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Draping styles of Saree

A perfect draping style embraces your body and wraps around to adore your elegance. It is art! All Indian states have a specific culture that brings in a variety of draping styles. As the patterns on the saree change the draping style changes as well.

Wouldn’t you like to try out different drapes? You would totally! So, as you scroll further you will satiate your curiosity to know more drapes. Have fun!

Pant ways drapeGet Custom Made Saree

First of all, know that saree could be 5 to 9 meters long and 3 feet in width.

Over the saree, you will admire lots of handworks, bandhani, Madhubani print, block-printing, Kashmiri Aari work, Gota Patti, kamdani, and so on.

The texture of the fabric and its clinginess also affects the draping. For example, the Crepe silk sarees will have a bit of rough texture but gives an excellent drape.

Various Saree Draping Styles

1. The drape with perfect pleats.

Draping styles of Saree

Priyanka Chopra Jonas looks super gorgeous in this Sabyasachi saree with red polkas. If you have a good height the drape looks stunning and also you can wear heels too. As you can see the Saree is well pleated.

Draping styles of Saree

Looks stunning!

Draping styles of Saree

The pleats are clean! And the jacket-like blouse looks ravishing.

Draping styles of Saree

The white saree with florals inspires us to make the pleats game top-notch. Make sure you use some safety pins too as well.


Draping styles of Sareesabyasachi | Get Custom Made Saree

In Lehenga, we can drape the dupatta in many ways. In saree! You can tweak your pleats and pallu.

Draping styles of Saree

Pleats remain intrinsic and the off-shoulder blouse looks superb. The saree has a lot of tonal thread work.


This masterpiece by Shyamal and Bhumika

This masterpiece by Shyamal and Bhumika looks magnificent. The bel kinaar Zardozi border makes it look more royal. Thou’ the green velvety pattern looks cool make sure that the pleats are done well.


You can let the Pallu fall or tuck it in a tidy way as you create the Pallu pleats.

This saree has a lustrous fabric and typical south Indian style which is a hot favorite in a South Indian Wedding. To get precise pleats cotton saree needs to be your first choice.

2. Moody & Floaty drape

Moody & Floaty drapehouseofglowstudio

The lightweight fabric creates a floaty drape.


Like the wind!

This style is amazing on the Sangeet night.

This sequinned saree will totally uplift your mood.

Take a cue from this green colored saree.

It is ruffled!

This one is Instagram worthy and perfect for your reception day. This kind of Saree wearing is a typical in a north Indian or Punjabi Wedding.

3. Gujarati Style Saree

Gujarati SareeGet Custom Made Saree

Bandhani work! The Gujarati Saree is mostly worn by the bride’s mother in a Gujrati Wedding.

Gujarati Saree

This represents the state of Gujarat and its culture.

4. Maharashtrian Drape

Maharashtrian Drape

The typical way a Marathi bride would dress up. The drape is called Nauvari or Kashta. The draping style is different and the length of the Saree is even more. One of the drapes is tucked behind by getting the pleats from below.

Maharashtrian Drape

Shahi Bramhani and Shahi Mastani are two types of Nauvari Saree.

Try to remember the Deepika- Priyanka duo in the song “Pinga” or Kriti Sanon from the movie Panipat. You will see the Maharashtrian drape.

5. Bengali Drapes

Bengal is the cradle to lots of amazing saree fabrics.

Bengali Drapes

We know you like Roshgulla! This drape is very comfortable and looks sassy. Broad pleats for Bengali Saree and later pull the Pallu over through your left shoulder. Even two pleats are enough! Tuck it in your waist. This saree draping style is very popular in a Bengali Wedding.

Once you are done with the drape make sure you join a key-chain to align your Bong energy.

Bengali Drapesdr.jyoti_sharmaa | Get Custom Made Saree


Bengali Drapes

Choose a beautiful saree! And get this drape done.

6. Pant ways drape

Pant ways

Not much effort is necessary here.

Pant ways drapehimani1015

Loved by the millennial generation. This style would be pretty good for your bridesmaids.

Pant ways drapeperniaspopupshop

It kind of looks like the Dhoti style.

Instead of a petticoat at the waist a pant style trouser is worn.

Pant ways drape

No doubt! This looks royal.

7. Vintage style Saree drape

Vintage style drape


Vintage style drape

Back to the 80s style. The chiffon saree wraps well.

If you want to give this drape a shot, let your bridesmaids think about it too.

Vintage style drapesubhadipsamanta

You may consider wrapping a vintage style saree for your pre-wedding photoshoot. Have that phone around! Best shot!!

8. Around the neck style

Around the neck style


Around the neck style

Tie the drape around your neck. If you have a long neck this style will look too good on you.

Grab some funky accessories to make this drape more dope.

You can keep the neck Jewelry at a minimum as the beautiful drape with gorgeous borders will be there.

This is a hassle-free look!

9. Belt-wala Saree drape

Belt-wala drape

All the pleats remain intact in a neat way. An embellished belt is kind of inspired by the waist chain.

Belt-wala drape

Get inspired by this look.

Belt-wala drapesarees.blouses


Piggy Chops rocks this look. She is amazing!

You can also customize a special embellished belt for your ensemble.

10. South-Indian Saree drape

South-Indian Saree drapehalf.sarees

Half saree is a typical South-Indian drape. It is similar to the Lehenga style. But, if you want to try this type of Saree drape which includes Lehenga – you can! Yes! A Half-saree.

South-Indian Saree drapehalf.sarees

Classy! Here also you can add the belt to secure the pleats. Get the hassle-free look.

That is very easy-breezy!

11. Pinkosu


Is the weather too humid & hot? Try out this Saree! This drape is called Pinkosu. In the usual saree, we tuck the pleats right in front while in Pinkosu we tuck it behind. The lower side of Saree shows when you are draping this Saree so choose your Saree accordingly. It’s the Saree from Tamil Nadu.

If you like dancing freestyle which you can’t do in normal saree, you can wrap Pinkosu and there you go- Ready to stretch legs for every choreographed dance move. Basically, this Saree is good for a Sangeet ceremony.

Sarees which could be worn from both sides look good.

Here is a YouTube video to help you further.

12. Parsi drape

Parsi draperougenrani

Parsi drapedr.meeranagaria | Get Custom Made Saree

You may pick up Georgette Saree or any other. In this drape, the Pallu comes from the back right side and then tucked right at the waist.

Parsi women blended the traditional Saree with European style. It looks pretty amazing! Parsi drape can be worn in hot weather to make you feel comfy.

You can keep the look clean and go minimal with the jewelry and can also opt for a blouse with long sleeves.

Also, the Parsi Gara pattern on the Saree makes it more appealing.


For sure it is a hassle freestyle.

13. Assamese drape

Assamese drape

Silk is entwined together with the Assamese culture. If you want you can get your hands on the typical Assamese Saree fabric.

Talking about Makhela Chadar, it is made up of Muga or the golden silk fiber.

The North-eastern culture is stunning. The Saree drape of Assam is known as Mekhela Chadar.

You need to get two fabric pieces to start with this draping style. One of the fabric pieces gets tied at the waist. While another piece gets tucked on the waist and drops over the left shoulder.



How to drape/wear a Saree?

So here we are with the most important step where we will learn exactly how the draping is done for the basic saree.

It is not at all difficult if you go step by step. Don’t rush!

Other varieties of draping will be discussed more further. Keep on reading!

First, let’s see what all we will require.

  • Saree: Without any doubt the very main item. Now your Saree could be Jamdani or Paithani.
  • Blouse: A well-fitted blouse is an absolute necessity. You can go bold with your blouse or the blouse with long sleeves also looks good.
  • Petticoat: To tuck the drape in. Get that inner petticoat. Tie it tight! Choose a petticoat which blends well with your Saree color. You may get lots of variety online.
  • Heels: While draping it is recommended that you wear your footwear. Just for the sake to have the perfect length while draping.
  • Safety-pins: To keep the pleats in one place. Safety pins! You can add other customized accessories too.


In the video, Mandira Bedi spills her secrets on how she drapes her saree. We all know how elegantly she drapes the saree. Check it out!


Now let’s dive in with the how-to:

Step 1: Wear the Blouse & Petticoat. Tie the petticoat up tight till the waist. Make sure that the blouse is fitting you well. The color of the peticoat needs to get matched with your Saree.

Step 2: Put on that footwear! Obviously, you will choose the heels. It’s always good to wear those.

Step 3: Get the Saree! All the hand embroidery and embellishments need to face outside. Start by putting on the knot on the left side and start tucking in the drape. Make sure your ankles aren’t visible!

Step 4: Once you have tucked in. Start making pleats. Use your Index finger and pinky finger and put on 8 to 9 pleats. Once done tuck it all in the petticoat. Use Safety pins when needed.

Step 5: Pallu time! Now with the remaining Saree, you can again create pleats and put it over your left shoulder. Use Safety pins to secure the Pallu as well.

Once you are done with the above mentioned magical five steps you can start with your make-up and hair as well.

Also, if you are a visual learner we have clipped down a YouTube video.

Get the basic right! Practice it over and over again and try on something more exciting and quirky by evolving your styling. Basically, the fashionista drape! Also, to add on some gusto to the new draping style you can get your hands on little edgy + catchy motifs like safety-pins and all. Also, later you can layer up your jewelry to ooze your sassiness. Be adventurous + look elegant as you put on your traditional Saree. 


Final Words – Saree Draping Style

Now you know all the basics which include how to wear a Saree and draping it. Above we have covered more than five draping styles which you can try on. You just need to get the basic things right and you are ready to jump in your traditional fashionista mode.

Ask your bridesmaids to go with a hatke saree. Decide on! Also, talk with your stylists about your Saree draping goals so that the team knows what you want your wedding attire to be like. As we always say, it is your day so seize all the moments.

Which draping style vibes up with you? Do you carry Bengali saree well or is it a Maharashtrian Saree?

Doesn’t matter which draping style you are choosing, you are gonna look beautiful anyways.



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