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Groom Sherwani

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Types of Wedding Sherwanis a Groom Can Choose From

The sherwani is the most popular wedding outfit for Indian grooms. While the sherwani is a must for North Indian grooms, their counterparts from west, east or south India – who have to wear dhotis or mundus during the core wedding rituals – prefer to wear a sherwani on the reception night. A sherwani is not merely a long straight embellished kurta with matching bottom wear and a stole. There are numerous types of cuts and styles associated with the sherwani, reminiscent of intermingling fashions trends of the Rajputs, the Mughals and the British. In other words, when it comes to the Indian wedding sherwani, a groom is spoilt for choices. Whatever style one may choose to sport, it must compliment the glamor, grandeur and extravaganza of a big fat Indian wedding and it should also be unique and customized!

Chipkan Sherwani Also known as the Mughal sherwani, this type of sherwani has a traditional look. Chipkan sherwanis are most often heavily embellished and come in rich jacquard fabrics, giving the outfit a royal demeanour.

Achkan Sherwani The sherwani kurta has a cut that resembles a baghal bandi or it comes with a separate achkan jacket. In case of achkan sherwanis the kurta is usually knee length and has a slanting button line, much like the angarakha. Sometimes frock-style sherwanis are paired with achkan jackets also.

Angarakha Sherwani Angarakha refers to the cut of the upper garment – a tie-up mechanism connecting a longer overlapping lapel of the kurta to the part of the garment near the right or left shoulder. Angarakha sherwanis have a tie-up or buttoned closure at one side of the garment, near one shoulder.

Anarkali Style Sherwani This is also a very traditional style. In this case, the sherwani kurta has a fit and flare cut, is usually long and boasts a flared hemline. These sherwanis look best paired with churidar bottoms. Variations include addition of achkan jacket or floral front open jackets.

Jodhpuri Sherwani You can call this a cross between a bandhgala or a jodhpuri suit and a sherwani. The focus of these sherwanis are on the cut and style rather than the embellishments. They are generally created from rich silks and brocades and even come in solid color worsted wool, serge or cashmere. They have the length of a sherwani with collars and shoulder-cut of a Jodhpuri suit.

Indo-Western Sherwani This is a broad category and includes all sherwanis in contemporary cuts. Ranging from achkan style jackets paired with straight trousers to summery floral prints on a sherwani – Indo-western style includes all. Most Indo-western sherwanis do not come with stoles.

Jacket with Sherwani While a stole or a dupatta is the traditional accessory with a sherwani, things have changed. Waistcoats, full sleeve front open jackets and even knee-length achkan jackets are being paired with sherwanis.

Sherwani in Contemporary Prints The printed sherwani is becoming popular, especially for morning weddings. These sherwanis are low on the bling factor and come in pastel hues and even fresh bright colors. Prints range from floral motifs to geometrical designs.

The Role of Weather or Season in Choosing the Groom’s Outfit

A sherwani is a layered garment. So, if you are having a summer wedding you need to be careful. Heavy silks, brocades and velvets become extremely uncomfortable, all the more when paired with stoles, jackets etc. So in summer it is better to go for fabric options like chambray, raw silk etc. For winter weddings, the fabric range for Indian wedding sherwanis increases. You can also pair your sherwani with a heavy Kashmiri shawl instead of typical sherwani stole, in cold weather.

Wedding Sherwani for Day Event Vs Night Event

Most Indian grooms go for Indian wedding sherwanis in shades of white, cream or ivory. These colors are suitable for both day and night events. Sherwanis in darker hues like maroon, royal blue, chocolate, charcoal etc should be saved for night events. Also, contemporary sherwanis in floral prints are becoming hugely popular in case of day weddings or other day time functions. Are You Inspired by a Designer Piece or have any Design in Mind? If you have a designer sherwani in mind or any sherwani which has inspired you to imagine a groom’s look for yourself, talk to us. Show us the picture and our ace designer will help you with tweaking the design in the right way to suit your physique and complexion. Customize the perfect Indian wedding sherwani for you, with our help!

How to Decide the Color of your Wedding Sherwani

It’s a myth that whites, blues and greys are more masculine than other colors. Consult a stylist and take help to decide your skin undertone and choose a color for your Indian wedding sherwani accordingly. While customizing the perfect wedding sherwani for you, we take into account all factors before giving you color options. Another factor deciding the color of your sherwani is the time of the wedding ceremony – day or night. Role Your Body Type Plays in Deciding Your Wedding Sherwani
Depending on your body type, your physique, height etc, we customize your Indian wedding sherwani. Angarakha sherwanis look good on grooms with broad shoulders while grooms with short height look better in achkan jackets paired with trousers. Tall grooms can carry the anarkali sherwani look well.

Matching Outfits for Bride and Groom

Color coordinated outfits or matching prints and fabric used in the outfits of the bride and groom look very good, especially in photographs. If you are going to opt for completely traditional wedding wear for the wedding day, go for a co-ordinated bride and groom attire combination for the reception night. All you need is the specialized help of a designer or stylist to customize the outfits for you.

The Fabric of your Indian Wedding Sherwani

From luscious silks to luxurious velvets; from rich brocades to gorgeous cashmeres; from light raw silks to textured tussars– fabrics for wedding wear is all about glamour, glitter and bling! The choice of fabric for your wedding sherwani should depend on the season and your liking.

Types of Embroidery for Your Wedding Sherwani

Rich thread work looks very good on sherwanis as it is a royal attire. Starting from resham embroidery, to zardozi work, to zari embroidery, to dabka work, to cut-dana embroidery to sequin and stone work – all kinds of rich Indian handwork looks great on sherwanis.