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30 Trending Red Sherwani Looks to go for in 2023

Few years ago ‘red’ was considered a feminine color! But now concepts have changed! Dark rich shades of red, reds coming with wine or maroon undertones, reds coupled with white, black or gold etc are elements that have already entered the male ethnic fashion scenario! 2023 weddings will see a lot of red sherwani looks and if you are a groom-to-be, don’t shy away from picking the color for your wedding outfit. It is true that the words ‘bride’ and ‘red’ are synonyms in the Indian wedding fashion scene but a groom in red is also a pretty fashionable as well as masculine take on Indian groom wear.

Today we present to you 30 red sherwanis that would remind you that red, after all, is the color of love!

30 Amazing Red Sherwani a groom can go for

1. Big Floral Motifs

Big Floral Motifs in Red SherwaniGet Custom Made Sherwani 

If you can flaunt it, a red and gold sherwani with big floral motifs is one of the most glamorous ways in which you can flaunt the look. This red sherwani is paired with a dark gold churidar and a red stole. It would be better to call it a dupatta with a gold ornate border rather than a stole! A red turban and gold jootis have been added to the look.

2. The Contrast of White and Red

One of the most aesthetic looks in this list! The sherwani is in a solid red tone with gold ornate collar and silver statement buttons. It has been paired with white churidar bottoms. The ornate stole has an embroidered border in white thread. The corners of the stole boast huge motifs in matte gold thread. As accessories, a red turban, gold jootis and white pearl malas have been used.

3. With Beige Gold Kurta

With Beige Gold Kurta

Mughal floral embroidery style has been used in gold thread on the red sherwani jacket. It has been paired with a beige to matte gold kurta underneath and tapered trousers in the same shade.

4. Jacquard Red Sherwani

A gold kurta and churidar have been paired with a red sherwani jacket flaunting large diamond shaped jacquard pattern in gold.

5. Timelessly Red and Gold

Red and gold is a timeless combination that suits all age groups. The dark red sherwani boasts gold embroidery near the sleeve hems and the collar. Along with a gold churidar it has been also paired with a red and gold brocade stole.

6. The Red Sherwani with The Tussar Dhoti

Call it a fusion look but it is very well put together! This bright red sherwani jacket boasts embroidery in matte gold and blue! Also the big statement buttons are in gold and blue alternating colors. The uniqueness in this look is the fact that this sherwani has been paired with a tussar dhoti with an embroidered border as sherwanis are traditionally paired with churidar bottoms.

7. Royal Looks with Embellished Dupattas

Royal Looks with Embellished Dupattas

An outfit as traditional as a red sherwani looks more royal with full size dupattas rather than stoles. This sherwani has been paired with gold churidar bottoms, turban in red-gold duotone, leather jootis. The highlight of the look which is a dupatta with zari embroidered floral motifs and heavily ornate border.

8. Brocade Red Sherwani

A red and gold rich brocade fabric has been used for the sherwani kurta. It can been paired with light gold churidar bottoms and a stole in a rich red glossy silk texture with woven gold details on the border and sides. Red Lehenga matching with Red Sherwani is evergreen in big fat Indian weddings.

9. The Magic of Dark Red and Matte Gold

The Magic of Dark Red and Matte Gold

This look is perhaps the most unique one in this whole list owing to the unique headgear which seems to have been inspired by Middle Eastern and Persian styles. The short sherwani jacket is in a dark tone of red, bordering on wine. The color of the embellishments is matte gold. The tapered trousers are also in the same shade. The shoes are also in the same combination.

10. Big Gold Motifs

Big Gold Motifs in red Sherwani

This sherwani jacket boasts big gold woven motifs. It has been paired with a simple white dhoti. Even the headgear is in the classic combination of red, gold and white.

11. Dark Red Velvet Sherwani

Dark red toned velvet looks extremely rich and extravagant! Couple with that ornate embroidery in gold zari and the result is regal. This dark red velvet sherwani has an ornate collar and floral embroidery. It has been paired with gold churidar bottoms. Checkout more of Floral Sherwani.

12. The Zigzag Pattern

This dark red sherwani jacket paired with tapered trousers flaunts self-design motifs. This otherwise unembellished sherwani is paired with a unique stole. The stole does not have an ornate border. Instead it boasts a gold zigzag strip stitched across it.

13. Gold Embroidery

If you have a lean, tall frame, this warm sherwani jacket is just for you. Two shades of gold have been used! One is pure gold zari and the other is a matte gold thread! This embroidery design will specifically suit tall, lean grooms because the designs run in horizontal panels.

14. The Navy Blue Stole

The Navy Blue Stole

This traditional red sherwani boasts thread embroidery and velvet trim in silk base. It is paired with white churidar bottoms, a red turban and a dark navy blue stole with beautifully embroidered border.

15. The Decadence in Traditional Fashion

This one is a completely traditional sherwani look complete with turban, stole, jootis, mala and brooch! The churidar bottoms, inner anarkali style kurta with flared hem, the stole with an ornate border, the turban with gold border are in a glossy shade of red. The sherwani jacket is in an off-white shade with gold embroidery.

16. Combining Red, Gold and Off-White

Combining Red, Gold and Off-White

Some colors are meant to be paired with each other! This look does not technically include a red sherwani jacket. The sherwani jacket is in off-white with ornately embroidered collar, gold woven motifs, embellished gold buttons. It has been paired with a gold churidar, rich red stole with gold border and red turban.

17. Play It Safe

If you want to play it safe and also keep it simple, go for a sherwani with medium to small size motifs homogenously arranged all over! Pair it with gold churidar bottoms and accessorize with an antique brooch.

18. Glamourizing a Simple Red Sherwani

Glamourizing a Simple Red Sherwani

A simple red sherwani with homogenously arranged gold motifs all over paired with gold churidar bottoms can be easily made glamorous. Include a red turban, gold jootis and a cream tone contrasting stole with gold ornate border and gold corner details. And if you are even more daring, wear a statement necklace.


19. The Waistcoat with Sherwani Look

The sherwani look has evolved in manifold ways. While sherwani jackets are paired with anarkali style kurtas or simply worn on their own, sometimes a sherwani is also worn with a waistcoat on top. In this case two types of designs and embroidery have come together in an aesthetic way.

20. Floral Red Sherwani

These unique red sherwanis boast printed or woven multi-color floral motifs. Printed floral fabrics have been used to design the turbans and the tapered trousers or churidar bottoms to go with these floral sherwanis. While the straight sherwani jacket has a textured look, the other one is an angarakha-style traditional sherwani with flared hemline.

21. Light Red and White Floral Sherwani

Light Red and White Floral Sherwani

For a morning wedding which involves enough photography in the sun, such a sherwani looks chic and trendy! Floral motifs in white are placed all over the sherwani jacket. A light red turban is added and the net stole flaunts embroidered motifs in gold. White churidar bottoms are added.

22. Red Sherwani with Pink Undertone

Red Sherwani with Pink Undertone

If you like solids, you can go for this kind of a look! This red sherwani is in a cool shade with a pinkish undertone. It is paired with tussar churidar bottoms and a tussar stole with matte gold embroidered border. To glamourize the look, add a green and white statement necklace. This sherwani has a look of pink sherwani as well along with plain or no embroidery jacket makes it even more royal.

23. Solid for Sophistication

Solid for Sophistication

Unembellished, solid looks in rich fabrics never fail to impress! They look posh and classy. In this case, a rich red sherwani jacket is paired with solid beige churidar bottoms and solid gold turban. Gold statement buttons add a bit of glitz!

24. High Low Red Sherwani

High Low Red Sherwani

Vicky Kaushal has opted for a simple dark red sherwani paired with white tapered trousers and black boots. Tiny white bootas accentuate the simplicity of the look. What makes it unique is a slightly slanted button line and the high-low hem of the two lapels of the sherwani jacket.

25. Paired with a White Mundu

Paired with a White Mundu

Let’s explore the creative ways of pairing a solid red sherwani jacket! Here it has been paired with a paper white Kerala style dhoti or lungi or mundu! This fusion look will definitely attract complements. And red and white is a classic combination!

26. Angarakha Style Red Sherwani

Angarakha and achkan style fusion sherwanis look great with off-white tapered trousers and leather shoes! This sherwani has an angarakha style tie-up closure at one side! The wider lapel is embellished with matte gold bootas all over! The other lapel and sleeves are unembellished.

27. Dark Red Velvet Sherwani with Inner Kurta

Dark Red Velvet Sherwani with Inner Kurta

Karan Johar flaunts an extremely chic velvet dark red sherwani with few statement buttons placed midway and a bit of embroidery near the sleeve hems. It is paired with an inner kurta in the same shade. It is paired with white trousers.

28. Zardozi Work on Velvet

Zardozi Work on Velvet

Though the last few red sherwanis you saw on this list are on solid textures, it does not been you can’t go for a fully embellished one! This dark red velvet sherwani flaunts intricate zardozi work. It comes with white bottoms and a velvet stole with embellished border. This outfit is fit for the royals.

29. Woven Floral Sherwani

Woven Floral Sherwani

Another embellished sherwani in warm red tone, boasting all-over woven and embroidered floral motifs in matte gold and orange! It has been paired with beige trousers and statement buttons have been added.

30. Benarasi Red Sherwani

Benarasi Red Sherwani

Traditional antique sherwanis either have a kalidar or an A-line cut! They have a slightly flared hemline. This red sherwani has a similar cut and the grandeur and the vintage appeal of the piece increases manifold as a beautiful Benarasi floral brocade fabric has been used to create it!

Conclusion – Red Sherwani

If a red sherwani is on your wedding cards, do not hesitate to try unique styles, prints and textures! A red sherwani looks extremely attractive in wedding pictures too!

You can go for a red sherwani of your choice or even customize it with the lehenga of your bride. To customize red sherwanis of your dreams, get in touch with us! As red can sometimes be a complicated color and wrong combinations can kill the entire look, always take help of the experts.

Sherwani Color actually depends a lot of the bride’s lehenga color as many of bride and groom prefer you colour coordinate Lehenga and sherwani. You can also go with contract colors in lehenga and sherwani but make sure that there is some matching between lehenga and sherwani since that would make your wedding pictures larger than life. Checkout matching lehenga and sherwani if your are looking to get some ideas.

If you are looking to get custom made sherwani for yourself, then there is no better place than

if you like a sherwani on this blog or have a reference image of a sherwani then we can make it exactly like that. Once you discuss your requirements with our designer, she will make your a sherwani sample. we’ll even ship that sample to your doorstep along with a shade card so that you are absolutely sure of the cooler and embroidery. We guarantee that we’ll give you are perfect fit sherwani and our designer will do a video call and help your take your measurement as below:



Photo credits belong to the following Instagram profiles- @sabyasachioffical, , @sagartenali, @vastramay

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Trend Check: Bridal Lehengas & Groom Sherwani to go for in 2022

2022 is here! With the pandemic raging through the last couple of years, the fashion front has also evolved greatly. It’s undoubtedly the age of the unconventional. Ethnic wedding fashion seems to have outdone the traditional reds and golds.

While on one hand pastel shades, neutral tones, rough and non-glossy textures, matte finishes are being preferred, on the other, those who love colors are not shying away from going overboard, flaunting boho styles etc. If you are planning your wedding wardrobe currently, check out the top 10 trends of 2022 in Indian wedding fashion.


2022 Indian Wedding Fashion – Gorgeous Brides and Dapper Grooms

1. The Romance of Red and White

The red lehenga is a cult favourite. But grooms are mostly at a loss when it comes to coordinating their sherwanis with their bride’s red lehengas. Obviously, a red sherwani is pretty much out of the question and a gold lehenga is too common. Designers have thus come up with a timeless color combination – red and white! The red bridal lehenga and white groom sherwani look will surely do the rounds in 2022.

The Romance of Red Bridal lehenga and White sherwaniGet Bridal Lehenga and Sherwani

Minimalistic floral embroidery in matte gold over an off-white sherwani topped with a turban in the red of the bride’s lehenga – that’s the perfect red and white bridal lehenga and groom sherwani look to for in 2022.

Red Bridal lehenga and White sherwani

The bride looks like a princess in her double dupatta style red lehenga and in the white sherwani the groom looks nothing short of a prince.

Red Bridal lehenga and White sherwani

While the bride pairs a peplum-style choli with her red lehenga flaunting self color embroidery, the groom’s white sherwani boasts rich gold zari embroidery. This is a perfect example of bride and groom in Punjabi Wedding.

It’s time for a red saree with gold undertone! The groom pairs his white dhoti-kurta with a red and gold brocade uttariya!

Red Bridal lehenga and White sherwani

This beautiful layered lehenga that tells the tale of a baraat has been paired with a white sherwani boasting bootas in red thread work.

2. Period Look Rules

Think creative! That’s the mantra in 2022. Wedding couture is not an exception and couples are going for traditional, vintage and period looks. This trend includes the use of rich fabrics like brocades, velvets and silk, Mughal fashion-inspired cuts like the angarakha style, the boat neck kurta with yoke design style etc.

Traditional Indian wedding Look

Theme weddings are in-thing in 2022! And couples are preferring to for looks in accordance to the theme! This couple is attired in classic Maratha king and queen style! The bride has draped her saree in the traditional Maharashtrian style while the groom fearlessly flaunts a Maratha ruler outfit!

Traditional Indian wedding Look

Think Mughal prince and princess! This beautiful outfit combination is divine with the perfect use of white, floral motifs, gold and brocade.

Traditional Indian wedding Look

Sikh weddings can perfectly flaunt the period theme! what amazing look! The attires of the groom already flaunt elements and accessories like the turban, the sword etc. Along with that gorgeous anarkali style sherwanis, vintage, brooches, nagrai footwear etc look great. The Punjabi bride too is wearing a beautiful lehenga with heavy zari work.

Look at the gorgeous lehenga skirt of the Sikh bride! The elaborate detailing, the intricate details, the jacket style sherwani of the groom etc are enough to make this a period look!

Traditional Indian wedding Look

Vintage styles necessitate the use of embellishments over rich fabrics like velvet! If you want to downplay the period theme yet want an undertone of ‘vintage’ in your wedding outfits, go for something like this!

3. The Understated Appeal of Neutrals

Stereotypical bridal colors like gold, maroon, bright pink etc will probably be at bay in 2022. Couples seem to be more fascinated and attracted to neutral tones like ivory, white, off-white, beige etc. There is no doubt that bridal and groom wear in these shades has a classy and celestial appeal!

white lehenga and white sherwani

The bride and groom look like they belong to the land Elysia in this ivory and off-white outfit combination. Such neutrals looks are sure to inspire you while you are in love with understated appeals and want such bridal lehengas & groom sherwani to go for in 2022!

white lehenga and white sherwani

This gorgeous Indo American couple has paired mustard brown and gold brocade stoles with their neutral tone wedding outfits!

Reminiscent of Christian wedding gowns, the bride’s lehenga dress flaunts intricate and detailed white thread work on net! The groom has gone for a white suit with grey undertones.

white lehenga and white sherwani

It’s the wedding day! Yet the neutral tone outfits look so brilliant! The gold embroidery comes alive on the neutral surface of the lehenga skirt. The floral accessories look vibrant for the same reason.

While the groom wears a traditional off-white sherwani, the bride’s larger-than-life lehenga dress is replete with silver and stone embroidery, Swarovski crystals, pearl work etc on a beige surface.

4. Panache of Pastels

Not only in wedding wear but wherever you look, pastels seem to be the ‘in-thing’ in 2022. Since very bright shades (except for boho chic looks) are not being preferred, colors can only be spotted in pastels. If you want to be in the safe zone while choosing bridal lehengas and groom sherwanis to go for in 2022, just close your eyes and put your finger on pastels.

Panache of Pastels lehenga and sherwani

The floral décor of the venue uses roses in pastel peach and mauve and it perfectly complements the bride’s look who dons a pastel pink lehenga while the groom flaunts a light pastel peach sherwani.

Panache of Pastels lehenga and sherwani

While the bride flaunts a white satin and net saree with a net embroidered veil, the groom wears a pastel grey suit with a pastel pink tie and pocket square.

A highly creative and thought-out look – this one is sure to inspire many who are planning bridal lehengas & groom sherwani to go for in 2022! The groom wears a traditional sherwani complete with turban, jacket, anarkali kurta etc. His outfit is in a combination of pastel pink and cream. The bride wears a pastel blue lehenga with a cold-shoulder blouse. The embellishments on her lehenga are in pastel pink.

Panache of Pastels lehenga and sherwani

Another beautiful bride and groom look in pastel peach, pink and blue!

Pastel mauve is one of the sweetest and most magical colors that ever was! The bride looks exotic in a lehenga in this shade.

5. Contrast and Complement

There was a time when color and design co-ordinated bride and groom looks were in vogue! Times have changed! In 2022, couples are going for outfits in contrasting tones! This does not mean that those wanting to go for such looks can pick up outfits in any color as long as they are not same. Remember that two colors that rightly contrasts each other is also a pair!

Creating contrast are not as easy as it sounds! Who could guess that bright red and bright purple would perfectly contrast and complement each other!

Think of matching motifs and contrasting colors like yellow and pista green!

A paper white sherwani and dark dhoti perfectly contrasts an orange-red-gold Kanjivaram saree with green and yellow border.

Traditional colors sometimes complement and contrast each other like a dream! Here, a traditional pink and gold kanjivaram saree perfectly complements an ivory sherwani-dhoti! In fact, when it comes to bridal lehengas & groom sherwani to go for in 2022, complementing contrasts can be the most fun and creative idea!

6. Co-ordination between the Lines

Starkly co-ordinated outfits have become boring! But does that mean that couples are totally chucking the look? Not at all! In fact, when it comes to bride-groom outfits, there would be some kind of coordination deep down! This year, designers are picking singular elements like a tone, or a design or simply a border and adding that to both the outfits. This element in bringing about a sense of co-ordination which is not ‘on the face’ yet pretty much there!

The stole of the groom and the dupatta of the bride are in a dark tone of red that brings together the whole look!

In this case, the use of pink co-ordinates the two attires. Also note the use of light blue in the gold embroidery of the bride’s outfit!

The two outfits, if viewed individually, would not come across as co-ordinated! Yet the Jodhpuri of the groom has a tinge of hidden gold somewhere and the bride’s phenomenal lehenga uses ivory and silver as embellishment colors on gold!

These two outfits are completely co-ordinated both in colors and motifs! Yet owing to the lightness of the pastel hues and the understated appeal of the embellishments, the whole thing looks subtle and soothing!

A green bridal lehenga paired with an ivory sherwani! But look, the floral details on the sherwani are in green and gold! Isn’t this inspiration for subtle co-ordinated bridal lehengas & groom sherwani looks to go for in 2022?


7. The Magic of Bright Colors

We have said that subtle shades, pastel hues, neutral tones etc are going to rule the wedding fashion scene in 2020. But that does not mean that colors are totally out of the question! Typical wedding colors like dark red, maroon, gold etc are definitely being chucked but instead, those couples who love colors are going for striking unconventional ones!

You love bright colors and we just told you that in 2022 pastel shades and neutral tones are in! Don’t worry, it’s also the year of striking shades, whacky colors and even boho elements in wedding wear! We are only telling you to chuck traditional shades and go for vibrant hues like turquoise blue, yellow etc!

The banana leaf green theme looks just so romantic! Think unconventional yet bright tones while you plan bridal lehengas & groom sherwani to go for in 2022!

Pink Saree and Kurta Look

Any tone of pink looks great on silks! The look is rich, co-ordinated, striking and perfect for outdoor photography!

Maroon Saree and Kurta look

Planning reception night looks? Chuck maroon and think wine! Checkout more of Maroon Bridal Lehengas.

Striking colors and boho themes are also a great idea for pre-wedding functions! The gorgeous rainbow lehenga of the bride and the floral look of the groom does all the talking.

8. The Subtlety in Floral Looks

Floral lehengas and sherwanis are timeless favourites! This trend is here to stay. But 2022 offers a twist. The floral elements in bridal lehengas and groom sherwanis in 2022 are kept subtle! There are no huge marigolds or gardenias here! Instead the floral elements are not too protuberant and kept away from the focus. Yet the use of these elements are so clever that the outfit definitely has the floral look.

Subtlety in Floral Looks of Lehenga and sherwani

The bride’s off-white lehenga flaunts floral Kashmiri aari embroidery in multiple hues! The brocade sherwani of the groom has floral undertones too!

Subtlety in Floral Looks of Lehenga and sherwani

Use of floral colors like peach, pink etc on a neutral surface instantly gives the look a lightness and freshness, just like the look of this couple!

Subtlety in Floral Looks of Lehenga and sherwani

Printed pastels on red with white sherwani – the combination is exquisite and so is the floral embellishments on the attires of the bride and groom!

Minakari work on marble used floral motifs in multi-colors on a marble surface! The art has inspired wedding couture many a times. In this case too, it seems to have inspired this couple who look exotic in their floral outfits.

Subtlety in Floral Looks of Lehenga and sherwani

Designers are pretty certain that floral looks will rule the Indian ethnic wedding fashion scene this year. If you are thinking bridal lehengas & groom sherwanis to go for in 2022, get inspired from this look. Think neutral base tones, floral clusters instead of floral bootas, use of zari with pastel tones like peach and pink, use of leaf motifs other than floral motifs etc.

9. The Indo Western Flair

This trend specifically refers to outfits for the reception night! In this case, men are going for suits, achkans, bandhgalas etc while the bride is going for ethnic gowns or lehengas with unique cuts!

Only some outfits can look as smart as Indo-western ones!

Sometimes the simplicity in the embellishments is the appeal! Couple with that rich textures and light colors!

Indo Western outfits can also be flaunted at pre-wedding functions like sangeet and engagement!

This gold gown style lehenga with unique drape has been paired with a black galabandh! This combination proves that Indian ethnic wedding fashion can also be highly sophisticated!

Think lightweight lehengas and dinner jackets for the reception nights of 2022!

10. The Bridal Yellow

An upcoming color trend in Indian ethnic wear is the use of yellow! Brides are not only rejecting conventional colors for the wedding day, they are picking up colors like yellow! Following the brides, grooms are also adding a dash of bright yellow to their wedding day looks.

The Bridal Yellow - Indian Bridal look

Mustard yellow for the groom and orange-ish yellow for the bride!

This gorgeous Assamese couple flaunts the yellow color on their wedding day! The bride wears a traditional mekhala-chador and the groom wears a muga kurta, a yellow dhoti and takes a traditional Assamese stole as well!

To complement the traditional yellow kanjivaram saree of his bride, the groom wears a yellow dhoti!

The Bridal Yellow - Indian Bridal look

This gorgeous bride and groom prove that yellow is the new red in Indian wedding fashion!

The Bridal Yellow - Indian Bridal look

This gorgeous yellow lehenga paired with the ivory sherwani totally redefines ethnic fashion in case of bridal lehengas & groom sherwani to go for in 2022!

Need more help on trends that would rule in 2022 or are you seeking professional assistance for planning bridal lehengas & groom sherwani to go for in 2022? Get in touch with us for customized and trendy looks!

The pictures in this blog have been taken from WeddingSutra, MaharaniWeddings, SouthAsianBrideMagazine, ShaadiWish, ShaadiSaga.

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‘Go Green’ this Wedding Season: 55 Lehengas for Every Occasion

Brides these days are opting for ‘not-do-traditional’ colors for their bridal and related wedding attires! Green Lehenga is in and for so many reasons and rightly so. Green is a color that comes in a myriad shades and is neutral in tone – neither warm nor cool! Hence it goes really well with warm and olive Indian complexions.

Green also looks splendid with traditional embellishments like zari work, sequin embroidery etc. So if you are considering ‘going green’ on your wedding day, don’t think twice! It’s an awesome idea and all these 55 green lehengas, for every wedding related occasion, will prove that you have taken the right decision!

Green Bridal Lehengas

Chuck the reds and the maroons! Deep, dark tones like bottle green, dark green, basil, pine or even moss green may look great on the bridal palette. Green and gold makes a rich combination.

1. Dark Green Bridal Fantasy

shaadisagafashion | Get Custom Made Lehenga

This dark green gorgeousness is nothing but a Sabyasachi! The coming together of so many different types of motifs on the skirt is genius! The double dupatta style is to drool for!

2. Green and Gold Bridal Extravaganza

Green and Gold Bridal Extravaganza Lehenga Get Bridal Lehenga

Very regal, very royal and grand – this green and gold heavy bridal lehenga is to die for! The vertically running gold panel designs on the skirt and the intricate zari workmanship on the sleeves of the choli are reminiscent of the grandeur of the bygone days.

3. Teal Green Lehenga with White Net Dupatta

Teal Green Lehenga with White Net Dupattafattysphotography

The highlight of this look is the three-quarter sleeved, boat neck choli boasting floral work and the white net dupattawith the heavy border. They have been coupled with the densely embroidered skirt.

4. The Moss Green Bridal Lehenga

The Moss Green Bridal Lehenga

A unique choice of shade, this moss green bridal lehenga is mesmerizing! The green has been combined with the matte gold, mint green and pastel pink embroidery!

5. The White Choli

The White Choli with Green lehengaaaliashirien

Can green go wrong paired with any color? The white boat neck choli of the bride is adorned in gold zardozi work! On the other hand, the lehenga skirt showcases matte metallic zardozi work in a neutral tone! Checkout White Bridal lehenga.

6. Mint, Moss Quirky and Floral


On a raw silk fabric in the color of mint green, thread embroidery in multiple shades like pink, peach, orange, turquoise, yellow etc create a boho and quirky vibe. Floral motifs as well as motifs of birds have been used. The skirt has a moss green patchwork border with similar kind of embroidery. This outfit is perfect for occasions like haldi or mehendi.

7. Pink and Pistachio Green Reception Lehenga

Pink and Pistachio Green Reception Lehenga

A raw silk pistachio green lehenga with gold thread work and dark green patch detailing has been paired with a pink and gold brocade dupatta. Checkout reception gowns.

8. Graceful Grandeur

Graceful Grandeur - Green reception Lehengasamyakkclothing | Get Custom Made Lehenga

In the most subtle, extremely sober and lightest shade of pistachio green, this lehenga is breath-taking! Sequin, crystal and stone work is placed in details on the outfit yet owing to the unique color it does not look over-the-top!

9. The Green Bridal Lehenga with a Kurta

The Green Bridal Lehenga with a Kurtaimaleehaa

For the more conservative brides, this is a great option! The flared lehenga skirt has been teamed with a long kurtain gold and green with long slits on both sides, to expose the flare of the skirt. This type of lehenga also

10. The Red and White Touches

This one is a unique green bridal lehenga! The appeal of the outfit is concentrated in the red and gold floral work on the bottom half of the A-line skirt. The red elements in the embroidery along with the white of the net dupatta create a complementing color combination.

11. That Pretty Bridesmaid –


Be it your sister’s wedding or your best friend’s, the groomsmen will not be able to keep their eyes off you if you dress up in such a gorgeous pastel pistachio lehenga.

12. Statement Choli


Want pre wedding pictures which appear as if they are straight out of the pages of a high end fashion magazine? Go for statement cholis and well-cut skirts!

13. Exotic Florals on Green

Exotic Floral work on Green Lehenga

Talk about boldly aesthetic styles! This lehenga is a masterpiece when it comes to unique designs. On a rich juniper green fabric, different floral colors like pastel blue, pink, peach have been used in embroidered floral motifs. The high round neck and glass sleeve choli are exotic. On the skirt too, the motifs have been placed at a particular area leaving the rest of the skirt in a luscious solid tone. Checkout more floral Lehengas.

Green Lehengas for the Reception Night

It is on the night of the reception that brides can experiment with looks and styles! Maroons and midnight blues are common choices on this occasion. But a refreshing replacement to these commonplace shades are the different shades of greens.

14. Floral Gold Motifs on Green

Let’s start on a lighter note! A sleeveless gold work choli has been combined with a detailed flared lehenga skirt which bears embroidered floral motifs in gold! The motifs are arranged in a vertical panel structure.

15. Bold and Green

An off shoulder choli teamed with a flared sequin work lehenga skirt! The color is perhaps the darkest shade of moss green. The outfit is sensuous, to say the least!

16. Mirror Work Green Lehenga

Mirror Work Green Lehenga

The tiny mirrors stitched all over her lehenga creates the effect of twinkling stars against a dark green sky!

17. The Bride in Vogue

The Bride in Vogue - Green Lehenga skirt

Want to unleash the style diva in you? This exotic fusion lehenga comes in a mix of swish green, silver and neutral tones. The outfit has an edge to itself especially with the leather striped details. The one-shoulder choli and the crisp, sheer dupatta adds an extra dose of glamour!

18. More Mirror Work


Mirror work always looks good on green! This one is a simple lehenga with a skirt having horizontal tiered design pattern! The mirrors are medium in size and positioned all over the outfit.

19. The Gold Blouse

While with a red lehenga skirt, a gold sequence blouse might look stereotypical or even boring, with a green lehenga skirt it looks just so aesthetic!

20. Bandhani and Mirror Work Green Lehenga

This lehenga will not fail to impress those of you who love ethnic looks close to the earth! This silk dark green and white lehenga is in silk fabric. The flared skirt has horizontal zigzag printed patterns with a wide band of green zari detailing near the border. The full sleeve choli flaunts ornate neckline and sleeves. Traditional bandhani and mirror work can be seen on the choli as well as the dupatta.

21. Off-shoulder Choli


A sleek, fit-and-flare lehenga skirt with detailed embroidery in neutral tones and an off-shoulder choli – that’s all she needs to dazzle her reception evening!

22. Green Lehenga Dress

wedabout | Get Custom Made Lehenga

Gold brocade work on the dark green lehenga skirt teamed with a kurta that is slit in the middle from the waist! The kurta showcases zari and a deep pink thread work on the bodice. The pink and gold dupatta adds the right bit of contrast!

23. Full Sleeve Choli

A simplistic yet vibrant choice – this lehenga skirt only showcases vertical lines of mirror work and a gold border! The highlight of the look is the choli with full sleeves on which intricate gold zari and zardozi work has been done.

24. Silver and Glossy

Silver and Glossy Green Lehenga

A glossy bottle green fabric has been used for this lehenga! On it, detailed embroidery has been done using silver zari, white stones, pearls and ornaments in neutral tones!

25. Dark Moss Green Lehenga with Crystals

This sleek, contemporary lehenga is perfect for that engagement or reception evening! The dark moss green color is a complementing base for the dazzling crystals that the fabric is studded with! The lehenga has the right amount of glitter making it a sophisticated choice.

26. Lime Green Lehenga with Bottle Green Dupatta

Lime Green Lehenga with Bottle Green Dupatta

It is in such a lehenga that the versatility of the color green is showcased! A contrast has been created by using two shades of the same color! The matte gold embellishment on the choli compliments the lime green fabric while the gold border of the dark green dupatta suits perfectly! Pink floral details on the skirt hemline amps up the whole look.

27. Gold Sequin on Jade Green

The lehenga skirt is the is the appeal factor of this outfit! The detailed pattern and motifs of leaves is created through meticulous sequin embroidery! A sleeveless choli and light net dupatta ensure that the focus does not get shifted away from the skirt.

Green Lehengas for Pre Wedding Functions

Starting from the pre-wedding photo shoot to the engagement function to traditional functions like sangeet and mehendi – pre wedding days are the most enjoyable! Green is a great option for such functions as in most cases the color photographs really well! Let’s look at some amazing pre-wedding green lehengas.

28. Go For Unique Cuts


Most photo shoots happen during the day time. Not only is this sea foam green lehenga perfect for a photo shoot, the raised sleeves, the wavy hemline of the net dupatta makes this outfit really great for romantic photos.

29. Add a Bit of Drama


This blue and green lehenga with silver ornate borders and sequin detailing is straight out of the scenes of a Bollywood movie!

30. Frills and Nets

Frills and Nets

Go for lighter hues and add lots of light textures to your pre-wedding photo shoot outfit. Frills, nets, georgettes create that dreaminess in the pictures.

31. Summer Wedding Goals


This pastel mint green bridal lehenga has just the right amount of sparkle in it! The cool-toned fabric, the elegant gold embroidery, the light polka dots on the dupatta make it a brilliant choice for a summer wedding. The bride dons antique gold jewellery and jasmines on her braid, making the look timeless and classic.

32. Bottle Green Velvet Applique Tulle Lehenga


Embellished tulle lehengas never fail to create a beautiful textured look! Combine with that velvet applique work, the glitter of sequins and stones and a dark shade like bottle green – the result is a luxurious stunning green bridal lehenga. The outfit also has belt detail at the waist.

33. Pistachio and Silver


A very unique green lehenga – combines a soothing pistachio green shade with the dazzle of silver gota patti work. The base material for this bridal ensemble is georgette and the dupatta is in net. Both fabrics being light and the color being serene, this is a perfect choice for a summer wedding or reception.

34. Simply Majestic


This highly flared, gold-tone, shamrock lehenga is just royal! There is not much embellishments! There is a gold ornate border and tiny twinkling bootas all over! And that’s all it takes to give the attire that majestic, regal look!

Green Lehengas for Engagement Function

35. Green Velvet Lehenga

Green Velvet Lehenga

The engagement outfit or Roka dresses as many call it, is a little toned down in terms of glitter and heaviness of the outfit! This dark green velvet lehenga with floral embroidery does the job perfectly.

36. Classy Pistachio Green Lehenga

Classy Pistachio Green Lehenga

The soothing pistachio of the fabric, the intricate embroidery on the lehenga skirt and the overall sobriety of the outfit make it a unique and classy choice.

37. Emeralds and Corals

It’s the contrast created by the emerald lehenga and the coral pink net dupatta that makes this outfit so beautiful.

38. Neon Green Lehenga

A low-key, comfortable and light lehenga in a unique neon green shade – it’s beautiful for that engagement function held in the outdoors.


Green Lehengas for Sangeet Function

39. Dance in Style


This minty green lehenga with muted pink undertone and silver embellishments is just apt for that sangeet function. Checkout dance costumes.

40. Green Simplistic Lehenga

Green Simplistic Lehengarichahaware

This one is sleek, lightweight, comes with a sleeveless choli and contrast dupatta.

41. The Green Cape

Sangeet lehengas are all about being lightweight so you can flaunt all your pro dance moves with ease. This one is pretty low on the embellishment scale and comes with a sleeveless cape instead of a dupatta.

42. The Green Banarasi Lehenga


If you really want to steal the show on your sangeet function, go all glam with such a Banarasi brocade lehenga in leaf green with gold and pink minakari work. The dupatta is in a contrasting pink shade.


Green Lehengas for Mehendi Function

43. The Mehendi Green Lehenga

The Mehendi Green Lehenga

Don’t you love the lustrous green shade of raw henna! That is exactly the color of this bride’s mehendi lehenga. The border is in gold with a layer of gold brocade work!

44. Green Floral Lehenga

Green Floral Lehenga

An emerald green satin lehenga with printed floral details in multiple shades – perfect for mehendi!

45. Chikankari Lehenga

In a light shade of lime green, this white thread embroidered chikankari lehenga is truly a masterpiece.

46. Mint Green Hand Embroidered Lehenga

Mint Green Hand Embroidered Lehenga

A minimalistic choli, a flared lehenga skirt with hand embroidered lotus motifs and an ornate gold border – this mint green raw silk and organza lehenga is a glam option for the mehendi function!


Green Lehengas for Bridesmaids and Guests

In this section, we explore lightweight, sleek and subtle lehengas which are apt for bridesmaids and even for guests on the wedding day! These lehengas would be perfect for sisters and close friends of the bride or the groom.

47. Glamour Comes Simple

Glamour Comes Simple - Gorgeous Green Lehenga Dressdrishtigwalani | Get Custom Made Lehenga

With almost no embellishments and just sheer style, this dark juniper green lehenga is sure to make heads turn.

48. Subtlety Rules


A light mint green lehenga with detailed embroidery in neutral pastel tones – is all you need to be that glamorous guest!

49. Another One for The Bridesmaids

A gold frilly hemline to a flared sequin embroidered skirt, a net dupatta and a well-structured choli – this mehendigreen lehenga is a sheer beauty!

50. Rainbow Hemline

A great choice for the bridesmaids, this dark green sequin embroidered lehenga comes with a fun and unique hemline of rainbow colors!

51. Two Light Shades

A highly sophisticated choice as a lehenga for a wedding guest – this one combines two lighter shades of green – mint and lime! The gold details add more grace.

52. The Green Stripes


A contemporary lehenga in metallic mint green and teal! The skirt has zigzag horizontal stripe patterns in the two shades. The choli features crosia work. There is no dupatta with this lehenga. Instead, with the sleeves are attached light mint green chiffon fabric, which slide downwards creating the dupatta-look!

53. Contrasts that Communicate


The colors – peach and bottle green – can rarely be seen with each other! In this green lehenga, though, they look like a match made in heaven. The lehenga plays with rich textures! The bottle green silk is lush and the zero embellishment blouse upholds the magnificence of the fabric. The skirt is embroidered in gold zari and so is the peach dupatta.

54. Starry Night Green Lehenga

Another contemporary dark green lehenga that uses stone and sequin embroidery to create a look of starts shining in a dark night! The choli is sleeveless and the dupatta is made from sheer net! The stone, sequin and crystal embroidery is concentrated in zigzag patterns in the upper part of the lehenga skirt. The rest of the outfit is studded with crystals in such a way it creates the illusion of a starry night.

55. Dark Teal Bridal Lehenga

A bridal lehenga with traditional motifs in teal green! The straight skirt is mostly solid with the zari and stone embroidered settled near the upper and lower hems only. The choli flaunts similar craftsmanship and the net dupatta has a jacquard look.


Conclusion – Green Lehenga

If you are inspired by any of these lehengas or have a design for a gorgeous lehenga in mind, get in touch with us! Green is just one name for numerous shades.

To know which shade of green complements you most or which cut and design will look good on you, depend only on the expert! At GetEthnic, our team of stylists, craftsmen and artists headed by our ace designer will guide you towards the green lehenga you always dreamt of.

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