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34 Galabandh Suits for Your Rendezvous with Royalty

Galabandh or Jodhpuri Suit is so royal and Classy at the same time that you can’t go unnoticed in a wedding or any other occasion or festival. It’s popularity has been on the rise and for a good reason as it would put you in it’s own royal league!

Be it a wedding, special occasion or festival, a Galabandh suit is for everyone and a MUST for any men’s closet.

Black Color with stripe Galabandh or Jodhpuri suithis_highness_store | Get Custom Made Galabandh

The bandhgala or galabandh or Jodhpuri suit is a one-of-a-kind formal Indian wear for men that fuses ethnic style of clothing with western cuts. A galabandh suit consists of a pair of trousers under a fully buttoned, usually high collared, coat. It is the perfect example of a product from the rajgharanas of the Rajputs when their tailors learnt how to use British concepts of tailoring.


34 Trending Galabandh or  Suits – A Favorite with Celebs

As formal outfits, the galabandh suit comes in single tones and mostly in basic formal colors like blacks and whites. There are two ways of flaunting these classic bandhgala suits – you can either go traditional or add a hint of color to your outfit or an accessory that stands out. In this section we will explore all such options.

1. Pastel Blue and White Embroidered Galabandh

Here is a pastel blue and white embroidered Galabandh Indowestern jacket paired with white trousers. The white thread work is reminiscent of traditional chikankari work. It forms floral motifs distributed equally all over. In the right corner and on the top part of the left sleeve, vine and leaf patterns have also been thread worked.

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2. Pastel Embroidered short Galabandh with Pastel Yellow Short Kurta

here is a pastel galabandh jacket with exotic multi-color hand embroidery in floral motifs. The use of pastel shade thread work with sequin work creates a subtle contrast. The button line is unique creating a slit in the centre exposing the pastel yellow short kurta with ribbed hemline detail. It is paired with ivory toned tapered trousers.

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3. Navy Jodhpuri Embroidered Jacket with Trousers

here is a navy blue Jodhpuri jacket paired with trousers in the same shade. The floral embroidery is in self-tone. The floral motifs are distributed all over and are also present in dense designs on two rectangular patches on the front side of the jacket. Ornate statement buttons are added.

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4. Red Bandhgala aka Galabandh Short Jacket

Here is a Red Bandhgala aka Galabandh Short Jacket with Asymmetrical Black Design & Pants. The contrast of red and black looks good. Jacket lapels are asymmetrical with statement silver buttons and ornate brooch detail. Black and beige thread work on jacket looks sophisticated.

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5. Black Embroidered Indo Western Jacket-Kurta with Tapered Trousers

here is a black kurta with cowl-detail, pleated hemline paired with an ornate full-sleeve jacket and tapered trousers. The jacket showcases intricate thread work in self-tone which is highlighted by sequin and katdana work.

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6. Ivory bandhgala embroidered jacket with matching pants

Ivory bandhgala jacket embroidered in striking Chevron patterns accentuated with delicate florals. It comes with matching trousers. The embroidery is done using Resham and Zari with utmost finesse.

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7. Quilted Bandgala with Mughal floral patterns

Quilted bandhgala jacket with Mughal floral and architectural patterns delicately embroidered with Resham and Zari. The Jacket is paired with a pastel pink kurta that has a sleek embroidered border as an additional adornment and a pair of neutral ivory Pants.

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8. Black Quilted Embroidery Galabandh

Seen here is a Black Quilted Embroidered Galabandh with matching Pants. Embroidery is in self-tone. Monotone look of outfit gives out the royal and sophisticated vibe.

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9. Ice Blue Embroidered Bandhgala with Ivory Pants

here is an Ice Blue Embroidered Bandhgala with Ivory Pants. Silver and dark blue thread work has been used to create a combination of ethnic and floral motifs.

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10. Pink Asymmetrical Embroidered Galabandh

here is a Pink Asymmetrical Embroidered Achkan with matching Kurta and Ivory Pants. The high-low and asymmetrical hemline of the Galabandh jacket is unique in itself. Self-tone thread work in guldasta motifs is distributed all over and is present in clusters near the collars, the hemline and on the sleeve.

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Dapper Dudes wearing Classy Galabandh Jackets and Suits

Though galabandh suits come in basic formal shades traditionally, nowadays Indian men want to experiment with colors. Some even go for shades like peach, a bright blue or green while other stick to masculine tones like grey, beige or khaki.

11. Touch of Gold

plain black Jodhpuri or galabandh suitdesiredesignstudio_

This plain black Jodhpuri or galabandh suit look has been amplified with golden elements. The big vintage gold brooch stands out the most. Next comes the gold pocket lining and the gold watch. The black shades are like a cherry on the cake. Note that this galabandh suit is devoid of external button details.

12. Kurta-style Galabandhs

Kurta-style Galabandhssuitupbysaliljaisingh

The father-son duo are flaunting long kurta-style bandhgala suits. They have also used the accessories well. While the youngster looks great with a gold brooch, his father flaunts a jet black and beige Kashmiri shawl creating a timeless look.

13. Textured Black Galabandh

Textured Black Galabandhantil_hemant

Plain jet black trousers have been topped with a black and charcoal textured bandhgala coat. In this way you can carry a look close to a classic yet not too much stereotypical.

14. Some Things are Timeless

Galabandh with small squarejasjeetplaha

The galabandh suit does not come with an age tag! Look how handsome and regal this elderly gentleman looks in this chequered black bandhgala suit which he has paired with a black trouser and a white shirt underneath. This looks proves that the bandhgala is an outfit suited for the maharajas!

15. Striped Black Galabandh Suit

Striped Black Galabandh

This type of vertical stripes are quite common with western suits. So the fusion of a western style with the Indian bandhgala suit looks very unique. However, before deciding to invest in such a suit that has homogenous patterns on both the coat and the trousers, think twice! It might be challenging look to carry.

16. Accessorized Uniquely

Classic Black Galabandhraees_taja

Here’s an example of another classic galabandh black suit that is well tailored and accessorized in unique ways. The matte gold buttons add a touch of bling that is enhanced by the gold pocket square. Black shiny leather shoes add to the richness of the look. What sets the look apart is the huge black sports watch.

17. Royal in White Galabandh Suit

Royal in Whiterathore.adityarajsingh

A classic white galabandh coat with big gold buttons has been paired with black trousers and brown leather shoes. A blue pocket square has been used. The use of different formal colors looks well-synchronized.

18. Double Buttons

Double Buttons Galabhandh suitrathore.dhananjay999

This solid white galabandh suit has been paired with a pink pocket square adding a touch of color. Though white bandhgalas are usually worn in extremely formal occasions, this one is not meant for that! Not only does the pink pocket square add an informal touch, the use of big gold double buttons sets it apart.

19. Pink Buttons

Pink Buttons galabhand suithis_highness_store

If you are not too fond of gold buttons on a white suit, try something like this! The guy in the white galabandh flaunts bright pink buttons yet it doesn’t create an imposed appearance. He uses a blue pocket square.

20. A Single Shade of Grey

Military style Galabandhtheformaledit | Get Custom Made Galabandh

Is anything more attractive than a single shade of grey? This bandhgala suit has gold buttons, numerous pockets and belt loops, reminiscent of the shikaar outfits of the Rajputs. It has been uniquely accessorized with a black belt and black shades.

21. Glamorous in Green


This galabandh suit in a ‘not-so-regular’ shade of green goes really well with the gold buttons.

22. Out of the Blue

Light Blue Galabandh with metal chain on pocket

Blues never go out of fashion! This bright blue is somewhere in between formal and informal. The blue galabandh coat has been accessorized with a gold brooch and paired with white trousers.

23. Khaki Love

Khaki Love Jodhpuri style Achkan Get Custom Made Galabandh

Sometimes the simplest of things turn out to be the most attractive! This galabandh suit comes with a plain but well-tailored khaki coat with understated buttons. Paired with black trousers the look it creates is timeless and classic without being stereotypical.

24. Swag in Beige


Don’t men in beige look great? This guy flaunts a plain beige galabandh suit and looks stunning in it! The most unique aspect of the attire is the contrasting red pocket square that enhances the golden beige color of the suit.

25. Wedding Galabandh in Peach

Wedding Galabandh in Peachjsjbespoke

This groom has coordinated his outfit with the dupatta of his bride and the pair looks lovely! The peach bandhgala coat has been worn over a pista green linen kurta and pajama. The galabandh coat is in a silk jacquard fabric and has been paired with a green and white stone vintage necklace.

26. The Gold Flower

galabandh suit,official_karkeriya

Not only is the bright blue an unconventional choice for a galabandh suit, the gold flowers embroidered on it contrasts the formal appeal of the outfit, creating a unique style statement.

The Experimental Ones – Unique Galabandh Suit

With the increasing popularity for experimental fashion the galabandh suit is also undergoing transformation. This traditional style has branched out into two styles – the classic ones and the experimental ones. Though the first style is still more popular, looking through few experimental styles of bandhgala suit is worth the while.

27. Pleated Drape


This bandhgala coat is a unique one with one half regular and the other half having a hanging pleated drape. Gold buttons, chains, a gold pocket square and a big brooch have been used to accessorize it. This is indeed a style, quite difficult to carry. So only if you are sure about wearing something that is both prominently glamorous and out-of-the-box, you may go for something like this.

28. Leopard Print Patch

Leopard Print Patchbaawale_chore

The textured dark brown and beige Jodhpuri coat alone would not be considered experimental if it would not have been paired with white trousers with leopard print patch details. The subtle duo-tone pagdi looks great with the outfit.

29. Printed Panache

Printed Panache Galabandhraymond_the_complete_man

Brands like Raymond are doing great fusion work with the galabandh suit. Classic beige and white trousers have been paired with bandhgala coats in dense prints of vibrant hues. Though this outfit defies all rules of masculine fashion, it looks extremely powerful and trendy.

30. Digital Prints

Digital Printsniveditasaboocouture

Talking about prints brings us to this digitally printed galabandh suit. This concept is completely new! Digital prints are often geometrical and sometimes whacky. So in this case, two opposite fashion concepts are being fused. One is that of the trendy digital prints and the other is that of the traditional galabandh. Moreover, the prints are spread all over the outfit, which to some may appear like a uniform. So before you choose such an outfit for yourself consider these points.

31. With Dhoti Pants

Though this textured black galabandh coat is quite traditional, the reason this outfit is being featured in this list is itspairing with dhoti pants. This is a real example of mix-and-match fusion fashion.

32. Purple – the Color of Royalty

Purple - the Color of Royaltytsr_999

This beautiful galabandh suit comes with a purple coat and white trousers. The rich silk fabric of the coat is replete with motifs that are a result of traditional handiwork. The outfit paired with a safa or headgear in pink, red and yellow gives it a royal demeanor.

33. Achkan Style Floral Galabandh

Achkan Style Floral Galabandhparas.thesuitcompany | Get Custom Made Galabandh

This outfit breathes fusion fashion. The pastel mint green kurta has a pleated asymmetrical hem. It is worn over white trousers and topped with an anchkan style white galabandh coat with the button-line starting at one side, instead of the middle, and running in a curve. The other side has been adorned with embroidered pastel flowers.

34. Printed Floral Galabandh

Galabandh or Jodhpuri suit with floral pattern all overmashalti | Get Custom Made Galabandh

The bandhgala suit is believed to have originated in the Jodhpur estate of Rajasthan sometime during the mid-19th century. Late designer Wendell Rodericks once observed that the galabandh suit or similar westernized Indian ethnic formal wear for men have evolutionary legacies that date back 6000 years. Though we can’t go that far, we can sketch out a short history of bandhgala suit for you.

35. Plain Galabandh

Deep blue color galabandh suit with big Round buttons raqeshbapat

The galabandh suit or black sherwani is believed to be a fusion of two types of clothing. First of all, it resembles suits which the Brits or Scottish people usually wore with European style men’s skirts. Fashion historians opine that the cuts and tailoring techniques that go behind the making of suits were taught by the British to the indigenous royal tailors.

36. Short styled Galabandh

Blue and Black galabandh suit sahil.dhingra | Get Custom Made Galabandh

On the other hand, these tailors were used to creating classical royal outfits like the angarakha kurta or the achkan jacket as court-wear for the kings and princes. Once these two styles fused with each other, it gave rise to fusion semi-formal or formal wear like the galabandh suit.

Bollywood Celebrities wearing Galabandh

Indian celebrities or lead Bollywood actors are great connoisseurs of the royal style of clothing – be it the galabandh suit or the achkan or the sherwani. Starting from Anil Kapoor’s vintage sense of style to Ranvir Singh’s whacky take on it, the celebs love the bandhgala or Jodhpuri suit.

37. Clad in Raghavendra Rathore’s Bespoke Galabandhs

Raghavendra Rathore’s Bespoke | Get Custom Made Galabandh

Rathore is an authority on Indian regal fashion for men. He has given a colourful bandhgala suit to Singh and a jet black one with a jacket and subtle embroidery to Kapoor. He himself wears a classic black galabandh suit with a dark brown silk pocket square.

38. On Royalty

chhotenawab himself wears a bandhgala suit

When the chhotenawab himself wears a bandhgala suit, can it ever go wrong? Saif Ali Khan is often seen in these suits. In this picture, he is seen giving good competition to his better half who wears a western dress.

39. A Casual Take on Galabandh Suit

black galabandhcutandstitchh

Actor SaqibSaleem wears a black galabandh coat over white kurta and trousers, creating a classic semi-casual look.

40. Achkan-Style Galabandh

Achkan-Style Galabandhcutandstitchh

Shahid Kapoor is an embodiment of panache. In this case, he flaunts an achkan style black bandhgala coat with buttons on the side. He wears white trousers with it.

41. Royal Simplicity

black and white bandhgala suit

The son-in-law of the royal Pataudi family knows how to dress the regal way! A simple classic black and white bandhgala suit has been accessorized in a subtle way with a red silk pocket square that matches the sareecolor of his better half. This is called dressing in co-ordination.


Final Words on this Royal Ethnic Men’s wear Outfit – Galabandh

galabandh suit with a contrast pocket squaredesiredesignstudio_

  • A bandhgala suit originated within royal walls so it goes without saying that it is quintessentially formal wear. Nowadays, it had become quite popular as outfit for the groom or groomsmen during weddings and related functions like the engagement or reception parties.
  • Owing to its royal and formal nature, traditional bandhgala suits come in single tones. They are either in deep dark tones like black or navy or they are in lighter formal hues like white, cream or off-white. A very colorful galabandh suit is rare.
  • Adding a waistcoat to a galabandh is a new trend, quite popular with those who use it as wedding-wear. The waistcoats may have traditional ethnic embroidery or jacquard or jamewar

Cream galabandh suit with black trousersthakur_sahab5

  • Galabandh suits come in either rich suiting materials or silk.
  • Slightly embellished galabandh suits may have embellished collars or some details near the button area.
  • The most popular accessory with the Jodhpuri suit is a vintage brooch or a designer watch or a classic pocket square. Branded shades look extremely sophisticated with this kind of outfit. Always make sure to pair them with formal footwear like polished leather shoes.
  • Variations on this traditional formal wear are making their way into the fashion scenario. These include coats with buttons at the side instead of the middle or pairing a kurtapajama with a galabandh coat.

Galabandh suits paired with kurtas or otherwise are top favourites among modern Indian grooms. This is because of the royal demeanor associated with the outfit. Moreover, compared to a sherwani or dhoti-kurta, the bandhgala gives a more put-together and contemporary look. These suits are also very high on the comfort and functionality factor.

So, don’t wait! Get hold of a galabandh suit now. Let’s get Started.

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