Plus Size Lehenga
Plus Size Lehenga

Plus Size Lehenga

Readymade? Nah, we believe in exclusivity! Your lehenga will be custom made just for you!

Plus Size Bride's Magical Mantras while choosing her Lehenga

Lehenga Design

You need to know if you are top or bottom heavy and choose the design accordingly

Color Selection

Single color pattern makes you look slim & tall. Darker hues help you look slim.

Blouse Fitting

Most important aspect as you need to have a perfect fitted blouse.


Say no to sleeveless blouse and opt for 3/4th or short sleeves.

Dupatta Draping

It's magical piece of fabric that would make your bulges go away when draped properly.

Right Lingerie

Wearing the right lingerie under your blouse would make a huge difference.

Embroidery Patterns

If you're heavy at the bottom, avoid huge embroidery patterns on your lehenga.

Neck Design

Go for V necks or scooped necks if you have a heavy bust.


Your accessories must compliment your lehenga & it's overall look. Don't over do it

Vigilant with Borders

Bulky borders tend to make curvy brides heavier and broad.

Lehenga Fabric

Choose a fabric that can naturally flatter your figure. Avoid crepe, chiffon, satin & net.

Go Custom Made

It's made just for you and keeping your body type in mind.

Another Reason to go with Custom Made Lehenga...Our Happy Clients

Share your requirements & we'll take care of the Rest

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A would-be-bride chooses her bridal lehenga with lots of dreams and aspirations. She envisions a dreamy bridal lehenga and tries her best to make that dream convert into her reality. A bride, irrespective of her size, should be confident enough to flaunt her surreal beauty by choosing a lehenga that fits her and accentuates her elegance by manifolds.
Curvy brides tend to get highly conscious on their wedding day. To avoid any kind of body-shaming experience, they follow a rigid diet. But what they do not realize is that this restriction makes them look unhappy, weak, and dull. Every girl should realize that these few months are going to be the best days of her life, and hence, there should not be any room for grudges, unfulfilled expectations, and so on. If you are blessed with those luscious curves, be proud of yourself. Make yourself healthy, but starving yourself to death is not what you want. You need to realize that there are so many designers who have come up with excellent plus-size lehenga for curvy brides. When you adorn one of these lehengas, not just will you slay with your killer looks, but also you will feel exceedingly comfortable throughout the entire wedding rituals, photo sessions, videography, and so on.
If you wish to know more about flaunting a plus-size lehenga like a fashion queen, please read on!
How to style up your plus-size lehenga for your wedding day?
1. Body type: It is of utmost significance to know about your body type. A curvy bride can have an apple-shaped (top-heavy), or pear-shaped (bottom-heavy), or an hourglass body type. You should definitely be searching for your bridal lehenga online in the plus size lehenga category. There you will get ample options that can make you look extremely beautiful despite those few bulges here and there. Remember, choosing the right plus size lehenga according to your body type can create wonders for you.
Apple-shaped body: If you are a bride with an apple-shaped body, you should try wearing a lehenga that draws away from the attention of beholders from your waist. For this purpose, you can try an empire line lehenga with a choli that reaches a tad bit beyond your hips.
Pear-shaped body: If you are a bit heavy at the bottom, you can try wearing a bridal lehenga that seems plain around the bottom. Limit the details ad embroideries lower down, around your legs. You can go for highly embellished choli instead. You can absolutely avoid elasticated waists and high waist lehengas.
Hour-glass-shaped body: Well, you, my darling, are really blessed with well-proportionated curves and hence, need not worry about being curvy. You can simply visit any showroom or online fashion portal and visit their plus size lehenga category to get yourself an ideal bridal lehenga, which can highlight your features and make you look charming and enticing.
2. Mastering the art of apt fitting: Always know what is too loose or too tight for
you. Take along your besties and mother while shopping for your bridal lehenga. Ask for their valuable opinions and choose a plus-size lehenga that fits you like a dream. It should not be extremely tight, neither should it be hanging loosely from your body. Pairing up a high waist lehenga with longer cholis can make you look slimmer. You can also go for a lehenga skirt which is in a paneled pattern. The tapering at the waist and flares down below will hide any extra bulge easily.
3. Fabric selection: Forget everything else, and go for raw silk, silk fabrics, crepe, chiffon, satin or net, to get yourself a customized plus size lehenga. Silk embraces your body and accentuates your best features beautifully. The fabric of your bridal lehenga can either make or break the deal. So you should always go for a fabric that can naturally flatter your figure. Always avoid stiff fabrics, for instance, cotton and tussar silk.
4. The neck of the choli: If you have a heavy bust and you are getting way too nervous, fret not, as we have a solution for this as well. Go for blouses that have deep V necks or scooped necks. Also, avoid wearing sleeveless cholis. If you are heavy at the top, keep your choli simple. Excessive embellishments will make you look heavier at the top. If you still insist on wearing sleeveless choli, you can try wearing one with thicker straps.
5. Finding the right hue: Try creating an illusion by adorning a monotone plus size lehenga. When you go for choli and lehenga in the same color, it will create a flawless and uninterrupted vertical line, making you appear slimmer and taller. You can also experiment with a contrasting color dupatta. Another point which you can keep in mind is that darker hues always help you look slim. So you can opt for colors like mauve, violet, steel, magenta, browns, etc.
6. Patterns and prints: If you are a bit heavy at the bottom, try avoiding huge patchworks and embellishments on the lehenga skirt. Also, choose vertical patterns over horizontal ones to look slimmer and taller. Horizontal patterns can ruin your entire look and make you look broad and unappealing.
7. Pay attention to sleeves: As we have mentioned earlier as well, it is always better to avoid sleeveless cholis. Otherwise, your arms may look flabby and make you feel uncomfortable. Full-sleeved blouses always hide your problem areas and make you look elegant and charming.
8. Using two dupattas: Your dupatta is the magical piece of fabric that can make all your bulges go invisible. If you drape the dupatta in the right way, you will be able to hide those curves easily. the most flattering draping style for a curvy bride is to use two dupattas instead of one. Try draping one around your lehenga and the other on your head. A dupatta, when draped correctly at the front of your body, will successfully hide the bulges near your belly and waist areas. Experiment with your dupatta draping style, and you will easily get that million-buck look on your wedding.
9. Being a bit vigilant with the borders: Whether you are getting yourself a customized plus size lehenga or a ready-made one, keep in mind that you have to get yourself a lehenga skirt that has thinner borders. Bulky borders tend to make curvy brides heavier and broad.
10. Select embroidery work carefully: When put to use aptly, even embroideries can make you look slimmer. You just need to identify the most attractive part of your body. Then you can go on highlighting that part by using bright and vibrant embroidery work. We would suggest you avoid using golden glimmering sequins. If used excessively, they may make you appear larger than you actually are. To play it safe, you can opt for golden, copper, or silver zari work or use coloured kundans for this purpose.
11. Lingerie can do wonders: You can never underestimate the value of the right lingerie which you choose to pair up with your bridal lehenga. The right lingerie can help by offering apt support to your heavy chest and hips by fitting properly. After all, you do not want to ruin your entire look by wearing ill-fitted lingerie, which offers zero or minimal support to your curves. Also, the lingerie should fit you seamlessly. There should not be any unnecessary bulge popping out from here and there. Otherwise, this may spoil your elegant look.
12. Adorning the right jewelry: Coming to accessories, your jewelry is the most significant accessory for a bride. Chokers can dampen your look by making you appear heavier and shorter. A curvy bride should always go for long and layered necklaces, for instance, rani haars and satlada necklaces, etc.; when statement jewelry sits comfortably on your neck and over your bust and form the perfectly vertical line, you will look much slimmer.
13. Rock it with a pair of heels: If you wish to look slimmer instantly, just focus on ramping up your height. Yes, it is that's easy. This trick helps you appear slimmer by elongating your overall frame. So you can simply accessorize your plus size lehenga with an exquisite pair of heels. Again, comfort matters the most and in case you are not comfortable wearing those pencil heels, go for wedges with slimmer buckles and minimal embellishments.
14. Go for customized bridal attire: When you are out shopping for your favorite bridal lehenga, you may feel an inclination towards a sophisticated, elegant ready-made piece of bridal lehenga. But remember that getting a ready-made attire altered to match your body shape can be quite an exhausting and process. You need to hire a designer or any ethnic wear store which offers exquisite custom-made, plus-size lehenga, which is made exclusively for you only.

When opting for a plus size lehenga for wedding or sangeet keep in mind below points as that would be highly beneficial to make the correct decisions:
Go for V-Shaped belts on lehenga as that would hide your waist and would give a beautiful enhancing effect. Belts come in many shapes and sizes but choosing the right one for you is very critical for your wedding wear.
Sweetheart and V-shaped neck lines gives would make any Plus Size Bride look stunning and well balanced. Shape and embroidery of your neckline defines your torso look to a very large extent. As your bridal consultant to give emphasis on your neckline as for any Plus Size bride it could be a make or break thing.
Vertical Panel skirts would accentuate your figure and makes plus size dress flowy and fits perfectly on your body. Go vertical whenever you have an option as it gives a slimmer look. Even when you are wearing Indian ethnic outfits for any other function, keep this secret handy while choosing your outfit for the evening.
Repeated Patterns look nice rather as compared for random patterns. Ask your designer to make your Plus size lehenga with hand embroidered or machine work repeat patterns.
Go for small prints like floral, shells on your lehenga. Prints usually come in many different types and mainly used in light weight dresses. The beauty of customizing an outfit is the liberty to add prints in your lehenga.
3/4th or long sleeve would give you a far better look as compared to sleeveless blouse. It’s not only more elegant but it goes superbly well with the broader figure.
When you keep above things in mind for you plus size Indian ethnic wedding wear then we can assure you that would fall in love with yourself all over again!
If you have a traditional Lehenga in mind but are scared to wear an outfit exposing your midriff, you should go for one of our Lehenga’s that come with a heavily embellished and embroidered dupatta which will sculpt your figure if draped creatively. Don’t worry – our fashion experts and stylists are there to tell you how you can do it.
The key is in the drape. It is very important to have a full-fledged knowledge of your own body, how and what to wear that will make sure your best features stand out. For instance, vertical styles help hide out bulges whereas, low cut necklines and sweetheart cuts accentuates the torso. If you are opting for a lehenga, you can pair a dark velvet monochrome blouse with a light pink skirt with medium embellishments. A heavily embroidered or worked dupatta, draped diagonally will not only aid in hiding your insecurities but make you stand out. Dark colors usually make you look thinner automatically but they have the added benefit of being equally gorgeous.
Indian wedding plus size guest dresses
Plus size Indian dresses have created a revolution in the world of fashion. Gone are the days that you need to jump onto a crazy diet to shed the extra pounds to fit into that tight lehenga and flaunt a whiteboard stomach. Unnatural beauty standards for weddings have been broken and we have Indian long dresses to be thankful for. These dresses provide the entire package; free breathing space, free mobility, turning you into a glam doll and hiding your insecurities in the perfect manner while highlighting your best features. Jump on the wagon already! It’s your dream coming true.
Indian weddings demand for trendy, beautifully dressed up people. It is the time of the year when people love to dress up to their very best, wanting to stand out and looking the best. Your size should not be a hindrance to your fashionista dreams. Weddings bring good Instagram photo opportunities. Why must you miss out because of your size? In order to solve this problem, GetEthnic provides you with the trendiest designs, tailor made according to your needs with a dash of confidence you need to pull it off. We understand how difficult it must be to find the right size. If the right size is available there is absolutely no guarantee that the right fit will be, especially in the USA when options are so limited.
Wedding is not only a grand affair for the bride and groom but it’s equally huge for family, friends and all the guests attending the wedding. Indian weddings are full of colors and rituals in which cloths play a major role. Getting Indian wedding plus size dresses for your guests, bridesmaid and groomsmen couldn’t have been more easy in today’s online world.
Be it a rich yellow outfit for your bridesmaids pairs with dupatta and jutti or a long kurta with red turban for the groomsmen, everyone is looking to getting the perfect drees for the big occasion. And sometimes it gets difficult for a plus size guest to get the right attire as his or her budget is not too high and getting an Indian outfit on the showroom nearby (if any) would be way too expensive. Opting for bespoke attire is your best bet as that gives you the perfect fit that readymade cloths would never offer.

In case you are still confused about where to shop for your customized plus size lehenga, can be your ideal destination. A renowned online platform for all your favorite ethnic wears, we specialize in coming up with fully customized, elegant sherwani, bridal lehenga, reception gowns, groomsmen kurta, bridesmaid dresses, and a lot more.
Feel free to connect with us and share your ideas and vision regarding your dream outfit. We have a pool of talented designers who will make sure that you get to wear exactly what you have envisioned for so long. We specialize in customizing plus-size lehengas for curvy brides. Our designers keep in mind even the minutest details so that the bride can slay on her D-day with utmost confidence.
At, our designers will connect with you, discuss your ideas and share valuable inputs regarding your bridal attire. Then a team will design the entire sketch of the bridal outfit for you, and thus you will be able to pinpoint any changes if you feel the need to. After that, the sketch is handed over to the production team, which again manufactures each of the bridal lehengas with meticulous perfection and excellence.
What sets us apart is that our team prepares a file for you, which contains the lively sketch of your wedding outfit, free swatch samples, and embroideries. When you go through the file, you actually realize that a lot goes into the making of bridal attire, and also, you can be assured about your outfit that a masterpiece is in the making.
Do not curse your curves. Rather, embrace those blissful curves and opt for our custom-made plus-size lehenga. You can trust your money and time with us at With us, you will never have to go conscious about your bulging belly fat since we have got you covered, literally, with our clever designs.
Get in touch with us today and get your dream bridal plus size lehenga stitched super soon with absolute perfection and a hint of elegance.
Is Indian bridal wear only for those perfectly-shaped waists? Are Lehenga’s to be worn only by women who are size zero? Does plus sized Brides have very limited options ? Or Plus Size Indian Ethnic wear clothing has very limited or no choices ? Not really!
These questions have haunted us for generations resulting in tremendous weight loss regime. At GetEthnic we do not approve of such stances because every bride is beautiful in her own way. We are your personal genie, making your wish come true and we do not discriminate. Plus size Indian wedding dresses are now just a click away.
At least at GetEthnic that is not what we believe in! Indian women are beautiful in every shape and sizes and our motto is to make them look gorgeous at their weddings. Plus size bridal wear has its beauty of its own. GetEthnic specializes in plus size Indian wedding dresses and bridal wear. So if you are a bride-to-be and worried about your curves, trust us with making you want to flaunt them. If you have them, don’t worry, we got you covered!! Be it a 3XL, 4XL or even 6XL you are in the same hands of Plus Size Bridal Experts! We have a vibrant range of plus size Indian clothing for you to pick from, customize and glimmer in your D-Day.

The magic with sarees lies in the draping styles and if done correctly they can hide the cellulite or extra fat here and there. Nine yards of pure beauty wraps around your body, accompanied by the trendiest blouses, what else could be better? Searching for plus size Indian dresses online is no longer the tedious task that we have come to dread but has now become so much more simpler.
Our design team is there to help you out with that. You can opt for a yellow silk or georgette for that traditional wedding morning look or create a customized trousseau for post-wedding functions. Choose sarees that are less heavy and make sure to impress your in-laws. If you want to look slim, wear plus sized Indian wedding dress in your mehndi function, wedding or reception, we would suggest you to go for darker color options. As wearing colors like Red, Black, and purple would not only make you look gorgeous but would give your curve body an add on beauty.
If you are trying to avoid the lehenga, worry not as we have other better options for you. When choosing a plus size lehenga, go for custom made options.
You can try a lehenga with a longline blouse rather than a traditional one. Keep in mind Indian ethnic lehenga for plus size can be a tricky but go for vertical stripes, rather than horizontal ones. You may choose to go contemporary with a skirt & kurta lehenga that even skinny brides want to flaunt. You may go for a sharara-lehenga which will make you stand apart from all the brides of the season.
If you are worried about the pre and post wedding functions, we have plenty of options for you. Kurta dresses are great for plus size beauties. They usually come in A-line cuts that hide all the lower-body fat and make you look regal and glamorous. If you have a honeymoon planned soon after the wedding, make sure you grab a couple of these for your trousseau.
Salwar Kameez and suits are also a very convenient option that combines comfort with traditional, ethnic fashion. They say that Indian beauty comes to life the best when adorned in traditional attire. While sarees can be difficult to handle for some of us, you can’t go wrong with tradition with some beautiful plus size Indian suits. They are the voice of class, elegance and drop dead gorgeous all at once. They are perfect for all post & pre-wedding appearances made by the bride. The beauty of Indian Ethnic Wear is that you not only get the ethnic look but it keeps your tradition alive!
Indian events in the USA usually makes you quite nostalgic for the easy availability of ethnic wear back in India or our favorite tailor who would stitch up designer wear in his tiny room. Especially wedding seasons, the hype and list of requirements becomes endless and that’s when you crave for home. This is where we come in like guardian angels, providing you with the best services and methods in order to fulfill your dreams.
Plus sized girls usually have a little more difficulty finding the right clothes for themselves. If the design or look of it is not right then maybe then the fit is. But we can’t wear ugly clothes because the fit is good, can we? Or if you have found a gorgeous sea green Anarkali, it is probably not the right size or it is tight in all the wrong places. When you want exclusivity then never go for readymade stuff, rather than opt for custom made outfits and if you are plus sized then it becomes all very important. Buying yourself or your dear ones, plus size ethnic wear outfit online can be an extremely challenging but this is where we come into picture.
You not only get a choice of fabric, embroidery, design and style but more importantly you get a peace of mind when shopping your wedding wear with us.
Our ability to provide for everyone has stood us apart. Whether it is a plus sized bride or a plus sized groom, we have it all figured out. Life is too short to waste it wearing bad clothes and fashion faux pas. It is time to bring a change to your wardrobe. Don’t hide behind the size, flaunt the curves. Shake that curvy hip to a peppy Bollywood song, allow the saree to drape sensually around your body, let your hair down like there is no tomorrow. It could be your wedding, your sister’s, best friend, daughter or brother’s – these are all the right reasons to take the leap and wear clothes that bring out the best in you.
We understand this too well and that’s why we serve a variety of choices for you to bring out the confident, beautiful you. We are known for our customized wedding wear. Thus, if you have an ideal design in mind for you, tell us and we will deliver to you the plus size Indian wedding dress of your dreams. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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