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40 Unique Arabic Mehendi Designs for the Festive Season

Arabic mehendi designs are not a world apart from traditional Indian henna art. But they do have a few elements that give them a distinct character. First, Arabic henna uses mostly floral elements like flowers, buds, vines, birds etc. But unlike Indian henna art, in Arabic mehendi we seldom see density of motifs. The motifs are sparsely distributed or concentrated in a particular area on the palm.
Moreover, Arabic henna uses geometric shapes or angular designs to go along with its floral elements. Together, they look immensely inspired from Middle Eastern or Mughal architecture. The combination of floral elements housed within geometric shapes reminds one of pietra dura art as well.
Arabic mehendi designs are usually not as heavy as Indian henna but in some cases elaborate designs are drawn especially if it is for the bride. Today, we shall see:

40 Arabic henna designs for bridal as well as festive purposes

1. Resembling Jewellery


This stunning Arabic mehendi design is reminiscent of traditional finger to ring bracelets. A line of leaves connect the design on the wrist to the design on the fingers. There is an ornate half floral motif on the way where we can see a jaal art paisley also.

2. Rose and Leaf Motifs

Arabic Mehendi Designs - Rose and leafhenna_by_hawwa

Sparsely placed motifs of roses and leaves make up this Arabic mehendi design. There is nothing exquisite to this look. But the large motifs, the perfection in the drawing etc make it stunningly beautiful!

3. Diagonal Floral Design

Arabic Mehendi Designsmehendi_by_hafsa

Here the floral motifs are concentrated in a diagonal way, across the palm. We also see floral and leaf motifs on the fingers. While drawing the petals of the flowers, the artist has also used shading technique.

4. More Floral Diagonal Designs


Here is another diagonal floral henna design running across the palm. Here we see Mandala flowers as well. So in the true sense, here Arabic elements have been blended with Indian ones.

5. Typical Full Hand Arabic Mehendi Design


This type of henna is typical when it comes to bridal Arabic mehendi designs. We see lots of different kinds of motifs – ranging from lotuses to roses, floral jaal art and floral bootas, leaf and petal patterns etc. There are many motifs but they are well spaced out and shading technique is used to advantage.

6. Lotus Motifs Within Squares


Only the fingers and two corners on the palm showcase lotus pond imagery placed within squares. The shaded background of the lotus pond and the intricacy of the motifs are impressive!

7. Use of Geometrical Shapes

The Arabic mehendi design here is truly unique! First, we see a unique distribution of motifs. The way it is drawn creates a gap at the middle portion of the palm. Also, we see the use of numerous geometric shapes – like jaal work, square jaal work domes, spirals etc – apart from floral motifs.

8. Use of Paisley

Arabic Mehendi Designskhushbu_mehandi_786

Paisleys are mostly seen in traditional Indian henna art. Here Arabic style floral motifs have been combined with a single paisley motif to create a unique yet ornate look.

9. Use of Jaal Work

Arabic Mehendi Designs - Jaal Work

Jaal work, though also common in Indian henna, is particularly reminiscent of Mughal architecture. The patch of jaal work in the middle of this design reminds one of the windows with cut stone work in Mughal palaces from where the onlooker could safely watch what is happening outside without being detected. That is why this design is so distinctly Arabic.

10. Leaf Motifs

This henna design showcases numerous different types of design languages. It has a lotus pond, spirals, geometric shapes etc. But what stands out is the various types of leaf imagery. For example, there is a paan leaf border with tiny stalk-and-leaf motifs. There are leaf motifs along with spirals on the fingers. Lotus leaves can also be seen.

11. Floral Clusters

This is a typical Arabic henna design! Large flowers along with leaves are drawn in clusters all over the palm and back hand. There is usually some gap between two clusters – a common feature in Arabic henna art!

12. Single Lotus Imagery

Arabic Mehendi Designs - lotusmehendi_art_by_swati23

The lotus motif is considered auspicious in Arabic style bridal mehendi. Here we see the use of a single motif within an ornate circle and it’s as if the rest of the design consisting mostly of leaves in different shapes, originates from the lotus.

13. Floral Motif

Arabic Mehendi Designs - Floral Motifdream_hand_ashzz

Though reminiscent of Mandala art, this floral image is characteristically Arabic. We can also see jaal work on the fingers along with spiral flowers.

14. Floral Rounds Within Domes


This is just a variation of the round floral Arabic mehendi design. The detailing here has increased. The floral rounds have been placed under domes. The part outside the domes is filled with spiral flowers and leaf motifs.

15. Squares and Rectangles

This stunning henna art is the perfect example of how geometric shapes are used in Arabic mehendi designs. It is primarily a floral imagery with a cluster of three flowers from which leaves and tendrils extend in all directions. But part of the design is brought within a square and a rectangle. The whole shapes are not present in the design. The partial presence of the shapes creates a sense of continuity.

16. Shaded Floral Patches With Jaal Art

Arabic Mehendi Designs - Jaal Worknamakkal_mehendi_artist

This Arabic bridal henna is exquisite! Floral motifs adorn a dark shaded background while the rest of the palm showcases jaal art! There are leaf patterns and even paisleys in the design.

17. The Swan Motif


The beauty of Arabic mehendi designs is in the detailing! Here, the lotus pond imagery has been used. But the highlight of the look is the swan motif. We can also see numerous geometric shapes used for filling up the square spaces.

18. Floral Rounds


Though the simplest and commonest type of Arabic henna art, these floral rounds don’t fail to impress us! We see typical floral motifs on the fingers as well as on the wrists.

19. Indian and Arabic Motif Blend


This isn’t typical Arabic henna art! For starters, the density of the motifs is way too much compared to traditional arts. Second, the use of Mandala art circles in the design is evident! This makes it a fusion Arabic henna design perfect suitable for bridal mehendi!

20. More Fusion Arabic Mehendi

Just like the previous design, this mehendi design too uses elements from Indian henna art! We can see Mandala circles along with typical geometric designs like jaal, barfi, spirals etc. For Indian brides, who want something Arabic as well as elaborate for their bridal henna, such designs are ideal.

21. Layered Motifs


Observe closely and you will notice a layered structure to this Arabic mehendi design. Starting from the arms, we see a layer of lotuses followed by ornate zigzag jaal work followed by another layer of lotuses and spirals and so on. It is another interesting way of creating an Arabic design.

22. Buds and Vines

It is unbelievable how sparsely placed these floral motifs are. The henna design showcases blooming buds and vines in excruciating detail. It’s a work of art but the design is one-of-a-kind and beautifully lacks density!

23. Simple Yet Stunning


A very common Arabic henna design can be seen here. Nonetheless, these floral rounds, structured by a bracelet-resembling design on the wrist and floral naksha on the fingers, do not fail to impress us. They are simple and common yet stunning!

24. Domes and Spiral

Arabic Mehendi Designsmehndibysidrahaseeb

It’s an exquisite example of the artistry of Arabic geometric and floral henna design! The main structure is that of domes resembling the architecture of a mosque. Within that we have the lotus motif and outside, it’s a spiral sky. Though the lotus motif is seen all over the back hand, the palm showcases a singular rose. It is to be noted that each motif has a meaning and significance of its own!

25. Filled Floral Imagery


Though this kind of floral diagonal design is pretty common in Arabic henna art, what makes it even more beautiful is the fact that many of the shapes, especially the petals of the flowers, have been filled up! This creates a shaded look!

26. Squares and Rounds


While floral designs and jaal art go hand in hand, here we see the placement of the same things within squares or rounds. On the backside of one hand floral designs have been placed within boxes and on the other back hand, we see the typical jaal art within circle design.

27. Spirals All The Way


Not only is this Arabic henna design complex and neat, there is an element of uniqueness about it. We can see floral designs, a close knit patch of jaal work but the only motif that is repeated and spread all over is the spiral!

28. Roses Within Paan Leaves


It’s a very unusual yet stunning design! We can see the juxtaposition of paan leaf patterns – one on another. Within each paan leaf there an exquisite rose and the paan leaf patterns are also bordered by lines of ornate leaves.

29. Arches and Domes


We have mentioned before that Arabic mehendi designs are highly influenced by Mughal or Persian architecture. So, we often see the placement of floral motifs inside geometric shapes. Arch and dome shapes are also used to structure out the design. That has been done in this case.

30. Gaps With Layers


This bridal Arabic mehendi design is created in layers. From the rose motifs at the farthest end on the arm, to the jaal art to the lotus pond on the palm, we see a varied display of imagery. But the images are not closely packed and gaps or empty spaces have been created between them, creating a unique look.

31. All The Elements

In this bridal Arabic mehendi design, we see the juxtaposition of different types of motifs that are crucial to this kind of henna design. There are floral motifs of various types and different types of flowers have been drawn. There are two types of jaal art. Leaf lines run ornately all over. Lotus pond motif can also be seen.

32. Simple Floral Clusters

Arabic Mehendi Designs - Simple Design

This henna design is so simple yet so beautiful! Alpana-like floral motifs are drawn in clusters. Some designs can be seen on the fingers. Dotted lines link the clusters.

33. Wristlet Art


While the round motif in the centre is pretty common in Arabic henna art, here we see an ornate design created at the wrists. It gives the impression of a wristlet. Drawing forms of jewellery on the hand in a pretty common practice in traditional henna art.

34. Imagery in Layers

Arabic Mehendi Designs _ layered

It’s the perfect bridal Arabic mehendi design! We see different kinds of imagery, placed in layers. On the arm, right at the top, we have lotus motifs followed by another floral design against a shaded background. There is an ornate net design after that followed by ornate borders and a line of elephant imagery. On the palm, we have a diagonal cluster of lotuses and two types of jaal art among other more complex motifs.

35. Bridal Arabic Henna

Bridal Arabic Henna

Here is another complex bridal Arabic mehendi design! Unlike the previous mehendi design, we do not see very different types of imagery here. What makes this design look all the more complex is the use of spirals all over! Spirals inside other geometric shapes gives a uniquely complex look without being too difficult to draw.

36. Minimal Elegant Arabic Henna

It’s one of the most elegant designs we have seen on this list. Each finger is adorned in a different set of motifs. On one side of the palm we see a beautiful harmony of floral motifs, leaf patterns and jaal art.

37. Just Flowers

They say, sometimes flowers are all you need to create a positive impression. In the case of Arabic mehendi too this theory works. This henna art is just about the homogeneous placement of floral motifs all over the hand and yet it looks so stunningly beautiful!

38. Design Squares


These leaves and vines are a traditional form of henna design. We see them being used liberally for this henna art. What’s unique is the placement of these motifs within ornate squares.

39. The Butterfly Motif

Bridal Arabic Hennanuranishenna

It’s a unique style of Arabic henna! Traditional floral motifs have been combined with something very new and different – butterfly imagery! But this simplistic yet unique style is really impressive!

40. Mandala-Inspired Arabic Mehendi Design

The first look at this henna design will create an impression that the motifs drawn here are basically half Mandala circles. Mandala art is essential to Indian henna! If you look closely at this design, you will notice that though it may be inspired by Mandala art, the motifs inside the semi circles or the strokes or the shading technique is very different from traditional Mandala art.

For more information and inspiration on bridal henna or mehendi designs, check out our other blogs on the same topic!



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50 Bespoke Gota Patti Lehengas for That Royal Vibe

Gota patti Lehenga or simply gota embroidery is a specialized form of applique technique originating in Rajasthan. Formerly, it was used only on the attires of the royals. But with its immense popularity, gota embroidery is now being used on every attire for the Indian woman – be it suits, sarees or lehengas.

Gota patti work showcases the use of metallic gold and silver ribbons on the main fabric of the attire to create elaborate designs. These ribbons can also be folded into common ethnic motifs like phool-patti, temple border etc and attached to the fabric. They can be also cut into shapes and sewn on the garment. They are usually combined with other crafts like sheesha embroidery, thread work, bandhej or leheriya, sanganeri or shibori print etc to create exotic and exquisite pieces or attires.

50 gota patti lehengas – perfect for the Indian wedding Palette

1. Bridal Gota Patti Lehenga

Bridal Gota Patti Lehengawedabout | Share Your Requirements

Combined with mirror work, this true red lehenga is perfect for bridal purposes. On the skirt, gota patti stripes run vertically and the lower part showcases floral motifs using gota and sheesha work.

2. Multi-Color Gotta Patti Lehenga

Multi-Color Gotta Patti Lehengabestdressedafghan

Gota patti art hails from the state of Rajasthan and when it comes to traditional Rajasthani style of dressing, we know that it is all about bright colors! This is the philosophy behind this beautiful lehenga which showcases floral gota patti work on a lehenga skirt with multi-color panels. The colors are warm toned red, orange, pink and yellow, reminiscent of Rajasthani banjara fashion.

3. The Royal Red Lehenga

The Royal Red Lehenga

This red gota patti lehenga is fit for the royals. The classic craftsmanship is exquisite! This Rajwada style lehenga showcases katchi gota patti work and it has been paired with a heavy gold bridal choli. Checkout more of Red Lehengas.

4. Multi-Color Bridal Gota Patti & Zardozi Lehenga

Multi-Color Bridal Gota Patti & Zardozi Lehengamulmulgotazardozi

This one-of-a-kind multi-color lehenga will never fail to impress. We see three major colors here – royal blue, orange and red. We can see hand tie-and-dye bandhej work combined with gota patti and zardozi embroidery.

5. Pre-Wedding Paradigm

Pre-Wedding Paradigmwedabout

This purple gota patti lehenga is perfect for all pre-wedding functions. We have tiny gota motifs all over the lehenga skirt and multiple borders.

6. Bright Red & Silver Gota Patti Lehenga

Bright Red & Silver Gota Patti Lehengawedabout

If you love bling and also want a touch of the finest craftsmanship on your wedding attire, go for such a lehenga! We can see all over gota patti work in silver on this bright red hue.

7. The Floral Greens

The Floral Greenswedabout

This floral motif design is a classic gota patti element. The silver ribbons are cut in a myriad shapes and put together to resemble a cluster of flowers. Against the dark green fabric of the lehenga, the silver dazzles like diamonds. Checkout more of Green Lehengas.

8. Bronze Bronze

Gold and bronze is a match made in heaven! This bronze tone gota patti lehenga with gold ribbon work is exquisite! Not easy to carry but definitely one-of-a-kind, especially with the floral printed dupatta.

9. Pastels Gota Patti Lehenga

Pastels Gota Patti Lehenga

Some every green trends are here to stay! Like the one that requires blingy embellishment on pastel tone fabrics. So, this pistachio green lehenga with silver gota patti work is perfect for all you fashionistas out there!

10. Geometric Designs

Geometric Designs - Gotta Patti Lehenga

If you closely observe the design on this golden yellow lehenga, you will see that the cut-outs have been arranged all over the lehenga skirt to resemble different geometric shapes. The uniqueness of the design language coupled with the impressive golden yellow and gold makes this lehenga truly remarkable!

11. Ombre Gotta Patti Lehenga

Ombre Gotta Patti Lehenga

The lehenga in yellow, red and gold showcases an ombre look or color transition effect. Also, the boota motif gota patti work, all over the lehenga skirt, is unique and uncommon!

12. Crown Design Gota Patti Lehenga in Ash Brown


Not only is the color of this lehenga really uncommon, the crown motifs all over the skirt look so elegant and contemporary!

13. Bandhani Print With Gota Patti

Bandhani Print With Gota Pattigoldysnestt

When two legendary crafts from Rajasthan come together, you simply can’t go wrong! This georgette lehenga in fuschia has bandhani print all over along with gota patti florets. The borders also showcase gota patti work along with fringe detailing in the choli.

14. Gota Patti with Kutch Applique Work

Gota Patti with Kutch Applique Work_bellerose_boutique_

Gota patti is an art belonging to the dessert soil of Rajasthan. Similar in vibe and beautifully vibrant is applique work hailing from Kutch. It is often combined with mirror work and thread embroidery. All these arts are brought together in this stunning ghagra, perfect for Navratri!

15. Panel Design with Gota Patti

Panel Design with Gota Pattiranasvogue_jaipur

The combination of bright yellow and pink is a classic. Combine with that with gota patti floral designs arranged in the form of vertical panels on the lehenga skirt! The result is this beautiful lehenga in decadent georgette fabric.

16. Gota Patti with Mirror Work & Chikankari

Gota Patti with Mirror Work & Chikankarilaahikabynidhi

Here we see the exquisite pairing of an art from Rajasthan with an equally stunning craft of Uttar Pradesh. One can imagine how impressive an attire will be which combines three exotic arts – gota patti, mirror or sheesha embroidery and chikankari thread work – on a base of white!

17. Hand Embroidery with Gota Patti

Hand Embroidery with Gota Patti

You don’t have to go all colors with a gota patti lehenga. Look at this one on ivory organza. It has gold gota patti work sparsely arranged and combined with gold hand embroidery!

18. Gota Patti on Foil


There are three things that make this lehenga exquisite! First, the blush pink pastel shade combined with the gota patti work is uncommon. Second, the unique floral designs are reminiscent of embellishment inspired from Mughal art. Third, the gota patti work on the foil fabric makes it come alive in an all new way!

19. Gota Patti Work on Leheriya

Gota Patti Work on Leheriya

It’s another example of the exotic combination of two Indian arts, both hailing from Rajasthan. Leheriya is a tie-and-dye technique which has created the beautiful red and white stripes on the chiffon lehenga. With that katcha gota patti has been combined.

20. Gota Patti on Printed Cotton

Gota Patti on Printed Cotton

It’s the perfect example of an outfit for the wedding guest! In this case, a cotton printed fabric has been used in a dark color. You can go for a printed version of any fabric and frame it with customary broad gota patti borders. The result is surprisingly beautiful!

21. Gold on Sea Green

The combination of sea green and gold is simply ethereal! Petal shaped cut-outs of gold ribbon have been arranged in barfi shapes and floral designs on the lehenga skirt. It has been paired with a full-sleeve crop top with similar floral motifs.

22. On Softer Hues

The intricacy of the gota patti work on this soft blush pink raw silk lehenga is mesmerising! On the dupatta, the customary criss-cross gota patti design can be seen. The motifs on the lehenga skirt are really unique and detailed.

23. Hot Coral Gota Patti Lehenga

Hot Coral Gota Patti Lehengaaishwaryadesigners

If you want a gota patti lehenga, not in red, for your wedding day go for one in a hot coral hue! This is the perfect example of a bridal gota patti lehenga. The vertical panel structured design, the boota blouse or the broad bordered dupatta – everything looks ‘oh so bridal’!

24. The Lilac Gota Patti Lehenga Dress

The Lilac Gota Patti Lehenga Dressmy_wow_fashion

Not only is the gota patti work on this lilac toned lehenga dress stunning, the pairing of the flared lehenga skirt with the anarkali top wear is simply amazing! The double flared look of the skirt and the anarkali make the designs come even more alive!

25. Charcoal Grey and Gold Lehenga

Charcoal Grey and Gold Lehengaindia_bazaar_ethnic

That’s one lehenga in a stunningly uncommon color! The gota patti work with sequin embroidery, though sparsely arranged, is looking even more exquisite because of this unique color!

26. Cerulean Gota Patti Lehenga with Longline Choli


Here is another gota patti lehenga in a unique color – cerulean blue! On that, we see matte gold work forming intricate details and larger floral motifs. The choli resembles a longline blouse!

27. Gota Patti Borders


It’s the surest way to glam up even the lehengas in nude tones! This off-white lehenga primarily showcases zari embroidery in intricate detailing! But what steals the show, in the end, is the golden gota patti border.

28. The Boxy Choli with Gota Patti Ghagra

The Boxy Choli with Gota Patti Ghagra

Though a traditional art with its origin dating back 100 years ago or more, gota patti is being used even in contemporary or fusion fashion! Take for example, this outfit which showcases contrasting colors and design languages! The very boho chic boxy dark pink blouse is paired with a mustard organza ghagra! The ghagra showcases gota patti work with pearl embroidery.

29. The Lotus Pond Lehenga

The Lotus Pond Lehengamulmulgotazardosi

This dark blue and gold lehenga depicts the lotus pond or the ‘Kamal Talai’ imagery from mythology. Gotta patti art has been used to depict the lotuses and mirror work depicts the flowing water.

30. Gota Patti with Prints

This outfit showcases a unique design language. The flared lehenga skirt in yellow has maple color floral prints on which we can see gota patti work in gold. The choli has mirror work and it has been paired with a velvet dupatta. Checkout more of White Lehenga.

31. Tangerine Gota Patti Bridal Lehenga

Tangerine Gota Patti Bridal Lehenga

Here’s another replacement for your regular red and gold bridal lehenga! While darker shades of orange can still be seen in the bridal palette, tangerine is relatively new! On top of that, the bridal ensemble boasts all over detailed gota patti work in gold.

32. Cut Work Multi-Color Hemline


This orange bridal lehenga brings together the arts from different provinces. Along with gota patti we can see zari work. The dupatta showcases Banarasi brocade work. What stands out the most is the cut-work multicolor gota patti hemline on the lehenga skirt.

33. Chiffon Lehenga with 3D Gota Patti Work


In one word, it’s dreamy! The peach lehenga is in the classiest chiffon. On the lower half we can see a transition with the addition of net fabric. Paired with a toffee pink dupatta, the lehenga showcases 3D gota patti work. This refers to the use of raised gota patti motifs.

34. Blush and Bloom Gota patti Lehenga

Blush and Bloom Gota patti Lehengaswatiubroi

Call it a blush pink lehenga or a blooming floral one, this pastel shade is to die for! Added to that is the grace of silver gota patti craftsmanship. Such a lehenga can easily replace your bridal reds!

35. Lavender Love


It seems pastel shade and gota patti work is a match made in heaven! This lavender lehenga fabric showcases not only silver gota patti embroidery but also aari and chikankari work of Uttar Pradesh. The lehenga is heavy and flaunts an all over embellished look.

36. Hot Coral Gota Patti Lehenga

Hot Coral Gota Patti Lehengaaishwaryadesigners

Though not red, this gota patti lehenga in hot coral is perfect for the bride. Typical gota patti motifs like cut work flowers, leaves, leaf lines etc have been created all over the lehenga skirt.

37. All About Stripes


Broad or thin stripes, net designs etc are the most stunning gota patti designs ever! They look especially beautiful, bordering dark solid surfaces. This dark green silk lehenga is perfect for such designs.

38. Bright Coral Bridal Gota Patti Lehenga

Bright Coral Bridal Gota Patti Lehengaaishwaryadesigners

Another great example of a bridal lehenga which is not red! Bright coral is the perfect replacement if you want to ditch red on your wedding day. Combined with silver gota patti work and contrasted with a mint dupatta, it looks ‘jaw-droppingly’ gorgeous!

39. Mint Green Gota Patti Lehenga

Mint Green Gota Patti Lehenga

Perfect for the bridesmaids, this mint green lehenga showcases all over golden gota patti floral designs. This would also be a great option for the bride for the mehendi ceremony.

40. Turquoise Bridal Gota Patti Lehenga

Turquoise Bridal Gota Patti Lehengapanashindia

With all over gota patti work, this turquoise lehenga is fit for the royal bride. It exudes a vintage vibe. Along with the gota patti, the zari embroidery looks mesmerising! The intricacy of the dainty details is truly breathtaking!

41. Dreaming in Mauve


Criss-cross designs, stripes, broad borders and floral motifs are characteristic of gota patti work! The flared lehenga skirt with broad bands of gold looks like a dream.

42. Patchwork Perfection

This mustard brown lehenga showcases two kinds of work – ajrakh patchwork and gota patti. We see alternating bands of green and silver bordering the ajrakh patches. Gota patti flowers are added.

43. Zari with Gota Patti

It is easy to get mixed up when it comes to zari embroidery and gota patti work. On this aubergine toned lehenga, both crafts have been used to create sparking designs in gold.

44. Gotta Patti With Thread Work

Gotta Patti With Thread Workranasvogue_jaipur

Gota patti lehengas can also be styled as reception attire. To add more depth and texture to the attire, combine gota patti with pearl embroidery, french knots and other types of thread embroidery!

45. Red Gota Patti Lehenga

This dark red organza lehenga is the perfect example of exquisite Jaipuri gota patti craftsmanship. Angular floral motifs cover the upper part of the lehenga skirt. The other motifs concentrate on the lower part in rows! Checkout Maroon Lehengas.

46. Sky Blue Stripe Design Lehenga


The glossy sky blue fabric is the perfect background for the silver stripe gota patti design. The dupatta showcases characteristic gota patti work. The skirt has broad bands of silver on the bottom part.

47. Purple Starry Gota Patti Lehenga

Purple Starry Gota Patti Lehengadresswithapeal

The golden gota patti work has been combined with a bit of zari thread work and zardozi embroidery to create a structured design. The dupatta showcases cutwork border.

48. Brown Gota Patti Splendor

Brown Gota Patti Splendornooranoiyatethnic

This gorgeous brown color looks heavenly on the decadent silk. The gold broad gota patti bands go so well with the warm toned brown!

49. Festive Looks With Gota Patti


There is some magic about wearing a gota patti lehenga for Diwali! It looks just so appropriate! This one is all about light colors like yellow and ivory with mirror and gota patti work.

50. Wine Tone Lehenga with Gota Patti Cape

Wine Tone Lehenga with Gota Patti Cape

Another great way to use the gota patti element in a contemporary look is by opting for a cape showcasing the same. The striped cape has been combined with a dotted choli and skirt.

If any of these designs inspired you or if you have imagined your dream gota patti lehenga in an all new way, get in touch with us and we will customize it especially for you!