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Ethnic Suits for Men

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While the sherwani is a classic and appropriate choice for the groom on the occasion of the wedding, repeating the same style on the day of the reception party is just not done! Yet, most grooms are at a loss when they try to look for a unique outfit for the reception party. Though suits are a great option, are they really ‘desi’? Somehow, without the “ethnic” factor, the outfit looks bland, isn’t it? The solution is pretty simple, then! Just mix the two styles – take the suit and add ethnic elements and what you have is a perfect example of blended fashion – the Indo western ethnic suit for the reception party!

In the collection, we have not played with the traditional colors of suits and kept prints away! This is because, on basic colors like black, navy, brown, ivory etc, ethnic embellishment create a beautiful contrast! Ethnic reception suits go better with a bow rather than a tie. Moreover, the lapels, sleeves and collars are best areas to place embellishment.

In many of the ethnic suits seen below we have played with different kind of textures and jacquard surfaces. We have used embroidery or weaving techniques to bring about this variation. Ornate buttons enhance the ethnic appeal of the suits. We have also introduced uniquely cut button lines to give the reception suits a slightly more non-formal look. We have used checkered looks, stripes, woven designs, animal prints, floral embroidery, gold and silver thread work, tie-up details and even stone, crystal and sequin work. Though most of the suits come in sombre neutral tones, there are a few that are experimental – using splashes of gold, subdued wine tones, muted reds etc.

Though this is a perfect attire for the groom on the reception evening, such an ethnic suit can also be flaunted on the wedding day by the groomsmen, the father of the bride or groom, their brother etc! You can reuse your ethnic suit as a wedding guest, later on! These suits are a perfect blend of formal appeal blended with desi style! To include your preferences in terms of colors, size, embellishment etc, get in touch with us and get your ethnic suits customized!