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41 White Bridal Lehengas That Are Better Than Red

White Bridal Lehenga for Indian brides who are looking to try something other than traditional wedding lehenga colors. Though some colors like red, maroon, gold, pink etc are synonymous with Indian bridal attire, some brides nowadays are taking the plunge into unexplored hues. The color white seems to stand out when it comes to unconventional color choices for wedding lehengas. White and related shades like off-white, cream, ivory etc carry a larger-than-life and celestial appeal when used in ethnic attires like lehengas.

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So, if you want to go for an unconventional color on your wedding day, you can opt for a white bridal lehenga. White lehengas can also be sported in other non-wedding occasions. If you are wondering how to style a white bridal lehenga, allow yourself to be inspired by these 30 styles!

41 White Bridal lehengas for Royal Indian Brides

1. Matte Gold Embroidery with White

wedabout | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

This off-white bridal lehenga has a sophisticated and classic look, mainly owing to the use of beige-toned matte gold thread embroidery. While the gold thread work is distributed evenly all throughout the outfit, self color chikankari work encrusts the fabric totally, creating a textured look!


2. Silver on White

This mesmerising white bridal lehenga is so unique because it is adorned in intricate silver zari and sequin embroidery. The craftsmanship is flawless with every motif, every shape and pattern coming to life. The intricacy of the work is unparalleled. The hems of all the components of this lehenga showcase cut work embroidery.


3. Silver Linings

Silver Linings in White Bridal Lehengaofficial_aninditachandra | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

Use of silver zari is a unique concept and unlike many colors, white gives the opportunity. This white lehenga skirt boasts silver zari thread work near the border. All over the skirt a networked pattern in thin silver lines prevail. The choli is simple and the hemline of the sleeves as well as the lehenga skirts boasts lacy detail. Latkan details are also added to the skirt.


4. Foil Mirror Work

Foil Mirror Work in Bridal Lehenga

Foil work or mirror work also creates the illusion of the silver and white combination. For a wedding function taking place in natural light, this is a great option. This white bridal lehenga has a tinge of beige and against it the foil mirror work looks exceptionally bright. The net dupatta with tiny bootas all over accentuates the gracefulness of the look.

5. Net and Sequins

Net and Sequins white lehengaindianethnicstudio

This is a unique wedding lehenga in white! The rich silvery white fabric in satin forms the base of the look. The flared lehenga skirt is devoid of all embellishments. But the net veil on it boasting a wavy hemline, silver sequin bootas all over and a similar border steals the show. The choli too is minimalistic with only work at the borders.


6. Cocktail Lehenga in White

Cocktail Lehenga in Whitemanaswinigoyalmua

This might not be a wedding lehenga but is perfect for any evening function like cocktail party, engagement and even reception. The off-shoulder crop top style blouse is beautiful with its sequin detailing. The flared skirt has a net detailing on one side and floral motifs embellished in metallic sequins, on the other.


7. The Unembellished Skirt

The Unembellished Skirt

This is a unique bridal lehenga! Though the classic combination of creamy white and gold has been used, the flowing, flared lehenga skirt has been left unembellished. The rich texture of the fabric gets showcased in this way. The choli is long and embellished with golden zari. The net dupatta has a rich gold border and tiny gold all over.


8. Silver Charm

The Classiest of Whites

A great choice for the wedding day for a plus size bride, this white bridal lehenga comes in pure raw silk and with silver embroidery on the choli and on the skirt border. The skirt has vertical panels and jacquard like pattern in thin silver lines all over.

9. Purple Peacocks on White Bridal Lehenga

Purple Peacocks in white Bridal Lehengashaadisagafashion | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

Boasting the double dupatta style, this beautiful white bridal lehenga is nothing short of royal fashion. The pleated and flared white lehenga skirts boasts unique motifs in gold and purple. Peacock, trees and figure motifs have been used. The dupatta on the shoulder is a gold and purple brocade. The other dupatta is in white and has a thin embellished border. This type of lehenga goes perfectly in a Gujrati wedding.


10. Royal in White Bridal Lehenga

Royal in White

This white bridal lehenga exudes royalty! The white has a beige-ish undertone on which the silver and golden sequins and the stone embroidery looks exceptionally detailed. The embroidery adorns the lehenga almost all over it, in dense, intricate patterns and motifs. This lehenga also boasts a full-sleeve choli and the double dupatta style.


11. Silver and White Bridal Lehenga

Silver and White Bridal Lehengashaadisagafashion

Sarah Ali Khan looks like a goddess in this Manish Malhotra white bridal lehenga. It is in a unique style with a back-less choli. The highly flared lehenga skirt boasts motifs all over in silver. The outfit has a larger-than-life appeal.


12. Quotes of Love on Lehenga

Quotes of Love

This unique ivory lehenga not only boasts floral motifs all over in multiple hues but also has quotes like “will you marry me”, “happily ever after” embroidered on the lehenga skirt. The dupatta is also fastened with a belt detail at the waist. If you are a fan of contemporary styles and want to boast something “out-of-the-box”, go for a style like this one!


13. Paradisiacal Chikankari

iamdevikasingh | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

The white lehenga is dense with chikankari embroidery. Those planning for destination weddings in old forts like this one may opt for a white lehenga of this kind as the white fabric layered with intricate embroidery looks beautiful when contrasted with the golden sandstone of the background!


14. Celestial White Lehenga Dress


Serene, soothing, bewitching, dreamlike, enchanting – no adjective does justice to the beauty of this white bridal lehenga dress. The bride looks beautiful in a celestial way here! The dress has layers, the topmost one encrusted with crystals, stones and metallic embroidery in classic floral patterns. The use of net is abundant and the veil works as the perfect accessory to the outfit.

15. Ultimate Gold and White Bridal Lehenga


The clean white and gold look is classic! And so is the design palette of this white bridal lehenga. Gold sequin and gold zari embroidery has been used. The motifs on the skirt are reminiscent of erstwhile architectural styles. The doorway patterns are bordered with floral motifs and the sequin work below that reminds one of the marble jaali work of Jaipur.

16. The Contemporary White Bridal Lehenga


The halter neck blouse is completely unembellished. The skirt is topped with a layer of net on which cream toned floral thread work has been used. The dupatta showcases similar craftsmanship. The skirt isn’t too flared. The whole look is sleek, contemporary and very smart!

17. Pristine Mirror Work

On a fabric of the most pristine white tone, hand crafted mirror embroidery dazzles like a dream! The mirror work is accompanied by stone embroidery and thread worked floral motifs. The choli is simplistic but has an undertone of woven gold! This makes all the difference!


18. White Guldasta Lehenga


This exotic white bridal lehenga depicts patterns of leaves and motifs of flowers in a myriad hues. The central design – of a fern-like leaf embroidered in green thread – repeats itself on the choli, the frontal view of the lehenga skirt and the border of the dupatta. The rest of the lehenga skirt and choli flaunt guldasta motifs in multiple pastel hues.

19. White Tinsel Lehenga

Designers have used tin foil on ethnic wear for years to create mirror work like looks without the weight that comes with mirrors. Unlike mirror, tin foil can also be cut into any shape to create patterns and motifs. This white lehenga flaunts tinsel work and sequin embroidery in silver. The designs are more like geometric patterns that create a unique look.


20. Chikankari Swag

Pure chikankari craftsmanship steals the show here! The white thread work is studded with silver sequins. The bride sports a top-style choli which is modest by hiding her midriff. The dupatta has been draped around her head. Checkout more of Chikankari lehengas.


21. Twinning in White Bridal Lehenga

Twinning in White Bridal Lehengatheshaadiswag

Isn’t it wonderful when twin sisters get married on the same day and decide to sport the same bridal outfit? They look adorable in this white bridal lehenga! The sleeves of the choli are short and flared. Sequin detailing in silver, dark pink, blue etc adorn the lehenga skirt. Checkout Pink Bridal Lehenga.


22. As Delicate As a Flower

As Delicate As a Flowerswishbydolcyandsimran | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

This white bridal lehenga is one-of-its-kind! The use of satin, net etc gives it a very delicate and feathery appeal. The addition of embroidered flowers in gold thread, latkan details etc make it even more ethereal. The choli boasts all over intricate hand embroidery.


23. Silver Stars in White Bridal Lehenga

Silver Stars in White Bridal Lehenga

This white georgette sitara lehenga is extremely elegant and perfect for all evening occasions. The skirt boasts embroidery in silver resham thread all over. The choli also has silver embellishments. The net dupatta complements the silhouette of the whole attire.


24. Never Going Out of Style

Never Going Out of Style white Lehenga Sareemeerahiniofficial

The magic of white and gold will never go out of style! This dazzling white bridal lehenga has just the correct amount of golden embellishments. The star of the show is the dupatta with a wavy hemline complimented by a gold border.


25. Red Green and Gold in white lehenga

Red Green and Gold in white lehenga

This one is a classic combination! If you are looking for a lehenga which would be traditional yet would be in a white base, it can’t get better than this. This off-white bridal lehenga is embellished all over with golden zari. But what steals the show is the red and green detailing near the hemline of the lehenga skirt. The colors look so bright and beautiful on a background of off-white and gold that no one would complain that you chose an unconventional color for your bridal lehenga.

26. White Jacket Style Lehenga

White Jacket Style Lehenga

Self color embroidery on net and use of sequins at the right places makes this unique white bridal lehenga a soothing and eye-catching choice. The choli is sleeveless but the sheer jacket gives it a unique look. The style is classy and contemporary. Brides can flaunt such lehengas in evening parties like reception, engagement etc.

27. The Forest and the Fairy white lehenga

The Forest and the Fairygambhirdivija

This white lehenga is nothing less than a fairy tale! The lehenga skirt is highly flared and it boasts intricate embellishments in a sparkling silver hue. The blouse is minimalistic and so is the dupatta. It is a perfect choice for any wedding taking place in the day-time!


28. A Mix of Beige and White Bridal Lehenga

A Mix of Beige and White Bridal Lehengaindianethnicstudio

This lehenga fabric is in an off-white shade with beige undertones. The lehenga skirt has a straight cut and is devoid of major embellishments. This minimalistic attire consists of a blouse with textured design of leaves and flowers. The net dupatta too has tiny bootas all over and a textured border.


29. Stars Shine on Her Bridal Lehenga


A white bridal lehenga so unique and beautiful, it is no less than celestial! The A-line skirt is flared a little more towards the bottom part. All over the sleeveless choli, the dupatta and the upper part of the skirt star motifs, mirrors and sequins have been used. The lower part of the skirt, near the hemline, boasts a broad band of matte gold sequins. The skirt gathers and pleats to form a beautiful pattern and the sequin work looks divine.


30. The Wildflowers

Stars Shine on Her White Lehengachameeandpalak

This exquisite white bridal lehenga defines contemporary ethnic styles! The ivory base is adorned with exotic wildflowers and wild roses in a myriad hues. The choli is sleeveless and the thin dupatta also boasts embellishments. If you are having a destination wedding at a beach and you want something contemporary in white, nothing can get better than this.


31. White Thread Embroidery

The Wildflowers in Bridal white Lehenga

White bridal lehengas can’t get better than this! This lehenga suits the grandeur of the big fat Indian wedding and proves that you don’t need to compromise on glamour and glitter if you are opting for a white bridal lehenga. The lehenga skirt is the real beauty in this case! It is embroidered all over in white threads. The dense and detailed embroidery reminds one of the exquisite chikankari designs!


32. The Classiest of Whites

White Thread Embroiderypriyshapradhan

This off-white lehenga is one of classiest choices one can make when it comes to evening functions! The lehenga is embroidered all over that gives it a textured look which is at once glam but not over-the-top! The choliis full-sleeve and the skirt is widely flared. The dupatta comes in net.


33. The Minimalistic White Bridal Lehenga

The Minimalistic White Bridal Lehenga

Apt for post or pre bridal purposes, this white silk lehenga is minimalistic yet breathtakingly beautiful! The skirt is plain with an A-line, pleated look. But the choli has stone and sequin embroidered details near the neckline. The dupatta with latkan details and a wide embellished border looks extremely classy.


34. Traditions Rule

Traditions Rule

This white bridal lehenga is traditional without being stereotypical. The combination of white and gold coupled with the fact that this lehenga has been worn in the Gujarati style with the dupatta being pleated and draped in front, gives this outfit an old world charm. Latkan details add to the grace! If you love tradition, go for this kind of a look!


35. Magical White Bridal Lehenga

 Magical White Bridal Lehenga

Looking for a white bridal lehenga that fits the description “larger than life”? Take a look at this one! The highly flared skirt, the extra-long dupatta, the exquisite embroidery spread all over the attire, makes it apt for that fairy tale, magical wedding which you have always dreamt about!

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36. Out Of the Box white lehenga

Out Of the Boxkuvraniofficial | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

Looking for an option that is totally unique? This white bridal lehenga is different from all others! The skirt has a pleated flare and zigzag woven pattern. The lower part is adorned in gold embroidery. The real deal is the choli, which off-shoulder and has fluffy puffed sleeves! The dupatta is pleated and placed at one side. The overall look is very unique!


37. Golden Lines in White Bridal Lehenga

Golden Lines - White Bridal Lehenga

This white lehenga boasts the style of vertical lines in gold sequin work all over the lehenga skirt and the choli. The choli is full-sleeve too. This outfit exemplifies use of a single pattern all over a neutral base. Those who are not fond of ethnic motifs or designs concerning floral patterns can go for this kind of a white lehenga.


38. Neha Kakkar’s Wedding Look

Neha Kakkar’s Wedding

Many celebs like Priyanka Chopra or Deepika Padukone have sported the white bridal lehenga look on one of their wedding functions! Though all the looks have been nothing less than gorgeous, the one seems memorable is Neha Kakkar’s look on her wedding day. She sported a double dupatta style white bridal lehenga with exquisite embroidery in self color. Her emerald and diamond necklace and other jewellery plus the red sindoor and chooda accentuated the magical appeal of the outfit.


39. Mirror and Jaal Work

Mirror and Jaal Work

This georgette lehenga boasts exquisite chikankari embroidery with jaal work and mirror work. Sequin details are also added. The sleeveless choli, the border of the dupatta – all boast similar work! Being fully in georgette, the outfit also comes with silk lining.


40. Matte Gold with White Bridal Lehenga

Matte Gold with Whiteindianfashionhouse

Tara Sutaria does not fail to make heads turn in this ultra-glam white and matte gold lehenga. The minimalistic choli flaunts matte gold sequin work. The lehenga skirt is flared and boasts matte gold thread work and sequin work. The dupatta too has a woven design and a sequin embroidered border!


41. Complete hand work White Bridal Lehenga

GetEthnic | Share Bridal Lehenga Requirements

This is a gorgeous custom made lehenga which is completely hand made on pure silk fabric. This lehenga was custom made as per the fabric, color and design requirement of New York based client of GetEthnic.

Also the bridesmaid lehenga is beautifully complimenting the white Bridal Lehenga making it a perfect wedding picture.


Conclusion – White Bridal Lehenga

There is a white bridal lehenga for everyone! Whether to go for paper white, ivory, off-white or cream depends on your skin tone! The cut of the choli and the skirt depends on your figure type! Contemporary or traditional – depends on what style you want to flaunt! Traditional gold zari work or colorful thread work – depends on what would suit you! In short, the ideal white bridal lehenga is one which needs to be customized for you!

Moreover, there is a lot that you can do with the white bridal lehenga. Golden embellishments like zari embroidery, sequin work, dori, zardozi etc look really good and intricate against a neutral background like white. White also serves as an ideal palette for multi-color embellishments. Some combinations like white and gold, white and red, white and silver etc never fail to impress!

Need help? Our ace designer is there for you. Depending on your liking, your skin tone and figure, your inspiration etc we can deliver to you the white bridal lehenga that is meant only for you! So, don’t wait! If you are planning to sport a white bridal lehenga on your wedding or any related function, get in touch with us asap!

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