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38 Punjabi Wedding Dresses for all Traditions

When you think about stunning and gorgeous Punjabi Wedding dresses, then you know that how large hearted Punjabis are! The Punjabi bride wearing a heavily embroidered Punjabi Lehenga would perfectly compliment a well made groom Sherwani. What a sight it is! We bring you Punjabi Wedding Dresses for Bride and Groom which goes perfectly with grandeur Punjabi culture.

Punjabi weddings, it’s rituals and its extravagant dressing standards have inspired other Indian communities to give that ‘larger than life’ touch to their weddings. That’s why today, we have Bengalis celebrating Mehndi, Tamils arranging a Sangeet or Maharashtrians wearing the Chura.

Punjabis, their culture, their traditions, their liveliness is seriously contagious. 🙂

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Punjabi Wedding Dress for Bride

The Punjabi bride is an epitome of beauty, elegance and glamour. The Punjabi wedding dress for bride is characterized by vibrant colors, impressionable accessories, well-defined make-up and elaborate hairdo that tell a story of beauty. Glamour is personified as the bride enters the wedding venue and no matter how pretty the bridesmaids are, the Punjabi bride never fails to steal the show and keep heads turning. Want inspiration? These 10 Punjabi brides will give you just that!


1. Warm Red Lehenga with Gold Embellished Flared Skirt

Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This exotic cranberry colored lehenga is a perfect Punjabi wedding dress for bride. The dense rose gold embroidery, the light peach net dupatta and the simple gold bootis on the choli are perfect with heavy gold jewellery. The bride looks like a dream!

2. Royal Ivory Punjabi Bridal Lehenga

Royal Ivory Lehenga - perfect Punjabi Wedding dress for Bride

This ivory lehenga personifies panache! The light color and rich texture is perfect for the heavy and dense sequin and stone embroidery. The floral hairdo of the bride is unique for a Punjabi wedding but this exotic lehenga makes it look glamorous and aesthetic.

3. Pastel Peach Lehenga

Pastel Peach Lehenga - Punjabi Lehenga

Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Most Sikh weddings happen in the morning! A bride in a Punjabi wedding dress in a light, pastel hue looks like she has literally walked out of a fairy tale. The bride wears a light beige lehenga with sequin work in contrasting but understated colors. She looks as serene as a dream. The net dupatta with bootis, the simple choli, minimalistic yet elegant jewellery and white floral hairdo make her look celestially beautiful!

4. The Dreamy Red Lehenga

Punjabi Wedding Dress for Bride - The Dreamy Red Lehenga

How can we skip a gorgeous red wedding lehenga when we are talking about Punjabi wedding dress for bride? This bride looks beautiful, fresh and happy in this elegant warm red lehenga with floral zardozi work on the bust and vertical embroidered patterns below. The net dupatta has tiny stone bootis all over and a thick stone-work border.

5. Pure Pastels for Morning Punjabi Weddings

Pure Pastels for Morning Weddings for a Punjabi bride

Get Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Pastel shades like lilac look wonderful in morning weddings. This bride’s lehenga skirt resembles the fall of a flared western-style gown and the embellishments are mild and floral. Her net dupatta has an elaborate border with a dash of colors.

6. Embellishments Speak in Punjabi Wedding Dress

Punjabi Wedding Dress for Bride - Let the Embellishments Speakmaharaniweddings  |  Get BridesMaid Dresses

If red lehengas bore you but you have to wear one for the sake of tradition, go for something like this. This heavily embellished lehenga uses unique and contrasting color combinations. Detailed silver zari work is paired with thread work in orange and pastel blue. The net dupatta too has a floral border and latkan details.

7. Multi-colored Embellished Punjabi Bridal Lehenga

Multi-colored Heavily Embellished LehengaGet Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

Who said light colors won’t work on Punjabi wedding dress for bride? This cream color lehenga has huge multi-color motifs on the skirt. Peacock and floral patterns make it extremely unique and the sequin and Swarovski crystal work enhances the glamour factor. The outfit also sports the double dupatta style. One dupatta is in the same color as the lehenga and the other one, around the head of the bride, is in net orange net fabric with a navy blue border.

8. Princess in Pretty Pink Lehenga Dress

Princess in Pretty Pink Lehenga Punjabi Wedding Dress

Both the cut and the color of this wedding outfit is completely out-of-the-box! ThePunjabi wedding dress is not a lehenga-choli but a long and flared anarkali dress. The flare is wide enough like that of a lehenga skirt and the design pattern on the bodice is different from that on the skirt. Elaborate floral embroidery in zardozi beads, sequin and stones have been used on rich dark pink raw silk. The dress is paired with a net dupatta in light pink with a thick embellished border. Such a Punjabi wedding dress is great for plus size brides.

9. Red Lehenga for the Petite Punjabi Bride

Red Lehenga for the Petite Punjabi Bridal Dress

Another beautiful red wedding dress with an A-line lehenga skirt and gold embellishments that form a layered pattern. The embellishments on the blouse and dupatta are kept minimalistic to enhance the beauty of the lehengaskirt.

10. Red-Orange Sequin Embellished Lehenga

Red-Orange Sequin Embellished LehengaGet Custom Made Bridal Lehenga

This red lehenga is unique! The lehenga skirt is flared. A wide sequin and stone embellished border at the bottom hem of the skirt brings up the glamour scale. The rest of the skirt is also heavily embellished in waves and floral patterns. The choli flaunts gold bootis. The uniqueness of the outfit lies in the contrasting pink net dupatta draped in front. The second dupatta is draped behind.


Punjabi Wedding Dress for Groom

Punjabi and Sikh grooms represent the royal culture of Punjab. Their wedding outfits should also reflect the same. Punjabi wedding dress for groom should be majestic, glamorous, distinctly masculine and full of royal fervour that showcases class and a warrior spirit at the same time. Sikh grooms usually have to carry mandatory accessories like bejewelled turbans, the powerful kalgi, kirpan etc. So the Punjabi wedding dress for the Sikh groom should blend in with the flavour of strength and masculinity. Let us look at 10 Punjabi grooms who have nailed it.

11. Blue and Cream Anarkali Style Jacket Sherwani

Blue and Cream Anarkali Style Jacket Punjabi groom Sherwani

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Beat the wedding blues with an anarkali-style jacket sherwani, like this groom! He is looking extremely smart and handsome in this royal blue jacket sherwani that boasts gold and orange embellishments and cuts that are reminiscent of the Mughal dress code. The red pagdi adds a vibrant contrast that enhances the attractiveness of the look.

12. Red Turban with Cream Sherwani

Red Turban with Cream Sherwani - Punjabi Wedding dress for Groom

Usually Sikh weddings take place in the morning and light pastel shades are extremely soothing to the eye. This groom wears a peach sherwani with intricate silver floral embroidery. To add vibrancy, he accessorizes with a bright warm red turban, which probably complements the outfit of the bride. The border on this peach stole is also in the same red hue with embroidered embellishments in silver zari.

13. Short Ivory Sherwani with Peach Turban

Short Ivory Punjabi Groom Sherwani with Peach TurbanGet Custom Made Sherwani

Ivory, as a color, is always a mark of masculinity. The sherwani has light brocade work in gold and minimal accessories make the elegance of the outfit stand out. The light peach turban, the moti mala and the rose gold embellished border on the sherwani stole, together steal the show!

14. Bright Blue Velvet Sherwani

Bright Blue Velvet Punjabi Groom Sherwani

If you love bright, vibrant colors, don’t shy away! This groom sports a gorgeous royal blue velvet sherwani with raw silk churidar bottoms in a nude color. The sherwani flaunts gold sequin and zari work. The outfit color is contrasted with a bright pink embellished turban that matches the wedding outfit of his bride. This makes a bright and attractive combination.

15. Floral Sherwani with Red Stole

FloralPunjabi Groom Sherwani with Red Stole

This Punjabi groom has gone for an aesthetic yet challenging combination for his wedding outfit. His cream color sherwani jacket has thick floral vines embroidered on it in matte gold threads. The collar, cuffs and buttons too are embellished in matte gold, making the outfit extremely elegant to look at. He has used a red stole and headgear with big and small polki motifs in gold print. His only accessories are a two-string moti mala and a royal brooch on his pagdi. Now beat that!

16. Maroon and Cream Sherwani

Maroon and Cream Sherwani -Punjabi groom Want to keep it simple? Trust in the power of off-white and maroon! This Punjabi groom is looking elegant in a simple yet glamorous straight sherwani in off-white and gold which he has paired with a gorgeous deep maroon turban and churidar bottoms. The dark maroon pocket square, embellished cuffs, collar and buttons are accessories bold enough to preserve the masculinity in the look.

17. Maroon and Gold Sherwani

Maroon and Gold Sherwani

Get Custom Made Sherwani

This Punjabi wedding dress for groom would suit all! The classic combination of gold, dark red and white looks brilliant on this smiling groom. The jacquard embellishment pattern in gold on the white sherwani is perfect for the big fat Punjabi wedding and the zari embroidered stole and unique headgear complete the look.

18. Layered Cream Color Sherwani with Bandhani Turban

Layered Cream Color Sherwani with Bandhani Turban

This Punjabi wedding outfit for groom proves that pink can also be a masculine color. The ivory jacket-style sherwani has been embroidered with rich gold zari at the collar and down the middle. This has been paired with a bright pink stole and pink bandhani turban. The stole has a thick gold border.

19. Ivory Layered Anarkali Sherwani with Dark Wine Color Stole

Ivory Layered Anarkali Sherwani with Dark Wine Color Stole

Sometimes, ‘simple’ translates to ‘elegant’ and ‘powerful’! Against the neutral décor of the wedding venue, the dark marsala color of the turban and velvet stole sported by this groom with his ivory sherwani, creates a sharp contrast. The stole boasts elaborate gold embroidery whereas the sherwani kurta flaunts delicate embroidery in light hues on the collar, sleeves and belt area.

20. Ivory and Light Peach Sherwani

Ivory and Light Peach Sherwani - Punjabi Wedding dress for Groom

Get Custom Made Sherwani

This Punjabi groom wears a combination of off-white and peach. His sherwani jacket is embellished in self color, all over – giving the whole look a dash of masculinity and elegance. The simple peach pagdi and the peach stole embellished all over in an understated shade of gold, does wonders to enhance the appeal of this Punjabi wedding dress for groom.


Punjabi Wedding Wear for Other wedding Occasions

After a wedding is fixed, the first ritual involves the bride’s family to visit the groom carrying gifts for him. These gifts usually consist of money, clothes, sweets etc and are called “shagun”. The gesture is reciprocated by the groom’s family.

Punjabi weddings combine a host of pre and post-wedding rituals. Let us find out what these are:

21. Roka and Thaka Outfit for – Bride to be

Roka Ceremony outfits in a Punjabi Wedding

A gorgeous lacha goes perfectly with the function as well as Punjabi culture. The former occasion is called ‘roka’ and the latter ‘thaka’. Read Roka Ceremony to know know about this beautiful tradition.

What to wear?
Only close members will be present during your thaka. It is thus best not to go overboard. Keep it simple with a salwar kameez in a bright pastel shade like light green or cream yellow. Keep the makeup and jewellery minimal.

22. Roka and Thaka Outfit – for Groom to be

For boys, wear something which is traditional like a bright kurta.

23. Chunni Chadai – Punjabi Wedding Wear

Bridal Wear Made as per your requirements

This ceremony takes place on the day before or on the morning of the Sagai, where women from the groom’s family come to the house of the bride with gifts, jewellery and clothes. This occasion marks the entry of the bride into the family of the groom.

The special part of the ceremony is when the bride’s head is covered with a special dupatta or chunni that the groom’s family brings for the bride.

This dupatta is auspicious and sacred. She also wears jewellery that comes from the groom’s house.

What to wear?

Again, this occasion takes place at home with very few close family members. Thus it is best not to go overboard with clothes and accessories. It is best to stick to an elegant salwar suit.

24. Chunni Chadai – Punjabi Bridal Lehenga

Punjabi Wedding Bridal  |  Get Started with your Lehenga

25. Mangni or Sagai Outfits

This ritual takes place usually a few months before the wedding and marks the official engagement of the couple.

This is also the first occasion when the couple makes a public appearance.

It is the grandest ceremony before the wedding day. The rituals include the bride being offered boiled rice and milk by the groom’s family. The ring exchange ceremony follows.

What to wear?

As it is a grand ceremony you can’t dress up plain. Choose a non-wedding lehenga – something that has lighter work and is in a non-bridal colour. The closest you can come is pink or peach. Go for traditional Indian Ethnic Wear. Go for Matching Bridal and Groom Outfits.

26. Sangeet outfit for boys

Traditionally the sangeet is a function that involves the bride and the women of her family sitting down together to some folk music and merriment. These days, it has turned into a gala event with guests being invited.

Some members of the groom’s family also visit the bride’s house for the sangeet, along with the groom.

Song, dance, fun – a sangeet is all about these things. Nowadays, people also engage professional choreographers who train members of the bride’s and the groom’s family for special dance performances on the night of the sangeet.

The bride and the groom are also not spared from giving a performance.

27. Sangeet outfit for girls

What to wear?

You should pot for a grand ethnic party dress for your Sangeet. This is because fully traditional attire will make it a bit difficult for you to dance. Choose a dress in a light fabric like georgette because silks or velvet will make you feel heavy and hot.

28. Mehendi Outfits for Punjabi Wedding

Get Mehendi Outfits for yourself

It is a romantic ceremony that takes place on the night before the wedding.

Henna leaves are dried in the sun and crushed and mixed with aromatic oils and herbs to form a paste from beforehand.

What to wear?

Wear something comfortable and light as it will be difficult to manage heavy clothing or dupattas with mehendi smeared hands. Checkout out more about mehndi ceremony outfits.

29. Jago function outfit for Punjabi Wedding

This ritual takes place in the wee hours of the morning. The maternal aunt of the bride carries a kadha decorated with lamps on her head and accompanied by other women of the family they visit the houses of friends and relatives nearby.

Punjabi folk songs accompany the ritual that sets the right mood for the wedding day.

30. Gana Bandhna & Chooda Chadhana Outfits

The next ritual involves a puja. This takes place in the houses of both the bride and the groom. Following the puja, the priest ties a sacred thread or mouli around the wrist of the bride and also the groom.

The chooda – four sets of red and ivory bangles – is one of the most important marriage symbols of a Punjabi bride. The ceremony in which the bride is made to wear it begins with a havan conducted by her maternal uncle.

The bride is supposed to wear the chooda until 6 months of the marriage or depending on your family tradition. Wear something simple yet elegant like a salwar suit for this occasion.

30. Haldi Dress for Punjabi Wedding

The sweet aroma of the haldi paste made up of turmeric, sandalwood rose water and mustard oil fills the morning air as friends and family smear the haldi on the bride on the morning of the wedding.

This paste is believed to give her the “bridal glow”.

A similar ceremony is also observed at the house of the groom. Learn more bout Haldi ceremony.


Wedding Day Outfits for a Punjabi Wedding | Custom Made Bridal Lehenga & Sherwani

31. Sehrabandi and Varna Turban

A Punjabi guy is known by the pride and respect for his turban and and decorating it is utmost importance for a royal Punjabi Groom!

Sehrabandi involves him getting ready for the wedding. A small puja is performed where his sehra is blessed by the priest.

Then the elder male members of his family tie the turban around his head and put the sehra on him too. Wear a turban which compliments the sherwani and its overall look.

32. Ghodi Chadna, Baraat and Groomsmen outfits

Get Custom Made Groomen Outfit

The Punjabi groom goes to fetch his bride riding a horse or a mare just like a royal prince. The horse is adorned with decorations and is fed lentils and water by the women of the groom’s family.

The groom then mounts the horse and sets off for the wedding venue while his family and friends accompany him on his journey to his bride. Groomsmen must wear kurta pajama with a jacket or stole to compliment the groom sherwani.


Now comes the most awaited and fun event of the entire wedding where Groom’s friends and family dance all the way to get reach Bride’s venue doorstep.

Be ready and get your moves in order as you will be dragged (for sure) to dance in the front of the Ghodi. All the Uncles, Aunts, Sisters, Brothers, Friends and Family dance their hearts out to celebrate and welcome groom’s new life.

You would fall in love with this tradition – Baraat!!

33. Varmala to compliment your Wedding Dresses

Indian Wedding Dresses

The groom, just before the wedding, waits for his bride to meet him at the spot where the wedding rituals would take place. The bride enters in a grand fashion, a veil held over her head, accompanied by her sisters, cousins and friends.

Varmala should compliment the outfit of both bride and groom. Dont go for a marigold Varmala since its too old fashion. Rose Varmala is the way to go!

34. Kanyadaan and Brides father dress

Credit: | Custom Made Wedding Wear

Amidst Vedic chants, the parents of the bride hand over the responsibility of their daughter to the groom.

The groom promises the bride’s father that he will take care of his wife forever. Brides father who is happy and sad at the same time should wear something ethnic and if not then if a western suit would do the justice to the occasion.

35.  Joota Chhupai and Groom’s Jutti


This ritual, well-popularized by Bollywood, involves the sisters of the bride who hide the groom’s wedding shoes and demand money to return it. The groom’s friends and brothers, on the other hand, are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the shoes don’t get stolen.

Grooms choose your jutti carefully since it’s be seem by the whole wedding guests. In most cases the bride’s side wins and the money is seen as an auspicious gift to the bride’s sisters from their new brother-in-law.

36.  Reception Gown for Punjabi bride

Punjabi Wedding Reception Gown

Your wedding reception is when all your finery needs to come out since this is a time when everyone is relaxed and looking to have some fun time. There are loads of options you can choose from but the Punjabi bride looks best in a gorgeous, majestic gown.

37.  Multi layered Reception Gown for Punjabi bride

Multi layered Reception Gown for Punjabi bride

Multi layered reception gowns would look great for your big event.

What to wear?
You can choose an Indo-western attire for the reception if don’t want to wear a lehenga. However, a gorgeous saree looks really great on the bride on the day of her reception. You can also go for western gowns.

For brides, a gorgeous reception gown and for groom a well tailored suit or Indowestern would be perfect reception outfits.

38. Pag Phera Punjabi dress

Pag para Punjabi Wedding Dress

In this ritual, the bride and the groom visit the house of the bride as a couple for the first time. They need to spend the night there and the next day they return to the bride’s new home. This marks the end of the wedding ceremony.



Punjabi wedding rituals reflect the joy and happiness of the bride and the groom. The ceremonies echo the love they feel for each other. The smell of the freshly pasted haldi or the sweet aroma of the mehendi, are all reminiscent of the deep-rooted romanticism that has enveloped the lives of the bride and the groom.

It is this atmosphere of love and happiness that balances the gusto, the ‘over-the-top’ enthusiasm, the loudness and colorfulness of a Punjabi wedding making it a roller-coaster ride of emotions, fun and rituals.

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