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35 Trending Indian Bridal Lehengas For This Wedding Season 

You have explored the Indian bridal lehenga multiple times with us! But fashion tastes are slowly evolving and we need to keep our readers informed and up-to-date with the new elements and trends that have come into Indian wedding fashion. So, today we explore 35 lehengas that showcase new and upcoming trends while keeping the timelessness of ethnic fashion alive.

35 Indian Bridal Lehengas for overseas brides

1. Smaller Motifs on Red

maharaniweddings | Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This bridal red lehenga is unique because here we do not see any elaborately shaped embellishment! Though the lehenga is fully embellished, the motifs are medium or smaller in size. They are sparse but have intricate details, creating a very unique look.

2. Multicolor Floral Embroidery on Red

Multicolor Floral Embroidery on RedSee Bridal Lehenga Collection

Another stunning red Indian bridal lehenga! It’s beautiful because it’s unique! The red color is slightly faded and that brings out the splendor of the multicolor floral embroidery all over! We see floral motifs in peach, pistachio green, pastel pink, cream etc. This is juxtaposed with zardozi embroidery.

3. The Peacock style Indian Bridal Lehenga

The Peacock style Indian Bridal LehengaSee Bridal Lehenga Collection

How to make the ultimate red Indian bridal lehenga even grander? Add motifs that remind one of royalty and grandeur! In this case, we see an entire Mughal garden on this bride’s lehenga skirt. There are domes and arches within which are placed exotic floral motifs. But what really steals the show is the ‘peacock pair’ motif that is repeated on the lower part of the lehenga. It is intricate and exquisite!

4. Red and Pastel Blue Bridal Lehenga

Red and Pastel Blue Bridal Lehenga

We are seeing a lot of red lehengas with unique elements in this list! This one for instance, pairs traditional red and gold with a quirky pastel blue. We see a lot of pastel blue thread work on the skirt and in a beautiful contrast to the bridal red, a stunning pastel blue dupatta is also placed!

5. Bridal Blush 

The combination of red and gold might be classic but a bit of variation in the form of blush pink and gold may be a total game changer. For this couple, it was a morning wedding in summer which made this color combination even more impressive! The zardozi work is stunning and the inclusion of elements in net fabric betters the look!

6. Cool Toned Red Lehenga

Cool Toned Red Lehenga

While warm toned red lehengas are common in Indian weddings, reds in different shades and undertones can create stunning looks. This bride wears a typical red floral bridal lehenga. Here the red is cool toned. This along with the use of peach and powder blue toned thread work creates an unique look. The zari detailing is also beautiful!

7. Neon Pink Floral Bridal Lehenga

Neon Pink Floral Bridal Lehenga

This time around, we are talking about unusual shades of usual bridal colors. While fuschia, dark pink or baby pink are common pink shades in bridal couture, neon pink isn’t! This makes this lehenga so unique. The neon pink has been paired with vibrant floral motifs in pastel tones that stand out! It goes without saying that such a color will suit only lighter skin tones!

8. Ultimate Fuschia and Gold Wedding Lehenga

Ultimate Fuschia and Gold Wedding Lehenga

If anything can give the red Indian bridal lehenga tough competition, it is this! This bright fuschia pink raw silk lehenga sits at the epitome of ethnic fashion. Gold zardozi embroidery makes the look even more exotic. The jaali embroidery, the traditional motifs, the net and sequin dupatta or the vibrancy of the look – all scream perfection!

9. Pink and Red Bridal Lehenga

Pink and Red Bridal Lehenga

Variations on red lehengas are always welcome. This typical Indian bridal lehenga in red and gold has a lot of pink as well. Pink thread work can be seen on the lower half of the lehenga skirt inside arched motifs inspired from Mughal architecture. The dupattas have a pink sheen too. The choli is seen with floral bootas in pink and gold.

10. Mesh Motif Zari Bridal Lehenga Dress

The lehenga dress is currently trending especially for reception looks! But this bride rocks a red and dark wine tone lehenga dress showcasing zari work mesh motif or designs resembling latticework. This makes the outfit even more unique!

11. Quintessential Red Indian Bridal Lehenga

Quintessential Red Indian Bridal LehengaGet Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This can be your dream wedding lehenga in red. We see the use of zari and thread embroidery in vertical floral patterns. Double dupatta style has been used. One dupatta is in a contrasting grey-beige tone. Sequin and zardozi embroidery have also been used in floral motifs.

12. The Patola Lehenga


This bride wears a vintage patola saree transformed into a lehenga. The light blue skirt with the traditional patola design in exquisite! Each kali depicts a wedding ritual – from Ganesh sthapana to the pheras! The contrasting orange blouse looks stunning.

13. Maroon Velvet Indian Bridal Lehenga

Maroon Velvet Indian Bridal Lehenga

This beautiful Indian American couple wearing sunning Golden Sherwani with gorgeous velvet bridal Lehenga. Both the texture and the color of this Indian bridal lehenga are rich, luxurious and decadent. Mesh pattern adorns the lower hemline of the lehenga skirt. It progresses upwards into floral and leaf motifs. The sleeveless choli also has similar leaf and flower motifs. A net dupatta completes the look.

14. Red and White Indian Bridal Lehenga

Red and White Indian Bridal Lehenga

This is a classic Indian bridal look! Red, white and gold go really well together. The stunning lehenga skirt flaunts gold thread and zari work in dome shaped motifs, in fish scale-like pattern! The borders are red and so is the choli. The net dupatta has an applique border on all four sides. The border also showcases gold zari work.

15. Maroon and Pink Bridal Lehenga

This maroon lehenga has all over floral embroidery in multi-colors. The use of pink thread is maximum. The dupatta in net fabric is also in a light pink color that creates the beautiful color combination of maroon and pink.

16. Pink and Pastel Wedding Lehenga

Pink and Pastel Wedding Lehenga

The shade of this lehenga is unique – it’s a mix of pink and a cool toned red. But what makes it even more unique is the use of pastel toned embroidery. The dominant color is pastel peach which gets showcased in the dupatta as well! We can also see a lot of silver zari work and pistachio green thread work. Belt detail has also been added.

17. White and Gold Indian Bridal Lehenga

White and Gold Indian Bridal Lehenga

There is something ethereal in a bride wearing a white bridal Lehenga ensemble on her wedding day! That is why Kerala brides look divine in their white and gold Kasavu sarees and heavy gold jewellery! The same look and vibe is repeated in this case, but with a lehenga. The lehenga is in ivory tone with heavy gold embellishment, looking simply stunning!

18. Pinkish Red Floral Lehenga

Pinkish Red Floral Lehenga

Sometimes a simple and traditional look is just perfect for that ideal Indian bridal look. This floral lehenga is in a red shade with pink undertones. The design language is mainly floral. On the skirt, we see that the motifs have been arranged in horizontal tiers with proper floral motifs in one, tiny floral bootas in another, jaali work shown in the third etc.

19. Maroon White & Gold Indian Bridal Lehenga

Maroon White & Gold Indian Bridal Lehenga

While red, white and gold is a great bridal combination, maroon, white and gold is an even better one! This bridal lehenga proves that. The skirt is white with elaborate gold thread and zari work. The choli has zari floral motifs on a rich maroon fabric. The dupatta is in maroon with an ornate border and gold bootas.

20. Red Anarkali Lehenga Dress

This isn’t a typical lehenga but it’s an anarkali dress inspired by the extraordinary flare of the traditional lehenga skirt. These dresses are currently trending in Indian bridal fashion. The look is unique and aesthetic. The zari embroidered motifs in the flare of the dress look beautiful! Two dupattas have been used – one red and the other in a contrasting white color. Churidar bottoms haslve been added to the ensemble.

21. Blush Pink and Red Crewel Work Lehenga

Blush Pink and Red Crewel Work Lehenga

This Indian bridal lehenga is one of the lightest ones in this list. It is made of net and chiffon fabrics. The skirt has a straight cut without much flare. But what fascinates the onlooker is the red crewel work floral motifs all over the lehenga skirt. They look vibrant and fresh. The full sleeve choli showcases silver zardozi and sequin embroidery which can be seen on the border of the dupatta as well.

22. Ready in Red 

Ready in Red - Indian Bridal Lehenga

To bring in a little bit of uniqueness in the regular bridal red lehenga, the designer has used pastel blue thread work along with gold zari embroidery on this tomato red lehenga. Gold jhallar details have also been added on the sleeves.

23. Gold Thread Work Red Lehenga

A typical red wedding lehenga is made extraordinary by the juxtaposition of various kinds of embroidered motifs on it! We can see floral motifs, trees, jacquard patterns, bootas of all shapes and sizes, paisleys in gold thread work and also sequin work on this lehenga.

24. Beige and White Indian Bridal Lehenga

Beige and White Indian Bridal Lehenga

Whites never fail to look elegant! This lehenga uses silk and a layer of exquisite tulle on it! On the net we can see detailed embroidered motifs. ‘White on white’ thread embroidery looks exotic along with motifs in matte gold. The matte has a brownish beige tone that looks even more elegant. The lehenga has cut-work borders.

25. More Red and Gold Lehengas

More Red and Gold Lehengas

Indian brides will never get bored with the red and gold bridal look. This one is on the lighter side with embroidered vertical floral stripes on the skirt. Near the hemline more detailed designs can be seen.

26. Pink and Gold Panel Design Lehenga

See Bridal Lehenga Collection

While the typical dark pink and gold Indian bridal lehenga isn’t uncommon, this one showcases an unique design language.  The lehenga skirt has a thick gold border. It also flaunts vertical panels, each of which showcases different types of motifs – zigzaz patterns, large ornate discs, bootas, floral motifs within diamond shaped geometric patterns etc. The choli has tiny gold bootas while the matte gold dupatta has an ornate border.

27. The Royal Red Lehenga

The Royal Red Lehenga

This red bridal lehenga is in a shade a tad bit darker than the usual bright red attires we are used to seeing on brides. That coupled with the very intricate show of craftsmanship on the attire, in the form of real gold zari embroidery, makes this outfit a rendition of royal glamor.

28. Red Lehenga Without Zari

This is perhaps the most unique take on a traditional look, in this list! The lehenga here is in the perfect bridal red color. But what makes it different is the use of just thread work on it. We don’t see even a bit of gold or silver. Floral and paisley motifs in beige and cream toned thread dominate the skirt. The two dupattas complement the look – one being in the same red as the lehenga itself and another being in a contrasting cream tone.

29. Pastels on Cream – Indian Bridal Lehenga

Pastels on Cream - Indian Bridal Lehenga

One of the most aesthetic looks on this list – this Indian bridal lehenga is made up of a luscious cream toned silk on which we can see stunning floral and leaf-inspired embroidery in pastel shades like peach and moss green! These looks are redefining the concept of Indian bridal fashion.

30. The Orange Indian Bridal Lehenga

Though orange as a color is very popular when it comes to Indian bridal sarees, with lehengas it’s just the opposite! We seldom see a bridal lehenga in orange! It’s strange because orange is a warm toned color and naturally complements each and every Indian skin tone. Moreover, combined with gold zari or thread work, orange looks extremely stunning! This particular lehenga, along with zari work showcases embroidery in cream tone. Floral motifs, motifs of birds, jaali embroidery etc can be seen!

31. The Sky-blue Wedding Lehenga

The Sky-blue Wedding Lehenga

That’s a really unique choice for a bridal attire – this flowery lehenga comes in a soothing sky blue shade and showcases all-over floral embroidery in shades like pink, peach, yellow, silver etc. The lehenga also has mirror work detailing. The net dupatta flaunts a beautiful floral cut work border.

32. Rust and Gold Velvet Bridal Lehenga

Rust and Gold Velvet Bridal Lehenga

It’s the heaviest lehenga on the list! Rust is a unique choice for bridal wear but on velvet, it looks stunning and decadent! Added to that is heavy zari and sequin work in intricate and elaborate details! What we get is a lehenga perfectly suited for the larger-than-life big fat Indian wedding!

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33. The Navy and Gold Bridal Lehenga

The Navy and Gold Bridal Lehenga

Navy is a rich and deep color that looks great on Indian wedding wear. It looks especially beautiful on girls with cool undertones, just like this bride! Her navy wedding lehenga showcases zari and beige thread work in vertical panel-like motifs on the skirt. The choli is sleeveless and has similar embroidery work on the neckline. Net dupatta looks good with the whole look. Checkout more of Blue Lehenga.

34. The Ultimate Golden Indian Bridal Lehenga

The Ultimate Golden Indian Bridal Lehengaasopalav | See Bridal Lehenga Collection

We finally have the quintessential golden bridal lehenga in this list! Though it’s gorgeous, this is a trend not every bride is comfortable with carrying. But if she can, it looks nothing less than outrageously beautiful! Most of the embellishment in case of this lehenga comes in woven form along with zari, zardozi and sequin work.

35. The Ultimate Velvet Bridal Lehenga

The Ultimate Velvet Bridal Lehengaofficial_pooja_kandare & maahi_beauty_parlour

We have saved the heaviest, the most traditional and, in short, the most stunning Indian bridal lehenga for the end! This is an all velvet lehenga with heavy flared skirt, choli and double dupatta style.  We see the play of many colors like maroon, olive green, dark pink, gold, red, dark green etc. The velvet gives the colors various shades of their own. The skirt showcases traditional paisley motifs and cut work border.


The Indian bridal lehenga is an entity of its own! A bride plans it for years,  even before the wedding date is fixed! Therefore, you should trust only the expert when it comes to your bridal lehenga. It should be customised for you, keeping in mind your choices and preferences, your body type and skin tone, considering trending styles and in keeping with the timeless rules of fashion. For such customised service and more, get in touch with GetEthnic.

35 Timeless Black Lehengas That’ll Make You Drool

For a change today, we will not talk about wedding-appropriate lehengas. Why? Because today we will present to you 35 exotic lehengas in the color black. Black is a color we all love. It is the color of charm, the color of character, the color of depth, sophistication, power and even the color of enigma. But due to Indian traditions, black is usually avoided on the wedding-day color palette. But, for every other occasion you can definitely sport a lehenga in black. The black lehenga is particularly suitable for the reception or the post-wedding cocktail party or even the engagement party!

Black Lehenga for Party and Functions

1. The Black and Gold Lehenga

The Black and Gold Lehengasabarinathk_ | More Bridal Lehenga

This moderately embellished lehenga gives almost equal weightage to both the colors – black and gold. The lehenga skirt is in pure raw silk with a wide gold tissue border. The only embellished element in the whole ensemble is the choli. It features golden thread hand embroidery and zardozi work. Beads have also been used. The solid gold dupatta with a narrow ornate border makes the look even more unique and beautiful.

2. The Floral Boho Black Lehenga

The Floral Boho Black Lehengaishitamangal | Custom Made Lehenga

Influencer Ishita Mangal yet again proves that her sense of style is unmatched! Her charcoal black lehenga has large zari floral patterns. The full-sleeve choli has a plunging neckline and the net dupatta has a thin zari border and zari embroidered motifs. She pairs it with boho silver junk jewellery!

3. To-die-for Georgette Black Lehenga

To-die-for Georgette Black Lehengakrishna_cr_eation

This black lehenga in georgette is all about the play of textures. The georgette is coupled with a bit of tulle and lots of dual toned sequin work, creating this ultra-glam look.

4. Matte Gold and Geometric Patterns

Matte Gold and Geometric Patternskavitacoutureofficial

A one-of-a-kind black and gold lehenga – this one is perfect for the bridesmaids. The black fabric is coupled with matte gold zari work. This makes the outfit less blingy. The patterns and motifs lean towards the geometric style with straight lines, zigzag patterns and squares. The hemlines have lace work.

5. Contemporary Black Lehenga


This black lehenga is more of a party dress than a traditional or desi attire. The halter neck choli and the ruffled net dupatta transform the outfit into something extremely contemporary and elegant. There is no on-the-face embellishment! Subtle sequin and crystal work goes very well with the cut of the outfit.

6. Ultimate Black Sequin Black Lehenga

Ultimate Black Sequin Black Lehengaanayadesignerstudio

Such a lehenga is perfect for the teenagers in the bridesmaids gang! It’s light, simplistic yet extremely sleek and sexy! The sequin work, the flowy cut and the deep neckline of the choli adds that touch of sensuousness to the outfit.

7. Of Lines and Angles


This unique black lehenga showcases embellishment of a different type altogether! Sequin, metallic thread and zari have been used to create geometric patterns and straight line designs on the lehenga skirt. The choli, or crop top, also showcases unique sleeves. This lehenga is perfect for the cocktail party or engagement night!

8. Trailing Frills

Trailing Frills

To the black velvet skirt pleated tulle frills have been attached and left to trail – and just like that you have the perfect cocktail party lehenga! The skirt is adorned with floral zardozi work all over. The top is off-shoulder with flared sleeves and neckline.

9. The Simplistic Black Lehenga

makeupbyromma & labelroshan

As a guest to any desi function, this black lehenga might be a perfect choice! This kind of a simplistic lehenga is a great option for the same! The skirt is almost unembellished with a wide flare and cut work gold zari border. The same kind of border can also be seen on the dupatta. The low cut choli is studded with stones. Similar work using crystals and stones can also be spotted, though sparsely, on the rest of the outfit as well.

10. Crystal Work Lehenga

Crystal Work Lehengashreyaa_shaah | More of Bridal Lehenga

On formal occasions like the cocktail dinner after a wedding, the reception or engagement party etc, crystal work Indian wear looks extremely classy! On a black surface, it looks even more impressive! This stunning lehenga, for example, looks mesmerizing! The crystals are shining like diamonds on the charcoal black fabric.

11. The Yellow Dupatta & the Mirror Work Belt

The Yellow Dupatta & the Mirror Work Beltnavratriofgujarat

Such a vibrant ethnic boho lehenga is perfect for any festive occasion like Navratri! The skirt is unembellished and it is paired with a choli showcasing shisha embroidery in multi colors. The bandhej yellow dupatta adds a lot of vibrancy and so does the mirror work belt!

12. The Easiest Choice of Black Lehenga


As a wedding guest, the easiest and the safest option is a moderately embellished black lehenga. Using a bit of zardozi embroidery and sequin work, the skirt of this lehenga has been adorned in vertical motifs. The dupatta has a thin gold border and is studded with tiny zari embroidered motifs.

13. Metallic Elements

From Seema Gujral’s ‘Elements’ collection, this charcoal black lehenga showcases a unique style of embellishment. Metallic bits, in various shapes and sizes have been placed to create totally symmetrical designs and motifs all over the lehenga skirt and choli. Floral motifs, polkis along with other smaller motifs have been placed inside boxes to create the look.

14. Navratri Special Boho Black Lehenga

Navratri Special Boho Black Lehenga

This black lehenga is the perfect example of how good a palette black is for multicolor embellishment. The vibrant pinks, greens, yellows and reds along with golden gota patti embellishment looks mesmerising on the black fabric. The outfit has such a desi boho vibe – along with a bit of mirror work and Gujarati embroidery – that it comes across as the perfect Navaratri outfit. This lehenga would go perfectly in a Gujarati wedding functions.

15. With A Peplum Top


This lehenga is another great choice of outfit for the wedding guest. The lehenga is light with gota patti and silver applique work. The skirt showcases a horizontal zigzag pattern and near the hemline, leaf motifs can be seen. The dupatta has a cutwork border. But the most unique aspect of this look is the sleeveless peplum top with which this skirt has been paired.

16. Black Net and Gota Patti Lehenga


This is the perfect black lehenga for any desi festival – be it Diwali or Eid! The lehenga features the use of net as its main fabric. While the skirt and choli have multiple layers of fabric, the dupatta and sleeves in a single layer net looks very beautiful! Silver sequin embroidery and gota patti work adorns the outfit making it gorgeous yet light!

17. Floral Korean Fabric Black Lehenga

Floral Korean Fabric Black Lehengaradhakrishnadesignstudio

An elegant choice for a wedding guest outfit – this black lehenga comes in Korean fabric that gives in a silky-satin like look and is extremely light and comfortable. It has large floral motifs in pastel tones. The blouse and the net dupatta showcase sequin work.

18. The Blooming Black Lehenga

The Blooming Black Lehengamishamomin

This beautiful black satin and net lehenga features large, fiery vibrant blooms on the skirt and the dupatta. To highlight the vibrancy of the skirt, the choli has been kept simple with only self-tone sequin work.

19. The Bridesmaid’s Reception Outfit

The Bridesmaid's Reception Outfitjashan_by_jayamulani

The perfect attire for your best friend’s reception! This black party lehenga comes with a one-shoulder hand embroidered choli and an unembellished pleated and flared satin skirt. It has been paired with a pleated ruffled dupatta. Checkout more of reception Outfits.

20. The Net and Lace Black Lehenga

The Net and Lace Black

This black lehenga may look minimalistic at first but it showcases beautiful self embellishment. The fabric is mainly net and it is layered with self worked lace and embroidery. The net ruffled dupatta looks beautiful.

21. The Purple and Black Floral Lehenga

The Purple and Black Floral Lehengapoornim.a

This black lehenga is an example of a truly unique design language. The lehenga skirt has vertical gold gota patti stripes on the top half. On the lower half, horizontal golden stripes are placed with purple toned floral thread work in between. The high neck full sleeve black crop top also showcases gota patti stripes on the sleeves. It is paired with a floral dupatta having a zari border.

22. Black Lehenga with Cape

Black Lehenga with Capekomalkapoor0815

The embellishment on this lehenga is unique! Intricate gold and silver thread embroidery in floral patterns can be seen. Though the lehenga skirt is mostly unembellished, the choli makes up for it. The waist area of the skirt showcases embroidery that is repeated on the inner border of the cape. Checkout more of Cape Lehengas.

23. Velvet Floral Black Lehenga

Velvet Floral Black Lehengaweddingbazaarfashion

Against a surface of rich black velvet, multi-tone floral motifs look mesmerising, especially when coupled with zari embroidery! The sleeveless minimalistic choli and the jet black dupatta with gold embellished border make this lehenga perfect for that grand reception or cocktail party night!

24. Matte Gold Thread Embroidery


Black looks stunning with matte or muted gold embellishment as well! This lehenga comes with an unembellished choli, solid net dupatta with thin gold border and a lehenga skirt showcasing matte gold sequin and muted gold thread embroidery in traditional patterns and motifs.

25. Tradition and Style – Black Lehenga


This stunning black lehenga skirt blends traditional grace with contemporary style. The high waisted belted cut is very new while the gold thread work and zardozi embroidery is a mark of excellent Indian traditional craftsmanship.

26. Black and Gold Zari Work Black Lehenga

Black and Gold Zari Work Black Lehengavip_.avi

The focus of this black lehenga is the zardozi embroidered full-sleeve choli. Zari thread work and metallic beads create beautiful traditional patterns. The skirt is unembellished with only a thick zari border at the bottom. The dupatta, on the other hand, showcases zari border along with tiny sequin motifs and bigger floral motifs in zardozi embroidery.

27. The Sleek Black Lehenga


Black, as a color, is often associated with smarter, sleeker and sensuous looks. Though a traditional lehenga looks great in black, a sleeker version of the same might look even better. This lehenga skirt with sequin and zardozi floral motifs has a narrow and straight cut. It is paired with a plain black sleeveless choli and beige chiffon dupatta. The dupatta also showcases zardozi and sequin work in pale gold.

28. The Ideal Black Reception Lehenga

The Ideal Black Reception Lehengaweddingsutra

It’s the perfect lehenga for that dream wedding reception, but in black! Though the base of the outfit is black, the silver sequin, stone and crystal embroidery leaves little room for the color. The net dupatta is stunning. This lehenga dress in black can be described as the ideal contemporary style outfit for the grand Indian reception party.

29. More Contemporary Looks in Black and White


This black and white patterned lehenga is one-of-a-kind! Zari embroidery can be seen on the sleeveless choli and the lower border of the lehenga skirt. That juxtaposed with the contemporary black and white pattern looks absolutely stunning! As a wedding guest or a bridesmaid, this can be your statement outfit!

30. The Bling and the Black

The Bling and the Blackweddingbazaarfashion

All-over sequin work is trending again! And it has been used to design this experimental lehenga. The lehenga skirt – the main component of the ensemble – has been divided into four horizontal layers. The topmost one is in black fabric with red and black sequin work. The next one’s background is also black with heavy use of gold sequins. The third one is in a light tone of mauve with gold and multicolor sequin work. In the lower most and narrow-est panel we see multicolor sequin work on a black surface. The choli also showcases sequin work with tie-up closure at the back and the dupatta is in black fabric with gold ornate border.

31. Gold Sequin and Black Georgette Lehenga

Gold Sequin and Black Georgette lehenganymphscollections

Seen here is another sequin and black lehenga representing a traditional style. The fabric is black georgette. Horizontal zigzag pattern rings in sequin work adorn the lehenga skirt. The choli is sequined and so is the dupatta border. Near the hemline of the skirt, the sequin work thickens to create a broad border of gold.

32. Black Lehenga for the Wedding Guest


It’s the perfect outfit for the wedding guest! The lehenga skirt has panel design structure with juxtaposition of black and beige fabric. The beige part showcases thread work and zari embroidery in orange and gold respectively. The choli and the dupatta are also black. Checkout more of Indian Wedding Guest Dresses.

33. Simply Black Lehenga

Simply Black Lehenga

This black lehenga uses a bit of thread work on the borders. The fall of the dark fabric creates a style statement of its own. The choli, in contrast, showcases gold thread embroidery focusing even on the miniscule details. The simple yet gorgeous black lehenga gives out an ethereal vibe.

34. Gold Blingy Black Lehenga

Gold Blingy Black Lehengamayasdesiboutique

The zigzag patterned golden bling on the lehenga skirt is what makes this outfit so attractive! The designer has gone all out with the glitter and the dazzle! To tone down the embellishment, the dupatta has been kept simple with only a gold border and the choli has a plunge neckline of net!

35. The Black Banarasi Dupatta

The Black Banarasi Dupatta with Black Lehengagoglam90

This solid black lehenga in a decadent silk is just too royal! There is absolutely no embellishment on the skirt or the boat neck choli. The richness of the fabric makes up for it. What makes the outfit even more royal is the addition of the black and gold Banarasi dupatta!


Black lehengas are timeless classics. Though you cannot include the color in the bride’s trousseau, as per Indian traditions, you should definitely have one or two in your wardrobe! For more help of black lehengas or to get a black lehenga customised for you, get in touch with us!


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