding couture by Shyamal and Bhumika has all our hearts. The Lehenga is done thoroughly with embroidery work using amazing colorful threads. Opt for jhumkaas and red Bangles blending with some golden Bangles too. Keep the balance!


9. Simply ravishing

Lehenga is embellished with zardozi, sequins, and glass pipes

We love the applique work happening on the borders of this gorgeous Lehenga. The Lehenga is embellished with zardozi, sequins, and glass pipes. Oh-so-wow! Team it up with a nice neckpiece and let the dupatta Cascade down your hair bun. This ensemble looks simply fascinating in the red.


10. Ocean dreams

Florals in pink and yellow over the ocean deep blue Lehenga

The florals in pink and yellow over the ocean deep blue Lehenga looks fantastic. The well-designed blouse looks super gorgeous. You may opt for traditional dupatta drape. This look goes well for a Mehendi ceremony as well.


11. The blush-getter

You would be blushing all day on your D-Day. Take a cue from this muted blush pink raw silk ensemble which is perfect. The floral embroidery is the deal-breaker for sure. You will be looking fabulous!


12. Minty desires

mint silk Lehenga

We feel this color will look amazing if you are planning an Autumn wedding. You can wear this on your Sangeet ceremony as well. The dazzling aura of the mint silk Lehenga with amazing colorful embroidery deserves lots of hearts. Choose the one side dupatta drape and let the unique blouse show off its edges.


13. Delighted deep green

Delighted deep green blouse

The sea-green makes Kirti K look drop-dead gorgeous. If you fall in the fair or pale skin tone category this color will make you look beautiful. The Lehenga has flawless hand-embroidery and the velvety vibes of the blouse is super-sassy. Take a cue and add-on to your vision board.


14. J’aime Lavender

J'aime Lavender lehenga

Red floral embroidery sets up the tone over the lavender-colored Lehenga. The light orangy Dupatta can be draped this way which balances the ensemble. Add on the same shade jewelry and spray some lavender perfume to get the pure lavender vibes.


15. Beauty personified

Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga is fabulous

The velvety finish of this Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga is fabulous. Eye-catching hand embroidery is stunning. Clasp the dupatta drape in the belt and indulge in some fun. The borders are captivating and give the Red Lehenga a gorgeous look.


16. White stuff

White stuff lehenga

The white feels give the whole ensemble a superlative vibe. This pleasant shade of all is blended with a reddish Dupatta which is Cascaded down the bun. Make sure you add on some unique piece of jewelry. Spot on!


17. Bonanza of green

vibrant color green lehenga

We simply love this ensemble by Shyamal and Bhumika which discloses the vibrant color green. The Floral Lehenga with the intrinsic detail is something which will level up your style. This attire suits the best for your reception day as well. Simple and edgy!


18. The Nawaabi pride

adorable Naaz Lehenga

Each bride feels like a queen on her wedding day for sure. The adorable Naaz Lehenga inspired from the architectural detailing of Gujarati Havelis is gorgeous. Take a cue from this and add on to your vision board.


19. Jewel blue

The best Sangeet outfit for you. Aesthetic with pastels! If you want a calm and refreshing ensemble then this is it. The layered Lehenga oomphs up the game. You can stay hassle-free by opting for a perfect neatly pinned up drape. This lehenga would look awesome on your Roka Ceremony!

20. The rosy cheek

The unique energy this Lehenga reveals is outstanding. It’s a paneled Lehenga and the embroidery is happening in the shades of ivory and gold. Let the dupatta drape roll in front from behind and opt for the rosiest shade of the lipstick. Indian American really like this kind of design as the skirt gives you a traditional look and the blouse highlights the western side of the complete wedding look!


21. The Floral Goddes

What a master piece! Gather all the accessories together and don’t keep any stone unturned.


Final Word: Shyamal and Bhumika Lehenga

Every designer has their own forte but Shyamal and Bhumika Lehengas as defiantly a class apart given the color combinations, patterns, fabrics and embroidery, they have set the benchmark high. They have something for everybody who is looking to get trendy in their weddings!

We hope this list has helped you. Be the happiest bride you know and start preparing right now. It’s never too late! Set the inspiration straight and take a step towards your dream wedding.

Checkout Sabyasachi Lehenga and Manish Malhotra Lehenga designs as they what’s treading these days within the high fashionistas and celebrities! has known to provide the best of Custom Made Indian Wedding Wear when it comes to lehenga and Sherwani! We would make your dream outfit within your Budget, choice of fabric and embroideries. Checkout how we work as explained by one of our clients:


17 Unique Dupatta Draping styles for your Lehenga

With the same lehenga you can achieve different yet stunning looks by the way you drape your dupatta. Draping a lehenga dupatta is a work of art and every one should have at least few styles in mind for that fabulous look!

When you gather together your jewelry and best make-up to put on a drape elevates the whole look of the lehenga. You can make it look stylish and sassy at the same time. You can switch on to different draping styles for different ceremonies. Keep your options open!

We have scratched the surface of the lehenga styling more and we have clipped various types of Lehenga Dupatta Draping Style just for you.

The beauty of any Indian garments is all about the versatility it offers. Each fabric has its own pleating need as you may have noticed that chiffon is more likely to be loose while silk textured dupatta will need to be broad and more casual. Make sure while choosing the draping style you consider your height as well.


1. Drape tucked in the waist style

Lehenga by Shyamalbhumika is in the deep wine color | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


This awesome lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika is in the deep wine color and designed with gold foliage overall. The drape is tucked at the waist and the dupatta is allowed to cascade down the shoulder. The dupatta has a net texture which shows off the whole ensemble.

No doubt this style is the ideal one. Especially when you are the showrunner for the dance face off. Keep your dupatta secure from falling and stay bubbly all through.

You don’t have to worry about it falling anywhere on ground and it won’t go missing somewhere. Get some textured organza dupatta which will help the fabric pleats stay at one place without falling. There are lots of fancy saree pin available in the market which you can use for pinning up over your shoulder. Drape it up!


2. One side attack

Lehenga by Akankshagajria in the yellow bright hue colorakankshagajria

This Lehenga by Akanksha Gajria looks super-rich in the yellow bright hue. You don’t have to work on any draping style here but just put the dupatta on either of the sides and let it flow. Make sure your height is a bit taller to carry the long dupatta.

Just one side! And done as you will get the blend of two specific attire’s in a single one. How cool is that!


3. The original dupatta style

This Lehenga from Abhinav Mishraabhinavmishraofficial | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

If the Dupatta has lots of heavy embellished things and if lots of things are happening on it which flatters you then get the dupatta and pin it up on both sides. Just like that! This Lehenga from Abhinav Mishra looks fantastic! This could be the most opted one and would look extra pretty when paired with great bordered dupatta. They say and you already know that this style looks more good and is preferred on a Mehendi Day.


4. Tuck it across your elbow pit style

Custom Made Bridal Lehenga & Groom Sherwani

This is the go-to when you want to set a wave of pleasant-ess. This ensemble is lustrous and the style of wearing the dupatta without creating any mess is amazing! This style would work wonders while you are clicking full mode shots. This style would do for your amazing wedding wear as well since it got great contract between blouse and Lehenga.


5. Hold it across your wrist oh princess

mint green + silver lehengafalgunishanepeacock | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

Look at this mint green + silver lehenga which has stunning intriguing details all over it with some pink highlights. Opt for the style where you can just pin up your dupatta at your wrist. Maybe tuck it with a bangle or something or just catch it as you tie the knot. Simple!

This was the 2000s style of Bollywood. Feeling nostalgic?


6. Blend it with your blouse

Shantanu Nikhils'| Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

If you have a well-textured dupatta which you can blend with some pleats together. Let Shantanu Nikhil inspire you to go ahead. See that the lehenga oozes out its edges as it will help the whole ensemble to amalgamate and form an excellent attire.

The dupatta can be styled again with some accessories if the dupatta seems too plain. This attire looks good for reception day as well. Shantanu & Nikhil has lots of collections from which you could get some cues from.


7. A neat and tidy way

The chikankari lehenga has zardozi | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

In prior style you allowed your dupatta to flow down but if you want to add a more sophisticated vibe. Pin the dupatta on the one shoulder and let it circle around your waist and create a full circle. This ensemble by Gauravgupta looks awesome. The chikankari lehenga has zardozi work happening over it. It has its own vintage vibes to it.


8. Belt it up at the waist

Belt it up at the waistjjvalaya

Use your dupatta to create a saree like a vibe. You save the tedious work which goes into making pleats to the saree. Millennial brides would love this. This ensemble by Jjvalaya looks captivating. This beautiful lehenga skirt is too beautiful to resist.


9. Belting at the waist while covering the bun

Belting at the waist while covering the bunjjvalaya | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

This ensemble by jjvalaya is simply gorgeous. The way you tucked the belt around the dupatta to create the saree feel earlier, here you can take the dupatta and cover your French bun or your head. Any style would look gorgeous!


10. A style diva

A style divasuneetvarma | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

This ensemble Suneet Varma looks amazingly delightful. The white shade looks pure and dazzling. Allow the style diva in you to get bold with style and take some inspiration from this dupatta drape. Pin both ends at one side and let the rest of the side cascade over one side.

You can twirl and you can enjoy dancing. In this amazing ensemble you can do anything. Carefree!

Well, are you already on the cloud nine? It is so true that the true beauty lies in the eyes of groom.


11. Sabyasachi style

Sabyasachis' Sheer dupatta & lehenga

Take some cue from sabyasachi style and use two dupattas. Sheer dupatta along with heavily detailed dupatta would simply blend well together to get on this look. Perfect!

You can grab one velvety dupatta if you want and let the other one be a shimmery one.

Get the dupatta and take it diagonally on the opposite side and pin its border right on the shoulder. Let the other one dupatta get over your head.

The double dupatta is the most happening thing and each bride wants to try it out. It looks phenomenal and royal.


12. Tulle dupatta over and above

Tarun Tahillani designtaruntahiliani | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


Take a cue from this Tarun Tahillani designed ensemble. As usual, let the dupatta cover your head and clasp the dupatta layering at the waist into an embellished belt. This look also keeps the bride hassle free. It suits the moment!

You can allow the ending of the dupatta to flare as it looks good.

13. Breezy and dreamy

This Lehenga by Abhinav Mishraabhinavmishraofficial | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

Just do the opposite of what you did for the original dupatta style. Just make your dupatta get right in front from behind. Pin it up and let it swirl!

This Lehenga by Abhinav Mishra looks flattering. The mirror work and the whole ivory rich feel looks good. Great for the Sangeet ceremony.

It looks a lot more chic and vibrant. Sheer dupatta along with amazing jewelry pieces would look superb. Keep it minimal thou’ as the other ensemble has many things flattering embellished all over it.

Adopting an hassle free drape helps one a lot. As you guys would be planning a destination wedding you can also jazz up some unique and amazing background. If you need to fine tune with the fabric and the natural ambiance around one can specifically try to jam up the designer lehenga with it which can give ultimate photos. Later, you can get back to these unique memories and relive with a dose of laughter.

Create some unique dream board which include stuff which you want on your D-day. Get some inspo from this and brainstorm some more ideas with your designer. Literally, you can get on amazing drapes for each event.

Go for the sleeves which are embroidered with buttis and Zardozi. See if you would like to go bold with neckline or around cuffs.


14. Wrapping around style

This is Mehzabeen from the Autumn Winter collection

Sonam Kapoor looks simply gorgeous in this look. The bubblegum pink with silver thread handwork looks amazing. This is Mehzabeen from the Autumn Winter collection of 2019. To make sure that the dupatta on your head doesn’t fall behind and you just got to pull it up again and again, make sure you use the pins. That will help you in keeping the dupatta secure.

Cover your head and take the rest of the Dupatta over your chest and straight place it on your shoulder. Sonam Kapoor in the Abhinav Mishra looks captivating in the beautiful ensemble. Great look for all the rituals.


15. Above the head covering your face

Royal black Lehenga.falgunishanepeacock

This lovely ensemble by Falgunishanepeacock looks awesome. When you are choosing this style as your go-to. Just allow the dupatta to cover your face and allow the. Dupatta to flow in behind. Just like a princess! If you want to get a little edge to go with this dense and royal black Lehenga. See that your dupatta isn’t getting any heavy because it may mess up your hair-do.

Every other desi girl has done this with her mom’s saree. Now, it’s time to get all that energy of fashionista into your D-Day extravaganza.


16. Plait and pin it!  | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

Take the dupatta and plant it up and pin it on just one shoulder while you can belt the rest with a belt or kamarbandh for a more subtle and stylish look. This look won’t demand more and you can dance freely. This style is also hassle free. If you are feeling bossy and this will blend with your vibe. Let the belt ooze up some uniqueness.


17. Right in front style  | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear

How happy and cheerful this bride looks.

Once you have layered the drape of the dupatta to one side, take the rest of the drape and hold it over your other arm. Right in the front! Take a cue from the shyamalandbhumika designed ensemble.

If you are someone who needs a no fuss wedding outfit, this is it!

All happens to be your favourite, isn’t it? But, you need to choose any one.

Allow your bespoke jewelry to blend with your intricately detailed dupatta. It definitely exudes a royal mood. Draping is an art and lots of discipline goes into it but at the end, you have to carry it. It might seem heavy and take away your space to move as wildly as you would in your casual wear. So, choose minimalism if you want to.

Remember, that the design over the dupatta is prominently shown right on the front side.


Final Word: Lehenga Draping Style

Some clothing material looks better when plaited while some textures look great when allowed to flow and roll over the overall ensemble. Pairing the dupatta with the Lehenga is the most important thing. You need not hide the vibrant colors and embellishments over the lehenga. So, make sure each drape will ooze out the style.

Be ready to be the most beautiful bride. Let no one tell you otherwise. You have built up a dream for you both and he is going to be with you all the time. Be with him during the ups and downs and be the good wife he has always dreamt of.

All of it will create a dramatic feel for your filmy wedding. If you want to get on more desi-ness watch some Hindi drama and watch out how these women carry the whole extravaganza. Also, who knows! You may get amazing inspiration there as well.

Get ready with your vows!

Take some inspiration and let us know which drape you feel more stylish.

Good luck with the selection!

25 Black Saree Blouse Looks to Suit Every Occasion & Function

From power dressing to participating in the game of attraction – black is the color to go for! Black is perhaps the only color that literally suits each and every skin tone and complexion. No one can go wrong with a black outfit – be it a black dress or a black saree with a black saree blouse. Black is also extremely popular when it comes to sarees and ethnic wear and this is exactly why one needs to be a bit careful while choosing the perfect saree blouse for yourself.

Everyone has one or two simple black saree blouses in their wardrobes but what they don’t have are those black blouses that can act as absolute game-changers in case of their personal fashion. A good black saree blouse with a complementing saree can make you look like the boss-lady or an epitome of sensuousness. Check out our list of 25 looks to determine which


Black Saree Blouse to enhance your look

1. The Black Ikkat Blouse

Black Ikkat Blouseinvoguewithmeghnasite | Get Custom Made Blouse

Ikkat is a traditional weaving pattern – an art form practiced in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. The bright and warm colors used in ikkat weaving go really well with a jet black background. Hand-woven and hand-dyed, a black ikkat blouse should go well with your handloom sarees in yellow, orange, white and red. This particular blouse has thick mustard borders adjacent to the sleeves and red piping all along the blouse.

2. Black Bralette

black saree blouseGet Custom Made Saree & Blouse

For your black chiffon and see-through sarees, you need a blouse that looks smart and fits well. It goes without saying that traditionally cut blouses don’t go with the sensuous look that black chiffon sarees can create. In this case, a black chiffon saree with sequin details has been paired with a sleeveless blouse resembling a bralette. This black saree blouse has strips of cloth used as designs near the neck and shoulder area.

3. Embossed Motifs & Gold Print

Embossed Motifs & Gold Print blousebeautyofsarees

This blouse is uncommon in the sense that embossed patterns are seldom found on black fabric. The blouse is also ornate with gold print floral details. The wearer has paired it with a yellow saree. The blouse also has a unique cut. The boat neck blouse comes with bell sleeves.

4. Black Blouse with Pearl Details

Black Blouse with Pearl

Want an out-and-out traditional look with a black saree? Invest in this kind of a blouse. This black silk blouse has a unique border near the sleeves and at the neckline. There are thick stripes of rice pearls that go surprisingly well with the rich black shiny fabric. The pearl strip is followed by floral sequin detailing. With such a black saree blouse you can easily pair a traditional Kanjivaram or Chanderi Saree. Such a gorgeous blouse eliminates the need of heavy jewellery around the neck.

5. Zari Motifs on Black Silk

Zari Motifs on Black Silk blousethebrownbong

If you are looking for a traditional black blouse which is not too heavy on the bling factor, you can go for a blouse of the kind in this picture. This blouse has been created out of black silk and has sequin and zari embroidery on it. The sleeves have been designed with floral and bird motifs in zari. It has been paired with a plain red saree.

6. The Printed Top Style Blouse

Printed Top Style Blousethebrownbong

This is a black cotton blouse with red and orange floral prints on it. The uniqueness of this blouse is its cut. This resembles a crop top with huge bell sleeves. The entire look created in this picture is also unique. With such a blouse, one should only use a handloom cotton saree, like the brownish-maroon one the wearer sports. The look has been amplified with silver junk jewellery.

7. The Full-Sleeve Black Crop Top

Full-Sleeve Black Crop Topsnehapolapragada

Crop tops are the new age blouses. This is because, a crop top is easy to wear and can be used to mix and match with various sarees. In this particular case, a baby pink chiffon saree has been paired with a black crop top and it looks great together! This is the age of contrast pairing and a black full-sleeve crop top goes a long way as a black saree blouse.

8. Black Net and Embroidery Blouse

Black Net and Embroidery | Get Custom Made Saree & Blouse

These blouses are strictly used for occasional purposes and match only a few types of sarees. This a net blouse with elaborate embroidered detailing at the back.

This blouse is not backless but gives a similar impression in an aesthetic and sensuous way. Such blouses come with their own innerwear. Such a blouse is the highlight of the look and should be paired with simple black chiffon or georgette sarees. They have a non-traditional style.

Checkout more backless blouse designs.

9. Black Sleeveless Blouse with Golden Embellishments

Black Sleeveless Blouse with Golden Embellishmentsritusareen_sweden | Get Custom Made Saree & Blouse

This is a classic piece to have in your wardrobe if you are fond of wearing plain silk black sarees. This is a sleeveless silk black saree blouse with clean strap sleeves and golden zari and sequin details on the bust area of the blouse. You can pair it with a similar plain black silk saree with minimal embellishments.

10. The Black Top

Black Topg3vinod

A lot of women these days are pairing sarees with tops. If you are interested in the style, you can definitely go for a black top. Take for instance this black peplum top which has some details near the neckline. The top has been paired with a multi-colored cheque saree. Though nothing in the saree matches the blouse, they look so good together.

11. Black Kantha Blouse

Black Kantha Blousethebohobaalika

Kantha stitch is a kind of traditional embroidery art form, native to West Bengal. The little stitches of vibrant colors are known to create epics on fabric. Such stitches on a black background look even more vibrant. You can invest in such a black saree blouse if you are fond of wearing handloom weaves.

12. Black & White Cheques with Floral Details

Black & White Cheques with Floral Details blouseg3vinod

What a black blouse does, a black chequered blouse also does the same! A black and white chequered blouse is a must-have in your wardrobe if you are fond of fusion fashion. This plain blouse, in the picture, has been made unique by the addition of the floral appliqued strip on the neckline. The floral strip adds a dash of colors.

13. The Block-Print Blouse

Block-Print Blousethebohobaalika | Get Custom Made Saree & Blouse

Block prints impart an amazing ethnic vibe to a particular look. A block print black blouse goes with almost all colors. In this case, the wearer has paired a three-quarter sleeve block print black saree blouse with a burnt orange block print saree. She has added antique silver jewellery to complement the look.

14. Kalamkari Blouse

Kalamkari Blouseanu.prad

Kalamkari is yet another art form of India that uses natural dyes. Hand-painted kalamkari is extremely costly and hard to find. But popularity of the art form has resulted in the availability of good quality kalamkari printed fabrics. Depending on what you may find or afford, you should keep one kalamkari blouse in your collection. This particular one has prints in green, yellow and white on a jet black background.

15. Black Halter Neck Blouse

Black Halter Neck

It is unbelievable how a simple black halter neck blouse goes equally well with a designer as well as a traditional saree. In the picture, we can see a simple halter neck black crop top that has been paired with a black and white printed silk saree along with silver junk jewellery.

16. Black Ajrakh Blouse

Black Ajrakh Blousefili.greedesignstudio

Ajrakh dyeing art form can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization. Though initially, this tribal art, practiced in the Kutch area of Gujarat, involved only indigo and red natural dyes, nowadays, it is found in all colors. Good quality Ajrakh prints are also widely available. Such an Ajrakh print black saree blouse or crop top is sure to go with a lot of ethnic sarees in your wardrobe.

17. The Mirror-work Blouse

Mirror-work Blousedurgasanthosh_kumar |  Get Custom Made Saree & Blouse

Mirror-work gives a quintessential ethnic look to every outfit. A black blouse with mirror-work is that versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe that be contrasted and worn with any ethnic saree. If you are struggling with a cotton saree which looks too dull try pairing it with such a blouse. Such a blouse will immediately glam up the attire.

18. The Black Top & the Belt

It is the age of fusion-wear, many women are wearing interesting accessories with saree. Some are even replacing the traditional jewellery – a kamarbandh – with the modern belt! Here, the wearer has juxtaposed an ethnic silver belt with a cotton Ajrakh print saree. To enhance the look she is wearing a plain black sleeveless top with the saree. The belt not only looks good and unique but also keeps the shape of the attire in place.

19. Sleeveless Embroidered Blouse

Sleeveless Embroidered Blouseusasarees

You may not be too fond of experimenting with a black saree blouse. In that case you can go for something as sleek and simple as this one. It is a sleeveless, boat-neck black blouse in a glossy material. It has floral golden embroidery at the top and bottom corners of the blouse. The blouse also has an elegant golden piping at the waist-end.

20. Heavily Embroidered Black Blouse

Heavily Embroidered Black Blousesajnabridalwear

You may want to have a heavily embroidered black blouse in your collection. Just like a mirror-work blouse, a heavily embroidered blouse goes with a huge range of ethnic sarees. Heavy embroidery also ensures inclusion of numerous colors on the black surface. This one has elbow-length sleeves with heavy embroidery and stone work.

21. Black Blouse with Bow Tail

Black Blouse with Bow | Get Custom Made Saree & Blouse

Such a unique blouse is a perfect choice for all your cocktail sarees. Though a simple, three-quarter sleeved blouse with a slit at the back, what makes it unique is the addition of a long bow tail detail at the back. This enhances the elegance factor a lot! This black saree blouse is simple yet stylish and great for party-wear.

22. Full-sleeve Black Blouse

Full-sleeve Black Blouse

Sometimes, the simplest things look the most elegant! This is a plain jet black full-sleeve cotton blouse that can be paired with any cotton saree. Just to enhance the glam-factor, a line of tiny mirrors adorn the simple round neckline. The blouse has been paired with a cotton ikkat saree in a combination of white, pink and black.

23. Black Blouse with Collars

Black Blouse with

This is another example of a simple blouse made different with slight change in cut. This simple black saree blouse has collars instead of a tradition round, square or V-neck. The collar has been made to look glamorous by using golden embroidering. The blouse as elbow-length sleeves. This blouse has the ability to make the wearer look extremely smart and confident!

24. Simple Black Blouse with Frill Sleeves

Simple Black Blouse with Frill Sleeveskitakaturi

As we are discussing simple blouses here, this one can’t be missed. This is a plain elbow-length, round neck black blouse in a glossy fabric. It can be worn with any ethnic saree. What makes it unique is the addition of frill details at the end of the sleeves.

25. The Boho Black Blouse


Our list just had to end with this masterpiece of a black saree blouse. Just like white, black makes a great background for colors. It is clear that this blouse has been inspired by the Banjara or tribal fashion of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The elements reminiscent of a tribal choli are the tie-up closure at the back, use of silver strips and mirrors and use of strips of colourful clothing all across the three-quarter sleeves. If you are a lover of boho fashion, you just can’t afford to miss such a blouse in your collection.


Conclusion: Black Saree Blouse

Black is a color that allows experimentation. It is such a color that you can’t go wrong with. So we suggest that apart from owning a few conventional black blouses, a few ethnic pieces and few for cocktail evenings, invest in one or two that would allow you to dress up according to the rules of fusion fashion. A black saree blouse with bell sleeves, a black top or a crop top can really change your fashion game. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

You can also checkout South Indian Wedding Sarees and Sabyasachi Sarees that would go best with the above listed blouses.

We at makes custom made blouses which is especially made for your size and requirements. You just have to give us your measurements online and we’ll take care of the rest!

Below is how to take measurements for a saree blouse sitting at home:


40 South Indian Wedding Sarees for a Traditional Bride

Rich silks, bright colors, elaborate designs, temple borders, heavy pallus – a South Indian Wedding Saree is traditional fashion at its best! South Indian in a mix of mainly Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam cultures. Cultural fashion in all the south Indian communities is characterised by vibrant colors and intricate craftsmanship. A South Indian Wedding Saree is complimented with heavy pure gold temple-style jewellery, elaborate hairstyles, using flowers or the poola jada, and minimal but striking make-up. A south Indian bride looks nothing less than a Goddess in her wedding attire.
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A saree in a south Indian wedding can range from a heavy kanjivram to a simple kasavu; from a royal Chettinad silk to a classy Gadwal; from a traditional Dharmavaram to a sleek Narayanpeth – the styles are endless. Let us explore different styles of south Indian bridal get-up and 30 South Indian Wedding Sarees.

40 South Indian Wedding Saree for Indian Bride

1. Ivory and Gold Silk Saree

Ivory and Gold Silk Sareeritulawania_makeupartistry

This South Indian bride wears a silk saree in an ivory tone with golden thread woven design. Though the saree resembles a white Banarasi, it is essentially a South Indian silk – it is much lighter!

2. Bridal in Neutral


South Indian sarees are synonymous with bright, vibrant and dark colors. But somehow this bride rocks her bridal look in this neutral tone saree. The border, though, is woven with golden zari. Gold woven motifs are also used all over the body of the saree. The bride pairs it with a net blouse that showcases zardozi and stone embroidery.

3. The Ultimate Red and Gold South Indian Wedding Saree

The Ultimate Red and Gold South Indian Wedding Sareevarssha_aj

Like a Banarasi brocade saree is known to have equal distribution of gold and surface color, a South Indian Wedding Saree is characterised by the dominance of gold over the base color! So, unlike a red Banarasi bridal saree, a South Indian red and gold silk should be exactly like the one this bride is wearing! A broad gold border, exquisite gold weaving and a net blouse with all the embellishment that the saree does not need – how much more grand can it get?

4. More Red and Gold Kanchipuram Silks

More Red and Gold Kanchipuram Silksvishwamukhasilks

This South Indian Wedding Saree combination of gold zari weaving with this fiery red shade is simply stunning! The not-so-broad and not-so-narrow zari border with a touch of green is perfect for the exquisite woven design!

5. Reddish Pink Jacquard South Indian Wedding Saree

Reddish Pink Jacquard South Indian Wedding Sareeathirachandran07

There are some Kanjivaram sarees that have solid body tones with ornate gold borders. And then there are some with woven design showcased all over. This is such a wedding saree. These look great with heavy gold jewellery. The woven design necessitates the use of more than two silk threads during the weaving process – one of which is usually gold. This creates a magical translucent texture and beautiful multi-color undertones. In this case, we see a mix of red, pink and gold.

6. The Brocade South Indian Wedding Saree


Innovations in design technology of textiles enables us to include new elements in traditional crafts! Though South Indian pattu sarees have always come with woven zari designs, this saree showcases Banarasi brocade-like zari work. That coupled with the bright red color is much reminiscent of the Banarasi bridal sarees.

7. Yellow Expressions – South Indian Wedding Saree


Yellow is not a traditional bridal color but looks stunning on South Indian brides. This Kerala bride has ditched her Kasavu South Indian Wedding Saree to go for this beautiful yet simplistic South Indian silk saree in a gorgeous golden yellow color.

8. The Red and Gold South Indian Saree

The Red and Gold South Indian Sareesouthindianbrides_

You do not need to opt for Banarasi brocades in order to flaunt the traditional red and gold bridal look on your wedding day! Such South Indian woven zari design pattu South Indian Wedding Saree are much lighter and look great with traditional temple style jewellery too!

9. Pink and Yellow South Indian Saree


Yellow is popular among South Indian brides. But the pink and gold woven broad border sets this saree apart. South Indian silk sarees have a golden undertone and this coupled with the bright warm colors creates a golden glow that brightens the complexion of most Indian brides. Golden jewellery adds to the grandeur.

10. The Fire Tone South Indian Wedding Saree

The Fire Tone South Indian Wedding Sareekeralaweddingstylez

The strong point of South Indian silks is their weaving technique that results in thin feather-like sarees interwoven with zari and multiple silk threads. This bride wears a saree with self woven-design motifs with zari. That apart, her saree is created using multiple pattu threads in warm toned colors like golden yellow, orange, red, pink etc, giving it a fiery hue!

11. A Classic Look – South Indian Wedding Saree


Kerala brides love to flaunt the white wedding saree look. It perfectly complements their traditional golden jewellery. The Kasavu sarees of Kerala are stunning. But going for slightly heavier options, like this off-white and gold South Indian Wedding Saree with a warm-toned pink border, is also a great idea! It’s a classic and traditional look made grander.

12. Tomato Red, Gold and Off-White Kanjivaram Silk

Tomato Red, Gold and Off-White Kanjivaram Silkbridesofkarnatakaa

This bride’s exquisite South Indian Wedding Saree showcases a woven floral design in gold and off-white, all over! This unique aspect of the saree is enhanced by the zari border in gold and warm tomato red. The embellished net blouse in tomato red color also showcases zardozi and stone embroidery!

13. Of Purples and Pinks


As this bride is getting ready with all the grandeur and splendor of the big fat South Indian wedding, we can’t help but admire her South Indian Wedding Saree. The white and gold woven motif saree has a vibrant purple border that widens at the patli area. She pairs it with a dark pink veil and brocade blouse.

14. Sea Green & Violet Kanchipuram Silk Saree


If you thought bright colors look great but can’t be soothing to the eyes, think again! Kanchipuram or Kanjivaram weaves are known for the use of exotic shades and exquisite color combinations that look even more decadent on the luxurious silk! This bride flaunts a sea green and gold Kanchipuram pattu saree with a vibrant violet border. It looks beautiful!

15. Multi-thread Woven Kanjivaram Saree

Multi-thread Woven Kanjivaram Sareeshivi.collections

Kanjivaram pattu sarees are exceptional when it comes to the quality of silk! The lustrous, luxurious and decadent pattu yarns tell a story of their own. That is why they do not require any type of surface embellishment. Surface embellishment clashes with the richness of the fabric. That’s why multi-color thread weaves that form woven designs with the zari threads look beautiful. This is such a weave which uses colors like pastel blue, silver, gold, green etc. It creates a translucent texture and goes really well with the dark green silk blouse.

16. Orange and Turquoise Kanjivaram Saree


We can’t stop drooling over the South Indian Wedding Saree of this bride. The color combination, in short, is exquisite! The bright orange of the body contrasted to the turquoise tone of the border and pallu, brought together by the intricacy of the zari woven designs – we just can’t get over this bridal look!

17. The Orange Kanjivaram Saree

The Orange Kanjivaram Sareesouthindianbrides_

There are some colors that go well with some looks or styles! For example, combinations like orange and gold or red and gold look unparalleled on Kanjivaram South Indian Wedding Saree. The rich texture of the silk enhances the vibrancy of the colors. This bride wears an orange Kanjivaram pattu saree which has golden undertones along with gold zari woven motifs. This color combination also brightens Indian skin tones. She pairs it with a green and gold contrasting blouse.

18. Mustard Yellow Kanchipuram Saree


Most South Indian weddings take place in the morning and colors like mustard yellow look extremely beautiful on the bride, in the golden sunlight. This bride wears a Kanchipuram saree with green and gold woven zari design border. The border of the patli is broader and gives that essential bridal touch.

19. The Quintessential All Pink South Indian Wedding Saree


How many times have you dreamt about that pink and gold South Indian Wedding Saree that your favourite actress wore on the red carpet or even in the wedding sequence of her latest film? Such a style never goes out of vogue! This bride here, surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids, is flaunting that quintessential all-pink Kanjivaram wedding saree. It has gold and pink woven jacquard look, all over!

20. Gold and Onion Pink Jacquard Kanjivaram

Gold and Onion Pink Jacquard Kanjivaramvishwamukhasilks

The jacquard Kanjivaram is a top favourite among South Indian brides. Not only do these sarees look gorgeous on the wedding day, they also go really well with heavy temple style gold jewellery that most South Indian brides wear on their wedding day. The intricacy of the weaving is simply unparalleled! This bride is flaunting one in an unique onion pink tone with gold zari.

21. Ivory and Jamun Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Neutral wedding looks are trending and when it comes to neutral base sarees with vibrant borders, nothing beats the Kanjivaram South Indian Wedding Saree. All Indian women long for that one white Kanjivaram saree with gold motifs and vibrant border with zari work. You can flaunt one at your wedding too, just like this bride. She wears one in an ivory tone combined with a deep dark jamun color!

22. South Indian Wedding Saree in Pastels


If you thought that the Kanchipuram saree can never come in subtle shades, take a look at the saree of this bride. The pure lavender tone looks exquisite coupled with the gold zari designs. It goes without saying that though these sarees come in pastel shades, they will always have a glossy texture.

23. The Golden Orange Kanjivaram Wedding Saree

The Golden Orange Kanjivaram Wedding Sareesilksofindia

Remember Deepika Padukone’s look from the wedding scene of Chennai Express? Though that Kanjivaram saree was in a golden warm tone red shade, you can create a similar look with this saree as well! Reds or oranges with gold undertones look very traditional and gorgeous! They give out a vintage and exotic vibe! If you want to look like a celeb at your wedding, go for such a saree!

24. The Solid Red Kanchipuram Silk Saree


This bride is wearing a bright pure red Kanjivaram South Indian Wedding Saree with a solid body and gold and red duo-tone border. South Indian pattu weaves are the richest type of silk fabrics available in the country. The lustre and the richness of the weave is unparalleled. So, it goes without saying that solid tones look exceptional on such fabrics, especially red, if it’s for a wedding!

25. The Magic of Pink and Gold

Pink and Gold South Indian Wedding | Get Custom Made Wedding Sarees

The bride is wearing a gorgeous gold and deep pink South Indian Wedding Saree. She has teamed it up with a contrasting deep green gold-work blouse which magnifies the beauty of the saree. This ia a typical kanchipuram silk saree. She is wearing gold and rice-pearl jewellery and her hair is quintessentially adorned whitewhite flowers.

26. The Traditional Dark Moss Green Kanjivaram

Dark Moss Green Kanjivaram | Get Custom Made Wedding Sarees

An unconventional bridal color – deep moss green – goes extremely well with a rich golden border. The bride is wearing a traditional matching blouse with the saree. She has accessorized with heavy gold jewellery, the most unique aspect of which is the gold kamarbandh. The orange flowers in her hairstyle accentuate the rich color of this South Indian Wedding Saree.

27. The Contrast of Silver and Yellow

Every day, weavers are coming up with unique color combinations and styles on a traditional framework. South Indian Wedding Sarees are not an exception. They are also evolving every day. Take for example this all silver wedding saree. The bride has paired it with a bright yellow embellished blouse, creating a lookwhich is simple yet exquisite.

28. The Uniqueness of South Indian Wedding Attire

Deep Maroon and Gold Saree

A deep maroon and gold saree can’t go wrong! The bride sports a minimalist look but her attire breathes elegance. Though her South Indian Wedding Saree is simplistic and her makeup minimal, her choice of jewellery sets her bridal look apart.

The unique bajubandh is a piece of art in itself but what steals the attention is the gold coin braid chain. This bride is here to set trends!

29. The Beauty of Blue

South Indian Wedding Saree in Royal Blue

In other Indian cultures, blue is extremely popular as a reception outfit color. However, in South Indian culture, blue is very much a bridal color! This bride is wearing a traditional South Indian Wedding Saree in royal blue. The pink border creates a striking visual contrast. This saree would also go very well in your Roka ceremony.

30. Elegance in Pastels

Traditional Hued South Indian Wedding Saree

If you are having a summer wedding, you might want to stay away from a traditional hued South Indian Wedding Saree. Instead, you can opt for such a saree in pastel hues. This bride is wearing a pastel blue saree with a heavy border and she has teamed it up with a lilac blouse. Even the top designers like Manish Malhotra go gaga over these wedding sarees.

31. The White Flowers and the Yellow Saree

Yellow South Indian Wedding Saree

Another great color for a summer morning wedding is yellow. This bride has cleverly chosen a bright pastel yellow shade that goes well with the golden zaree work. She has beautifully done her hairstyle using white flowers that brightens up the whole look.

32. The Copper Kanchipuram Pattu

Copper KanchipuramPattu wedding saree

Pattusarees or Kanjivaram silk sarees come in a myriad colors. Take for example, this rich silk saree in copper. Those brides who want to sport dark colors on their wedding day can easily go for such a saree. The pink border contrasts the deep copper and promotes elegance in the whole look. What more? Such a South Indian Wedding Saree can easily be used as party-wear in the future.

33. The White South Indian pattu

Gold and tussar color South Indian Wedding Saree.

If you are keen on sporting an all-traditional look yet don’t want to go for pinks, reds or other bright colors then choose a pattusaree in gold. This bride wears a gold and tussar color South Indian Wedding Saree.

Her traditional temple jewellery and the saree make her look divine. If you are a south Indian bride who will be getting married in a temple, we highly recommend this look.

34. The Muted Gold and the Dark Red

Muted Gold and the Dark Red saree

This particular bridal look stands out for the use of the color – red – throughout all the elements in the bridal attire. The bride is wearing a traditional kanjivaram in muted golden color.

The saree and blouse create a monotone ensemble but the sari has a thin red lining along the outer edge of the border. The floral elements and her jewelry, especially the bangles, have a similar touch of red.

35. Crème and Pink

Crème and Pink South Indian Wedding Saree.

Off-white and white pattusarees are extremely traditional and many brides prefer them over richly woven kanjivarams for their weddings. If you want to bring about some variation in the look, you can go for a tussar color pattusaree with a pink border instead of a stereotypical red or maroon or golden South Indian Wedding Saree.

36. The Beige South Indian Saree

South Indian Wedding Sarees

You can also go for a beige or crème uppadapattu saree like the one in the picture. These sarees have minimal or no work on the body but the border and the pallu are intricately woven in bright hues. As these South Indian Wedding Sarees are plain, they bring out the beauty of the complex work of a bride’s gold temple jewelry.

37. Simplicity at its Best

Traditional Kasavu South Indian Wedding Saree

Bridal attire of Kerala is totally different from Tamil, Telugu or other south Indian bridal ensemble. The Kasavusaree – a white saree with a simple golden border – is worn by brides in Kerala. This bride is looking simply elegant in her traditional Kasavu South Indian Wedding Saree with which she has worn pure gold traditional jewellery.

38. That Green Blouse with The Kasavu Saree

Green Blouse with The Kasavu Saree

You may also want to bring in some variation in your Kasavu wedding look. This bride does that by keeping the jewellery minimal and pairing her saree with a green blouse instead of a traditional golden one.

39. The Unique Orange Border

South Indian saree with Unique Orange Border

South Indian wedding fashion is not confined to Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram sarees only. The Dharmavaram saree is gaining popularity slowly! Dharmavaram sarees are woven in remote villages and come with a unique color combination – just like the one in the image.

40. Sarees from Neighbouring Regions

South Indian Wedding SareesGet Custom Made Wedding Sarees

Some Maharashtriansarees like the Paithani or the Kolhapurisarees have a lot of similarities with South Indian Wedding Sarees. These similarities involve rich colorful silks, golden zariborders, richly ornate pallus and all over zaributi work.


Conclusion – South Indian Wedding Saree

Not only brides in South India, but those from the eastern and western parts of the country, who need to wear sarees for their weddings, can opt for a South Indian Wedding Saree. You just have to ensure that your accessories are complementing the saree.

South Indian brides wear traditional gold jewellery, often temple-style, and use flowers to adorn their hair on the wedding day. The wrong kind of jewellery or hairstyle may not be able to bring out the beauty of south Indian sarees.

However, compared to a Banarasi saree, South Indian Wedding Sarees are more versatile and can be worn at other functions after the wedding. They are usually less heavy and have the ideal mix of traditional and contemporary elements in them.

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