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17 Stunning Half Saree/Langa Voni – Understanding Half Saree

“Half Saree” or “Langa Voni” or Half & Half Saree” has been in fashion for very long but it’s reviving and trending to new highs.

Its very popular amongst South Indian women but the North Indians are also catching up quickly with Half Saree trend. Sometimes its also refer as a “two-piece Saree”, “Half Lehenga” or “Lehenga Saree”! South Indians adorably call the Half Saree as a Langa Voni (in AP/Telangana), also as Langa Davani (in Karnataka) and Pattu Pavadai Dhavani (in Tamil Nadu)!

Phew! So many names of a single product! It’s simply amazing 🙂

Half Saree or Langa Voni


There are myriad options to drape a saree. You may like taking the Pallu in a Bengali manner or you may love styling the saree Gujrati way. Women look gorgeous in any kind of Saree style. Period! Here we are going to elaborate more on what Half saree is and will clip down some inspiration to help you out with adding the same to your wish list.

Firstly, let’s understand what is Half Saree?

When you opt for a half saree you will notice two contrast colors blending through. Above waist of a Half Saree or Langa Voni is closer to a regular saree with blouse & pallu and below waist is closer to a lehenga with less flares. Pallu is neatly wrapped on the waist with other end on the shoulder.

The magnificent Half Saree or Langa Voni as you may have noticed consists of three divided parts. What are they?

  • Skirt – Without pleats (mainly) but flare pattern could vary.
  • Pallu – The Pallu is wrapped around the hips and goes on one shoulder.
  • Blouse – Could be a sleeve or sleeveless blouse.

Both the Color and fabrics which are used in making the skirt, Blouse and Pallu are ideally made into contrast details. Bold colors are chosen and kept contrast to emboss the true sense of Half Saree.


Half sareecredit: | Get Custom Made Half Saare


As everything takes its time and evolves into something more different. The Half Saree is no exception. As the Half Saree looks quirky and unique the younger generation loves this style the most. Especially for the young girls who want the Saree look and don’t want to mess up with the wrap then this type of Saree is the most ideal.


Whats the difference between Lehenga and Half Saree?

They look kind of similar. Right? Well, not really when you take a deeper look!

Lehenga and Half Saree are very different from each other as in Lehenga there is choli or Blouse paired with a Lehenga Skirt with no pallu which are worn separately but in Half Saree you have a pallu which goes over the blouse paired with a skirt. The drape pattern of both lehenga and Half Saree is very different giving it a different looks all together.

Lehenga has the vibe of North India while Half Saree is something which aligns with South Indian culture.

Half SareeCredit: tikli | Get Custom Made Half Saare

If you have been watching South Indian movies or you have already watched SRKs and Deepika starring Chennai Express then you might have seen the attire too.

Half saree

You can also notice some upcoming trends in the Half Saree as well, such as fluted skirts and multi-pleated. You can also pair them with South Indian jewelry. The Half-saree promotes lots of experiments and you may find that wonderful.

They say that the fabric which is in net, faux Georgette crepe is much more tried by the buyers. You may love that fabric too. Also to name a few more Viscose, art silk, faux chiffon, Brasso, velvet, and more are some amazing choices.

There are lots of other elements in it which are the embellishments over it. Zari work, patch border work, stonework can uplift the whole vibe of the Half Saree making it look bolder due to various hues in it. You may also like the Kaanjivaram style add on to it.


 1. The green paradise

You would look like a flower in this kind of tone setting. The Pleated skirt is simply gorgeous while the Pallu in Pink looks wonderful. The belt has lots of handworks done and looks good when belted over the Banarasi silk skirt.

The green paradise - Half sareecredit: eena_couture | Get Custom Made Half Saare

The blouse you see in a red tone is a brocade handworked. Perfect! You may also like to hook on some Latkans which can look super-sassy.

What do you think of it? Let us know.

2. Blue & Golden

Golden and blue doesn’t look bad. If your bridesmaids are opting for something like this. This can be the one.

Blue - yellow - Half Sareecredit: pri_pretty_me


3. Deep greenish tones

This classy pick is the complete awesomesauce you can grab for your D-Day. You might love adding some more layers to it or keep it this way. Very perfect for some Sangeet-like rituals.

Deep greenish tones half sareecredit: half.sarees | Get Custom Made Half Saare

It’s super convenient to wear and you will look like a princess who will be turning into a Queen. Got you! The Pleated skirt goes well with an undertone greenish border. Make it look more South Indian by embracing the jewelry. Pro tip: Pin it up well!

Basically, Zari work done right on the correct hue looks super gorgeous.


4. Flip it up!

You may like styling a fancy blouse this way. You may love giving it a shot. The starry Pleated pleasant skirt catches our attention as the pink Pallu floats over. Braid up your hair or let it loose. Looks super amazing!

pink Pallu half saree


5. Orange – Intense 

Make the sleeves a few inches longer and let the beauty of fresh orange ooze through you. The mixy print of the skirt paired with a single tone of sunset yellow looks stunning.

Orange half sareecredit: half.sarees | Get Custom Made Half Saare


6. The only orange

The perfect spring color to grab for the wedding season. Allow the zest of the mystic orange fragrance to vibe up with you. Opt for a kamarbandh and if you like to go a pitch extra with the blouse fabric. Cool!


7. The sea blue

Both cooler tones but yet contrast look super pretty. It does look like a fairy in a tale. Dreamy! You may pair it with defining jewelry. If you have a fair skin tone shades like this will make you appear more elegant.

sea blue color half saree

Pin it up to your Pallu and roam around on the Haldi ceremony. Well, if you like you can go with a Zardozi work on the Pleated skirt or just some little embossed glitter. It looks dope!


8. Creamy white!

The grandiose aura of this Half-saree is drop-dead gorgeous. The purity of the white blazes out in a soft tone and the pink Pallu appears to be a perfect contrast.

Creamy white half saree

The skirt does have the amazing border and the Latkan creates the jazzy feel while you walk. Opt for a kamarbandh which looks kind of traditional. Drape around and pin it up. This is the legit hassle-free look. Super-beautiful!


9. Dark Pink

What uplifts this look is the bright + matte Pink blouse. The velvety texture appears adorable and the white Pleated skirt looks cute. Simply cute! We recommend to tie up your hair in a french bun and go total South Indian style by adorning a beautiful floral gajra. You are a perfect bride!

Dark Pink half saree

Well, while you are getting ready totally just like a South Indian bride you will remember Alia Bhatt from the movie 2 States. Get that South Indian vibe. Moody, floaty and cute!

Pairing up beautiful accessories can leave you confused. You may keep the accessories minimal and still look gorgeous.


10. The Ultra-green jam

The deep green color goes well with a blouse and a Pleated skirt. Dark colors look good mainly in Autumn, Right? Pink Zari borders may look edgy and you may opt for a creamy looking Pallu. Pin it upright and adore the pink border over the Pallu as well. When you’ll pin that Pallu right that will create a structure.

To make the attire look and feel more hassle-free you may tie up a Kamarbandh. Simple! Play with your eye makeup and get that precious jhumkaas on. Pro tip: Don’t forget to place that cute little bindi on your forehead. Let it sparkle!

Ultra-green jam half saree

So, if you are a new age bride you may love wearing lightweight half saree with simplistic designs & hues. Build up the fashionista within you and grab your favorite pair of Jutees or Sandal. If you are arranging a destination wedding and the temperature is a bit high, set your mood right by grabbing a mist. Taa-daaa!


11.Yellow and pink!

Pair the same with the mango yellow and the white creamy tone. Follow the drape and wrap it up neatly. The elaborative yellow borders look fantastic. The zig-zag border over the Pallu looks captivating. Opt for a choker and just be in a moment. Enjoy!

Langa VoniGet Custom Made Half Saare


12. Red & Yellow

The dashy scoop of the yellow and red looks auspicious. On point!! This is the recipe for the best styling for your D-Day. The shimmery nature of the fabric looks awesome. The festive mode switches on instantly when you get this ensemble on. Pair it with temple Jewelry pieces.

Langa Voni or Half SareeGet Custom Made Half Saare

 13. All colors in between

Cheer up as the color gets on board. The border on this Half Saree is wide and colorful. If you want to escape the stereotypical two-color Half Saree you may love this style. The Pallu is pinned up neatly which is golden. Put on everything! The beat of this ensemble is upbeat. Pair the Pallu with a beautiful Kamarbandh to keep it from falling. A simple hassle-free look. Yes!

Langa Voni


 14. The one and only

The pleats of the skirt are neat. The fabric is polished and looks stunning. The borders and blouse are pink in tone and oomphs up the look with the hint of green.

credit: goldengirl_diamonddad | Get Custom Made Half Saare


 15. One more dash

The two colors look super. The violet with orange is the insta-zestful ensemble. A perfect color therapy to go for. The orange Pallu has nice borders. The shimmery feel and the silk fits perfectly and manages to embrace your features. Perfect look!

Langa Vonicredit: sanzenareddyofficial | Get Custom Made Half Saare


16. The intense maroon

A perfect to-be-ensemble for the Haldi ceremony. It’s lightweight and simply looks classy. Savage! The elegant golden borders look precise. The same golden border and the plain orange Pallu levels up the whole vibe. Have some intrinsic jewelry on and have fun.

Langa Voni

It’s simple yet classy and apt for a Haldi ceremony.

17. The yellow

This might seem a bit different from the rest because of the black Pallu wrapping so gorgeously. The borders of the Pleated skirt look super stunning. If you are the bride who likes to wear black all the time and you are not the one who has that inclination towards pink that you can opt for this style. Black with yellow!

Langa Vonicredit: lowercase.gopi | Get Custom Made Half Saare

You can make sure that your ensemble stays perfect by pinning it up with beautiful customized fancy pins and get creative with it. You can bring that beautiful Gajra in front from both sides. Super cute!

You are about to look like an Insta-worthy bride. Perfect in every sense!


Final Word – Half Saree or Langa Voni

The color combination is always contrast. So, what combination you need to look for. We know that might seem a bit of confusing and we are here to help you out with the combo of colors which you can choose from. You may later churn all the options and reach to a single one. The legit color combo is green and pink.

The green color if worn as a Pallu look quite refreshing. And yes! Even we speak about the green color you may choose something in a different green tone. And to make the attire more feminine at pleats of pink. Now! Pink can go on a little undertone or too dark and that is also dependent on which green shade you have chosen.

Make sure that these two color combo enhances your feature and makes you look elegant. There are lots of shades which can cut some inches of your waistline and if you want to look a bit slimmer. Opt for darker shades to wrap around your waistline if you desire to fade some inches. Pro tip! But, even tho’ you have to embrace it that’s all good.

All the context behind Half Saree is to use two completely opposite colors just the way you are completely opposite to your to-be-hubby. Opposites attract & that creates a great rapport + balance and that’s the gist of Half Saree. Now you get it completely!

You can also opt for Kanjivaram Silk Saree if you are looking to wear a tradition saree.


Get custom made Half saree which is made as per your style, color, embroidery and fabric choices, only at


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