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50 Floral Lehengas that Reinstate Flower Power

Floral lehengas never fail to impress! Floral motifs have been used in ethnic wedding wear for centuries! Nowadays, brides love floral patterns or embroidferies that are colorful, vibrant and give out a fresh vibe.

Though you can go for an embellished floral lehenga for the night of the wedding or reception, floral are mostly preferred as outfits for functions like mehndi, sangeet, haldi etc. They are also great options for the bridesmaids. They give out a very fresh, light and young vibe, perfect for summer weddings or weddings organized in tropical locations, beach-side destination weddings etc. Let us look at:

50 Floral Lehengas that are fit for fun loving girls

1. Peach Day in Floral Lehenga

Peach Day – Floral LehengaGet your Lehenga

The light peachy shade, use of nets and frills, floral motifs on the flared skirt, on the blouse etc make it the perfect example of a lehenga for any day-time function!

2. Flowery Announcements

Flowery Announcements

A sunny morning, a pre-wedding occasion and a floral lehenga – does happiness sound any different? This bride’s colorful lehenga is just breath-taking!

3. Summon the Garden!

shaadiwish | Get Custom Made Lehenga

If your love for a floral lehenga is really an obsession, don’t shy away from summoning a whole garden on your lehenga! Like this bride, go overboard with the multi-color floral details on your lehenga and look gorgeous!

4. Cheerful Colors and Prints

Vibrancy rules! This bride has chosen her haldi outfit like a pro! She wears a bright blue flared lehenga skirt with printed floral details. The prints are not densely packed yet stand out owing to contrast color pairing. The choli in yellow showcases mirror work.

5. Lilac and Florals

Lilac and Floralsshaadisagafashion

This lehenga combines the light pastel shade of lilac with vibrant floral prints. The dupatta comes in a contrast shade too!

6. Burgundy & Blossoms – Floral Lehenga

Most often we associate floral prints and patterns with light shades and pastel hues. Well, this lehenga is totally different! In a dark burgundy shade with huge red blossoms printed on the flared skirt and a mirror work choli, this outfit looks exotic!

7. Black Floral Skirt

Black Floral Skirtalishadhuka

Another floral lehenga in a dark hue. The black skirt showcases huge bright blossoms in shades of flaming red, orange and yellow.

8. Yellow Floral Lehenga

Yellow Floral Lehengaromana_in_london

Simple yet beautiful – this flared mustard yellow skirt with a floral print in neutral tone goes perfectly well with the black choli. You can wear this outfit as a guest at any pre wedding function! This type of lehenga would go well in a Haldi Ceremony.

9. Pretty Pink Bridal Floral Lehenga

Pretty Pink Bridal Floral Lehenga

This pretty pink bridal lehenga flaunts prominent blossom motifs embroidered on the lehenga skirt in vibrantly colored threads! Sequin work alongside enhances the whole look making it a perfect bridal attire.

10. Pink Roses in Floral Lehenga

Pink Roses in Floral Lehenga

This navy blue lehenga skirt is vibrant, to say the least! The printed pink roses on it are bright enough to uplift any look. A sequined blouse and contrasting pink dupatta look great!

11. Floral Bridal Paradise

Floral Bridal Paradise

This bridal lehenga is exotic! A light beige fabric is used! Exquisite floral thread work in shades of pink, purple, orange, gold and turquoise has been used!

12. Multi Color Floral Lehenga

Multi Color Floral

Another lehenga in beige and multi-color floral motifs! This one isn’t bridal as such! But the arrangement of the floral motifs are unique and this one is perfect for a sangeet or mehendi function!

13. The Blue Guldasta

The Blue Guldasta aka floral lehengaluxiecouture

A gorgeous lehenga in blue! The lehenga skirt showcases floral craftsmanship in a pretty shade of pink and gold. The sequinned choli, the pink and gold dupatta go really well with the rest of the outfit. Checkout more of Blue Lehenga.

14. Pastels and Florals

Pastels and Floral Lehenga

Can there be anything better than florals in pastel shades? This light pastel pink lehenga flaunts thread work motifs of flowers, peacocks, vines etc. Sequin and zari work have also been used.

15. Floral Blues

Floral Blues - Floral Lehenga

This bright blue lehenga is perfect for the wedding morning! The motifs of pansies in off-beat shades like pastel pink, yellow, orange, red, purple etc make it one of the most vibrant floral dress in this list.

16. Roses and Emerald

Roses and Emerald

It’s a trendy bridal look – an emerald green lehenga depicting rose kaleeres in red and pink! The color combination instantly creates a minimalistic yet fresh appearance, perfect for the morning of the wedding.

17. Sunflowers Sunflowers


A simple white lehenga made fascinating by a dash of vibrant sunflowers printed on it! If you really want your lehenga look to stand out – go for a look like this one!

18. Flaming Maples in a Floral

Flaming Maples in a Floral Lehenga

Drenched in the colors of fall – this lehenga is one-of-its-kind! A full sleeve red crop top has been paired with a flared skirt and dupatta bearing images of yellow, orange and red maple leaves. These warm colors are perfect for autumn wedding mornings.

19. Orange Floral Extravaganza

Orange Floral Extravaganza

Speaking of warm colors on wedding mornings takes us to the next lehenga on the list – a red and orange vibrantly colorful ensemble engraved with printed motifs of flowers in red and green! The lehenga also flaunts a zari border.

20. Can Never Go Wrong With Florals

Can Never Go Wrong With Florals

It’s a rare color combination! A rust red satin fabric with printed blossoms in pastel shades and grey! But even that looks exquisite as you can never really go wrong with floral prints! Checkout more of Maroon Bridal lehenga.

21. The Floral Twirl

The Floral Twirl

Drenched in pastel hues and summer colors, this floral printed bridal lehenga is extraordinary! The morning wedding scenes just got a touch of floral flavors through this bridal ensemble!

22. Blossoms for Haldi

Blossoms for Haldi

Perfect as a lightweight yet fun option for the bride at the haldi ceremony! This lovely yellow lehenga is printed in red and pink floral motifs.

23. Dahlias on Pink

Dahlias on Pinkmishruofficial

On a pastel pink fabric, dahlias and asters in hues like red, orange, beige and maroon have been embroidered. The darker flowers are concentrated on the bottom part of the lehenga skirt.

24. Pink Floral

Pink Floral Lehenga

Perfect for the mehendi function, this lehenga comes in a white organza skirt with pink floral prints and paired with a pink blouse.

25. Yellow Floral Lehenga

Yellow Floral Lehenga

This yellow lehenga, meant for the haldi function, showcases floral motifs in tufts of blossoms in multi color. Thread work and zari embroidery have been used. The choli is off-shoulder!

26. Blooming Bridals

Blooming Bridals

A dark red velvet bridal lehenga embellished with motifs from the blooming woods! There are floral motifs everywhere. The thread work and zari embroidery are exquisite.

27. The Flaming Forest

The Flaming Forest

Another gorgeous Punjabi bride wearing wedding lehenga inspired from wildflowers! This red and pink ensemble bears motifs from the forests. There are flowers, parrots, leaves and more flowers – as if the whole forest has settled on her lehenga!

28. The Beauty of White Floral

The Beauty of White Floral Lehengacurlgirlofficial

This one is serene and simple! The fabric is spotlessly white, the lehenga skirt is not so flared and the gorgeous pink flowers on it are placed at ease, giving the whole outfit a casual, fresh vibe!

29. Sky Blue Floral Lehenga

Sky Blue Floral Lehengaglambygilly

Large pink chrysanthemum motifs are printed on her sky blue lehenga. The two colors go really well together. It’s the perfect outfit for a bridesmaid or wedding guest on the morning of the wedding.

30. Blue and Beige

Blue and Beige Floral Lehenga

This floral lehenga is not as colorful as the others in the list! On a dark blue fabric, floral motifs using beige and grey have been used. So if you are looking for a lehenga devoid of numerous vibrant colours, you can go for one like this one.

31. Of Leaves and Twigs

Of Leaves and Twigs

Not all floral lehengas talk only about flowers! The concept of a lehenga means one that is inspired by Nature. This white lehenga depicts branches, twigs and leaves in all natural shades as well as yellow floral motifs.

32. Peaches and Green

Peaches and Green

A simple and comfy floral lehenga for the wedding guest! The skirt and dupatta come in a light peachy shade with floral motifs all over. Zari borders have been used. The choli is in a contrasting dark shade of green.

33. White Floral Bridal Lehenga

White Floral Bridal Lehenga

If you thought a floral printed lehenga can’t work as a bridal attire, just look at this bride! This celestial white lehenga with printed floral motifs in pink and zari borders impart a beautiful glow of elegance and serenity to the bride!

34. More White Floral Lehenga

More White Floral Lehengas

White lehengas with sparsely placed bright floral prints are great options as casual attires for traditional functions!

35. The Essential Black Floral Lehenga

The Essential Black Floral Lehenga

Now this is what we call a powerful look! The jet black silk lehenga, the floral motifs, the zari details, black smoky eyes and heavy choker – nothing in this look is out of place!

36. Mirror Work with Floral Embroidery

Mirror Work with Floral Embroidery

Inspired from the Indian boho style, this greenish grey lehenga showcases the juxtaposition of colorful thread work in floral motifs and mirror work.

37. Fall Inspired Floral Lehenga

Fall Inspired Floral Lehengasapanaaminlabel

Another Bohemian bride who sports a floral inspired by the season of fall. Her cream color lehenga has a tinge of marigold yellow, zari borders and floral motifs in pink and purple.

38. Blossoming Bridals

Blossoming Bridals

This red A-line bridal lehenga showcases floral motifs in zari and orange thread work. The border is densely and exquisitely embroidered in sequins and zari. This type of Muslim Wedding Lehenga goes perfectly with a bride.

39. Floral Mirror Work

Floral Mirror Work

Pastel blue, bright pink and lemon yellow – floral and fruity – that’s the theme! And to top it up, extensive mirror work has been used in the borders and on the skirt shaped in floral motifs. Tassels add to the beauty of this attire.

40. The Floral Cocktail Lehenga

The Floral Cocktail Lehenga

This lehenga is not a conventional but flowery and beautiful nonetheless! A big floral motif is embroidered on the straight lehenga skirt. The choli showcases embroidered flowers in colors like purple, pink and white.

41. Sunflowers for You

Sunflowers for Youmayasdesiboutique

This lehenga has been designed simply yet there is an appeal in the printed sunflower motifs on the white fabric. The outfit is bright and vibrant!

42. Pink Blossoms for the Bride

Pink Blossoms for the Bridewedabout

This bride’s off-white wedding lehenga with vibrant pink floral embroidery is sheer beauty! The colorful thread work on the neutral base reminds one of the minakari designs on marble!

43. The Floral Jacket Lehenga

Floral vibrancy looks best on white surfaces! This lehenga is just another example. The pink and purple blossoms come to life on the white fabric. This lehenga also comes with a jacket.

44. Subtle Florals

Subtle Florals

Another awesome example of a floral lehenga which is not too colorful yet perfectly glamorous. Along with a neutral base and gold zari borders, colors like peach, beige and grey have been used!

45. Flowery Embroidery

Flowery Embroidery

This beautiful A-line grey lehenga skirt comes with immaculate and detailed floral embroidery with threads of multi-colors. The red choli and dupatta add to the colorfulness of the outfit.

46. Teal Green Floral Lehenga

Teal Green Floral Lehengavidhyaxo

A dark color for a lehenga is rare! Plus the traditional thread work on the skirt and the contrasting yellow dupatta makes this outfit a hit!

47. The Ultimate Pink Floral Lehenga

The Ultimate Pink Floral Lehenga

Can anything me more floral than pink? And this exquisite pastel pink lehenga with the breath taking floral embroidery breaks all records of floral beauty!

48. More Pink Florals

More Pink Florals

Another beautiful printed pink floral dress with dark silver floral embroidery on the choli! The combination of pink and silver really go well together.

49. The Next Best Color to Pink

The Next Best Color to Pink

If you think pastels shades are best for lehengas but are not too keen on pink, go for powder blue! The printed cornflower blue and pink blossoms on the skirt, the latkans shaped like flowers etc create a mesmerizing effect.

50. The Mehendi Wala Floral Lehenga

The Mehendi Wala Floral Lehenga

If you want to sport a floral outfit at your mehendi function, wear one like this! The printed floral skirt is light but beautiful and the dark green crop top creates a nice contrast!

Floral dresses are not uncommon and this is why there are a lot of ways in which you can innovate when it comes to designing a floral outfit . You need to choose motifs, colors and designs that actually suit you. Consult us for expert tips and advice on how to create the floral look. We may also customize the most breath-taking floral lehenga, just for you!

Checkout another Floral Lehenga by and get started to get a custom made outfit for yourself.



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