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60 Jodhpuri Suits that Define Royal Fashion

Jodhpuri suits are a mark of class! Derived from the fashion of the royal gharanas of Rajasthan – Jodhpuris are a perfect blend of Indian styles and western tailoring techniques. The outfit consists of a jacket in a rich fabric with a tailored trouser. It may be worn with a shirt or vest underneath or even a short kurta, these days! The collars are usually high and most Jodhpuri suits come without embellishments. But accessorized with safas or turbans, pocket chains, embellished buttons etc they look really grand and sophisticated.

Jodhpuri suits define Indian masculinity. You can wear them to weddings as well as other formal occasions. Many Indian grooms opt for Jodhpuris for their reception day. They can be paired with Indian jootis as well as formal shoes! The pocket square adds a hint of western style. If you are an Indian man, you just can’t do without a few Jodhpuri suits in your Indo-western wardrobe. Want inspiration or ideas?

Check out these 60 Jodhpuri suits that define the royal aspect of Indian ethnic men’s fashion.

Jodhpuri Suits – Classiness Overloaded

1. Red Bandhgala Jodhpuri with Asymmetrical

Red Bandhgala Jodhpuri with Asymmetrical

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This is Red Bandhgala Short Jacket with Asymmetrical Black Design & Pants. The contrast of red and black looks good. Jacket lapels are asymmetrical with statement silver buttons and ornate brooch detail. Black and beige thread work on jacket looks sophisticated.

2. Matte Black Sequin Design Jodhpuri Jacket

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Seen here is a matte black Jodhpuri jacket paired with matte black trousers in Poly Viscose fabric. This Jodhpuri is Vertical band of glossy sequin and woven design adorn one side. Statement ornate buttons are added.

3. Navy Jodhpuri Embroidered Jacket

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This is a navy blue Jodhpuri jacket paired with trousers in the same shade. The floral embroidery is in self-tone in Ploy Viscose fabric. The floral motifs are distributed all over and are also present in dense designs on two rectangular patches on the front side of the jacket.

4. Black Quilted Embroidery Achkan with matching Pants

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Seen here is a Black Quilted Embroidered Achkan with matching Pants. Embroidery is in self-tone in Terry Reyon fabric. Monotone look of outfit gives out the royal vibe.

5. Ivory Embroidered Jodhpuri

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Seen here is a regal Ivory Embroidered Jodhpuri Bandhgala Jacket with matching Pants in Poly Viscose fabric. Self-toned embroidery gives a textured look. Ornate brooch details have been added.

6. Ice Blue Embroidered Jodhpuri with Ivory Pants

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Seen here is an Ice Blue Embroidered Bandhgala with Ivory Pants in Dupion Silk. Silver and dark blue thread work has been used to create a combination of ethnic and floral motifs.

7. Pastel Blue and White Embroidered short Jodhpuri

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Seen here is a pastel blue and white embroidered jacket paired with white trousers in Pure Raw Silk fabric. The white thread work is reminiscent of traditional chikankari work. It forms floral motifs distributed equally all over.

8. Black Embroidered Jodhpuri Jacket-Kurta

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This is a different style of Jodhpur in a black kurta with cowl-detail, pleated hemline paired with an ornate full-sleeve jacket and tapered trousers. The jacket showcases intricate thread work in self-tone which is highlighted by sequin and katdana work in Terry Reyon.

9. Pink Asymmetrical Embroidered Achkan

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Seen here is a Pink Asymmetrical Embroidered Jodhpuri with matching Kurta and Ivory Pants. The high-low and asymmetrical hemline of the Achkan jacket is unique in itself. This is made in Terry Reyon Fabric.

10. Grape Floral Embroidered Jodhpuri

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This is a Grape Floral Embroidered Jodhpuri with Black Pants in Poly Viscose fabric. Floral embroidery is positioned on the broader lapel creating embossed look.

Men rocking in their Jodhpuri Suits

11. The Casual Way to Sport a Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Greywstories | Groom Grooms Outfits

A milk white Jodhpuri suit has been paired with classic brown boots and a few buttons on the top have been left open to bring about the “carefree” look!

12. The Yellow Turban Look with Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey@i_manni_singh

Another example of adding a dash of color to your classic jet black Jodhpuri look! The attire has been paired with a bright yellow turban and multi-layer malas. Checkout Punjabi wedding outfits.

13. The Belt Detail

Grandeur in Grey

A grey or charcoal shade Jodhpuri suit is another classic style! You can make the look even more masculine by adding a bit of a variation. In this case, a black vintage belt has been added to the outfit. It is paired with black boots and black glasses.


14. Long Textured Jodhpuri

Grandeur in Grey

Another variation in the cut – this is a slightly longer version of the Jodhpuri suit. This mauve jacket reaches down almost till the knees and the fabric has woven self-design.

15. The Red Pocket Square

Grandeur in Grey

Nothing beats the classic look! A well-tailored matte black Jodhpuri suit has been paired with black boots and a dark red pocket square – minimalistic, masculine and attractive!

16. Dreamy White and Gold Jodhpuri

Grandeur in Grey

Classic white trousers have been paired with a white jacket boasting intricate ethnic motifs all over in gold. Gold buttons are added. The look is enhanced by the addition of beige leather shoes.

17. The Brown Polka Magic Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

These almost circular boota motifs on the rich dark brown fabric look almost like polka dots. Only if you are confident, you can give such a design a try! Otherwise you might be giving out night-suit vibes.

18. Velvets and Reshams in Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

This is a traditional Jodhpuri suit, apt for wear in wedding-related purposes! Dark trousers have been paired with a burgundy copper velvet jacket with a side button line and high-low hem. Resham thread work adorns one side of the jacket.

19. The Tropical Jodhpuri

Grandeur in Grey@arjandugal

This classy and aesthetic almost floral Jodhpuri suit is made up of Irish linen with tropical motifs like plants, leaves and flowers printed on it! It is a contemporary modern take on the royal outfit.

20. Golden Stud Details Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey@amanyatanverma

This black glossy textured look of this Jodhpuri suit with embossed floral details has been accentuated with gold stud buttons.

21. Grandeur in Grey

Grandeur in Grey

Most Jodhpuri suits come in mono colors. Grey is a great option if you are a beginner with Jodhpuri suits. If you want to add a bit of glamour, add gold statement buttons.

22. Textured in Style

Grandeur in Grey

Want a Jodhpuri a bit different? Go for a jacket fabric that has a woven textured design. Pair it with contrast trousers and a contrast pocket square! A style as simple as this will definitely turn heads.

23. Cocktail King

Grandeur in Grey

This outfit defines contemporary Indian men’s fashion. The matte black jacket has silver digital patterns printed on it. If you want to sport an Indo-western outfit on a cocktail party or a corporate event, this is a great option to go for!

24. Embroidered Button Line Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey@rizwanbachav

This conventional black Jodhpuri suit has a button line embellished with gold dori work and statement buttons, creating a truly unique style.

25. Sleek in Blue and Black

Grandeur in Grey

The Jodhpuri silhouette is great place for colors like grey, charcoal, cool-toned blues etc. This sleek and suave textured or self-pattern jacket in dark blue goes really well with the black trousers. Matte antique gold buttons and a small brooch add enough glam.

26. Better in Beige

Grandeur in Grey

Beige is a much understated yet immensely masculine color and this Jodhpuri suit in a rich beige fabric breathes class! The black boots and the dark red pocket square accentuates the sophistication in the look.

27. Power of White – Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

Formal outfits never fail to impress, especially when they are in classic and conventional colors like white, ivory, black etc. This Jodhpuri suit’s brilliance gets multiplied by the addition of the bright red pocket square.

28. Room for Experimentation

Grandeur in Grey

If complete formal looks don’t attract you, you may also experiment a bit! Only if you can carry it, instead of a shirt, wear a kurta with an asymmetrical hem and pleated detail, underneath your jacket. It will completely change the look while retaining the structured pattern and the formal appeal of the outfit.

29. With the Casual Flair

Grandeur in Grey@clad.clad | Indian wedding sherwani

Rahul Khanna can turn a completely formal attire into a perfectly casual one! He sports this Jodhpuri jacket with white trousers and a white shirt and keeps the jacket unbuttoned.

30. Embossed Details

Grandeur in Grey

Such Jodhpuri jackets with textured or embossed details on a glossy fabric look good in colors such as jet black, midnight blue etc

31. Pairing Black and Grey

Grandeur in Grey

If you are looking for a Jodhpuri suit that can be sported in non-wedding occasions, outings etc, think of something like this. Black trousers have been paired with a grey jacket. The pocket, cuffs and collars are also in black.

32. Jodhpuri Waistcoat

Grandeur in Grey

Technically, this is not a suit but the attire is definitely inspired by the Jodhpuri silhouette! A pair of black trousers have been paired with a pastel shade shirt and a chequered bandhgala, Jodhpuri style waistcoat!

33. Horizontal Panels Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

This dark teal blue jacket is minimal on embellishments but what upholds the glamor quotient is the well-tailored silhouette and the horizontal panels that run across the chest to the sleeves of the jacket.

34. Pastel Hues in Jodhpuri Suit

Did you know that pastel hues are extremely masculine colors? This Jodhpuri suit comes with cream color trousers paired with a pastel pink jacket in a glossy fabric.

35. Pair Jodhpuri with a Dhoti

Grandeur in Grey

Yes, you read that right! If you are keen on experimenting with your Jodhpuri jacket and confident about carrying something unique, you can pair it with a kurta and a dhoti. In this case, the royal blue jacket is also very unique with an achkan style sideway sash over the button line.

36. Red Velvet Jodhpuri

Grandeur in Grey

To bring in more color to your Jodhpuri look, wear a bright color velvet jacket with black trousers – in this case it’s a dark red jacket in velvet.

37. Achkan Magic

Grandeur in Grey

We generally see the achkan cut in knee-length jackets and kurtas. But here the slanted button line style has been used on a Jodhpuri suit. Pocket square and chain details are added. Note how good the sports-watch looks with this Indo-western outfit.

38. Long Wedding Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

Though this outfit might resemble a sherwani, look closely and you will see that it is a bandhgala, Jodhpuri cut jacket which is slightly longer. It has been paired with a turban, a shawl and tapered trousers. Checkout black Sherwani.

39. The Bootas on the Jacket

Grandeur in Grey

A very unique Jodhpuri suit – this one comes with a bright red jacket and tiny boota motifs all over. It has been paired with black trousers! Yellow pocket square, brooch and round white button details have been added.

40. Love Your Classics

Grandeur in Grey

The combination of black or a very dark color and white is timeless! A dark jacket in velvet has been paired with paper white trousers. White shirt, pocket square and matte gold buttons complete the look.

41. Doubt Jacket Style Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey@ravibajajstyle

In this case, paper white trousers have been paired with a red waistcoat and a red jacket with white buttons. Though different and maybe difficult to carry, this is a great style statement! If you have the confidence, don’t think twice before giving it a go!

42. Add a Kurta with Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

You can experiment with ethnic styles too! Between the trousers and the jacket, an ethnic kurta has been added. The jacket also has a textured floral design. This is a great option for groomsmen who love the Indo-western look.

43. The Rosette Brooch

Grandeur in Grey@janaad_ashish

The jet black Jodhpuri suit is a classic style! But you can bring in variations by using different kinds of accessories. In this case, a big statement red rosette brooch has been added, forming an attractive contrast.

44. Statement Buttons

Grandeur in Grey

Everything about this Jodhpuri is unconventional! The purple color is unique and so is the embellished gold buttons on the slanted button line.

45. Simply Royal in Blue

Grandeur in Grey@ashwin.thiyagarajan

Minimal on embellishments, this well-structured Jodhpuri suit consists of a royal blue jacket and white trousers. A slanted button line is adorned with a single gold button and the only detail is the red pocket square.

46. Vertical Panel Design

Grandeur in Grey

This charcoal and black Jodhpuri suit is striking because of the vertical stripe and panel design the jacket flaunts. The outfit comes in matte texture and is good enough for casual occasions and non-wedding purposes or even cocktail parties.

47. Slightly Longer

Grandeur in Grey

This light pink Jodhpuri jacket flaunts a textured design and tiny sequin motifs. It has been paired with white trousers and a red pocket square. The jacket is unique because it is slightly longer than conventional Jodhpuri jackets.

48. Silver Linings

Grandeur in Grey@shantanunikhil

Another great variation on a jet black Jodhpuri suit. The collar and the shoulders are each lined with single silver sequin stripe on each side. A silver brooch and silver buttons have been added.

49. The Multi-Colored Turban with Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

This is a great way to accessorize an all-black Jodhpuri suit – just add a colorful bandhani turban that steals the show!

50. Pink is Masculine

Grandeur in Grey

Black Jodhpuris coupled with unique accessories seem to be in vogue! This one has been paired with a bright pink turban and a pocket square in the same color.

51. Bandhani in Black

Grandeur in Grey

An amazing and brave take on the black Jodhpuri style – this suit comes with a black jacket with grey and charcoal bandhani-like motifs on it. The trousers are jet black.

52. Unique Hemlines

Grandeur in Grey

This Jodhpuri suit in ivory is worn with a kurta underneath that is slightly longer than the jacket. The unique hemline of the kurta is echoed in the jacket too. The button line boasts pairs of golden studs.

53. Jodhpuri Trousers

Grandeur in Grey

Do you know what Jodhpuri trousers are? They are a perfect example of Indo-western fashion. These trousers are a cross between the Indian riding breeches and churidar bottoms – they are flared near the thighs and taper downwards into a fitted look. They are also called Indian polo fit Jodhpuri pants. Pairing Jodhpuri bottoms with a Jodhpuri jacket is in fact a brilliant idea!

54. Matte Textures and Pastel Shades Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

Talk about sophistication and class and can you give pastel shades and matte textures a miss? Men look extremely classy in such Jodhpuri suits!

55. Vertical Stripes

Grandeur in Grey

Symmetrical vertical stripes all over your black Jodhpuri suit not only looks classy but also creates an illusion of a leaner frame!

56. Khadi Texture

Grandeur in Grey

Since Jodhpuri suits are generally low on embellishments, you can play around with the textures! This grey jacket boasts a khadi or linen-like texture resulting in an outfit apt for corporate events as well as cocktail parties.

57. Chain Details in Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

Introduce variation in the black Jodhpuri look by the addition of a chain on the jacket.

58. Dark Burgundy Jodhpuri Suit

Grandeur in Grey

If you are looking for a color that is both masculine yet not stereotypical like the blacks and navies, go for a color like this one – dark burgundy!

59. Floral Weaves

Grandeur in Grey

This father-son duo sports Jodhpuri suits with floral woven pattern on royal blue jackets paired with yellow-ochre trousers.

60. Pairing a Shirt

Grandeur in Greyrathore | Indian Wedding Dresses for Men

This Jodhpuri jacket is slightly longer. It may resemble a short achkan but the button line is in the centre and the collars follow the bandhgala style. It is worn without being buttoned. It exposes a crisp pastel pink shirt worn over midnight blue trousers.

Jodhpuri suits compliment the Indian masculine frame and never fail to give an impression of class, sophistication, respectability and royalty. If you are an Indian man, you won’t be able to thank us enough for advising you to invest in one or two Jodhpuri suits. If you want to get one customized for you, here too we can help.

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