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Anarkali Sherwani

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The Anarkali Sherwani or more popularly, the ‘Manarkali’ is a sherwani with a kurta having an anarkali or kalidaar cut. They are flared kurtas over which the groom wears his sherwani jacket. An anarkali sherwani may also be paired with an ethnic waistcoat. In fact, this larger-than-life attire for the groom allows a lot of experimentation. An anarkali sherwani might have a round or V-neck and the bodice might even flaunt an angarakha cut, giving the outfit a period look! It can be paired with ornate belts, royal turbans and even the double-stole look can be carried with a manarkali. Though, these sherwanis have existed since a long time, the look came into vogue in late 2018 when Bollywood actor Ranbir Singh wore an angarakha anarkali for his mehendi function!

The outfit consists of different components – an anarkali kurta usually with an ornate border which is visible below a heavy sherwani jacket, paired with churidar bottoms. This look is not for the faint hearted so if you are a groom-to-be wanting to wear one at your wedding, just go all out with it! Wear jootis because a manarkali is all about an erstwhile charm, reminding one of the attires worn at Mughal courts. Go for heavy malas, ornate belts and jewelled turbans, preferably with a feather attached to it! The stole is important and should echo the grandeur of the rest of the outfit. Checkout Straight Sherwani and short sherwani.

Anarkali sherwanis are heavy on the embellishment scale! Rich brocades are often used for the jacket or waistcoat. The kalis flaunt ornate embroidery and the borders have rich stone and pearl studded looks. Since this outfit is more about richness, we mostly see the use of rich silks, silk brocades, heavy velvets etc! In cheaper fabrics, the ‘historical era look’ of the manarkali is usually lost!

Though you can go for any color while choosing your wedding manarkali, we suggest you go for neutral tones and pastels if you are having a day wedding! The layered look of the outfit comes alive if you choose such colors. If you are planning to wear an anarkali sherwani for pre-wedding functions, we suggest you skip the heavy jacket and the stole. Instead go for an ethnic waistcoat or a simple angarakha neckline.