Amit (Auckland NZ)

This exquisite sherwani is crafted from off-white Russian silk. The sherwani features a beautifully embellished ban collar and a front button closure, adding a touch of traditional grandeur. The ensemble is perfectly paired with a churidar bottom, maintaining a classic and refined look. Completing the outfit is a pastel pink opada silk shawl, adorned with an intricately embellished border on the side, which enhances the overall aesthetic with a subtle yet striking contrast. This sherwani is a perfect blend of tradition and modern elegance

Amit (Atlanta US)

This elegant modal satin anarkali kurta features a unique design. The torso part of the kurta has an overlapping design and the waist is accentuated with an embroidered belt. There are two embroidered flaps hanging from waist, adding an additional layer of decorative flair. The anarkali kurta is adorned with scattered floral motifs all over, creating a rich and detailed look. Paired with a dark green shawl that features an machine embroidered border with floral pattern motifs in shawl. The outfit is completed with a churidar bottom, offereing a fitted and stylish finish to the ensemble.

John (Massachusetts US)

This brown Russian silk sherwani is adorned with intricate ivory thread embroidery, featuring the same motif all over the garment. The hand-bead embellished ban collar adds a touch of opulence and elegance to the sherwani. It is elegantly paired with churidar bottoms, completing the traditional look with a classic silhouette.

Arvin (Singapore)

Step into sophistication with our royal blue sherwani, a symbol of regal elegance and traditional craftsmanship. The sherwani is crafted in royal blue russian silk fabric, adorned with intricate gold floral pattern embroidery on the upper part and embellished thin geometric border at the bottom of the sherwani and on the ban collar, adding depth and refinement to the design. Paired with gold silk trousers, ensuring a harmonious and elegant look.

Arpan (Georgia US)

This red sherwani features an asymmetrical design with a ban collar, adorned with intricate hand and machine embroidery along the edges. The inner drape kurta is cream-colored, complementing the red outer sherwani beautifully. The sherwani is accessorized with buttons that add a classic touch. paired with cream churidar pajami, offering a traditional contrast to the bold red sherwani. To complete the look ensemble is paired with cream stole with a border enhances the overall look.

Corbin (Denver, US)

Embrace sophistication with our white Russian silk short sherwani, a blend of classic charm and contemporary style. The sherwani showcases embroidered cuffs and a ban collar with maroon thin single stripes on both sides of the sherwani, enhancing its visual appeal. Paired with maroon churidar bottom . Complemented by a maroon velevet shawl adorned with an embroidered border and hanging tassels.

Manik (Michigan, US)

Crafted from luxurious white Russian silk, this sherwani boasts embroidered sleeve cuffs and a ban collar, adorned with striking red piping and a button closure, providing a bold contrast that enhances the overall look. Paired with a classic white churidar pyjami, ensuring a seamless and elegant appearance. Complemented by a red opada silk shawl with a gold lace border, adding a regal touch to the attire.

This white Russian silk sherwani set is a perfect blend of traditional elegance and modern design

Akshay (Kitchner Canada)

The sherwani is Crafted in an ombre shade, blending colors seamlessly across the fabric, creating a striking visual gradient with a embellished ban collar enhancing the sherwani’s overall appeal. Paired with churidar bottom, ensuring a sleek and cohesive look. Complete the ensemble with a beige opada silk shawl with an embroidered border, adding a touch of luxury and completing the ensemble with finesse.

Jaspal (New York, USA)

Our bespoke Persian blue Russian silk short sherwani, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate intricate detailing and impeccable style. It is tailored from exquisite Persian blue Russian silk, adorned with hand-embroidered geometric patterns using zari, beads, and delicate pink thread highlights. The embroidery work adds a touch of sophistication and cultural richness. The sherwani’s design showcases meticulous craftsmanship, combining traditional techniques with contemporary elegance. Paired with straight persian blue trousers for a streamlined and refined silhouette.

This sherwani is a testament to fine artistry and attention to detail, perfect for making a statement at weddings, receptions, or cultural celebrations.

Karan (California, US)

Step into elegance with our exquisite pista green Russian silk Anarkali sherwani, adorned with intricate hand and machine embroidered in gold floral and leaf motifs scattered throughout over the sherwani. paired with a pista green inner anarkali kurta with matching color churidar pyjami, offering comfort and elegance. The sherwani is enhanced with a green velevt shawl featureing a gold lace border, completing the ensemble with finesse.

This pista green Russian silk Anarkali sherwani is perfect for those seeking timeless elegance and refined style for special occasions.

Sohail (Chicago, US)


Casey (Boston, US)

Experience the elegance and craftsmanship with our best-selling custom-made Anarkali sherwani. The sherwani features machine-embroidered and hand embellished pastel pink sherwani adorned with intricate details with brown anarkali inner kurta with tiny floral block prints, perfectly complementing the outer sherwani. Matching churidar pyjami in the same rich brown hue as the inner kurta, ensuring a stylish look.

The sherwani is accessorized with an embroidered waist belt, featuring a block printed hanging flap on the left side, which adds a unique and stylish touch. To complete this regal attire, a maroon velvet shawl with lace border, is paired with the ensemble. This Anarkali sherwani is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship.

Vibhor (Frankfurt, Germany)

Vajai (Trinidad and Tabago)

Abbas (Bangaluru, India)