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30 Sabyasachi saree – When class meets exclusivity

Sabyasachi Saree is not just any saree, it’s a statement! It’s a class and elegance that resonates with exclusivity and panache. Indian women have got a pileup of sarees in their wardrobe but having a Sabyasachi Saree has a certain legacy which makes them unique and class apart.

Sabyasachi sarees are fresh and original and open up a window for you into the breathtaking world of beautiful sarees. The sarees embodies the sheer scale and diversity of Indian traditions. Exactly in which season your wedding is happening? This question will help you decide on which color would suit the best. As summer is all about pastel colors and prints, winter has its own perks.

This article is very special since it’s coving of one of the most sort after designers of India – Sabyasachi_Mukherjee

Red roohafzaa! – Sabyasachi StyleLaxmi Agarwal - Sabyasachi Saree

Take a cue from Laxmi Agarwal. Her bravery makes this Sabyasachi Saree more fabulous. You can blindly choose this elegant saree for your reception or for your wedding. The full sleeve creates the armor and that zari work and print of golden-hued zari are loved by us. Do you love it? Yes! Team the six-yard elegance with a heavy necklace.

2Red Saree Deepika Padukone by Sabyasachi Get custom made saree

Deepika Padukone in this red saree captures our hearts. Jam up this symphony with a wide back blouse and show off your tanned and polished back. So flawless! The flowers on this saree and the wavy feel it creates are like a breath of fresh air. Take it on! The mandala style earrings along with that sleek bun look like the epitome of everything.

3Virat and Anushka receptionGet Bridal and Groom outfits – Custom made

Anushka Sharma during her reception. Oh-so-wow! Sabyasachi saree encapsulates her rawness correctly. The zari work all over and the print right there and over there creates the royal feel. Take a cue from Virat’s wife and choose this classy pick.

This silk saree has a golden border and butti works. You can also team the saree with contrast blouses. Choose!

4Get Bridal and Groom wear outfits

A bride’s pride is a Sabyasachi Saree for her wedding. This gorgeous saree would go perfectly on Indian wedding reception.

5The floral vibes layered over the net looks intriguing saree put on by Alia Bhatt Design by Sabyasachi

Take the cue from Alia Bhatt as she radiates the elegance. The sheer net looks neat and captures our soul. The floral vibes layered over the net looks intriguing. Pair it up with a sleeveless blouse and keep the jewelry at its minimal. If you are looking forward to the reception where you want to look simple yet hot. Go with this look!

6Deepika Padukone in this Sabyasachi Saree looks goodGet Bridal and Groom wear outfits

Deepika Padukone in this Sabyasachi Saree looks good. Absolutely! The golden-colored woven embroidery goes well with the zari designs overall.

The saree looks appealing! Team up the look with a choker piece studded with ruby and pearls. Tie up your silky wavy hair into a French bun. Try something new!

7Sabyasachi Saree and sherwaniGet Bridal and Groom Wedding wear outfits

The saree has not at all lost its prominence in the fashion world as nowadays it gets teamed up with jeans and blazers. The grandiose six-yard wonder is your savior in all the festive moments. This beautiful red extravaganza which has light handwork is suited for any festival or wedding functions.


The soft tones at its best! – Sabyasachi Sarees

Let’s start with these Sabyasachi whites! Soft and embossed with intricate details. The off-shoulder blouse to the white melody strikes the cord brilliantly. It also goes well for a Christian bride.

8Engrossed border with silver embroider saree design by SabyasachiGet Custom made Saree

The border is engrossed with silver embroidery which creates that rich feel. Can you feel it? Totally! Give it more quirk as you line up the options of Bohemian jewelry. Let your hair cascade down or you can clip all of it above. Talk with your hairdresser or listen to your heart. Okay! You will look gorgeous in all of it.

9Green saree for bridesmaid and soft pink saree with a nice green lined blouse for bride Design by SabyasachiGet bridesmaid Sarees

The bridesmaid in green creates a promising vibe and uplifts the brides’ hues overall. The soft tone chosen by the beautiful bride for her saree looks fantastic. Jam up this soft pink saree with a nice green lined blouse. Play with your imagination!

Complete the ensemble as you add on gold jewelry and that radiant smile. Click!

10The saree with sequins design by Sabyasachi

The shades of grey! The saree with sequins? Yes! How about a chiffon saree with a solid colored or embroidered blouse. The scope is infinite! Take a cue from this heavenly gorgeous bride and add it to your vision board.

11The nice chiffon saree with some intriguing embroidered flowers

The nice chiffon saree with some intriguing embroidered flowers everywhere. The saree creates the rich spectrum right here, right now. Let your groom go with the western suit with a bow or a tie.

White goes well with anything black. The photos will be great! Absolutely, this timeless Indian garment can never go out of trend. Are you a bride who wants to come donning sneakers under the saree? Do it! It is your day!!

12Diipa Khosla opted for this Sabyasachi White elegant saree with green and orangy printGet Custom made Wedding wear

Diipa Khosla opted for this Sabyasachi White elegant saree. The huge florals along with green and orangy print feel summer-ready. The blouse which is woven with silver thread looks shimmery. This can be a perfect fit for your wedding reception too.

Sarees are indeed every girl’s childhood fascination. Bollywood films add to their dreams a bit more.

13Namrata Reddy has got all things pleasant in an enlightened orange saree

Namrata Reddy has got all things pleasant in an enlightened orange hue. Feels autumn-ready, Isn’t it? Yes! The jaalidaar texture flaunting the inner draped designs along with that full sleeve blouse looks gorgeous. Take a cue from her as she ties up her hair in a one-sided sleek bun.

14Sabyasachi Saree on Isha Ambani looks simply amazing

Sabyasachi Saree on Isha Ambani looks simply amazing. This Jio queen of India looks like a lead character of Karan Johar film. The glittery and shimmering texture of the fabric creates an immaculate appearance. So sophisticated bride, choose this Sabyasachi Saree. Without any doubt, you’ll look simply fantastic. The glitzy embroidery and artistic ensemble can be jammed up with beautiful diamond jewelry.

15Sonam Kapoor in this jacket + sareeGet Custom made Saree

Sonam Kapoor in this jacket + saree looks cool. The fashionista just knows how to carry it. Sonam being the diva herself and combined with Sabyasachi saree is a class act that is on another level.

16Deepika Padukone looks oh-so-wow in this dreamy reception ready saree

Deepika Padukone looks oh-so-wow in this dreamy reception ready saree. Let your one drape fall on the ground and get on the lawn like a queen.

Soft tones just make you feel spring ready!

17Karishma Kapoor flaunts this Sabyasachi SareeKarishma Kapoor! Yes!! The inspiration you got from her when you were a kid. Now, take a cue from her as she flaunts this Sabyasachi Saree with grace. Tie up that choker! Oh, goddess!

18Aditi Rai Hydari put on skinny tones color sareee

19Get Custom made Saree

Priyanka Chopra and Aditi Rai Hydari look immaculate. The skinny tones and the decent vibes catch our hearts. The blue color print on Aditi’s drape looks chic.


 Edgy love! – Sabyasachi Saree

This flawless queen is still reigning the red carpet. The Sabyasachi Saree looks the ultimate want by any bride-to-be.

Karishma Kapoor in this dreamy yellow Sabyasachi Saree looks gorgeous. Take a cue from her for your wedding diaries.

20Karishma Kapoor in this dreamy yellow Sabyasachi Saree looks gorgeous

Another one from the Karishma Kapoor closet. Stripes! Sabyasachi Saree with this intricate black hue looks excellent. A good reception thing to have too!

21Katrina Kaif flaunts this pink-hued Sabyasachi Sare

Katrina Kaif flaunts this pink-hued Sabyasachi Saree with grace. The ensemble oozes the sense of feminity.

22Kangana Ranaut looks strong and beautiful in the Sabyasachi Saree

Full sleeves are in big trend right now. Go green this time for your D-day! Take a cue from the Queen herself. KanganaRanaut looks strong and beautiful in the Sabyasachi Saree. The ensemble has a printed kanthi blouse and the Varanasi Saree. Fresh!


23Anushka Sharma as she flaunts this sepia-tinted Sabyasachi SareeGet Custom made Saree

Take a cue from Anushka Sharma as she flaunts this sepia-tinted Sabyasachi Saree. This saree is immaculately embroidered with French knots. You’ll see those semi-precious stones on her pallu.

24Kangana in this Kathedar Sabyasachi Saree

Kangana in this Kathedar Sabyasachi Saree looks exquisite. The regal feel!

25Rani in this mint hued Sabyasachi Saree

Rani in this mint hued Sabyasachi Saree looks red-carpet ready. As it will be your wedding, there won’t be any need to incorporate that little purse along. Take a cue from these diaries!


How many colorful straps? Yes! Lots of straps! Lots of colors! Take a cue from this bride and complete the look with great pieces of jewelry.


Are you throwing some kind of party before your wedding? Look at this sexy drape! Piggy chops rock it.

Once you choose make sure you discuss with your stylist and shenanigans about how you would be getting on the look for your D-day. Whether you would ask your gang to dress with a proper color code or you need your groom to decide which sherwani or suit he would be choosing. Yeah! You will be choosing that for him too.

Sabyasachi does have all the things covered for you. From great sarees which big celebrities swear by to great jewelry which becomes totally your favorite. Everything is taken care of.

28Black with colorful florals Saree Sabyasachi

Black with colorful florals above it looks fantastic. Mrs. Jonas in this shade is bringing a lot of inspiration and the energy of this Sabyasachi Saree is infectious. Make your SO happy!

29Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with glitzy saree and matched it with a red blouseGet Custom made Saree

Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks like an angel like she always does in this Sabyasachi Saree. She draped the ultimate glitzy saree and matched it with a red blouse. Pair the whole ensemble with a nice piece of gold jewelry or choose any other.

The golden Zari work captivates our hearts.

30Golden Zari work with long sleeves by SabyasachiGet Custom made Saree

With Sabyasachi long sleeves are totally in hype as you can see here. Choose from the pastels! Take a cue from the models and blend big earrings with the whole attire. Gorgeous! The shades of yellow, pink and violet set the total look.


Final Word – Sabyasachi Saree

Time to get that serious upgrade! If your mom and the aunties in your neighborhood want to get into the frame with that perfect shade. Choose Sabyasachi! The Sarees will rock and can create the aesthetics that every photographer is looking for.

Seize the moments as you celebrate your wedding. All of the folks have witnessed both of your journeys in some way or the other. This is the time to capture all of it in your heart. This time with Sabyasachi Saree where your dreams become your reality.

Lean towards the excessive opulence and claim your love for the fabric. Though Sabyasachi Lehengas are very popular with Indian brides as their main wedding wear and Sabyasachi Saree for their reception.

Saree is an ensemble that suits and uplifts the curves and edges of any women’s body. It doesn’t discriminate between any body shape and size or height at all. The six-yard treasure cloth when wrapped around the body the femininity oozes around. From Kim to Deepika, any women look phenomenal!

Banrasi sarees take a whole one year to get made into the masterpiece. The motifs which are added into it create further brilliance. It’s royal!

Apart from kurtas and T-shirts, each woman has sarees but when it comes to choosing an ensemble for D-day. You can take a cue from our collections. Scroll further!

The bandhani, zari, silk, kanchiwaram, paithani reflects the sarees from around the Indian states. Bengali, Maharashtrians, Gujrati, Tamil have different varieties of draping the saree. Really, each one of them looks gorgeous!

So, don’t worry anymore as you have a myriad of choices which are savage and dope and your millennial sisters will love it.

We hope that we have helped you out with the dream board worthy collection for you. Check them all out and let us know in the comments.

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51 Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga – A Bride’s Pride

Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga is a dream for every modern age Indian bride. Be be a a high profile Indian wedding or a simple traditional wedding, the ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee resides in each Indian bride’s heart. No matter from which religion the bride belongs to, Sabyasachi has something to offer which is the epitome of the ultimate design. Wearing a Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga is a dream come true. Seriously!

Each girl plans her wedding ensemble from a very young age as she doesn’t want any stone to be left unturned.
But, if you need any help with choosing the perfect Sabyasachi lehenga and want a broader perspective. We are here with the same!

The white tones! – Sabyasachi lehenga

White florals Lehenga Design by Sabyasachi Mukherjee Get Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Look at this masterpiece. If you want to opt for something which is pleasant and spring ready. White is the game! The florals and the fabric sets up the whole springtime mood.

2The white fabric fantasy with lustrous details - Sabyasachi MukherjeeGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

The white fabric fantasy with lustrous details. Looks yummy! It suits all the skin-shades. Definitely immaculate and the look is complete with the resplendent hues.


White, the brand new fresh flowers and with golden zari work - LehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

On the white, the brand new fresh flowers are creating the hype right there. Getting on the golden zari work is fantastic.  A neckpiece can act as a statement piece.

4Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga - WhiteGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Look how stunning those red bangles look when the stunning pinkish white Sabyasachi lehenga is around. The details around the borders of dupatta and lehenga are acting like an awesomesauce.

5kashida embroidery and zari work lehenga

Let the kashida embroidery and zari work create some pink and green design on the white fabric. Choose well-embellished jewelry along with bindi.

6Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga - White MagicGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Clean and sharp! Match the white bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga with an intricately designed green choli. Take a cue from this bride and allow yourself to go green. Tie up your hair in a sleek bun or let it show your free-spirited personality.

To keep the look clean and tidy you may opt for a long neckpiece that won’t create congestion on the designer choli. It looks magnificent!


Mehrunissa looks great in this! The beautiful and colorful embroidery feels extravagant.

8Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga - White Color lehenga

Super fresh bridal Sabyasachi lehenga for the super-intelligent bride. Are you crushing on this look already?


The shimmery state! – Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

Yes! Go with this soft-peachy tone which is shimmery and creating that spark. The perfect and stunning choli is a piece of art. Show off your fashionista style at your wedding.

Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga - Stunning Wedding Wear

The full-sleeves mystery is decoded. You can level up your look by choosing this. Full-sleeves are never out of fashion. The layered beadwork looks regal. The shimmery Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga looks great on this diva.


Sabyasachi lehenga - Floral Pattern

The glitzy + groovy vibe of that dupatta makes the bride look uber-urban. The layered soft tone of lehenga filled with beautiful flowers looks balanced. Perfect for a spring wedding! Try to keep the hair look like a bohemian chic and add some gold jewelry. This Sabyasachi lehenga will capture hearts!


The red radar! – Sabyasachi lehenga

11Sabyasachi lehenga - Red Color

The royal feel which the color red brings on the floor is phenomenal. We know you feel the same way too. The golden embroidery on the borders looks intriguing.
Give the ensemble a total feel as you drop down the excessive drape of dupatta to another side.

12Sabyasachi lehenga - Red Bridal WearGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Red is every bride’s go-to color. When the ensemble is further jammed up with nice jewelry the whole aura just exclaims “Wow!”

13Sabyasachi lehenga - Red Bridal Lehenga

The immaculate pair-up of the golden thread over the red fabric looks gorgeous. You can bun up your hair and create a sleek look. Ready for your D-day!

14Get Custom made Plus Size Lehenga

The velvety red makes you feel like red wine. Yummy & sultry! Match and pair the Sabyasachi Lehenga with great pearl jewelry or mint color jewelry. Classic! Checkout the plus size Indian Bridal wear

Get Custom made Bridal Lehenga

All goes well when it’s all read. Let your hair cascade down your shoulder from one side. You are the queen!

16Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

If you want some hand embroidery and beautiful embellishments on your lehenga then go for it without any doubt. You can stick with your favorite color and let that patterned design work its magic.

Make the look more regal with bangles that look royal and get along with the tone. To complete the entire look for red go for a Maantikka in golden. Like minimalism? Go with the minimalist approach if you like that way and show-off that choker. If your neck is long like Deepika Padukone that will add an instant vibe to your attire.

17Get Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Heavy and layered Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga along with those embossed polka dots all over it. Swirl! This becomes the bespoke traditional gorgeous look. The twirling Lehenga is spreading warmth all over making his heart melt.

18Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga - Maroon Color

The luxurious vibes this Bridal Sabyasachi Lehenga brings out are blended with the happiness all around. Add more details through the jewelry. If you are looking to get bridal and groom wedding wear custom made then is the place to go.

19Plus size Velvet Sabyasachi lehenga

Dark maroon is great for a winter wedding, right? Yes! Velvety bright red looks great on fairer skin tone. That texture allows you to be authentic and tones up everything. We recommend that you go with soft-hued minimalist jewelry. The Sabyasachi bride is ready!


Look at this mother-daughter duo. Exclusive Sabyasachi Lehenga looks phenomenon on them. The maroon and red lehenga get a complete look once the green pearl jewelry gets onboard. Mother of the bride needs to look stunning and gorgeous too.

21Get Custom made Bridal Lehenga

We know, we know! You want this! Take a cue from this bride and add this to your vision board for your dream Sabyasachi lehenga.

22Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

The color of love, passion, and danger (lol) makes everybody happier.

Detailing on Black!

Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

Are you someone who has lots of Black clothes stacked up? You are! Well, then you need to go with a Sabyasachi lehenga which has your favorite color on it and oozes up your sensuality.
The great floral prints on the black are literally the #bridegoal



Floral bridal Lehenga

Drop dead gorgeous! Flowers all over. Simply stylish!

25Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Baby pink! Bubblegum pink!! Even your lipstick collection is all about different shades of pink. Why not try a pinky and floral lehenga?
Check this one!
Broadening from small to big blossoms you will feel like a Goddess.

Pink Bridal lehengaOh-so-wow! This shade of pink is your favourite since you were a baby girl, right? Yes! The bride looks like an eternal diva.

27White Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

Okay! You don’t want as many flowers that you will find yourself in a bouquet. Check this one with golden zari work. Looks feminine and sweet!

28Get Custom made Bridal Lehenga

The pinky orangy color makes you breathe in the ultimate joy of being a bride. The glowy print on the fabric creates that dramatic feel. Here also, you can opt for a full sleeve or go with any fancy shape you want to try. Mix the look with beautiful minimalist jewelry.

29Sabyasachi lehenga

The heavy yet authentic floral designs look grand. The soft textured jallidar dupatta balances the whole look.


Did we mention, that the velvety feel deep pink brings looks awesome?

When there is that little hint of green with the pink ensemble. It looks good!


Not all red!

31Stunning Bridal lehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

This Sabyasachi lehenga is specifically for those who want to try something different which speaks up their personality. It is dreamy! The embossed glossy pattern on this Sabyasachi lehenga oozes up the feeling of heritage. The look gets better when great pieces of jewelry arrive. So, choose the right one!


Take an artistic spin as you enter the new exciting milestone of your life. Wedding! The polka like defined thread work looks sophisticated. Take a cue! Complete the ensemble with a nice heavy necklace.


The soft tones!


The neutral palette offers you with lots of choices to try on. Embrace the tones and set the mood.

34Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Match the neutral color with dark green choli and be that firecracker.


The way you set your wardrobe with soft tones. You can give these ones some attention too. Shades of brown and yellow look good on dusky skin tones too. Give it a thought!
The mirror work embroidery looks insta-worthy. Too cute to underestimate.


We are in awe of this shade. The delicate embellishments look stunning. This way you can add that hint of drama.

37Get Custom made Bridal Lehenga

The different geometrical designs on this soft pinkish tone are dope.

38Stunning Bridal lehenga

This soft peachy lehenga sets the bar if you want to try something more feminine. This color will sharpen up your cuteness more and will be the best choice for the wedding in spring.


Perfect for the autumn wedding! The misty vibe of these hues will calm the chaos in your mind.

The navy color + white – Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

Bridal Lehenga

Yes! We are simply talking about colors. This one is from the Heritage Bridal collection. Monochrome Nostalgia! Looking on point!!

41Bridal lehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

The yellow tones delights the eyes all the time. Fresh & melony!


The golden + silver looks absolutely stunning. The detailing and the glitzy spell of this Sabyasachi Lehenga look fantastic. Let your groom go with a similar tone or white kurta. Complete the look with the matte red lipstick. You are a golden bride in this golden hour.

Thick Border Lehenga

We know you love trying bold stuff all the time and you want to wear something different at your wedding. Take some inspiration from this Lehenga and the off-shoulder layer of a dupatta which looks amazing. The golden artwork brings in the tide of magic. This goes perfect for pre wedding functions like Roka Ceremony.


Want to bring in a more whitish vibe? Take a cue from this one. Raw silk looking super gorgeous with that intricate embroidery.



Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Whatever the occasion is green makes its presence worth noticeable. After all, it is the color of nature. Twin the ensemble with a cream-hued white dupatta. Wow!


As you will be making your way through the aisle and proceed with the traditional ceremonies. Make all the eyes hook on your lehenga as this masterpiece looks fabulous. To add more mint flavor go with greenish tinted jewelry or choose any other color.

Chocolate chips!


Black & Red! Okay! You thought about it. What about brownish chocolaty color? You will look like a sweet cherry tossed into the brown lehenga.
Do you feel that dark hues are not made for pheras? No! They look excellent!!


Mango feels

48Yellow Sabyasachi lehenga - Aalia BhuttGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

This Alia Bhatt inspired Sabyasachi Lehenga looks gorgeous on this bride. Let your shenanigans choose the hues of red while you can go with this shade of fresh green.


We love yellows! The color looks pretty when it’s spring. Unfold the beauty within you with this Sabyasachi Lehenga.

Flaunt that perfect Sabyasachi Lehenga and play with some jaal-embroidered dupatta. You can also wear such lehenga on your haldi ceremony.


The rainbow dreams!

Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

Sabyasachi lehenga is available in different shades. And if you get more confused, go with this lehenga which portrays great details and your love for all colors. Pair up the attire with any colorful jewelry or stick with a single colored necklace.

51Stunning Bridal Sabyasachi lehengaGet Custom made Bridal Lehenga

Beautiful Lehenga patten which is heavily embroidered overall with boots, zari, thread work.

Let your wavy hair down and you are ready for that exclusive photoshoot.

The Final Work –  Bridal Sabyasachi lehenga

Indian Brides all over the world love donning all the colors of the lehenga. Everything they want is the feeling of being special.

Browse the rainbow palette and go through Sabyasachi lehenga collection. We assure you that your dream Sabyasachi lehenga is waiting for you.

We hope these collections we have tucked above will help you out.
Experiment with traditional weaves or opt for flawless fabric with some bandhani work on it.
To give your wedding trousseau a completely new look add-on the ruffle or scalloped dupatta.

Dress up for the person you love. The day has finally arrived where everything will change. After going through ups and downs and resistance and all that drama you both have reached this ultimate destination which you both have fantasized about few years back. The journey has been great and now you have reached a milestone. Choose the right ensemble which will make both of you look and feel complete because there is a wholeness behind beauty.

Twirl around with the exquisite beauty of the lehenga and steal the spectator’s heart with elegance. You look complete!

Choose the right one and have the best time at your wedding. That’s the most important thing!
Invest a month before in self-care rituals which will revitalize your energy so that your inner-glow will look charming. Have fun!

Time to make your dream come true. We have done our part now hang-out with your shenanigans and choose the perfect Sabyasachi Lehenga. Because, your friend knows which color suits you the best. Is that a rainbow color or maroon? Or you like pastel? You are unique!

As the designer of this era, Sabyasachi makes sure that his fashion is sustainable. Take some design inspo from this amazing list.

We are, believe in customization of your wedding wear. If you have a design in mind we would make it for you starting with a sketch and on approval we’ll ship a sample file which will have the embroidery, swatches and sketches of your outfit. Once approved we will make the dream outfit come to life.

Checkout of process which every bride we worked with loved:

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25 Golden Bridal Lehenga that you can choose from – Go Golden

Kick start your wedding to-do-list by taking some Golden Bridal Lehenga inspiration. Yes! It’s time to go Golden, we are talking about Golden Bridal Lehenga for your wedding!

Custom Made Golden Bridal Lehenga

Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

As you see yourself on the junction of reaching and making the upcoming milestone of your life golden. You may find that you are a bit confused? But, somewhere within your heart, you want something golden to magnify your love and respect on an auspicious day. How you will sink into that? We know that being a bride-to-be now is not easy in this century.

You must have already planned a pre-wedding photoshoot and you might have various ideas to make your wedding celebrations remarkable. Because, of course, you will marry once! Your wedding day can be intimate or you may call all unseen relatives just to eat food.

But, wait! You are here, right now, on this blog and we won’t give you any chance to leave this page without giving you some dose of inspiration to wear that golden bridal lehenga.


25 Golden Bridal Lehenga – Brides Go Golden

1. Rose Gold + Rose Gold!

Rose Gold + Rose Gold - Bridal Lehenga
Not only this color looks best on your mobile phones but everything. Pick that pale gold tulle lehenga which has those scriptures of handcrafted peacocks over it. Looks completely stellar! Rimple and Harpreet in their latest collections have summed up the Mughal miniature paintings, Kasab and have used semi-precious stones in the making. The lehenga gets accompanied by the sheer tulle dupatta with the pale golden hue showering over your shoulders. | rimpleandharpreet | Get Indian Bridal Wear


2. Glittery Glittery Gold

Glittery Glittery Gold - Golden Bridal Lehenga
This lehenga is unique because it plays with textures. The base material is a rich silk. The color pendulums between tussar beige and matte gold. On this decadent texture, the designer has included floral embroidery in zari. The skirt hem too is elaborate and forms through embroidery a jacquard texture. | aanganbyparul


3. Mirror Work Magic – Golden Bridal Lehenga

Mirror Work Magic - Golden Bridal Lehenga
A lehenga, so indulgent in mirror work, needs a base color which is neutral yet gorgeous. The designer of this golden bridal lehenga has created a masterpiece by blending exotic mirror work and the grandeur of gold. Sequin work fills the gaps and some color elements are also added in the border area of the dupatta! The outfit is grand, ethnic and has a touch of boho!


4. Gold Galore

Golden Bridal Lehenga
The outright traditional ensemble fits the definition of the out-of-this-world, larger-than-life bridal lehenga in a big fat Indian wedding. There is so much of gold on the lehenga itself that the bride wears a huge pearl and emerald necklace to create some kind of contrast instead of traditional gold or kundan jewellery.


5. Shimmer & Silk

Shimmer & Silk - Golden Bridal Lehenga
This lehenga is unique because it plays with textures. The base material is a rich silk. The color pendulums between tussar beige and matte gold. On this decadent texture, the designer has included floral embroidery in zari. The skirt hem too is elaborate and forms through embroidery a jacquard texture. | aanganbyparul


6. Contemporary Golden Lehenga

Contemporary Golden Lehenga
Bring together matte golden tones and silver hues and you have the perfect color combination for a contemporary lehenga. This lehenga involves sequin work, crystal embroidery and thread work. The presence of silver and matte gold in a contemporary silhouette makes it a great option for the reception night. This outfit is also perfect for the Indian brides with cool skin undertones who shy away from wearing pure golden lehengas.


7. Rose Gold Glamour

Rose Gold Bridal Lehenga
Rose gold is another cool toned shade of gold. It compliments cool skin tones and the undertone of pink adds a natural flush to the skin of the bride. This particular golden lehenga uses rose gold zari threads for embellishments on a base of pink. The powder pink net dupatta too goes really well with this shade of gold. | theweddingchamber


8. Peach Gold Lehenga

Peach Gold Lehenga
A very unique shade – peach gold – has been used in this lehenga. Here, the golden fabric has a peachy undertone. The design itself is unique with a layer of embellished net on the skirt. The dupatta has also been draped uniquely and the choli sleeves have jhallar details!


9. Fairyland Golden Bridal Lehenga

Fairyland Golden Bridal Lehenga
Ankita Lokhande’s golden wedding lehenga was simply ‘out of this world’. Look at this thing of sheer gorgeousness! From zari to sequin, from thread work to zardozi – this bridal lehenga showcases all those arts that make Indian wedding wear regal!


10. Shenanigans in the golden stroke

Golden Lehenga Bridal
Ask your friends to choose a similar tone and get beautiful lehenga for yourself. Set some #lehengagoals with your buddies. | Bridal Asia


11. The Power of Gold

Golden Bridal Lehenga
This quintessential Sabyasachi golden lehenga defines the power of gold. It takes the meaning of “embellishment” to an all new level. While on one hand the flared lehenga skirt has a rich jacquard look, on the other, the choli flaunts intricate metallic embroidery. The chiffon dupatta has an ornate border and printed floral motifs. | culturedwedding


12. Of Belts and Textures

Of Belts and Textures in Golden Bridal Lehenga
In the case of colors like gold, it is very easy as well as satisfying to create textured looks on fabrics using embellishments such as stones, sequins, beads, pearls, crystals etc. Combining well with zari embroidery it creates a textured look. The design elements in this lehenga follow this pattern plus it has an extra ornate belt detail. | swapnaareddyofficial


13. Embellished Belts on Gorgeous Golden Lehenga

Embellished Belts on Gorgeous Golden Lehengas
Such a dreamy, beautiful golden lehenga! The fabric is in a pink tone but the embellishments are so intricate and dense, the lehenga comes across as a golden masterpiece. Floral motifs have been embroidered all over the outfit. Sequin embroidery, golden thread work, gold metallic wire embroidery and stone work has been used. The embellished belt is the highlight of the look.


14. Peacock Spirit

Peacock Spirit in Golden Bridal Lehenga
When the boho spirit and quirky styles have entered the ethnic wedding fashion scenario, why should they not work in case of golden lehengas? This bride, bold and spirited as a peacock, flaunts a golden and off white toned lehenga with vibrant colorful peacock motifs on the skirt! The juxtaposition of tradition and fun is just what we are looking for!


15. Classic Rule

Classic Golden Bridal Lehenga
Classic looks like the traditional gold zari embroidered lehenga will never go out of vogue. This ghagra- style lehenga proves just that! The pleated and flared look, the traditional motifs, the sequin and zari work etc would suit every Indian bride.


16. Without the Glitter?

Gorgeous Golden Lehenga
This golden bridal lehenga defies all conventions! There is nothing glittery, shining and sparkly about it! In fact there is no zari, no gold sequin and no metallic beads! It’s just threads and color, yet so much gold! The base fabric is in a royal rose gold tone and matte texture. Intricate regal motifs have been embroidered in light beige! Beautiful would be an understatement!


17. Mirror Mirror on the Lehenga

Mirror Work in Golden Bridal Lehenga
Mirror work has almost always been associated with colorful ethnic fabrics like ajrakh, bandhani etc! Such extensive use of mirror work on bridal ensembles can only be supported by a color like gold. This bride’s golden lehenga skirt showcases mirror work in zigzag horizontal patterns. The choli and the dupatta border also have mirror work motifs.


18. Stripes at the Border and those flowers

Golden Lehenga Bridal - Stripes at the Border and those flowers
Get in touch with the grandeur of color golden and opt-out for something which has a stripy zebra border coming and conquering another level of lehenga with intricate flowers embroidered over it. The shine of Golden light shines bright! Get the blouse to be a full-hand sleeve or discuss the same with your designer. Keep the other half of lehenga quiet and play with few parts. It looks good! 
Wear what feels good!! Sit up straight and decide with the designer which stripes to get on. Colorful or black and white. You have total freedom to choose from it!! | Rohit Bal| Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


19. The sharara effect for Golden Bridal Lehenga

The sharara effect for Golden Bridal Lehenga
Kareena Kapoor Khan brought this into fashion and will never go out of style. Jam up the sharara and kurta with chevrons and latticework. If you fall into the category of being a mathematician play with the geometrical figures over the sharara. Pair the same with sheer tulle dupatta! Fantastic! |  rimpleandharpreet | Get Custom Made Bridal Wear


20. Gold Galore

Golden Glare Bridal Lehenga
The outright traditional ensemble fits the definition of the out-of-this-world, larger-than-life bridal lehenga in a big fat Indian wedding. There is so much of gold on the lehenga itself that the bride wears a huge pearl and emerald necklace to create some kind of contrast instead of traditional gold or kundan jewellery.


21. Different color tones!

Golden Lehenga Bridal
Opt for a shimmery tone Golden Bridal lehenga while you manage to get that choli of some other divine color. Maybe go with silver, grey or green! Use some expensive crystal work over your choli and make it colorful. Some handwork once done will make the whole attire look exotic just like the spices of India. In the words of Justin Bieber, you will look Yummy. You see those triangular shapes there!! That looks fine!! | manishmalhotra

Checkout more of Manish Malhotra Lehagas with prices!

22. Embroidery game up!!

Golden Lehenga Bridal
You can take the embroidery game to another level by getting brief and let the zardozi get mixed with some other embroidery. The liquid gold shimmer achieved with those gold sequins and crystals looks promising esp on a plus size bride. Elaborate the structure as much as possible! See whether you feel convenient and whether that goes with your personality. Remember, it’s all about you!! | rimpleandharpreet | Get Indian Bridal Wear


23. Gold and that red shawl!

Golden Lehenga Bridal
We simply love it! It makes us go into the Padmaavat nostalgia. Keep your choli in tune with your lehenga and don’t go overboard with adding lots of colors. Get that burgundy velvet shawl which takes the whole attire to another level. It settles up the chaos!! It feels real gold!!! | rimpleandharpreet | Get custom made Bridal wear


24. B-town has some Golden Bridal Lehenga goals!

Golden Bridal Lehenga
But Moreover, every Indian Bride wants something which is pure Desi when it comes to their Wedding Eve. The B-town celebs bring those Wedding looks which they choose for their D-day and we all tend to stare at their Insta-post. Again and Again!! |  Vogue


25. The long sleeves and the gold dust

Golden Lehenga Bridal
Make sure your jewelry ensemble strikes with your trousseau at the same time. As you will be opting out for Golden Bridal Lehenga. Let the other ensemble manage to keep the balance fresh yet royal. Believe in the heritage!! Golden color assures the hope and the level of faith. If you are going with the full sleeves you get the option to let go of Bangles to some extent. This preparation will keep ongoing. But, the attire you will wear will leave that wow effect which everybody will talk about. Like, for a whole month ahead!! So, choose wisely and with your all heart in it! | AzaFashion


Get in touch with your inner queen and ask her “Hey! Someone who has never worn so many clothes and has always kept it very simple like a tomboy, what you want to wear on your wedding day?” Your inner voice might tell you “Go with that lemony shimmery color or Total red…But, wait!! Golden, yes..You will look ravishing in that lehenga”That’s it!! You know when you know.

Get your shenanigans on board and discuss your idea. Get the ball rolling! Ask your fashionista friend to throw some advice. Friends just know!!


Conclusion – Golden Bridal Lehenga

Before getting all the look on make sure you have decided and ticked-off everything from your list and have all the fittings to point. It’s time to make Instagram-air move towards you.

All the wedding attires can be segmented, like what you would like to wear on your Mehndi, Sangeet and D-day followed by receptions. According, to your requirements you can set the tone for your whole wedding. And the most important thing!! Don’t forget your groom.

What would he be wearing? You both would be together and all eyes will be on you. We know he won’t get confused that much on which color to choose and all. You choose and pair up the attires accordingly. You can drop any requirements in the box below and we’ll take it from there.

There are various points we have already mentioned but here is one more. Because we want you to enjoy your wedding without getting worried of any weather changes. As you know we all are facing climate change.

So, what? Okay!! Keep your lehenga very comfortable and nice!! And keep your attitude high!! Don’t let some droplets of water or a splash of mud hide your glowy face. Your golden bridal lehenga will look more golden if you feel golden inside!!

The designers have already offered various options and now you get to choose.

Your husband will feel like you are the trophy he has won. Smile as you gaze into his eyes confirming that he deserves it!

We hope these Bridal Lehenga inspired you and helped you in figuring out what your dream dress will look like on the big day.

To help you with the ultimate Bridal outfit. Drop us a message!! GetEthnic offers customized services of highest quality!

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Red Bridal Lehenga  |  White Bridal Lehenga  |  Pink Bridal Lehenga  |  Maroon Bridal Lehenga

Banarasi Saree for Wedding: Everything you need to know about the Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banaras and Silk seem to go hand in hand and when it comes to Banarasi Saree for Wedding then saree elegance and aura is taken to a whole new level. With its origin in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India, Banarasi silk has managed to reach the hearts of Indian brides from as long as the Mughal time with the nine yards long saree being an undeniable choice at recent Indian weddings.

Banarasi saree

Owing to the royal feels and unmatched ethnicity and elegance, Banarasi saree for wedding (aka silk saree) used to be a wardrobe staple of South Indian brides, but with changing fashion industry and raging appeal, it has grown to become a favourite among North Indian brides as well along with other parts of the country.

Banarasi Saree for wedding

Irrespective of the wedding functions, brides and their other female counterparts can be seen donning the rich attire with sheer confidence and elegance. And if you are an Indian, then ask your mum about what they feel about a Banarasi saree for wedding, surely she would have wore it back then and even now it’s in! Banarasi silk Saree is for ever just like diamonds.

You surely would end up seeing one in their wardrobe as well due to the serene look it exudes and sheer richness it portrays. Women of all age groups and even celebrities (whether young or veteran) have adorned themselves in this beauty ensemble from time to time.

Banarasi silk sareeSource: | Get custom made outfits

But Banarasi silk is one of the fine variants of silk with saree woven from this silk popularly known as Banarasi silk saree or simply Banarasi saree. But there are other variants as well to a Banarasi saree as below:

1. Organza with zari and silk

Brocades are usually made by some really beautiful and richly woven fabric where the patterns having different designs are made by warp and weft. Silver threads are coated with gold and are then woven closely around a silk yarn to create the zari brocade. Thus organza is light-weight, stiff and crisp.

2. Katan

Katan is a plain fabric with woven pure silk threads made using the finest quality of Mulberry silk, that are twisted and woven into pure silk sareesin both the warp and the weft. These pure silk sarees are produced using powerlooms and rapid looms these day, while handlooms were used in ancient times with a beautiful creation of patterns and motifs.

3. Shattir

Last but not the least, Shattir is another but sole fabric that is used in creating exclusive and contemporary designs of Banarasi sarees for wedding.

4. Georgette

Georgette is a very finely woven and light fabric with simple and plain weave. This fabric is most popular in modern types and is used to produce designer sarees, Bollywood sarees, and latest salwar kameez designs.


Now Banarasi saree for wedding can also be segregated based upon the design process per se below:

1. Butidar Banarasi Saree

Last but surely not the least, Butidar saree is a richly woven sari that is brocaded with threads of gold, silver, and silk. Gold is darker in shade as compared to the silver threads. Therefore, the weavers of Banaras refer to this variety of brocade patterning as Ganga-Jamuna.

Bootidar banarasi Saree

2. Cut work Banarasi saree

Cut work sarees are the products of cut work technique on the plain texture, which isdone after the removal of floated threads. These types of sarees can provide a dazzling and glowing transparent look.

cut work Banarasi saree

3. Tissue Banarasi saree

Now, tissue sarees are delicately woven sarees with golden zari weft top adding sheen to them, and therefore is also known as the golden cloth.

Tissue banarasi sareesource: Wedmegood | Get Custom made outfits

4. Jangla Designed Banarasi Saree

These beautiful styles of sarees are woven in colorful silk threads to depict nature and heaviness of festivity. They have some deeply intricate Jangala patterns in the form of Jangala vegetation; spread across the length of the sari.

banarasi saree for wedding

5. Tanchoi Banarasi Saree

Tanchoi sarees use colorful extra-weft silk yarn to form the outline. The decoration of these sarees might show up as a maze, which may look like kaleidoscopic as well. The pallu of this type of saree is often decorated with big motifs while the border is often beautified with mesmerizing criss-cross patterns.


We know that all this might be a lot for many, especially for those who have no idea or knowledge about silk threads, yarn and weaving. But for those who do have this knowledge, the above stuff must have been a true delight to read.

But if you are the one who just wanted to jump straight to the numerous real-life brides adorning a Banarasi saree, then this is the section for you. We have tried and thus managed to get hold of some of the bridal and non-bridal pictures of ladies in Banarasi silk sarees for the D-day as a Banarasi lehenga is mostly reserved for the other wedding ceremonies.

Interesting Fact Number 1: You know what, a single design of Banarasi saree requires hundreds of complicated perforated cards (punch cards) to implement the idea of design and pattern!

Interesting Fact Number 2: Normally it takes 15 days to 6 months to complete a single Banarasi saree but sometimes it may take even years to implement designs that are more complex.

We’ll keep on telling some more interesting facts to you down the blog so that you learn as much as possible.

1. All time classic: red and gold Banarasi Silk Saree for wedding

When it comes to bridal wear and that too Banarasi bridal wear, red and gold seems to be a bombing combo. Indian blogger, Komal Matta Kapoor chose to woo everyone with her choice of this breathtakingly regal red and gold Banarasi saree for wedding from Sabyasachi and rocked her engagement look.

source: | Get Bridal and Groom wear outfits


2. Bright yellow for the haldi

Yellow colour at a wedding ceremony is synonymous with usually the haldi function and the below bride nailed it with her perfect smile and vibrant look.

Bright yellow banarasi silk saree for the haldisource: | Bridal and Groom Wear

You can also ensure that the blouse is of a contracting color than the saree for that distraction from the overall monotone look.

source: Pinterest

3. Fuchsia pink for the conventional bride

Take some fashion inspiration from this real bride who wore a fuchsia pink and orange Kanjivaram saree with a diamond collar, multi-layered rani haar and a kamarbandh.

Fuchsia pink - Banarasi Silk Sareesource: shaadisaga | get this custom made


4. Hues of pink, gold and ivory

If you’re talking about a Banarasi saree for wedding and are saying that it has shades of pink, gold or ivory or all or even combination of any two, then no one can ever say that you went wrong at some place.

These can be termed as some classic and contemporary looks, blended with the ethnicity of the fabric to bring out the best of the silk saree.

Below bride knew how to slay in a silk saree with hints of pink and gold, accessorized with a striking polki maang tika, dazzling bejewelled gold jhumkas and a layered polki haar.

Banarashi Silk Saree - Hues of pink, gold and ivory colorsource: shaadisaga | get this custom made

Below bride just wore it perfect, the ivory Banarasi saree with temple jewels, containing a kamarbandh as well. Even her mother also seems to be complimenting the look of her daughter in an ivory saree with some golden weaving and a contrasting collored blouse. Simple necklace and mogre ka gajra seems to complete the look of the bride’s mother.

ivory Banarasi sareesource: shaadisaga | get this custom made

Interesting Fact Number 3: Three or more than three people must act together consistently to make up an original Banarasi Silk saree.

Now the below saree is perfect if you want to keep it simple for one of your functions like mehendi as it has got quite a broad border in pink and golden. The big motifs on the border just seem to complete the entire look of the bride. And even if you aren’t the bride, still you can adorn the exact look with light jewelry and hair tied in a tight bun.

Banarasi Silk saree for bridesource: shaadisaga | get this custom made

Now this bride surely knows how to carry a Banarasi saree the right way on the reception day. The heavy duty choker necklace and a few but heavy gold bangles seem to complete the entire royal look.

source: wedmegood | get this custom made

Now this is most probably our last pick with pink in it. This bride’s pink ensemble with same colored blouse and gold kamarbandh adds an altogether charisma to the already charismatic Banarasi saree. Light jewelry is perfect for a minimalistic bride who prefers to keep it simple and breathy but still look wedding appropriate.

And if we’re talking about ivory, who wouldn’t love to know something about the pristine white. Below white saree with a metallic blouse is perfect to attend a wedding function of your best friend or sister. Isn’t it just a perfect combination of traditional saree with a contemporary metallic blouse?

source: weddingwire | get custom made outfit

Interesting Fact Number 4: The current design of Banarasi was the mix up of Persian design and Indian artistic culture.


5. Who will mind some contrast?

Now you must be knowing that you can even ditch the blouse piece for the blouse which comes with the saree for a contrasting and visually appealing. Let’s take you through some of the contrast effects we’re talking about.

This saree is a perfect blend of a contemporary look and still being the traditional you. This 3/4th sleeves blouse with golden work on the sleeves and around the neck, complemented by a red saree with huge motifs- is like a dream come true.

Image source:

This white saree with a broad golden border and green blouse with again golden motifs is surely a show stopper. As the saree has nothing more as such besides the border, a heavy necklace can help amp up the whole look.

source: picclickimg | Get Custom made Sarees

Now this is something different. These brides have a yellow overall saree with a distinct colored border with the blouse of the same color as of the border. This is also an inspiration for anyone and everyone who wishes to maintain contrast in their outfit but not a major contrast. Checkout more South Indian Wedding dresses.

Image source:

And we couldn’t keep our eyes off these brides who have actually taken their wedding day looks to a whole new level with unconventional hues like light blue, all parrot green, violet etc.

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear

This parrot green silk saree is perfectly apt if you are attending an Indian wedding and wish to wear a silk saree than a usual one.

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear

This blue bridal saree with silver work on it, a hint of silver jewelry and also a solid silver saree belt is making the overall look all the more attractive.

source: Weddingwire | Custom Made Indian Ethnic Wear


But you know what, you need to take care of your Banarasi saree(s) more than the usual ones. Below tips will help you do the same as it might be your most preserved possession due to the luxury it brings and ethnicity it screams.

  • Make sure that the saree is not left on a hanger for too long as the crease could become permanent and hard to get off even with ironing.
  • Keep your saree in a dark cupboard wrapped in a muslin cloth as the dark color will help avoid discoloration of saree and the muslin cloth will allow air to pass through the fabric but still keeping the moisture away which can damage the saree.
  • Iron your Banarasi saree(s) with utmost care on a low setting or get it steam ironed.
  • Avoid cleaning it at home as professional dry cleaning might prove to be more beneficial.
  • Lastly, water and perfume cannot be sprayed on certain Banarasi sarees as it could stain them. So keep utmost care of that.

Interesting Fact Number 5An ideal Banarasi sari consists of about 5600 thread wires and all of these thread wires have to be at least 45-inches wide.

Also, who can forget Banarasi saree looks of our very own Deepika Padukone (for her Konkan wedding, reception and also when she visited Tirupati on her first wedding anniversary eve) and Anushka Sharma (for her Delhi reception). Some more treats to your eye are coming. Scroll down:

source: | Looking for custom made bollywood wear?



Looking for custom made bollywood wear?


Looking for custom made bollywood wear?


Want to wear what celebrities wear?

Finalllyyyyyy, we have reached the end and it came after a real long time. We hope that we managed to bring to you some deep dug knowledge about silk and Banarasi saree along with the beautiful, meticulous designs for the next time you plan to wear one for any of the functions, whether as a would-be-bride or a non-bride also 😉 .

Also, we are coming up with another Banarasi silk related blog but it would be on Banarasi lehenga. So stay tuned for that because who knows, you might be one amongst those who chooses one for their own wedding, or to attend some wedding.

Till then, keep showering your love on us and write to us at to tell if there are any specific topics which you might want us to write on, which might help others as well. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and keep yourself updated here. specializes in custom made Indian ethnic wear and we would love to design something for you for your wedding or a weeding you are attending. So Let’s get started and get a custom made Indian ethnic wear like the one our client:

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