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25 Red Saree Blouse to Inspire the Ethnic Fashionista in You

Isn’t it common to have a few different types of red saree blouses in your wardrobe? Though this is true, we suggest you to take a closer look at those blouses! We bet that you will be surprised at how similar they actually are! This happens because it is a common mind-set to equate a red saree blouse with very traditional kind of fashion. With the fashion game changing every day, red saree blouses have moved far away from the realms of wedding wear. Today, a red saree blouse is also beyond just white and golden or white and red sarees.

A red saree blouse can be used in many ways to create unique looks. You just need to play around with the cut and surface detailing of the blouse. To give you a more expanded idea, we have compiled a list of 25 red saree blouses that will inspire you to create fashion statements of your own. We have divided the list into four parts – wedding looks, traditional looks, contemporary looks and experimental looks.


Enhancing your Wedding Looks with Red Saree Blouse

1. The Quintessential Wedding Blouse

Quintessential Wedding Blousebridalblouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

The color red is synonymous with Indian weddings. Most brides prefer to wear a shade of red on their wedding days. This particular blouse can go with any red and gold wedding saree. It has elaborate zari detailing all over the sleeves. The neckline and back lining also have a strip of zari motifs. What makes it even more beautiful is the latkan and string tie-up design at the back.


2. Unique Bridal Blouse

Unique Bridal Blousebridalblouse | Get Custom Made Blouse

Like we mentioned earlier, a red saree blouse is a common thing in an Indian woman’s wardrobe. So use of innovative elements ensure that the one you are wearing on your wedding day stands apart. Look at this unique bridal saree blouse.

The matte or beige-ish golden zari designs on the sleeves are very different from common floral motifs. The work is also flawless and clean. The unique opening at the back has a border all around. This blouse can easily be used for contrast pairing with non-bridal sareesas well. Checkout more backless blouse designs.


3. Simple Party Blouse

Simple Party red Blouse priya_p_pawar | Get Custom Made Blouse

If you are the bridesmaid or the bride’s or groom’s sister you can go for such a blouse. The clean cut and neckline on the deep red color makes it appropriate for those who are new with wearing sarees. The blouse has back buttons with a circular opening at the back. It has minimal sequin and embroidered details, mainly on the sleeves and the neckline.


4. Embellished Bridal Blouse

Embellished Bridal Blouseshilpakollankandy | Get Custom Made Blouse

As shown in the picture, such a red saree blouse will be very appropriate with traditional bridal sarees like the Banarasi brocade saree or a Kanjivaram silk saree. The blouse has short sleeves and designs around the neckline that reminds one of kundan style jewellery. Zardosi and stone embellishments have been used in this blouse.


5. Bengali Style Wedding Blouse

Bengali Style Wedding

This is a heavily ornate blouse which has been cut to look like a traditional Bengali red saree blouse. In the olden times, Bengali women sported long-sleeved saree blouses with frill details on the neckline and the edges of the sleeves. Following a similar pattern, this blouse has white frills where the sleeves end. What makes it different from a traditional Bengali red saree blouse is the heavy golden zari work all over the blouse.

6. Stone Work Bridal Blouse

Stone Work Bridal Blousboutique_.collections

This is another red blouse which is very appropriate for bridal use. It has small sleeves and stone and sequin embellishments. The back of the blouse has pearl details and tie-up design with latkan at the back.


7. Full Sleeve Brocade Blouse

Full Sleeve Brocade Blouseg3vinod

If you are planning to sport a red saree blouse as a wedding guest, try something like this. Such a red saree blouse is truly dynamic and should be used for contrast pairing. The fabric of the blouse is brocade with big golden motifs. The end of the sleeves have thick zari strips. The blouse also has a unique cut at the back. The wearer has paired this blouse with a white tussar saree. Such a blouse would go very well with Kasavu sarees of Kerala.


Traditional Looks wearing Red Blouse

8. Traditional Bengali Saree Blouse

Traditional Bengali Saree Blouseimunmun_d | Get Custom Made Blouse

A white saree with a red border – this is what Bengali women usually wear on auspicious days. With such a saree comes a red blouse that is simple yet has a particular characteristic that sets it apart – puffed sleeves. This kind of a red saree blouse has been recently popularized by Jacqueline Fernandez in a Badshah music video – ‘Genda Phool’.

9. Chanderi Red Blouse

Chanderi Red Blousemiss__aishwarya

Chanderi is a traditional weave of Madhya Pradesh. The fabric is characteristically thin, airy and has golden motifs evenly placed all across. A red Chanderi blouse is a must-have and can be paired with numerous traditional sarees. The even placement of the motifs and thin net-like texture makes it great for contrast styles as well. Here the wearer has paired such a red saree blouse with a golden yellow saree.

10. Zari Embroidery

Zari Embroideryweddings_inc

Red is a color that forms the best background for gold. Zari embroidery is an Indian art that can rarely be seen these days. So to give your regular red saree blouse look a strong ethnic twist you can get one with zari embroidery, just like the one in the picture. The embroidery is minimal and this is the reason why the design stands out.

11. The Gujarati Choli

The Gujarati

When it comes to styles close to the Indian soil, colors like red, orange, brown, mustard etc work like magic. Bandhni and mirror work hails from Gujarat and the saree blouse in the picture is in fact a choli that can be worn both with a lehenga skirt or a saree. Such cholis have tie-up closure at the back which ensures a clean look in the front. Those of you who prefer to wear plain, solid sarees with just a border can opt for such a blouse.

12. The Red Ikkat Blouse

he Red Ikkat Blousevrindadesignercouture

The ikkat weave of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh looks great on colors like red, black and yellow. A blouse made up of red ikkat fabric, like the one in the picture, looks extremely artistic and sophisticated. It is an intrinsically ethnic piece!


13. The Banarasi Blouse

he Benarasi Blouse


This warm toned red Banarasi blouse is an apt choice for traditional looks as well as fusion-pairing. In this case, it has been paired with a tussar saree with an ikkat border. The saree has also been draped in a unique way. Even if you are not into fusion clothing, such a red saree blouse will complement all your white, off-white, cream and beige sarees.



Contemporary Looks in Red Saree Blouse

14. Banarasi Blouse

he Benarasi Blouse

stylenlookblouses | Get Custom Made Blouse

A unique red saree blouse – this one has a slit below the left shoulder from where one can insert the pallu of a cocktail saree. Such a blouse will complement only a fusion saree or a cocktail saree. The short sleeves & net design on the top part of the blouse would not go with a traditional saree.


15. Red Boat Neck Blouse

Red Boat Neck Blouseritaselvam18

If you prefer to dress more simply yet don’t want to go for something totally stereotypical try pairing a simple red saree with a plain red boatneck blouse with elbow length sleeves. The style is simple yet clean and trendy. The simple yet smart look of a red boatneck saree blouse is timeless!


16. The Diamond-Slit Back

The Diamond-Slit Backdnp_handwork

Red is an extremely bright color which catches the attention easily. So a simple deep red blouse in itself is a fashion statement. If a little bit of innovation can be added in the cut and look of the blouse it is sure to make heads turn. For example, this blouse is has three quarter sleeves, a diamond shaped opening at the back and tie-up detail.
The buttons of the blouse are also at the back, giving it a clean look in the front. This beautiful blouse can go with any saree and amp up the whole look.

17. The Red Net Blouse

The Red Net

Another trendy and aesthetic variation in a simple red saree blouse is the use of net. Net can be used around the neckline of the blouse. The sleeves can also be made up of net. In this case, a short sleeve saree blouse has been given a net back. The line of buttons runs all along the length of the blouse, at the back, and creates a unique design.

18. A Single Motif

simple red blouse with round neck and elbow-length sleevesg3vinod

This is another simple red blouse with round neck and elbow-length sleeves. What makes space for this blouse in this list is the single unique golden motif at the back.

19. Sleeveless Boatneck Blouse

Sleeveless Boatneck Blouseg3vinod

This is an everyday wear red saree blouse that is versatile in the true sense of the term. This sleeveless, boatneck blouse can be paired with any saree. The look carried in this picture is simple yet gorgeous!


20. Block Print Red Blouse

Block Print Red Blousethebohobaalika

Want to wear a red saree blouse on a hot day? Yes, blouses with zari or brocade work will make you sweat a lot. Instead, we suggest that you go for a cotton blouse preferably with block print designs. This looks really great with cotton sarees like dhakai jamdani, Odisha cottons etc. It may also go well with tussar sarees.


Experimental Styles Blouses

21. The Halter Neck Batik Blouse

The Halter Neck Batik Blousethebohobaalika

We have considered this as an experimental piece because it combines a traditional style with a contemporary cut – it is a batik blouse shaped like a halter-neck crop top. The fabric is batik– an art hailing form Shantiniketan of West Bengal. The batikart involves the creation of designs by using melted wax on fabric and then immersing the fabric in color.

The parts that are covered in wax remain uncoloured. Later when the fabric is again immersed in warm water to wash off the wax, the designs come alive. Here, the batik blouse has been paired with a dhakai saree.


22. The Tie-Up Closure


Most saree blouses come with hook-and-eye closures in the front. This ensures a good fit but is incapable of giving a clean look in the front. To bring in variation in the closure and to ensure that both the front and the back of the blouse look equally elegant, you can go for this kind of a red saree blouse.

The printed red cotton fabric goes well with the style. The sleeves come in a different print and the tie-up strings in a black print give the blouse a boho look.


23. The Top-Style Red Blouse

The Top-Style Red Blousewedding_designer_blouse_ideas

Another great way of fusion saree draping is by wearing it in the Gujarati style but not pinning the pallu all across the bust. In order to carry off this style you would need a top-style blouse like the one in the picture. In has zip closure in front, runs till the waist and gives a very clean look. Though the saree is green, the wearer looks gorgeous by pairing it with ared saree blouse.

24. The Gamchha Inspired Blouse

The Gamchha Inspired Blousevijayalaxmichhabra

A gamchha is a piece of cotton fabric used in West Bengal and Odisha as a towel. A gamchhamay be available in various types but the most popular and widely available are those that have red checks on a white surface. The gamchha was popularized in the fashion industry by Bangladeshi fashion designer Bibi Russell. Here a blouse made up of the same type of fabric or one resembling a gamchha has been paired with a Habaspuri Saree of Odisha.


25. The Red Crop Top

The Red Crop Topthebohobaalika | Get Custom Made Blouse

Our list ends with a fusion outfit that may inspire similar ideas in you. Here, a red crop top with white floral details has been paired with a fusion saree in black and white. The saree has also been draped uniquely. This is a look quintessentially ‘street-style’, in the lines of boho fashion.


Final Word on Red Saree blouse

The versatility of a red saree blouse has been portrayed in the elaborate list you just went through. As red is a bright color, it is capable of enhancing any look for any occasion – be it a wedding, a puja, a get-together or an outing! So, we suggest that you invest in one blouse from every category we have specified. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

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