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30 Wedding Wear Trends for 2024

Fashion, especially ethnic and wedding wear styles, are recently undergoing huge changes. Apart from new and returning trends, this year designers have observed a huge shift towards fashion and styles that are sustainable and environment-friendly. There is a big preference for outfits that generate less waste. At the same time the & larger than life  aspect of Indian weddings can & be ignored. So, we see a shift towards newer, never-before-seen wedding themes that allow both sustainable fashion and next-level grandeur. Here are 30 wedding wear trends to look out for in 2024.

Wedding Trending Broad Themes 2024

1. Ethereal Attires for the Bride & Groom

Ethereal Attires for the Bride & Groomtheeventdecorcompany | Get Started with Your wedding Wear

This year, It either going to be minimalistic or attires that take you to a different zone altogether. Ethereal themes are totally in  vogue, be it the wedding venue decoration or the bridal or groom fashion. Royal pink lehengas or red Benarasi sarees are back along with elegant dhoti kurta looks and ornate sherwanis for the groom.

2. Intimate & Whimsical Themes

Intimate & Whimsical Themesranganath_photography_

Like ethereal themes, whimsical themes are also being increasingly preferred by couples. Whimsical themes play more important roles in case of destination weddings. Outfits with quirky details, bold or rare colors, non-traditional elements play important roles. Themes like enchanted forest or magical bay or shabby chic etc are being adopted by Indian couples.

3. Reusable Outfits for Environmental Sustainability

Reusable Outfits for Environmental Sustainabilitypeaches.label

Environmental awareness is a real driving force for today youth! With waste management in mind, the youth are going for wedding day outfits that can be re-worn later. Such choices showcase individualism too. Also, many brides are going for vintage outfits from their mother & or grandmothers & wedding trousseau. Such choices are also upholding the preference of sarees over lehengas because sarees can be reused or re-worn easily in many occasions later on.

4. Personalized Embroidery

Personalized Embroideryshaadiwish

Embroidering names on bridal lehengas was seen trending a few years back. But this time, the fashion is back with much more vigour. Not only are brides keen on sporting lehengas with the names of their respective grooms embroidered but one will also be able to see a lot of other things like vows, messages from loved ones, important dates etc embroidered on bridal lehengas.

Specific wedding Looks & Attires for 2024

5. The Vintage Veil

The Vintage Veilhautelifestyleoffical

Veils were once considered to be an integral and even culturally necessary part of the bride attire. But wedding fashion nowadays does not make it mandatory. This is changing as designers, like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, are bringing it back. The veil has a vintage charm and Bollywood has also played a role in popularizing it again. Masaba Gupta latest wedding wear collection featuring Kareena Kapoor showcases numerous outfits with sheer and net veils.

6. Saree Supremacy

Saree Supremacywedabout

Brides who have a choice between wearing a saree and wearing a lehenga on their wedding day, are preferring to go for the former. This is perhaps because a saree takes forward the philosophy of sustainability. Moreover, they are easy to maintain, can be worn multiple times later and can be passed on from generation to generation. For the same reasons, bridesmaids and guests are also going for sarees over lehengas.

Trending Colors

7. Vivid Colors as Opposed to Pastels

Vivid Colors as Opposed to Pastels

Pastel tones have ruled the ethnic wedding scene for a long time. But slowly this is changing. Colors that are trending now are characteristically bright and vivid tones like yellows, pinks and greens. Bolder color schemes are being preferred. One will be able to see a lot of mixing and matching, color blocking, incorporation of textures and geometric patterns with vivid colors etc.

8. Ivory or White Bridal Lehenga

Ivory or White Bridal Lehengaweddingsutra

A big change in ethnic bridal fashion is the changing of the mindset that red is mandatory for the bride. Even colors like ivory, shades of beige and cream and white are being preferred by brides!

9. Baby Pink Replaced by Lavender

Baby Pink Replaced by Lavenderweddingbazarfashion

Baby pink has always been a loved shade for brides. You cannot imagine a wedding trousseau without a lehenga or saree in baby pink. In pre wedding functions we can always see brides or bridesmaids in baby pink. But cool toned lavenders or even shades of lilac are taking their place these days. Lavender somehow complements flowy fabrics. So flowy lavender gowns or lehengas with crystal and pearl embroidery or chikankari work will be quite common in the coming wedding season. The look also goes with the minimalistic, modern and whimsical themes.

10. High Slits for Ethnic Gowns

High Slits for Ethnic Gowns

Another trending fusion fashion look is the ethnic gown. It perfect for bridesmaids, wedding guests and even the bride on certain occasions. Though this outfit is already in vogue a new element added this season is a high slit. Very  to be honest, the high slit trend in gowns is back again and short dresses may be going back inside the wardrobes for a few months at

11. Big Floral Motifs using 3D printing

Big Floral Motifs using 3D printing

Though floral looks are not in vogue, one kind of floral motifs are being preferred by brides and designers both! Big digitally printed floral motifs on fabric like silks, satin etc are doing the rounds. They look elegant, extremely contemporary and modern and simply aesthetic.

12. Barbie Pink

Barbie Pinkshiwirajpootkhandal

Another color that will definitely trend in the wedding season is Barbie Pink. Call it the success of the Barbie movie or any other reason, this vintage, vivid, bright and bold pink is back! Barbie-core pink lehengas and gowns are already in vogue. The look creates an edge of boldness! It creates the free-spirited appeal that makes you a diva!

13. Mismatched Bridesmaids Outfits

Mismatched Bridesmaids Outfitsbridesofkarnatakaa

We have raved for years on the necessity and advantages of co-ordinated outfits for bridesmaids or groomsmen. But this wedding season, that is going to change! Perhaps because of the affinity towards bright and vivid colors, mismatched bridesmaids' outfits will be very popular. It also takes forward the idea of individualistic style. Complementing and contrasting colors can be opted for!

14. Huge Attached Dupattas

Huge Attached Dupattas

Heavy dupattas can sometimes become very difficult to carry! Designers in the lastest Lakme Fashion Week have come up with outfits like sarees, lehengas and gowns that come with attached dupattas. These are usually light and feathery but also huge and long, creating a silhouette and trailing behind the wearer. It makes the whole look extremely elegant and royal, even without the presence of an actual dupatta.

15. Classic Lehengas with Modern Twist

Classic Lehengas with Modern Twistriccoindia

Fusion of western and ethnic styles will always be trending but this time, the ramps seem to be filled with lehengas that are both classically traditional and contemporary at the same time. We either have bold traditional colors on contemporary cuts or modern bridal shades like beige, ivory etc combined with traditional crafts like zardozi, aari or thread work.

16. Less is More

Less is More

Minimalistic looks with more stress on textures and colors rather than embellishment is an in-thing! This not only goes for wedding outfits but also wedding venue decor, make up, mehendi designs and jewellery.

17. Fuss Free Clothing

Fuss Free Clothing

In line with the previous point – minimalistic looks – fuss free, easy to wear and easy to handle clothing is finding a huge place in the ethnic fashion scenario. These include pre- draped or stitched sarees, ethnic co-ord sets etc. These particular types of outfits will be immensely popular with wedding guests this season.


18. Capes are Back

Capes are Back

Capes were in trend a few years ago. Now they are back again as a perfect replacement for heavy dupattas. Outfits that are easy to carry are being preferred with the passing day and capes also add that element of fusion fashion to the whole look.

19. Tiny Blouses  Plunging Necklines

Tiny Blouses  Plunging Necklines

This new trend is aimed at flattering both curvy and angular figures. For heavy figures blouses with plunging  shaped, low necklines are being preferred. On the other hand, narrow solid tone tank tops and bralettes look extremely elegant on angular figures, paired with sarees or lehengas.

20.  Jackets with Lehengas or Co-ords

 Jackets with Lehengas or Co-ords

This trend is for wedding guests and even for brides in case of smaller pre-wedding functions. Co-ords look good with any kind of jackets and even lehengas take on that essentially fusion look with a jacket instead of a dupatta.

21. Mermaid Lehenga

Mermaid Lehenga

Even a few years ago, brides found this particular type of lehenga skirt to be very difficult to carry. Though it just a variation of the fit and flare type of the lehenga skirt, it way more voluminous! The mermaid lehengas trending this season will also be coming with the high slit! These can be flaunted in pre-wedding functions or engagement nights by the brides. The bridesmaids can flaunt these anytime. The new age bride theme can be flaunted like a pro in an eclectic fish cut lehenga!

22. Georgette Saree

Georgette Saree

Like the organza saree was trending last year, this year it the georgette saree. Think of retro looks with elegant pearl jewellery, big sunglasses and soft, luxurious georgette sarees. Such looks are great for the wedding guest, close female relatives or friends of the bride or groom and even for the bride in case of post-wedding occasions.

23. Contrasting Color Combinations and Textures

Contrasting Color Combinations and Textures

While contrast colors have been in trend on and off, this time we see the juxtaposition of highly contrasting shades and also textures. For example the combination of a vibrantly colored silk fabric and gold brocade will be pretty common this season. Other textures like different types of fabrics, dense jamawar work etc will also be spotted.


24. Ghararas are back

Ghararas are back

If you want to skip the lehenga on your wedding day and still want to flaunt a traditional look, other than the saree you can go for a gharara. These wide, fit and flare pants are back in trend because they give that vintage vibe. So, if you have planned a retro themed wedding or want to go for a period look, don think twice before choosing ghararas.

For The Grooms – Wedding Wear Trends 2024

25. Printed Tuxedos

Printed Tuxedos

Fusion looks are totally trending! Finely printed tuxedos have been doing the rounds in the latest fashion weeks and we just can’t take our eyes off them. Prints, of any type, somehow give an ethnic vibe.

26. Guys go for Layers

Guys go for Layers

Layered looks are not restricted to casual or formal wear only! Even in case of men’s ethnic wear, layered looks are trending, especially for the upcoming winter wedding season. Think of long ethnic jackets with all-over zari work paired with kurtas in neutral tones along with a shawl or a long shirt over trousers paired with an achkan jacket! Such looks will rule this wedding season.

27. Bling It On

Bling It On

While we see less bling and more play or colors and textures for the bride, embellished ethnic menswear is being preferred by the would-be grooms. For the reception looks especially, glitter work tuxedos and embellished jackets are being loved!

28. Different Shades of the Same Color

Different Shades of the Same Color

In the case of menswear, contrast color pairing is not the trend. Instead, we see the juxtaposition of different shades of the same color. For example, this GetEthnic groom flaunts the various shades of the color moss green.

29. Floral Sherwanis in Neutrals


Floral Sherwanis in Neutrals

It seems floral sherwani’s will never go out of fashion. But this year round, we have left behind the pastels and instead grooms are going for neutral tones. Multi-color floral motifs look great on a neutral base, in any case!

30. Dhotis as Bottom wear

Dhotis as Bottom wear

Dhotis – perhaps the most traditional type of bottom wear for grooms – are back! Dhotis are being paired not only with kurtas but also sherwani jackets. With traditional chappals or nagrais they will rule the wedding season!

For more information on 2024 ethnic fashion trends check out our other blogs and for help with your upcoming 2024 wedding wardrobe, get in touch with us.

Indian Bridesmaid Dresses to complement the Happy Bride

One of the most enjoyable and fun aspects of your bestie or sister’s wedding is planning the bridesmaids outfit! While it is okay to wear different dresses, pre-planned matching attires create a spirit of sisterhood. On the day of the wedding, the girl gang, dressed in co-ordinated outfits that compliment the bride’s attire, look beautiful and fun! Photographs come out really well and the memories turn out to be priceless! Don’t believe us? Here are 30 photos to prove that matching Indian bridesmaids dresses can be the best thing ever!

Indian Bridesmaid Dresses

1. Serene in White and Gold Lehengas

Serene in White and Gold LehengasGet Custom Made Bridesmaid Dresses

Not only the bridesmaids but also the groomsmen are dressed in matching attires. It looks so picture perfect! The design is simplicity redefined. Serene white combined with wide gold borders and floral motifs – what can be more beautiful?

2. Bridesmaids in Cream Tone Sarees

 Bridesmaids in Cream Tone Sarees

Perhaps the most elegant look in this list – these bridesmaids wear cream tone cocktail sarees with sleeveless blouses and minimalistic embellishment to complement the bride who wears a light pastel tone floral wedding lehenga. The lack of colors here is the most attractive feature of this look.

3. Besties in Barbie Pink Sarees

Besties in Barbie Pink Sarees

Lightweight sarees in fun colors – that the ideal attire for Indian bridesmaids. Indian weddings are all about bright shades and vibrancy. So this Barbie pink looks really stunning! The sarees also showcase a bit of gold sequin work. The chiffon sarees are lightweight hence extremely comfortable to carry around. Bridesmaids have a lot of running around to do for their bestie who is getting married. So comfortable and light attires are welcome any day.

4. White and Orange Ombre Sarees

White and Orange Ombre Sarees

Nine out of ten times, Indian brides opt for wedding wear in red or shades of red. And colors like pink or orange complement red really well. In this case, we see the bridesmaids dressed in orange sarees which transition into white. Part of the pallu and the pleats are in white. Thick gold and dark green border compliments the color of the sarees.

5. Plain Peach Saree with Brocade Blouses

Plain Peach Saree with Brocade Blousesmaharaniweddings

It a stunning combination for Indian bridesmaids. The sarees are unembellished except for a broad gold border in the bottom part. They look really classy paired with cold shoulder blouses in ivory and gold brocade work. The sleeves flaunt latkan details. The thin kamarbandh adds to the ethnic appeal of the look.

6. Ombre Pink Kameez with Churidar

Ombre Pink Kameez with Churidar

These bridesmaids look beautiful in their pink and gold attires. The kameez is not exactly an anarkali kurta but has a flared cut. We can see embroidered floral motifs on the bodice over a base of baby pink that transitions into dark pink downwards ending with a gold hemline. Baby pink churidar bottoms and dupattas enhance the look. These outfits are comfy, pretty, easy to move around in and perfect for the Indian bridesmaids.

 7. Royal Blue and Gold Sarees

 Royal Blue and Gold Sarees

The bridesmaids gang may consist of women from all age groups. For such a girl gang, the saree is the best option. The saree is an ageless attire that looks elegant on everyone. These bridesmaids look beautiful in their royal blue sarees with gold border, zari embroidery and zardozi and sequin work. Paired with gold blouses, the sarees have been draped in the Guajrati style with the pallu arranged in front. The little one looks especially stunning!

8. Blue Ankle Length Anarkalis

Blue Ankle Length Anarkalis

The bride in dark red and gold lehenga with her lovely bridesmaids in dark blue anarkalis – it the most aesthetic sight to behold! How well this outfit complements the attire of the bride! The anarkalis are knee length with a full elegance fall. Gold hemline, collar and a gold border on the dupatta make the look even grander. The churidar bottoms look good and the cut and type of the outfit makes it very easy to carry!

9. Maroon and Gold Sarees

 Maroon and Gold Sarees

Maroon is a lovely color when it comes to Indian weddings. The color is so rich that it does not necessitate the use of embellishment. In this case, the bridesmaids use this styling concept and wear lovely maroon sarees which have gold ornate borders and no other embellishment. Checkout Red Saree Blouses

10. The Blue Brigade

The Blue Brigade

These bridesmaids are in action, helping the bride to get ready! They are wearing beautiful lehengas in two beautiful shades of blue – teal and pastel powder blue. Surprisingly, this color combination also looks extremely well matched with the red bridal attire.

11. Turquoise to Complement the Bride

Turquoise to Complement the Bride

Dark pink and turquoise are two colors that contrast and complement each other at the same time. And the saree seems to be really popular when it comes to Indian bridesmaids dresses. These girls are wearing turquoise and gold sarees. Gold motifs along the border look beautiful. The outfits complement the bride dark pink and gold lehenga.

12.  Blush Pink Sarees

 Blush Pink Sarees

This Indian bridesmaid dress is perhaps one of the most subtle yet stunning looks in this whole list. The pre-draped chiffon sarees are completely unembellished but flaunt an elegant gold lace cut-work border. The sarees have been paired with the most aesthetically designed blouses. We see the use of net and brocade work in matte gold. This combination looks extremely well paired with the bride fiery orange and gold wedding saree.

13.  Peach Pink and Gold Sarees

 Peach Pink and Gold Sarees

Beautiful shades of pink are ideal for the bridesmaids gang. From dark or bright pinks to blush and rose gold – if you love pink don’t shy away to flaunt your favourite shade as a bridesmaid. This girl gang has chosen a subtle pink with a hint of peach in it. The undertone gets enhanced because of the woven gold thick border of the saree that has also been used in the sleeves of the blouse.

14. Sea Green and Gold Sarees

Sea Green and Gold Sarees

Beautifully complementing the pink and gold lehenga of the bride, the bridesmaids are dressed in gorgeous sea green sarees with a broad gold border, zari work and sequin embroidery. Some of the bridesmaids are pairing the sarees with blouses in the same pink shade as the lehenga of the bride and some are wearing gold blouses. It doesn’t make a huge difference and infact, adda more vibrancy to this colorful group!

15. Pastel Blue Lehengas

Pastel Blue Lehengas

Some colors are so unique and gorgeous that clothes in them don’t need a lot of embellishment to be noticeable. The bride’s gang, this time, flaunts gorgeous lehengas in pastel blue tone on a silk based fabric. The bride wears a pure red lehenga. Pastel blue looks unbelievably complemented with that! The lehengas have light gold polka dots all over the skirt and choli. The net dupattas have a thin gold border.

16.  Aubergine Sarees

 Aubergine Sarees

These bridesmaids are wearing this stunning shade or purple – aubergine. The color itself is so rich and the texture of the fabric so luxuriant that no other embellishment is required except simple gold borders! Lightweight, elegant and comfortable – these sarees are just perfect as Indian bridesmaids dresses!

17.  Royal Blue and Gold Sarees

 Royal Blue and Gold Sarees

It seems like the most popular choice of outfit for bridesmaids – a solid tone saree in a rare and gorgeous color that compliments the color of the bride ensemble. This bride is dressed in double dupatta style lehenga in ivory, gold and red. To complement that her bridesmaids wear decadent royal blue sarees with gold borders.

18.  Purple and Gold Sarees with Net Blouses

 Purple and Gold Sarees with Net Blouses

Another great saree in a solid purple with a warm undertone that would complement every Indian skin tone. The richness of the silk fabric comes through. The gold border looks gorgeous and what makes the whole attire unique is the pairing of these sarees with cholis that have net sleeves.

19. Purple and White Lehengas

Purple and White LehengasGetEthnic Clients

The combination of white and purple is serene! The bridesmaids here flaunt this combination which makes their ensemble not only gorgeous but extremely aesthetic. Solid purple tone lehenga skirts have been given gold borders. The choli showcases brocade work. We see round golden woven motifs. The net dupatta is white with stone work motifs and cut work border with gold piping.

20.  Simple Sea Green and Gold Lehengas

 Simple Sea Green and Gold LehengasGetEthnic Clients

Bridesmaids dresses need to be comfortable and lightweight. This is because bridesmaids need to be active always on the wedding day, taking care of the needs of the bride. Also, too much embellishment sometimes takes away from the youthfulness of the look. So in this list

we see more outfits in solid tones on rich fabrics with minimal embellishment. This look is also not an exception. These bridesmaids are wearing sea green lehenga cholis. The cholis are solid and the lehengas have tiny round gold motifs. Golden yellow dupattas have gold motifs and gold zari cut work borders.

21. Pastel Tones for the Most Elegant Bridesmaids

 Pastel Tones for the Most Elegant Bridesmaids

Chiffon and net sarees in light pastel blush tone personifies elegance on these beautiful bridesmaids. They pair in with blouses in pastel tones as well. We see a mix of abstract and floral motifs in colors like grey, pink, off white etc.

22.  Peach and Gold Lehenga Sarees

Peach and Gold Lehenga Sarees

Subtle and pastel tones look great on bridesmaids. These lehengas look so serene and beautiful, draped like a saree. The dupattas are heavier than usual and are pleated over the shoulder like the pallu of a saree. The gold zari and sequin work on the peach tone looks elegant. It is not heavy but definitely not unmissable.

23. Grape Toned Dresses for the Bride in White

Grape Toned Dresses for the Bride in White

This bride here wears a simplistic white, gold and red gown on her wedding day. The dark grape toned Indian bridesmaids dresses perfectly complement the white dress of the bride.

24. Printed Blouse and Grey Lehenga

To perfectly complement your bestie in a subtle bridal ensemble like this light peach tone lehenga with crystal, stone and sequin embroidery, you and the other bridesmaids can go for dresses in darker shades. These bridesmaids are wearing lehengas in a dark berry wine color with purple undertone. The embellishment is also elaborate with silver tone zari and zardozi embroidery.

25. Bridesmaids in Peach

Bridesmaids in Peach

While the bride and the groom are seen in completely traditional attires in colors like red and ivory respectively, both the bridesmaids and groomsmen are dressed in co-ordinated outfits! In this case, the theme is peach. The bridesmaids are wearing peach to beige tone lehengas. The designs play with texture. We see the use of net and a lot of self tone embroidery.

 26.Quirky Floral Blue

 Quirky Floral Blue

Lighter tones of blue really complement a red bridal ensemble. But these bridesmaids have taken this styling concept to a whole new level. Sky blue unembellished, single tone lehengas look really vibrant together. On top of that they showcase hand-painted floral motifs in pastel tones, giving the looks a quirky touch.


27. Green and Pink

 Green and Pink

The bride in blush pink here is totally enjoying herself with her bridesmaids. While she is dressed in one of the most romantic shades of pink, her bridesmaids completely complement her in blush pink and gold lehenga skirts and emerald green cholis. The skirts have a net layer with golden embroidery. The borders on the sleeves of the choli and the dupatta have ornate stone work.

28. The White and Blue Sarees

 The White and Blue Sarees

The most simplistic of outfits look extraordinary when styled correctly and worn in coordination with others. It’s a simple white saree but the thin blue border, the aesthetic latkan detail in the corner of the pallu, make it exceptional. The sleeveless cholis are also blue with broad white borders. This simple, minimally embellished attire looks young and vibrant on the lovely bridesmaids.

 29.Green and Gold Silk Sarees

 Green and Gold Silk Sarees

Like blue, emerald or any dark shade of green looks very good with red. Following this concept, these bridesmaids have dressed in heavy silk sarees in dark green to complement the traditional bridal attire in red. The sarees are luxurious with gold brocade work in floral motifs and stripes all over. Single tone sleeveless unembellished blouses enhance the richness of the sarees.

 30.Gold & Maroon Classic Sarees

 Gold & Maroon Classic Sarees

This time the bride is wearing green and the bridesmaids are sporting a fully bridal color combination – deep maroon and gold. This is such a classic color combination that it suits all age groups. So, if your gang consists of women from various ages, a saree in a classic color combination like this one is ideal. The sarees have ornate gold borders and motifs in gold zardozi work.

Planning a common outfit with the other bridesmaids is one of the most fun things to do. The process starts months prior to the wedding. The WhatsApp chats that run well into the night or the incessant sharing of images to inspire that ultimate Indian bridesmaid dress – all are part of the wedding memories.

But planning such an outfit is not an easy task. You need to consider cut, color, fabric and design that would suit all body types and skin tones. The toughest part is to get the same outfit made in multiple sizes. This is where you need the intervention of an expert like us. Get in touch with us and we will guide you to the most exotic co-ordinated Indian bridesmaids outfits. Planning with us can also be a lot of fun!

30 Trending Bridal Lehengas For 2024 Weddings

When it comes to bridal lehengas, the truth is that not much varies with every passing year. Bridal wear is closely interwoven with tradition. So, too much experimentation does not yield the desired results. Yet, designers always come up with a bit of tweaking here and there to create lehengas that are gorgeous yet not too far from traditions. Today let us tell you about 30 concepts or elements in bridal ethnic fashion that would be unique to 2024 weddings.

Trending Bridal Lehengas For 2024 Weddings

1. Prioritizing Comfort with Contemporary Cuts

Prioritizing Comfort with Contemporary Cutsindiaspopup | Get Your Custom Made Bridal lehenga

Contemporary silhouettes like structured skirts are way more comfortable than traditional lehenga skirts with heavy flare. So, brides are going for such contemporary cuts as they are prioritizing comfort! Contemporary cuts include the use of structured jackets, unique dupatta draping styles, asymmetrical hemlines etc! These styles stand out yet are very easy to carry and comfortable!

2. Barbie Pink

Barbie Pinkshaadifever | Get Your Custom Made Bridal lehenga

Pinks are not totally out of the league this season. The Barbie movie has made the shade Barbie Pink a symbol of feminism and girl-power! At the same time, this color is bold, vivid, bright and gives vintage vibes. Barbie-core pink bridal lehengas are already in vogue. They somehow have the free-spirited appeal!

3. White or Ivory

White or Ivoryweddingbazaarfashion

Although red is not anymore mandatory for a bridal look since a long time, fully white or ivory bridal ensembles were still not totally accepted. However, in 2024 that is about to change. Fully ivory or white bridal lehengas will be in high demand this year. They can be combined with gold or silver embellishment. Even shades of beige or cream are trending!

4. Contrast of Colors and Textures

Contrast of Colors and Texturesdipankanaaa.03 | Get Your Custom Made Bridal lehenga

While the pairing of contrast colors has been in fashion for quite a few years, the juxtaposition of varied textures is what makes this wedding season special! Vibrantly colored silk fabric when combined with gold brocade creates an exotic look. This is the aesthetic that is in vogue in 2024.


5. Classic Lehengas with Modern Twist

Classic Lehengas with Modern Twistbollywoodcart

Fusion lehengas are being loved for bridal looks, this wedding season! We see that the ramps are filled with such lehengas that blend traditional crafts with cuts and silhouettes inspired from contemporary styles. Bold colors are being mixed with modern bridal shades like beige, ivory etc. Fusion lehengas that reflect one’s personality and complement one’s personal style are being preferred.

6. High Slit

High Slitwedabout

A thigh high slit on the lehenga skirt adds that much needed “oomph” factor. It’s a completely contemporary design and some brides are loving the idea! It’s a bold choice though and can work if you can carry it well! Blouses with deep ‘V’ shaped necklines paired with skirts having high slits look utterly sensuous and is reminiscent of Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s lehenga designs.

7. Structured Lehengas

More tailored and structured bridal looks are being preferred by brides this wedding season. Lehenga skirts in more sleek and shapely cuts are totally in demand. Cuts for skirts like fit-and-flare, fishtail etc are trending. Lehenga silhouettes in 2024 resembling the shapes of western gowns – that is what brides are going for!

8. Lehenga Sarees

Lehenga Sareesgaurangofficial | Get Your Custom Made Bridal lehenga

Lehenga sarees or saree-style draped lehengas are highly popular outfits in southern Indian states. In the recent Lakme Fashion Week, the style has been re-introduced by designer Gaurang Shah. The style is ethnic yet totally unique! In this case a long piece of cloth, like a saree, is draped over an ornate lehenga skirt but, unlike the traditional saree, is not pleated!!

9. Vintage Lehengas

Vintage Lehengasrimpleandharpreet

Not only is the vintage wedding look trending this season, actual vintage lehengas are what brides are running after! The concept of flaunting a revived vintage lehenga will be a deciding factor in determining major bridal looks. You can do the same with your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding lehenga. The idea also supports the concept of recycling outfits and creating less wastage!

10. Fuss Free Looks

Fuss Free Lookskaransinghphotographysydney | Get Your Custom Made Bridal lehenga

More and more brides want to go for easy-to-carry, comfortable clothes! So lehengas that are lightweight are totally in demand! Brides are going for lehengas that are low on embellishment and can be reused or re-worn on occasions in the future! Lehengas with pre-draped dupattas are making a debut!

11. Long Attached Dupattas

Long Attached Dupattasweddingaffairofficial

The bride of 2024 prefers clothing that is fuss-free and easy-to-carry! Heavy bridal dupattas can become extremely cumbersome! Perhaps with a view to make it easier for the new-age bride,  designers came up with lehengas with huge trailing attached dupattas! These dupattas are light and feathery but very long which makes them gorgeous and easy to carry at the same time! Attached dupattas also make the whole look extremely elegant and royal!

12. Veils


While veils were once an integral part of the bride’s attire, lately ethnic wedding fashion did not make it necessary. However, in 2024 there will be a significant rise in the use of bridal veils with the lehenga. It has been popularized by designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Masaba Gupta. The veil has a vintage charm and would go well with vintage or Bollywood themed weddings.

13. Lehenga Dupattas Special Drape

A type of bridal lehengas will be seen in 2024 that drape the dupatta and adopt a different style. It is looking like a beautiful lehenga saree which has the elegance of lehenga and classiness of a saree. This is a going to be a very popular trends in 2024.

14. Mermaid Lehengas

Mermaid Lehengasweddingaffairofficial

Variations of the mermaid style lehenga skirt, like the fishtail cut or the ‘fit and flare’ type of skirt, will be in vogue! It is a structured, tailored alternative to the voluminous, flared traditional lehenga skirt. This cut looks especially gorgeous when paired with heavy embellishment and high slit! The ‘new age bride’ theme can be flaunted like a pro in an eclectic fish cut lehenga!

15. Use of Ruffles

Use of Rufflesshaadiwish

Ruffles are created by pleating fabrics like tulle, net or organza. They are attached to various parts of an outfit to create depth in texture and also increase the feminine appeal of the look. Cascading ruffles on the lehenga skirt looks extremely elegant. Ruffles are also being used on sleeves or hemlines. Brides in 2024 are loving these elements more than traditional embellishment. Ruffles can be used subtly on borders and hemlines. They can also be used to create more volume on lehenga tiers. They look vibrant, delightful and can also add an element of boho to the bridal look!

16. Lehengas with Trail

Lehengas with Trailwedabout

One of the most prominent trends in bridal lehengas of 2024 is long flowy silhouettes. That is why we have elements like long attached dupattas, flowing capes and veils. Another element that is being loved by brides is a lehenga skirt with trail. The look isn’t much different from the skirt of Christian wedding gowns! The lehenga skirt is designed with a flowing, very long trail. The look is dreamy, illusionary and grand.

17. Tiny Blouses

Tiny Blousesbollywoodarab

Here is another trend originating in the latest Lakme Fashion Week! Instead of traditional cholis, narrow solid tone tank tops and bralettes are being preferred. Such tiny blouses, paired with lehengas, look particularly elegant on skinny girls as they complement angular figures!

18. Peplum Blouses

Peplum Blousesdress_lover346

Skip the traditional blouse or choli this year! Instead go for a peplum top! This look is inspired by Manish Malhotra’s stunning bridal collection – ‘Ruhaniyaat’. The peplum blouse adorned with zari or resham thread work detailing and paired with a lehenga skirt is a classic look and has a vintage appeal. It gives out imperial and royal vibes. Go for peplum blouses with detailed yoke design

19. Low & Deep Necklines

Low & Deep Necklinesmasabagupta

The latest fashion weeks have introduced this new element in bridal attire. Brides are nowadays comfortable with flaunting such cuts. Deep necklines accentuate the upper half of the body. This trend is going to be huge this season. Deep ‘V’ shaped necklines look extremely elegant with structured lehenga skirts in 2024. This trend is also great for curvy figures. Plunging, low, ‘V’ shaped necklines highly complement curvy figures.

20. Sheer Fabrics

Sheer Fabricsashnagray

Silks are very much in demand this year but when were they not! Coupled with silk, sheer fabrics are making a special appearance. Fabrics like net, tulle, organza and even fine georgette are being used to create sheer sleeves, overlays, ruffles etc. Together with lace details or delicate embroidery, they create an illusion of modesty with sensuality.

21. Personalized Embellishment

Personalized Embellishmentshaadiwish

Though not a new thing, this type of lehenga styling is back in 2024. Embroidering the name of the husband on the bride’s lehenga has been a thing for years. But this time, brides are keen on sporting lehengas with things like vows, images of bride and groom, messages from loved ones, important dates etc embroidered or embossed on them. Any line, name or date that is personally important to the bride or groom or both, is finding a place on the wedding lehenga.

22. Threadwork Over Bling

Threadwork Over Blingfashion_suidhaga

We won’t see much of sequin or zari work in this year’s bridal lehengas as more and more stress is being given on pure thread embroidery. Threadwork can add a different dimension to clothing adding more depth and texture. In vibrant colors, crafts like phulkari, Kashmiri crewel work, Bengal kantha, Gujarati stitch etc celebrate the supremacy of Indian craftsmanship. Using such crafts for wedding fashion also means supporting local artists and their work.

23. Floral Applique Work

Floral Applique Workaisharaoofficial

Applique work refers to the technique of sewing fabric on fabric to create beautiful motifs. Though applique is not commonly used on bridal attire, this year it is very popular in the form of floral motifs. Dainty flowers, bold blossoms or intricate petals – they not only create a 3D effect but also goes really well with ‘whimsical’ or ‘enchanted’ themed weddings.

24. Delicate Pearl Embroidery

Delicate Pearl Embroideryhouseofsabbab

When it comes to embellishment on bridal lehengas in 2024, pearls are being preferred over sequins or crystals or for that matter, anything! Pearls create a sense of opulence! Apart from using pearls in embroidery, they are used in tassels, latkans and even buttons. They are elegant, have a regal appeal and create an overall sophisticated look.

25. Lotus Motif

Lotus Motifwedmegood

The lotus motif on a bridal attire isn’t anything new! Considered auspicious, the lotus motif was an integral part of both the bridal attire and mehendi during the bygone days! It has resurfaced this year and is being used extensively on bridal lehengas along with floral jaal work. In resham thread work it looks exotic especially on multi-color lehengas!

26. Cut Dana Work

Cut Dana Workcouture_indian

Along with delicate pearl embroidery, another craft that is being widely loved on bridal lehengas is cut dana embroidery. Cut dana embroidery is the art of using angularly cut stones on fabric to create exquisite designs. These stones reflect light leading to dream-like illusion. Honeycomb patterns and floral clusters in cut dana are particularly in vogue on fabrics like raw silk and silk.

27. Huge Peacock Embroidery

Apart from floral applique work, another kind of floral design along with birds embroidery in trend this year in 2024 are large floral motifs. On fabrics like silks, satin or even velvet, these prints look amazing, contemporary and simply aesthetic.

28. Lavender Bridal Lehenga


Even last year, you could not imagine a bridal trousseau without a lehenga in baby pink! This year, however, this spot has been taken by cool toned lavenders. Whimsical, ethereal, mystical wedding themes are the order of the day in 2024 and lavender somehow compliments flowy fabrics and dreamy cuts! Lavender or even lilac toned bridal lehengas with crystal and pearl embroidery or chikankari work will be seen pretty much at every wedding in 2024.

29. Revival of Red (And Its Shades)

Revival of Red (And Its Shades)desiclassybrides | Get Your Custom Made Bridal lehenga

The ‘classic lehenga with a twist’ theme is a big thing this wedding season! So when we say that red is back, remember there is always a twist attached. The bridal red color will never go out of fashion but this time instead of the stereotypical red and gold combinations, we have the silver zardozi or zari work on red! Also popular are the shades of red that were not often seen before in the bridal palette! These include shades like lovestruck scarlet or classy rosewood or royal vintage red! Bridal lehengas in vibrant strawberry red or deep blood red are also in demand.

30. Ethereal Pastels

Ethereal Pastelsyaaraniz_collection.jb

Pastels will never go out of vogue! Bridal lehengas in pastel tones have this dreamy, romantic vibe to them that is to die for! Delicate and soft hues like mint green, lilac or powder blue are totally trending these days!


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