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25 Indian Dance Costumes & How to Plan Them

A good Indian group dance is incomplete without well-co-ordinated, colorful and traditional Indian outfits. Indian dance costumes or American Indian dance costumes or something referred as Indian fusion dance costumes, like ethnic Indian fashion, represent our culture. They should also flaunt elements like detailed embellishment, lustrous fabrics and colors! To understand better how costumes impact the outcome of a performance, let us look at some that rocked the stage.

Dancing and celebrating go hand in hand for Indians. Our country bears a legacy of larger-than-life life celebration when it comes to occasions or festivals. We also come from a land of rich culture and every Indian province has a dance form of its own! Dancing makes every occasion, every festival more vibrant, energetic and enjoyable!

From dancing for fun during wedding-related functions like sangeet, baraat, haldi, mehendi etc to putting up well-rehearfsed performances to celebrate festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja, Hindu New Year etc – Indian dance always warms up the spirits.


25 Dance Costumes that Rocked the Stage

1. Colorful Ghagras

Colorful Ghagras - Indian Dance Costumesleenabollywooddancer

If it’s an Indian Bollywood number and it concerns women dancers, ghagras are the safest options to go for. Lots of colors, lots of zari embroidery, lots of sequin detailing – perfect to dazzle the stage and represent the cultural vibrancy of the country.

2. Floral Fusion Dance Costume

Floral Fusion Dance Costumeelenabeloved

Floral motifs look really striking on stage! Think Indian dance costumes and it’s all about bright colors, zari, a lot of glitter and floral motifs that look really grand! These girls look beautiful in these fusion dance costumes.

3. Five Bright Colors

Floral Fusion Dance

Your outfits don’t necessarily have to be color-co-ordinated. These girls are wearing a similar outfit in similar embellishment pattern but in five different shades. Silver zari embroidery over the colorful fabrics look beautiful.

4. Pink and Gold Indian Dance Costume

Five Bright Colors - Indian dance

Simple yet striking – this beautiful combination of a bright pink ghagra with a gold choli and gold zari work will make the dancers shine on stage!

5. Bharat Natyam Dance Costume


Originating in the south of India, Bharat Natyam is one of the classical forms of dance. This dance requires wearing a saree in a particular manner and teaming it up with traditional jewellery. The classical Indian dance costumes for Bharat Natyam is usually a silk saree in a bright and vibrant color with a rich gold border.

6. Kathak Dance Costume

Pink and Gold Indian Dance Costume

These dancers are sporting pinkish purple anarkalis with blue jackets, blue dupattas and blue and gold belt. This a perfect Indian fusion dance costume for Kathak dance which an age-old traditional Indian dance form.

7. Indian Dance Costumes for Kids

Bharat Natyam Dance CostumeItrdance

When it comes to Indian dance costumes for kids, it is always a good idea to go for bright colors like green, pink and gold. This gorgeous Kids Lehenga has  gold borders and detailing make these kids look even more cute and beautiful.

8. Warm Orange and Yellow Ghagra

Kathak Dance

For any dance performance in the outdoors, in the light of the sun, warm colors look really good. These costumes use a warm and rustic shade of orange paired with bright yellow dupattas.

9. Bollywood Fusion Dance Costume

Indian Dance Costumes for Kidsleenabollywooddancer

A mix of matte gold, glittering silver and maroon – the costumes of these dancers are really creative and well thought-out. These fusion outfits look very good with peppy Bollywood songs and also look appealing on stage.

10. Color Riot

Warm Orange and Yellow Ghagragrupaindriyas

Dance connects people and brings together cultures. These girls are not Indian but they look amazing in these Indian fusion dance costumes. Colors have been used to their full potential for this group. The dancers’ dupattas don’t match with the color of their skirts yet together they look colorfully vibrant!

11. Odissi Dance Costume

Bollywood Fusion Dance Costumetundekutsera

Odissi is one of the most ancient classical dance forms of India originating in the state of Odisha. It is a form of temple dance. The dancers wear traditional ikkat sarees – a weave native to the state of Odisha. Along with that the accessories are unique – silver kamarbandh, silver jewellery and a white headgear quite distinctive to this form of dance.

12. Manipuri Dance Costume

Color Riot Dance Costumejoshila_hijam

Manipur is a state nestled in the north eastern hills! The dance form originating from there is a true expression of grace. Manipuri dance concerns various types of costumes. This one is one of them.

13. Fusion Fashion in Dance

Odissi Dance Costumenatyamsisters

Fusion Indian dance or creative Indian dance concerns adopting mudras from traditional dance forms like Bharat Natyam or Odissi, and mixing them with modern steps. Indian fusion dance costumes may also be described as a mix of the traditional and the modern. In case of this group, the dancers are flaunting orange and gold dhotis which they have teamed with black full sleeve tops and red dupattas.

14. Mingling of Kathak and Odissi

Manipuri Dance Costumesneha_dev.12

In what seems like the beautiful juxtaposition of two traditional dance forms, the dancers on one side wear orange and teal Odissi dance costumes and those on the other don blue and green anarkali style flared kurtas. If looked closely, both costumes are not entirely traditional and have one or two new elements added or a traditional one subtracted.

15. Fusion Dance for Mahalaya

Fusion Fashion in Dancesanchari_pal_

These girls perform a creative fusion dance on the morning of Mahalaya which marks the beginning of Durga Puja. They are wearing Bengal cotton handloom sarees which they have draped like dhotis below and pleated the palluand brought it over the shoulder to one particular side. They have teamed up the saree with full-sleeve, colorful tops and silver belts.

16. Kerala Style Dance Costume

Kerala Style Dance Costumetechnoparktoday

These techies have really thought about a creative costume for their dance performance for Onam. While the women wear white and gold kasavu sarees, the men have teamed up their colorful shirts with traditional Kerala-style lungi or mundu.

17. Handloom Weaves for Traditional Dance

Handloom Weaves for Traditional Dancenatananjai

These beautiful dancers are flaunting traditional handloom woven Indian sarees in beautiful hues! Their dance showcases the nine different avatars of Goddess Durga. Though the outfits are not co-ordinated, there is something strikingly beautiful about authentic Indian ethnic wear.

18. Orange and Purple South Silk Sarees

Orange and Purple South Silk Sareesniruthyanatyalayam

South Indian silk sarees come in gorgeous shades with ornate borders! These Bharat Natyan dancers are sporting a color combination that will look simple mesmerizing on stage! The dark orange silk is lustrous and the bright purple border with a gold band makes this traditional Indian dance costume even more attractive.

19. Bright Cotton Sarees

Bright Cotton Sareesindianartgallery

Another creative costume for fusion dance! These dancers are wearing cotton handloom sarees in contrasting shades – orange saree with a duo-tone blue-purple blouse and yellow saree with dark red blouse.

20. Semi Classical Indian Dance Costume

Semi Classical Indian Dance Costumemonika_kalurkar

These dancers are wearing a beautiful outfit consisting of a sky blue kurta with white thread work shararas and white net dupatta with gold border and gold bootas. This is the perfect outfit for a semi-classical Kathak-inspired dance performance.

21. For that Groovy Bollywood Number

For that Groovy Bollywood Number - Bollywood Dance Costumenakhra_india

A flared and layered white skirt with gold border and bootas, paired with full-sleeve crop tops – that is all one needs to jazz up the look for that groovy, sensuous dance performance on the most popular Bollywood number.

22. Twirling Red Indian Dance Costume

Twirling Red Indian Dance Costumekarthikarajagopaal

The stage is on fire as these girl effortlessly show off their elegant dance moves in these ravishingly red and gold anarkali style dance costumes.

23. Effortless Synchrony

Effortless Synchrony with gorgeous dance costumes

Not only are the dance moves of these kathak dancers perfectly synchronized, their ghagras in off-beat colors and gold zari detail look so well-co-ordinated and beautiful on stage that the sight of these dancers are enough to impress the audience.

24. Mustard Yellow Fusion Dance Costumes

Mustard Yellow Fusion Dance Costumes

These dancers perform a semi-classical form of the dance. So unlike traditional and heavy classical Indian dance costumes, they flaunt a sleeker version of the traditional Kathak dance costume! The mustard yellow costumes are only slightly embellished in silver zari.

25. Green Classical Indian Dance Costume for Kathak

Green Classical Indian Dance Costume for Kathak

Reminiscent of Madhuri Dixit’s outfit in one of the popular songs from the film ‘Devdas’, these dancers look mesmerizing in their green anarkali Kathak dresses. As they twirl, the flare of the outfit is showcased. Imagine how beautiful this would look on stage!

Fabrics to Consider While Choosing Dance Costumes

Indian dance costumes with always have some amount of embellishments. On stage, it is all about the glitz and the glamour. So choosing a heavy fabric would not be a good idea as it would be difficult to dance with the weight of the fabric plus the weight of the embellishment.

At the same time, the fabric can’t be dull or else it will look bad on stage. So the best options in fabrics for Indian dance costumes, fusion Indian dance costumes, American Indian dance costumes etc are fine silks, light brocades, satin, brightly colored chiffons and starched cottons.

As for classical Indian dance costumes, the rules come from a different book altogether. South Indian silks with heavy borders for Bharat Natyam, Ikkat weaves in silk and cotton for Odissi, hand woven cotton more Manipuri, real Benarasi brocades for Kathak – these are the traditional weaves and fabrics that are used for classical Indian dance costumes.

Fabrics to Avoid in Dance Costumes

As mentioned earlier, heavy fabrics are a strict ‘no no’ for Indian dance costumes.

For example, velvet would be a really poor choice as it is heavy and added embellishments will make it even heavier.

Also synthetic brocades would be another bad choice. Not only are they heavy, they tends to make the wearer sweat more!

Fabrics that have a tendency to poke the skin because of a rough weave would be a bad choice. Crepe or wool are examples.

Sometimes the zari-woven motifs in Chanderi or Benarasi fabrics or other types of brocades have the tendency to poke or irritate the skin, making the wearer highly uncomfortable.

These are fabrics that need to be avoided. Also, it is a good idea to keep away from fabrics that might look dull on stage like some kind of cottons, raw silk etc.

Accessories to Go with Indian Dance Costumes

There is no hard and fast rule regarding this except in case of classical dance forms! Some types of jewellery like kamarbandh, bajubandh, nose rings, headgear of a specific type etc need to be worn with traditional dance forms like Bharat Naytam, Odissi, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Manipuri etc.

Again is certain types of Indian classical dance forms like Kathakali or Chhau, the dancer needs to wear an ornate mask! These accessories are innate part of the culture and tradition associated with the dance and the region it originates from.

But when it comes to fusion, creative, semi-classical or Bollywood dance, there is no rule! You might want a specific type of jewellery that goes well with the outfit.

You may also decide the accessories based on the theme of the dance. For example, a mythology-inspired dance performance should have the appropriate accessories.

Often, dancers wear a band around their waist. This may be a piece of cloth tied at one end or an ornate belt. This not only looks good but also keeps the outfit in place during the performance.

Be it Indian dance costumes or American Indian dance costumes or classical Indian dance costumes or Indian fusion dance costumes or Indian dance costumes for kids or even accessories to go with these costumes, you can count on expert advice from us. We can help you with the designing and manufacture of co-ordinated Indian dance costumes for your entire dance group. Co-ordinated and well planned out costumes really take the dance performance one step further.


Looking to get Dance costumes for yourself or your dance group?

Please contact us to get your dance costumes custom made!

50 Floral Lehengas that Reinstate Flower Power

Floral lehengas never fail to impress! Floral motifs have been used in ethnic wedding wear for centuries! Nowadays, brides love floral patterns or embroidferies that are colorful, vibrant and give out a fresh vibe.

Though you can go for an embellished floral lehenga for the night of the wedding or reception, floral are mostly preferred as outfits for functions like mehndi, sangeet, haldi etc. They are also great options for the bridesmaids. They give out a very fresh, light and young vibe, perfect for summer weddings or weddings organized in tropical locations, beach-side destination weddings etc. Let us look at:

50 Floral Lehengas that are fit for fun loving girls

1. Peach Day in Floral Lehenga

Peach Day – Floral LehengaGet your Lehenga

The light peachy shade, use of nets and frills, floral motifs on the flared skirt, on the blouse etc make it the perfect example of a lehenga for any day-time function!

2. Flowery Announcements

Flowery Announcements

A sunny morning, a pre-wedding occasion and a floral lehenga – does happiness sound any different? This bride’s colorful lehenga is just breath-taking!

3. Summon the Garden!

shaadiwish | Get Custom Made Lehenga

If your love for a floral lehenga is really an obsession, don’t shy away from summoning a whole garden on your lehenga! Like this bride, go overboard with the multi-color floral details on your lehenga and look gorgeous!

4. Cheerful Colors and Prints

Vibrancy rules! This bride has chosen her haldi outfit like a pro! She wears a bright blue flared lehenga skirt with printed floral details. The prints are not densely packed yet stand out owing to contrast color pairing. The choli in yellow showcases mirror work.

5. Lilac and Florals

Lilac and Floralsshaadisagafashion

This lehenga combines the light pastel shade of lilac with vibrant floral prints. The dupatta comes in a contrast shade too!

6. Burgundy & Blossoms – Floral Lehenga

Most often we associate floral prints and patterns with light shades and pastel hues. Well, this lehenga is totally different! In a dark burgundy shade with huge red blossoms printed on the flared skirt and a mirror work choli, this outfit looks exotic!

7. Black Floral Skirt

Black Floral Skirtalishadhuka

Another floral lehenga in a dark hue. The black skirt showcases huge bright blossoms in shades of flaming red, orange and yellow.

8. Yellow Floral Lehenga

Yellow Floral Lehengaromana_in_london

Simple yet beautiful – this flared mustard yellow skirt with a floral print in neutral tone goes perfectly well with the black choli. You can wear this outfit as a guest at any pre wedding function! This type of lehenga would go well in a Haldi Ceremony.

9. Pretty Pink Bridal Floral Lehenga

Pretty Pink Bridal Floral Lehenga

This pretty pink bridal lehenga flaunts prominent blossom motifs embroidered on the lehenga skirt in vibrantly colored threads! Sequin work alongside enhances the whole look making it a perfect bridal attire.

10. Pink Roses in Floral Lehenga

Pink Roses in Floral Lehenga

This navy blue lehenga skirt is vibrant, to say the least! The printed pink roses on it are bright enough to uplift any look. A sequined blouse and contrasting pink dupatta look great!

11. Floral Bridal Paradise

Floral Bridal Paradise

This bridal lehenga is exotic! A light beige fabric is used! Exquisite floral thread work in shades of pink, purple, orange, gold and turquoise has been used!

12. Multi Color Floral Lehenga

Multi Color Floral

Another lehenga in beige and multi-color floral motifs! This one isn’t bridal as such! But the arrangement of the floral motifs are unique and this one is perfect for a sangeet or mehendi function!

13. The Blue Guldasta

The Blue Guldasta aka floral lehengaluxiecouture

A gorgeous lehenga in blue! The lehenga skirt showcases floral craftsmanship in a pretty shade of pink and gold. The sequinned choli, the pink and gold dupatta go really well with the rest of the outfit. Checkout more of Blue Lehenga.

14. Pastels and Florals

Pastels and Floral Lehenga

Can there be anything better than florals in pastel shades? This light pastel pink lehenga flaunts thread work motifs of flowers, peacocks, vines etc. Sequin and zari work have also been used.

15. Floral Blues

Floral Blues - Floral Lehenga

This bright blue lehenga is perfect for the wedding morning! The motifs of pansies in off-beat shades like pastel pink, yellow, orange, red, purple etc make it one of the most vibrant floral dress in this list.

16. Roses and Emerald

Roses and Emerald

It’s a trendy bridal look – an emerald green lehenga depicting rose kaleeres in red and pink! The color combination instantly creates a minimalistic yet fresh appearance, perfect for the morning of the wedding.

17. Sunflowers Sunflowers


A simple white lehenga made fascinating by a dash of vibrant sunflowers printed on it! If you really want your lehenga look to stand out – go for a look like this one!

18. Flaming Maples in a Floral

Flaming Maples in a Floral Lehenga

Drenched in the colors of fall – this lehenga is one-of-its-kind! A full sleeve red crop top has been paired with a flared skirt and dupatta bearing images of yellow, orange and red maple leaves. These warm colors are perfect for autumn wedding mornings.

19. Orange Floral Extravaganza

Orange Floral Extravaganza

Speaking of warm colors on wedding mornings takes us to the next lehenga on the list – a red and orange vibrantly colorful ensemble engraved with printed motifs of flowers in red and green! The lehenga also flaunts a zari border.

20. Can Never Go Wrong With Florals

Can Never Go Wrong With Florals

It’s a rare color combination! A rust red satin fabric with printed blossoms in pastel shades and grey! But even that looks exquisite as you can never really go wrong with floral prints! Checkout more of Maroon Bridal lehenga.

21. The Floral Twirl

The Floral Twirl

Drenched in pastel hues and summer colors, this floral printed bridal lehenga is extraordinary! The morning wedding scenes just got a touch of floral flavors through this bridal ensemble!

22. Blossoms for Haldi

Blossoms for Haldi

Perfect as a lightweight yet fun option for the bride at the haldi ceremony! This lovely yellow lehenga is printed in red and pink floral motifs.

23. Dahlias on Pink

Dahlias on Pinkmishruofficial

On a pastel pink fabric, dahlias and asters in hues like red, orange, beige and maroon have been embroidered. The darker flowers are concentrated on the bottom part of the lehenga skirt.

24. Pink Floral

Pink Floral Lehenga

Perfect for the mehendi function, this lehenga comes in a white organza skirt with pink floral prints and paired with a pink blouse.

25. Yellow Floral Lehenga

Yellow Floral Lehenga

This yellow lehenga, meant for the haldi function, showcases floral motifs in tufts of blossoms in multi color. Thread work and zari embroidery have been used. The choli is off-shoulder!

26. Blooming Bridals

Blooming Bridals

A dark red velvet bridal lehenga embellished with motifs from the blooming woods! There are floral motifs everywhere. The thread work and zari embroidery are exquisite.

27. The Flaming Forest

The Flaming Forest

Another gorgeous Punjabi bride wearing wedding lehenga inspired from wildflowers! This red and pink ensemble bears motifs from the forests. There are flowers, parrots, leaves and more flowers – as if the whole forest has settled on her lehenga!

28. The Beauty of White Floral

The Beauty of White Floral Lehengacurlgirlofficial

This one is serene and simple! The fabric is spotlessly white, the lehenga skirt is not so flared and the gorgeous pink flowers on it are placed at ease, giving the whole outfit a casual, fresh vibe!

29. Sky Blue Floral Lehenga

Sky Blue Floral Lehengaglambygilly

Large pink chrysanthemum motifs are printed on her sky blue lehenga. The two colors go really well together. It’s the perfect outfit for a bridesmaid or wedding guest on the morning of the wedding.

30. Blue and Beige

Blue and Beige Floral Lehenga

This floral lehenga is not as colorful as the others in the list! On a dark blue fabric, floral motifs using beige and grey have been used. So if you are looking for a lehenga devoid of numerous vibrant colours, you can go for one like this one.

31. Of Leaves and Twigs

Of Leaves and Twigs

Not all floral lehengas talk only about flowers! The concept of a lehenga means one that is inspired by Nature. This white lehenga depicts branches, twigs and leaves in all natural shades as well as yellow floral motifs.

32. Peaches and Green

Peaches and Green

A simple and comfy floral lehenga for the wedding guest! The skirt and dupatta come in a light peachy shade with floral motifs all over. Zari borders have been used. The choli is in a contrasting dark shade of green.

33. White Floral Bridal Lehenga

White Floral Bridal Lehenga

If you thought a floral printed lehenga can’t work as a bridal attire, just look at this bride! This celestial white lehenga with printed floral motifs in pink and zari borders impart a beautiful glow of elegance and serenity to the bride!

34. More White Floral Lehenga

More White Floral Lehengas

White lehengas with sparsely placed bright floral prints are great options as casual attires for traditional functions!

35. The Essential Black Floral Lehenga

The Essential Black Floral Lehenga

Now this is what we call a powerful look! The jet black silk lehenga, the floral motifs, the zari details, black smoky eyes and heavy choker – nothing in this look is out of place!

36. Mirror Work with Floral Embroidery

Mirror Work with Floral Embroidery

Inspired from the Indian boho style, this greenish grey lehenga showcases the juxtaposition of colorful thread work in floral motifs and mirror work.

37. Fall Inspired Floral Lehenga

Fall Inspired Floral Lehengasapanaaminlabel

Another Bohemian bride who sports a floral inspired by the season of fall. Her cream color lehenga has a tinge of marigold yellow, zari borders and floral motifs in pink and purple.

38. Blossoming Bridals

Blossoming Bridals

This red A-line bridal lehenga showcases floral motifs in zari and orange thread work. The border is densely and exquisitely embroidered in sequins and zari. This type of Muslim Wedding Lehenga goes perfectly with a bride.

39. Floral Mirror Work

Floral Mirror Work

Pastel blue, bright pink and lemon yellow – floral and fruity – that’s the theme! And to top it up, extensive mirror work has been used in the borders and on the skirt shaped in floral motifs. Tassels add to the beauty of this attire.

40. The Floral Cocktail Lehenga

The Floral Cocktail Lehenga

This lehenga is not a conventional but flowery and beautiful nonetheless! A big floral motif is embroidered on the straight lehenga skirt. The choli showcases embroidered flowers in colors like purple, pink and white.

41. Sunflowers for You

Sunflowers for Youmayasdesiboutique

This lehenga has been designed simply yet there is an appeal in the printed sunflower motifs on the white fabric. The outfit is bright and vibrant!

42. Pink Blossoms for the Bride

Pink Blossoms for the Bridewedabout

This bride’s off-white wedding lehenga with vibrant pink floral embroidery is sheer beauty! The colorful thread work on the neutral base reminds one of the minakari designs on marble!

43. The Floral Jacket Lehenga

Floral vibrancy looks best on white surfaces! This lehenga is just another example. The pink and purple blossoms come to life on the white fabric. This lehenga also comes with a jacket.

44. Subtle Florals

Subtle Florals

Another awesome example of a floral lehenga which is not too colorful yet perfectly glamorous. Along with a neutral base and gold zari borders, colors like peach, beige and grey have been used!

45. Flowery Embroidery

Flowery Embroidery

This beautiful A-line grey lehenga skirt comes with immaculate and detailed floral embroidery with threads of multi-colors. The red choli and dupatta add to the colorfulness of the outfit.

46. Teal Green Floral Lehenga

Teal Green Floral Lehengavidhyaxo

A dark color for a lehenga is rare! Plus the traditional thread work on the skirt and the contrasting yellow dupatta makes this outfit a hit!

47. The Ultimate Pink Floral Lehenga

The Ultimate Pink Floral Lehenga

Can anything me more floral than pink? And this exquisite pastel pink lehenga with the breath taking floral embroidery breaks all records of floral beauty!

48. More Pink Florals

More Pink Florals

Another beautiful printed pink floral dress with dark silver floral embroidery on the choli! The combination of pink and silver really go well together.

49. The Next Best Color to Pink

The Next Best Color to Pink

If you think pastels shades are best for lehengas but are not too keen on pink, go for powder blue! The printed cornflower blue and pink blossoms on the skirt, the latkans shaped like flowers etc create a mesmerizing effect.

50. The Mehendi Wala Floral Lehenga

The Mehendi Wala Floral Lehenga

If you want to sport a floral outfit at your mehendi function, wear one like this! The printed floral skirt is light but beautiful and the dark green crop top creates a nice contrast!

Floral dresses are not uncommon and this is why there are a lot of ways in which you can innovate when it comes to designing a floral outfit . You need to choose motifs, colors and designs that actually suit you. Consult us for expert tips and advice on how to create the floral look. We may also customize the most breath-taking floral lehenga, just for you!

Checkout another Floral Lehenga by and get started to get a custom made outfit for yourself.



50 Pakistani Bridal Lehenga that Will Blow Your Mind

Pakistani brides symbolize elegance, glamour, beauty and grace! The Pakistani bridal look means larger-than-life lehengas, lehenga gowns, elaborate jewellery, meticulously done make up etc. The Pakistani bride looks beautiful and ethereal! The outfits for Pakistani brides are at once modest and glamorous.

Apart from traditional lehengas, Pakistani brides wear a lot of lehenga dresses or gowns, longer cholis, kurtas on lehenga skirts etc. Let us today check out:

50 Pakistani bridal looks and lehengas – ‘Poetry of Fashion’

1. Metallic Magenta Lehenga Gown

Metallic Magenta Pakistani Bridal Lehenga GownGet Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This magenta, gold and green bridal attire can be called a lehenga gown. It has an anarkali-style flowing skirt with an angarakha bodice. The outfit is paired with a stunning rust colored dupatta with gotta work.

2. Embellishment Magic Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Embellishment Magic Pakistani Bridal Lehengauycollection1

This Pakistani bride is flaunting a heavily embellished lehenga gown in dark pink and gold with a dark green dupatta.

3. The Lehenga and the Jacket

Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

The bride wears a heavily embellished lehenga. Silver zari, stones, beads, crystals etc have been used on a light orange fabric. The blazer-style jacket is fully embellished and definitely the most eye-catching aspect of the outfit.

4. Gold Toned Glamour Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Gold Toned Glamour Pakistani Bridal Lehengaprive_lux

This dark gold tissue lehenga is high on the embellishment scale. In fact, the gold zari and sequin work on the tissue fabric creates a surreal and magical look.

5. Out-worldly Maroon-ed

Out-worldly Maroon-ed

Another gorgeous Pakistani bridal lehenga gown! This one comes in a cool maroon tone and is heavily embellished that makes it larger-than-life!

6. Pastel Panache – Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Pastel Panache Pakistani Bridal Lehengafaizanabidofficial

This Pakistani bride is sporting a subtle yet gorgeous bridal look! She wears a lehenga with a long cape style top wear! The lehenga is in a subtle pastel blue shade. The matte gold embellishments are also kept moderate!

7. Pakistani Bride in Green

Pakistani Bride in Green

This stunning emerald green and gold Pakistani bridal lehenga comes with a kurta instead of a choli. There is zari work, gotta work and even gold sequin and stone embroidery.

8. Subtle Colors

Subtle Colors

This Pakistani bride wears a peachy pink pastel lehenga with exquisite embroidery but that too in subtle tones. The veil-like net dupatta adds to the grace of the outfit. Checkout more of Pink Bridal Lehengas.

9. Rust and Gold Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Rust and Gold Pakistani Bridal Lehengasanamemon

This Pakistani bride wears a rusty red and gold toned lehenga with a long jacket. The whole look has a prominent gold undertone. The zari and sequin work is immaculate!

10. Yellow for the Bride

Yellow for the Bride

A unique color for a Pakistani bridal lehenga but impressive nonetheless! The golden yellow hue along with the golden embellishments warm up the complexion of the bride, who looks ravishing in this bridal outfit. Checkout more of Yellow Bridal Lehengas.


11. The Embellished Kurta

The Embellished Kurta - Pakistani Bridal Lehengairfanahson

This Pakistani bride wears a lehenga in a warm tone of red topped with a peachy red embellished kurta! The heavy embellishments are in a matte metallic shade!

12. Yellow Glow Pakistani Lehenga

Yellow Glow Pakistani Lehengaweddingsbyuzair

This bride wears a true yellow tone lehenga with a full-sleeve long choli. The golden zari work goes really well with the yellow color. The pink blossoms on the lehenga form a beautiful contrast!

13. Subtle Colors

Subtle Colorspakbridals

This pastel mint green lehenga with baby pink border and sleeveless choli looks really different – mainly because of the embellishments! This lehenga does not have bright gold and silver zari work but matte metallic sequin work and the use of beads, stones, pearls and crystals. It is heavily embellished but not blingy!

14. Velvets and Zari

Velvets and Zariambreenmakeup

This Pakistani bridal lehenga uses dark maroon velvet, glossy metallic fabrics, zari embroidery and exotic patterns to create this ethereal bridal look!

15. Contrasting with White

Contrasting with White


This dark navy Pakistani bridal lehenga comes with a kurta instead of a choli and flaunts exotic floral embroidery in zardozi work! What also stands out is the white dupatta that forms a contrast!


16. Flared and Gorgeous

Flared and Gorgeous

This maroon Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is fit for the queens. The flare of the skirt is eye-catching along with the exceptional craftsmanship showcased through the gold zari embroidery all over the dress. Checkout more of Maroon Bridal Lehengas.

17. Elegant in Grey

Elegant in Greybridalphotography_

It is a rule that not-so-bright colors always end up looking more elegant. This Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is in a shade of grey. The exquisite and dense floral embroidery in metallic threads gives a textured look to the outfit.

18. The White Lehenga

The White Lehengakhadijabatoolofficial

White Bridal lehenga with silver is a heaven-made match! And this Pakistani bridal ensemble uses this fact to its full advantage! The bodice has a traditional cut inspired from Mughal kurtas and the skirt has exquisite silver patchwork near the hemline!

19. The Beauty of Black and Gold

The Beauty of Black and Gold

A black velvet embellished tunic has been paired with a matte gold skirt with gold sequin and zari work. The dupatta is also black in color with a gold ornate border.

20. Cream Wedding Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Cream Wedding Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

This cream color Pakistani bridal lehenga is low on embellishments but high on grace. Gold zari embroidery has been used appropriately!

21. Jacket Style Lehenga

Jacket Style Lehengaraniazarastudio

Neutral tones are a hit with Pakistani brides. This light beige, almost cream toned lehenga also flaunts detailed embroidery and a fusion cut. It comes with a long line embellished jacket. Checkout more of Jacketed Lehengas.

22. The Flare of Beauty

The Flare of Beautydulhan_dressess

Putting it simply, this Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is ‘larger-than-life’. The light peach fabric is extensively embroidered in silver sequin and zari work. The embroidery also uses stones and pearls.

23. Celestial in White

Celestial in Whitezahakhalid_

This Pakistani bride wears an off-white anarkali style dress over a lehenga skirt. The outfit flaunts gold zari embroidery with crystals and sequins.

24. Light Beige Bridal Dress

Light Beige Bridal Dressridariazz

This bridal lehenga comes in the lightest shade of beige. Silver sequin and stone embroidery is showcased. The bodice flaunts embroidery on net.

25. Jacket Style Bridal Dress


Dark midnight blue and lavender bridal dress comes with a heavily embellished jacket. Dense sequin and stone embroidery is also showcased.

26. Vintage Love

Vintage Love - Pakistani Bridal Lehengawedding_visual

This off-white and gold vintage-style Pakistani bridal lehenga personifies elegance. Gold sequins and pearls have been used to adorn the lehenga. The use of fresh roses as accessories enhance the whole look.

27. Light Blue Net Lehenga

Light Blue Net

Gold sequin and pearl embroidery on this light powder blue fabric makes this Pakistani bridal lehenga exceptionally elegant. If that was not enough, its unique style sets it apart. A flared net extension with gold embroidery is attached to the bodice that flows over the flared lehenga skirt.

28. Red with Silver Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Red with Silver Pakistani Bridal Lehengapakbridals

This Pakistani bridal lehenga dress combines a cool toned red fabric with silver zari work, sequin, stone and crystal embroidery. Checkout more of Red Bridal Lehengas.

29. Color Contrast

Color Contrast Pakistani Lehengapakistani_dresses

This Pakistani bridal lehenga is beautifully color contrasted. A gold, fully embellished full-sleeve choli has been paired with a pleated A-line lehenga skirt in rust orange. The skirt has tiny sequin bootis all over and an embellished hemline. This has been grouped with a dark green dupatta embroidered in gold.

30. Of Gold and Rust

Of Gold and Rustprive_lux

This gorgeous combination of rust orange tissue and gold zari embroidery is exceptional. The tissue fabric is as glossy as the gold zari. This bridal lehenga showcases thread work, tila and mirror work. Checkout more of Gold Lehengas.

31. Lavender Bliss

Lavender Blissprive_lux

Another stunning neutral Pakistani bridal lehenga! This one also comes in tissue fabric which has a lavender undertone. It is hand embroidered in silver threads, zari and sequins.

32. Beige Splendour

Beige Splendour - Pakistani Bridal lehengapakistanvogue

With Indian or Hindu brides, neutral shades in bridal wear have still not come into the mainstream. But Pakistani brides seem to love shades like beige. This bride wears a heavily and fully embellished lehenga in beige. You can get this gorgeous bridal lehenga matched with Sherwani which is of similar color and embroidery.

33. Ash-Toned Pakistani Lehenga Gown

Ash-Toned Pakistani Lehenga Gown


This ash-toned white lehenga dress is reminiscent of Christian bridal gowns! Pears, stones, crystals, fur and silver sequins have been used to adorn this dress.

34. Peach Net Pakistani Bridal lehenga

Peach Net Lehengapakbridals

This bride wears a peach skirt embellished in stones, crystals and sequins in neutral tones. It is topped with a long net kurta which is heavily embellished.

35. White Zari Lehenga

White Zari Pakistani Lehenga


This beautiful white Pakistani bridal lehenga is in a celestial shade of white. Zari and mirror work add a glamorous yet subtle look.

36. The Lightest of Lilacs Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

The Lightest of Lilacs Pakistani Bridal Lehengadulhan_dressess

If colors could be described as tender, this one is the tops them all! This Pakistani bridal lehenga comes in the lightest shade of lilac and is adorned with sequin and thread and zari embroidery.

37. Blues for the Wedding

Blues for the Weddingpakbridals

The lightest of powder blues – a unique but beautiful color choice for brides. This lehenga style dress is adorned in exquisite embroidery using zari in gold, pearls, stones and beads in neutral tones and a bright shade of red!

38. White & Red Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

White and Red Pakistani Bridal Lehengaweddingsbyuzair

This one is unique! The white peplum or half anarkali style kurta is in white with zari and thread embroidery. The skirt is in a bright red shade and flaunts matte gold thread embroidery.

39. Dull Grey Glamour

Dull Grey Glamour - Pakistani Bridal Lehengasamsaracouturehouse

As Pakistani bridal lehengas are usually heavily embellished, they look exceptionally beautiful when in neutral or dull tones. For instance, this dull grey lehenga dress flaunts all-over embellishments in delicate silver zari and sequin embroidery.

40. Of Reds and Golds

Of Reds and Golds Bridal Lehengaanushaykhanthebeautysalon

The most outstanding aspect of this Pakistani bridal attire is the fact that the age-gold combination of red and white has been used in a unique way! A neutral tone of gold is used in excess while the use of red is balanced.

41. Lilac Undertones


This Pakistani bridal lehenga dress may look like one in a neutral tone but the net fabric has lilac undertones. The sequin, stone and bead embroidery in a neutral shade makes it look beautiful in an Elysian way!

42. Light Brown with Neutral Tones

Light Brown with Neutral Tonespakbridals

Another spectacular Pakistani bridal lehenga dress! This one comes in the lightest shade of brown, almost beige topped with embellishments in neutral tones with white, silver etc.

43. Warm Reds Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Warm Reds Pakistani Bridal Lehengashahab_photography

This warm red lehenga dress is adorned in zari embroidery and thread work.

44. Red and Gold Lehenga Dress

Red and Gold Lehenga Dresstheworldofhsy

In India, the red bridal attire is very common! Though not so common in Pakistan, red is still a loved color when it comes to the Pakistani bridal attire. This one is a traditional red and gold lehenga dress!

45. Exquisite Zari Work in Pakistani Bridal lehenga

Exquisite Zari Worktheworldofhsy

Inspired from the lehengas worn by Mughal princesses, this dark red and gold Pakistani bridal lehenga is exceptionally beautiful! The choli is modestly cut and slightly longer. The whole attire boasts exquisite gold zari embroidery.

46. Pastel Red Perfection

Pastel Red Perfectionuycollection1

Zari embroidery, mirror work, gotta work and sequin embroidery adorns the lower part of this lenenga skirt. The choli is embellished too!

47. Romantic Reds

Romantic Redszoyatariiq

This Pakistani bridal lehenga is in a warm and deep tone of red. Coupled with that the intricately embroidered floral motifs in gold zari, the boat neck and full sleeves of the blouse make the outfit really classy and beautiful!

48. Floral Zardozi – Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

Floral Zardozi - Pakistani Bridal Lehenga

This cool toned red Pakistani bridal lehenga showcases zardozi embroidery in gold. The floral patterns look heavenly!

49. Bridal Skirt with Kurta

Bridal Skirt with Kurtaasifmehmoodphotohraphy

The bridal red lehenga skirt comes with big gold motifs all over. It is topped with a red heavily embellished kurta with a long slit down the centre from the waist level.

50. The Trailing Dupatta

The Trailing Dupattapakbridals

In the most unique shade of light mossy green, this Pakistani bridal lehenga dress is adorned with silver sequins, stones, beads, crystals and glossy thread work! The most arresting aspect is the dupatta, draped over the head of the bride, designed to form an elegant trail behind her! The dupatta is elegantly crafted with lace and net at the hemline.

Muslim weddings in Pakistan is as grand as Indian wedding. If you are inspired by these larger-than-life, heavily embellished lehengas and lehenga dresses, get in touch with us! The main factor that makes these bridal ensembles exceptionally beautiful is the elegance of the cut and the unique colors used! So, suiting your body type, skin tone and preference we will create the Pakistani bridal lehenga specially customized for you!

Checkout Sample File which has sketches, embroidery and swatch samples.


40 Velvet Lehengas – Perfect for a Winter Bride

If you are having a winter wedding and love the grand and glamorous look give the silks a miss and give the velvet lehenga a try! Rich, luscious and extravagant – velvet is all this and much more.

When a velvet lehenga is highlighted with hand work then the overlook of this gorgeous Indian wedding attire is a sure shot head turner. Velvet is mostly used in winter season, as it’s warm and gives you a rich winter look.

What is Velvet fabric as used in a Lehenga?

Velvet is basically a dense pile of yarns of silk or cotton that has been clipped to form a smooth, soft and downy texture. Nowadays synthetic fibers are also being used to make velvet. Velvet is generally resistant to water or moisture. They can’t be crushed. The clipping pattern may be changed to create textured or embossed designs and patterns on the fabric.

Against this luxurious fabric all kinds of embellishments especially zari work, zardozi and sequin embroidery, mirror or crystal work etc look really good! Moreover, velvet is a strong fabric and can hold the weight of heavy embellishments well!

We present to you 40 velvet lehengas that is perfect for the elegant Indian bride.

1. Blossoming Big Velvet lehenga

Get Custom Made Lehenga

This velvet bridal lehenga is quite different from the others! The rich and luscious wine tone velvet fabric of the lehenga skirt is adorned with huge blossoms in gold zari and pink threads. The skirt also has a wavy hemline adorned in gold gota patti work. The blouse showcases gold sequin work.

2. Velvets for that Winter Wedding

A perfect color for the winter wedding – this dark marsala or reddish maroon color velvet lehenga would look gorgeous on any Indian bride!

3. Juxtaposition of Designs

uxtaposition of Designs in a velvet lehengashaadimagic

This red velvet lehenga is unique as numerous different colors, textures and embellishment styles have been juxtaposed together! Multi-color temples adorn the border of the skirt followed upwards by rows of floral designs! Checkout more of Red Lehengas.

4. Yellow and Red in Velvet lehenga


The beautiful dark red and gold velvet bridal lehenga is made extraordinary with the addition of a yellow dupatta with floral prints.

5. Floral Velvet Lehenga

Pink and gold bunches of flowers are embroidered on the dark red velvet of this bridal lehenga. The flared skirt border also showcases traditional embroidery.

6. Turkish Style Velvet Lehenga


Not only is this a gorgeous wedding red velvet lehenga, it boasts Turkish designs on the flared lehenga skirt. Dome shaped motifs adorn the skirt. The choli is also unconventional!

7. The Elephant Motifs


This dark maroon velvet bridal lehenga is otherwise not very high on the embellishment scale except for the train of royal elephants near the skirt hemline. This lehenga gives out a regal, vintage vibe. Checkout more of Maroon lehenga.

8. The Rainbow Lehenga


The lehenga takes the patchwork style to an all new level. Several velvet patches have been used in this bridal lehenga along with patches showcasing floral motifs and chevron patterns.

9. Dark Red Splendor Velvet Lehenga

Dark Red Splendor Velvet Lehenga

This lehenga is in a dark red shade, resembling maroon. The design is traditional yet the gold zari work on the lehenga skirt makes it look unique and special!

10. Royal Maroon Lehenga


This regal velvet maroon lehenga showcases sequin and thread embroidery. The details feature floral, leaf and other vintage motifs. The embroidery resembles jaal work at certain places too. A net dupatta with an ornate border is added.

11. Velvet Blues


This bright teal blue velvet lehenga boasts intricate floral zardozi embroidery in gold. An ornate gold border makes the outfit even more glamorous!

12. Navy Blue Velvet Lehenga

This flared navy velvet skirt is embroidered with big rosette motifs in a matte gold shade. The dupatta comes in a sheer neutral tone. Checkout more of Blue Lehengas.

13. Pink Splendour Velvet Lehenga

Pink Splendour Velvet Lehenga

This unique pink shade can be compared to that of the inner peels of an onion! On the luxurious velvet fabric the color looks regal! The gold embroidered details, the double dupatta style, all look amazing together! Checkout more of Pink Lehenga.

14. The Velvet Dupatta

This dark maroon lehenga with regal gold embroidery is made all the more special with the addition of a velvet dupatta!

15. Darkest Hues

Darkest Hues

It goes without saying that reds or maroons or wine shades on velvet is pretty common! Instead go for something like the darkest hue of navy which resembles black! Even the groom has co-ordinated his turban and stole with the color of the Punjabi bride’s lehenga. Also nothing can match up to the elegance of a black velvet lehenga, provided you sport it on a non-wedding function, like a cocktail party. Checkout matching lehenga and Sherwani designs which you can opt for in your wedding.

16. Mughal Motifs

This dark maroon velvet lehenga is densely embroidered in gold zari. The motifs of parrots, flowers, birds etc are strongly reminiscent of Mughal art.

17. A Scene from the Woods

 A Scene from the Woods - velvet lehenga

Taking inspiration from the woods and forests of India this bridal maroon velvet lehenga depicts flowers, birds and vines all over the skirt.

18. An Embellished Dupatta

Showcasing the double dupatta style, this lehenga is gorgeous in a larger-than-life way! While the dupatta draped around the head of the bride is in a sheer georgette fabric with gold bootis and an ornate border, the one draped on the body is in a rich velvet fabric, like the rest of the lehenga, and is exquisitely embroidered in gold. Checkout more of Sabyasachi Lehengas.

19. Maroon Floral Velvet Lehenga

Maroon Floral Velvet bridal lehengashaadisagafashion

This maroon lehenga is out-of-this-world gorgeous! The rich shiny velvet material is topped with exotic floral embellishments using sequins, zari and beads. The floral choli has three-quarter sleeves and the double dupatta style is also showcased in this outfit.

20. More Maroon Velvet Lehengas

This lehenga is in a dark shiny maroon color. Apart from the dupatta, the rest of the lehenga is densely embroidered in silver zari.

21. The Motifs on Her Skirt


The attractiveness of this dark red velvet bridal lehenga lies in the details and motifs on the lehenga skirt. From trees, to animals to humans – the skirt has it all! The designs give it a very unique and regal look.

22. Lehenga Perfect for the Reception

This lehenga is beautifully sophisticated and apt for the reception night or any cocktail party. The dark red lehenga skirt showcases antique gold zari and sequin designs. The charcoal grey choli is full sleeve and showcases similar embroidery.

23. The Teal Treasure – Velvet Lehenga

The Teal Treasure - Velvet Lehenga

This is one rare example of a velvet lehenga in a light shade. This light teal blue velvet fabric is embroidered in gold zari and sequin. The choli boasts floral motifs and the dupatta is in a sheer neutral shade.

24. The Baraat on Her Lehenga

Velvet lehengas are all about elaborate zari embroidery like this lehenga showing baraat. As the velvet is a strong fabric it can hold and maintain the work of intricate craftsmanship.

For instance, this dark wine tone velvet lehenga is densely embroidered in zari. Apart from different types of motifs, the skirt also showcases scenes from a wedding procession.

25. The Solid Velvet Lehenga Skirt


The pleated velvet skirt is devoid of embellishments which is exactly why the richness and splendour of the dark wine shade fabric gets more prominence. The sleeveless choli boasts floral embroidery in pink and gold. The dupatta is in a contrast light pink hue.

26. Velvet and Rust

Velvet and Rust

Another rare color-fabric combination is showcased in this lehenga. A brownish rust color velvet fabric is embroidered in beige threads. The motifs used are light floral.

27. Puffy Sleeves


A dark maroon velvet bridal lehenga is adorned in golden zardozi work. The embellishment structure on the skirt is vertical and boasts traditional motifs. The choli has full, puffed sleeves.

28. Blue Grey Velvet Lehenga

Amidst an array of reds and maroons, this unique blue grey lehenga is like a breath of fresh air. The embellishment is minimalistic with gold bootis placed closely on the choli and sparsely on the skirt. The lehenga skirt and georgette dupatta have gold ornate borders.

29. Details in the Border

With bridal lehengas, all you need to do is showcase the richness of the fabric. This lehenga does just that. The color is the darkest hue of maroon and the tiny, sparsely placed bootis and the intricately embroidered border in matte gold does justice to the fabric.

30. Unique Greens Velvet Lehenga

Unique Greens Velvet Lehenga

This unique color may be described as dark moss green. The velvet lehenga looks beautiful and unconventional! The combination of this unique green shade with the silver zari, stone and sequin embroidery makes all the difference.

31. Teal the Gold


Some combinations just create magic on velvet. Like this teal blue and gold lehenga. A train of elephant motifs run all along the lehenga skirt border.

32. Keeping it Simple


Velvet is already a heavy fabric. So if you want to keep the embellishment at bay, it should prove to be a good idea! Look at this beautiful lehenga with a kurti-style choli. The splendor of the velvet is fully at display as the gold zari embroidery is concentrated only at the borders. The deep dark red and the dark bottle green color also go really well with each other.

33. Choose Wine over Maroon

Choose Wine over Maroon in velvet

The richness and luxuriousness of velvet goes really well with dark shades like this one. The ornate gold borders of the lehenga skirt, the dupatta and the zari embroidery on the choli look beautiful.

34. Zari Details Velvet Lehenga


This pinkish red velvet lehenga is adorned with heavy gold zari detailing. Plus, it comes with a kurta instead of a traditional choli.

35. As Grand As It Can Get

As Grand As It Can Get in a velvet bridal lehenga

This larger-than-life dark midnight blue lehenga showcases heavy embroidery depicting flowers, birds and other traditional motifs. It is very heavy and also flaunts the double dupatta style.

36. Elegance in Wine Lehenga

Elegance in Wine Velvet Lehengariccoindia

This wine color velvet lehenga is handcrafted with Swarovski chains, blue and silver feathers, Swarovski crystals etc. It depicts swans and flowers. The blouse also showcases blue sequin work.

37. Multi Colors on Maroon

Multi Colors on Maroon

This maroon lehenga has a unique bodice with full sleeves. The choli flaunts scale-like patterns in multi colors. The same colors and pattern are used on temples near the skirt hemline. If you love traditional bridal colors, you will be torn between choosing a red velvet lehenga or a maroon velvet lehenga. We suggest that you go for both. This lehenga has shades of colors from both fabrics. The beautiful lehenga skirt has a two tiered cut.

38. With a Crop Top

With a Crop Top

If you are dressing up for a pre-wedding function, you might want to go for something simple in velvet. Choose a plain flared lehenga skirt and pair it with a sequined crop top. You can easily skip a dupatta with this look.

39. Tradition in Velvet

Tradition in Velvet<

A traditional Rajasthani ghagra-choli has been created using velvet. While the dupatta is in sheer georgette, the kurti-choli and skirt are in a royal blue velvet fabric.

40. Floral Paradise in Velvet

Floral Paradise in Velvet

A dark navy lehenga has been adorned with floral details in multiple hues. The dupatta is in a light pink shade forming a contrast. The boat neck choli also looks well paired with the rest of the outfit.


Some Points to Consider Before You Choose a Velvet Lehenga

Velvet is a heavy fabric and therefore suitable for cold weather. While in cold season, a velvet lehenga would make the bride comfortable, in tropical or hot weather it does just the opposite!

Velvet has a very rich and classy look. Dark hues like red, maroon, wine, navy etc complement the texture and the mood of the fabric.

As velvet is pretty heavy on its own, be careful while choosing the kind of embellishment you want with it. If you are generally uncomfortable in heavy clothes and still want a velvet lehenga, make sure that you don’t go for heavy embellishments!

Velvet is a mark of class and looks very elegant if styled in the right way. GetEthnic boasts a huge collection of bridal velvet lehengas that are gorgeous, regal and match up to the grandeur of the big fat Indian weddings. If you want something specially designed for you, reach out! Our team of stylists and craftsmen lead by our ace designer will create a velvet lehenga specially customized for you!


50 Jacket/Cape Style Lehengas that Define Fusion Ethnic Wear

The craze for Indo-western clothing or fusion ethnic wear is ever increasing! From lehenga gowns to Indo-western dresses to dhoti-crop top ensembles, designers are coming up with newer and more creative ideas to blend styles and create unique designs. The jacket style lehenga or Lehenga Jacket, also sometimes referred as cape lehenga is a new addition as is becoming popular with the passing day.

In this style, a lehenga-choli is teamed with a jacket or a cape instead of a dupatta. The jacket may resemble a blazer, be a long-line one like a coat, may be a cropped one or even be as sheer as a net. The style is becoming part of the bridal trousseau as more and more brides are wanting to don fusion pieces on occasions such as the reception or the sangeet.

If you are also dreaming of a jacket style lehenga for one of your wedding functions, make sure to get inspired from the list of 50 breath taking jacket-lehengas that we have compiled, just for you!


  1. The Bright Orange Blossoms jacket lehenga

The Bright Orange Blossoms jacket lehengaGet Custom Made Wedding Wear

Zareen Khan dazzles in this orange and grey day lehenga with a long line jacket. The floral prints add a dash of vibrancy to the look so do the silver gota patti work on the blouse and the borders.

  1. Mirror Mirror On the Jacket

Mirror Mirror On the Jacket

Flaunting mirror work in multiple hues, this yellow lehenga is perfect for the haldi ceremony. The short jacket also flaunts mirror work while the lehenga skirt is flared and elegantly devoid of embellishment.

  1. Think Pink – jacket lehenga

Think Pink - jacket lehenga

This bright dark pink lehenga can accentuate and brighten up all Indian complexions. While the blouse is plain, the skirt flaunts vertical ornate silver zari lines and the sleeveless jacket flaunts similar silver zari designs.

  1. Peach Love


This pastel peach jacket-style lehenga defines simplicity and gorgeousness! The skirt is simple with just textured design. The jacket too is light and sleek while the choli is ornate with floral embroidery and stone work.

  1. Belts with Jackets

Belts with Jacketsshaadisagafashion

A perfect example of fusion ethnic wear, this jacket style lehenga flaunts a layered skirt which is free of embellishments. On the other hand, the embellished jacket is buttoned and the pleated dupatta is fastened together with an ornate belt.

  1. Greener Pastures

Greener Pastures - Lehenga Jacket

This bottle green and gold fusion style lehenga is gorgeous, especially for the sangeet function. The diagonal golden lines and the sleeveless ornate jacket make up the essence of the look.

  1. Flower Power

Flower Power - Cape Lehengavasevine

The power of contrast pairing comes into play in the case of this outfit. The sea green A-line lehenga skirt flaunts exquisite floral embroidery in bright red and gold. The bright red choli and sleeveless lehenga flaunt gold floral embroidery!

  1. Subtle Elegance jacket lehenga

Subtle Elegance jacket lehengameghmalhaar_

A beautiful mint green lehenga flaunts gold brocade patchwork and latkan details. The jacket flaunts a gold ornate border. It also flaunts bandhni details and intricate marodi work. This outfit defines that a simple lehenga paired with a gorgeous jacket can change the game.

  1. Gold Blossoms on Pink

Gold Blossoms on Pink

A neon pink flared lehenga skirt has been paired with a choli and jacket with flared sleeves. The choli and the jacket flaunt metallic thread work in floral motifs.

  1. Not Out of The Blue jacket lehenga

Not Out of The Blue jacket lehengawedmegood

This jacket style lehenga is different from the ones we have seen so far. A peach flared skirt with zari detailing has been paired with a royal blue long jacket slit in the middle up to the waistline. There is no choli, the jacket acting as one!

  1. Of Beige and Yellow

Of Beige and Yellow

Call it a bridal dress or a jacket style lehenga, this can easily be flaunted in one of the major bridal functions like the reception. The beige flared skirt has an ornate lower border with gold and bronze floral embroidery. The jacket comes is a pastel mustard shade with floral embroidery in pastel color threads.

  1. Sheer Floral Beauty jacket lehenga

Sheer Floral Beauty jacket lehengaturmericweddings | Get Wedding Wear

This soft pink pastel shade lehenga comes with an ornate floral jacket in net. The jacket has a gold border.

  1. Of Cocktails and Coffee

Of Cocktails and Coffee

If you would like to flaunt a lehenga in a cocktail party or similar occasion, this is the kind you should go for! It is dark coffee brown in color with intricate gold zari work on the long line jacket border and sleeves. The choli also flaunts kundan stone work.

  1. The White Twirl

The White Twirl - Lehenga with Capeaditidoshicouture

Want something not very colorful for your pre-bridal functions? This off-white and gold floral jacket style lehenga is a great choice! The sheer jacket adds a dash of elegance to the look. Checkout more of white Bridal lehenga.

  1. Cream Toned Elegance

Cream Toned Elegancemongoose_kart

Jennifer Winget flaunts a dreamy cream color jacket style lehenga. The net jacket flaunts self color embroidery.

  1. Grandeur in Grey

Grandeur in Greyvogue | mongoose_kart

Karishma Tanna looks exotic in this grey and silver jacket-style lehenga! While the floral zari embroidery is attractive, the jacket which is cut just like a western blazer really steals the show!

  1. Bright Flowers on Stone Grey

Bright Flowers on Stone Greymaharaani.queen

Vibrant orange floral prints on this grey-brown lehenga with a frilly hemline looks exotic. Coupled with that the sheer jacket and its ornate collar makes all the difference.

  1. The Boho Jacket Lehenga

The Boho Jacket Lehenga

A fusion or an Indo-western outfit, the jacket-lehenga style goes really well with boho or colorful ethnic prints. Sara Ali Khan flaunts exactly that kind of lehenga here.

  1. Formal Colors

If you decide to go for a well-tailored jacket, consider combining white with pastel hues. This off-shoulder blouse is in white with a sky blue blazer style jacket and a skirt with matte zari cheques.

  1. Draped for Elegance – Cape with Lehenga

Draped for Elegance - Cape with Lehengacorebypooja

A perfect fusion attire – this pista green shade jacket-lehenga comes with a drape skirt styled after the drape and pleat of a saree. The crop top has floral embellishments and the net sheer cape has floral prints.

  1. In Love With Yellow


A golden yellow lehenga choli has been paired with a sheer jacket.  This lehenga would go perfectly in a haldi ceremony. The jacket also flaunts zari embroidery in antique floral patterns. Checkout more of Yellow Lehenga.

  1. The White Embroidery – Lehenga Jacket

The White Embroidery - Lehenga Jacket

Sometimes it’s the elegance that speaks for itself! This plain solid white lehenga choli has been paired with a peach full-length jacket which showcases intricate embroidery in white thread. This more than makes up for the lack of embellishments on the lehenga-choli itself!

  1. Contrast Prints


This unique ‘boho chic’ ensemble comes with a jacket style blouse. The attraction-factor is the juxtaposition of fabrics in different colors and complex ikkat weave patterns. The skirt is solid with just a gold ornate border and latkan details.

  1. Orange Glitter – Jacket lehenga


This bright orange silk jacket-style lehenga also flaunts mirror work. The empire style jacket choli has an uneven hemline.

  1. Greys with Maroons – Short jacket lehenga

Greys with Maroons - Short jacket lehenga_wmn_creation_

One of the most unique combinations – the maroon and gold lehenga skirt has been paired with a densely embellished silver choli and a sequin work blazer-style jacket.

  1. Vintage Traits


A solid yellow flared lehenga skirt has been paired with a cream choli and a long line jacket. Both the choli and jacket showcase vintage minakari-style embroidery with multi color threads.

  1. A Single Shade of Grey – jacket lehenga

A Single Shade of Grey - jacket lehenga

The perfect blue-grey jacket-style lehenga with gold motifs near the skirt hemline and gold prints on the blouse.

  1. Roses Are Dark Red

This dark red georgette lehenga has a gown-style skirt, sleeveless choli with dark red rosette motifs and self color embroidery and a sheer cape with a floral border. The jacket also flaunts a high low hemline. Checkout more of red Lehenga.

  1. Silver Linings – Lehenga Jacket

Silver Linings - Lehenga JacketBrides

A pastel peach lehenga is embellished with silver patchwork. The silver choli paired with the jacket looks perfect with the skirt.

  1. Simple is Gorgeous

The easiest way to create a lehenga-jacket ensemble is to go for a solid shade lehenga skirt and crop top and pair it with a long line embellished jacket in a contrast shade.

  1. Red and Gold – Cape Lehenga

Red and Gold - Cape Lehengaradhikamore

This bright warm red lehenga choli set flaunts woven golden motifs and has been paired with a sheer overlay. The sleeveless jacket showcases gotta patti embroidery.

  1. Three Tone Magic – Long jacket Lehenga

Three Tone Magic - Long jacket Lehenga

You can go all solids by pairing your lehenga-choli with a long, cloak-cut jacket with tie-up closure at the waistline.

  1. Understated – Cape lehenga

Understated - Cape lehengahasliofficial

This pastel pink lehenga choli comes in organic cotton. The sleeveless jacket showcases stripes. The choli has pearl and gotta patti embroidery.

  1. More Contrasts – Lehenga with cape

More Contrasts - Lehenga with cape

This jacket style lehenga showcases a ‘three color contrast’ structure. The jacket has a tie up closure mechanism. The choli is embroidered.

  1. Baroque Style – Lehenga with cape

Baroque Style - Lehenga with caperichathakur_theartistry

This emerald green Indo-western jacket-style lehenga showcases the baroque style. The choli has gold bootis and gold zigzag design adorns the hemlines. The jacket lapels showcase intricate gold embellishments.

  1. Of Intricacies and Glamour – Lehenga with cape

Of Intricacies and Glamour - Lehenga with capeattires_hubb

A typical example of a jacket that frames the entire lehenga look. The skirt is white while the jacket is in a shade of bright pink. Detailed gold sequin and zari work adorns the outfit.

  1. Blurry Blues – Lehenga with cape

Blurry Blues - Lehenga with capetanvimehtasrivastava

The navy blue lehenga skirt and choli flaunts a self-design textured look. It has been paired with a net jacket.

  1. The Wine Color Cape Lehenga

The Wine Color Cape Lehengaperniaspopupshop

A wine color A-line lehenga skirt has been paired with a sleeveless choli and a sheer net cape.

  1. Ombre Effects


Pistachio green and peach ombre lehenga comes with a similar jacket. The outfit showcases zari embroidery.

  1. Peach Spring Blossoms – Lehenga with cape

Peach Spring Blossoms - Lehenga with capestudio149

This subtle peach lehenga comes with sequin motifs and a floral hemline. The pleated silk choli is topped with a semi sheer tulle cape that has a floral border and spring blossom motifs. Checkout more of

  1. Ivories and Creams

Ivories and Creams - Jacket lehengathesource_buyorborrow

Light beige lehenga skirt with dense self color floral embroidery comes with an ivory crop top. The net cape which is beautifully embroidered is fastened just below the neck, creating a truly Indo-western look.

  1. Cape with Dupatta

This light pink and silver fusion lehenga comes with an ornate flared skirt showcasing sequin and zari work, a full sleeve choli, a dupatta as well as a sheer cape.

  1. The White and Red Floral Cape style lehenga

Here is a stunning White floral cape style lehenga with front opening with red shirt. The work done on the front is all hand work with dabka, cutdana and hreadwork.

  1. Prints On Prints

Showcasing the print on print style, a grey lehenga-choli has been paired with a black and red vibrant jacket with bright floral prints.

  1. Of Reds and Silvers – Lehenga with jacket

Of Reds and Silvers - Lehenga with jacket

Different shades of red has been used with floral motifs to create this unique jacket style lehenga.

  1. Greens with Golds


A dark green lehenga with tiny gold bootis on the choli, a solid skirt and embellished long line jacket.

  1. Chikankari lehenga Jacket

Chikankari lehenga Jacketilyabycnc

A white jacket style lehenga with dense chikankari work on the jacket. The embroidery also includes crystals and beads. Checkout more of chikankari lehenga.

  1. Four Fold Contrast

The four color contrast look – the gold and dark green brocade skirt, mustard yellow choli, black dupatta with zari border and maroon jacket with gold zari embroidery. Checkout more of Maroon Bridal Lehenga.

  1. Peaches and Mirrors – Lehenga with jacket

Peaches and Mirrors - Lehenga with jacketsweta_stylish_dresses

The peach toned lehenga skirt and choli flaunt silver jacquard work while the long and flared sheer net jacket has mirror work on the sleeves and the bottom part.

  1. Perfect for Haldi – Lehenga with jacket

Perfect for Haldi - Lehenga with jacketumraolehenga

Contemporarily styles with a sequin work gold choli and a printed floral yellow fabric – this jacket style lehenga is perfect for the haldi ceremony. The white floral prints on the yellow chiffon fabric look bright and fresh.

Conclusion – Jacket Lehenga

The jacket style lehenga, being an essentially fusion piece of clothing, might be difficult to style on your own! Moreover, not all jackets have a similar cut and style. Some might be fitted, some flared, some cropped while other long and slit! You may even want to style a cape with your lehenga. The only deciding factor should be you – your body type and what looks good on that!

When opting for a jacket style lehenga, leave it to the experts to style it! Our ace designer will consider your preferences and customize one that is meant only for you!

55 Blue Lehengas to Help You Ace the ‘Bride in Blue’ Look

Blue Bridal Lehenga or Blue Lehenga for party which is becoming top choice of the Indian girls these days. Western culture has popularized the association of the color blue to men’s fashion but when it comes to ethnic styles, blue is becoming a top favourite in the bridal palette!

Dark and navy blues have a permanent place in the reception outfits of Indian brides. But blue is much more than that! From sky blue lehengas for morning functions to turquoise blue lehengas for sangeet parties and midnight blue or teal lehengas for receptions or engagement evenings – the list is endless!

Blue Bridal Lehenga with Blue sherwani shawl

Blue is very fast becoming a top choice in case for main wedding day outfits as well. This is why we have divided the list of blue bridal lehengas into four major categories – blue wedding lehengas, blue reception lehengas, blue lehengas for pre-wedding functions and blue fusion lehengas. This categorization, though, is not rigid and one can choose any outfit that one likes and can carry.

Larger Than Life Blue Bridal Lehenga

Blue bridal lehengas look great especially because stereotypical bridal colors like red, pink and orange can be seen everyone! Soothing to the eyes and a great background color for embellishments like silver zari work, sequin, stone, pearls and crystal embroidery – blue is a great color choice for the bridal outfit.

1. Velvet Charcoal Blue Lehenga

Velvet Charcoal Blue LehengaGet Custom Made lehenga

Charcoal blue is one of the most sophisticated colors ever! Couple with that the richness of the fabric and the intricate details in gold zardozi work, the outfit looks royal!

2. Stories Embroidered

Stories Embroidered - Blue Bridal LehengaGet Indian Wedding Dresses

The beauty of this blue bridal lehenga is in the details embroidered in sequins and zari on the lehenga skirt. The motif etch the story of a forest, filled with exotic birds and flowers. The two dupattas are in two different shades, contrasted to the dark blue of the lehenga.

3. Silver Embellishments on Navy Bridal Lehenga

Silver Embellishments on Navy Blue Bridal Lehengawishnwed

The stunning blue bridal lehenga is fit for royalty! If you have cool skin tone and want to avoid gold or golden embellishments on your outfit for your wedding day, don’t think twice before going for this kind of a combination. The silver sequin, metal beads, crystal and stone embroidery on this outfit is exquisite and intricate.

4. The Beige Dupatta

This traditional wedding lehenga looks unique because of the use of the contrasting beige dupatta against the background of blue and silver.

5. Peacock Blue Imperial Lehenga

 Peacock Blue Imperial Bridal Lehenga priyafashionstore

This floral dark peacock blue lehenga is fit for a queen! The flared skirt is dense with floral motifs in shades of light blue, pink and red interspersed with gold zari embroidery. The full-sleeve choli flaunts intricate thread, zari and stone embroidery. The net dupatta is ornate!

6. Velvet Blue Bridal Lehenga

Velvet Blue Bridal Lehengazo-wed

This bride flaunts a decadent look in a lehenga made from luxurious blue velvet! The skirt showcases vertical panel design with traditional motifs in matte gold. The border of the lehenga skirt has patchwork in a mustard toned gold shade. The same color is seen on the choli and along with sky blue is used in geometrical patches on the dupatta border. On the patchwork ornate zari detailing can be seen.

7. Beat the Morning Wedding Blues

Beat the Morning Wedding Blue
Such a stellar blue lehenga just steals the show in a morning wedding. The floral embroidery and richness of the velvet fabric gives it a regal look!

8. Turquoise with Colors

Turquoise Bridal Lehenga with Colors
The turquoise hue of this wedding lehenga is enhanced and made brighter with the use of multi-color embroidery!

9. Dark Teal Glamour

Dark Teal Glamour - Bridal lehenga
Say no to the traditional burgundies and maroons when you have such a gorgeous dark color which is a cross between dark teal and sea blue. The gold embellishments look exquisite against the dark hue.

10. Gold Print on Teal Blue

Gold Print on Teal Blue
This traditional teal blue wedding lehenga showcases gold sequin embroidery on the choli and gold prints in traditional motifs on the flared lehenga skirt.

11. The Pleated Details in Blue Lehenga

The Pleated Details - Blue Bridal Lehenga

This sky blue wedding lehenga is just out of a fairy tale. Exquisite floral embroidery coupled with the pleat detailing makes it unique. The lower part of the skirt boats pleated structure so does the hemline of the dupatta.

12. Gold and Sequin at Play

Gold and Sequin at Play - Blue Bridal Lehenga
This out-of-this-world blue bridal lehenga plays with a light turquoise shade and matte gold detailing. The details also use sequin which forms floral motifs. It is definitely heavy but worth it!

13. Flared & Layered Blue Bridal Lehenga

Flared and Layered Blue Bridal Lehenga
This larger-than-life flared blue bridal lehenga is adorned in exquisite embroidery with silver zari, stones, sequins and crystals.

14. Pastels and Sequins Bridal Lehenga

Pastels and Sequins Bridal Lehenga
Looking for lighter options? This lehenga in a stone blue pastel hue is adorned with gold and silver sequin embroidery. The embroidery is concentrated on the lower half of the lehenga skirt making the outfit look light and airy!

15. Serene in Blue Lehenga

Serene in Blue Lehengasaddavyaah | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This double dupatta style lehenga comes in a light pastel blue shade. The look uses numerous light and muted shades of blue creating a look which is serene, surreal and extremely pleasing and soothing to the eye!


Blue Reception Lehengas

Fabrics like silk, velvet, raw silk etc look extremely luxurious when they come in dark blue colors like navy, midnight blue, teal etc! Using such palettes for an evening function can’t go wrong! This is why brides drool over blue lehengasfor their reception outfits.

16. Royal Blue and Silver Reception Lehenga

Royal Blue and Silver Reception Lehengamanaswinigoyalmua | Get Custom Made Lehenga

Though dark hues like midnight blue, navy etc are top favourites when it comes to blue lehengas for the reception, this royal blue one with silver embellishments is indeed a show-stopper!

17. Crystal Embroidered Blue Lehenga

Crystal Embroidered Blue Reception Lehengaada_makeovers

This lehenga is fit for the royals! In a deep sapphire blue shade, it boasts densely embroidered crystals, stones and sequins that dazzle the eye.

18. Perfect Midnight Blue Lehenga

Perfect Midnight Blue reception Lehenga

Midnight blue is a top choice among Indian brides for the reception lehenga! Such a lehenga is also fit for a cocktail party. The choli is sleeveless with unique details on the arms and the lehenga comes with sequin and tiny crystal embroidery!

19. Teal Blue Reception Attire

Teal Blue Reception Attiredashbypurnima

Another dark blue shade for the reception! This lehenga is in a luxurious georgette fabric and boasts cut-dana and mirror embroidery.

20. Bridal Blue Lehenga with an Edge

Bridal Blue lehengapanachebysharmeen

This unique steel blue lehenga is perfect for the reception, if you want to flaunt something unique! The extensive use of steel grey sequins give it an edge!

21. Navy Blue Rules

Navy Blue Rules - Reception lehnega
A navy blue silk lehenga can’t fail to impress! Add to that intricate embroidery in gold sequins and what becomes is an attire that is stunning and gorgeous!

22. Go Flora – Blue Lehenga

Go Flora - Blue Lehenga

If you would like something lighter on your reception, you can go for this blue lehenga which is a cross between navy blue and royal blue! The floral motifs make it look fresh and appealing!

23. For a Morning Reception

For a Morning Reception - lehnega

If you have planned a reception party during the day time, try the shade cyan blue! This chanderi lehenga in cyan blue and gold has pink borders.

24. Teal Cocktail Lehenga

Teal Cocktail lehenga
This dark teal cocktail lehenga has a flared and layered skirt, much like a ballroom gown! The off-shoulder choli and self color floral detailing gives it a beautifully contemporary look.


Pre Wedding Blue Lehengas

Colors like turquoise, sky blue, powder blue and even pastel blue work really well in day-time pre-wedding functions like haldi ceremony. Colors like teal and dark blue mixed with silver or gold embellishment look good on sangeet and engagement nights.

25. Light and Dark

Pre Wedding Blue Lehengassistersglam_bd

This blue lehenga combines the light and the dark shades of the same color. Coupled with that, the dupatta in off-white gives the whole outfit a glow! This one is perfect for mehendi or sangeet.

26. Contrast Pink Dupatta


Though in a dark navy color, this sleek lehenga is perfect for any day-time pre-wedding function. The contrast dupatta in light pink also looks great with the deep dark color of the outfit.

27. Bandhani in Blue

Pre Wedding Blue Lehengassanyabhallaaa | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This unique dark blue lehenga is lightweight and perfect for any pre-wedding function. The bandhani details on the skirt, the full sleeve choli etc make the outfit beautiful.

28. Printed Cotton Blue Lehenga

Printed Cotton Lehenga

This blue printed cotton lehenga is apt for the haldi look. Colors such as this photograph really well in the sunlight.

29. Simple Tiered Skirt

Simple Tiered Skirt - Blue Lehenga

A simple, minimally embellished lehenga with a pleated tiered look, a full sleeve choli and latkan details – this is all you need to ace the blue lehenga look on the wedding morning.

30. Light Blue and Pink Lehenga

Light Blue and Pink Lehenga

For the mehendi night or sangeet function, such a soothing blue lehenga in sky blue and pink floral details looks beautiful and youthful!

31. The Big Pink Roses

The Big Pink Roses - Blue and pink Lehenga

Going for prints instead of heavy embellishments for a pre-wedding function is a good idea. This dark blue lehenga with big roses printed on the skirt looks exotic!

32. Cotton Turquoise Lehenga

Cotton Turquoise Lehengaeastboutique_official

Another great cotton lehenga in turquoise blue with pink and purple printed details! These are perfect for any day-time function at summer weddings.

33. Sky Blue and Pink Wedding Morning Lehenga

Sky Blue and Pink Wedding Morning Lehengawittyvows | Get Custom Made Lehenga

A lot of sky blue and a little bit of pink – this blue lehenga is gorgeous and glamorous for the wedding morning. It also has a bit of gold to add that perfect touch of bling!

34. Shells and Bandhani


A quirky and boho option for the mehendi function! This blue lehenga boasts bandhani and mirror work details and sea shells stitched to the choli hemline.

35. Navy Bandhani Lehenga

Navy Bandhani Lehengawedabout | Get Custom Made Lehenga

Bandhani looks really good in the sangeet functions. This navy blue lehenga boasts bandhani print details and looks good in a pre-wedding evening function.

36. Berry and Teal

Berry and Teal Lehengastylethemall

The beauty of this blue lehenga is in the use of berry shades and white on the skirt and choli. It’s a fun outfit and bright enough for the wedding morning.

37. The Yellow Dupatta

The Yellow Dupatta with Blue Lehenga

The light turquoise lehenga with pink and yellow floral prints is appropriate for the haldi morning. The addition of the bright yellow dupatta completely transforms and amps up the look.

38. Sangeet Blues

Sangeet Blues lehengaanishashettyofficial

Dark blue, glossy and gold – what else do you need to ace that blue lehenga look for your sangeet function?

39. Purple Toned Blue Banarasi Lehenga


The blue off-shoulder blouse and attached dupatta are free from embellishments because, in any case, the focus of the onlooker would be on the magnificent purple toned Banarasi lehenga skirt and paired with blue sherwani. With vintage floral patterns in gold zari woven work, red and orange mina work, this lehenga skirt, in one word, is gorgeous! The outfit is perfect for the engagement function or even reception!

40. Vibrantly Blued

Vibrantly Blued - Blue Lehengathe_al_life | Get Custom Made Lehenga

A dash of quirky and boho on this vibrant blue lehenga is what makes it unique. The rich silk texture of the fabric in royal blue tone is glistening! On that, traditional floral motifs in bright pink and yellow create beautiful contrasts. The outfit has tie up detail at the waist attached to latkans. The work on the bodice or the choli is also unique.

41. Prussian Blue Lehenga and Mirror Work


Blue provides a huge canvas in darker tones! Navy, midnight blue, Prussian blue, denim etc are to name a few darker shades if blue. Against such backgrounds, embellishments like silver sequins, stones, crystals, mirrors and even pearls look brilliant. This blue lehenga dazzles on this very line of design and is a great choice for bridesmaids, bride at pre-wedding functions etc.

42. The Peach Toned Dupatta

The Peach Toned Dupatta with Blue Lehenga

Some contrasts are so brilliant that they speak for themselves. This royal blue silk lehenga comes with exotic mirror work in plenty on the skirt and choli. But what really distinguishes the attire is the mirror-worked orange-ish peach toned dupatta.

43. The Boho Blue Lehenga

The Boho Blueweddingbrigadeofficial

This bride flaunts a quirky boho look on one of her pre wedding morning functions. She is wearing an experimental ocean-themed lehenga. Shells, coral reefs, weeds, sea creatures etc adorn her lehenga as motifs. The sleeves are unique will puffy net attachments at the hemlines. The bride also wears pearl and shell jewellery to complement the outfit.

44. The Royal Twirl

priyafashionstore | Get Custom Made Lehenga

The dazzling royal blue bridal lehenga has floral as well as geometric motifs! Silver metallic beads, sequins and crystals have been used as embellishments.

45. Blue and Orange Banjara Lehenga

Blue and Orange Banjara Lehengadesigner.dress.shopp

The lehenga has a combination of two completely contrasting colors – navy blue and orange with the blue dominating the upper half of the garment and the orange forming a bold border below! Gold has been used with the navy blue in abundance. The work on the skirt includes mirror embroidery, zari work, a little bit of bandhani and some woollen thread embroidery. The whole looks give out a tribal, banjara vibe and the outfit is excellent as a pre-wedding wear for the bride on occasions like sangeet, mehendi etc.

Blue Fusion Lehengas

Blue is a popular choice when it comes to fusion clothing. And fusion lehengas are not an exception. Fusion lehengas refer to outfit combinations like gorgeous lehenga skirt with a crop top, lehengas with capes and jackets etc. In such combinations, often traditional embroidery and embellishment is mixed with fabric is pastel hues. Blue fusion lehengas can be donned by the bride in bachelorette parties, sangeet functions. Besides, these are very popular with bridesmaids, friends and wedding guests in general!

46. Choli Details

Most fusion lehengas are different because of the cut of the choli or because of their resemblance to western gowns. This dark navy lehenga boast a one-side off-shoulder choli.

47. Add That Belt with Blue Lehenga

Add That Belt with Blue Lehenga
The easiest way to make any blue lehenga a fusion one, just add a belt detail. It helps keep the dupatta in place and also looks really chic!

48. The Gown Style Lehenga

The cut of this lehenga skirt resembles that of western gowns! Coupled with that rich dark royal blue silk fabric and the patch of gold thread work on one shoulder, makes it a beautiful outfit.

49. The Golden Choli with Blue Lehenga

The Golden Choli with Blue Lehenga

The appeal of this fusion blue lehenga lies in the simplicity of the skirt. Its rich fabric is its embellishment. The golden choli enhances the beauty of the outfit.

50. Lightest of Them All


This beautiful lehenga is in the lightest shade of pastel baby blue. The choli with puffy sleeves has embroidered floral details in equally light pastel hues like pink and peach.

51. Contrasting Shades of Blue

Contrasting Shades of Blue - Blue Lehengashiveekanirula

This fusion blue lehenga has a dark blue bodice and a light blue skirt! The bodice or the choli is reminiscent of some types of Victorian gowns!

52. Simple But Not


This stunning blue fusion lehenga combines a lehenga skirt with a top. The top has a flowing sleeve. The outfit boasts sequin embroidery and cut-dana work.

53. The Ruffled Choli

The Ruffled Choli paired with Blue Lehengakarishmaashita

This teal blue lehenga comes with a unique choli that is tiered and ruffled! This is definitely not common in ethnic fashion!

54. The Glitter and the Trail

The Glitter and the Traillabelnityabajaj

This elegant trail lehenga comes in a light pastel blue shade, adorned with glittering zardozi embroidery! The trailing lehenga skirt is essentially a western element!

55. Blooms on Her Blue Lehenga

Blooms on Her Blue Lehengabandbaajaa

Diana Penty looks phenomenal in this sky blue lehenga that boast huge floral motifs in multitude of hues on the lehenga skirt and choli. It gives the outfit an essentially Bohemian look.


You can’t go wrong with a blue lehenga – no matter which shade of blue you choose to wear! Still, if you certain about ditching the usual reds, pinks, yellows and maroons of ethnic wedding fashion and are seeking expert advice we are here for you! Get in touch and we will put together the blue lehenga exclusively designed and customized for you.

Get Bridal lehenga which is made as per your style and body type like one of our client:

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55 Yellow Bridal Lehengas for Every Indian Bride

A yellow bridal lehenga might be a great choice for Indian brides if styled in the correct way. Yellow as a color choice should work wonderfully. This is because, yellow comes in a myriad shades and as it is a warm color it suits, rather complements, every Indian skin tone. If you want to flaunt an unconventional color at your wedding, a yellow bridal lehenga is a great choice. Moreover, it is a great option for a morning wedding.

55 Stunning Yellow Bridal Lehengas for grand Indian Wedding

1. Tuscan Yellow Silk Yellow Lehenga

Tuscan Yellow Silk Yellow Bridal Lehengawedmeinspire | Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Mahira Khan dazzles in this tuscan yellow bridal lehenga! This yellow is perfect for both night and day time wedding functions. The flared silk is detailed with silver sequin and zari floral embroidery. The choli has three-quarter sleeves and showcases dense sequin embroidery.

2. Grey and Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Grey and Yellow Bridal Lehengashaadisaga | Get Wedding lehenga

A very sophisticated and unconventional choice – this yellow bridal lehenga uses silver zari and sequin in the most matte shade, making it look almost like a combination of grey and yellow.

3. A Tinge of Orange

Punjabi Bridal outfits for morning weddings are often inspired by the color of marigolds. This yellow bridal lehenga is in a shade which is a cross between orange and yellow. The floral zari work is enhanced by the use of flowers in red and blue threads bringing out a beautiful contrast.

4. Adding a Dash of Red Yellow Bridal Lehenga Saree

Adding a Dash of Red Yellow Bridal Lehenga Saree

This yellow bridal lehenga is unique because it is one of those very few ones that combine a deeper yellow fabric with gold zari embellishments. The designer has cleverly paired the golden embroidery with red thread work, creating a unique style.

Checkout More of Lehenga Saree.

5. Floral Enigma yellow bridal lehenga

Floral Enigma yellow bridal lehenga

This bridal yellow lehenga is meant for the bride who likes bling! The ornate floral details in silver zari bring out the glam potential of the outfit and makes it perfect for the big fat Indian wedding! Even the choli is full-sleeve and covered with detailed embroidery in silver.

6. Pastel Pink Net Dupatta

Pastel Pink Net Dupatta

Another beautiful piece showcasing contrast color combination. While the embroidered details on the lehenga skirt and choli have elements of pink, the dupatta is in a pastel pink shade with a yellow border.

7. Vintage Yet Contemporary yellow bridal lehenga

Vintage Yet Contemporary yellow bridal lehenga

This bright ochre yellow bridal lehenga has a bit of a vintage vibe as well as a contemporary charm. While the unique vertical panel style design is stunning, the use of a contrast dupatta makes it striking!

8. Mirror Embroidery yellow bridal Lehenga

Mirror Embroidery yellow bridal Lehenga

This exquisite bridal yellow lehenga combines traditional mirror embroidery with the unconventional color choice for a wedding outfit. The fabric is crepe and the mirror hand embroidery looks beautiful on it.

9. Pale Yellow Panache


The word “yellow” prompts one to think of bright, golden toned hues. But, rarer shades of yellow sometimes work wonders on the ethnic bridal scenario. This pale lime yellow bridal lehenga is in crepe material with exquisite golden zari embroidery and stone work.

10. Pink and Yellow Floral Lehenga


This beautiful yellow bridal lehenga is completely traditional and truly appropriate for the wedding day. The dupatta is in a peachy pink contrasting shade. The outfit showcases floral embroidery in pink and gold zari threads.

11. The Mood Lifting Yellow Lehenga


This yellow lehenga is sure to lift spirits and ensure awesome clicks! On a paler tone of golden yellow, floral patterns are embroidered in shades like peach, pink, orange, dark green, pista green etc. The choli flaunts tie up fastening mechanism at the back. What gives a hint of “quirky” to this outfit are the big mirrors studded along with the floral embroidery.

12. The Poetic Yellow Lehenga


This bridal yellow lehenga has an appeal and charm of the yesteryears along with being unique in its own way. Instead of traditional gold zari, dark toned antique gold zari and sequins have been used on the choli, the borders and the skirt. The choli has a unique design. The skirt showcases floral motifs from Persian art. The use of hexagonal shapes enclosing a floral motif is reminiscent of Mughal art.

13. Yellow Lehenga with Silver Embroidery


It is an unsaid rule that with yellow bridal lehengas only gold zari goes, as both colors are usually warm toned. But this outfit defies the tradition! It is in a paler shade of yellow and the silver zari work in geometric shapes looks nothing short of stunning!

14. Marigold and Gold Bridal Lehenga

Marigold yellow with slight orange undertones looks exquisite in morning weddings. Plus it goes really well with golden embroidery. The color also enhances Indian complexions.

15. Red Ombre Effect Lehenga

red Effect Lehenga

Gold embroidery and ornate gold borders look beautiful with the addition of an extra color other than yellow. This yellow bridal lehenga skirt has the yellow to red transition effect that makes it one-of-a-kind.

16. Panelled Design

Panelled Design

Light baby pink, bright pink and yellow – all three colors have been used in this yellow lehenga but what stands out is the yellow. In fact, pink is such a color that enhances the brightness of yellow. The lehenga skirt also flaunts a unique panelled design.

17. Wedding Morning Goals


This yellow lehenga with floral embroidery all over is setting goals for wedding morning bridal fashion. The lehenga looks exotic because of the colorful embroidery. Red camellias and azaleas have been embroidered with green vines and leaves creating an attractive color palette.

18. Multi-color on Golden Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Multi-color on Golden Yellow Bridal Lehenga

This deep golden yellow bridal lehenga is made more exquisite by the use of vintage floral embroidery in a variety of shades such as dark green, pastel blue, white, silver, pink and red.

19. Summer Bridal Look


Summer weddings are all about light base tones with poppy colors on top and minimal glitter or bling. This yellow bridal lehenga is a unique yet perfect choice for that summer wedding day. Or even for a mehendi or sangeet function! The flared lehenga skirt boasts floral embroidery in poppy shades of pink and green as well as pale zari work. The peach toned dupatta flaunts zari cut work border.

20. Yellow and Peach

Yellow and Peach

Did you know that a matte yellow pastel shade and a pastel peach shade can go so well together? This double dupatta style lehenga showcases just that. Checkout more of Wedding Wedding Dresses.


Yellow Bridal Lehenga Mehendi & Sangeet

Here are yellow bridal lehengas a bride can wear in other wedding functions like Mehendi and Sangeet.

21. Let It Be Light

Let It Be Light - Yellow Lehenga

Brides who like it simple and light can go for this kind of bridal yellow lehenga. It comes with a halter neck choli, a net dupatta and the skirt is adorned with embossed silver designs.

22. Marigold Is The New Color of Love

Marigold Is The New Color of Love

This exotic yellow lehenga looks like it’s meant for the fairy tale wedding. The sequin choli is simple but the gorgeous marigold yellow lehenga skirt, flared like a dream and flaunting a wide silver border takes this outfit to another level.

23. Light & Glamorous

fabwedding | Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This yellow bridal lehenga uses a lot of light-weight fabrics like organza and chiffon to create a look which is glamorous and elegant! The lehenga dupatta draping style is unique too. Placement of sequin work brings out the glamour.

24. With a Contrast Choli

With a Contrast Choli

This yellow lehenga is unique for reasons more than one! The color is a cross between lemon and golden yellow. In the floral designs on the lehenga skirt, in the latkan details there is a prominent use of bright pink. The choli too is in a contrast bright and pastel pink combination making the outfit look different.

25. Golden Yellow Peplum Choli


While the combination of a golden yellow fabric and gold embroidery is common when it comes to yellow bridal lehengas, this one is unique because of the cut of the choli. While the lehenga skirt has an A-line cut the choli has angarakha neckline and a peplum cut.

26. Simple Yet Stylish

Simple Yet Stylish

However cliché that might sound, this yellow bridal lehenga is an embodiment of the same. It is simple with floral gold and peach embroidery yet has an element of fun!

27. Seashells and Sand Yellow lehenga

Seashells and Sand Yellow lehenga

Though not in a sand yellow color, this yellow bridal lehenga uses sea shells as embellishments! It’s a unique choice. The contrasting dupatta is draped like a cape.

28. Peplum Love

Peplum Love yellow lehenga

A mix of traditional and experimental styles, this yellow lehenga uses a peplum top instead of a traditional choli as the blouse. The lower hem of the lehenga skirt has frill details.

29. Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Contemporary Lehenga Saree

Call it a lehenga or a lehenga saree, this yellow bridal lehenga is contemporary fashion at its best. A gold sequin choli is paired with a skirt that flaunts a tiered and pleated design and extends into the pallu and is held gracefully!

30. The Tiered Look Yellow lehenga

The Tiered Look Yellow lehenga

Like western gowns, this yellow lehenga comes with a skirt that has a horizontal tiered design structure. The embellishment is kept on a low scale and the attraction quotient of this outfit is in the cut of the skirt and the lightness of the lemon yellow fabric.

31. Gold and Yellow Floral Lehenga


The bride dazzles in a stunning golden yellow lehenga with intricate zari floral detailing all over. The flared pleated skirt bears mainly floral motifs. Metallic thread embroidery, stone and sequin work have been used in ornate borders that adorn the skirt’s upper and lower hems, the borders of the choli sleeves as well as the dupatta border.

32. Bold Back Embellished Blouse


It is a myth that yellow and bold don’t go together! Sensuousness is woven in the lush georgette fabric of this yellow lehenga. But the real highlight of this look is the bold back halter neck blouse. Apart from having a unique cut at the back, the blouse showcases exquisite embroidery in zari, thread, stones and sequins. Similar craftsmanship can be witnessed in the lehenga border.

33. The Queen of Pearls


This Tuscan yellow lehenga is one-of-a-kind! Not only is the color soothing but the use of pearls as embellishments is also rare. Tiny pearls and stones are studded on the skirt in floral patterns and on the choli. The neckline of the choli, its lower hemline, sleeve borders and dupatta border flaunt pearl embroidery. The lower hemline of the choli and the dupatta border also have hanging pearl details. The hem of the lehenga skirt is wavy cut with ornate cut work border.

34. Lemon Yellow Lehenga with Unique Skirt

Lemon Yellow Lehenga with Unique Skirt

This lehenga is perfect for a morning wedding or any other wedding related function! Small floral motifs have been used all over the skirt and the choli is pink! The floral embroidery is concentrated near the waist! It’s a contemporary piece as the skirt is unique with a shorter upper part and a pleated lower part!

35. Greener Undertones

Greener Undertones

This lemon yellow bridal lehenga is ornate with silver zari work on the skirt and choli. While the zari design runs in horizontal circles on the skirt, the fabric there has lime green undertones in alternate panels.

36. Mirror and Zari Yellow bridal lehenga

Mirror and Zari Yellow bridal lehenga

Another exquisite marigold yellow lehenga with mirror and zari work! In this case, the work has been concentrated on the border of the lehenga!

37. Borders and Belts

Borders and Belts

There are two things unique about this yellow bridal lehenga – the use of a green thin borders on the dupatta and a wide gold border on the skirt, and, the use of a green belt!

38. Simple in Yellow

If you are wanting to flaunt a yellow lehenga in your court wedding or you simply want to keep it simple, go for something as elegant as this one! This lehenga has tiny mirror motifs bordered in gold, all over and the only heavily embellished part is the dupatta border.

39. Gold and Golden Yellow


A very basic lehenga with a straight cut skirt looks striking because of the unique color combination. The lehenga is in golden yellow fabric and gold embellishments have been used to adorn it.

40. Floral Prints

This cool, lightweight and contemporary pastel yellow lehenga is perfect for a haldi ceremony or a beach side wedding.

41. Yellow Bridal Paradise

This bridal yellow lehenga is magical! It’s perfectly traditional but does not qualify as bling. The bride wears a longer choli which enhances the beauty of the outfit. This is a perfect muslim wedding lehenga.

42. Flaxen and Golden Yellow Panels lehenga


The beauty of this yellow lehenga is the arrangement of panels on the skirt, showcasing two shades of yellow – flaxen and golden! The silver embellishments go equally well with both the colors.

43. Beige Gold Yellow

Quite a unique yellow bridal lehenga! The skirt has two wide horizontal tiers. The upper one is in beige and the lower one is in yellow. A frilly border separates the two! The skirt hemline has a thick gold band. The gold belt keeps the pleated dupatta is place. Gold embellishments are used both with the beige and the yellow parts of the lehenga.

44. More Mirror Work

The use of mirror work is really tricky as it can easily look over-the-top. But in this case, the designer has nailed it. There is a thin border on the skirt and also at the waistline. Tiny mirrors have been used as bootas all over.

45. Frilly and Floral

This sunshine yellow lehenga has a cut-out skirt hemline, frilly and fluffy sleeves and is embroidered in multi-color floral motifs.

46. Silver Zari Work in Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Yellow bridal lehengas with zari embroidery are common enough but this lehenga comes with silver zari work using cut-out pieces of fabric. A similarly styled belt detail has also been added.

47. Self Color Embroidery


This yellow lehenga uses gold sequin work on the choli and the skirt border. But what makes it different are the big self color floral embroidered motifs on the net skirt! Mirrors have also been used.

48. Mirror Work Motifs Lehenga

This dandelion yellow silk lehenga uses mirror work to form big and small floral motifs all over. The borders have single line mirror detailing.

49. Silver on Gold

Silver on Goldshaadisagafashion

This golden yellow lehenga is adorned with silver zari cut out in small shapes and put together to form floral patterns and motifs. This unique styling sets this yellow bridal lehenga apart.

50. Sunset Yellow Bridal lehenga Saree

Sunset Yellow Bridal lehenga Saree

This romantic sunset yellow lehenga has tiny bootis all over giving it an almost textured look. The only embellishment is the ornate border. Checkout more of half Saree.

51. Tradition Meets Style

Tradition Meets Style yellow bridal lehenga

This mustard yellow lehenga flaunts the double dupatta style. While everything about this lehenga is traditional, the second dupatta is draped like a cape and showcases unique silver detailing, resembling scales, for the border. Yellow lehenga would go perfectly on a plus size bride.

52. Vertical Lines on Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Vertical Lines on Yellow Bridal Lehenga

Apart from the unique shade of yellow and the intricate sequin embroidery, this lehenga is different because of the vertical lines design on the lehenga skirt.

53. Fusion Embroidery at its Best

Fusion Embroidery at its Bestalkagiladaofficial

This bridal yellow lehenga flaunts fusion embroidery using sequins, pearls and red and orange thread work along with silver zari work.

54. Silver Embellishments

Silver Embellishments in yellow lehenga

Like red and gold, silver and yellow is a pair made in heaven! If you want to flaunt a yellow bridal lehenga for a night time wedding function ensure that there is a lot of silver glitter in the form of sequins, zari or even stones.

55. Peppy Yellow Lehenga

Peppy Yellow Lehenga

We end with a perfect choice for a mehendi or haldi event. This one comes with a one-sided off-shoulder choli and embossed silver patterns on the skirt.

These 50 yellow lehengas can never fail to impress you or inspire you. But if you are looking for expertise, we are here to help. Get in touch and we will customize the perfect yellow bridal lehenga for you. We follow are very simple yet unique process to make Indian wedding dresses as explained below and we have happy brides across the globe.


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Lehenga Dupatta A to Z – All about Types and Draping Styles

When we think of lehenga, what first comes to mind is the lehenga skirt – how flared it’s going to be, how heavily embellished the skirt should be, what shape it should be in etc etc! Some of us even get concerned about the choli – its shape, the detailing at the back, sleeve length, type of embellishment etc. But a bridal lehenga comprises of a third important component too which is your lehenga dupatta!

Bridal Dupatta

It won’t be exaggeration if one says that most brides are not concerned about the dupatta. But in reality the dupatta plays a crucial role. First, it plays a key role in the silhouette of the whole bridal look. The drape of the dupatta goes a long way in complementing the figure of the bride. If draped in the wrong way, the dupatta might make one look broader or leaner, in an uncomplimentary kind of way!

Lehenga Dupatta Draping Styles

1. Over The Head

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style@bridal_lehenga_ideas

This is the most common way of draping a bridal dupatta with a lehenga. The dupatta is neatly laid on the head of the bride, pinned discreetly to the hairstyle to keep it in place and the rest of the dupatta is allowed a free fall on both sides!

2. Like Gujarati Saree Pallu

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style@smsy_dress

Just like the Gujarati style saree pallu is draped, the dupatta is pleated and then placed on the shoulder of the bride. The part of the dupatta in front is then spread and pinned like a fan to the skirt. Checkout more of Gujarati wedding.

3. Cross Body

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style@shaadiwish  | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This type of bridal dupatta draping is also pretty common! The dupatta is pleated and draped diagonally across the body, quite like a normal saree pallu. This style is also known as half Saree or manga Voni.

4. One Side Pinning

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style@pragyaachhajer

In this draping style, a corner of the dupatta is taken and pinned with the skirt on one side of the body, near the waist. Then the rest of the dupatta is taken and draped on the other side of the body and held on to in a casual way.

5. Like a Shawl


If you would like to keep the drape simple and effortless, simply wrap it around yourself like a shawl. This style would be great when you want to display the workmanship on the dupatta. This type of lehenga dupatta goes perfectly in a Punjabi Wedding.

6. Pleated on One side


Another hassle-free draping style is to pleat the dupatta and pin it to the choli, on one side of the body. This style works well when you want to highlight the lehenga skirt and choli and keep the dupatta out of the way. This works in case of contrast dupattas too. This is also a great way to wear your dupatta on a mehendi and sangeet function, when you want to keep it neat and out of the way.

7. Like a veil


If you are keen on flaunting a unique dupatta draping style, try this one! In this style you wear the dupatta in such a way, over your head, that it covers part of your face. This works well with semi-sheer, transparent and see-through dupattas like those in fabrics like net, chiffon or organza. Also if you are going to flaunt a semi-sheer dupatta with an ornate or frilly border, this draping style is a clever way to showcase the border. Checkout more of red lehengas.

8. Let it Trail


A bit of a variation in the ‘over the head’ draping style is letting the dupatta trail behind you just like the veils that go with Christian wedding gowns. This style looks very graceful and photographs well too!

9. Like a Suit Dupatta


The most common way to style a suit dupatta is by draping it in front, over both shoulders. You can use the same styling technique in case of lehengas too.

10. The Double Dupatta Style

This is the trendiest dupatta draping style in the wedding fashion scene these days. It involves the use of two dupattas. One dupatta that matches the color and style of the lehenga is draped over the head of the bride in a traditional way. The other dupatta comes in a completely contrasting shade and design. For example, if the bride flaunts a sequin embroidered lehenga in a light pastel green shade, the other dupatta might be a bandhej one or a phulkari one in bright purple or yellow!

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style@wedabout

This second dupatta is draped either cross-body, or pinned on one side or even sometimes draped like a Gujarati saree pallu. The double dupatta draping style allows you and the designer to play around with style and be at your creative best.

Bridal Dupatta Draping Style@shaadiwish

Checkout Saree Draping Styles.

Various types of Lehenga Dupattas

1. Net Dupatta

Bridal Dupatta


What it is!
Net is a kind of see-through thin material! It is created by knotting and looping yarns resulting in open spaces between the yarns. This gives the fabric a see-through look. The fabric is tough and has the ability to support heavy embroidery or sequin and stone work.

What will it go with?
Net dupattas go with heavy lehengas where the focus needs to be on the embellishments on the skirt and choli. As net material is almost transparent, even draping the dupatta around the body will allow the showcasing of the intricacies of the work on the lehenga skirt and choli.

2. Chanderi Dupatta

Bridal Dupatta@thewardrobestories

What is it!
Chanderi is a luxurious drape with a sheer texture and is extremely light-weight. It is primarily produced in a small town of Madhya Pradesh of the same name. Chanderi weaves use silk yarns and zari. They come in bright shades as well as pastel hues with gold zari motifs. Chanderi fabric has an attractive translucency that looks great with the bridal attire.

What will it go with?
The use of gold zari in chanderi and luxuriousness of the silk make it perfect for any heavy lehenga. If you are wanting to avoid sequin, stone, crystal embellishments, because they are heavy, you can go for the woven zari embellishment look! In that case, chanderi dupattas could work wonders!

3. Brocade Dupatta


What it is!
Brocade implies to any fabric which forms woven, slightly raised motifs usually using gold or silver yarns. Brocade is generally heavy owing to the use of zari threads and never fails in creating a super-glam look.

What will it go with?
Brocade gives out an old-world, vintage vibe! Moreover, on its own, the fabric looks very gorgeous! So if you are going for a light lehenga, low on embellishments, using a heavy brocade dupatta will add the bling factor to your look.

4. Banarasi Dupatta

Bridal Dupatta@eventilaindia

What it is!
Banarasi fabric has a charm of its own and a different place altogether in the Indian bridal scenario, though technically it falls under the brocade category! Benarasi silk hails from the city of Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. The top quality silk and the best gold and silver zari brocade fabric is a class in itself. Banarasi is a cult favorite when it comes to wedding fashion!

What will it go with?
While Bengali brides wear Banarasi sarees on their wedding, you can easily re-create that look in a lehenga! In this case, the Banarasi dupatta will be the star of the show. The same fabric can be used to border the lehenga skirt! A Benarasi lehenga skirt may also be used if the bride is looking for a larger-than-life look!

5. Organza Dupatta

Bridal Dupatta@rohit_chikan_palace

What it is!
Organza is a thin, sheer fabric made with silk yarns! Pure silk organza fabric is comfortable and light weight. Nowadays even synthetic fibres like polyester is being used to create organza fabric. These are tough and can withhold heavy embroidery!

What will it go with?
Organza dupattas should be paired with lehenga skirts and cholis that are high on the embellishment scale. The sheerness of the dupatta adds grace and does not hide the elaborate details on the rest of the attire.

6. Chiffon Dupatta


What it is!
Chiffon is a very light, transparent, soft fabric which may be made with silk yarns as well as nylon yarns. Chiffon sarees are a mark of class and royalty and chiffon dupattas are extensively used with garments that are heavy on the embellishment scale.

What will it go with?
Owing to the softness of the fabric, chiffon dupattas are usually unable to carry the weight of heavy embellishments. At the most, tiny zari bootis or a border can be added! This is why they go really well with lehengas that are heavy on embellishment or embroidery! Chiffon dupattas are a must with chikankari lehengas or lehengas with aari or zardozi work.

7. Velvet Dupatta

Velvet Bridal Dupatta@rajkumari.dulap

What it is!
Velvet has been used in wedding fashion in India over centuries! It is a tufted and woven fabric where the cut threads are arranged evenly to give a very soft, thick and dense feel.

What will it go with?
If you are sporting a lehenga with a velvet hemline or a velvet choli, use a dupatta in the same velvet! You can also combine a net or chiffon dupatta with velvet applique work or velvet border for the same effect.

8. Embroidered Dupatta


What is it!
In India, you will be spoilt for options when it comes to embroidery! Almost every state in India boasts a typical type of embroidery that is exotic and exquisite! From zari embroidery to chikankari, from kantha to aari, from zardozi to phulkari – the list is endless! Dupattas always look exceptionally beautiful when embroidered motifs in thread or zari is used to adorn them. Such dupattas becomes heirlooms.

What will it go with?
This solely depends on the type of embroidery you have chosen! While with a benarasi brocade skirt, a zari embroidered or zardozi embroidered dupatta would look good, with pastel shade lehengas, chikankari dupattas would look great! If you are wearing something bright for a morning wedding, try combining a phulkari dupatta with the same.

9. Bandhej Dupatta


What it is!
This very famous art hailing from Gujarat and Rajasthan deals with plucking cloth, tying then up and dyeing the fabric in bright colors. Bandhej or bandhani is often combined with embroidery and mirror work! This gives out an “ethnic boho” vibe.

What will it go with?
An emerging trend in the ethnic bridal wear scenario is the double dupatta style in which two different types of dupattas are draped to create the bridal look. Designers have come up with a new trend by combining a lehenga in a neutral shade or a light pastel shade with a brightly colored bandhej dupatta draped cross body!

10. Dupatta with Heavy Border


What it is!
Sometimes, carrying a very heavy dupatta with lots of embellishments becomes an issue! Also, it is always not a good idea to keep the dupatta simple and out of the way! The best option in that case is going for an otherwise un-embellished dupatta with an ornate and heavy border! You may add a velvet border or a sequin embroidered one. You may also add frills to your dupatta border or even latkans!

What will it go with?
This one is a timeless trend! This type of dupatta will go with anything! A heavy border can amp up the look of a plain lehenga and even complement the look of a heavy lehenga! When it doubt, go for a plain dupatta with an embellished, heavy border.

Conclusion – Lehenga Dupatta Styles

Bridal Dupatta

A beautifully embellished dupatta makes the work easier! With a heavy dupatta, you can get away with a not-so-extraordinary lehenga skirt and choli. The dupatta can easily become the highlight of the look.

Also, when it comes to dupattas, there are a myriad choices that are available to Indian brides! A dupatta is a piece of garment that is also used with other types of attires like a salwar-suit, a sharara, a lehenga dress, a lacha etc. So every Indian state has its share to offer in terms of textile and craftsmanship. In other words, you will be spoilt for choices and this is where we come in! In this blog, we will be discussing the different types of dupattas that go well with the bridal attire. We will also be talking about the draping styles of dupattas that are in vogue in the Indian wedding wear scenario!

While the dupatta is a part of the bridal lehenga, dupatta draping style should depend on the figure type of the bride! Some dupatta draping styles might make you appear leaner and some may make your figure look more symmetrical. This decision should be taken by an expert designer and the type of dupatta you flaunt should also be customized for you. Dupatta is a powerful tool in the bridal wear ensemble and the key to the best style and draping depends solely on customization.

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