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Sabyasachi Sherwani Designs to Rock this Wedding Season

Sabyasachi Sherwani! The name resonates with royalty and finesse. If there is one name that dominates the Indian ethnic wedding fashion scene that is the ethnic God himself “Sabyasachi Mukherjee“. Not only is his wedding wear for women ‘out of this world’, his sherwanis and kurtas for grooms too speak of heritage, class and a kind of glamour that transports you to an era when India was a land of the Rajahs and Maharajas. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s designs involve decadent fabrics, characteristic colors, rich traditional embellishments like embroidery etc. He has also come up with his own line of jewellery and accessories which when combined with his clothing, gives the whole look a larger-than-life perspective!

Talking about the Sabyasachi sherwani designs, there are some elements that can be missed! For example, Sabyasachi always uses rich fabrics for his sherwanis. They range from velvets to brocades, rich silks to tussars!

Even in case of menswear, Sabyasachi lays a lot of importance on the accessories! Most of his sherwanis come with traditional churidar bottoms, safas and proper stoles! Moreover, he uses jewellery with his sherwanis! These range of necklaces to malas. He uses statement buttons bearing Sabyasachi symbols like the Bengal tiger etc. The shoes paired with Sabyasachi sherwanis are also designed by the same house. They are characterised with the Sabyasachi emblem.

20 Sabyasachi Sherwani Designs

The 20 Sabyasachi sherwanis on this list will give you a good idea of how distinguishable his clothing is! We have tried to include a type from all his recent collections. The pictures have been sourced from the designer’s IG profiles.

1. Wildflowers Galore – Sabyasachi Sherwani

Wildflowers Galore - Sabyasachi Sherwani@sabyasachiofficial | Get Custom Made Sherwani

Big motifs of golden wildflowers have been embroidered on the rich dark green fabric – an unconventional choice for the Indian groom. The sherwani has been paired with gold churidar bottoms, gold jootis, matte gold safa and an off-white stole with embellished border.

2. Dark Ethnic Aesthetic

Dark Ethnic Aesthetic

Sometimes simplicity and masculinity go hand in hand! Matte textures have been used for this ensemble. Dark colors have been combined with shades of beige and matte gold.

3. Velvet Valour

Velvet Valour - Sabyasachi Sherwani

Rich velvet in maroon shade has been used to create this heritage sherwani. Gold motifs have been embroidered all over the velvet sherwani jacket! It has been paired with gold churidars. It has also been paired with a contrasting silk kota safa!

4. Gold, Pink and…

Part of the Heritage Menswear collection, this sherwani has that signature Sabyasachi look. A very light pastel pink has been combined with rich gold zari. Floral details have been conspicuously and intricately embroidered all over the sherwani. The stole also has an ornate embroidered border.

5. The Groom in Pink in Sabyasachi Sherwani

Pink and Green Sherwani - Sabyasachi Sherwani

A look that defines aestheticism, this groom wears a peachy-pink solid sherwani paired with a glossy silk safa and churidar with Benarasi brocade shawl. It might be a tricky look to carry but if you can, you are sure to set fashion goals.

6. Floral Silks

Floral Silks Sherwani

A different take on the floral sherwani, these come in silks printed with floral motifs. The colors used for both the outfits are off-beat and not so bright. They come with stoles having ornate border. Checkout more of floral sherwani.

7. When Mustard is Gold

Who would have thought mustard brown or yellow looked this good on the male ethnic palette? The sherwani is in a solid tone but has a rich texture and is tinged with a hint of gold. Paired with an off-white shawl, the ensemble looks royal. Checkout more of Gold Sherwani.

8. The Zeal of Zari Sabyasachi Sherwani

The Zeal of Zari Sabyasachi Sherwani

White and gold is a classic combination and grooms who love traditional fashion that speaks of pure class and heritage can go for a sherwani like this. The dense zari embroidery on the sherwani is meticulous, to say the least! This kind of a piece is an heirloom.

9. Rose Gold Exoticism

Rose Gold Exoticism - Sabyasachi Sherwani

An off-white and gold woven zari sherwani! It has a tinge of coolness to the tone! The shade more specifically is rose gold. If you want to flaunt a white and gold Sabyasachi sherwani which is not too heavy, you can simply go for something like this.

10. The Romance of Pink and Gold

The Romance of Pink and Gold in sherwani

Instead of going for a completely neutral shade like white, off-white or ivory, vintage zari embroidery can be combined with pastel pink as well. In this case, a red lining has been used in the stole and the outfit has been paired with neutral churidar bottoms.

11. Maroon and Pink Vintage Sabyasachi Sherwani

Maroon and Pink Vintage Sabyasachi Sherwani

This sherwani brings two traditional color combinations together – maroon and gold and pink and gold. The sherwani jacket flaunts gold motifs all over and the pink stole boasts a gold ornate border. Checkout more of Red Sherwani.

12. Embossed Florals

Florals and neutrals will rule the ethnic wedding fashion scene this year! And these sherwanis combine the best of both. Part of the heritage collection, the rich textured fabric comes with understated floral details and a tinge of cool-toned pink.

13. Romance of Bengal and Kashmir

Romance of Bengal and Kashmir - Black Sherwani

One of the classiest looks in this collection, in this case Sabyasachi showcases the juxtaposition of crafts from two different states of India! Hand died Murshidabadi silk from Bengal has been used for the sherwani jacket. Signature Sabyasachi Bengal tiger buttons have been used. The sherwani is paired with a silk kota safa and an embroidered shawl from Kashmir.

14. Kalidar Style Sherwani with Waistcoat

Kalidar Style Sherwani with Waistcoat

Straight out of the Mughal courts, this traditional kalidar style sherwani with a flared hemline is fit for the groom who wants to dress royal! Usually this kind of an outfit is topped with a heavier jacket. In this case, it comes with a waistcoat!

15. Florals in Greens

Pastel pista green sherwanis have been paired with lilac toned silk churidar bottoms. These sherwanis come with floral elements. While one boasts floral motifs all over, the other flaunts an embroidered network of flowers and vines!

16. Vintage Velvets and Embroidery

Vintage Velvets and Embroidery Sherwani

On black velvet, Kashmiri thread embroidery has been showcased in traditional motifs like flowers, vines, maple leaves etc. It has been paired with gold churidar bottoms and Sabyasachi signature shoes in black. Checkout more of black sherwani.

17. Ivory Towers – Sabyasachi Sherwani

This outfit will take you to an era left behind! In a combination of ivory and white, this Sabyasachi sherwani is a true expression of glamor understated. The embroidery is so neat and impeccable that it looks like a texture on the fabric. Checkout more of White Sherwani.

18. Cool Toned Solids in Silk

Rich silks are fashion statements on their own, even without embellishment! Jet black and a cool-toned blue – these colors have been hand dyed on royal Murshidabadi silks from Bengal. Statement Bengal tiger buttons and silk kota safas add depth to the look.

19. Greens on Silk

Greens on Silk - Green Sabayachi Sherwani

Rich greens and pastel greens – these quilted silk sherwanis in hand-dyed Murshidabadi silk have a textured or jacquard look! Hand crafted gold plated Bengal tiger buttons have been added! Sabyasachi knows how to layer silks. These sherwanis have been paired with Matka silk shawls and silk kota safas.

20. Neutral Waistcoats

Printed floral silks in off-beat shades used for the sherwani kurta and the churidar bottoms, paired with waistcoat and safa in a neutral, contrasting off-white shade.

20 Real Grooms in the Sabyasachi Sherwani

Some believe that models with well-toned physiques look good in any outfit! On real grooms, the same outfit would not look that great! The Sabyasachi sherwani is an exception. Sabyasachi’s designs are so practical and traditional that in real weddings too, they are always a big hit. These 20 real grooms have flaunted Sabyasachi sherwanis and they look nothing less than regal! The photos have been sourced from IG profile – Grooms of Sabyasachi!

1. Contrast of the Gold and the Pink

@groomsofsabyasachi | Get Custom Made Sherwani

Gold thread embroidery on a tussar surface has been coupled with a belt-style accessory, unique stole and contrasting pink turban.

2. Rajah in Ivory

Nothing looks more royal than off-white and gold. Add to that the emerald malas, the royal turban and other accessories!

3. Romance of Pastel Peach

Romance of Pastel Peach - Groom wearing Sabayaschi sherwani

Sabyasachi sherwanis sometimes portray brilliant subtle contrast! A traditional off-white and gold wedding sherwanihas been made exceptional by pairing it with a pastel peach embellished stole.

4. Marooned in Love

Marooned in Love -Maroon color lehenga and matching sherwani

Another traditional yet romantic way of pairing a white and gold sherwani – a rich maroon velvet stole, matching the Sabyasachi lehenga of the bride.

5. Love Isn’t Neutral

Neutral tones are completely in vogue this wedding season! This ivory tones Sabyasachi sherwani is embellished with matte gold thread work.

6. Red is the Color of Love

This groom in red is flaunting one of the most aesthetic looks in this list! The sherwani is in a solid red tone with gold ornate collar and statement buttons. Paired with white churidars and an ornate stole that has an embroidered border in white thread with huge motifs in the corners.

7. Saffron Safari

Saffron Safari - Sabyasachi sherwani

A brave yet fantastic choice for the groom who wants to look really different! This perfect saffron toned sherwani with bottoms and safa in the same shade in definitely a head turner and at the same time brilliantly aesthetic.

8. Flaunting the Gold and Pink Look

We have spoken about the gold and pink Sabyasachi sherwani look in the previous section! On a real groom this ensemble looks even more glamorous and regal.

9. The Boho Groom – Sabyasachi Sherwani

Boho is the theme of this wedding! The groom’s moss green sherwani is printed in various muted colors. The dark red turban adds more color to the look.

10. Zari Borders and Solid Sherwanis

Zari Borders and Solid Sherwanis

The groom in dark green and gold, is a signature Sabyasachi look. Solids when paired with bits of intricate zariembroidery look really glamorous!

11. Embroidered in Love

Another neutral sherwani with intricate gold embroidery paired with an off-beat pastel toned stole complementing the outfit of the bride.

12. Prints and Weaves

A real groom in a vintage kalidar style sherwani kurta paired with a waistcoat! Both the layers of this ensemble have prominent printed and woven motifs. The layering looks brilliant.

13. Neutrals are Evergreen

You can never go wrong with neutrals, especially if they have textured looks or embossed woven designs like this one!

14. Simply Classic

Simply Classic - Groom wearing sabyasachi sherwani

Some styles never fail to impress! The black sherwani jacket with white churidar bottoms is the classic look. Add to that contrasting maroon malas and gold vintage brooch and you will simple look royal!

15. The Scales of Elegance Sabyasachi Sherwani

The scale-like texture of this sherwani jacket, in colors like moss green, mint green, dark green, peach etc is exactly what makes this ensemble so elegant.

16. Textured in Confidence

Most grooms like to go for textured sherwani looks rather than heavily embellished ones! This dark green quilted silk sherwani redefines the masculinity of this groom. This also resembles a Jodhpur suit.

17. Embossed in Pistachio Green

Embossed in Pistachio green Sherwani

Another very elegant textured Sabyasachi sherwani in a shade which is pistachio green with a hint of mint!

18. Pink-toned Neutrals with Pastel Blue Sabyasachi Sherwani

Pink-toned Neutrals with Pastel Blue

A brilliant contrast combination – pastel powder blue and very light pastel pink, almost neutral shade! The gold thread work on these colors looks exceptionally striking.

19. Peach Gold Neutral

Peach Gold Neutral - Sabyasachi Sherwani

Another combination of pastel and neutral tones with gold thread work depicting floral motifs!

20. Royal Neutral Splendour

Another neutral tone Sabyasachi sherwani with intricate embroidery! The red stone necklace adds the perfect amount of color and the beautiful shawl, with embellished border and jhalar details, adds even more elegance to the look.

Conclusion – Sabyasachi Sherwani

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the first and the last name in traditional ethnic wedding fashion in the country! For years he has inspired and influenced grooms and brides when it comes to their wedding wear. His designs are traditional yet unique and have a sense of the regal, the royal and the aristocratic. The Sabyasachi sherwani is not an exception!

Sabyasachi also used golden elements in this clothing. The color can be used in the form of zari embroidery or woven motifs or just in an ornate border on the stole of the sherwani.

Tradition rules in case of Sabyasachi sherwani designs! All his sherwanis come with traditional turbans or safas. Even his stoles bear a symbol of heritage with thick borders and rich textures. In fact, calling them stoles would be wrong. Sabyasachi sherwanis come with proper shawls or dupattas!

The designer also plays around with colors. In fact most of collections are themed on colors. While he would use contrasts like gold and pink, peach and neutral etc sometimes he also juxtaposes two shades of the same color on a sherwani! In short, color plays an important and distinctive role in the quintessential Sabyasachi sherwani!

The photos in the blog have been taken from Instagram profile @groomsofsabyasachi and @sabyasachiofficial.