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66 Saree Blouse Designs

There are so many varieties in Saree Blouse Designs that it often becomes confusion as what to choose and what to leave. Don’t worry as we are here to help you choose blouse design for your saree.

While you are full-on preparing for your D-Day you may have already started to plan with your stylists and BFFs about how the blouse needs to be designed. Indian fashion has always blended different edges to the saree and created ravishing masterpieces too. Blouses aren’t any exceptions too.
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There is a lot of creativity which goes into making a great Blouse. That piece oomphs up your features more. Right here in this blog, we would be clipping more than 50 saree blouse designs which you can scroll through and choose the one which vibes up with your whole mood.


komalpandeyofficial| Get Custom Made Blouse

The six-yard saree always undergoes some kind of changes which look amazing. Just the way saree has a great scope in turning into so many things by changing some structure and designs Blouses can add-on peplum jackets, ruffles, boxy blouses, overcoats, or long-sleeves. So, add all of this inspiration on your mood board.



1. Blue is cool

Saree Blouse

Stay on top as you get the beautiful embroidery done on the blouse right at the backside. Golden thread on Blue one! Epic! The texture and style are sophisticated. So, if you want something which doesn’t have got any cut from behind, this is it!

2. Plaits around Saree Blouse

Plaits aroundGet Custom Made Blouse

The sheer element blends with designs here. You see how the net fabric has been clasped into the plaits and tucked around the neck. It looks fluffy and cute! We love this greyish tone. Opt for this one as you choose comfort over everything else.

3. Flame of The Forest

Flame of The Forest - Saree Blouse parama_g

The round cut-out at the back side of this aesthetic blouse is lined by the flower known as the ‘flame of the forest’. This rare floral imagery is what makes these blouses special. Use the same design language and choose your favourite flower to create your own blouse!

4. The fluffy feel

The fluffy feel style blouse - Saree Blouse Designsa_blouse_array

You’ll definitely love this. It’s like a crop top with the fluffy sleeves and a belt to tie your amazing saree. Stiche those plaits right at the elbows. These kinds of blouses are mostly loved by modern brides. Keep it simple and elegant.

5. The code

Saree Blouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

This saree blouse design has got full sleeves and at the end, it is hooked up with a triangular design. Add in some of the best jewelry. Right there!

6. Knot + pom pom

Saree Blouse

Red looks super gorgeous. Border the shape with some beautiful embroidery and add some baby pom-pom at the bottom. Checkout Red Saree Blouses.

7. A knotted stripe

knotted stripe blouseblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

Simply elegant steroids for sale this style is. The regular fabric is replaced by the cut and the bow like stripe ties it. This style is sassy and feminine.

Pro tip: Make sure you scrub your back and apply a bronzer lava lotion to tone the color of your skin. Also, to look more sophisticated opt for padded blouses.

8. Jacket-Style Blouse with Frills

Jacket-Style Blouse with Frills

These blouses are reminiscent of the erstwhile jacket-style blouses that Bengali women wore during tren for sale the British era! The attire was inspired by blouses worn with skirts by British women. These blouses are devoid of a neckline and flaunt collars. If you want to create a period look, you for such a saree blouse design.

9. The Tube Top Saree Blouse

The Tube Top Saree Blouse

Fashion influencer Komal Pandey pairs her gold and purple saree with a tiny pink tube top. She has the reputation of going overboard with her unique sense of style. This however can be carried easily if you are someone who likes tube top blouses.


10. Collared style

Collared style blouseblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

Those Peter Pan collars look the best. You may opt for the style where the collars are there on the back and in the front. Most of the time the style has got a high cut neckline. Plain sarees with the floral blouse like this one look good.

Pro tip: If your neck is long and you want to flaunt your jawline this style is for you.

11. Right at the center

Saree Blouse Designsblousetrends

This style doesn’t have any bow or any knot on either top or bottom as it is just plain. The circle is in the middle while the floral handwork is done all around it. There are no worries to button up and tie any knots in this style.

Pro tip: Make sure that the blouse fits you right and doesn’t create any spikes at the back over the fabric. If you like you can also blend the collar style with this style.

12. The heart style

The heart style blouseblousetrends

You can opt for any kind of shape while getting your hands on this style. The love shape catches our hearts without any doubts. You can add on the Latkans if you want to.

13. Long sleeves and Bow.

Long sleeves and Bow - Saree Blouse Designsblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

The usual fabric won’t be there but you can go overboard with a high vibe of the knot just like a princess. Create a “V” shape and get the knot flowing through the back. It looks pretty perfect.

Pro tip: Add in the bronzer lava lotion to tone up the skin.

14. White Plunge Neckline Blouse

White Plunge Neckline Blousekomalpandeyofficial

It’s a classic style that looks elegant with any white or neutral tone saree in a party or wedding. The blouse is well fitted and has a sensuous plunge neckline creating a very toned and elegant look.

15. String at the up

String at the up style blouse - Saree Blouse Designsa_blouse_array

In this style, you will see the stripe of the saree blouse design above in the knot. It is classy! You can tune in with blue color or any dark color. Add on some embellished stones and mirror work on the sides. Looks fantastic!

16. Long sleeve with sheer.

long sleeve with sheera_blouse_array

The shimmery vibe of the long sleeves which has a classy print can look great on the Sangeet ceremony. You get to wear long sleeves and the net and florals all above it sync with the mood a lot.

This style suits most of the women. This style gives that slimming illusion.

Whichever saree blouse design you are choosing make sure you keep a good posture and upright shoulders which instantly enhances the designer blouse. In the blouses, there are many variations possible where you can try different fabrics in different hues and textures. Go with the one which captures your heart.

17. The vase style cut

The vase style cut blousea_blouse_array

We saw lots of designs happening on the back of the blouse. This style gives the edge as the creative work is happening right at the front side and the collar is giving it that edge. It looks bold overall!

18. Here and there

a_blouse_array | Get Custom Made Blouse

If your mom wants to try something new this style can be something she could try. Basically, it looks great to wear at the Haldi ceremony.

Pro tip: Tie tight to create that seamless structure.

19. Polka long sleeves

Polka long sleeves style blousea_blouse_array

You may choose a fabric and color which blends with your saree. Here, the saree blouse design is dark and the Polka appears to look fantastic.

20. The T-shirt way

The T-shirt way style blousepooraniselvaraj | Get Custom Made Blouse

This saree blouse design looks stunning as it vibes up with a T-shirt like a feel. Looks great when it has a decent collar to add some edge. Oomph the game on your Sangeet. Supra-amazing!

21. The golden texture.

The golden texture style blouseshruti_0143_

A: You may love this style with a knot above. The texture and the hue of the blouse look dramatic. You can play with as many colorful embellishments you want. To create more drama you may add beads as well as Latkans. Many variations are possible to choose whichever you feel comfortable with. Checkout more golden saree blouses.

22. The Latkan

The Latkan style blousesareesmaharashtra

B: This falls in a similar category as the A. The knot is similar at the top. Fabric and color are changed while the Latkans add on the special drama. This type of style will never go out of style. You may opt for Matka necklines too.

There are lots of shapes you may get your hands on or try something you have got in your heart. A specific unique shape maybe.

23. The piece


Here all things are kept simple and straight. The material used is the other half of the saree and there is the fine stitching happening. Make sure that the sleeves fit you right and not much tight. You may add and try to give shape as per your need right at the back. Keep it simple and classy!

24. Sheer royalty

Sheer royalty style blouse - Saree Blouse

No one can take their eyes off this masterpiece. The blouse inclines towards the sheer mode which is white and all over it there are florals embellished. As a topping, you may play with the style if you want.

25. Infinity

Saree Blouse Designsmarathicultures | Get Custom Made Blouse

On the sides of the blouse which happens to be the sleeves. You can opt for this style even thou’ you want to keep the whole ensemble traditional and simple. You may try this one. The design is like the number 8 and looks subtle.

26. Sabyasachi style

Sabyasachi style

A total Sabyasachi vibe. The lace at the borders looks amazing. You may opt for this kind of blouse and ensemble to keep all the things straight forward.

27. The gold

Sabyasachi style golden 

A perfect blouse for your wedding reception. The golden glittery blouse never fades its uniqueness. Give the blouse a defined cut which will oomph the whole ensemble. Checkout Sabyasachi sarees.

28. Jewel style

Jewel style blouse - Saree Blouse

Perfect for your wedding day. There are lots of Pearl jewelry hooked on the backside. You may add some emerald or mint color jewelry too. Choose what goes well with your whole ensemble. You may like to put a bun on so that the beautiful back is visible.

29. The embellishments | Get Custom Made Blouse

Look at this masterpiece! The whole Zardozi work uplifts the vibe of the blouse. Let your blouse feel royal and wonderful. Go with this style. This is a classic shape and you can add on to Latkans with the strings.

30. Layered Universe

Saree Blouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

The saree blouse design texture is in the neutral color palette and we love it. The layered net textured sleeves look captivating. Oh-so-wow!

Pro tip: Play with the sleeves around and you don’t need to get any cuts or try new shapes at the backside.

31. Frills Saree Blouse

Frills style

This looks like a total Hindi serial style ensemble. The blouse makes you look stylish and modern and the chocolatey feel just satiates the whole drama of the ensemble. Add it on!

32. The white paradise


The white hue saree blouse design calms us down from the chaos going around. When the blouse happens to be full sleeves and still looks royal as it has been topped up with embroidery work. Totally amazing! You may add on that collar if you like or just jazz up with what your heart feels called to.

33. Magenta | Get Custom Made Blouse

The color looks classy and the full sleeves look wonderful. For this velvety and silky texture, the long sleeves vibe up with the whole mood of celebrations.

34. Image on Saree Blouse

Image on Saree

Such a unique way of adoring the person you love. This idea is unique and you will love it too. Why cut? Just create an image and print or paint or let the handwork in the form of embroidery and mirror work happen. You are too smart!

35. Boho-chic

Is it just us who feels that this style is the blend? A blend of boho-ness and serenity. Blue shimmery + glowy blouse with a dash of the white tone creates a great jam. Opt for this if you align with this style.

36. The glory | Get Custom Made Blouse

Hassle-free this is! Trendy and modern!! The wavy pattern looks super amazing and you can opt for this as a perfect wedding reception wear.

37. Super-women | Get Custom Made Blouse

Boss-up! The cape + shirt like blouse looks authoritative. The print looks wonderful!

38. The wings

The wings style blouse - Saree Blouse

Feel like a beautiful bird when the wings of your blouse creates that edge. It’s a unique and subtle look. Goes well for the Sangeet ceremony or for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

39. V- Deep neck Saree Blouse

V- Deep neck style blousekankatala_

The glossy stripes on yellow of gold just look flattering. Add on that perfect set of jewelry. Perfect!

40. Delights!


This chiffon saree by Tarun Tahilani has got a well embellished glistening crystal blouse. Looks delightful!

41. Temple Pattern Border

This is another unique backside design. Here too a border has been used. It is used on the neckline and it also runs down the middle of the round cut-out. The unique black and gold border showcases temple patterns.

42. Tie Up Details with Latkan

Tie Up Details with Latkansaree.blouse.designs

We are all familiar with the tie-up detail on the top part of the back of the saree blouse. Though still trending, it’s a style that everyone flaunts. If you want to try something different you can go for such a blouse with a tie-up mechanism at the bottom part. It also has latkan details.

43. Embroidered Scenery


The back sides of saree blouses can be used for interesting designs. Frankly, it’s the only part of the blouse that gets full exposure other than the sleeves. In this case, birds and floral motifs have been embroidered in vibrant shades on the bottle green silk.

44. The oval cut – Saree Blouse

Oval cut Blouse - Saree Blouse Designscredit: blousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

The cut looks sassy and the blend with floral design can look stunning too. You can either choose your sleeves to be long or short. Around the cut, you may love the Zardozi workaround which will set the tone.

The floral print also looks good around the cut and you may add a Latkan to it to bring that playful side on.

Pro tip: Make sure the whole pattern is well stitched and doesn’t hunch or flare-up. You should be able to move freely in it. This type of blouse may jazz up well with your Sangeet Saree.

45. Zig zag gist

Zig zag gist style topblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

This saree blouse design looks more stunning. Each strap of the lace is anchored on each side while intertwining with each other as it forms a zig-zag like structure at the back. This pattern is much like the chequered design. Checkout more black saree blouses.

This kind of grid design is insta-worthy.

Pro tip: Tie it tight!

46. Brooches on Net

Brooches on Netpaithani.textile13

The use of ornate brooches on blouses is trending these days! Here we see a blouse with sheer net sleeves adorned with three ornate golden brooches. Such blouses are perfect to be paired with heavy sarees like Banarasi brocades, Kanjivaram silks or Paithanis!

47. The contrast bandwagon

Saree Blouse Designsblousetrends | Get Custom Made Blouse

These are some of the sweet styles you can tune-up with your saree. You may choose the total contrast color and give it a deep neck extension. Perfect for the Haldi ceremony. You may try to bring the color up and tight and add some dash of other colorful fabric to it as well.

48. Floral Quirky Saree Blouse

Floral Quirky Saree Blousethumbi_clothing

It’s the age of contrast pairing and boho chic! If you would like to add that boho or quirky element to your floral chiffon sarees go for this kind of a blouse. While the saree is pink, the blouse is in a contrasting light blue shade with vibrant pink flowers printed on it.

49. The Hoop-Back Blouse

The Hoop-Back Blousepreety_blouses.sharee

It’s one of the most unique designs in this list. However, if one can carry it, such a blouse will definitely make heads turn. On the back, two bands of fabric extend and form hoops.

50. Net Ruffle Sleeves

A saree blouse design using net and lace can never go wrong. If the blouse is in black, then it’s probably the most elegant thing you can spot. In this case, the sleeves have a round opening, below which net fabric has been used to create ruffles. They are bordered with black lace.

51. Pleated Frill and Net Blouse

Pleated Frill and Net Blouse

The entire backside of this blouse is made up of net with tiny embroidered motifs. At the neckline, hemlines, sleeves etc we see beautiful pleated stiff net detailing! The frill looks aesthetic. We can also spot some sequin work.

52. The Simple Crop Top

When in doubt, pick up your favourite crop top! Solid tone, clean look crop tops are great for those fusion saree looks. Pair it with a pant-style draped saree or with a traditional saree fastened at the waist with a belt.

53. Silk or Satin Shirt

Silk or Satin Shirtsenishamakeupartistry

Shirts have been used to style sarees for a long time. This satin shirt style blouse looks even more unique because of the boxy sleeves that become tight around the wrist. The slate grey color is also perfectly contrasting the white and orange ombre saree.

54. Shirt and Belt


She styles her traditional South Indian silk saree like a pro! The green and gold chequered saree with red and gold border is paired with a tailored fit black three-quarter sleeve shirt! The whole look is enhanced with the addition of a brown leather belt.

55. The Brocade Blouse

The Brocade Blouseg3vinod

Like the golden festive blouse or the black sleek blouse are must-haves in every Indian woman’s wardrobe, the brocade blouse is also inevitable! A brocade blouse does not necessarily have to be golden. This one, paired with a red and orange traditional silk saree, is in a green-tinged bronze shade.

56. Striped Blouse With Thread Ball Detail

Striped Blouse With Thread Ball Detailvcutblouse

It’s a simple blouse in a neutral light beige tone with red stripes. What makes it extraordinary is the presence of two columns of red thread balls. It makes the blouse so beautifully ethnic and traditional.

57. The Peplum Blouse

A stunning indigo jamdani saree has been paired with a short peplum top in neutral tone. The fusion theme here is exquisite! Not only do we see the pairing of a saree with a top but the pairing of a purely traditional weave like dhakai jamdani with a uniquely cut top instead of a traditional blouse!

58. Pastel Rose Bralette

Pastel Rose Braletteuruwa_ethnic

With any satin or chiffon saree in a neutral or light pastel tone, a bralette blouse looks extremely well-coordinated! This bralette blouse is made up of net with a bit of lace work and feather detailing.

59. Banarasi Blouse with Back Detail

Banarasi Blouse with Back Detail

The back side cut-out of blouses can be of various shapes. A brocade or Banarasi blouse with full sleeves would look great with a unique cut-out shape at the back side.

60. Short Spaghetti Top

Short Spaghetti Top as saree blousekomalpandeyofficial

Fashion influencer Komal Pandey loves bralettes and tank tops with her sarees. This blouse is like a tank top with spaghetti straps. If you can carry the look, try wearing such a blouse with any of your see-through sarees like your net sarees or organzas or kota sarees.

61. Latkan Details and Border

Latkan Details and Border - saree blouse
You can do this with a blouse that has a brocade border. The border is usually given with the blouse piece for the sleeves. But instead of getting it stitched there, it can be used for the backside. On top we see tie-up detail with latkans.

62. Baggy Jacket Style Blouse

Baggy Jacket Style Blouse
A baggy jacket style blouse with full sleeves and in a deep pink color – that’s all you need to flaunt the ethnic “Barbie” look. The cut of this blouse is so beautiful it creates the most fashionably aesthetic look with the multi-color ombre chiffon saree.

63. Floral Blouse

Floral Blousethebohobaalika

Every woman needs this kind of a floral blouse for her cotton sarees. Such a blouse should have floral prints in big vibrant motifs and colors. Multi-colors make the floral blouse even more stunning!

64. Floral Sleeves


Monotone sarees in colors like pinks, purples or pastel tones look great if paired with floral blouses. This blouse has a pink bodice but the sleeves showcase vibrant floral motifs in pinks and blues on a base of white. The full sleeve floral look is stunning!

65. Saree With Kurta

Saree With Kurtaruniaroundtheround

This style is not new but never fails to impress. This kurta has a fitted bodice and slightly flared bottom part. The peach tone kurta has been paired with a light blue net saree with a golden border.

66. Oversized Full Sleeve Shirt Blouse

Oversized Full Sleeve Shirt Blousekomalpandeyofficial

Not everyone can carry fusion fashion like Komal Pandey. Here she has paired a white floral saree with a white oversized full sleeve shirt and a leather belt.

Final Word – Saree Blouse Designs

When getting your dream blouse stitched to make sure that it fits you well and it isn’t faded. If the saree exhibits the royalness let the blouse come under that category too. Don’t let the simple blouse Rob the beauty of the regal saree. Let the blouse work as an add-on. Choose the design on the back wisely. Make sure you invest in a good fabric that will not flare-up.

Then think about what design and cuts you would be most comfortable with showing-off. Which simply means think about what makes you feel comfortable. But, even thou’ you feel like trying something new you absolutely can. Don’t get stuck with what’s trendy but revolve your mind around the fact that what suits you and feels right for you. You can go with the design which is evergreen, heavily embroidered, or simply minimal.

We hope that the ideas sound interesting and now you can choose and make your perfect customized blouse easily. For customization of your blouse you can always contact


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