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The Lacha Legacy: 34 Bridal Looks from Traditional to Contemporary

“Lacha” is one of the most unique yet classy traditional wear which is very popular in Punjabi and Muslims weddings/special occasions. In India, the saree and the lehenga, have been ruling the scenario of bridal fashion since time immemorial. Just like the bridal saree does not come in a single style or drape, the lehenga too has its own variations. These include the ghagra-choli, the sharara or gharara with a kurta, the lacha etc.

Dark Green LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

A lacha is much like the lehenga but most often it comes with a longer choli that reaches much below the waist. Not only does this form a well-defined silhouette but also serves as the best outfit for conservative brides. A lacha is very popular Punjabi bridal wear and it’s also popular in Muslim bridal fashion.

A traditional lacha comes with a flared lehenga skirt or ghagra with a rich and adorned bottom hemline. Traditionally, the blouse of a lacha resembles a kurtabut nowadays shorter cholis also accompany the ghagra. A long ornate dupatta is also a must in traditional lachas!

35 Drool-Worthy Bridal Lachas

1. Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal LachaBlue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

This dark blue lacha is perfect for any pre-wedding occasion like mehendi or sangeet. The closely ruffled pleats of the skirt look great coupled with a lacy border. The kurti which is ornate with gold zari and thread work is well complemented by the simplicity of the skirt. The color, the lightness and the simple charm of the outfit makes it very apt for any pre-bridal occasion.


2. Obsessed with Navy

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Some colors look more appealing on richer fabrics. Navy is one such color! If you are looking for a simple yet classy and royal outfit for your reception, go for a navy lacha in velvet. The border hem of the skirt is broad and detailed with sequin and zardozi work in gold. Similar work is repeated on the sleeves in floral motifs and the border of the neckline of the kurti. The dupatta border echoes similar embellishments. The rest of outfit flaunts the richness of the color and the fabric.

3. Traditional Pastel Mint Green Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

The cut and style of lacha, as an ethnic outfit, is essentially traditional. It is not the type of outfit that can work the fusion way! So, the easiest way to carry a lacha is by going all traditional! This pastel color lacha has been embellished in gold zari and zardozi work. It can work really well as a Muslim wedding dress. Moreover, the dupatta has also been draped in an erstwhile fashion, giving the outfit a strong vintage appeal.

4. Lacha with Peplum Kurti

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Did we just say you can’t create a fusion look with the lacha? Well, this unique design has proved us wrong! This bridal lacha comes in a non-bridal color – beige. Coupled with that is the very understated yet textured design pattern. The embellishments are there in self color which gives a very light feel! But what sets the lacha apart is the peplum type of kurti which is fitted at the bust area and forms anarkali-like pleats.

5. Traditional Lacha with Calf Length Kurta

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

If you are trying out the lacha for the first time, we suggest you go for a slightly longer top-wear than a kurti that ends above the knees. A short kurti may make curvy brides look broader at the hip area. The best bet is to go for a calf length embellished kurta over a plain flared skirt. Like this outfit, add a net dupatta with slight embellishments in a contrast shade to increase the attractiveness of your outfit.

6. Use Your Regular Kurta for a Lacha Dress

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

If you own an ornate kurta you can easily pair it with a lehenga skirt in a complementary or neutral shade to turn it into a breathtakingly beautiful lacha dress, like the one in this picture! A black kurta with gold embellishments is paired with a golden flared skirt in georgette and net! The border in the skirt has black and gold patchwork details and gold zari work. It is paired with a net dupatta.

7. Grey and Gold Bridal Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Such an exquisite and uncommon color combination is depicted in this outfit! Zari and resham threads in golden color have been used to form intricate floral patterns on the net kurta and skirt. The zari embroidery gets denser at the borders and hemlines. The dupatta boasts a golden border in leaf motifs. This lacha is perfect for a bridal or a reception look.

8. Green and Mustard Yellow Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

This simplistic yet brightly colored lacha is apt for any morning function. The bright mustard yellow and gold brocade skirt adds a burst of freshness to the look. The dark leaf green kurta is plain except for Kashmiri style floral embroidery in gold zari and resham at the neckline and hemline. The mustard dupatta with bootis is the perfect accessory! The outfit gives out a vibe of freshness and warmth and is perfect for the haldi morning look.

9. The Lacha in Black and Gold

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

This lacha is definitely not in a bridal color but would look extremely glamorous in any non-wedding or non-bridal occasion. It can also work well on the bridesmaid on the reception night. The kurta and skirt are in taffeta silk and the kurta boasts gold hand embroidery. The soft net dupatta has an embroidered border and bootis all over in golden zari.

10. Dusty Pink Georgette Lacha

Blue & Gold Pre-Bridal Lacha

Traditional and regal – this lacha set with an extremely flared skirt, showcasing gold embroidery, upholds the simplistic appeal of a gorgeous outfit. The kurta is plain too with just some embellishments in the neckline and hemline. The pair in georgette has been perfectly complemented with a dupatta in a contrast hue.

11. Maroon Velvet Lacha


This is a typical bridal lacha in a rich fabric and color. Maroon looks very rich on velvet. The grandeur of this bridal outfit is enhanced by the aari and zardozi embroidery in silver. Silver work on a maroon fabric is also a very unique combination. The thread work is mainly floral, especially on the bottom part of the skirt which has vertical flowers embroidered on it.

12. Dark Pink Lacha

Dark Pink Lacha

A beautiful bridal lacha on a dark pink georgette fabric, this one boasts two unique features. First of all, the combination of the dark pink fabric and the matte gold embroidery is rare! Moreover, this lacha blouse has a jacket-like slit down the middle and the two-tier embroidered detail on the skirt gives the outfit a layered look.

13. Lacha for Morning Wedding

Lacha for Morning WeddingGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

This lacha in a cream, peach and golden combination is ideal for any wedding function in the morning. The thick matte gold embroidered border of the lehenga skirt is the beauty of this outfit. The dupatta is sheer and has intricate zari work.

14. Pink Bridal Lacha

Pink Bridal Lacha

A traditional pink and gold lacha like this can make any bride look as beautiful as a blooming flower. The outfit has gold embossed floral patterns as well as embroidered floral motifs. This makes it ideal even for the wedding night. The intricacy of the zari embroidery on the dupatta border is highly impressive!

15. Dark Blue Lacha

Dark Blue Lacha

This pretty outfit boasts embroidered work in two hues – beige and gold – on a dark blue fabric. Along with that a thick red piping runs along the borders of the lehenga skirt and the dupatta. The sleeveless choli in contrast to the flared skirt gives a sculpted look.

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16. Light Peach Lacha

Light Peach LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

For brides, who are fond of traditional lachas and also don’t want to wear dark and bright colors, this one is perfect! This bride wears an outfit in the lightest shade of peach. The kurta, the skirt and the dupatta are replete with dense silver embroidery giving the ensemble a celestial brilliance. The maroon border of the lehenga skirt takes the outfit to another level by adding a dash of color.

17. Bridal Blue Lacha

Bridal Blue Lachapage3studiobyunaismustafa

This lacha is ideal for the wedding day of the Punjabi bride who wants to skip traditional bridal colors like red or pink. Gold zari and stone embroidery adorn the blue chiffon fabric. The real glam-factor gets enhanced with the bright red and gold dupatta that forms a sharp yet beautiful contrast with the blue.

18. Jacket Style Lehenga

Jacket Style

This lacha lehenga is vibrant enough for great pre-wedding photoshoots. The lehenga skirt is in maroon and black with an embossed reddish-yellow thick bottom border. The most unique aspect of this lacha is the top. The bodice is jet black with a yellow collar and lining which runs down and links the blouse to a jacket-like lower half with slit down the middle. The sleeves are in black net. The lower part of the jacket is layered, has frill details and is as flared as the skirt.

19. Dark Green Lacha

Dark Green Lacha

Another traditionally beautiful lacha for the Punjabi bride! The dark emerald green of the fabric is being enhanced by the silver stone and sequin embroidery. This coupled with the light beige and silver dupatta gives the outfit a unique look.

20. The Beauty of Light & Dark

When two shades of the same color are combined on at outfit it creates magic! This light, almost turquoise blue kurta combined with the dark navy lehenga makes a beautiful bridal lacha. Matte gold zari intricately adorns the skirt border with bootis on the rest of the skirt. Gold embroidery is seen on the kurta too.

21. Ivory & Beige

Ivory & Beigesahibaaroracouture

This lacha in the unique combination of ivory and beige has an old world feel to it. This is mainly owing to the inclusion of traditional art in the making of the outfit. The kurta boasts shadow thread work from Lucknow and the lehenga skirt is made up of Benarasi fabrics.

22. The Fun of Tradition Lacha

The Fun of Tradition Lacha

These traditional lacha lehengas are perfect for the bride as well as the bridesmaids. They are comfortable, easy to carry and look gorgeous. Both the lachas in this picture have silver details. The latkan details on the back of the kurtas look great! The dupattas have frilly silver borders.

23. The Bride in White

The Bride in White Lacha

Many brides like to dress in an unconventional way on their weddings! White seems to be a top favourite among unconventional color choices for brides these days. If you are such a bride, try this kind of a cream or ivory white lacha lehenga with gold motifs.

24. Beige and Grey Lacha

Beige and Grey Lacha

This one is a contemporary lacha lehenga with a color combination that will appeal to brides who want to skip the traditional bridal colors. This outfit consists of a thread embroidered dark beige kurtawith a greyish beige organza lehenga skirt. The dupatta has been draped in a unique new way! This can be a perfect reception outfit as well.

25. Lacha for Haldi Ceremony

Lacha for Haldi Ceremonybendthetrend2021

This simple yellow lacha is perfect for any morning pre-wedding function, especially the Haldi ceremony. The lacha is made in a light breezy fabric with minimal embellishments. The kurta has a rounded hem and a pretty frilly border.

26. Floral Bridal Lacha

Floral Bridal Lacha

This beautiful floral lacha is ideal for any wedding-related day function. The lack of a dupatta makes it a contemporary choice. Also, what makes it unique is the floral prints on the lehenga skirt. Traditionally, lacha lehengas are mostly seen in heavy zari, stone, sequin or thread embroidery. This lacha skirt is devoid of all that. The kurta has an asymmetrical hem and has multi-color embroidered rosettes.

27. Three Bright Colors

Three Bright Colorsmaharaani.queen

The beauty of this lehenga is in the color combination. Three bright and dark colors – mustard yellow, dark green and dark pink have been juxtaposed in this outfit to bring out the sheer beauty of contrast. The pink dupatta, dark green slit kurta and yellow skirt create three color layers. The outfit also boasts floral embroidery.

28. Off-Shoulder Lacha

Off-Shoulder LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

This pink bridal lacha flaunts an off-shoulder cut that looks trendy and classy. The highly flared skirt resembles the fall of western ball gowns. Beads and sequin work adorn the outfit. The lower halves of the blouse and the skirt and the sleeves of the blouse are dense with embroidery giving the outfit a very rich look.

29. Jacket Kurta Lacha

Jacket Kurta Lachastorewalk

Again, a very unconventional choice for a bridal lacha – this one has a light blue flared organza skirt with a thick gold and embroidered border and paired with it is a jacket-style velvetkurta with gold zari embroidery. For the bride who can carry it, it’s a great choice as a reception, sangeet or engagement outfit.

30. White Multi-color Lacha

White Multi-color Lachaemraldv

The beauty of different colors on white fabric is a timeless fashion statement. This bride wears such a lacha which also has gold zari work. If you want to stay away from reds, pinks and oranges on your wedding, you may go for this kind of a lacha.

31. A Modern Beige Lacha

A Modern Beige Lacharadha_jennyvijaykar

This beige outfit is contemporary in every sense of the term! The color along with the silver zari work and the floral print make the look modern yet glamorous enough for any wedding function. The silver zari work on the yoke of the kurta and bootis all over are handcrafted to perfection.

32. Mehndi Wala Lacha

Mehndi Wala Lachatheshoppingcart19

Song and dance accompany the Mehndi function! For this day you need an outfit which would be gorgeous yet not heavy or uncomfortable. This yellow and magenta rayon outfit is perfect for the occasion. The networked zari pattern on the skirt gives it the touch of bling yet it is a light outfit altogether!

33. Glamorous in Pink

Glamorous in Pink

Karishma Kapoor wears this bespoke kurta-lacha outfit for the 2018 Diwali party. The gold and pink ensemble, designed by Anita Dongre, is perfect as bridal attire too.

34. Ending on a Subtle Note – Floral Lacha

Ending on a Subtle Note - Floral LachaGet Custom Made Lacha/lehenga for Bride & Bridesmaids 

This graceful white lacha, may not look essentially ‘bridal’ at first! But take a closer look. The white personifies divinity.The white embroidery on the kurta is dense and rich. The pinkish beige organza dupatta with silver details adds a dash of glamour to the outfit. The fall and flare of the white lehenga skirt adds grace. Such an outfit is ideal for a morning wedding at the Gurudwara or the Mosque.

Things to Know Before You Buy your Lacha

  • Fashion experts say that the lacha style originated in Punjab and that makes bridal lachas extremely colourful, reflecting the vibrant culture of the state of Punjab. A modest choli also ensures that the outfit is pretty comfortable. Also, traditional craftsmanship of Punjab, like rich embroidery, zari work, phulkari etc adorn traditional lachas. Thus, ideal for bridal wear, a lacha is an outfit that brings together vibrancy, comfort, fervour, richness and tradition.
  • Most often fabrics like silk, satin, brocade, net, chiffon, georgette, crepe etc are used to create bridal lachas.
  • Traditional lachas come in bright vibrant colors like pink, yellow, red, orange, turquoise, green etc but nowadays lachas in more contemporary pastel hues can easily be found.
  • Popular adornments include zari embroidery, thread work, beads work, phulkari work, beadwork, mirror work etc. Modern lachas also come with shimmer work and sequin work, stone or gem embroidery.
  • It is true that the traditional lachas have a strong bling-factor, nowadays more sophisticated varieties are easily available. The Indian fashion industry caters to a diversified customer base and lachas are being created, rather customized, according to personal tastes and preferences.
  • The lacha is a perfect bridal outfit, not only for the bride herself but also her sisters, friends and bridesmaids.
  • Being an outfit originating from north India, the lacha is usually accessorized with bangles, jhumkas, jootis, parandas Thus it is the perfect outfit to go along with heavy bridal gold or diamond jewellery.
  • Lachas seem to caste a global influence these days! Nowadays, it is often seen on the ramp sported by top models and actresses. Christian wedding dresses are also being designed with inspiration from the lacha In fact, a fusion fashion product – the lacha dress – is already very popular as party wear. It is a two-part outfit – with the flared skirt and a long layered top – worn together which looks like a dress.


How to Buy the Wedding Lehenga of Your Dreams

Marriage is one of the most important and auspicious occasions for a bride. Every prospective bride comes with to-do lists, but a common element in all the lists is buying the dream bridal lehenga. It is often a major part of a wedding budget.

Bridal shopping can be overwhelming. This is why it is recommended to start early on, research well, and find an outfit that makes you the most beautiful on your wedding day – all the while staying within your wedding budget.

The bridal lehenga is the epicentre of everything, and all else revolves around it – at least for the bride. Thus, there are many elements to look out for when you buy a bridal lehenga.

While every bride wants to become a Sabyasachi bride or wants to flaunt a Manish Malhotra Lehenga, here are some practical tips which you would not want to miss before buying your bridal lehenga.

Research before going shopping: Ensure you do enough online research before you start visiting stores for trials and shopping. The research will help you have a clear idea of the tentative lehenga you want to wear according to your skin tone, body type, and season. Please keep an open mind when you research; it may lead you to pick something unconventional.

Set an estimated budget: Bridal lehenga prices may vary, so you must fix a budget before heading to the boutiques. To get an estimated account, you may check out a few online stores’ profiles and compare the prices. Your budget also depends on the type of lehenga you wish to wear and can afford.

Know what’s trending but don’t follow blindly: Although brides must be updated about the latest bridal lehenga trends, it is unnecessary to follow the trend blindly just because it is in the fashion moment. Comfort and pulling off the chosen attire with elegance and grace is crucial.

Be mindful of the weather: It is crucial to keep in mind the climatic conditions and the weather forecast during the wedding dates. When you buy the bridal outfit, you may pick something heavy and embellished if it is a winter wedding or pastels and a lighter fabric if it is summer.

Don’t ignore the dupatta: The dupatta of the lehenga has a more significant impact on your wedding photos than you think. Attention to detail like the colour, embroidery, and lining is essential. You can also opt for an additional matching or a contrast coloured dupatta. It is recommended not to finalize the lehenga before checking the dupatta.

Keep the jewellery in mind:  Your lehenga must compliment your jewellery. If you have already pre-decided your jewellery, you will have a less tedious time picking up your lehenga. Opt for traditional gold jewellery if you choose a lehenga with golden embroidery and diamond or platinum if you have silver embroidery on your lehenga

Style of the bridal lehenga: Spend time browsing websites and Pinterest to shortlist lehenga styles that appeal to you. You may attend wedding exhibitions and boutiques to widen your perspective about the different types available in the market. All of this will help you figure the colour, fabric, and silhouette, which works for you.

Blouse troubles: Do not neglect the blouse. The blouse and the neckline should fit well, look elegant and make you feel comfortable. The appropriate neckline has the power to make or break your entire look. Do not follow the trend but always choose comfort while choosing the blouse and the fitting.

Ensure exclusivity: It is essential to make sure that you choose a colour scheme and style that perfectly complements your skin tone and personal style. Select a fabric with flatters your body type and alter the lehenga accordingly to look your best.

Alterations: The fittings matter and a lehenga need to be ordered in time to make sure it’s ready on time with extra time in hand for some additional tweaks and trims. Avoid going for trial when you are bloated. Last-minute alteration is not advisable and is not a good idea at all.

Indeed, a wedding lehenga primarily defines a bridal look, and therefore, has to resonate with one’s style. Today, customizing bridal wear has become a trend. And so, adding the couple’s names together, a hashtag with initials of couple names, or even the wedding date etched on the lehenga makes the bridal attire striking and memorable.


Final Word – Lacha – A unique beauty wear

Now, don’t waste time! If you are planning your wedding wardrobe, make sure you have at least one bridal lacha in your trousseau. Lachas are timeless! The cuts and looks make it suitable for people of all age groups and figure types. Wondering where you will find this rare north Indian outfit? Worry not! In the current times, online purchases are best! Add to that the benefit of customization and personalization! Surprised? You have come to the right place.

At GetEthnic, we have an army of designers, stylists and craftsmen, who will get in touch with you to understand your personal needs regarding the lacha of your dreams. No matter what style or fabric you want, we will get it for you, hand delivered to your doorstep!



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