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57 Wedding Lehenga Blouse Designs for the Picky Brides

A lot of planning and fussing goes behind choosing the lehenga a bride is going to wear on her wedding day!Yet, while selecting it what do we see? Most of you just look at the designs on the lehenga skirt. Some of you might even check out the work on the dupatta. What gets left behind is a very important component – the bridal lehenga blouse. The wedding lehenga blouse design is what sculpts the whole look and brings it together. An ill-fitting or dull blouse will destroy the whole bridal look. This is why we bring to you 57 bridal and wedding lehenga blouse designs, covering every color, every style, every cut and every look! All you brides-to-be, make sure you check this ‘master-list’ out!


The Bridal Reds & Maroons

1. The Quintessential Red & Gold Wedding Lehenga Blouse

Red & Gold Wedding Lehenga BlouseGet Custom Made Blouse

No matter how much women love to experiment with personal fashion, when it comes to the wedding day, most of us fall back on the traditional red & gold bridal attire. Most Indian women have definitely pictured themselves in the traditionally red wedding attire at some point of time in life! So this lehenga blouse design involves sleeves that run till a little above the elbows and a round neck. The bright red fabric is adorned with gold zari embroidery.



2. That Bride in the Dark Maroon Velvet Blouse

Dark Maroon Velvet Blousepriity_woman | Get Custom Made Blouse

Traditional yet not so! Dark Maroon is very much a bridal color yet looks more innovative and up-to-date compared to a typical red! This bride is having a lot of fun in her dark maroon velvet lehenga. She seems to be in love with her wedding blouse design. It is a dark maroon blouse in velvet and has golden work at the borders!


3. Bridal Lehenga Blouse with Unique Back Cut

Bridal Lehenga Blouse with Unique Back Cutrahi_fashion_

The beauty of this bridal blouse design is the unique back! This reddish-pink blouse with gold sequin embroidery has a round cut at the back. The bottom of the cut has hooks for proper fastening and the top has a tie-up detail. Pompom latkans hang till the waist from the tie-up which gives a wholly ethnic yet sensuous vibe to the outfit.


4. The Waist-Length Red Wedding Blouse

Waist-Length Red Wedding

Some of you might have the traditional obligation of wearing a bridal blouse that covers the midriff and the arms! You can go for such a choli-style wedding lehenga blouse design! This red blouse has a conservative neckline which is adorned in exquisite gold embroidery. The full sleeves also have similar embroidery throughout.


5. The Dark Red & Gold Blouse

Dark Red & Gold Blousesaratha_fashion_tailoring

Another take on this traditional bridal combination is this blouse. ­­­­­­­­­­­­This dark red blouse has a modest neckline adorned with stone work and sequin embroidered borders. The rest of the blouse has floral designs in stone work, cut work and embroidery.


6. The Rosette Bridal Blouse

Rosette Bridal Blouseblousehub

This one is a unique take on the red bridal lehenga blouse design. Those brides aiming for a modern look on their wedding days and also wanting to sport red can go for something like this! The blouse resembles the upper portion of a typical western gown. The dark red fabric is adorned in sequin detailing and there is a huge rosette pattern on one of the shoulders.


7. Sleek & Sleeveless

bridal wedding lehenga blousessitara_by_gkx

This beautiful warm red wedding lehenga is sensuous to say the least! If you want to show off your well-toned figure on your wedding day, go for such a sleeveless blouse. The sheer dupatta compliments the cut of the outfit. The blouse has gold sequin embroidery all throughout. Such bridal wedding lehenga blouses have simple cuts yet are well-fitted enough to make you look gorgeous!


8. Off-shoulder Wonder

dark red and gold bridal lehengathe_designers_collectin

Another dark red and gold bridal lehenga – but what sets it apart is the unique lehenga blouse design! The full-sleeve, heavily gold embroidered blouse has an off-shoulder neckline. Hold! There is no need to categorize this bridal lehenga blouse design as bold. The top part has a sheer net fabric attached to it, which is the actual neckline of the blouse.


9. Stone-work on Bright Red


Let’s not even talk about the beauty of this lehenga as a whole! Look at this bridal blouse design – its sleeveless, well-fitted and the white stone embroidery on the bright red silk is exquisite.


10. Simple & Smart

These two brides pose like boss-ladies in their dark red bridal lehengas! The blouses they are sporting have simple cuts like basic ‘V’ and ‘U’ necklines, short sleeves. The bridal blouse designs are also conventional – gold motifs on rich fabric. Sometimes, the simplest of things turn out to be the most stylish! These blouses are examples of just that.


11. Ravishing in Red

wedding blouse designmaharaniweddings

Yet another masterpiece of a red lehenga with a wedding blouse design that is truly vintage! The embroidery at the neckline is reminiscent of the bygone era!


12. A Taste of Mughal Fashion

lehenga blouse designthe_designers_collectin

This gorgeous red lehenga is a work of art! The closely-packed gold embroidery on the skirt takes it to another level. Yet, what stands apart is the lehenga blouse design! It is nothing like your regular blouse. The full sleeve blouse has elaborate gold embroidery on the sleeves and the design in front is heavily reminiscent of Mughal era fashion! This blouse imparts an old world charm to the whole attire!


13. Red Embroidery on Red Fabric

Red Embroidery on Red

This bride sports a wedding lehenga blouse in a bright red hue. The dark red sequin embroidery on it looks heavenly!


14. Heavy Antique Gold Embroidery on Dark Red

Heavy Antique Gold Embroidery on Dark Red

This bride has chosen her wedding lehenga blouse with care! The rich red wine color looks amazing and the detailed zari embroidery on it is in a matte antique gold shade.


15. The Long Top Style Blouse

In some cultures, brides do not want to expose their midriffs by wearing a regular blouse! This is for those brides. This beautiful maroon bridal lehenga blouse resembles a top and is full-sleeved. The juxtaposition of this not-so-heavily embroidered blouse with a heavily embellished lehenga skirt just works right!


16. The Peplum Blouse

wedding bridal lehenga blouse

Bridal fashion is all about traditional cuts! Says who? This beautiful bride is posing a top-style wedding bridal lehenga blouse that has a peplum cut! The lehenga blouse design is also unique – The rich dark red fabric is adorned in dark maroon embossed embellishments.


17. Kurta-Style Top-wear with Lehenga

Kurta-Style Top-wear with Lehengathe_designers_collectin

This blouse is for Muslim brides who want to wear a lehenga instead of a usual sharara or gharara for their weddings! The gold lehenga bottom is paired with a kurta-blouse which flaunts matte gold embellishments and zardozi work on a rich maroon base. Such bridal blouse designs are indeed unique.


18. Simple Long Choli

The top-style choli of the bride creates an illusion as if she is wearing a one-piece outfit. This is because the bridalblouse design is homogenous with the gold sequin embroidery on the upper part of the lehenga skirt!


19. For the Bride Whose Bold

lehenga blouse designweddingsutra

This off-shoulder lehenga blouse design is only for the bold bride! The dark gold badla work on the dark maroon silk and velvet fabric is beautiful, to say the least.


20. Beige Embroidery on Bright Red

wedding blouse design

This wedding blouse design is simple but what sets it apart is the choice of color for the embroidery. The ‘beige-ish’ golden embroidery looks lovely on a bright red silk surface.


21. Dark Maroon Sensation

Sophie sports this lehenga in a shade that is somewhere in between dark maroon and wine! The lovely color is complimented by the silk texture of the blouse. Though this bridal blouse design is simple, the gold embroidery on the shoulders and the sleeves magnify its elegance factor.


22. A Red Blouse for the Plus Size Bride

Red Blouse for the Plus Size Bride

All you curvy and plus size brides, there’s no shying away from sporting a beautifully crafted red choli on your wedding day! Look at this wedding blouse design – it is well-fitted, covering the flaws and the gold embroidery on it is breath-taking!

Get plus Size Lehenga


The Power of Pink

Pink doubtlessly come next to Reds and Maroons when it comes to bridal-wear!

23. Peachy-pink Cropped Sleeved Blouse

Peachy-pink Cropped Sleeved Blouse

A unique shade of pink – this wedding bridal lehenga blouse also has uniquely cut sleeves. The sleeves are a cropped version of the cap sleeves and look great on a highly embellished bridal attire. The blouse has rich sequin embellishments.


24. The Baby Pink Blouse

Baby Pink

The beauty of this bridal blouse design lies in the zigzag pattern gold embroidery on it. Two shades of pink have been played with, in this case! The gold embroidery and the stonework adds to the beauty of this blouse.


25. Gold on Pink


The highlight of this dark pink lehenga is its blouse! The outfit is in rich silk fabric! This wedding lehenga blouse is heavily embellished in gold embroidery. This with the skirt with only round gold motifs and gold border, works beautifully!


26. Simple Light Pink Blouse

Though this lehenga blouse design is simple, for some brides it would be perfect for an early morning wedding!


27. Rose Gold Embroidery on Light Pink

She looks so pretty and radiant in this light pink lehenga! The rose gold embroidery adds character to this light pink wedding blouse design!


28. The Bridal Blouse with the Cape


This gorgeous dark pink lehenga comes with a blouse which has two layers. A dark pink tube-top-style blouse with gold motifs sits as the bottom layer. On top is a sheer gold cape with sequin and stone work on it and at its borders. This bridal blouse design is for those brides who are not afraid to experiment!


29. Silver on the Lightest Pink

manishmalhotra05 | Get Custom Made Blouse

This bridal lehenga blouse sports silver embroidery and mirror work on the lightest shade of pink. The result is exquisite. Checkout Manish Malhotra Lehenga.


30. Bright Pink with Light Beige

Bright Pink with Light Beigesabyasachi

This shade of pink brightens every skin tone! The light beige embossed floral patterns on this wedding lehenga blouse enhance the beauty of the look. Checkout Sabyasachi lehengas.


31. Simple in Powder Pink

Sabsyasachi bridal lehenga

The bride sports a Sabsyasachi bridal lehenga with a blouse that is simple yet aesthetic. The wedding blouse design has homogenous placement of sequins and stones on a well cut frame. The powder pink color is also uncommon.


32. Stunning in Stone Work

bridal lehenga blousefashion_style_weddings

The shade of pink is beautiful, so is the sequin and chunky pieces of stone embroidered on this bridal lehenga blouse.

The Golds Blouse

Though gold is present on almost all wedding and bridal outfits, most of the time it is not the color in focus! These wedding lehenga blouses have taken gold out of the periphery of motifs and borders and used it to its full capacity.


33. Gold Extravaganza

bridal blouse designthe_designers_collectin

A heavily ornate lehenga with a maroon skirt and gold blouse and dupatta is always a winning combination. The blouse is thick with sequin work, zari embroidery, zardozi work etc. The sheer and light dupatta work great with highlighting the beauty of this bridal blouse design!


34. For the Bride who can Carry it

This wedding lehenga blouse is for the experimental bride! Yes, it’s true that anything looks good on Sonam Kapoor but this Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla bridal lehenga is a masterpiece! Wear something like this and we can assure you that your wedding outfit will be remembered over decades! The bridal blouse design, in this case, incorporates big beads embroidered on the gold fabric. If you can carry it, go ahead!


35. Gold on Rose Gold

bridal blouse designworld_of_brides_ | Get Custom Made Blouse

This is another bridal lehenga in a truly unique shade. The choli style bridal lehenga blouse is complimented by the small gold motifs embroidered on it. The shade is uncommon – it is a tissue pink verging more towards rose gold. This is why the gold undertone of the outfit radiantly reflects on the face of the bride.


36. Bold in Gold

lehenga blouse designbridesofsabyasachi

This bold bralette-style lehenga blouse design is only for a bride who is not going to shy away! The sequin embroidery on the blouse is detailed and it is paired with a dark maroon lehenga skirt!


Other Non-Bridal Blouse Colors

Many brides, these days, want to re-define the term ‘bridal colors’. They just don’t want to sport boring bridal colors on their wedding day! They are keen on choosing shades that are unique and contemporary. These blouse are for them!

37. Lilac & Silver Blouse

wedding blouse designshaadiwish

This attire is in a color just between lilac and lavender. The blouse is beautifully ornate with silver embellishments against the soft lilac background. Such a wedding blouse design is truly a thing of beauty!


38. Peachy Orange Blouse

Peachy Orange Blouseblousehub

This hand embroidered, silk blouse is in the process of being stitched. The beauty of this wedding blouse design is in the heavily ornate sleeves and the heavily embellished border that is yet to be stitched at the lower hemline.


39. Faded Teal Bridal Blouse

Faded Teal Bridal Blousevarmalla

The bride wears a bridal attire in the combination of a faded version of the color teal and a light pink. This combination, though uncommon, would work great for morning weddings. The wedding blouse design is also different with silvery white sequin detailing all over the blouse.


40. Rust Peplum Blouse

Rust Peplum Blousechawindacouture

This top-style wedding bridal lehenga blouse is unique because of numerous reasons. First, the rich rust color is uncommon yet in every right, bridal. Second, the peplum cut is out-of-the-box when it comes to bridal lehenga blouse designs. This blouse is full-sleeve and has floral sequin embellishments.


41. Multi-color Embroidery

Multi-color Embroidery

This purple silk wedding lehenga blouse is taken to another level through the exotic multi-color bead, sequin and zari embroidery.


42. Purple Top Style Blouse

Purple Top Style

Purple is not a very common bridal shade yet this purple and dark pink lehenga with the purple top style blouse looks amazing! The full-sleeve blouse has little gold motifs all over, thin borders at the neckline, the shoulder and the edge of the sleeves.


43. The Multi-Color Floral Blouse

Multi-Color Floral Blouseshaadisaga

This multi-color floral lehenga comes with the perfect blouse! This bridal blouse design has two important elements – the detailed and intricate floral embroidery and the deep ‘V’ neckline. This blouse and lehenga is perfectly contemporary and will look great at a morning wedding.


44. Beige and Silver

wedding blouse designweddingfables

Who thought a biscuit-beige color could make a wedding outfit! This gorgeous lehenga comes with a traditionally cut blouse in the same color. This wedding blouse design has white stone and silver sequin embroidery all over, which makes the look regal!


45. Beige and Gold

Another beige bridal lehenga blouse with exquisite gold sequin embroidery.


46. Green for Contrast

bridal blouse

If you are keen on wearing a red or maroon lehenga yet want a play of colors on the outfit, you can go for something like this! Dark green compliments red or maroon really well and also looks good with gold embroidery. This bridal blouse design incorporates red and gold floral embroidery.


47. Sleeveless Orange Blouse

Sleeveless Orange Blouseshadimandap

This neon orange and gold lehenga comes with a sleeveless orange blouse. The round gold motifs on the skirt is repeated on the blouse. The sheer white dupatta is meant to bring out the flawless cut of the blouse. This wedding blouse design is for that bride who wants to sport something simple yet eye-catching on her wedding day!


48. Multicolor Blouse with Peacock Motif

This is a vintage lehenga reminding one of the exotic embroidery art of the days left behind! The lehenga blouse design has embroidered gold peacocks on it! It is fit for a royal wedding!


49. Sparkling in Silver

wedding blouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

This lehenga is an artistic masterpiece! The blouse has been handcrafted with silver crystals and sequin embroidery. The uniqueness of this wedding blouse design lies in the placement of the crystal floral detail near the sleeves.


50. Multi-color embroidery

Multi-color embroiderysabyasachi

This bride sports a Sabyasachi lehenga with a beautiful exquisite blouse that reminds one of the earthy arts of India! The multi-color embroidery on this bridal lehenga blouse is truly one-of-its-kind.


Oh So Whites Bridal Blouse!

Bridal fashion is ever-changing! White has entered the boundary of bridal fashion quite easily. In this section we will explore bridal lehenga blouses in shades like white, off-white, cream, ivory etc


51. The Cream Blouse

wedding blouse designshadivibes

Cream or off-white blouses compliment gold embroidery and red or maroon backgrounds really well. This particular lehenga has a rich red skirt, replete with gold embroidery. The full-sleeve, long blouse has gold motifs on a cream background. This wedding blouse design is also beautiful because of its cut and sheer net sleeves.


52. Father’s Princess in White

wedding blouse designbridesofsabyasachi

An off-white wedding lehenga blouse with gold leaves and gold sequin floral embroidery is all that is required to make this bride look celestially beautiful.


53. Colored Embroidery on White

wedding blouse designbridesofsabyasachi

The bride has planned her outfit really well. She sports a white lehenga with diamond and emerald jewellery. The bridal blouse design incorporates green, red, light pink and gold embroidery, complimenting her jewellery.


54. Ivory and Gold

This wedding lehenga blouse flaunts gold zari thread work on an ivory base. The red dupatta compliments the blouse really well!


55. Gold Motifs on White | Get Custom Made Blouse

The simple bridal blouse design uses of round sequin motifs on a white silk surface.


56. White and Gold Sleeveless Blouse

The combination of white and gold is timeless for a morning wedding! This bride wears this combination on a sleeveless wedding lehenga blouse and looks simply beautiful.


57. Unique Neckline

A gorgeous and perfectly fitted lehenga

This Sabyasachi lehenga is unique because of its blouse! Though the full-sleeve, gold embroidered bridal blouse design has a narrow deep neckline, it is not exposing.

Out of this roller-coaster of wedding lehenga blouse designs? While your mind processes all these different cuts, styles and colors, check out the bridal lehenga section of our website! There, you will find the most exquisite bridal blouse designs for yourself!

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