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35 Banarasi Lehenga Styles for every Indian Bride or Bride to be!

The Banarasi silk brocade of Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, is the ultimate bridal fabric when it comes to Indian weddings. Brides from north and east India, who wear a saree, as their bridal ensemble, can’t think of any other saree but a royal Banarasi. The luscious katan silks, the woven zari designs on the resham, the colorful minakari zari designs breaking the monotony of gold and silver – nothing can beat the grandeur of Banarasi brocade fabrics. These sarees and attires are treated as preciously as expensive jewellery and passed on from generation to generation as heirloom.

The Banarasi silk brocades breathe luxury and royalty. They are timeless and every bride’s dream is to possess royal Banarasi outfit as part of her wedding trousseau. Now, is there any way in which a Banarasi brocade can be used to design lehengas? Why not! Banarasi lehengas are being loved and revered by brides these days. If you are a bride to be, you can invest in one for your trousseau or even wear one on the day of the wedding. Take a look at the 35 bespoke Banarasi lehengas to get inspired and customize your own look.


35 Inspiring Banarasi Lehengas

1. Banarasi Borders

Banarasi Borders - Red Bridal Banarasi Lehenga Get Bridal Lehenga – Custom Made

Heavy zari and silk brocade weaves can become difficult to carry! A great trick is to go for lehengas with heavy Banarasi borders. The rest of the outfit may be in a solid dark tone like maroon. The dupattas should also have Banarasi borders. These borders may be complemented with a bit of zari embroidery or zardozi work.

2. Banarasi Lehenga with Velvet Dupatta

Banarasi Lehenga with Velvet Dupattabhumikagrover | Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Rich textures blend well with each other! Banarasi brocades look very good with luxurious velvet weaves in deep tones! A Banarasi lehenga in a subtle color will be complimented well by a dark velvet dupatta with an ornate, zari embroidered border.

3. Fusion Banarasi Lehengas

Fusion Banarasi Lehengasnatasha.luthra

We have shown you how good contemporary top wear looks with Banarasi skirts. But pairing a rich silk brocade in a deep tone with an equally rich and dark silk shirt, takes the concept of fusion ethnic wear to another dimension! This look is a hit in all occasions except the wedding day! Pair the outfit with antique gold jewellery to give out that “boho” vibe!

4. Bright Colors with Subtle Tones

Bright Colors with Subtle Tonessobariko

A golden yellow and gold Banarasi brocade weave is paired with a beige choli and beige net dupatta! What is exceptional is that the beige has a subtle pink tone which magically complements the golden undertone of the skirt! Checkout more of Yellow Lehengas.

5. Banarasi Lehenga with Velvet Choli

Banarasi Lehenga with Velvet Cholisammiezilla

Combine dark toned Banarasi brocades like browns and maroons with darker velvet cholis and net dupattas – it creates the most sophisticated looks! This pleated skirt looks amazing with the high neck choli and net dupatta studded with stones. The statement neckpiece is the cherry on the cake. Checkout more of velvet lehengas.

6. Red Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

Red Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

This gorgeous bridal outfit speaks for itself. If you want a traditional Banarasi lehenga, giving out the quintessential Banarasi saree vibe, go for such an outfit. Checkout more of Red Bridal Lehengas.

7. Banarasi Lehenga with Double Dupatta Style

Banarasi Lehenga with Double Dupatta Style

A royal pink Banarasi bridal lehenga with gold and minakari work in purple, red and green comes with the double dupatta style. The dupatta draped over the bride’s head is in another royal Banarasi weave – this time in mauve!

8. The Black Banarasi

The Black Banarasi

Though black in a very unlikely choice for a wedding outfit, the gorgeousness of the zari and minakari designs on the jet black silk, just can’t be ignored! Black Banarasi fabric takes design language to a whole new level. Keep such a lehenga for post wedding appearances and pre-wedding occasions like bachelorette etc.

9. Purple-Blue Lehenga for Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

Purple-Blue Lehenga for Pre Wedding Photo Shootshubhavivahh

The brightest colors look best in photographs. This couple has color-coordinated their outfits for a pre wedding extravaganza. Both wear bright purple-toned blues and the bride flaunts a beautiful and luxurious blue Banarasi lehenga skirt. Checkout more of Blue lehengas.

10. Orange and Red Tiered Banarasi Lehenga

Orange and Red Tiered Banarasi Lehengabev_escapades

All the bright warm tones come together in this lehenga! The skirt has intricate zari and thread interwoven design with the hues running in horizontal panels. The Banarasi dupatta is in a bright red tone with woven zari motifs.

11. Tomato Red Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

Tomato Red Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

If you are looking for a Banarasi lehenga to wear for the wedding ceremony, choose a color like this one! A cross between red and orange and with a stark warm tone, this wedding lehenga in Banarasi fabric is simply stunning!

12. Blue and Pink Lehenga

Blue and Pink Lehengaasthasharma.official

Use different types of designs of the Banarasi weave and juxtapose them on your lehenga! The choli and skirt showcase minakari motifs while the dupatta is in one solid tone, studded with zari bootas and polkis. Checkout more of Pink Lehenga.

13. Red Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

Red Bridal Banarasi Lehengahoorvi.j.valaya

What does a traditional red bridal Banarasi saree look like if it magically transforms into a lehenga? The result can’t have been more stunning than this outfit!

14. Yellow Lehenga in Banarasi Weave

Yellow Lehenga in Banarasi Weaveshravyareddy04

Though yellow won’t be the first choice for a bridal ensemble, outfits such us this compel us to think differently! The Banarasi weave itself is so splendid, any color looks grand on it! This Lehenga Saree goes perfectly in a Haldi Ceremony.

15. Fuchsia Pink Bridal Ensemble in Banarsi

Fuchsia Pink Bridal Ensemble in Banarsisinghanias_hyd

South actor – Shivathmika Rajashekar – donned a magnificent fuchsia pink Banarasi lehenga for a wedding function! She looks nothing short of ethereal.

16. The Classic Gold Boota Look

The bride wears a contrasting pink and blue Banarasi lehenga for a pre-bridal appearance! The lehenga flaunts the classic all-over boota look! The skirt has dense work on the bottom part.

17. Cobalt Blue Bridal Lehenga

Cobalt Blue Bridal Lehenga - Banarasi Lehengabridalstylebd

Cobalt blue might not be the foremost choice for bridal wear, especially for the day of the wedding! But, royal weaves such as these will surely change your mind!

18. Red Banarasi Dream

Bengali Bride wearing Red Banarasi Dream Lehengabridesofbengal_wmg

The Bengali Bride is synonymous with a red Banarasi saree! The creators of this outfit have just given such a saree the silhouette of a lehenga, combining the best of both worlds.

19. Orange and Pink Bridesmaid’s Banarasi Lehenga

Orange and Pink Bridesmaid’s Banarasi Lehengadefiningsaloni | Get Bridesmaid Dresses

It is a misconception that the Banarasi weave is exclusively meant for brides! Such a beautiful color combination and design carries the essence of youthful flutter and would look great on bridesmaids, sisters of bride or groom etc.

20. Pink Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

Pink Bridal Banarasi Lehenga

The splendid pink and gold Banarasi skirt steals the show! The choli is in a traditional Rajputana cut and the dupatta flaunts an ornate border.

21. Banarasi Weaves and Pastel Tones

Banarasi Weaves and Pastel Tonesrentitbab

A Banarasi lehenga is not synonymous with a heavy outfit, both in terms of work as well as color! As Banarasi is a silk weave it can never come in matte textures but subtle shades can still be used! This lehenga in a pastel blue and silver weave would be great for any pre-wedding function.

22. With a Jacket

The Banarasi lehenga skirt is so gorgeous in itself that you can easily pair it will fusion top wear to create unique looks. Such a beautiful outfit would rule the dance floor on the sangeet night. Checkout more of Cape aka Jacket Lehenga.

23. With a Peplum Top

Choose a dark Banarasi silk fabric like wine or berry and pair it will a top with a unique cut. On any pre-wedding function, such a look is sure to impress.

24. Banarasi Lehenga for Haldi

Banarasi Lehenga for Haldi

Nothing can match up to the grandeur of traditional color combinations, especially on exotic weaves like the Banarasi brocade. The gold, the red and the golden yellow look mesmerizing when put together on the Banarasi palette.

25. Contrast Banarasi Lehenga Choli

To preserve and flaunt the intricate zari motifs on the luscious silk of a Banarasi brocade fabric choose a gorgeous Banarasi lehenga skirt and pair it with a simple, traditional choli in a contrast shade. Take a Banarasi dupatta.

26. Pink and Mint Banarasi Bridal Lehenga

Pink and Mint Banarasi Bridal Lehenga

An authentic bridal Banarasi lehenga! The bright pink of the skirt perfectly contrasts the mint green of the choli and dupatta! A subtle yet beautiful color combination upholds the exquisite work on the fabric.

27. Banarasi Lehenga with a cape

Banarasi Lehenga with a cape

Looking for creative options for post wedding appearances? Choose a gorgeous Banarasi lehenga skirt and pair it with top-wear that is contemporary! The two colors in this outfit – dark green and gold with dark blue – complement each other like a dream! The luxurious silk of the skirt is also looking great with the decadent velvet of the choli. But what really makes this outfit unique is the sheer cape, giving the traditional outfit a contemporary look.

28. Cholis in Neutral Tones

The perfect blend of grandeur and simplicity – such an outfit is born for a pre-wedding photo shoot. The gorgeous pink and gold lehenga skirt is being beautifully contrasted with the white choli.

29. More Contemporary Cholis

Contemporary banarsai Lehenga with Cholis

The trendiest ways to style larger-than-life Banarasi lehenga skirts is pairing them with contemporary cholis in contrast as well as similar tones. This outfit uses the same navy blue but the choli is off-shoulder and comes with puffy sleeves, creating a perfect balance of tradition and new-age!

30. Banarasi Florals

Pair an embroidered floral choli with a larger-than-life flared Banarasi lehenga skirt. This one is in a pale pink and gold tone. The zari threads do not form distinct motifs. Instead, the pink and gold threads have been interwoven to give the fabric an embossed, textured floral look. Checkout more of Floral Lehenga.

31. Net Ornate Dupattas with Banarasi Weaves

The Banarasi weave is a heavy fabric – both in terms of weight and looks! The richness of the fabric can be aptly complemented with the dreamy lightness of a net dupatta! In this case, two contrasting tones – dark green and royal blue – have been used! The dupatta has an ornate border.

32. A Silk Shirt with Tie-up Detail

More ideas for fusion Benarasi lehengas! The skirt is in a matte gold and deep lilac tone! The silk shirt has tie-up detail and its color, though from the lilac family, is distinctly deeper with a purplish undertone. This fusion look is great for pre-wedding functions like the mehendi or sangeet.

33. Monotones in Banarasi

This Banarasi lehenga is unlike anyone we have seen so far! It uses the same color – bright pink – for all the three components of the outfit! In fact, the lehenga skirt and choli are in the same pink and gold brocade while the dupatta border has a slightly different kind of work done! The choli has full bell sleeves.

34. Juxtapose Bright Hues – Banarasi Lehenga

Juxtapose Bright Hues - Banarasi Lehenga_varsharma

When two bright colors – hot pink and azure blue – are juxtaposed, they create a beautiful fusion of hues! Add to that the grandeur of the Banarasi weave and you just can’t go wrong!

35. Banarasi Lehenga – The Royal Weave


The Banarasi weave is a royal one! In bygone eras, it was the royalty of our country who encouraged and provided patronage for the development of this art! Even today, it is a favourite with them. The Maharani of Baroda or Vadodara wears a gorgeous red and gold Banarasi lehenga! Her beauty is unparalleled in this outfit!


Banarasi lehengas are getting popular with brides these days as they look nothing short of magnificent but at the same time are quite light compared to those lehengas that have a lot of heavy thread work, zari, stone or sequin work! The richness of the silk provides a lustre of its own and being hand woven, Banarasi weaves are very skin friendly. You can also combine Banarasi weaves with other arts such as thread work, zardozi etc. Get a couple of Banarasi lehengas for your wedding trousseau and trust us, you will not regret it!

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Gorgeous and Stylish Lehenga Saree Styles

Ever wondered whether to wear a lehenga or a saree for an Indian wedding function but then why not a lehenga saree! We bring you various Lehenga Saree Style that you can choose from while option for this fabulous combination.

Lehenga - saree for wedding

Weddings have started and so the wedding season is in full bloom. With ladies shopping for the best ensemble for the next wedding and showing their A fashion game, choosing the most stylish, event appropriate and easy to carry outfit becomes a task. And for that Instagram, Pinterest and loads of online wedding platforms prove to be a great helping friend.

Now in today’s contemporary era, there are a lot of traditional options to go for to look your best, but a lehenga and a saree prove to be the most preferred choices for the major part of the wedding season as they look equally regal, traditional and imperial. But if you are torn between whether to don a lehenga or a saree, then a lehenga saree (aka a lehenga styled saree) is the one for you. It’s like lehenga and saree had a baby and there it was born.


Lehenga styled Saree for Wedding Want this custom made?

But what is amazing to notice is that how more and more ladies are opting for it rather more than a traditional lehenga only or saree only look for a wedding. You don’t need to know how to drape a saree, make pleats or know pinning it the right way to not make holes or worst, tear it apart.

“It’s all about draping the dupatta to make it look as if you’re wearing a saree, even though it is a lehenga saree. Also it can be seen as a saree”

What is a Lehenga Saree?

But still if you aren’t clear much about what a lehenga saree is, let us school you a bit about the same.

The lehenga style saree is a semi-stiched garment that is split into different components. The skirt is the part that actually can help one identify that it as a lehenga saree, so this is arguably the most important piece in the whole ensemble. A lehenga saree can be crafted into a mermaid style, A-line cut, or a flared silhouette. However, no matter what style it is, there’s one thing that cannot be missed – the pleats stitched onto the skirt.

Another factor that can help you differentiate between a lehenga style saree and a lehenga is that the pallu (aka the duppata only) of the garment is also stitched onto the skirt on one side. The other side is left free so that women can drape it easily over a shoulder.

Finally, the blouse is often stitched as a choli and not a saree blouse.

Lehenga styled Saree for Wedding Want this custom made?

But don’t confuse it with a half saree because lehenga style saree or lehenga saree means that you have a lehenga which looks like a saree when worn with the the pallu and all. But a half saree is one wherein you drape a saree such that it seems a sif it’s a lehenga. The latter way is very useful to reuse a saree in a more modern and girlish way, rather than investing in an all new lehenga whatsoever.

What we are going to talk about here is the first part. So let’s get started now.

Tip: If you don’t want to even invest in a lehenga saree also, you can simply use the dupatta also to tuck it and turn around in such a way that it looks like a saree. You can see this in a number of videos. Komal Pandey, one of the most loved and hot fashion influencers has even shot a video on how to wear a saree like a lehenga. Click here to check that video out.

30 styles of Lehenga Saree

1. Floral Printed Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you would like to sport a lehenga saree on a pre-wedding morning occasion or on your pre-wedding photo shoot, something like this one would be a good choice! It comes in a rich color and fabric with printed floral designs and an ornate border. It’s lightweight yet not bland-looking!

2. Ruffled Fusion Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This one is perfect for pre-wedding functions like bachelorette parties, engagement parties etc. This is also a trendy outfit for the bridesmaids. The lehenga part has an A-line fall with ruffled edges and the pallu too has similar detailing. The blouse comes in a printed fabric and the lehenga saree in taffeta silk.

3. The Perfect Red Wedding Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

What is even more gorgeous than a red lehenga? A red lehenga saree! Just look at this gorgeous bride! The lehenga saree has a more graceful cut compared to a lehenga. The presence of the pallu adds more layers and dimensions to the look. This beautiful lehenga saree comes with exquisite gold zari embroidery which will make any other red lehenga look drab in front of this one!

4. Go Neutral on the Wedding Morning!

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Sporting a lehenga saree on the wedding morning is a great idea! Go for something which has a neutral base color combined with a colorful border, pallu and blouse. The one in the picture is ideal! Such a color combination ensures great photography in natural light for the haldi ceremony!

5. Inspired by Gujarati Embroidery

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This lehenga saree is one-of-a-kind! Though not ideal for bridal looks it can be sported by brides on pre and post wedding functions. It is also perfect for the bride’s sister or a wedding guest. It comes in a unique shade of green and is exceptionally light weight owing to the fact that the Gujarati stitch inspired designs or embellishment are actually digitally printed on the fabric.

6. Teal Green Reception Lehenga

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This piece of gorgeousness is made out of fluffy, ruffled georgette and net fabrics with a layered gown-like fall and a ruffled pallu draped cross-body, in the traditional style! A thin gold sequin border and motifs of rosettes adorn this lehenga saree. It is paired with a sleeveless crop top in a dark blue shade with gold zari embroidery. The teal green color of the outfit looks amazing!

7. Bottle Green and Gold Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Call it a lehenga saree or a lehenga draped like a saree, the outcome is indeed graceful and elegant. This bottle green lehenga saree with gold thread work, sequin work and an embellished blouse with latkan details is ideal for a wedding guest as well as the elder sister of the bride or the groom.

8. Pink Your Bridal Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you are planning to sport a lehenga saree on your wedding and are pretty sure about skipping red, go for a pink and gold one like the one in this picture. The pallu has been draped the Gujarati saree way and the pleats have been fastened with a gold ornamental belt or kamarbandh.

9. The Power of Contrast Coloring

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This bride is wearing a unique lehenga saree on her haldi morning function! The skirt comes in a bright mustard yellow and the blouse is in a contrasting light blue color. What brings the two colors together is the red ruffled pallu!

10. The Combination of Red and Beige

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This bride has skipped all the glitter and gold on her wedding outfit. She wears a red lehenga saree with embellishment in tussar or light beige color and a blouse in the same neutral hue with three-quarter sleeves. The floral embellishment and embroidery on her lehenga saree look amazingly intricate and prominent being in the light beige or matte gold thread it is in.

11. Reception Night Pink

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This gorgeous pink and gold lehenga saree is perfect for bridal wear! The pleated flare of the skirt is excellent. The pallu has gold zari work. The skirt border too is unique and consists of two thick bands of golden zari. Though the lehenga skirt has no other embellishment, the richness of the fabric makes up for it.

12. Peacock Motif Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

The bride wears the most exquisite wedding outfit in the form of this multi-color lehenga saree. The flared skirt is in a henna green color and embroidered with traditional motifs like peacocks, flowers etc in zardozi and aari work. The choli is in a pastel orange shade and boasts similar embroidery. The pallu is in a pink and gold chequered pattern and has an embellished henna green border.

13. Neon Green, Gold and Red

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

The uncommon color combination of the neon green flared skirt and the red pallu, though difficult to carry, is entirely out-of-the-box! The gold embellished blouse and floral motifs on the skirt add the perfect amount of glitter. The outfit is young and vibrant and just perfect for bridesmaids, bride’s or groom’s sister or best friend.

14. White and Gold Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you are a bride who wishes to wear something contemporary, unique and different on her reception night or if you are attending a close friend’s wedding and want to sport something which is the perfect fusion of modern and ethnic, opt for such a lehenga saree. The white pleated flared skirt has colourful floral motifs; the tiny sleeveless blouse is in a rich bottle green fabric; the pallu has red and green motifs. However, the broad gold sequin border of the skirt steals the show and the glamour quotient to this outfit.

15. Multi-color Saree Dress

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Call it a South Indian saree dress or a lehenga saree, the beauty of this paiece lies in two things – the combination of bright vibrant colors like red, green and purple with gold and the richness of the high quality silk. Fastened with a belt it looks even more unique!

16. Darkest Hue of Navy

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

If you can then carry it! This truly boutique piece is in a fluffy dark navy blue fabric with a layered gown-like fall. The pallu and off-shoulder blouse boast cut work and floral embroidery. It is difficult to carry but will surely give out a style statement!

17. Neon Green and Pink Bridal Lehenga

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This South Indian lehenga saree would not suit all skin tones due to the fluorescent or neon green color. But if you can carry it, it is definitely a piece worth flaunting. First, the combination of neon green and bright pink is attractive. The gold thread weave on the silk adds dimension. But the show-stopper is the heavily embellished cold shouldered and full-sleeve choli.

18. Lace Bordered Grace

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

This lovely saree lehenga in a vibrant combination of orange and pink is perfect for the sister of the bride or groom. It can also work for the bride on a morning function. The uniqueness of this piece lies in the lace and zari floral border. The skirt has gold zari detailing and the pallu flaunts thread embroidered floral motifs near the border. The dark blue choli too boasts floral embroidery in golden thread.

19. Off-White Floral Lehenga Saree with Pompoms

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Another one-of-its-kind lehenga saree for the bride who likes it different! First, the beauty of this piece lies in the timeless combination of pastel hues and matte gold floral embroidery on an off-white surface. Second, the pallu bordered with pompoms in pink pastel shade makes the outfit extremely unique.

20. Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Pre-stitched Gown-style Lehenga Saree

Call it an ethnic dress or gown but the silhouette of the outfit classifies it as a lehenga saree for sure! The drape is unique and so is the color. It’s in a light blush pink shade. The fall of the gown in divided into different layers. The part in net is embroidered in sequins and thread of the same color. The pallu is pleated, pre-draped and attached to the full-sleeve blouse.

21. Gujarati inspired lehenga Saree Style

Gujarat inspired Lehenga SareeSource: ethnic-rack | want this custom made?

Now if you have seen a Gujarati bride, then the pallu is in the front of the bride rather than a back pallu (as can be inferred from above image). So this style of Gujarati style lehenga saree is one which you too can adorn anytime.

Just take one side of the dupatta of your lehenga and spread it over your front as the pallu while making pleats at the shoulder and pinning it there. Now let the dupatta fall at your back and your Gujarati lehenga saree is ready!

Gujarat inspired Lehenga SareeSource: | want this custom made?

22. Border lehenga Saree style

Border lehenga saree stylelooking for custom made bridal & Groom wear?

Now this style of lehenga saree works well if you have a lehenga which has a heavily bordered dupatta, with all the zari work and embellishments. How to do this style?

Start making pleats with your dupatta in a way that your border shows up in the end and pin them so they don’t get disorganised. Now wear the drape on your left shoulder (because traditionally it is on the left side only that the pallu sits on the shoulder) and tuck the back end inside your lehenga. Tadaa! Your work is done and this lehenga saree style is very popular when it comes to Punjabi Weddings. Check out our Punjabi wedding dresses that are very popular and loved by Punjabi brides.

23. Loose pallu lehenga style saree

Loose pallu lehenga style saree

Now this is something really cool and easy to do with no pleating and no worrying about the border or even pinning (yes, you can let the pallu drop freely on your shoulder or just pin it also). Simply take one end of your lehenga dupatta and tuck it in the back of your waist. Now you can wear the whole dupatta on your shoulder in any way you like and leave it loose while moving freely.

Now you must be thinking that it is the easiest style to don a lehenga cum saree for this wedding season but there’s one to go which we’ll tell you later. Wait for it!

24. One shoulder drape style

One shoulder drape style - Dia Mirza

As the name suggests, it just contains a dupatta over your shoulder. Pin it up if you feel like and make pleats either before draping or let it loose. You have no actual pallu but still you have it kind of and there’s no tucking also as well or you can tuck also like the way Dia Mirza is doing. This style is very popular when it comes to Haldi Function or Roka Ceremony.

25. Just tuck in and drape Lehenga Saree style

Last but surely not the least, this is what most of us actually do in a way when we have to style our dupatta in a different way rather than just throwing it off like that. Simple make pleats of your dupatta, tuck at the back at one end and pin on the shoulder at opposite end.

This is an easy way to drape the dupatta and all you need to do is make the perfect pleats to wear on your shoulder and to let loose around your waist. If you are running out of time, then go for this and style perfectly with some accessories and a nice hairdo.

Above were some of the ways of making the dupatta look like it is the pallu of the saree. But as we have told you earlier in the starting only, there are semi-stitched lehenga sarees as well wherein the pleats are stitched into the skirt for the actual pallu like look and feel, you just need to take it over your shoulder like any other saree. Wanna see how real life brides have managed to steal the wedding day with their version of lehenga saree? Read more and know more.

26. Contrast color Lehenga Saree

want this custom made?

This South Indian bride chose to wear this really vibrant magenta coloured lehenga and a contrasting colored golden dupatta like a lehehnga saree for one of her functions with her hair tied in a messy bun and choker necklace coupled with a long necklace and matching earrings. The little golden work on the lehenga skirt is perfect to break the overall monotony of the outfit. But if you wish to go for an outift like this, then it can also be worn for a sangeet, engagement or even reception party as well.

27. Heavily embroidered Blouse in a Lehenga Saree

source: weddingwire.inwant this custom made?

This bride who chose to go an unconventional path with a bottle green and pastel blue outfit, that has gold sequins and heavy embroidered work all over the lehenga. Take inspiration from this fierce bride if you don’t want to make any compromise but still look flamboyant and like a dream come true to all the unmarried and single ladies out there. A special kudos to the bride here!

28. Go Neon! Vibrant Lehenga Saree

want this custom made?

This ecstatic outfit with green, yellow and fuchsia going all over it is perfect for a day event and that golden belt adds an edge to the otherwise overall traditional look. It is perfect for a mehndi function as the green henna will just go so well with the colors of the overall outfit. We are all stolen with the choice of this bride. Are you too?

29. A-Shape lehenga Saree

want this custom made?

Awww, we are in awe of this bride and her choice of color for her sangeet outfit as the maroon lehenga and with a yellow golden dupatta draped like a saree pallu is so gorgeous to take eyes off. The little bling, the light golden work, open loose hair and kamarbandh seem to complete the look like everything.

If you need some sangeet, mehndi or even reception, this is our pick for you. From us to you!

30. Sober yet gorgeous as ever

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Isn’t India’s Dhak Dhak girl, Madhuri Dixit Nene not giving us some major fashion goals for a lehenga saree like the one below in white with thin red borders and golden and red work all along the lehenga saree? The tightly pulled hair back into a bun and some heavy earrings with naked neck is proving to be a true style and fashion statement.


How to use a Saree as a dupatta Lehenga Saree 

Yes, you read that right. You can even use a complete saree as a dupatta by making pleats the way you do for a saree and tucking them with even making pleats of the pallu as well. You can drape the pleated pallu like a dupatta or can form V shape with it in the saree. The pallu is a nice way to finish your unique draping, especially if your pallu is heavily embroidered or studded with the stones.

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So now you have a deep rooted knowledge as to how you can wear a lehenga as a saree without even investing in one. It might seem tricky at once but when once practiced and grabbed hands on, it looks the most graceful and gives fashion vibes one can not even expect it to be. Don’t forget to tell us your version of lehenga saree either in the comments section below or on Instagram by tagging @getethnic.

Also we have just talked about anarkali suits as well for brides this wedding season and more to come. Don’t forget to check that out. One of our happy customer who fell in love with her outfit:



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33 Insta-Worthy Anarkalis for your Ethnic Wear OOTDs

A long flowing kurta, the extensive flare achieved through stitching together vertical panels of cloth, paired with churidar bottoms and dupattas – and you have the anarkali or the kalidar dress! It is believed that this style of dress evolved in India during the time of the Mughal emperor Akbar and the name of the outfit was derived from a famous courtesan of the times– Anarkali.
Though this history may be questionable, what is certain is that the anarkali suit or dress, is as grand and magnificent as an outfit belonging to the Mughal court should be! This is why anarkalis are extremely popular when it comes to wedding fashion or festive wear.
An anarkali kurta typically has a fitted bodice and a long, flowing frock-style skirt attached to it. It may be floor length or ankle length and even in some cases, calf length. They look grand and gorgeous and bring variation into a wedding trousseau which usually is filled up with sarees and lehengas.


33 Stunning Anarkali Bridal Dresses

1. Celeb-Worthy Chikankari Anarkali

Celeb-Worthy Chikankari Anarkaliweddingbazaarfashion

Sonam Kapoor wears this stunning ivory toned chikankari anarkali for her Diwali celebrations! The flared kalis, the bodice resembling the peshwas and jagulfis worn by Mughal women look beautiful. The outfit has a vintage appeal.

2. Splendid Pastels

wedabout | Get Bridal Anarkali

This one is the dreamiest of the lot! Fit for every festival or occasion, this one comes in a soothing pastel blue tone, blurred out with a layer of golden net! The zardozi and sequin work elevates the look to a level of celestial beauty. The bootas all over and the ornate borders make the outfit look breathtakingly beautiful!

3. The Red Bridal Anarakli

The Red Bridal Anarakliluxiecouture | Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

If you are bored of the red lehenga look for your wedding and want a slight variation, a flared, floor length anarkali dress with dupatta is the perfect alternative. The gold embroidery on this bridal anarkali is detailed and extraordinary.

4. White Cocktail Anarkali Dress

White Cocktail Anarkali Dress

A bit of thread work on the neckline and a thick band of gold in the lower hem – this is all that needs to make this white anarkali dress stunning! Anarkali dresses have an exquisite cut. The hundreds of kalis on her dress and the pleated flared look they create nullifies the need of embellishments for this one.

5. Red Bridal Anarkalis

Red Bridal Anarkaliswedabout

Another impressive maroon-esque red wedding anarkali! Paired with a flared skirt, this anarkali tells the story of an exotic royal garden, thread worked all the way round the kalis.

6. Blue-tiful Wedding Bridal Anarkalis

A layered wedding anarkali dress in a pastel blue tone – replete with premium zardozi embroidery also showcasing the use of stones, crystals and sequins! This ensemble is perfect for receptions and even bridal wear!

7. Brown in Glory


A dark brown grey-toned silk is used for the calf-length anarkali which is paired with a gold brocade skirt and woven design silk stole. The anarkali kurta has an ornate border and gold zari embroidery along the neckline and bodice.

8. Layered in Silver and Gold – Bridal Anarkali

Layered in Silver and Gold - Bridal Anarkalishaadiwish

A very unique design language is seen in this bridal anarkali dress! While light pastel blue and peach have been used, the heavy embellishments on this layered dress use both golden and silver zari and sequin embroidery along with zardozi work, stone work etc.

9. Post Wedding Blues

Ethnic wear other than sarees and lehengas, are of great use after the wedding! For post wedding functions amongst friends or relatives, a flared floor-length anarkali in a soothing powder blue shade and silver zari and sequin embellishments is sure to impress! So make sure you get hold of one of these for your wedding trousseau.

10. ‘Kali’ is the Code Word


This anarkali dress or kalidar dress is full of kali motifs! In other words it’s a floral anarkali. The round neck, full sleeve peach toned kurta has numerous kalis that flare and reveal intricately embroidered floral motifs in dark red, maroon and orange. The flared skirt bottom wear also flaunts similar motifs. The net dupatta is studded with embroidered kali-motifs too.

11. The Ornate Pishwa


A pishwas or pishwa frock is just another variation of the anarkali dress. They have the same fitted bodice look with kalis that flare below the waistline. Unlike traditional anarkalis, they are not usually ankle or floor length. Pishwas are mostly worn by Muslim brides of Hyderabad. This olive toned pishwa is intricately embroidered in zari threads, sequins, stones, zardozi metallic beads etc.

12. Hand Block Print on Indigo Cotton


Cotton anarkalis are a great option if you want to stick to ethnic wear on your honeymoon or post-wedding travels. In light and comfortable cotton fabrics and natural colors, these anarkalis boast hand block printing techniques like ajrakh, bagh, bagru, sanganeri etc.

13. Anarkalis in Royal Silks


They say purple is the color of royalty and the rich texture of this silk is no less regal. Gold zari thread work adorns the neckline and bootas are placed sparsely all over the dress.

14. The Splendour of Multi-Color Thread Work

The Splendour of Multi-Color Thread Workasalabusandeep

This one-of-a-kind anarkali dress, a perfect choice for post-wedding travels or pre-wedding photo shoot, boasts exotic crewel work all over in multiple shades.

15. Quintessential Red Anarkali Suit


Wear it at your best friend’s wedding or add it to your own wedding trousseau – no Indian girl can do without a version of the red anarkali suit! This one boasts self-color embroidery and is studded with sequins. The calf length kurta is paired with straight ankle-length trousers and a solid dupatta.

16. Pastel Blue and Peach Wedding Anarkali

Pastel Blue and Peach Wedding Anarkali

Wedding anarkalis are no less splendid that wedding lehengas! In fact, the flare of the kalis can any day replace the flare of the lehenga skirts! This beautiful light pastel blue anarkali dress is paired in contrast with a peach toned dupatta . The intricate gold zardozi work on the dress is breath-taking.

17. Mirror Work on Lilac

Mirror Work on Lilaclabellushofficial

The detailed floral mirror work on this deep lilac toned anarkali looks exotic! The combination would photograph really well and is appropriate for pre-wedding occasions like mehendi and sangeet. Such an outfit will also do a great job on a pre-wedding photo shoot.

18. Grey-aceful Anarkalis

Grey-aceful Anarkalismeenabazaarcanada

A stunning combination of a cool toned grey and pink make this outfit memorable! The bodice and sleeves have all over boota motifs. A line of zari embroidery runs all along the borders, neckline and along the kalis. The waist area from where the kalis start showcase ornate intricate work. It is paired with a chiffon dupatta having cut-work border.

19. Twirl Worthy

This bottle green silk anarkali dress with an excellently flared cut is totally twirl-worthy! The wide pink border creates a stunning contrast. Huge floral motifs in gold adorn the dress and a different one runs along the dark pink border.

20. Wine Toned Wonders

On a rich base of wine toned silk, gold and beige have been used resplendently to create an outfit which speaks for itself. The anarkali dress has a high neck and the sleeves are ornate. The borders of the dress and dupatta have thick bands of gold and beige.

21. Green and Pink Banarasi Bridal Anarkali

Green and Pink Banarasi Bridal Anarkali

This gorgeous anarkali dress in dark green and gold has an ornately embroidered yoke area and a slit down the centre from the waistline revealing the gorgeous Banarasi brocade skirt underneath. The kurta and the skirt border have touches of contrasting dark pink which find full expression in the dupatta.

22. When Blue is the Color of Love – Bridal Anarkali

When Blue is the Color of Love - Bridal Anarkali

Calling this powder blue bridal anarkali dress ‘gorgeous’ would be an understatement! The outfit is out-of-this-world, almost celestial. The use of serene silver resham threads for the embroidery, layered with feather-light net, studded with crystals and sequins, the larger-than-life flare – all this and more redefine the language of love through this outfit.

23. Glitter and Gold – Bridal Anarkali


Sabyasachi the Boss! A contemporary option for those brides who prefer their wedding attire to be a little different – this all gold anarkali dress is low on the flare-quotient accentuating the figure of the wearer and comes with a belt detail that gives it a unique shape.

24. White Mirror-Worked Bridal Anarkali Dress

White Mirror-Worked Bridal Anarkali Dress

While white chikankari anarkalis have an appeal of their own, you can’t really carry that look on your wedding day. If you still want a white anarkali dress for bridal wear, go for something like this – intricate self color embroidery combined with mirror work and silver zari work.

25. Blue and Red Mirror Work Anarkali Dress

The combination of light blue and red itself steals the show! Moreover, the resplendent use of mirror work with mirrors of all shapes and sizes makes this outfit one of a kind! It is ideal for any Indian festivity as well as wedding related daytime functions.

26. Black. Period!

Nothing, simply nothing can match up to the richness, the class, the sophistication and the grandeur of black! In a decadent fabric, this jet black and beige anarkali dress is stunning! The intricacy of the beige Kashmiri crewel work on the kalis stand out on a background so deep.

27. Berry Toned Anarkali Dress

A combination of matte gold and berry is surely eye-catching. Add to this the gracefulness of the minimalistic embellishments and you have the perfect anarkali dress for attending an Indian big fat wedding.

28. Magnificent Banarasi Anarkalis

Magnificent Banarasi Anarkalis

A luxurious silk in a dark purple tone is combined with a arctic blue and silver Banarasi brocade to create this magnificent anarkali dress. The sleeves have Banarasi work and so does the dupatta. The belt attachment and the yoke of the kurta flaunt zari and gotta embroidery in silver.

29. Brocades and Kalis


Plus size Bridal Lehenga and anarkali – The magic of brocades come alive in this gorgeous reddish-maroon anarkali dress. The gold brocade work on the kalis – running in three floral lines horizontally all around the dress – is simply stunning! The bodice has gold bootas.

30. The Summer Perfect Anarkali

This faded azure blue anarkali suit, layered in chiffons with printed floral motifs of cream toned tulips, ivory roses and bright blue chrysanthemums, is just perfect for the summer season.

31. Lilac Love

Some outfits stand out because of the unique colors they come in! This stunning lilac anarkali dress is one such outfit which also flaunts a decadent texture of a rich silk. Silver resham threads and crystals have been used for understated yet intricate embroidery. Boota motifs adorn the entire outfit as well as the net dupatta.

32. The Riot of Colors

The Riot of Colorsbeigeglowbridal

Can any other outfit match up to the ethnic appeal of this multi-tone bridal anarkali dress? Displaying explicit gold zari embroidery, the dress uses to its advantage three bright colors dear to the Indian bridal palette – green, pink and gold! Looking for something gorgeous to wear on the mehendi function? This outfit is your destination!
A couple anarkali dresses or suits is a must for your bridal trousseau! They are comfortable to carry and come very handy in any function or occasion – before or after the wedding – in which you would rather not wear a lehenga or a saree! So, get in touch with us and get us to customize some stunning anarkalis, meant only for you!

33. Layered anarkali design

Grey Khatli hand worked double layered Anarkali Lehenga

Again this bride chose a layered and floor length peach anarkali for her wedding day with net at the bottom and heavy embroidery above it to give a contrasting effect to the overall outfit. Now this is a style statement and piece in itself. This Indo-western beige double layered anarkali gown is perfect for a cocktail event as it’s chic, embellished and modern with those bell sleeves at the end of the arm. Go opt for this one if you want something Indian but with a western touch.

Conclusion – Anarkali

Who doesn’t love floor length outfits to embrace an elegant and sheer style. And what better than a floor length anarkali. This is an ever lasting choice for everyone and anyone who wants to stay rooted to the traditional design of an anarkali but still look flamboyant. You as a would-be bride can invest in all-embroidered, handwoven, thread work, lace-laden or even embellished anarkalis with a flowy fabric to give the “kalis” some added twirl when you go round and round with your partner for photos like georgette, net, shiffon or even silk and cotton.

The material and work of the anarkali also depends on the type of function and time of the day, along with season. Like you might not want to wear a heavily embellished bridal anarkali for a day mehendi, but a heavily embellished net or georgette might work for evening event in summers or even autumn.

History of Anarkali Dress

‘Anarkali’ means the flower of pomegranate (‘Anar’=Pomegranate, ‘Kali’= Flower). Basically, Anarkali was the legendary slave girl from Lahore at the time of the empire of Akbar. The eternal love story of Salim (Akbar’s Son) and Anarkali is legendary and the film, Mughal-E-Azam, has made it timeless. Usually, the dancers, like Anarkali, used to present mujra (special kind of dance) in this dress and then it was known as mujra dress. After Anarkali, it became famous as Anarkali Dress.

Designs of Anarkali Lehengas

Usually, the gown portion of these lehengas are floor-touching, flowing and comes with lots of pleats. Today, Anarkali suits are also in trends. The upper portion of the suit is slim fitted around your bust and waist. The style enhances your curves and makes you look adorable. The length of the dress depends on person’s choice, but now the floor touching design is in fashion.

The upper portion is known as choli which is heavily embroidered. You can experiment with the designs of necklines and sleeves. Though sleeveless cholis look sexy, today, women also prefer a full sleeve of net and heavy embroidery work. A piece of Anarkali lehenga in your wardrobe can present you at any occasion with elegance and sophistication. The best thing about this dress is, it suits every body type, but the tall girls look more graceful in this suit. You can pick any materials, like satin, silk, cotton or net. The zari work or dazzling gotapatti work make the dress look wonderful.


Things You Should Remember While Wearing Anarkali Lehangas

  • You should always pair the dress with tights, leggings or churidaar. Palazzo or patialas won’t go with this dress.
  • While wearing a floor-length, you should check out that the length only covers your heels and does not get too flowing.
  • Choose beautiful neckline as that is the USP of this kind of dress.
  • For heavy busted women, Chinese collar is a big no.
  • Slim women or women with hourglass figure can try heavy flares.

So, today you get to know something important about Anarkali lehengas which was not known to you. Now, buy one for the coming occasion and look amazing.

Also, choose the right accessory to suit your anarkali in the best way so that the attention doesn’t drift away from the overall style of your anarkali.

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