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Bridal Chooda

Bridal Chooda

Is the chooda not the prettiest bridal accessory? It looks so romantic and glamorous when a new bride wears it with her everyday clothing. The choodas make her look special and it is believed that they strengthen the bond between the husband and wife. The choodas are also one of the solah shringars, that is, the sixteen accessories or ornaments that Hindu married women are supposed to wear.

The chooda is primarily a Punjabi or North Indian tradition. But like everything else in India, other communities are also adopting this beautiful custom. And why not? Not only does the chooda look beautiful, in Punjabi culture it signifies marital bond, fertility and prosperity. It is as auspicious as an accessory can get!

The chooda is basically a set of 21 bangles, worn on each wrist. Though in old times women wore even 51-bangle set choodas, nowadays, for the sake of convenience, brides wear 11, 9 or even 7 bangle sets. As per custom, the mama or maternal uncle of the bride is supposed to give her the choodas. In a ceremony held in the morning of the wedding, the chooda is presented to the bride who is not supposed to see it at that time. The chooda ceremony precedes the kalire ceremony.

Traditionally, choodas are expensive bangles make with ivory and having gold inlay work. Choodas come in shades of red, maroon, white or ivory with gold. These colors are common even these days but brides nowadays also like to experiment with bangles in colors like green, pink, orange etc. The red chooda not only looks the most glam with the wedding attire, it is also considered extremely auspicious.

Traditional choodas allow the use of a lot of creativity and experimentation. You can play around with the shape and shade. You can also replace the gold inlay work with beads, thread work, crystals etc. You also get choodas studded with precious and semi-precious stones.

At GetEthnic, we have tried to include such aesthetic ideas in our choodas. So if you are the mama or mami of the bride-to-be and are looking for an exquisite set of choodas, look no further because we have the widest collection of traditional as well as contemporary chooda designs. If you are the bride-to-be herself, you can tell your mama to select a chooda for you from GetEthnic. If it’s from us, you can be sure that it’s not going to disappoint you!