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Plus Size Lehenga – Ace the Look – Gracing the Curves

Plus size won’t stop you to wear your favourite lehenga on a wedding, party or special occasion. Plus size lehenga are Fashion today is all about body positivity and embracing your own self with all its flaws and its differences from set standards. Perfection is a myth and top notch fashion is that which takes the imperfect and transforms it into something attractive!
You may be plus size or size zero, you are always a bundle of joy and positivity! So, while choosing the outfit for the most important day of your life, do not let society-set standards affect you! Don’t shy away from fulfilling your dreams and choose the lehenga that makes you feel confident.

25 brides have aced the plus size lehenga look by gracing their curves!

1. The Dress Style Plus Size Lehenga

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This plus size lehenga flaunts a rich velvety texture, deep monotone look in dark maroon and detailed gold embroidery along with a seamless cut. Such cuts make the figure look toned. They also hide those extra inches near the midriff, waist and hips. For plus size brides, such dress style lehengas are a great option!

2.  Go Traditional in Plus Size Lehenga

Get Custom Made Plus Size Lehengas

Indian ethnic wear is so beautifully rooted in tradition that a conventional warm red lehenga with gold work and exquisite dupattas makes every single girl look stunning! So if you have always dreamt of wearing a traditional red lehenga on your wedding day, don’t shy away because of your curves. Such a bridal outfit is a mark of Indian tradition and looks great on everyone.

3. It’s All About Confidence

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The last couple of plus size lehengas in this list are special mentions. This hot pink lehenga is definitely beautiful and gorgeous! But that is not its appeal! Remember one thing, an ideal plus size lehenga is not about an outfit that makes you look thinner! It’s all about an attire that makes you comfortable in your skin, in your own figure thereby inspiring confidence and panache. Just like this bride!

4. Unique Bridal Colors in Plus Size Lehenga

Plus size brides should ditch traditional bridal colors like reds, pinks and oranges and instead go for unique and dark hues like this wine tone dark plum shade. This plus size lehenga also has touches of gold and warm red, creating layers to the look. Such color combinations add depth and character to the bridal outfit which goes very well with plus size fashion.

5. Contrasting Dupatta

We have mentioned earlier that the double dupatta style is a great option for curvy brides. To take this style a step further, you can use dupattas in contrasting tones based on the base color of your lehenga. For instance, this bride wears a dark pink lehenga with zari and mirror work. The dupatta draped over her head and back is in the same shade of opaque pink lehenga. On the other hand, the dupatta draped across the body is in a semi-transparent net fabric and comes in a neutral tone. The illusion thus created by juxtaposing contrasting colors and textures does the trick!

6. Size of Motifs in Gorgeous Lehenga

It’s a fundamental rule – motifs in huge size may make one look broader than they actually are. On the other hand, detailed work using small or tiny motifs work for just the opposite effect. They tone down the figure of the wearer. This bride’s lehenga uses tiny bootas, not sparsely arranged, jaal-style embroidery and immense detailing!

7. Draping the Dupatta

Unlike a saree, a lehenga is a tailored outfit. The shape of the outfit is pre-decided, hence it comes in sizes. Draping does not play a role here! Wrong! A lehenga always comes with a dupatta, which can be draped in whichever style necessary and draping allows the wearer the chance to give a new shape to the outfit. You can drape your dupatta in such a way that it hides the extra fat near your tummy or on your upper arm.

8. Body Positivity All The Way

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This curvy bride has embraced her curves and fallen in love with those extra inches through this beautiful metallic pink gown-style lehenga dress! The flare of the skirt, the ruffled net dupatta attachment, the glitter of the fabric – that’s what you need, and not an hourglass figure, to feel and look like a princess!

9. Density of Embellishment

Sometimes when motifs or designs in the form of embroidery or sequin work etc are placed very close to each other, it creates the illusion of a leaner frame. This works even better if the color in the background is dark and the embellishments end up creating a textured look on the dark surface. This maroon and gold plus size lehenga does just this!

10. Red and Multi Color Plus Size Lehenga

This lehenga follows all the rules of gracing a plus size figure. It’s in a traditional dark red tone! The cuts are conservative, exposing just enough! The embellishment structure is dense. The use of gold and multi color thread embroidery creates a textured look. The motif size is small. The dupattas are in contrasting tones as well! What can go wrong for this lovely bride?

11. Keep it Light

For sangeet or engagement nights, it is always a good idea to go light with the fabric of your lehenga. This rule applies for all brides, especially the curvy ones. The reason is simple – a heavy lehenga in a rich fabric and elaborate work looks great, no doubt, but it restricts free movement! It can make you look weighed down, sedentary and sometimes even clumsy. On occasions like the sangeet, this factor definitely creates the illusion of a heavier figure. Wear a light color or white lehenga, like this bride and groove to the beats!

12. The Longline Choli in Plus Size Lehenga

shopkund_uk | Get Custom Made Plus Size Lehengas

Curvy beauties might not feel comfortable exposing their midriffs or waistline, as happens with traditional lehengas. Longer top-style cholis look conservative but are very easy to carry and extremely comfortable. If you have a bit of extra fat around your waist, you can definitely go for a plus size lehenga with a top-like longline choli.

13. The Gown Style Lehenga


With plus size lehengas, cuts make all the difference! This particular lehenga choli is shaped in such a way that together it resembles a gown. The choli is longline with an extension of pleated net. The floral embroidery too is reminiscent of western style embellishment. The cream tone outfit is well contrasted with a vibrant peach dupatta.

14. Just Go For It

alwaysalittleextra | Get Custom Made Plus Size Lehengas

Love transcends all shapes, sizes and looks! This bride simply doesn’t care when it comes to her plus size figure. The choli is sleeveless, the color a traditional pink with gold embellishment. The bride flaunts the outfit with pride as she is all about enjoying herself in her wedding! The worries about shapes and sizes can take a backseat on this special day.

15. Play of Textures and Colors


This sleeveless gold toned choli is so chic and contemporary that it sets fashion goals. A mix of ethnic cuts and western textures, this plus size lehenga is beautiful! It uses solid colors, rich textures and straight cuts giving a sleek, well-tailored look!

16. Ultimate Black Plus Size Lehenga

theplussizestore | Get Custom Made Plus Size Lehengas

Black is “the most flattering” color for curvy figures. Why not use it for a ravishing lehenga? This black and gold lehenga is exceptional! Not only is the color of choice brilliant and unconventional at the same time, the design language is so out-of-the-box! The usual floral patterns have been ditched. Instead geometric motifs have been used, especially inspired from Mughal and Islamic architecture.

17. Team Hot Pink and Gold

Hot pink and gold can never go wrong! But the most beautiful thing about this plus size lehenga is the fact that it does not attempt to hide the curves. In fact, the appeal relies entirely on the aesthetic design, the intricate work of zari and sequins and the beautiful color combination!

18. Hide the Extra Inches with Double Dupattas

If you want to flaunt your curves, it’s great! But even if you choose not to, there is no need to worry. The best way to hide the extra Inches is by covering them in graceful drapes with beautiful dupattas. This lehenga does that! The maroon as well as the contrasted orange dupatta do the job excellently.

19. Go Chikankari – Plus Size Lehenga

Plus size lehengas are all about graceful and elegant designs! And what can be more elegant than pure Chikankari work. This pastel pistachio shade lehenga showcases authentic Chikankari work. The vertical panel motif placement adds height to the look and the flared sleeves are experimental.

20. Plus Size Floral Velvets


Monotone looks in dark shades go a long way in creating an impression of a toned figure. Solid colors on plush fabrics like velvet are ideal for plus size women. This black velvet lehenga is an example. For bridal purposes, the color can be changed to wine, plum, navy or maroon. The contrasting multi-tone floral embroidery on the dupattaadds depth to the look.

21. Banarasi Plus Size Lehenga for the Curvy Bride


Traditional weaves like the Banarasi brocade of Uttar Pradesh help create traditional looks that go well with curvy figures. This bride wears an emerald green velvet blouse paired with an embroidered golden georgette dupattaand a larger-than-life Banarasi brocade lehenga skirt in gold and emerald. The skirt is so dramatic, it takes the focus away from the bride’s extra inches and adds grace to the whole look.

22. Single Color All-Cover Choli

nehaparulkar | Get Custom Made Plus Size Lehengas

This is a brilliant idea! Well-tailored all-cover tops, longline tops or cholis are perfect for plus size figures – be it a lehenga or a saree. The solid color blouse adds a dignified flavour and the lack of embellishment helps shift the focus to the intricacies in the rest of the outfit. In this case, the floral lehenga skirt and the jewellery steal the show but the real winner is the full sleeve solid red top that the bride wears.

23. Keeping Embellishments at Bay

lacheelaclothing | Get Custom Made Plus Size Lehengas

This lilac lehenga is very different from traditional ethnic clothing. The color, for example, is not exactly bridal. But the rich texture of the fabric gives it a very classy look. The choli has gold bootas but the floral motifs in the skirt are not traditionally Indian. They are sparsely placed making the outfit more contemporary. Such newness in design language of ethnic clothing looks good both on skinny and curvy brides.

24. The Magic of White in Plus Size Lehenga

Plus size is all about confidence, body positivity and embracing oneself with the things society calls “flaws”. White goes so well with this sentiment. Some would say that white would accentuate the extra inches. But this all-white lehenga with a tinted pink dupatta is so graceful and serene that the personality of wearer comes through.

25. Lighter Tones Detailed Work

It’s a myth that plus size figures look broader in lighter shades. You need to know how to play intelligently! This bride flaunts a light pastel blush pink lehenga. But she looks stunning and not at all un-shapely. The double dupatta style, the seamless cut with no exposing midriff and most importantly, the exquisite detailed embroidery in gold, brings the whole look together.

Plus Size Bride’s Magical Mantras while choosing your Lehenga 

  1. Lehenga Design – You need to know if you are top or bottom heavy and choose the design accordingly
  2. Color Selection – Single color pattern makes you look slim & tall. Darker hues help you look slim.
  3. Blouse Fitting – Most important aspect as you need to have a perfect fitted blouse.
  4. Sleeves – Say no to sleeveless blouse and opt for 3/4th or short sleeves.
  5. Dupatta Draping – It’s magical piece of fabric that would make your bulges go away when draped properly.
  6. Right Lingerie – Wearing the right lingerie under your blouse would make a huge difference.
  7. Embroidery Patterns – If you’re heavy at the bottom, avoid huge embroidery patterns on your lehenga.
  8. Neck Design – Go for V necks or scooped necks if you have a heavy bust.
  9. Accessories – Your accessories must compliment your lehenga & it’s overall look. Don’t over do it
  10. Vigilant with Borders – Bulky borders tend to make curvy brides heavier and broad.
  11. Lehenga Fabric – Choose a fabric that can naturally flatter your figure. Avoid crepe, chiffon, satin & net.
  12. Go Custom Made – It’s made just for you and keeping your body type in mind.

Our Custom Made Lehenga Making Process:

How to style up your plus-size lehenga for your wedding day?

A would-be-bride chooses her bridal lehenga with lots of dreams and aspirations. She envisions a dreamy bridal lehenga and tries her best to make that dream convert into her reality. A bride, irrespective of her size, should be confident enough to flaunt her surreal beauty by choosing a lehenga that fits her and accentuates her elegance by manifolds.
Curvy brides tend to get highly conscious on their wedding day. To avoid any kind of body-shaming experience, they follow a rigid diet. But what they do not realize is that this restriction makes them look unhappy, weak, and dull. Every girl should realize that these few months are going to be the best days of her life, and hence, there should not be any room for grudges, unfulfilled expectations, and so on. If you are blessed with those luscious curves, be proud of yourself. Make yourself healthy, but starving yourself to death is not what you want. You need to realize that there are so many designers who have come up with excellent plus-size lehenga for curvy brides. When you adorn one of these lehengas, not just will you slay with your killer looks, but also you will feel exceedingly comfortable throughout the entire wedding rituals, photo sessions, videography, and so on.
If you wish to know more about flaunting a plus-size lehenga like a fashion queen, please read on!

1. Body type: It is of utmost significance to know about your body type. A curvy bride can have an apple-shaped (top-heavy), or pear-shaped (bottom-heavy), or an hourglass body type. You should definitely be searching for your bridal lehenga online in the plus size lehenga category. There you will get ample options that can make you look extremely beautiful despite those few bulges here and there. Remember, choosing the right plus size lehenga according to your body type can create wonders for you.
Apple-shaped body: If you are a bride with an apple-shaped body, you should try wearing a lehenga that draws away from the attention of beholders from your waist. For this purpose, you can try an empire line lehenga with a choli that reaches a tad bit beyond your hips.
Pear-shaped body: If you are a bit heavy at the bottom, you can try wearing a bridal lehenga that seems plain around the bottom. Limit the details ad embroideries lower down, around your legs. You can go for highly embellished choli instead. You can absolutely avoid elasticated waists and high waist lehengas.
Hour-glass-shaped body: Well, you, my darling, are really blessed with well-proportionated curves and hence, need not worry about being curvy. You can simply visit any showroom or online fashion portal and visit their plus size lehenga category to get yourself an ideal bridal lehenga, which can highlight your features and make you look charming and enticing.

2. Mastering the art of apt fitting: Always know what is too loose or too tight for you. Take along your besties and mother while shopping for your bridal lehenga. Ask for their valuable opinions and choose a plus-size lehenga that fits you like a dream. It should not be extremely tight, neither should it be hanging loosely from your body. Pairing up a high waist lehenga with longer cholis can make you look slimmer. You can also go for a lehenga skirt which is in a paneled pattern. The tapering at the waist and flares down below will hide any extra bulge easily.

3. Fabric selection: Forget everything else, and go for raw silk, silk fabrics, crepe, chiffon, satin or net, to get yourself a customized plus size lehenga. Silk embraces your body and accentuates your best features beautifully. The fabric of your bridal lehenga can either make or break the deal. So you should always go for a fabric that can naturally flatter your figure. Always avoid stiff fabrics, for instance, cotton and tussar silk.

4. The neck of the choli: If you have a heavy bust and you are getting way too nervous, fret not, as we have a solution for this as well. Go for blouses that have deep V necks or scooped necks. Also, avoid wearing sleeveless cholis. If you are heavy at the top, keep your choli simple. Excessive embellishments will make you look heavier at the top. If you still insist on wearing sleeveless choli, you can try wearing one with thicker straps.

5. Finding the right hue: Try creating an illusion by adorning a monotone plus size lehenga. When you go for choli and lehenga in the same color, it will create a flawless and uninterrupted vertical line, making you appear slimmer and taller. You can also experiment with a contrasting color dupatta. Another point which you can keep in mind is that darker hues always help you look slim. So you can opt for colors like mauve, violet, steel, magenta, browns, etc.

6. Patterns and prints: If you are a bit heavy at the bottom, try avoiding huge patchworks and embellishments on the lehenga skirt. Also, choose vertical patterns over horizontal ones to look slimmer and taller. Horizontal patterns can ruin your entire look and make you look broad and unappealing.

7. Pay attention to sleeves: As we have mentioned earlier as well, it is always better to avoid sleeveless cholis. Otherwise, your arms may look flabby and make you feel uncomfortable. Full-sleeved blouses always hide your problem areas and make you look elegant and charming.

8. Using two dupattas: Your dupatta is the magical piece of fabric that can make all your bulges go invisible. If you drape the dupatta in the right way, you will be able to hide those curves easily. the most flattering draping style for a curvy bride is to use two dupattas instead of one. Try draping one around your lehenga and the other on your head. A dupatta, when draped correctly at the front of your body, will successfully hide the bulges near your belly and waist areas. Experiment with your dupatta draping style, and you will easily get that million-buck look on your wedding.

9. Being a bit vigilant with the borders: Whether you are getting yourself a customized plus size lehenga or a ready-made one, keep in mind that you have to get yourself a lehenga skirt that has thinner borders. Bulky borders tend to make curvy brides heavier and broad.

10. Select embroidery work carefully: When put to use aptly, even embroideries can make you look slimmer. You just need to identify the most attractive part of your body. Then you can go on highlighting that part by using bright and vibrant embroidery work. We would suggest you avoid using golden glimmering sequins. If used excessively, they may make you appear larger than you actually are. To play it safe, you can opt for golden, copper, or silver zari work or use coloured kundans for this purpose.

11. Lingerie can do wonders: You can never underestimate the value of the right lingerie which you choose to pair up with your bridal lehenga. The right lingerie can help by offering apt support to your heavy chest and hips by fitting properly. After all, you do not want to ruin your entire look by wearing ill-fitted lingerie, which offers zero or minimal support to your curves. Also, the lingerie should fit you seamlessly. There should not be any unnecessary bulge popping out from here and there. Otherwise, this may spoil your elegant look.

12. Adorning the right jewelry: Coming to accessories, your jewelry is the most significant accessory for a bride. Chokers can dampen your look by making you appear heavier and shorter. A curvy bride should always go for long and layered necklaces, for instance, rani haars and satlada necklaces, etc.; when statement jewelry sits comfortably on your neck and over your bust and form the perfectly vertical line, you will look much slimmer.

13. Rock it with a pair of heels: If you wish to look slimmer instantly, just focus on ramping up your height. Yes, it is that’s easy. This trick helps you appear slimmer by elongating your overall frame. So you can simply accessorize your plus size lehenga with an exquisite pair of heels. Again, comfort matters the most and in case you are not comfortable wearing those pencil heels, go for wedges with slimmer buckles and minimal embellishments.

14. Go for customized bridal attire: When you are out shopping for your favorite bridal lehenga, you may feel an inclination towards a sophisticated, elegant ready-made piece of bridal lehenga. But remember that getting a ready-made attire altered to match your body shape can be quite an exhausting and process. You need to hire a designer or any ethnic wear store which offers exquisite custom-made, plus-size lehenga, which is made exclusively for you only.

Conclusion – Plus Size Lehenga

At GetEthnic, we take special care to curate your wedding look. Whatever size you come in, you are always a package of positivity! Your outfit should reflect that and this is possible only through customization! Get in touch with us for the ultimate plus size lehenga and let our expertise mingle with your own personal choices to create your dream look!

What sets us apart is that our team prepares a file for you, which contains the lively sketch of your wedding outfit, free swatch samples, and embroideries. When you go through the file, you actually realize that a lot goes into the making of bridal attire, and also, you can be assured about your outfit that a masterpiece is in the making.
Do not curse your curves. Rather, embrace those blissful curves and opt for our custom-made plus-size lehenga. You can trust your money and time with us at With us, you will never have to go conscious about your bulging belly fat since we have got you covered, literally, with our clever designs.

Get in touch with us today and get your dream bridal plus size lehenga stitched super soon with absolute perfection and a hint of elegance.
Is Indian bridal wear only for those perfectly-shaped waists? Are Lehenga’s to be worn only by women who are size zero? Does plus sized Brides have very limited options ? Or Plus Size Indian Ethnic wear clothing has very limited or no choices ? Not really!

These questions have haunted us for generations resulting in tremendous weight loss regime. At GetEthnic we do not approve of such stances because every bride is beautiful in her own way. We are your personal genie, making your wish come true and we do not discriminate. Plus size Indian wedding dresses are now just a click away.

At least at GetEthnic that is not what we believe in! Indian women are beautiful in every shape and sizes and our motto is to make them look gorgeous at their weddings. Plus size bridal wear has its beauty of its own. GetEthnic specializes in plus size Indian wedding dresses and bridal wear. So if you are a bride-to-be and worried about your curves, trust us with making you want to flaunt them. If you have them, don’t worry, we got you covered!! Be it a 3XL, 4XL or even 6XL you are in the same hands of Plus Size Bridal Experts! We have a vibrant range of plus size Indian clothing for you to pick from, customize and glimmer in your D-Day.

30 Reception Sherwani for the Perfectionist Groom

When a wedding is planned, a lot of importance is given to the bridal outfit. Even if the groom’s wedding day outfit is given attention, the reception outfit can easily be labelled as the most neglected ensemble! But slowly this mindset is changing. In fact, the reception sherwani deserves a lot more importance as for this outfit the groom and his designer have a free hand. In other words, this outfit does not ‘have to be’ traditional, like the wedding outfit.

Moreover, with the anxiety of the wedding gone, the reception is when the bride and the groom can be themselves and flaunt their best styles. The groom is totally relaxed and can enjoy himself to the fullest. So, here are 30 reception sherwanis that will inspire grooms-to-be to plan their outfits from scratch.

30 Reception Sherwanis for Indian Groom

1. Thread Work Shawl with Dark Green Short Sherwani

Thread Work Shawl with Dark Green Short Sherwaniqualitythedesignerstudio

Posing with his beautiful bride, this groom does not take his reception sherwani look lightly. He pairs white churidar bottoms with a self-work and bead embroidered dark green short sherwani. But what really makes the look special is the spectacular multi-color thread embroidered shawl!

2. All Over Work Sherwani Jacket

Traditional attires never fail to impress! All over thread embroidery on a sherwani jacket reminds one of royal fashion of the bygone era. If you want to carry that kind of a look on your reception evening, simply pair such a sherwani jacket with an unembellished silk kurta-pajama set.

3. Dark Blue Jacquard Reception Sherwani

Dark Blue Jacquard Reception Sherwanighanchi_shailesh_

Though experimental looks go a long way in case of reception wear for grooms, there is always a special place for traditional ensembles, especially in colors like black, grey, navy, brown, beige or dark blue. This groom pairs white narrow trousers with his navy blue sherwani showcasing woven and thread worked motifs. The embellishment pattern created a jacquard look.

4. Short Jacket Anarkali Sherwani


Ivories and white Sherwani are a favourite with Indian grooms. You just can’t stop them from going for such sherwaniseven if it’s the reception! But yes, a variation in the cut of the outfit can bring about a huge difference. This groom pairs his anarkali kurta in ivory and gold with a short sherwani jacket showcasing gold embroidery.

5. Immaculate Thread Work


This front open reception sherwani jacket paired with light moss green raw silk kurta and churidar bottoms speaks for itself. The whole jacket showcases multi-color detailed thread work. The richness of the kurta inside is highlighted. The kurta has similar thread work adorning the neckline.

6. Multicolor Striped Sherwani

Multicolor Striped Sherwanithebongmunda

With time, the evolution in the design language of traditional clothing never fails to impress us. This sherwani is simplistic yet so aesthetic and rich. The whole sherwani showcases hand thread work that runs in multi-tone vertical stripes. These stripes fill up the whole surface of the attire creating a texture. It is traditional yet not so much so!

7. The Brown Anarkali Reception Sherwani


While ivory toned manarkalis or those in pastel tones look great during weddings, such outfits in off-beat shades look extremely elegant on the reception evening. The off-white anarkali kurta comes with a zari border and the dark brown silk sherwani jacket flaunts hand embroidered zari motifs. It is paired with a satin stole and pajama bottoms. Checkout more of Anarkali Sherwani.

8. Lakhnavi Thread Work Reception Sherwani


Grooms who love white or ivory and have already sported a sherwani in such color on their weddings can go for muted pastel tones, like this, for their reception! It’s a powder blue sherwani flaunting Lakhnavi thread work of the traditional style. It is paired with white tapered trousers and stole with similar embroidery in the borders.

9. Ivory Beige & Gold Floral Silk Reception Sherwani

Ivory Beige & Gold Floral Silk Reception Sherwanisimmykanda

This reception sherwani look is both subtle and glamorous! The knee-length taffeta silk sherwani jacket is flaunting floral hand embroidery in beige thread and gold zari. The stole in beige fabric creates a subtle contrast and showcases similar embellishment.

10. The Double Jacket reception Sherwani

The Double Jacket reception Sherwanishahjadaethnic

Grooms wanting to sport an Indo-ethnic look on their receptions may go for such a sherwani. The layered look consists of two sherwani jackets – an inner cloudy grey silk sherwani jacket and another shorter steel grey silk front open sherwani jacket over it! The jacket on top also showcases sequin embroidery and has a square pocket with an ornate brooch!

11. High Low Reception Sherwani


Layered looks are totally trending! In this case, the groom is wearing an ivory kurta underneath a shorter sherwani jacket. Both showcase hand embroidery – the motifs on the jacket are more closely placed compared to those on the kurta. Ornate buttons complete the look.

12. Embroidered Black Reception Sherwani

Embroidered Black Reception Sherwanikrushabh_kevadiya

While black is a strict ‘no no’ on the wedding day, in the reception party it is totally a mark of sophistication, class and style. Most men love black and they can go for a black reception sherwani like this one! The textured, woven design inner kurta with statement buttons is topped with an exquisite sherwani jacket showcasing multi-color thread embroidery. Even without zari or sequin work, this outfit looks uber glamorous!

13. Zari Embroidered Blazer reception sherwani


Though not a typical sherwani look, this half sherwani jacket or blazer, adorned in ornate all-over golden zari embroidery, is sure to impress all, on the reception day! Here, the groom pairs this unique ethnic blazer with a short kurta and tapered trousers in off-white.

14. Indo-Western Sequin Work Sherwani


Seen here is a sherwani and tapered trouser in sky blue tone topped with an unique and innovative front-open knee-length sherwani jacket. The Indo-western sherwani jacket showcases ornate white buttons and all over sequin work in shades like pink, sky blue, blue and silver.

15. Floral Understated Reception Sherwani


On off-white silk, this sherwani showcases floral thread work and dabka embroidery. The dabka work in silver adds a hint of glitter and glam to the outfit. It is paired with off-white tapered trousers and a contrasting old rose tone stole which also showcases hand embroidered borders. Checkout more of more of Pink Sherwani.

16. Beguiling Blue reception Sherwani

Beguiling Blue reception Sherwanikustomeyes.menswear

Pastel tones are great for reception sherwanis! This one comes in a powder blue tone with all-over detailed thread work. The collar, sleeves and buttons showcase sequin, stone and zardozi embroidery. Without a stole and paired only with off-white trousers, the excellence of the craftsmanship comes alive.

17. The Quintessential Navy Sherwani

The Quintessential Navy Sherwanidostiyari.emin

Navy is the color for the reception! Be it sherwanis, achkans or bandhgalas, navy corduroy, linen or silk fabrics scream sophistication. This full sleeve sherwani here pairs that with just the right amount of embellishment – a bit of thread work and sequin embroidery on the yoke and the sleeves.

18. Gold Thread Embroidery

Gold Thread Embroidery - Reception Sherwaniabhinavthomas & binibpullan

While zari embroidery or metallic thread embroidery techniques like zardozi, aari etc are quite common in ethnic wedding wear, pure thread hand embroidery has a charm and elegance of its own. Grooms wanting to go for subtle reception sherwani looks can go for such sherwanis which have a neutral base color and showcase all over intricate thread work in gold tone!

19. Indian Craftsmanship on a Contemporary Silhouette

Indian Craftsmanship on a Contemporary Silhouettesdsbykushalshah

Black is perfect for the reception party, especially if the sherwani flaunts a contemporary cut. This sherwani jacket is short, front open and has an extremely well-tailored look. It is paired with a black short kurta and black trousers. But what really steals the attention is the finery of the craftsmanship showcased on the jacket in the form of kanthaembroidery using white thread.

20. Floral Sherwani with Dhoti


The reception sherwani is such an outfit in which you can include certain experimental elements that you can’t use in case of the wedding attire! This outfit for example is perfect for that summer reception party – a light pistachio green silk sherwani with peach and moss green thread worked floral motifs has been paired with peach toned silk dhoti bottoms.

21. Soft Hues & Dreamy Colors


Lovers of white, ivory or cream tones, don’t be disappointed! Even if you can’t repeat an ivory sherwani for your reception look, you can go for such soft and dreamy colors like peach, pale yellow, light corals etc. This peach toned sherwani flaunts a woven design, has a front-open look and is paired with pale yellow ochre trousers.

22. Cerulean Blue Thread Embroidered Reception Sherwani


Loose churidar bottoms and a knee-length solid tone cerulean blue kurta with embellished gold buttons has been aesthetically paired with a shorter, all-over embroidered, front-open sherwani jacket in the same color. The jacket showcases hand embroidery in multiple colors like white, gold, pastel peach and pink etc.

23. Lilac Blazer-Style Sherwani Jacket

Lilac Blazer-Style Sherwani Jacketindiangroom

Contemporary silhouettes are trending! This groom wears a lilac above-knee length kurta with trousers. He tops it with a lilac tone short sherwani jacket which resembles a blazer. Such Indo-western styles look great on the day of the reception. The jacket also showcases woven and thread work embellishment!

24. Paired with a Jacket


Classy pastel tones look extremely sophisticated on grooms on the evening of the reception. This groom wears this sherwani kurta with a blazer-style jacket in a pistachio green shade with gold zari embroidery near the borders.

25. Jacquard Sherwani with Kaani Shawl


The groom flaunts a regal look in his cream-toned jacquard woven design sherwani jacket, paired with churidarbottoms and an exquisite multicolor kaani work shawl, hailing from the vales of Kashmir. The combination of the neutral with the colorful and the absence of surface embellishment makes the look unique and aesthetic.

26. Wide Front Slit Indo-western Sherwani


Reception sherwanis can be experimental and unique, unlike sherwanis for the wedding! This one comes with a silver tone silk knee-length kurta and matching pajama. The unique aspect is in the jacket which is typical till the waist. Below that it develops into a wide slit which looks extremely aesthetic, exposing the kurta below. The sherwani jacket is black with woven and embroidered geometric motifs.

27. The Golden Turban


Reception sherwanis are known to have unique accessories. In fact, most ensembles replace the stole with embroidered shawls or headgears. This groom has paired his ivory tone sherwani-trouser set, flaunting floral thread work, with a contrasting golden turban. The combination is unique and eye-catching! Checkout more of Golden Sherwani.

28. The Brocade reception Sherwani

The Brocade reception

Brocades spell out grandeur without being obvious! There are some grooms who do not prefer a lot of embroidery or heavy zardozi work on their clothes. They can go for such a reception sherwani. While the sherwani kurta is in a light pistachio green and gold brocade, the inner kurta and churidar bottoms are in a pastel blue shade.

29. Ivory Floral Garden Theme Sherwani


This ivory sherwani depicts a whole garden on it through motifs in pastel tones. Floral motifs, grass, birds, buds etc are seen all over. It does not contain a lot of bling but the creativity behind the design comes across.

30. The Long Galabandh

The Long Galabandh indiangroom

Galabandh or Jodhpuri suits, especially those in black, is perhaps the most popular reception outfit for grooms. Even paired with red bandhej turbans, they look extremely classy, royal and sophisticated. This outfit is exactly that, without the red turban and with a little bit of twist. In this case, the bandhgala jacket is a little bit longer than usual and resembles a very short sherwani jacket. The self-design gives it an even richer look.

For such unique and refreshing ideas for reception sherwanis, get in touch with us! We, at GetEthnic, are known for customised ethnic wedding wear that is designed keeping in mind your choices and preferences, your body type, the occasion and even the season!