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There was a time when men’s ethnic fashion or Indian wedding wear for men meant just two items – a kurta-pajama or a sherwani! But that has changed now! Over the years, with the influx of European and Central Asian influence on Indian clothing, there has emerged a number of different types of menswear that are either fully ethnic or can be defined as Indo western fusion outfits. The Anarkali sherwani, the Jodhpuri suit, the angarakha sherwani, the jacket-kurta etc are a few examples. The achkan is also a type of evolved ethnic menswear that has become very popular nowadays in the Indian wedding scenes.

An achkan is believed to have its roots in Central Asia but is very much like its cousin – the sherwani! The sherwani is longer than an achkan kurta which is usually knee length. Also, most often an achkan kurta has a slanted button line. A sherwani is usually accessorized with a stole and a turban and paired with churidar bottoms. An achkan is usually paired with tapered or straight trousers. It does not, in most cases, come with a matching stole or a turban.

Most achkans are made out of lighter fabrics, making them ideal for summer weddings or simply more comfortable options in wedding wear for men. At GetEthnic, we have experimented with the style. We have included jacquard, jamewar or brocade textured, introduced embroidered ethnic motifs like elephants, flora etc in achkans. We have used light fabrics like raw silk, Dupion silk, micro velvets etc. Achkan jackets usually have button lines on one side. Here, we have kept those options as well as mid-button lines, slanted ones and even front open jackets. Asymmetrical hemlines, dual colors, cowl hems have also been included.

<p>It may not be the best idea for a groom to wear an achkan on his wedding day. But he can definitely go for one at his reception party or engagement party. Besides, achkans are ideal for brothers or father of bride and groom. It is perfect for the groomsmen as it is completely ethnic and definitely not over-the-top! Get in touch with us and we can customize an achkan kurta for you or your friends based on your preferences.