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51 Backless Blouse Designs to Take Your Breath Away

Grab their attention! How? Flaunt your backless blouse! While asking your stylist to create a customized ensemble for you, try to level up your fashionista by creating a well fitted backless blouse design with some details on it.

Making your mind to wear a backless blouse can be a very bold decision. So first, make sure that you are comfortable and then give it a go. As you’ll get a pre-wedding golden glow facial done, try to polish up your back as well to gain that glowing sparkling back. Later, you can touch up with the bronzer or add a little tint of highlighter which will illuminate the back.

As you are an adventurous bride we have clipped some amazing backless blouse design ideas. Take it as an inspiration!

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The blue

1. The blue desire backless blouse

The blue desire backless blousecuteactressworld | Custom Made Blouse

The blue hue blends up well with the fair skin tone and the Latkans look super sexy. You may like creating a triangular structure with a tie-knot just below or try something new. Take a cue from this!

2. Backless blouse with laktan

The Big Bow on Backless Blouseblousetrends | Custom Made Blouse

You may try using two colors as well with your backless blouse. As you can see here we have used big tassels which gives your blouse and overall look a very traditional look.


3. Simple yet trendy

Backless blouse design - Simple yet trendy 

This blouse clips both sides with a nice embroidered stripe. Take a cue from this! This backless blouse design is trendy and yet sober.

You don’t need to show too much skin while opting for backless blouse.

4. Backless blouse with thin tassels

Backless blouse with thin tassels 

The color sets the vibe. The soft tones of this blouse win our hearts. Get inspired!

Thing tassels looks amazing and it would go nicely with a Banarasi Saree!

5. Top closed Backless Backless blouse design - Top closed Backless 

When earring a cotton saari and want to wear a backless blouse design then this is defiantly one of our favorite design.

6. Elephants walk on your back

Backless blouse design - Elephants walk on your back

Elephants walking on your back! This backless blouse design is traditional with hand embroidered elephant which has zari and threadworm to enhance the overall look.


Stripes in a Backless Blouse

7. Desirable StripesBackless blouse design - Desirable Stripes

It could be as simple as a bralette or a blouse with well-fitted straps and a net design which tucks around the neck.

8. Single Stripe plain backless blouse

Single Stripe plain backless blousesareeseduction | Custom Made Blouse

The blue one looks stunning. The sleeves clasp around the shoulder intricately. This is very simple yet evergreen backless blouse design for your blouse.

9. Embroidered V backless design

Backless blouse design - Embroidered V backless design

This blouse would look very nice on a young girl doing on friend’s haldi ceremony or even in a baraat. It has embroidery in a V sharp design. You can pair this up with a golden saree, checkout more golden saree blouses.

10. Mirror Work on the back

Mirror Work on the back - Backless blouse design

Fine morrow work done on the corners of this pretty backless blouse. This design really goes well within young girls who are looking to do some experiment with their saari blouse.

3. Knots Backless Blouse

11. Knot it up

Knot it up - Knots Backless blouse designankita.ramesh.bohra | Custom Made Blouse

The two Latkans Cascade down as there are two knots tied there. To bring in more dicey feel, you can allow the string to be longer in length. Tie that knot perfectly!

12. Latkan Bunch on Bottom Knot

Latkan Bunch on Bottom Knot in a backless blousemarathi_actress

The Latkan vibes well with the saree color. The geometrical structure has been used in creating the Latkan. Touch up your back with an illuminating highlighter. These tips work! Yes!!

13. Half Backless with fill sleeves

Backless blouse design - Half Backless with fill sleeves

Tie the knots! Adore the style of the full sleeves. This is such an elegant design as it gives you comfort of a full sleeves with a pleasure of backless.


14. Single Knot with Tassels

Backless blouse design - Single Knot with Tassels

Yes! If you would like to oomph up the game with a tattoo. Take a cue from this!

15. Multi Knot with tassel Bunch

Backless blouse design - Multi Knot with tassel Bunch

Trying something black? Go with that white color blouse with the two knots.

16. Stunning thin Tassels backless blouse

Stunning thin Tassels backless blouse

When you are looking for 2 thin knots with small tassels then you can’t go wrong with this backless blouse design.

17. Oval Backless with full sleeves
Oval Backless with full sleeves

This Oval backless blouse design with full sleeves is a beautiful piece with hand embroidered, thread and zari work.

18. Backless blouse with 3/4th Sleeves

Backless blouse with 3/4th Sleeves

Kanjivaram Silk Saree would look even more graceful with this 3/4th sleeves backless blouse design.


 Velvety Backless Blouse

19. Red velvet Magic

Backless blouse design - Red velvet Magicindiagramwedding

The red velvety fabric looks captivating. As the round shape of the blouse is clasped together with buttons instead of the knot, that brings in a more clean and finishing look. If you would like to tie a bun, take a cue from this style and adorn a floral Garland.

20. Peacock On your back

Peacock On your back - Backless blouse

Peacock design on your back with its tail going to one side of your backless blouse is a unique design in itself! Work done on this blouse is very intricate as hand work is needed to execute this design perfectly.

21. Sun on your back

Sun on your back - Backless blouse design

The detailing on the borders catches our eye.

22. The deep V Backless blouse

Backless blouse design - The deep V Backless blouse

Just a bow-tied style looks flattering yet stunning at the same Time. This blouse has its own charm as it gives a very trendy look and when paired with a beautiful saree having small work all over, then you are bound to make some head turn!

23. The Big Bow Backless Blouse

The Big Bow Backless Blouse

Pairing a big bow on your backless blouse gives you an extra trendy edge!


Tiple Knot Backless Blouse Designs

24. The Haldi Color triple knotBackless blouse design - The Haldi Color triple knot

Flattering! Give your blouse a triple bonus as you enhance the ensemble with three knots. The shimmery feel of the blouse and the adventurous vibe melts our heart.

25. The Desirable triple Knot

Backless blouse design - The Desirable triple Knot

Look at this stunning backless blouse as it’s bound to turn a lot of heads around. It is paired with a beautiful plain saree with thick embroidered border.

26. 3/4 flared sleeves backless

3/4 flared sleeves backless

This is a blouse that would go very well in a Bengali wedding.  Not too much of skin and yet looks simply amazing!


Basic zig-zag Backless blouse designs

27. The Shoe lace back

The Shoe lace backblousetrends | Custom Made Blouse

Adore this style in which the blouse has a pattern and if you want you can create an embellished border too.

Now, you can start the zig-zag pattern from top to bottom or else take it the other way. If you start zig-zagging from bottom to top, the knot will come above.


28. U Shape Backless Blouse with laces

U Shape Backless Blouse with laces

So, here you can see the zig-zag pattern happening and the knot is tied below. The ends of the knot have got some pleated pattern too.

You may get more creative and try some new variety of creating the pattern by using the stripes.Make sure you tie it later!

29. Half laced up

Half laced up backless blouse

This a different backless blouse design where the laces are tied on the lower Half and upper half is kept open. It’s a bit tight but right!

30. Stunning single lace with round tasselsStunning single lace with round tassels  - Backless blouse design

Knot tied up with the mandala style ends.


The cross-over Backless blouses

31. Stunning Half Patch

Stunning Half Patch

Best suited for an Indian wedding reception! The embroidery on just one side looks flattering and is balanced by a simple plain tone of blue.

32. The diagonal split

The diagonal split

Check this one out! It’s off-shoulder from one side and has an epic cut at the back. No doubt, it looks like it will kidnap your heart. This would go perfectly on a lean figure girl attending big fat Indian Wedding.

33. The beauty V shar backless blouse

The beauty V shar backless blouse- Backless blouse design

The deep V style stripes look stunning. Both stripes are sewed in the floral print fit.

34. The bell tassels in your backless

The bell tassels in your backless

Hand-embroidery is done very intrinsically. The knot with the jhumkaa style looks flattering. You may wear this style for your Haldi ceremony.

35. The bridal Lehenga backless

The bridal Lehenga backless- Backless blouse design

This beautiful backless blouse design would go perfect on your pink, peach or red bridal lehenga. Also, you can pair this with a not so heavy dupatta in order to enhance the overall look of the outfit.

Staring not allowed

36. Cross style Backless Blouse

Cross style Backless Blouse

Watch out, guys! You’ve been warned with these cross stripes.

37. Thick and thin knots

Thick and thin knots - Backless blouse design

What a unique masterpiece! It is combined with a thick and thin bow paired with a plain saree. The combination of plain blouse and saree would do magic with the right backless blouse. Also the color combination is enhancing the overall look!

Jewel on the backless blouse

38. Jewels on your back

Jewels on your back

Such an intriguing add-on! Let the basic add-on of a jewelry-like piece do all the talking.


Less is more in a backless blouse

39. Eyes on your back

Eyes on your back - Backless Blouse

If you want to flaunt more design and less skin then go with this stunning backless blouse design. It has such beautiful embroidery that goes perfectly with the saree. If you are attending an Indian wedding as a guest then this is what you should be wearing.

40. Beautiful embroidered drop design

Beautiful embroidered drop design

This beautiful embroidered drop design on your backless blouse has intricate work giving it a stunning look!


41. Small V shape backless Blouse

Small V shape backless Blouse

The Pearl color gives the royal feel to this blouse. Pairing up with some white-stone earrings magnifies the beauty.


Simple Backless Blouse Designs

42. The 3 Bows design

The 3 Bows backless blouse

So colorful! Best for your Sangeet ceremony.

43. The simple Backless Blouse

The simple Backless Blouse

You dont have to go overboard with embroideries, patterns and thick fabrics for your blouse even the simple blouse can do the trick!

44. The Simple backless blouse

The Simple backless blouse

When you have a saree with thick embroidered border then a simple and plain backless blouse could enhance the overall look.

45. Simple Hanging Tassels in a backless blouse

Simple Hanging Tassels in a backless blouse

It’s not a complete backless blouse but the net/mesh has kept up with the sexy quotient and looks kind of appealing. So, you may want to try this one.

Looks good for the reception day!

46. Open V backless blouse Design

Open V backless blouse Design

This open V backless design is a goto for casual kitty parties as it has elegance and class with a hint of naughtiness in it.

47. Flaunt it backless blouse

Flaunt it backless blouse

The saree design completely compliments the backless blouse design. Why to hide it when you can flaunt it!

48. backless blouse with a belt

backless blouse with a belt

The length of the sleeves is cut down to half and the knot happens to be below. Make sure you add the final touch-ups with the glistening highlighter.

49. Net at the back blouse

Net at the back blouse  - Backless blouse design

This is not exactly a backless blouse since it has covered with a net! So technically not backless blouse but still backless which is matched with a black saree. Checkout more black saree blouses.

50. The perfect backless blouse

The perfect backless blouse design

The reason we are calling this a perfect backless blouse design is for the fact that it will never go out of fashion. As it is simple but yet evergreen which can be worn of any Indian wedding function especially Roka ceremony or even in Indo American weddings.

Checkout more of Red Saree Blouse designs.

51. The Big Bow on Backless BlouseThe Big Bow on Backless Blouse

When you want to wear a backless blouse and yet want to hide a little then this big bow backless blouse could be your one such option!


Final Words – Backless Blouse

Above you will see 51 lust-worthy backless blouse designs. The beaded tassels will create a movement of joy as you also add up some more Latkans. Checkout more saree blouse designs.

You must have at least few backless blouses in your wardrobe! It should be a simple design, with lots of tassels or a bow or simple a string, choice is yours but you need to have one as it competes your Indian ethnic wardrobe.

We at are expects in making Indian wedding and ethnic wear. So if you are looking to get custom made Indian ethnic wear and want to up your fashion game then you can get started right now!

Below video shoes as how to take perfect blouse measurement sitting at home!

We hope that this article will help you in figuring out your dream backless blouse. Do let us know in the comments if you have any question.

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