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Big Fat Indian Wedding – Unveiling the Grandeur of an Indian Wedding!

What goes behind the pomp and show at a Big Fat Indian Wedding – Unveiling the Grandeur of an Indian Wedding!

Do you know that the market of Indian weddings, and that too big fat Indian weddings is about $50 billion? Isn’t the number too huge to shock you to the core?

There are Indian weddings which have even crossed over $20 Million in US/Canada and 100+ crores mark in India, with some top notch A-listers and B-town celebs getting married in the year 2018-2019. So all in all, the big fat Indian wedding game has changed from the past years and is evolving as new things are coming up.

But we aren’t here to discuss them, of course!

We are here to make you go through that why these big fat Indian weddings are so grand and splendid in all aspects and what actually goes behind planning one!

So without any further adieu ;), let’s dig deep into it.


1. Months of planning

Now any wedding needs planning, whether be it in India or outside. It takes months to figure out where the wedding would take place, shopping needs to be done, dates have to be finalized as per the muhurat (as per Indian culture, it is the most auspicious time of the year to get married), guest list needs to be prepared and what not.

In short, a complete checklist needs to be prepared as to what all needs to be done and how the expenses need to be distributed among the various aspects of the checklist.



But what goes behind the actual big fat Indian wedding preparations is what event company to choose, how to choose, whom to refer for best suggestions, best destination for the wedding, wedding trousseau etc.

Now because in big fat Indian weddings, it is usually the event company that looks into everything for most of the cases, starting from delivering of the wedding cards to décor till the functions wind up; there’s not much to worry for the family except supervising (a bit) the staff from the event company.

The main task comes when things needs to be personalized and the family or the bride-groom need to direct the event company about tits and bits of their wedding personalized to their tastes and aura.

BUT this doesn’t mean that big fat Indian wedding preparations become easy with this, instead there’s more burden as when you work yourself, you know what to do, how to do and keep a check on quality etc.

But when you handle the entire stuff to some other person, you really have to look into the fact that everything’s working perfectly and as per the expectations.


2. Destination Weddings or extravagant national one!

With the growing number of Indian riches in the USA and Canada, wedding families usually opt for destination weddings like Puerto Rico, Punta Cana, Cancun, Hawaii, Bahamas etc

Destination weddings at some of the most prominent places not only serve as a mark of stature but also give the families a time to break through the routine and explore while still digging deep into the festivities.

Besides that, destination weddings serve the best and most lavish purpose of a great pre-wedding photoshoot (which we’ll be discussing soon) along with the other wedding photography and videography to truly resonate with the big fat Indian wedding scenario.

Whether it be around the waters to bask in the glory of the sun

credits: alfaazphotography


Or at some grand palace in Grand Canyon, Colorado, Smoky Mountains, Niagara Falls, Yosemite, Yellowstone and some popular destinations outside US/Canada are Venice, Mauritius, Phuket, Paris, London, Bora Bora et al. The list is endless.


Or in the mountains, in the lap of mother-nature amidst chilling winds and soothing greenery with birds chirping. Places like Rocky Mountains, Smoky, Sierra, Denali, Canadian Rockies etc. are like heavens on the earth.

One doesn’t even need to search for locations outside USA/Canada. One just needs to look into finding one to complement their idea of the big fat Indian wedding.

Destination weddings have become the vogue of getting married at a dream place, even if it means that you have to cut out on some other expenses.

In fact, almost 50% of the expenses’ share is spent on venue, that is, the destination to wed. So after seeing this pictures, it becomes quite obvious as to why it is the case 😮


3.Creating a phenomenal experience 😮

The elite weddings can be seen not simply as a series of elaborate events but a phenomenon for much effort and money being put into creating an experience.

The journey begins right from the wedding invitations, where simple paper invitations are giving way to outrageously luxurious ones.



These days invites are not just about piece of paper inviting the family, instead a means to show off which screams,

”You yourself can imagine that if the card is so lavish, how outstanding the wedding itself be”.

It is also a means to get more people attend the wedding and actually make them feel as if they have got at some extravagant event.

Then luxurious destinations, bridal wear, and also the guest list which reflects power and position in itself.


4. Out of the box decoration

With a lavish wedding comes an out-of-the-box decoration. Like the theme based wedding famous fashion blogger and influencer, Masoom Minawala had as the Moroccan décor with small elements inspired from the Moroccan culture and also a touch of some personal traits of both the bride and the groom.



Images source:

While for some being traditional is the key to the most charismatic wedding decoration.

This decoration is all about staying true to what your culture or religion is all about like the one below from South India with colors and structure of the mandap area truly reflecting Southern spirits.


Source: beautyandmakeuplove

But some can be simple and sophisticated too complemented with some exotic floral and lanterns pattern decoration and light colors (or even dark) for a calming environment (or rustic). This type of decoration mostly works with weddings at the mountains or around the water.


Lastly, for some the decor is all about being grand shouting, “I am upper class” (pun intended).

Tip: Always ensure that the colors of the entire venue are in sync with each other and don’t seem to break the attention of the guests. You can always add some extra elements for fun like a photo booth, fun games etc. to keep the guests engaged.

Decorations like the one above scream lavish, over-the-top, brightness, lighting, show-buzz kind of with the theme matching that of affluent Bollywood themes.


5. Pre-wedding photoshoot and designer Wedding Trousseau

Though pre-wedding photoshoots have become quite common these days with more and more couples going for it and more and more photographers just for pre-wedding photoshoot, can you imagine going to an altogether different country for one?

Most probably no but big fat Indian weddings do have this. The bride and groom don’t mind travelling alone or with family for such a shoot. Besides that, nowadays it’s not only about a casual photshoot with couples standing close to each other hands in hands, changing outfits and poses.

There’s even variation to it. Under-water shoot, vintage shoot, one with your furry best friends, miniature shoot, in-house shoot and what not. The list is endless.

Night photoshoot, in the darkness of the realms to bring the intense side of each other

Under the stars to feel the spark and shine:

Miniature shoot to bring the quirky and funky side of each other

Image credit:

One where the couple’s furry friends are also present because let’s get real, animals do make the photos look special and cute!

Image credit:

And lastly some under-water fun too!

Image credit:

Now coming to the main thing – the wedding outfits. Whether it be for any function or the D-day, its designer! Starting straight from Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, to Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra to Tarun Tahilani, Ritu Kumar to Neeta Lulla.

Only these richies can afford a lehenga worth $35,00 (25 lakhs),  $70,000 (50 lakhs) or more! For the rest, a complete wedding is planned in this much of expense.

In order to get the best of the wedding Lehenga which is made as per your requirements, body type and budget provides the best service and quality. Checkout how its executed to perfection:

Some tips for bridal lehengas or sister/best friend:

  1. If you are the bride, then always go with the colors your family and your in-laws approve of because at the end of the day, it is not just about you, but for them too. But it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your choices, put forward your choice but then convince them so that no one feels as if their opinion wasn’t taken into consideration.
  2. Be very particular about the style, color of the lehenga and also the weight. The more embroidery and work the lehenga has, more heavy it would be. You can always have two light lehengas for the photos and for the ceremony than donning one heavy lehenga making it difficult for you to even walk or dance or enjoy yourself.
  3. Choose the lehenga as per the destination and whether like velvet won’t work for summers as it would make you feel hot (not in that sense ladies 😉 ) while a cotton-cloth based lehenga might not give you enough warmth for the winters.
  4. If your lehenga is too heavy, don’t go overboard with the jewelry also. Like we aren’t saying to go light on it, instead a fewer pieces maybe. You can always go for either gold accessories for your hair or flowers.
  5. If you are the sister of the bride or the best friend, NEVER OPT FOR SOMETHING WHICH COULD DISTRACT PEOPLE’S ATTENTION FROM THE COUPLE. Play with colors, accessories and styles as we have discussed in this blog. Go check that out.

Now coming straight up to some of the resplendent wedding lehengas:

credit: alfaazphotography


Source: globalphotography


6. Gastronomical Delight 😛 and Elaborate Gifts

Now this is one thing we all Indians can abide by surely. No one remembers what the décor was all about, no one remembers what were the bride and groom wearing, no one even remembers how the invites were; but what everyone remembers is the food, both in terms of variety and taste.

The menu of big fat Indian weddings is about a treat to your eyes, an ode to your taste buds and an opportunity to share some of the those cuisines which either you might not try on your own or might not an opportunity to taste.

Various live counters are there, food from across the globe is there, possible tastes that you can’t even imagine are also there.


Source: thebigfatindianwedding

And how can we not talk about the return gifts one gets after leaving from the wedding. Nicely wrapped, seeming a lot of effort has been put in. Brilliant packaging, personalized touch of the families and of course, all the love and token of appreciation for the guests to even find it worth attending.

credit: pinterest


And do you know about 10% of the entire expenditure on a big fat Indian wedding is done on gifts? Though the share is not much but still if taken mathematically or even literally, then it’s not that tad less too!

If you are someone who stays outside India (that is in the US and Canada) and vying for one exclusive and customized Indian traditional (or fusion) outfit for your or friend’s/sister’s wedding, then you have landed at the right place. lets you get in touch with their elite designers and skilled craftsmen to build that perfect outfit which echoes with your personality and also stands high up to your expectations.

We’ll send you a free sample file which will contain everything to give you a complete idea as to how your outfit will look like at the end, the feel of the texture of your attire and a lot more to it.

We cater to both the bride and the groom and anyone and everyone who wants customization in their wedding ensemble.  So be prepared and all decked up for the next destination wedding in town!


Rocking Mehndi Outfits for Bride, Bridesmaids and Guests in Indian Wedding

“Mehndi ceremony is not only for the ‘Bride’ gearing up for her big occasion but also for her mischievous accomplice ‘Bridesmaids’ and preppy ‘guests’ attending grandiose Indian Wedding! So be decked up and all set to amp up your look with stunning Mehndi outfits this season”

Indian culture is all about rituals, traditions and one’s own beliefs. When it’s wedding time, it’s all about functions, fun, rituals again, lip-smacking food, outstanding décor and most importantly, an opportunity to wear your most favorite and dapper Indian ensembles.


There’s an array of functions which are held from religion to religion and caste to caste but some are common to all like engagement, haldi and mehndi with engagement being the first and foremost.

But after that when it comes to the other in-house functions, mehndi is one of the first ceremonies of a traditional Indian wedding. On this day the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with henna paste in beautiful and intricate designs.

So don’t worry! We have put together a list of outfit ideas that can come handy if you are a bride or bridesmaid-to-be 😉


35 Mehndi Dresses for Indian wedding

1. More Pastels

Pastels in Mehndi dresspyaariweddings | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Nothing’s more graceful than mehendi mornings in pastel tones. A very contemporary and chic look for the mehendi – this outfit comes with a multi-color flared woven detail skirt paired with an off-shoulder organza trail top.


2. The Classy Mehndi Look!


The famous fashion influencer Monisha’s gorgeous look on her friend’s wedding. It’s a different mismatch fabric outfit with rani pink custom made blouse along with pink gold banarasi dupatta and complimenting contrast green jewellery.

3. Lost in Blues

Lost in Blues - Blue Dress for Mehendiwedabout | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

This beautiful shade of royal blue is breath-taking in itself! Add to that gusts of pink in the form of neat floral embroidery and you have the mehendi ceremony outfit of your dreams. Chekout more of Blue Lehengas.

4. Mustard and Mehendi

This bride breaks conventions by sporting a mustard yellow lehenga on her mehendi ceremony instead of the haldi ceremony. The golden hued mustard tone is complemented with silver zari and sequin work. Checkout More of Yellow lehengas.

5. Color Purple

A simple yet exquisite outfit for the mehendi ceremony – the strappy choli looks sensuous and the flared skirt is dramatic. Gold ornate borders and gold motifs all over do a wonderful job.

6. Peaches and Grey’s

Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Though a peach net and silk lehenga might not be very uncommon or unconventional, the presence of floral embroidery in grey is what makes this outfit stand apart. Steel grey and gold metallic threads have been used for the zardozi work. Mirror work has also been used.

7. Floral Finesse


Thinking of something grand for the mehendi party? Choose such a lehenga in floral tones like light pink! Apart from floral motifs, this lehenga also uses zari embroidery in plenty! Floral accessories add to the theme! Checkout more of Pink Lehengas.

8. The Boho Mehendi Look

desiclassybrides | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

The Boho or quirky theme is trending currently! It is difficult to carry a boho lehenga on the main occasion of the wedding or even on the reception day as these functions are either traditional or formal. But if you are keen on a boho look for your wedding, you can sport something like this on the mehendi ceremony. Motifs in multiple colors adorn the white lehenga of this bride.

9. Mehendi Yellows

Karishma Tanna sizzles in this amazing yellow lehenga on her mehendi ceremony, proving all those wrong who say that yellow lehengas are only meant for the haldi function. The outfit showcases bandhani art and mirror work. The dupatta and skirt have red borders.

10. Fusion Choices

Mehendi functions in the evenings or during sunset is the best place to flaunt all your Indo-western outfits. This onion pink lehenga dress comes with huge frills on the skirt. The sleeves are frilly too and so is the dupatta. The heavy sequin choli also stands out. The cut and color of the outfit make it very sober and chic.

11. More Yellows

Another great option in yellow for the mehendi ceremony – this one comes with a one-sided off-shoulder choli and the skirt is layered and flaunts uneven textures and hemline.

12. The Ultimate Boho Lehenga

Multi colored lehenga for Mehndi ceremony

This outfit itself does the talking! It is the perfect example of a boho lehenga. There is no sense of symmetry, color co-ordination, motif structure, design element or texture in this outfit. But together everything looks fabulous and breathtaking. But opt for a boho lehenga only if you are confident about sporting it with pride. A demure demeanor can kill the look.

13. Color Collage

Color Collage - Multi colored lehenga for Mehndi ceremony

Mehendi mornings are all about colors, sunshine and a lot of fun! So the more colorful, lightweight, summery your outfit is, the better. This bride wears a vibrantly colorful light lehenga with splashes of bright hues everywhere. The choli is much more like a crop top with straps. Such cholis work well for the mehendi function as they keep your hands free of fuss!

14. Twirl and Shine

This bride too wears a rainbow lehenga but the dominating colors in her mehendi outfit are gold and mustard. The lehenga also uses a lot of sequin embroidery. Such outfits look good when brides and bridesmaids participate in traditional dances and music – which is a very common ritual during the mehendi ceremony.

15. Pink Splendor

Another stunning and colorful choice – this mehendi outfit uses cool toned shades of pink, some blue and some peach on a lightweight white fabric. The cut of the lehenga skirt borders on the fit and flare type. It is a great choice because it becomes very inconvenient for a bride with mehendi smeared palms to handle a lehenga skirt with a lot of flare.

16. Ethnic Karigari

The bride’s lehenga skirt is simple with touches of mirror work here and there. The real attraction element of this outfit is the choli that showcases numerous kinds of ethnic works like types of ethnic embroidery, mirror work etc. The dupatta also showcases bandhani and jhhalar details. Checkout more of White Lehengas.

17. Pink Link

Pink Lehenga for Mehndi Ceremony

It is very clear that this vibrant shade of pink is this bride’s favourite color! She sports a stunning sleeveless hassle-free choli and flared skirt. On the background of pink the white floral embroidery looks exquisite. The skirt hemline is also unique with little pompom details. Very creatively but boldly, the bride pairs her outfit with white sneakers bringing in a fusion detail.

18. Pastel Henna

Usually poppy shades and boho elements dominate the mehendi outfit scenes! But that does not mean that you can’t go for subtle hues, pastel tones or traditional design elements. This bride does just that! Her raw silk lehenga comes in a light pastel tone and the best part is that the color resembles that of dried and ground henna leaves, just a little lighter. The outfit showcases floral thread and zari embroidery and comes with a pastel peach net dupatta.

19. Knee Length Skirt

Ethnic and traditional outfits usually don’t go above the calf length. So what is the solution if you want henna patterned feet as well! It is simple – just get a knee-length ethnic skirt customized and pair it with a traditional choli – just like this bride has done.

20. Traditional Reds

theglamourholicgirl | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

It is a myth that red lehengas work only for weddings! This bride smartly flaunts a bright red lehenga showcasing traditional embroidery, zari work, sequin work etc on her mehendi day! You can do the same if red is your favourite color!

21. Vintage Blues

krituja_patil29 | Get plus Size lehenga

This bride looks stunning in a blue lehenga on her mehendi night. The lehenga showcases woven brocade motifs along with zari embroidery. The patterns and motifs on the skirt are reminiscent of designs of eras gone by. This gives this mehendi outfit a vintage feel.

22. Floral Yellow

In a combination of lemon yellow and floral multi colors, this lehenga is both subtle and vibrant at the same time. The sleeveless choli is dense with floral embroidery. The skirt and dupatta have floral hems. Mirror work is added.

23. Onion Pink and Zari Lehenga

This bride carries a beautiful color combination. The net and georgette lehenga is in an unusual shade of pink. On the onion pink background, the gold sequin and zari work looks exquisite.

24. Go Fluorescent

If you can carry it, choosing a fluorescent green outfit for your mehendi ceremony might just be the best idea! The reason being, the color looks unbelievably good on photographs. This bride wears a fluorescent green lehenga dress with an ornate bodice and unembellished, horizontally tiered skirt. The floral dupatta also stands out.

25. Floral Riot

This bride’s lehenga combines floral elements with boho style. In mehendi functions taking place in open-air, daylight drenched settings, such an outfit works like magic. The skirt with an uneven wavy hemline showcases different types of floral motifs and the blouse has colorful latkan details at the back.

26. A Simple Sharara


A mehendi ceremony is usually a very close knit family function. It is always not necessary to go for something elaborate. In fact, the lighter you feel the better as your hands will be henna-smeared! This bride likes it simple, sporting a dark pink sharara, pink and gold kameez with a contrasting green dupatta.

27. Green Sharara


Co-ordinated outfits for the bridesmaids and women present in the mehendi ceremony is a great idea! It goes without saying that the photographs would come out brilliantly! Also, as mehendi is mostly an all-women function, this can be a fun way to celebrate it. The dark moss green sharara-kurti ensemble is adorned in floral embroidery!

Tip: You can put some gajra (made with mogra aka Jasmine flowers) if you want to smell like fresh flowers!

28. Co-ordinated Greens

What a cool way to plan mehendi ceremony outfits! Not only does this bride choose a green and gold combination, which seems to be the top favourite mehendi outfit color combination, but also she makes her brothers wear co-ordinated green shirts! Breaking conventions and totally striking – this green and gold lehenga and the matching menswear is sure to set trends!

29. The Lotus Lehenga

The Lotus Lehenga for Mehndi

In an exotic shade of dark green, this lehenga puts up a unique design structure. On the skirt, lotus motifs have been used in ascending order of size from top to bottom. Butterfly motifs have also been added.

30. Lehenga Saree or Half Saree look

As for blouses, crop tops, slip in blouses, t-shirt blouses etc. are topping the fashion charts and will surely make you look like a fashion diva like this half saree.

For accessories: As you’ll be getting your hands painted with henna, try not to wear something in your hand. Moreover if the saree or the blouse has some statement piece or feature to it, keep it light on accessories.

Junk or oxidized jewelries work great to show off the diva in you. And keep your hair flowy or even into a bun as per your style and comfort.

Tip: But to avoid looking stereotypical, pair your saree with a blouse of a unique cut and style, you can also play with the types and styles of sarees like ruffles, dhoti style, Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, gota patti etc.

31. Dhoti pants for the swagger

Have plans of dancing at your best friend’s mehndi or sangeet? Wear dhoti pants with crop tops. Pair them with a sheer cape or you may even reach out for a dupatta. Checkout more of cape lehengas.

Dhoti pants are not only comfortable to sit and dance, but are also perfect attention seeker.Pair it with a sexy cut out crop top or blouse and don’t keep it baggy and ill-fitted on the top as the bottom is loose.

Tip: Don’t overdo with too much accessories. Big earrings or maang tika are just more than enough. Avoid wearing anything in the neck as then it would seem as if you are the bride.

32. Easy breezy palazzo with kurti or crop top

The palazzo is a very diverse piece of clothing. Pair it with a kurta for that casual look that is also well put together or even with a crop top or off-shoulder blouse for some sass at the function.

Don’t forget to carry that attitude and aura with you while walking throughout the function because then only people will notice that what you really are wearing.

Because why not ;}. You aren’t the bride to abide by colors, just paint the town pastel or pink or orange or anything.

33. Ditch the usual lehengas and sarees for dresses and gowns

Why always go for the usual options? Why should only brides have all the fun ;)?

Flowy gowns or dresses are raging in the fashion sector these days, especially long dresses with an ethnic touch – a bit of embroidery or a shot of sequins – are also making it big in the fashion world.

These would be perfect outfits for either of the bride or the bridesmaids on a pre-wedding ceremony.

Floral prints, ethnic jackets, off-shoulders, embellishments, ruffles, sequins and what not. Your dress can be as simple as possible and as damsel as possible. Comfort is what you should have and nothing else matters much.

34. Mehendi Boho

ss_fashion_studio_ | Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Perhaps the trendiest outfit on this list, this mehendi ceremony lehenga is truly ethnic boho. It comes with a boho multi-color crop top with jacket detail. The same type of work is showcased on the upper part of the skirt, resembling a belt. The high waist skirt comes in the closest shade of ground henna leaves with golden polka dots all over.

35. Want some traditional touch but still comfortable? Why not Anarkali!

Whether you are a bride or bridesmaid, one can never go wrong with an anarkali. It is something which is gaining people’s attention for innumerable years with its sheer elegance, integrity and simplicity. Pair it with a churidaar and juttis or heels too.

The twirl which you get with the anarkali can only be matched by a lehenga. So either of the one would work for you.

This navy blue anarkali is also a perfect break from the usual colors of green, pink, yellow et al for the mehndi function. Don’t forget to capture some twirling motions while being digged in the henna.

A color contrasting dupatta with a plain colored anarkali also are in vogue to depict simplicity yet being sophisticated.

Conclusion – Mehndi Dresses for Brides

Still not liking the usual options? Create something for your own!

If you have a unique style, then we’re sure that you must not have well settled with the options above. So as said we have covered all, we have covered you too.

If you don’t like something which is usual and common, then you can get in touch with the team of GetEthnic’s designers to help you chalk out a personalized design and style for you which not only matches with your vibe but also suits you perfectly.

Capes and mirrors can never go wrong when paired together.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to rock that mehndi or any other ceremony like sangeet, sagan, cocktail etc., choose the perfect outfit for you from our recommendations.

We will also help you to get your hands on it. Or as said, you can always contact GetEthnic for that one or even multiple outfit(s) for any function as per your choice, style and the theme.

The exotic color that comes from the henna looks beautiful on the hands of the bride & signifies conjugal union.

Hence, the ceremony is of utmost importance and on the day along with the bride, her friends and sisters also get their hands adorned with henna.

Maharani Weddings

The same happens with the groom as well but not with his troop like what happens with that of bride’s. And sighting the fact that this function is a lot more fun and chic, it’s not the bride only who looks regal.

In short, it is the day for bride’s bridesmaids and guests also to shine.

Tip: As this function is all about getting your hands and feet tattooed with henna for which you might be sitting for quite a long time, it’s advisable that you wear something really comfortable and light as opposed to being over-the-top.

Moreover as you might be dancing too all night long, adorn something which helps you twirl and move without restricting your movements.
So without further blabbering, let’s jump straight into the outfits.

For modern and trendy, vintage and sophisticated- Mehndi Outfits for Bridesmaids or Guests, you need some solid planning.

If you are about to attend your sister or friend’s mehndi ceremony or even any other pre-wedding occasion and are not giving a thought to your outfit, you will regret it later!

And to not make you more miserable, the team of GetEthnic has come up with some feasible, quirky, easy to carry and comfortable but in trend and sophisticated mehndi ensemble ideas for you.


Roka Ceremony – What to Wear on Roka Ceremony for You & Family

Roka Ceremony outfits for a ‘bride to be’ is the start of a her wedding journey. If you are looking for some roka ceremony outfit ideas for you and your loving family/friends, you have landed the right place.
Let’s get real, though Indian weddings can be really tiring and can take a toll on you, but the love-showering ceremonies, traditional rituals, getting decked up for even the smallest functions and gorging on some lip-smacking delicacies is the best part amidst everything.
Even if it means that you’ll have to change for different-different functions but then again, we all love doing that.
But before even we start with the haldi ceremony, mehendi ceremony or anything else, there’s this one really important function which takes place and marks the beginning of a big fat (or a simple and sophisticated) wedding ceremony extravaganza which is the roka ceremony.

1. Pink Glimmering Lehenga

Get Custom Made Wedding Wear

Another stunning floral lehenga in a light pink shade. Zardozi work adorns the outfit. The cut is also unique. Belt detail has been added and the hem of the lehenga skirt flaunts net pleated frill details making it a unique outfit.

2. Beige Shimmery Gown

This ethnic evening gown is a real beauty! The cut and the color make it the perfect western gown! Beige is definitely not a conventional Indian bridal color. But the shimmer, sequin and crystal detailing and the larger-than-life flare of the skirt make it very much Indian!

3. Gold Fairy-tale Gown

When one thinks of “fairy-tale weddings” these are the kind of outfits that first hits one’s imagination! This gown is exquisite, elegant, flamboyant and decadent! The matte-gold beige fabric is adorned in bright gold shimmery embellishments. The bodice showcases a gold scale-like texture. The skirt of the gown is highly flared with textured and embellished floral motifs.

4. Turquoise lehenga with monotone dupatta

This bride’s Banaras inspired lehenga skirt and choli are perfectly complimented by a monotone dupatta is perfect for a vibrant look for a night function.

Tip: As the color is quite dark and the print is too big, keep it a low affair with accessories and you can also complete the look with either a potli bag like above or a shimmery clutch too.

5. Glam in Wine

A great color option, for any pre-wedding function in the evening, is any shade of wine. The colors are unconventional but inevitably glamorous. This one is in a tone of purplish wine or dark jamun. On it big motifs of flowers in silver sequins and crystals has been added. The sleek sleeveless choli directs all the focus to the beautiful skirt. The net dupatta also flaunts floral motifs.

6. Elegance of White

Perhaps the most elegant Roka ceremony outfit in this whole list! This beautiful lehenga in off-white is sophistication at its best. The full-sleeve blouse flaunts embroidered motifs on fine net fabric. The skirt showcases floral motifs in grey and brown. The net dupatta also boasts self color embroidery. Checkout more of white Bridal Lehengas.

7. Before the Wedding Blues

The beauty of this lehenga is the unique shade of blue. The color is coupled with elements of lilac toned net fabric like the dupatta. Silver sequin work and lilac thread work adorn the lehenga skirt. The choli is off-shoulder.

8. The Sharara Look

Lehengas and ethnic gowns are pretty common as Roka ceremony outfits. If you love traditional looks and want to go for something really unique, go for a sharara or a gharara. This bride wears this gorgeous pastel green sharara embellished with traditional embroidery, zardozi work, zari detailing etc. A lot of net has been used in this outfit to create a vintage feel. This goes perfectly in a Muslim Wedding.

9. Tiered and Flared

Isn’t this your dream “Cinderella look”? Though difficult to carry, this bride flaunts this fairy-tale Roka ceremony look with grace. The peach tone is perfectly complimented by the gold embellishments on the bodice. The real beauty of the outfit is the larger-than-life flared and tiered skirt of the gown. The dress also comes with unique sleeve pattern.

10. Onion Pink Ball Gown


The outfit color is a mix of onion pink and steel grey. The fabric flaunts a metallic sheen. The layered slanting fall of the skirt of the gown is stunning! The bodice flaunts sequin and crystal embroidery. Usage of net fabric adds dimension to the look.

11. Blue Bling Lehenga


Planning a grand evening Roka function? Don’t shy away from wearing something gorgeous! This blue and gold lehenga is simply larger-than-life! The gold work is elaborate and adorns the flared lehenga skirt all the way. Ornate full sleeve boat neck blouse looks different and elegant. Checkout more of blue bridal lehengas.

12. Gold Ethnic Dress


A bold but unique choice for the Roka ceremony, this ethnic dress is all gold with just some awesomely designed textures. The bodice has a western cut but the skirt is flared and patterned like a lehenga. The zigzag pattern on the gold is chic, contemporary yet perfect for the big fat Indian Roka ceremony.

13. Perfect Lighter Hues

Peach and beige intermingle with gold and silver to create the perfect outfit for a grand Roka ceremony. This lehenga has all the ethnic embellishments like metallic embroidery, flared skirt, rich fabric etc but it still looks extremely sober, subtle and light because of the color combination.

14. The Lighter the Better

This Roka ceremony outfit is a masterpiece. The hue and fabric are as light as it can get. On a beige-peach combination fabric, the designer has used chikankari embroidery, concentrated on the skirt which is matched with a perfectly stitched Black Sherwani. The unique part is the fact that no gold or silver thread has been used in the embroidery. The cut of the choli is unique too, so is the draping style of the sheer dupatta.

15. Velvet Lehenga for Themed Roka Ceremony

If you are having a vintage or Mughal themed Roka ceremony, a heavy velvet lehenga would be the best choice. This one comes in a shade of the darkest navy. Floral motifs in red, pink and gold complement the darkness of the base fabric. A sheer dupatta with an ornate border is added. Checkout more of velvet lehengas.

16. Gorgeous Yellow Lehenga

This gorgeous yellow lehenga A fresh take on a traditional outfit is exciting and beautiful at the same time. The Lehenga has almost Jewel-like Ornate Motifs all over it with an Abstract patterned Border. The Summery Blouse of this lehenga is a matching embroideries with a Sweetheart Neckline and paired with flouncy Organza Dupatta is adorned with Floral Motifs Border & Tasseled corners.

17. Peach Lehenga with Mirror Work


Go subtle! There is a beauty in lighter hues and mild undertones that is unmatched. This bride wears a peach toned lehenga with mirror work and embroidery. Though a light hue, it can still work in an evening function. The work is not over-the-top, the cuts are not experimental yet there is an elegance about this Roka ceremony outfit. Checkout more of Pink Lehengas.

18. Mirror Work Goals

There is a thing of appeal about chunky mirror work on a white or off-white background and it has been fully utilized in case of this Roka ceremony outfit. The off-white ensemble upholds the most exquisite mirror work designs.

19. Lavender Legacy


No color matches the elegance of pastel hues when it comes to wedding related functions that take place during the day time. This lehenga is all about color and textures. The choli is embellished but the rest of the outfit is just adorned with tiny floral motifs. The lehenga skirt showcases a crumpled texture and frill details are also added at the borders.

20. Metallic Fusion Dress

Functions like the Roka ceremony is the best occasion to flaunt your love for ethnic fusion clothing. This bride twirls for photos in her metallic fusion gown. All over, the gown is embellished in a combination of sequins in shades like electric blue, steel, silver and other metallic tones. The dress flares from the waistline, just like a pleated lehenga.

21. Burnt Orange Fusion Lehenga


Not only is the light burnt orange, terracotta toned fabric unique in itself, but also it is perfectly complemented by gold embroidery of the blouse and the hemlines. The most unique part of the outfit is the skirt hemline. The A-line lehenga skirt has a layered hemline, resembling evening gowns from western fashion.

22. Velvet Gown Style Lehenga


Roka ceremony is all about experimental clothing and fusion ethnic attires. This dark maroon lehenga comes with a hand-worked choli, ornate floral dupatta and a lehenga skirt which has the cut and fall of a western gown.

23. Ethnic Boho Lehenga

Boho or quirky styles are completely trending now! This bride wears a lehenga featuring all colors and patterns. The outfit is designed in such a way that it looks like it has been stitched together from different scraps of fabric and put together with gold zari work. The presence of so many colors makes the outfit extremely vibrant. Latkan details are added.

24. Peach and Gold Dress

The combination of peach and gold never fails to impress! The simple dress is both elegant and attractive and a safe choice for the Roka ceremony.

25. Twitch from usual color palette with lime yellow

Are you someone who always prefers to oft for the most unusual yet chirpy colors? Then this lime yellow is something which will suit the perfect outdoor day event or even a night ceremony with all the dazzling embroidery and flash on it. Checkout more of yellow lehenga.

The leaf like cut-outs at the bottom of the lehenga blouse surely deviate from the usual cut and look of the blouse. Also the statement dupatta!

Belt like structure at the beginning of the lehenga skirt is just so perfect! And to add coolness to your photographs, you can also add those big sunglasses as why not 😉

TIP: As there’s a lot going on with the lehenga, keep jewelry at a minimum with just a choker like in the image. Also don’t go too heavy with the makeup. Keep it light but bold lips and some extra highlighter is just enough to accentuate the whole look.

26. When Less is More

There is nothing to describe about this outfit except for the fact that it is outright mesmerizing! The A-line paper white lehenga skirt is devoid of embellishments. The choli boasts a bit of thread work in white and pink. The same motifs are repeated on the border of the sheer cape. The cape also has a few bouts of vibrant pink in the form of printed floral motifs. Elegant fabrics like satin, net, chiffon etc have been used for this Roka ceremony outfit.

27. ‘Steel’ the Show


Unique colors are in vogue! This steel grey lehenga with metallic embroidery and net frill details is definitely stealing the show!

28. Chanderi Silk for vintage bride

In today’s modern era, it’s hard to find a bride who’s into vintage things, but if you are someone who loves those Banarasi silk sarees or chanderi ones, then a maroon saree like the one above will make you stand out perfectly.

29. Sharara shararat going on


If you want to feel comfortable and not feel like a princess with a lehenga or get restricted by the 6 yard clothing piece, then an umber chic sharara is something which you can choose for the roka.

It is both simple and elegant, and feels highly cozy. Just twirl around for photos and see how the sharara feels in photos, just a mini version of the extravagant lehenga.

30. White shirt and a designer lehenga for a carefree look

Now this is raging across social media and the fashion circle for the longest time and what better than experimenting at your sister or friend’s roka ceremony. It’s not too decked up still feels a complete look in itself.

Pair with some heavy Indian or junk jewelry to complete the look. A good pair of sunglasses will add a sense of coolness to this otherwise hot look and will also help you beat the heat.

TIP: As the top is light, keep the skirt heavy and embellished and also try to keep makeup, especially your eyes and lips bold.

Tips & Tricks for Your Roka Ceremony

1. Don’t go overboard and overwhelmed with anything and everything you see on the hangers because in these kinds of functions which are not going to end for a long time, it’s better that you choose something which is not extremely heavy.
So save the heavy embellishments and jewelry for the wedding.

2. Though if you choose to go heavy with the outfit, be light on accessories and makeup. The look should be balanced and not over the top. Similarly, if you wear loose down the waist, keep it fitted on the top and vice versa.

3. Colors are something with which you can PLAY A LOT as this is the time to stand apart in terms of fashion, outfit picks and to be carefree because rest of the functions except mehendi ceremony doesn’t actually let you open up with the color palette as people mostly expect traditional colors.
Be it beige, pink, light blue, green, yellow for the roka, JUST HAVE IT. The list is endless.

4. Lastly, for the footwear, choose something that blends well and feels comfortable because there’re a lot of alternatives to heels (like mules, kolhapuri chappals, ballet flat, jutis etc.) and within heels(like wedge heels).

Conclusion – what to wear on Roka Ceremony

According to our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and our ancestors, Roka ceremony is like an official announcement of consent of both the bride and the groom to get married and start with the festivities.

It means that the groom has been stopped, that is, reserved for the bride and vice versa. It can be considered as even a pre-engagement function or sometimes what people do is take this opportunity to even exchange rings between the two. But is for sure the first function before wedding festivities commence.

Mostly what the would-be-couple chooses is a traditional outfit for the function but one can also go past the traditional one for something more modern, classy and sophisticated as this is the time to shine bright. Why not?

However before you start picking anything for this very first official function of yours, you need to keep some tips in mind.

If you’re looking out for an option for your roka but don’t want to go the usual way, instead opt for customization then do contact  to get in touch with their best designers and fine craftsmen for that perfect ensemble.

And if you’re thinking how’ll things look like in real, then you’ll get a free sample file as per your requirements and in sync with your thought process, please visit Bride and Groom page.

33 Haldi Ceremony Outfits and Dresses to Wear

Haldi Ceremony - GetEthnic

Haldi Ceremony is one of the most fun filled function in any Indian wedding and choosing the right haldi dress is very important.

When it comes to Haldi Ceremony dress for bride then you can opt for a lot of options varying from lehenga to a bright saree or a kurta or any other ethnic outfit but “Yellow” is defiantly the color of the Ceremony!

If you are an Indian or have an Indian acquaintance wherein you have attended an Indian wedding, then you must know that Indian weddings are all about lots and lots of functions, hippy music, lavish food, over the top décor and the custom Indian rituals which have been following for the longest possible time one can remember.

And one of them is the quintessential, Haldi Ceremony.

It is one of the most fun filled yet one of the emotional functions to make memories with the bride.
But what is this haldi ceremony and why is it significant enough to be worth considered?

Haldi ceremony is simply about applying a paste of turmeric, sandalwood, some oil and rose water to go off of any negativity, to fill positivity, to add glow, to purify soul and also to symbolize blessings whosoever applies it to the one getting married.

It is believed that the ingredients that go into the paste bring an uncanny glow to a bride’s face.


Trends Haldi Ceremony Outfits for Indian Brides

1. Bright Yellow Embellished Lehenga for Haldi Ceremony

Bright Yellow Embellished Lehenga for Haldi CeremonyCheckout this Lehenga

This is a Bright Yellow Embellished Lehenga with matching Blouse & Dupatta which goes perfectly in a grand haldi function. Contemporary Embroidery with Bold use of fun materials and generous amount of Pearls, Stones and Colors is making this ensemble one in a million. A fresh take on a traditional Haldi outfit is exciting and beautiful at the same time.


2. Beige and Yellow Haldi Ceremony Outfit

Beige and Yellow Haldi Ceremony OutfitCheckout this Lehenga

This one is a beige and yellow silk based lehenga which is at once quirky and stunning – goes very well for a bride looking to wear something unique in her Haldi function. Ethnic motifs in self-color thread work adorn the lehenga skirt along with bright yellow embroidered motifs that stand out and highlight the intricacy of the embroidery.


3. Haldi Ceremony Embroidered Lehenga Set

Haldi Ceremony Embroidered Lehenga SetView Lehenga

Mustard aka Haldi Lehenga with matching Blouse and Dupatta. The striped ensemble has dreamy foliage patterns embroidered with colorful Resham and appliques. The Lehenga has Sunray Stripes with beautiful tropical motifs and a grandiose broad Border with Peacock-like florets and a scalloped hemline.


4. Yellow Haldi Mirror Work Lehenga

Yellow Haldi Mirror Work LehengaView Lehenga

From GetEthnic latest collection – “Rang” – here is a slate grey and yellow raw silk lehenga flaunting embroidery and mirror work which goes perfect in a Haldi ceremony. The lehenga skirt showcases embroidered floral motifs in yellow and pink threads


5. Yellow & Green Haldi Ceremony Dress

Yellow & Green Haldi Ceremony DressView Lehenga

Here is a gorgeous custom made Lehenga for Haldi Ceremony. It’s a stunning yellow, pink and green lehenga with exquisite gold zari work for the ultimate festive look. The colorful outfit would also work great for the wedding morning or mehendi function apart from haldi Ceremony. The skirt has panel design structure and the sleeveless choli flaunts floral zari embroidery.

6. Pure Raw Silk Lehenga for Haldi function

Parrot Green Pure Raw Silk LehengaView Lehenga

Another stunning custom made Lehenga for Haldi Ceremony. The blouse is heavily embroidered with zari & mirror work. the waistline of the skirt is also embroidered. the border has zari work with mirror highlights and tassels hanging on the net dupatta. Fabric as displayed in the image is Pure Raw Silk.


7. Not so conventional Haldi Ceremony Outfit

Not so conventional Haldi Ceremony Outfit

View this Gown

This chantley net gown looks extremely royal and elegant. It’s an unconventional gown for Haldi ceremony in a contrast of blue and yellow. The torso, too, is highly embellished with sequence and mirror work. The combination of blue and golden make it more regal. The back design, as well as the dori gives the gown a highly sensual look.


8. Asymmetrical Haldi Ceremony Dress

Asymmetrical Haldi Ceremony DressView this Dress


Here is a simple yet stunning Haldi Ceremony Dress for an Indian Bride looking to go sober in her Haldi function. This dress is pure georgette has uneven cuts. the first layer is short and the second layer is floor touching with copper beads work and tassels hanging on the edges of the hem.


Brides in Haldi Ceremony Outfits

The first question that usually comes up in the minds of various brides is whether to go for something new or wear something old for this ceremony because ultimately, the bride won’t be able to wear it again. For some, it is their mother’s old saree or their sister’s haldi’s outfit that they end up wearing.

For some it is all about going out and buying something new and quirky even if it implies that you can’t wear it later.

But it is all up to you as weddings are all about fun and your cousins and friends are going to have a blast in painting you yellow”.


9. Yellow Lehenga with unique Blouse

iamsanyasrivastava | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

Haldi dress for a bride has to be special but always keep in mind that no matter how careful you are, it will be ruined. So, go for something simple yet elegant like this yellow Lehenga which has scattered light embroidery all over with a thick border having thick lace with fitted blouse blouse.

10. Plain Saree with Half Sleeve Blouse

Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

For Haldi function outfit, this plain saree is another option which can be paired with accessories. Match this saree with a sleeveless/half sleeves blouse as your friends and family would need some space to show their haldi creativity.

11. Traditional Yellow Cotton Saree

Traditional Haldi Outfit | Yellow Cotton Sareeweddingsbyknottydays

You can never go wrong with a simple yellow cotton saree and pair it with an orange blouse. This gorgeous outfit is perfect for Haldi Ceremony for the bride as this ceremony usually takes place during day time and saree gives a traditional and elegant look.

12. Modern Layered Yellow Skirt with Accessories

Modern Layered Yellow Skirt with Accessories for Haldi Ceremony

Since haldi paste will be applied on your arms and legs, skirt becomes a go to for many brides. You can always pair it with lightly embroidered blouse and some accessories which would go perfectly with this fun ceremony.

13. Go non conventional with Shorts and Dupatta

Go Trendy with Yellow embroidered Shorts and Dupatta with White Top for Haldi Ceremony

When it comes to Haldi Ceremony, brides can go and express them self by wearing something which is non conventional yet practical. You can get a yellow shorts having an embroidered border and pair it with a white top. Match your shorts with a dupatta which has the same color and border embroidery. This is surely a trend setting outfit for the Indian bride to be.

14. Simple Lehenga & blouse

Simple yellow Lehenga & blouse for haldi ceremony

You can opt for a simple lehenga which is self embroidered with a thick border and paired with a plain blouse. This type of outfit looks expensive by since the lehenga fabric used is a machine work embroidery, it’s fits perfectly within the budget. This is a great choice of outfit for a Punjabi bride on her Haldi Ceremony.

15. Elegant & traditional Saree

Elegant & traditional Saree for haldi

You can never go wrong with an elegant and traditional saree with a half sleeve blouse paired with fresh flowers as accessory.

16. Trendy it up with Half Saree

Trendy it up with yellow Half Saree for Haldi Ceremony

Half Saree or sometimes refer as Lehenga Saree goes perfectly with Haldi Ceremony fun and party atmosphere. Having a traditional yet trendy outfit like this would enhance your overall wedding trousseau spectrum. This half saree has multiple borders giving it a unique look for the function.

17. Yellow dress to impress

Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

Brides! Instead of going for traditional and conventional outfits for haldi ceremony, you can also go for a yellow dress. As it’s all about expressing yourself on your wedding functions, you can always go and wear what you like! This yellow dress has light mirror work giving it a simple, yet modern look!

Brides just go and express your self, it’s your wedding! 

18. Matching Cotton Saree

Haldi Dress for Bride & Groom - Yellow Dhoti with matching Yellow | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

This is such a beautiful combination of a cotton saree for the bride which is matched with dhoti and short kurta for the groom. Bride and Groom matching outfit is bound to create sensation in the event and especially when both the ceremonies are happening at the same location.

19. A patiala Suit with net dupatta

Let’s jump straight on to some of the mind boggling, quirky, and traditional but not-so-traditional. | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

As mentioned before, wear something comfortable and traditional yet chic and what better than a simple patiala suit. Pair it with some lovely and fresh rose and mogra jewelry if you like. Maang tika, earrings and a floral neckpiece are really common, though you can also go for some floral bangles and anklets too.

Twirling in a patiala suit with long dupatta gives a classic vibe to the photographs which you can cherish once you’re over with the functions.

20. Splash of flower amidst being yellow

Keeping it minimalistic is an art in itself but a splash of colors with flowers is not bad though!

This skirt and top with sprinkle of colorful flowers and ethnic printed blouse surely compliments the function.

It is not only stylish but also perfect for that modern day bride who can’t be behind in being in trend.


21. Monotone saree with a dash of blue blouse

peternguyenphoto | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

Why not make an entry with a splash of bright color on a monotone yellow saree with some cool sunglasses (if you opt for) to beat the heat for an outdoor haldi ceremony! This is an beautiful South Indian bride looks even more stunning in a saree on a beach for her haldi ceremony.

Tip: If your overall ensemble is monotone or has just a single splash of color, then you can overdo with accessories like here with big chandbalis.


22. Simple yet traditional mother’s gota patti Saree

Renowned Indian fashion influencer Masoom Minawala donned her mother’s gota patti saree and draped it into a traditional Gujarati Style. What better than sitting and being painted in the color of love and affection, decorated with some floral latkans on bangles.

Tip: You can always end up curling your hair for a flowy and natural look or even braid your hair with some flowers or jewelry in the braid to make it more effort-ful (not effortless though).

23. A stark variation from yellow to red with some embellishments

Now this is what you called high-level of experimenting when it comes to a traditional Haldi ceremony. There’s some embroidery work going on and ruby maang tika but the color contrast of cream colored pants and red kurti is awe-striking.

Tip: Don’t go overboard with the colors to look out-one-out in an awkward way as too many colors can spoil the outfit (if all it feels is the colors and not the face).

24. Not mogra for haldi? No worries, sunflower is there!

Now this is not about the clothes, instead accessory to pair your outfit with. If you don’t want to be the usual mogra jewelry bride, then pair your Indian haldi ceremony outfit with big sunflower flowers to shine and glow like the flower with strings made of mogra seeds only or something else.


25. Neon is in trend and can be your color too

Neon is in trend and can be your color too for Haldi Ceremony for the bridebrides

This slightly neon green colored crop top kind of choli with a yellow skirt having neon green and pink border is something which is all quirky, cool and funky.

Neatly braided or even a messy braided or open hair would work wonders with such an outfit.

26. Why not multicolored?

The way Priyanka Chopra slayed in a multi-colored skirt at her mehendi ceremony, you too can shine bright with such a multi-colored skirt to stand out of the crowd and still look elegant.

Tip: As the skirt of the lehenga has quite a lot going on, pair it with something subtle and simple on the top to not look as if you are a walking shop of embellishments or too many colors.

27. Pleated skirt and shrug for a cool look


Now this is a statement piece for that out-of-the-box bride. The shrug and the skirt has pleats and ruffles going all around to do the talking and it seems that there’s nothing much efforts you need to do in with this.

Tip: When you know that the outfit itself has a lot of elements, then don’t overstuff the look with external elements like jewelry pieces, flowers etc. It will then spoil the overall look.


28. Statement blouse with dhoti style draped saree

Just look how cool and funky she’s looking!

The statement sleeves and the dhoti draped saree is so cool to make a statement and feel like a modern world carefree bride. And the neon sneakers are just acting as another statement piece to the overall look to add that oomph and coolness to the overall aesthetic look.

Tip: With such a look, you can always go a bit towards the heavier makeup but then keep accessories speak less so that your outfit screams the most.


29. Get noticed with floral passa and haath phool

Remember this hair accessory worn by Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani? And did you notice that cute yet intrinsic haath phool for some decoration on your fingers too? If not, then this is something which you can vouch for while still being in the wedding mood.


30. Color blocking prints | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

This color blocking mechanism is also now in trend and works well for other functions as well besides the haldi function.
Color blocking also helps you look slimmer and makes a person stop at you to watch your entire ensemble.

31. Embroidered short lehenga for a casual and hippy bride

This haldi ensemble idea of the bride is super dapper and quite vocal about the easy going and happy go lucky nature of the lady sighting the fact that she ditched the usual ankle length lehenga skirt, instead opted for something short and sassy.

This kind of outfit works best for an outdoor haldi function with an airy vibe around and more so ever if you’re around the waters or (directly) under the sun.

Tip: Wear a color that blends in well with the décor of the venue and can also be coordinated with that of the groom as; why not twinning with your would-be husband!

32. Tassels on the back and palazzos at bottom (Mani Mahesh) | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

Tassels are in vogue and what better way to flaunt your back and break the monotony of your outfit than using long tassels latkan at the back. It not only adds oomph, but also complements the overall look.

Moreover, skirt style palazzos are also quite trending in the fashion world these days.

Tip: Tassels come in various forms like the one in the above image are of cloth while they also come with embellishments etc. As you might be dancing, jumping here and there so keep them light and in contrast with your overall outfit.

You can even have them customized in whatever shape, size and length you want for some personalized touch.


33. Keep it simple with bell sleeves and a dupatta


Three Important factors to consider before choosing your Haldi Outfit

However what all needs to be considered before finalizing on an outfit and matching accessories for a Haldi Ceremony?

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing outfits and accessories for this function to avoid discomfort and also to have crazy but nostalgic clicks:

wedmegood | Get Custom Made Indian Bridal Wear

1. If you’re the bride, then your clothes will be stained and in many parts of India, it is a ritual that the clothes stained in haldi and oil is donated to someone in need or can also be taken up by the sister of the bride.

Or can even be worn by someone else in the family, but not the bride herself later; so it is better to choose a shade of yellow to symbolize the event perfectly and also to blend well with the color of haldi.

Though you can always opt for other colors as well but yellow seems to be in high coordination and in sync with the color of haldi and looks great in pictures too. Also avoid various textures like beadings, velvet etc. on your outfit.

And if you’re someone who’s going to attend someone’s haldi ceremony, same rule applies to you so that you don’t end up with haldi-removal treatment once back home.


2. Don’t wear accessories that you might regret later for haldi being applied on them. A BIG NO to heavily embellished jewelry as you’ll have problem clearing haldi off them. Instead opt for floral accessories as they are in vogue and also match with any outfit. But don’t go overboard with them also.

Just ones which complement your outfit well. The choice of flowers depends on you.
Though the most usual ones are mogra and roses, but you can have any which you love.


3. As you’ll be sitting for most of the time, a really comfortable outfit with comforting silhouette is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Don’t wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable while sitting with haldi on.

And if you’ll apply haldi to the bride, then also be comfortable as you too will be running, twirling all day long (required you are the bride’s good friend and would love to apply loads of the paste on her).

What all outfit and accessory ideas will work great for Haldi Ceremony?



Conclusion – Haldi Ceremony Outfits & Dresses for Brides

If you don’t want much hassle but still wish to feel comfortable and look sophisticated, then wear a suit with bell sleeves for some statement and pair it with a contrasting printed dupatta.

The big puffy sleeves will add a slight variation and a character to your otherwise plain outfit.

Tip: Keep the dupatta in a contrast color so that it doesn’t mix with the rest of your outfit else it won’t work.

If you don’t want to carry it, then simply click pictures before the function starts and then you can remove it once you start getting loaded with haldi from all your friends and relatives.

So in this blog we discussed and gave you some feasible, modern and some traditional options to choose from for the haldi ceremony.

If you think we missed on something really interesting, please mention in the comments section below.


And if you found something interesting enough to work out for yourself or want an altogether different outfit for yourself, then do contact to get in touch with their team of designers and craftsmen to build the best outfit for this fun filled day before the final D-day!

Also if you are looking for getting yourself Custom Made Bridal wear then checkout Indian Wedding Wear and we got you covered!

So what are you planning to wear on your Haldi Ceremony?

35 Indian Wedding Guest Dresses for that Perfect Look

Attending Indian weddings as a Guest is always fun to attend! You get to dress up in your Indian attires, you get to meet many old friends or relatives and you also get to eat a lot of good food. But what dress to wear at an Indian wedding as a guest ?
NATURAL BODYBUILDING: WHAT IS IT? – SPORT-AND-FITNESS what is crossfit jump rope workout fit ciccio recipe, low carbo protein pancake with bresaola and light cream cheese | my fitness brother
There are a lot of fabrics and dresses to choose from as Indian outfits not are glittery and gorgeous but its also has tons of options to choose from.

If it’s a summer wedding then wearing something heavy and synthetic will make matters extremely uncomfortable for you. And at the same time if its winter time then wearing something too light is not recommended. If you are not wearing the right cloths then you won’t be able to enjoy the company of people or the food nor will you look good. Let’s walk through Indian wedding guest dresses that you can opt for!

Since the wedding season of summer is on, we thought we should give you a few suggestions as to what kind of outfits you should choose as a guest for the summer wedding. But first of all, let us get the fundamentals in place. Even before you plan the colour and type of your outfit you should know which fabrics you can count on for summer and which fabrics you should avoid.

We know that wedding fashion does not come in cotton. But you need to choose fabrics that are breathable.

There are so many Indian wedding Guest Dresses to choose from and we have listed them for women, men and couples. Also we have listed the preferable fabrics and the fabrics to avoid as a Guest in Indian Wedding.

Couple Outfit Ideas for Indian Wedding Guests

1. Aqua Blue Goals

Aqua Blue Goals - Indian Wedding Guest outfit for couple

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This couple in aqua blue themed outfits is setting goals. Both the outfits are in the color combination of aqua blue, ivory and gold. Both outfits showcase matte gold gota patti work with sheesha embroidery. If you really want co-ordinated outfits as a couple invited to an Indian wedding, think such outfits to make heads turn.

2. Team Mustard – Indian wedding guest dresses

Team Mustard - Indian Groom wedding Outfits

This couple is sure to make heads turn at this wedding function! The guy wears a simple green silk kurta with bronze tone churidar bottoms. He adds a mustard yellow ethnic waistcoat. His partner is dressed winstrol for sale in a gorgeous pink ikkat lehenga skirt and a zardozi embroidered choli which is also in mustard yellow. The mustard yellow element co-ordinates their look. But these looks would be best for a morning wedding function rather than one in the evening or night.

3. The Silver Sequin Lehenga & the Dark Plum Suit

The Silver Sequin Lehenga & the Dark Plum Suit

For that grand and elite look as a couple in an Indian wedding, go for solid colors and complex textures! The lehenga, in this case, is in a silver tone with sequin and crystal work. The work creates a textured look homogeneously spread all over the lehenga. The suit is also in a unique shade – dark plum. The richness of the fabric comes through.

4. Frills and Feathers

Frills and Feathers - Indian wedding guest outfit for guest

If it is the wedding of your younger sister or best friend, you really need to glam up. In that case, go for a silver sequin work, crystal and stone embroidered lehenga like this one. Add the touch of frills and feathers to bring in a variation in the textures. Your partner may wear a grand sherwani to match up the glamour quotient of your look. But if he wants to keep things simple, a cocktail suit is all he needs.

5. Velvet Lehenga and Dinner Jacket

Velvet Lehenga and Dinner Jacket - Indian Wedding guest outfit for wedding.

Velvet isn’t only for the bride. A simplistic velvet lehenga is great for the Indian wedding guest look. The lehenga skirt here has a straight cut paired with sleeveless choli and net dupatta. Though the choli is thoroughly embroidered, the skirt showcases minimal zari embroidery with an ornate border. This dark blue and gold outfit coupled with the white dinner jacket may not be coordinated but they look good together.

6. The Sharara and Jodhpuri Suit Combination


The simplistic, comfortable, contemporary yet glamorous look of this couple is something to die for! The pastel blue sharara suit with zari and thread work, stone embroidery etc is so soothing to the eye! The black Jodhpuri suit with yoke design in thread work does not match it in shade but it is an extremely sophisticated outfit in its own way. Together, the two outfits look extremely elegant!

7. Indian Couple Guest dresses with color match up

If you are a couple coming to an Indian wedding then going for matching colors with your partner is too cool and too hot at the same time!

GetEthnic - Indian wedding Guest DressesGetEthnic Clients 

For Indian wedding guest dresses as a couple you have so many options as lehenga for girls goes very well with kurta pajama for boys, saree could be paired with a sherwani and a lot more.

Mostly you would need to get this custom made as a designer would help both the couple to achieve the right look and that’s why we are here for, contact us to get started!

8. Indian Couple Guest dresses with Fabric and Pattern match up

GetEthnic - Indian wedding Guest DressesGetEthnic Clients 

Trust us! A couple is bound to get a lot of attention when they get the dresses made of the same fabric or patterns.


Wedding Guest Outfit Dresses for Women

9. The Floral Net Lehenga – Indian wedding guest dresses

The Floral Net Lehenga. Indian wedding Guest Dresses for women

Choosing tulle or net as your fabric solves most of your problems as the fabrics look and feel light. With light and airy fabrics, floral looks go very well! This lehenga here showcases multicolor floral embroidery on a base of pink. You can choose any light color. The use of gold zari or sequin is also limited, making it an ideal choice for a wedding guest attire.

10. Black Embroidered Skirt with Crop Top

Black Embroidered Skirt with Crop Top - Indian wedding guest Dresses

The skirt and crop top look is ideal for the wedding guest, especially if it is so uniquely designed. We see elaborate light golden thread embroidery all over the flared black skirt. The crop top has light gold and red horizontal bands. It flaunts the boat neck cut. Such an outfit is the perfect blend of ethnic, western and contemporary fashion.

11. Beige Lehenga

Indian wedding guest Dresses

Nude colors like beige or ivory or cream etc help in mellowing down a look. This is why this lehenga looks so subtly beautiful even though it is heavily embellished with floral embroidery and sequin work. Moreover, the use of gold is present but the texture is matte which tones down the bling factor! The beige tone combined with purple looks very beautiful!

12. The Light Red Lehenga

Indian wedding guest Dresses - red Lehenga

If you really want to wear a red lehenga as a wedding guest, go for such a light one. We see gold zari embroidery in the form of small and medium bootas all over the lehenga. That is all the embellishment! The choli is sleeveless and the dupatta is narrow and plain. Though the color is red, the cut and design language of the outfit is extremely contemporary and sleek, making it appropriate for the wedding guest.

13. Pastel Tone Lehengas

Pastels may be described as the ideal color group for Indian wedding guest lehengas. Pastel hued lehengas with feathery net layers and zari embroidery look beautiful! In this case, a mint green lehenga skirt has been layered with blush toned net on which we see both zari and thread embroidery along with a bit of mirror work near the hemline. It looks exquisite!

14. The Moss Green and Gold Lehenga

Call it a lehenga or a crop top and skirt set, this outfit is a bit on the heavier side when it comes to Indian wedding guest dresses. The rich moss green color of raw silk looks decadent. The golden zari, sequin and zardozi bead work looks exotic. We see the use of red, sky blue and orange beads as well. The choli is off-shoulder on one side and the sleeve on the other side is flared, layered and wavy.

15. Lehengas in Neutral Tones

This Green Lehenga in neutral tones look great as an attire for Indian wedding guests – irrespective of age and complexion. You can go for unique colors like light beige, faded brown, creamy ivory or even pastel neutral tones like dusty pink, sand etc. These lehengas are perfect as they showcase minimalistic embellishment with silver zardozi work and ivory toned thread work.

16. White Chikankari Lehenga

When in doubt, still, go for a white chikankari lehenga. Chikankari embroidery looks extremely classy. Moreover when paired with mirror work or a bit of gota patti, it looks exquisite! And what can be more sophisticated than a white chikankari lehenga, just like the one in the image! In this case, the choli is sleeveless and has a cutwork frill border.

You can always contact elite designer’s of to get you the most Stunning and Georgeous looking custom made Indian ethnic Wear! Below are the choices that you should opt when it comes to attending Indian Weddings:

17. Saree – Graceful & Evergreen

Yes, you read it right! Sarees are perfect as outfits for summer weddings as they allow a lot of ventilation and are light-weight provided you stay away from heavily embellished ones. Choose a silk saree for that royal look.

Saree - Guest indian Wedding Dressescredit: apollofotografie | Get Bridesmaid Outfits

You may also go for a chiffon saree that has elegant embellishment just at the borders and the pallu for that classic look. Pair it with diamond jewellery for a statement of class.

You may also go for a handloom silk saree and pair them up with chunky silver jewellery to create a bohemian look which is an ‘in’-thing nowadays.

Indian Wedding Guest Dresses - Saree

You have many options in sarees as you can go for Banarasi silk Saree or opt for Kanjivaram saree but you as a guest in Indian wedding you need to make sure that you are not wearing too heavy jewelry as that would over power the saree elegance.


Indian Wedding Guest Dresses - Designer Saree

Also, if you are high on budget and wants to make a statement as a guest in Indian wedding then go for the designer sarees. They are on a higher price range but worth the cost of you are planning to impress. Checkout more about Manish Malhotra Saree and Sabyasachi wedding saare.

For western attending an Indian wedding you could never go wrong with a Saare, as it’s not only Indian tradition wear but also looks graceful and elegant for any wedding function.


18. Lehenga – Skirt & blouse paired with Dupatta

If you love fusion fashion, then dressing up for a wedding invitation is exactly your cup of tea. Flared maxi skirts that have some traditional elements like zari weaves or embroidery are lightweight, allow air to pass and at the same time are perfect for occasions. Pair the skirt with a blouse or crop top that again has some desi element.

You can also give a bohemian twist to this look by choosing a pair of lehenga skirt and blouse that have mirror work or tribal motifs. Skip the necklace and wear suitable but large earrings with this look.

Yellow Lehenga for Guest


Get yourself tailored a light lehenga and pair it will a plain blouse. Instead of a dupatta put on a sheer cape with embellishments only at the borders.

Such a sheer cape has no extra weight yet it will make you look extremely elegant and different. This outfit will also save you from the hassle of carrying a dupatta around.

You can opt for Banarasi lehenga since it’s traditional yet trendy at the same time!

Draped Lehenga: Another way of looking gorgeous in a lehenga on the occasion of a summer wedding is wearing a draped lehenga. A draped lehenga is one which is not in the conventional flowing skirt shape.

drapped lehenga

You can always go for a high end designer lehenga like Sabyasachi lehenga or Manish Malhotra lehengas or even shyamal Bhumika lehenga but it would cost you a lot of money or instead you can get it custom made by as that would be a must reasonable option with amazing quality and complete customization.

A draped lehenga is either pleated or fold in such a way that it becomes compact yet gives the look of fancy attire.

It goes without saying that draped lehengas are easy to carry and they generally come in lightweight fabrics as it is difficult to drape and sew together heavy or embellished fabrics. You can easily invest in a draped lehenga this summer wedding season to create a statement look.


19. Salwar kameez or Punjabi suit or Patiala Suit

The salwar kurta is perhaps the most comfortable desi attire. But to avoid looking too plain in a salwar suit at a wedding, give it a special twist with some heavy embroidery with dupatta. If the suit is heavy, do with a lighter dupatta and vice verse.

Patiala Suit - GetEthnic Clients

Instead, opt for a dhoti-style bottom or a Patiala or a sharara. These bottoms will instantly make the look fancier. Choose a fabric like raw silk or tussar for your attire to feel comfortable while looking completely out-of-the-box.

Chudidar suit -

You may or may not use a dupatta with this look as the main focus of this look is the bottom-wear.

Custom made Punjabi Suit


20. Lightweight Gowns

You can close your eyes and purchase an ethnic gown to dress up for a summer wedding invitation. Like we said earlier, fusion clothing is what will save us this summer wedding season. Such gowns are easily available online and at stores.

Indian Wedding Gown

However, choose the fabric wisely. Silk and chiffon are great for such gowns but avoid something that is embellished all over or has brocade or velvet on it. Gowns are one-piece outfits that are easy to move about in. Go for an elegant hairdo, some classy stone or pearl jewellery and an embellished clutch. You are sure to turn heads at the wedding function!!


21. Floor length Anarkali dress

If you want to wear a gown yet have more ethnic elements in the look, the floor-length Anarkali dress is best for you.

Floor Length Anarkali

An Anarkali floor length dress will save you the trouble of carrying around a flared gown as Anarkali dresses have a wide A-line cut but are not overly flared. The Anarkali dress will also have embellishments only on the yoke and the border.

Thus it will not be very heavy. Pair such a dress with jarao jewellery to flaunt that royal demeanour.


22. Lehenga Saree

Lehenga Saree is a combination of lehenga and saree! Its totally unique but likeliness of lehenga Saree has been on a raise.

It’s a beautiful blend of pallu of a saree with flares of a lehenga.  You are pair it with a full sleeve or half sleeves blouse but sleeve less blouse usually look a bit odd with lehenga Saree. Is is one of the unique Indian Wedding Guest Dress that you can chose to wear in the wedding or reception function.


23. Churidar and kurta with dupatta

Now, this is a hack in the true sense of the term. Wear a lightweight kurta and churidar. You can even go for cotton and silk mixed fabrics for this look as the main highlight of the look will be the dupatta.

With a simple solid colour pair of kurta-churidar, wear a dupatta which is heavily embellished or embroidered. The dupatta will steal the show and distract people away from your simple pair of kurta-churidar.

Churidar and kurta with dupatta

No, the dupatta does not have to be too heavy. You can choose a dupatta in a sheer fabric like net, georgette, chanderi etc. It just needs to have embellishments or zari work or embroidery on it.


24. Skirt & Kurta

The ethnic maxi skirt is a blessing to have in the summer wedding season. Unlike other forms of bottom wear like salwar or churidar, skirts will make you feel lighter and airier.

Skirt, Kurta and Dupatta

For this look, you will need an ethnic flared maxi skirt with a nice embellished lower border. The rest of the skirt may be plain as it will save weight and remain hidden under a straight cut kurta with high slits. You can go about attending a wedding function just like this or wear a matching dupatta with it, the choice is yours.


25. Ethnic crop top over Lehenga

If you want to accentuate the ethnic skirt and blouse look that we just mentioned, wear an ethnic crop over a lehenga skirt. A lehenga skirt will be a bit heavier than an ethnic flared maxi skirt but if you choose something in a light and breathable fabric, it should not be much of a problem.

Ethnic crop top over Lehenga


Just make sure the lehenga bottom is not an over-flared or a flowing one as it will restrict movement. In case you want to sport this look, keep in mind that the crop top needs to be a bit understated because the lehenga skirt is the star of the show.

Dhoti pants with short top and jacket: If you are the kind who does not like extremely ethnic clothing or feminine clothing yet have to attend a wedding in Indian attire, we have the best solution for you.


Ethnic Menswear for the Indian Wedding Guest

26. The ‘Kala Chashma’ Look

The 'Kala Chashma' Look - Indian wedding Guest Dresses for Menmoderndaywingman

Bring out your desi swagger with this smart outfit as a wedding guest. A black knee-length silk kurta has been paired with tapered trousers and a thread-worked waistcoat. The combination of black and white is timeless. Coupled with black shoes and mandatorily, the black glares or kala chashma, this is a look to die for!

27. The Short Velvet Sherwani

Indian wedding Guest Dresses for Menaryabrothers_thesuitcompany

While a full length sherwani is grand but common, a short one can bring a bit of variation! As a wedding guest, it’s a great option. Go for narrow-bottomed trousers instead of full churidar bottoms and a rich fabric like velvet. This one is in a rich brownish red tone with minimalistic zari hand embroidery in floral motifs.

28. Loose-Fitting Thread Work Kurta


Nothing is more comfortable than a loose-fitting, relaxed fit kurta paired with pyjamas. It gives out the vibe of casual glamour! You can go for a silk kurta in a color like black, blue or maroon. In this case, the kurta even flaunts tiny floral boota motifs in thread work all over.

29. Woven Design Short Kurta

Indian wedding Guest Dresses for Men

With Indian wedding guest outfits for men, one can go for really light and comfortable options. Especially for a summer wedding, a light woven design kurta paired with pyjama or churidar bottoms is the best option! In this case, a light cream tone fabric has been used with all over woven barfi motifs.

30. Dhoti with Embroidered Silk Kurta

Indian wedding Guest Dresses for Menthe_ruggedbear

The kurta is the most popular outfit when it comes to ethnic menswear! You can give the kurta look a bit of a glam twist by pairing it with a dhoti instead of churidar or pyjama bottoms. Drape the dhoti in the Bengali or South Indian style and keep it in a traditional neutral tone with a thin border. Go for a pure silk knee-length kurta with embroidered details. Both the kurtas featured in this image are stunning. One is black with embroidered yoke. The other comes in multi-color weaving – it is bottle green with red undertones. It has red thread work details on the yoke portion. The design gives it the look of a angarakha kurta.

31. White Chikankari Kurta with White Dhoti


We are probably repeating but nothing’s classier than chikankari on white. Men love to wear white and in case of ethnic wear, what’s better than a chikankari kurta? In this case, the kurta is collared and is paired with a white dhoti! It’s one of the most graceful looks in this list. Checkout more of Chikankari Sherwani.

32. Kurta pajama

When it comes to attending the traditional Indian wedding as a Guest then kurta pajama is your best bet. You can always go with a kurta with little embroidery on chest and on the arms.

Kurta comes in many shapes and sizes, either you can opt for bright colors if the wedding function is in the day time or can go with darker shades with you are attending an evening event.

Kurta Pajama

Also you can choose which type of pajama (bottom) you want to go as there are many variants to it like chudidaar or a straight fit or regular fit. Also keep in mind the footwear that you wear along with it as kurta pajama looks the best with a Punjabi Jutti or you can wear your ever green leather black sandals.

To give your kurta pajama more flare, go with a stole and tie it around the neck. Just make sure the stole is in contract with your kurta color.

33. Lightly embroidered Sherwani

As a guest in an Indian wedding you would see a lot of men wearing Sherwani in the wedding. Sherwani is a very traditional and heavy outfit which is supposed to be worn by the close members of the family in the main wedding function but as a guest you can always go with a light embroidered sherwani.

Lightly embroidered Guest Sherwani

With Sherwani you can experiment with a lot of different designing and colors but keep it simple with good pair of leather shoes (no sandals).

34. Nehru jacket paired with trousers

Nehru jacket is back in the fashion when it comes to attending Indian wedding. The beauty of Nehru jacket is you can get that Indian ethnic look just by wearing this half sleeves jacket. Also it would go well even with a jeans but if it match it with a kurta pajama then you are bound to get some compliments.

Nehru jacket paired with trousers

Nehru jacket comes in various fabrics but go with a silk or raw silk one as that would give an little shinny look which is perfect for attending an Indian Wedding.

35. Achkan – Royal Indian Wedding Attire

Galaband simply means closed neck. If you are really looking to impress someone then go with galaband traditional suit. It is a combination of western and traditional look with so many options to choose from. You would never go wrong with this type of attire in an Indian wedding and if you are tall then this is for you.

Achkan - Royal Indian Wedding Attire

Match it with plain leather shoes or you can opt for band embroidered shoes which is Custom Made as per attire.


Preferable Fabrics for Wedding Guests

Preferable Fabrics for Wedding Guests


  • Hand-woven chanderi cotton: Though this is cotton, it is a fabric that is meant to be worn in occasions. Chanderi cotton comes in the sheer form and has elegant golden motifs on it. You can get a salwar kameez or Anarkali kurta stitched with this fabric and you can also buy a beautiful chanderi cotton saree. Just tell your tailor to use a good quality, thin and breathable lining while tailoring your attire in chanderi cotton.
  • Viscose Rayon: Viscose Rayon is made up of semi-synthetic fibres that are extremely light-weight and do not trap heat at all. It has a somewhat glossy texture and is, therefore, a great choice for a person who is a wedding guest. Rayon clothing meant to worn on occasions is easily available everywhere and even online. But those who tend to perspire a lot can skip this fabric.
  • Natural, unblended, hand-woven silk: Silk is considered to be a winter fabric but there are some varieties of hand-woven or handloom silk that are extremely lightweight and airy. For example, natural silks like Eri, tussar, muga, Kanchipuram silk, chanderi silk etc are appropriate for a wedding function and at the same time extremely light and breathable.
  • Chiffon: Good quality chiffon is one of the most breathable fabrics one can go for. Chiffon is used in lehengas, salwar-suits etc. Chiffon sarees make up one of the most timeless and classic looks one can sport at a wedding.
  • Some types of cotton, linen and chambray: Though cotton, linen and chambray are fabrics for daily wear, designers are now experimenting by combining cotton threads with silk to come up with fusion fabrics that may be textured or a bit fancy looking. If you can get access to attires made up of such fabrics, don’t miss the chance and grab them. They may be embellished or just gorgeous on their own.


Fabrics to Avoid wear at an Indian Wedding

FABRICS to avoid in Indian wedding


  • Polyester: No matter who tries to convince you that 100% polyester is a breathable fabric, don’t get fooled and trapped into buying polyester dresses for a summer wedding. Polyester is made up of synthetic fibres which will not even soak a speck of sweat from your skin.
  • Nylon: Nylon is another completely synthetic fibre that traps heat and does not absorb sweat.
  • 100% Rayon: Though viscose rayon may be good for dry summer evenings, 100% rayon is another synthetic fabric which, though lightweight, gives its wearer the toughest time on a hot and humid day.
  • Heavy silks and brocades: Skip your Banarasi saree if you are dressing up to attend a summer wedding. Silks that have heavy zari work on them or even premium quality silk brocades are not at all ideal for a wedding function in summer. They are heavy and make the wearer feel extremely uncomfortable.
  • Velvet: Now that you know which fabrics you would pick up for your wedding guest outfit of summer 2019, we will give you some ideas and inspirations to efficiently plan the outfit.

Choose ethnic colors and a suitable fabric like raw silk and ask your tailor to stitch you a dhoti pant paired with a short top. To make the look, even more, desi tell your designer or tailor to add ethnic embellishments at the borders or at other suitable places. Don’t like carrying the dupatta? Wear an ethnic jacket over your top which may end at your waist or go all the way down to your knees. This fusion outfit is not only elegant but fun and has a tad bit of quirkiness to it.

Final Word – Indian Wedding Guest Dresses

Attending an Indian wedding is so too much fun but you need dress it right for the occasion. You need to make sure that what you wear must be comfortable as in a big fat Indian wedding you would be dancing and will be open the move, so choose something which is very comfortable.

In Hindu wedding or Punjabi wedding, you would see a lot of dances, music, drinks and flare. So go for bright and vibrant colors which represents your personality. Weddings in most of the Bollywood movies show the cultures and traditions in a beautiful way but you would see a lot more when you attend an Indian wedding in person.

Muslim wedding and most of the South Indian weddings are more traditional and it’s a great event to know the cultures and traditions up and close.


If you need help with accessing any of the mentioned wedding guest outfit ideas, you can bank on us! Click to get started. We specialize in ethnic wedding couture – be it the outfit for the bride or groom, for the bridesmaid or the guests.

Also we encourage you to get Indian wedding Guest dresses as custom made as well since that’s made per your requirements and body type. Also you don’t need to worry as what to wear as a guest since our designer will help you choose your outfit. Checkout our process:


If you want to get a customized outfit made, you can get in touch with us. Our designers and stylists will reach out to you with a host of options from which you can customize your outfit. So get going and be ready to rock that wedding party with an outfit as gorgeous as it can get.

So, what do you think which outfit would you like to wear in upcoming Indian Wedding?